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Full text of "Directory of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution"

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Class _ 

Book_^\:^s: : \ 

1^1^ I 

) * .- w. 



National Officers 1 

Honorary National Officers 3 

Committees '. 3 

Chapter and Membership Directory 5 

Alabama 5 

Alaska 8 

Arizona 9 

Arkansas 9 

California 11 

Colorado 18 

Connecticut 31 

Delaware 84 

District of Columbia 86 

Florida 101 

Georgia 103 

Idaho 114 

Illinois 148 

Indiana 148 

Indian Territory 158 

Iowa 158 

Kansas 170 

Kentucky 173 

Louisiana 187 

Maine 188 

Maryland, 197 

Massaohiisetts 203 

Michigan 265 

Minnesota 276 

Mississippi 288 

Missouri 290 

Montana 299 

Nebraska 300 

Nevada 303 

New Hampshire 303 

New Jersey .' 315 

New Mexico 331 

New York 3"33 

North Carolina 418 

North Dakota 419 

Ohio 421 

Oklahoma 448 

Oregon 448 

Pennsylvania 449 

Ehode Island 493 

South Carolina 505 

South Dakota 510 

Tennessee 511 

Texas 523 


Utah 526 

Vermont 527 

Virginia 537 

Washington 548 

West Virginia 550 

Wisconsin 551 

Wyoming , 563 

Foreign 562 

Deceased Members 566 

Resignations and Withdrawals 579 

Supplementary Chapter Eecord 589 



Daughters of the American Revolution 

Headquarters, 902 F Street, Washington, D. C. 

IRational Boai^ ot fiDanagemcnt 

President General* 

153 Washington Ave., Albany, N. Y., and " The Arlington," Washington, D. C. 

Vice-President General in Charge of Orgfanization of Chapters* 

Mrs. Ai^bert D. Brockett, 

318 N. Washington Street, Alexandria, Va. 

Vice-Presidents General* 

Mrs. Russeli, a. Ai^ger, Mrs. Anita Newcomb McGee, M. D., 

Detroit, Mich., and 1601 K Street, Iowa, and 2010 Wyoming Ave., 

Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C. 

Mrs. N. D. Sperry, Mrs. Ei.len M. Colton, 

466 Orange street, Nev7 Haven, Conn., San Francisco, Cal., and i6i7Conn. Ave., 

and "The Buckingham," Wash., D.C. Washington, D. C. 

* Mrs. John M. Thurston, Miss Mary Boyce Tempi^e, 

Omaha, Nebraska, and " The Cairo," 3i6 W. Cumberland Street, Knoxville 

Washington, D. C. , ^ „., .^ „ ^'^°"- 

Mrs. Horatio N. Tapwn, Mrs. Chari,es W. Fairbanks, 

Vermont, and 1335 I. Street, Indianapolis, I'^d., and^Soo Mass. Ave. 

Washington, D. C. , ,, -, Washington, u. c. 

Mrs. Marcus A. Hanna, Miss Mary Isabei<i.a Forsyth 

Cleveland, Ohio, and " The Arling- _ , „ Kingston. New York, 

ton," Washington, D. C. MRS. AbNER HOOPES, 

Mrs. W11.1.1AM W. SHiPPEN, j^^3 Charles O'Neh.'''"' '''"'"' ^""' 

Seabright,N.J.,and^6oE.38thStreet, MRS. ^HARLES O NEIL,,, ^^^ ^^^^^^^„ 

iNew YorK, i\. y. Washington, D. C. 

Mrs. William P. Frye, Miss Anna C. Benning. 

Lewiston, Me., and " The Hamilton," j^2o Broad Street, Columbus, Ga. 

^T>c T^x..T XT T^^x.^^^ Washington, D. C. ^^^^ GrEEN ClAY GoODLOE, 

Mrs. John N. JEWETT, Kentucky, and 23d and Q Streets, 

412 Dearborn Ave., Chicago, 111. Washington, D. C. 

Mrs. Eleanor Washington Howard, Mrs. Charlotte E. Main. 

317 N. Washington Street, Alexandria, Va. 2009 Mass. Ave., Washington, D. C. 

Mrs. Agnes Cameron, 

La Crosse, Wisconsin. 

Chaplain General* 

Mrs. Charles Averette Stakely, 

1301 Yale Street, Washington, D. C. 

Secretaries General* 
Recording Secretary General. Corresponding Secretary General* 

Mrs. Albert Akers, Mrs. Kate Kearney Henry, 

Nashville, Tenn., and 1122 Vermont Ave., 902 F Street, and 614 22d Street, 

Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C. 

. * Died March 14, 1898. 


Reg:isti'af General. 

Miss Susan Riviere Hetzei<, 

Virginia, and 902 F Street, Washington, D. C. 

Treasurer General. 

Mrs. Mark Burckle Hatch, 

(Sarah H. Hatch,) 
902 F Street, Washington, D. C. 

Historian General. Assistant Historian General. 

Mrs. Mary Jane Seymour, Mrs. Robert S. Hatcher, 

Springfield, Mass., and Riggs House, Stockton Place, Lafayette, Ind., and 

Washington, D. C. W^ashington, D. C. 

Librarian General. 

* Mrs. Gertrude Bascom Darwin, 

Aurora, W. Va., and 1524 28th Street, Washington, D. C. 

Attorney General. 

State Regents. 

Alabama, Mrs. J. Morgan Smith, South Highlands, Birmingham. 



Arkansas, Mrs. Frederick Hanger, ioio Scott St., Little Rock. 

California, .... Mrs. V. K. Maddox, Occidental Hotel, San Francisco. 

Colorado, Mrs. W. F. Slocum, 24 College Place, Colorado Springs. 

Connecticut, . . . Mrs. Sara Thomson Kinney, 1162 Chapel St., New Haven. 
Delaware, ..... Mrs. Elizabeth C. Churchman, Claymont. 
District Columbia, , Mrs. Mary H. Newcomb, 1620 P Street, Washington. 

Florida, Mrs. John G. Christopher, Riverside Ave., Jacksonville. 

Georgia, Mrs. PORTER King, 73 Merritts Ave. , Atlanta. 


Illinois, Mrs. Henry M. Shepard, 4445 Grand Boulevard, Chicago. 

Indiana, Mrs. E. A. Atkins, 1312 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis. 

Indian Territory, . Mrs. Walter A. Duncan, Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation. 

Iowa, Mrs. Clara A. CoolEY, 1394 Locust Street, Dubuque. 

Kansas, Mrs. MaTTIE A. Hand, Holton. 

Kentucky, .... Mrs. Edward N. Maxwell, 836 2d St., Louisville. 
Louisiana, . . • . Mrs. Benjamin F. Story, " Saxon Holme," Chalmette, P. O. 

Maine, Mrs. Helen Frye White, 457 Main Street, Lewiston. 

Maryland, Mrs. J. Pembroke Thom, 828 Park Ave., Baltimore. 

* Massachusetts, . . Mrs. T. M. Brown, 122 Pearl Street, Springfield. 

Michigan, Mrs. Wm. Fitzhugh Edwards, 530 Woodward Ave., Detroit. 

Minnesota, .... Mrs. E. Torrance, 2446 Park Ave Minneapolis. 
Mississippi, .... Mrs. Wm. H. Sims, 1119 K Street, Washington, D. C. 
Missouri, .... . Mrs. George H. Shields, 4426 Westminster Place, St. Louis. 

Montana, Mrs. E. A. Wasson, Great Falls. 

Nebraska, . . . • Mrs. Frances Avery Haggard, Lincoln. 

Nevada, ... 

New Hampshire, . Mrs. Josiah Carpenter, Manchester. 

New Jersey, .... Mrs. David A. Depue, 21 East Park Street, Newark. 

New Mexico, . . . Mrs. L. Bradford Prince, Palace Avenue, Santa Fe. 

New York, . . . Mrs. James Mead Belden, 618 W. Genesee St., Syracuse. 

North Carolina, . . Mrs. Edward Dilworth LaTTa, " Dilworth," Charlotte. 

North Dakota, . . . Mrs. Frances C. Holley, Bismarck. 

Ohio, Mrs. EsTES G. RaThbone, 316 7th Street, Hamilton. 

Oklahoma, . . . Mrs. Cassius M. Barnes, Guthrie. 

Oregon, Mrs. I. W. Card, 380 32d Street, Portland. 

Pennsylvania, . . . Mrs. Thomas Roberts, Riverton, N. J. 

Rhode Island, . . . Mrs. Susan A. Ballou, 16 Harris Ave., Woonsocket. 

*Mrs. T. M. Brown died June 20, 1898. 

Mrs. George F. Fuller, 122 Carew Street, Springfield, elected October 25, iS 


South Carolina, 
South Dakota, 
Utah, . . 
Vermont, . 
Virginia, . 
West Virginia 
Wisconsin, . 

Mrs. Clark Waring, 1428 Laurel Street, Columbia. 

Mrs. Andrew J. Keclar, Hot Springs. 

Mrs. James S. Pilcher, Addison Ave., Nashville. 

Mrs. James B. Clark, State University, Austin. 

Mrs. Clarence E. Allen, Salt Lake City. 

Mrs. Jesse Burdette, Arlington. 

Mrs. Hugh Nelson Page, 212 Granby St., Norfolk. 

Mrs. Chauncey W. Griggs, 401 N. Tacoma Ave., Tacoma. 

Mrs. James S. Peck, 5 Waverly Place, Milwaukee. 
Mrs. Francis E. Warren, Wyoming Ave., Washington, 
D. C. 

Ibonorari^ ©fiicere* 

Honorai-y Presidents General. 

Mrs. John W. Foster. 
Mrs Adlai E. Stevenson. 

Honorary Vice-Presidents General. 

Elected for life. Date of Erection. 

Mrs. Margaret IIetzel, 1892. 

Mrs. Leland Stanford, 1893. 

Mrs. Roger a. Pryor, 1893. 

Mrs. John R. Putnam, 1893. 

Mrs. A. Leo Knott, 1894. 

Mrs. Ellen H. Walworth, 1894. 

Mrs. M. C. Butler, 1894. 

Miss Eugenia Washington, 1895. 

Mrs. Mary V. 

Mrs. Joshua Wilbour, 1895. 
Mrs. A. Howard Clark, 1895. 
Mrs. R. Ogden Doremus, 1S95. 
Mrs. Lucy Preston Beale, 1895. 
Miss Mary Desha, 1895. 
Miss Clara Barton, 1896. 
Mrs. A. C. Geer, 1896. 
Mrs. Samuel Eliot, 1896. 
E. Cabell, 1898. 


Executive Committee. 

Mrs. Daniel Manning. Chairman Ex-officio. 
Mrs. Russell A. Alger. Mrs. John N. Jewett. 

Mrs. Charles A. Stakely. Miss Mary I. Forsyth. 

Mrs. Robert S. Hatcher. Mrs. Horatio N. Taplin. 

Mrs. Mark Hanna. Mrs. N. D. Sperry. 

Finance Committee. 

Mrs. Charles W. 
Miss Anna Caroline Benning. 
Mrs. Mark B. Hatch. 

Fairbanks, Chairman. 
Mrs. J. Pembroke Thom. 
Mrs. Ellen M. Colton. 

Mrs. Simon Newcomb, 
Mrs. Ellen M. Colton. 

Auditing; Committee. 

William P. Frye, Chairman. 

Mrs. Abner Hoopes. 

Mrs. Angus Cameron. 
Mrs. JosiAH Carpenter. 



Printing Committee* 

Mrs. RoBKRT S. HaTCHER, Chairman. 
Mrs. Charles O'Neil. Mrs. Horatio N. Tapwn. 

Mrs. Eleanor Washington Howard. Mrs. Kate Kearney Henry. 

Revolutionary Relics Committee* 

Mrs. Thomas Roberts, 

Mrs. William Lindsay, Chairman, 


Miss Mary B. Temple, 


Mrs. JosiAH Carpenter, 

New Hampshire. 

Mrs. Green Clay Goodloe, 

District of Columbia. 

Mrs. Clark Waring, 

Mrs. William W. Shippen, 

New Jersey. 
Mrs. James M. Belden, 

New York. 

Mrs. John N. Jewett. 


Mrs. J. Morgan Smith. 


South Carolina. 

Continental Hall Committee. 

Mrs. Henry M. Shepard, Chairman, 


Mrs. John W. Foster, 

District of Columbia. 

Mrs. Russell a. Alger, 


Mrs. William P. Frye, 


Mrs. Mark Hanna, 


Mrs. William I^indsay, 


Mrs. Charles W. Fairbanks, 


Mrs. Clement Griscom, 

Mrs. S. V. White, 

New York. 

Mrs. A. Howard Hinkle, 

Mrs. J. S. T. Stranahan, 

New York. 

Hrs. Sara T. Kinney, 


Miss Virginia MillER, 

District of Columbia. 

Mrs. George H. Shields, 

Mrs. N. D. SpERRY, 


Mrs. Jesse Burdette, ' 
Mrs. Chauncey W. Griggs, 
Mrs. Robert S. Hatcher, 




Mrs. Miranda Tulloch, 

District of Columbia. 

Mrs. Joshua Wilbour, 

Mrs. David A. Depue, 
Miss Amy McMillan, 
Mrs. Eli Torrance, 
Mrs. William Sims, 


Mrs. Elizabeth C. Churchman, 

Mrs. Hugh N. Page, 

Rhode Island. 

New Jersey. 



Mrs. John G. Christopher, 
Mrs. James S. Pilcher, 
Mrs. Iv. Bradford Prince. 




New Mexico 

Mag;azine Committee* 

Miss Mary I. Forsyth, Chairman. 
Dr. Anita Newcomb McGee. Mrs. John N. Jewett. 

Mrs. Charles O'Neil- Mrs. Thomas Roberts. 

National University Committee* 

5. El 

Mrs. IvELAND Stanford, 

Mrs. Ellen Hardin Walworth, Chairman. 

New York. 

Mr. James M. Belden, 


Mrs. J. C. Burrows, 

District of Columbia. 

Mrs. Simon Newcomb, 

District of Columbia. 

Mrs. A. I/EO Knott, 


Mrs. Wallace H. White, 


Mrs. John E. Palmer, 

Mrs. James B. Clark, 
Mrs. V. K. Maddox, 
Mrs. John L. Mitchell, 
Mrs. Clarence E. Allen, 

New York . 



Wisconsin . 



The small letter preceding the name of a member indicates that she belongs to 
the Chapter desig-nated by that letter; its absence indicates a member at large. The 
fig-ures give the National Numbers of members. 


State Regent, 1897, Mrs. J. Morgan Smith, S. Highlands, Birmingham 

a u 189S " " " " " " 


(6 organized) 

a. Andrew Jackson Chapter — Talladega 

Organized January 25, 1898; Members, 14 

Eegent, Mrs J. M. Thornton Treasurer, Mrs A. G. Storey 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs W. H. Burr _ Eegistrar, Miss Carrie Elston 

Rec. Sec, Mrs Wallace Edmundson Historian, Dr. Grace Harrison 

Cor. Sec, Miss Mittie McElderry Asst. Hist., Miss Jessie Miller 

ta. Frederick "William Gray Chapter — Anniston 

Organised June 28, 1898; Members, lit (Indiana, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Margaret L. Mooring Treasurer, Miss Flora G. Frye 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Sarah A. Love Eegistrar, Mrs Eugene L. Turner 

Secretary, Miss Mary A. Hunger Historian, Mrs Thos. L. Eobinson 

c. General Sumpter Chapter — Birmingham 

Organized March, 1895; Members, 30 

Eegent, Mrs Eobert H. Pearson Treasurer, Mrs E. H. Cabanniss 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Jack W. Johnston Eegistrar, Mrs Fred S. Ferguson 

Eecording Secretary, Mrs L. A. May Historian, Mrs N. W. Trimble 

d. Light Horee Harry Lee Chapter— Auburn 

Organized April 8, 1896; Members, 16 (Georgia, 2; Foreign, 1; West Virginia, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Patrick H. Mell Cor. Sec, Mrs L. M. Underwood 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Cha,s. C. Thach Treasurer, Miss Eliz. L. Brovs^n 

Eec. Sec, Miss Tallulah Gachet Eegistrar, Mrs Anthony F. McKissick 

Historian, Miss Emily M. Bondurant 

e. Martha Wayles Jefferson Chapter — Opelika 

Organized July It, 1898; Memhers, 15 

Regent, Mrs Fanny !l. W. Harrison 
Vice-Eegent, Miss Virginia S. Dowdell 
Secretary, Miss Eosie H. Eead 

Treasurer, Miss Caroline M. Hooper 
Registrar, Mrs Florence H. Bennett 
Historian, Mrs Julia Porterfield 

f. Peter Forney Chapter — Montgomery 

Organized May 2Jt, 1898; Memhers, 15 

Eegent, Mrs Catherine A. F. Wylie Treasurer, Miss Mary M. Craik 

Vice-Eegent, Miss Janie Fell Eegistrar, Miss Annie Williams 

Secretary, Mrs F. P. Glass 

Members Eesiding in the State 


8259c Adams, Carrie Walton (Mrs A. A.) Birmingham 

16644* Aldrich, Anna Morrison (Mrs Truman H.) Birmingham 

10288c Allen, Mary Fairfax Sherrod (Mrs) Birmingham 

23311e Ashcraft, Janie Dunklin (Mrs Cyrus W.) Opelika 

20779c Banister, Mary Louisa (Miss) Birmingham 

14476t Bankhead, Tallulah James Brockman (Mrs John H.) . . . • Fayette 

10835$ Barrett, Janie Sutherland Smith (Mrs E. W.) Birmingham 

23853|| Barton, Lillian Tardy (Mrs Thomas S.) 933 S. 17th st., Birmingham 

23319f Beale, Caroline Phelan (Miss) 20 N. McDonough st., Montgomery 

11323^ Bell, Isabella H. (Mrs John P.) 514 S. Perry st., Montgomery 

22423 Bell, Jane Martin (Miss) 514 S. Perry st., Montgomery 

2137'6c Benaugh, Elizabeth Eichardson (Miss) . . .1637 11th ave.. South Birmingham 

230886 Bennett, Florence Hutton Harmer (Mrs Abijah B.) Opelika 

23318f Bibb, Martha Danbridge (Mrs Jos. B.) Ill Moulton st., Montgomery 

23317f Billing, Sarah Swope Wyly (Mrs Fay McC.) 519 Clayton st., Montgomery 

24484f Black, Susan L. Famham (Mrs J. Walter) . .314 Washington st., Montgomery 

21375a Blake, Mary Lawson (Mrs Jos. C.) Talladega 

21834c Boggs, Katharine Pickens (Miss) South Highlands, Birmingham 

23606(Z Bondurant, Harriet Lavinia Dabney (Miss) : Auburn 

20778c Bradfield, Elizabeth Shortridge Lewis (Mrs Louis T.) Birmingham 

10860(i Broun, Elizabeth Lee (Miss) Auburn 

13953** Brumby, Marie Mitchell Nevin (Mrs W. V.) Amanda st., Montgomery 

21837a Burr, Sarah Coart Borden (Mrs Wm. H.) Talladega 

10290c Cabaniss, Martha Jelks (Mrs E. H.) Birmingham 

14619$$ Cantrell, Jamie McFarland (Mrs Wm. M.) Guntersville 

12752tf Clarke, Helen Gaines Foote (Mrs Eich. H.) Government st., Mobile 

230896 Cowen, Julia Barnett (Mrs John L.) OpeliTca 

23321f Craik, Juliet Shrewsbury (Miss) 406 Perry st., Montgomery 

23320f Craik, Mary Martin (Miss) 406 Perry st., Montgomery 

244756 Curry, Ida Le Vert (Miss) Anniston 

8079c Dabney, Virginia Amelia Grant (Mrs John D.) Birmingham 

2309^6 Dowell, Virginia Shapard (Miss) Opelika 

* Continental Chapter, D. C. 
t Manor House Chapter, D. C. 
i Dorothea Henry Chapter, Va. 
li Spirit of '76 Chapter, La. 

H Columbia Chapter, S. C. 
**Xavier Chapter, Ga. 
tt Cumberland Chapter, Tenn. 
tt Mary Washington Chapter, D. C, 


244826 Driver, Pattie Dowdell (Mrs George E.) Opelika 

21838a Edmundson, Jennie Venable (Mrs Wallace B.) Talladega 

21374a Elston, Caroline Remson (Miss) Talladega 

14646c Estes, Jimmie Gardner (Mrs William G.) Birmingham 

24485/^ Floyd, Eosa Bowie (Mrs Charles L.) 523 S. Court st., Montgomery 

6345c Fowlbres, Sallie Minge W. (Mrs Samuel P.) Birmingham 

24476& Frye, Flora Graham (Miss) 411 East Sixth st., Anniston 

124:73d Gachet, Tallulah (Miss) Auburn 

22424 Gaston, Josepha Bell (Mrs Jos. L.) 514 S. Perry st., Montgomery 

23322/= Glass, Mattie Byrd Purnell (Mrs Frank P.) Montgomery 

21S35C Haley, Leila Byrd (Mrs L. J., Jr.) Birmingham 

120066 Harrison, Fanny Louise Witherspoon (Mrs Geo. P.) Opelika 

12023a Harrison, Lula M. Bondurant (Mrs W. G.) Talladega 

10858(? Harrison, Mary Addie (Miss) Opelika 

8651c Henly, Nannie Eandolph T. (Mrs) 2021 6th ave., Birmingham 

218366 Hight, Louise King (Miss) Anniston 

230916 Hooper, Caroline Mallett (Miss) Opelika 

244776 Hunger, Mary Alston (Miss) Anniston 

23323/= Janney, Margaret Spencer (Mrs George H.) 607 Monroe st., Montgomery 

20780c Jemison, Eugenia Eebeeca Sorsby (Mrs Eobert) . .2101 6th ave., Birmingham 

6663c Johnson, Elizabeth Bell Jones (Mrs Jack W.) Birmingham 

21839a Johnson, Nellie Guild Hall (Mrs J. H.) Institution for Deaf, Talladega 

16545c Jordan, Florence Earle (Mrs) Birmingham 

244786 Jordan, Mary Miles (Miss) Anniston 

20988* Kidd, Julia A. (Mrs James N.) Mobile 

16546(Z Lane, Lidie Hardaway (Miss) Auburn 

8894c Lanier, Mary Louisa Banister (Mrs Sterling S.) Birmingham 

24487 Lee, Sallie Lane (Miss) Marion 

20781f? Lewis, Eose Garland (Mrs Burwell B.) Birmingham 

23310a Link, Annie Calhoun (Mrs Wm. D.) Talladeo^a 

2367d Lloyd, Mary E. Norvell (Mrs) 914 Hayes ave., KnoxviSe 

201416 Love, Alice Armstrong (Miss) 1002 Alabama st., Selma 

201406 Love, Sarah A. (Mrs Lorenzo) Anniston 

23324/= Lowe, Annie McGehee Wyly (Mrs David F.) Montgomery 

14654c McAdory, Leonora (Mrs C.) Ee'ssemer 

21373a McAfee, Anne Blair Elston (Mrs N. S.) Talladega 

15359t McCoy, Margaret Theresa Eskridge (Mrs Eobert H.) Selma 

21840a McElderry, Mittie (Miss) Talladega 

12469(Z McKissick, Margaret Adger Smyth (Mrs Anthony F.) Auburn 

9440c McTaffe, Mary Emily Kirk (Mrs Louis E.) B^rmino-ham 

6231d Mell, Annie White (Mrs Patrick H.) Auburn 

24486f Merritt, Frances G. (Mrs F. H.) Court st.', ' Mon'tgomery 

20782a Miller, Jessie (Miss) Tallade-a 

23608CZ Miller, Mary White (Mrs Emerson E.) . . .' , . . Auburn 

196056 Mooring, Margaret Love (Mrs John S.) " " " " Anniston 

9439c Morris, Elizabeth Trammell (Mrs George L.) " Birmino-ham 

18336$ Morrison Mary A. (Miss) Birming-ham 

JT.I ^ZT""' ^""^'^ Marshall (Mrs James B.) . . .South Highlands, Birmingham 
244816 ^oble, Eebeeca Everingham (Mrs Stephen N.) Anniston 

mi S™!^:. ?/'^ ^^^""'^ ^^'^""^ ^^^"^^^ J-) 619 Monroe st., Montgc 


«non^ -D -,. ' ..^.x.c^x.^ u.^ oa.y monroe St., Montgomery 

^080^Parsons, Margaretta McNeil (Miss) Birmfnc 

t mi^ilt,l'^l?i?el^\v\l^''- I Continental Chapter, D. C. 


2882* Patterson, Augusta Palmyra B. (Mrs Madison L.) OsAvitchee 

2883 Patterson, Mildred Lewis (Miss) Oswitchee 

8647c Pearson, Sallie Harrison (Mrs Robert H.) 920 20tli st., Birmingham 

23609(Z Petrie, Mary Lane (Mrs George) Auburn 

16646t Pickett, Virginia Eliza Powell (Mrs Alex. H.) Union Springs 

233126 Porterfield, Julia Eandolph (Mrs William P.) Opelika 

244836 Read, Rosie Hamilton (Miss) Opelika 

8294c Reed, Margaret E. Mooers (Mrs Chas. H.) 706 S. 20th st., Birmingham 

23610(Z Reese, Mary E. (Miss) Auburn 

11353 Robbins, Lucia Minter (Mrs Joseph S.) Selma 

8841| Robinson, Ida Isabel (Mrs Eben E.) Port Payne 

244796 Robinson, Kate Hillyer (Mrs Thomas L.) Anniston 

230926 Samf ord, Susan George (Miss) Opelika 

23325f Shanks, Emily Addison Nalle (Mrs Harry T.) . .607 Monroe st., Montgomery 

233166 Shapard, Mamie Eliza (Miss) Opelika 

19098|| Singleton, James Lucas Powell (Mrs Alexander E.) Union Springs 

8895c Smith, Florence Devereux (Mrs Addison G.) 938 S. 19th st., Birmingham 

233146 Smith, Julia Leonore (Miss) Opelika 

6439c Smith, Kate Lucille (Miss) Birmingham 

6438c Smith, Katherine Duncan (Mrs J. Morgan) Birmingham 

233156 Smith, Mary Crowder (Miss) Opelika 

233136 Sparrow, Lizzie Storrs (Mrs Dedrick Pike) Opelika 

24480& Sproull, Caroline Williams (Miss) Anniston 

21841a Stone, Margaret McDowell Cruikshank (Mrs John E.) Talladega 

20783a Storey, Nellie Toole (Mrs Alonzo Groves) Talladega 

12470(Z Thach, Ellen Stanford Smith (Mrs Chas. Coleman) Auburn 

20784a. Thornton, Annie Camp (Mrs J. Arista) Talladega 

15990a Thornton, Sophia Lawson (Mrs J. Melville) Talladega 

6437c Tomlinson, Annie R. (Mrs John W.) Birmingham 

3566 Trainer, Marie Antoinette Watson (Mr§ A. W.) Birmingham 

8648c Trimble, Jennie Robinson (Mrs N. W.) Alabama 

8991f Tullis, Alice P. Haltiwanger (Mrs John) Eufaula 

201426 Turner, Lucy Erye (Mrs Eugene L.) .Anniston 

4807 Tutwiler, Julia Strudwick (Miss) .Ala. Normal College, Livingston 

230936 Watkins, Mary lee (Miss) Opelika 

14645|[ Weedon, Elizabeth Fanning (Mrs Hamilton M.) Eufaula 

201436 Welch, Inez Love (Mrs Wm. H.) Glendon 

13243 Wheeler, Annie Early (Miss) Wheeler 

3017f Wheeler, Lucy Louise (Miss) Wheeler 

8650c White, Octavia A. (Mrs Frank S.) Birmingham 

32326f Williams, Anne Marks (Miss) 21 S. Lawrence st., Montgomery 

10861 Wills, Ariana Fleming (Mrs John H.) Auburn 

7659 Wyly, Catherine Amelia Forney (Mrs John M.) 519 Clayton st., Montgomery 


(No members) 

i M^rv 'wilt.P'tP^^^r^^?^; t. o !I ^^^^^"^ Washington Chapter, D. C. 

I Mary Washington Chapter, D. C. U Cownens ChatDter SO 

t Western Reserve Chapter, Ohio. " «^owpens «_napter, b. (.. 



Membeks Residing in the Tekbitory 

1334 Brigham, Lillie Balance (Mrs Daniel E.) Tempe 

11766 Leitch, Margaret C. (Mrs J. D.) Fort Huachuca 

12484 Rice, Gertrude Olive Gaylord (Mrs) San Carlos 

16794 Wright, Harriet S. (Mrs Charles W.) Tucson 


State Regent, 1897, Mrs. Frederick Hanger, 1010 Scott st., Little Rock 
1898, '' 


(1 organized, 3 unorganized) 

a. Helena 


Regent, Mrs William D. Reeves. Appointed April 1, 1897 

b. Hot Springs 


Regent, Mrs John Gaines. Appointed April 1, 1897 

c. Little B/Ock Chapter — Little Rock 

Organized December 19, 1893; Members, 33 

Regent, Mrs Helen M. Norton Treasurer, Mrs Wallace Dickinson 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Benton J. Brow^n Registrar, Mrs L. W. Coy 

Secretary, Miss Julia Warner Historian, Mrs T. D. Crawford 

d. Mary Fulleriion Percival Chapter — Van Buren 

Members, 4 

Regent, Mrs Mattie K. Haj^man. Appointed October 7, 1897 

Membeks Residing in the State 


22472c Adams, Caroline BaldAvin (Mrs Howard) 1016 W. Second st.. Little Rock 

124760 Beattie, Ida B. (Mrs James S.) 1216 W. Fourth st., Little Rock 

6977 Black, Maud Elizabeth (Miss) Page ave., Fort Smith 

1173 Bocago, Frances Irene (Miss) Pine BluiS 

6172c Brown, Martha C. Eothrock (Mrs Benton J.) 603 W. Third st., Little Rock 


1865 Butler, Caroline Eliza Blake (Mrs Thos. J.) P. 0. Box 225, Fresco tt 

21842c Butler, Eugenia Butler (Mrs Chester M.) 1717 Gaines st., Little Eock 

12225 Byler, Eugenia Butler (Mrs Jesse W.) Batesville 

4120c Caldwell, Harriet Benton (Mrs Henry C.) 802 Scott st.. Little Kock 

3955c Cantrell, Ellen Harrell (Mrs Wm. A.) 619 Scott st., Little Kock 

8297c Cherry, Lina Vandergrift Denison (Mrs Lewis W.) 7 & Rock sts., Little Rock 

5658 Corley, Susan Caswell (Mrs John E.) 917 N. 6th st., Fort Smith 

4514c Coy, Abby Maria Burrows (Mrs Lucien W.) Little Rock 

21843c Crawford, Elizabeth Davies Williams (Mrs Thos. D.) Little Rock 

8896c Dale, Fannie C. (Mrs Geo. W.) Clok Bldg., Room 1, Main & 6 sts. Little Rock 

14663c Delony, Daisy Neet (Miss) 616 Rock st.. Little Rock 

10864c Dickinson, Fanny Rose (Mrs Wm. W.) Little Rock 

9167* Eastman, Carrie W. (Mrs George) Hot Springs 

23327d Eno, Clara Bertha (Miss) Van Buren 

18232 Gaines, Helen Marie Pendleton (Mrs John H.) Hot Springs 

19557f Grove, Sallie Howard (Mrs Jas. B.) Marianna 

3956c Hanger, Frances Marion Harrow (Mrs Frederick) . 1010 Scott st., Ijittle Rock 

10863 Haughton, Ella Gayle (Mrs L. B.) Prescott 

182^1c Hyman, Mattie Knox (Mrs) Van Buren 

23614c Holt, Maud Spiller (Mrs Winfield S.) 1800 Broadway, Little Rock 

3960c Jabine, Harriet Maria Woodruff (Mrs John N.) 910 E. 8th st., Little Rock 

23328d Johnson, Laura D. (Mrs Henry C.) Van Buren 

23612(Z Knox, Eudora E. (Mrs Geo. W.) Van Buren 

22473c Lincoln, Eudora Percival (Mrs Chas. J.) . .Cumberland & 7th sts., Little Rock 

18230c Lincoln, Georgie Lydia (Miss) Little Rock 

7661 Linthicum, Louisa Sterling (Mrs Theodric C.) Helena 

22474c McClure, Rumina Ayres (Mrs John) Little Rock 

12558t McCulloch, Belle Mills (Mrs) Marianna 

14630 McCulloch, Mary Gurley (Mrs C. C.) Army & Navy Gen. Hds., Hot Springs 

4116c Matthews, Martha McDowell (Mrs John L.) Rock & 7th sts.. Little Rock 

7660 Menke, Mary Lillian Brown (Mrs. Albert E.) Fayetteville 

23094c Meyers, Rose Heagen (Mrs George L.) Little Rock 

12557f Mills, Lou Ellen (Miss) Marianna 

13859c Norton, Helen Maria Blakeslee (Mrs S. V.) 923 Scott st.. Little Rock 

21844c Pollock, Elizabeth Ann Knight (Mrs James S.) Little Rock 

4119c Pratt, Martha Riley (Mrs Charles A.) 110 N. Victory st., Little Eock 

4118c Ratclifee, Margaret M. Hanger (Mrs Wm. C.) 1004 Scott st., Little Rock 

11952 Reeves, Louise Byers Weir (Mrs William D.) Helena 

23028$ Robertson, Annie Bibb Wright (Mrs James T.) Marianna 

13860c Roots, Emily Margaret Blakeslee (Mrs Logan H.) . .923 Scott st.. Little Rock 

13862c Roots, Frances Emily (Miss) 923 Scott st., Little Eock 

13861c Eoots, Frances Maria Blakeslee (Mrs Philander K.) Little Eock 

13863c Roots, Mary Emily (Miss) Little Rock 

218450 Roots, Miriam (Miss) 923 Scott st., Little Rock 

10291 Stirman, Catherine (Mrs J. H.) Fayetteville 

23613(Z Thayer, Sarah Whiting CoMrae (Mrs) Van Buren 

3958c Vaughan, Myra McAlmont (Mrs) 802 Cumberland st., Little Rock 

4117c Warner, Juha McAlmont (Miss) 1414 Rock st., Little Rock 

21846c Williams, Elizabeth Frances (Mrs Samuel W.) Little Rock 

12226 Young, Fannie Haughton (Mrs James C.) Prescott 

* Colonial Chapter, Minn. J Watauga Chapter, Tenn. 

t Continental Chapter, D. C. i^ f , 



State Regent, 1897, Mrs. V. K. Maddox, Occidental Hotel, San Francisco 

(6 organized, 1 unorganized) 

a. Berkeley 

Members, 8 

Kegent, Mrs Katharine Boyd. Appointed 

b. California Chapter, San Francisco 

Organized April 15, 1896; Members, 39 

Eegent, Mrs Joseph L. Moody Treasurer, Mrs Timothy Hopkins 

Vice-Kegent, Mrs Frederick Hewlett Registrar, Miss Marie Voorhies 

Rec. Sec, Mrs Elizabeth H. Davenport Historian, Miss Amelia Catlin 

Cor. Sec, Mrs John M. Chretian 

c. Eschscholtzia Chapter — Los Angeles 

Organized June 16, 1894; Members, 28 

Eegent, Mrs Francis A. Eastman Cor. Secretary, Mrs J. F. Crank 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Henry T. Lee Treasurer, Mrs Cordelia Bradfield 

Eec. Secretary, Mrs H. C. Gooding Registrar, Miss Alice J. Stevens 

d. La Puerto Del Oro Chapter — San Francisco 

Organized April i, 1896; Members, 63 

Eegent, Mrs Henry Gibbons Treasurer, Mrs Florence A. W. Stone 

Vice-Regent, Mrs John F. Swift Registrar, Mrs L. C. Branch 

Eec. Secretary, Miss Ida L. Gibbons Historian, Mrs Ida L. Harper 

Cor. Secretary, Miss Anna W. Beaver 

e. Oakland Chapter — Oakland 

Organized June 23, 1897; Members, 28 (District of Columbia, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Geo. W. Percy Treasurer, Mrs Giles H. Gray 

Vice-Regent, Miss Mary S. Keim Registrar, Mrs Emma R. B. Friend 

Eec. Sec, Mrs Saleme G. B. Smyth Historian, Miss Maria E. Babson 

Cor. Sec, Miss Margaret S. Knight 

f . Santa Ysabel Chapter — San Jose 
Organized ^November 12, 1896; Members 18 (Texas, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Lida C. G. Leib Treasurer, Mrs Gertrude M. Beans 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs A. M. Gates Eegistrar, Mrs P. M. Lusson 

Eec. Secretary, Miss Mary F. Ledyard Historian, Mrs Chauncey Eea Burr 

Cor. Secretary, Miss Elna W. Leib 


g. Sequoia Chapter — San Francisco 

Organized December 10, 1891; Members, 94 (District of ColumUa, 1; Oregon, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs A. S. Hubbard Treasurer, Mrs A. W. Moore 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs George L. Smith. Eegistrar, Miss Alma P. Alden, 

Eec. Secretary, Mrs A. J. Eaisch Historian, Mrs D. W. Horsburgh 

Cor. Secretary, Mrs C. W. Moores 

Members Eesiding in the State 


15380 Abbott, Carrie Wheelock (Mrs William H.) Olema 

17879c Agnew, Nancy Kidd Lauck (Mrs Franklin H.) Highland Park 

1809fir Alden, Alma Priscilla (Miss) 559 Albion st., Oakland 

218476 Alexander, Mary (Miss) 1006 16th st., Oakland 

15378d Allen, Elizabeth Fuller (Mrs Isaac P.) 462 Santa Clara ave., Alameda 

5320J Allen, Martha Jane Larkin (Mrs Amos D.) jSTapa 

5321$ Allen, Sarah Louise (Miss) Napa 

696(7 Alvord, Mary Eliza (Mrs William) 2548 Jackson st., San Francisco 

20147£r Ashburner, Emilia Field (Mrs Wm.) 1014 Pine st., San Francisco 

23622f Austin, Gertrude May (Mrs Paul P.) 683 S. 2d st., San j ose 

190316 Babson, Maria Eogers (Miss) 222 11th st., Oakland 

3933 Baggett, Nelly Conway Eose (Mrs William T.) San Francisco 

1664fir Baker, Ellen Stone (Mrs Livingston L.) . .1882 Washington st., San Francisco 

7689* Baker, Lydia Maria Noble (Mrs Edw. P.) 1717 Gough st., San Francisco 

8303f7 Ballard, Laura A. Stow (Mrs Alpheus) 610 Hyde st., San Francisco 

15954f Ballon, Katharine Jane Kimball (Mrs ilohn Q. A.) San Jose 

6445& Bancroft, Alberta (Miss) 1405 Van Ness st., San Francisco 

26686 Bancroft, Fannie Watts (Mrs Albert L.) 1605 Franklin st., San Francisco 

102966 Bancroft, Miriam Fernald (Mrs Chas. E.) . .1405 Van Ness st., San Francisco 

5699c Banning, Anne Ophelia Smith (Mrs Hancock) 416 N. Broadway, Los Angeles 

13867(Z Banning-, Clarissa Armstrong (Mrs Frederick) . . . .1219 Adeline st., Oakland 

5698c Banning, Mary Hollister (Mrs) 535 N. Broadway, Los Angeles 

21379e Barker, Mary Simpson (Miss) 1119 Castro st., Oakland 

18692f Barnum, Mary Hawes Gilmore (Mrs Olivers) . .1514 W. 20th st., Los Angeles 

21595^ Barstow, Emily E. (Mrs George) 927 Pine st., San Francisco 

14699f Beans, Anna Eowena (Miss) 439 N. First st., San Jose 

6670f Beans, Charlotte Bray (Mrs T. Ellard) 439 N. First st., San Jose 

14698 Beans, Frances Levering (Miss) "Ivyhurst," San Jose 

14697f Beans, Gertrude Moore (Mrs William K.) 411 N. 3d st., San Jose 

10298(Z Beaver, Anna Wheaton (Miss) 1300 Taylor st., San Francisco 

22477(Z Belcher, Stella Burfoot Walthall (Mrs Edw. A.) 2030 Scott st., San Francisco 

15387fir Biddle, Maggie Pepper Van Eeed (Mrs Noble T.) 16 Jones ave., San Jose 

1329$r Bidwell, Anne Ellicott Kennedy (Mrs John) Chico 

14668(Z Bigelow, Isabel Otis (Mrs Sam'l C.) 1300 McAllister st., San Francisco 

14669(Z Bigelow, Eomola (Miss) 1300 McAllister st., San Francisco 

823^ Blakeman, Mattie Spotts (Mrs T. Z.) 1607 Gough st., San Francisco 

19028 Blanchard, Blanche (Miss) 35 Fox ave., San Jose 

2209(7 Blanchard, Elizabeth Hobbs (Mrs Nathan W.) Santa Paula 

20148J7 Blanchard, Sarah Eliot (Miss) Santa Paula 

2015l£? Bolfing, Sophronia Wood Bunker (Mrs Alfred J.) 2314 15th st., San Francisco 

* Norwalk Chapter, Conn. 
t Reprisal Chapter, N. H. 

X Faith Trumbull Chapter, Conn. 


20499* Bolton, Alice Brooks (Mrs Wm. T.) Pasadena 

14683d Bolton, Louise Patch (Mrs JefEerson D.) . • • .615 Stockton st., San Francisco 

22474(Z Bonestell, Lulu Fargo (Mrs Robert G.) 1113 Bush st., San Francisco 

165486 Bowen, Mary Helena (Mrs Edgar J) 2018 Franklin st., San Francisco 

153S8£^ Bowers, Gertrude S. (Mrs Geo. W.) 2610 Jackson st., San Francisco 

14673d Bowman, Elsie (Miss) 3198 Pacific ave., San Francisco 

14672d; Bowman, Frances Agnes (Miss) 3198 Pacific ave., San Francisco 

13870d Bowman, Mary Coryell (Mrs Geo. F.) 3198 Pacific ave., San Francisco 

14690a Boyd, Katharine Scott (Mrs Nicholas E.) 1539 Arch st., Berkeley 

196136 Boyd, Louise Arner (Mrs John F.) San Rafael 

8897c Bradfield, Cordelia P. M. (Mrs A. J.) 946 S. Hope st., Los Angeles 

14691ri Bradley, Edith (Miss) Berkeley 

14692(1 Bradley, Mabel (Miss) Berkeley 

1826d Branch, Mary Maddux (Mrs L. C.) 2101 California st., San Francisco 

14666(Z Brown, Adelaide (Miss) 1212 Sutter st., San Francisco 

8905c? Brown, Charlotte Blake (Miss) 1212 Sutter st., San Francisco 

5076c Brovyn, Eleanor Thornton Patton (Mrs) 2626 Portland st., Los Angeles 

49866 Brown, Hulda Holmes Bergen (Mrs Cyrus E.) 3201 Pacific ave, San Francisco 

M49g Buckbee, Emma D. (Mrs Spencer C.) 1124 Bush st., San Francisco 

6666(7 Buckingham, Edith Dorcas (Miss) 1016 Franklin st., San Francisco 

20152^7 Bunker, Margaret Locke (Miss) 2314 15th st., San Francisco 

23619(7 Burnett, Gertrude Augusta (Miss) 1916 Broadway, San Francisco 

9915d Burns, Mary Bell Parker (Mrs Isidore) . . .404 Van Ness ave., San Francisco 

15384f Burr, Frances Brewerton Eicketts (Mrs Chaimcey R.) . ."Alameda," San Jose 

3649f Bushnell, Charlotte Gertrude N. (Mrs A. M.) 2nd & Kalmia sts., San Diego 

10299 Cady, Constance Mary L. H. (Mrs Freeman R.) 344 N. Picket st., Los Angeles 

1752fir Caminetti, Ella E. (Mrs A.) Jackson 

14675(Z Campbell, Louise Marriner (Mrs Walter C.) 1820 Turk st., San Francisco 

14694(i Carlisle, Elinor (Mrs Albert) Vine st.. North Berkeley 

5212J7 Carr, Eliza Mary (Mrs Wm. B.) 2424 Gough st., San Francisco 

190326 Carter, Catherine Elizabeth Jones (Mrs Geo. A.) 614 15th st., Oakland 

165496 Catlin, Amelia Guernsey (Miss) Hotel Sutherland, San Francisco 

llSlg Chipman, Alice M. (Miss) Encinial Park, Almeda 

1182^ Chipman, Fanny Jessup (Miss) Encinial Park, Almeda 

18066 Chretien, Adele (Mrs John M.) 804 Bush st., San Francisco 

4546^ Church, Ellen Proctor (Mrs Thos. E.) 1016 Franklin st., San Francisco 

6667fir Church, Gertrude M. (Miss) 1016 Franklin st., San Francisco 

3885 Clapp, May Mattoon Wolcott (Mrs Edward B.) Berkeley 

5706c Clark, Sarah Russell (Mrs Wesley) 234 W. Adams st., Los Angeles 

17361^7 Coit, Lillie Hitchcock (Mrs Howard) Palace Hotel, San Francisco 

9444c Collins, Re Joyce Ballance (Miss) Los Angeles 

24488c Comstock, Sarah (Miss) 247 S. Hill st., Los Angeles 

12143$ Cook, Josephine M. (Miss) Chula Vista 

6979 Cooper, Frances Hollister (Mrs Jos. W.) Santa Barbara 

20159(7 Cowell, Helen Edith (Miss) 413 Hyde st., San Francisco 

20149(7 Cowell, Sarah Elizabeth (Miss) 413 Hyde st., San Francisco 

698i7 Craig, Mary Lynde Hoffman (Mrs Scipio) Redlands 

8300c Crank, Mary Agnes Erigden (Mrs Jas. F.) Colonial Flat, Los Angeles 

16550(7 Crocker, Ethel Willard Sperry (Mrs W. H.) 1150 California st., San Francisco 

14678(Z Crocker, Helen A. Norris (Mrs John H.) 1912 Valleja st., San Francisco 

14679(Z Crocker, Helen Temple (Miss) 1912 Valleja st., San Francisco 

* Deo-on-do-wa Chapter, N. Y. J New York City Chapter, N. Y. 
t Gen. de Lafayette Chapter, Ind. 


14680(Z Crocker, Louise Norris (Miss) 1912 Vallejo st., San Francisco 

14076* Crowell, Emma E. Johnson (Mrs) 264 E. 15tli st., East Oakland 

11126 Crux, Cornelia Armistead (Mrs Geo. A.) 2715 Pine st., San Francisco 

190236 Davenport, Elizabeth H. (Mrs Wm. F.) Berkeley 

890id Davis, Edith King (Mrs Horace) ISOO Broadway, San Francisco 

14688a Davis, Flora Nichols (Mrs Williston W.) Berkeley 

14687d Day, Grace Wakefield (Mrs Clinton) 2747 Bancroft Way, Berkeley 

15381(Z Deane, Eebecca Francis (Mrs John) Claremont ave., Berkeley 

20146 Deming-, Inez Florence (Miss) P. 0. Box 392, Oakland 

9441 Deming, Sarah Worcester (Mrs John D.) P. 0. Box 392, Oakland 

6980g Dennison, Isabella Baxter (Mrs Walter E.) San Mateo 

10862 Deuel, Elizabeth Ann Strickle (Mrs J. C.) 2738 Mariposa st., San Francisco 

178806 Dick, Elen C. Bulkeley Booth (Mrs Byron C.) "The Centennial," Oakland 

57086 Dickinson, Luella Johnson (Mrs W. L.)..2115 California st., San Francisco 

233296 Dodge, Omira B. Bottom (Mrs Henry L.) . . .2015 Franklin st., San Francisco 

8305d Door, Janet Raymond (Mrs Levi L.) 1115 Hj^de st., San Francisco 

18236fir Dougherty, Ada (Miss) 1920 Jackson st., San Francisco 

18235^ Dougherty, Ida Thurston Haley (Mrs C. M.) 1920 Jackson st., San Francisco 

18327f Dunning, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs J. P.) 302 Montgomery st., San Francisco 

15991fir Dutton, Annie K. (Mrs Saml. E.) . , 2511 Sacramento st., San Francisco 

9555J Dyer, Susanna A. G. (Mrs Eeuben F.) Palo Alto 

5704c Eastman, Gertrude Barrett (Mrs F. A.) 1008 W. Washington st., Los Angeles 

233306 Eckart, Harriet Louise Gorham (Mrs Wm. R.) . . .3014 Clay st., San Francisco 

14693a Edmonds, Annie C. (Miss) Berkeley 

24492c? Edwards, Frances Coffin (Mrs James W.). .Occidental Hotel, San Francisco 

3800|| Elliot, Lizzie N. McLain (Mrs) Los Angeles 

9442fir Ellis, Sallie Huntington (Mrs Wm. T.) Marysville 

704|| Everhart, Mella D. (Miss) Santa Barbara 

2356f7 Farnam, Susan Merrill (Mrs Chas. W.) Fruitvale 

6440 Farnham, Kate K. (Mrs John) 994 Union st., San Francisco 

22218§ Fenyes, Eva Scott (Mrs Adalbert) 75 Grand ave., Pasadena 

1928£r Fernald, Hannah Hill Hobb (Mrs Chas.) 813 State st., Santa Barbara 

196076 Fish, Elizabeth B. (Mrs Jas. H.) Oakland 

18234fir Flint, Gertrude Gilmore (Mrs Brilsford P.)... 1121 Hyde st., San Francisco 

8901(? Flint, Mary Anne (Mrs. Thos.) San Juan 

50780 Fremont, Jessie Benton (Mrs) 1107 W. 28th st., Los Angeles 

190356 French, Grace Morgan (Miss) 578 16th st., Oakland 

821g French, Helen Satterlee (Mrs Frank J.) 1617 Jackson st., San Francisco 

190366 French, Katherine Kelsey (Miss) 578 16th st., Oakland 

190346 French, Nellie Kelsey (Mrs Wm. L.) 578 16th st., Oakland 

153906 Friend, Emma Rogers Babson (Mrs W. H.) 222 11th st., Oakland 

12601^ Frysinger, Grace C. (Mrs George P.) Pasadena 

14700 Furst, Evelyn Moore Gissim (Mrs Paul) San Jose 

6669(Z Gardiner, Ada Louise Weihe (Mrs Chas. H.) 1370 19th ave. East Oakland 

14702f Gates, Adaline M. Rhodes (Mrs Freeman) San Jose 

5703c Gibbon, Ellen Rose (Mrs Thomas E.) 1041 W. Beacon st., Los Angeles 

8304(Z Gibbons, Ida Louise (Miss) 920 Polk st., San Francisco 

5079(? Gibbons, Marie Raymond (Mrs Henry, Jr.) 920 Polk st., San Francisco 

224756 Gibson, Irene Ehzabeth (Mrs E. M.) 122 11th st., Oakland 

23095(Z Glass, Ella M. (Mrs Henry) U. S. Navy Yard, Mare Island 

* Bunker Hill Chapter, Mass. ii Chicago Chapter, Ills. 

t Col. Haslett Chapter, Del. § Sunshine Chapter, New Mexico. 

i mini Chapter, Ills. 11 Fort Armstrong Chapter, Ills. 



12638c Gooding, Mary Viele Babcock (Mrs H. C.) . .2007 S. Grand ave., Los Ang-eles 

12227ri Goodrich, Sara Shafter (Mrs Edward E.) 2749 DwigM Way, Berkeley 

1808£? Goodrich, Sarah L. Knox (Mrs) 346 N. 1st st., San Jose 

13188* Goodsell, Annie Grace (Miss) Care Rev. D. A. Goodsell, San Francisco 

24495^7 Gonld, Mary Abby Lawrence (Mrs W. O.) . .904 Van Ness ave., San Francisco 

196086 Gray, Frances H. (Miss) 754 10th st., Oakland 

190376 Gray, Marianna Woodford (Mrs Giles H.) 754 10th st., Oakland 

14686d Graydon, Katharine Merrill (Miss) 2530 College ave., Berkelej- 

IIM Greenleaf, Georgine Henri Franck (Mrs C. R.) 2700 Bancroft Way, Berkeley 

225791 Greer, Annie Pettigrew (Miss) San Francisco 

2566| Hale, Fanny Andrew Taylor (Mrs Chas. E.) . .1051 Pasadena ave., Pasadena 

9917 Hale, Jeanie Hollister (Mrs Clinton B.) Santa Barbara 

14685(i Harper, Ida A. (Mrs Thos. W.) Oakland 

21378& Hathaway, Mary Page (Miss) 2123 Sacramento st., San Francisco 

64436 Hengstler, Helen M. Andros (Mrs Louis T.) Berkeley 

218486 Heron, Elizabeth Dudley (Mrs Ernest A.) Linda Vista Terrace, Oakland 

66646 Hewlett, Cleora M. Whitney (Mrs Fred.). .1406 Van Ness st., San Francisco 

233316 Hillyer, Alice (Miss) Berkeley 

10534|| Hitchcock, Anna Charlotte (Miss) 249 Marengo Place, Los Angeles 

820 Holliday, Georgianna C. Ord (Mrs S. W.) Clay & Octavia sts., San Francisco 

3212§ Hollister, Louise C. (Mrs Edward P.) Montecito 

6450^;' Holman, Caroline D. (Mrs Alfred D.) 1124 Bush st., San Francisco 

124776 Hopkins, Mary Kellogg Crittenden (Mrs Timothy) Menlo Park 

960fir Horsburgh, L. E. A. (Mrs D. vV.) 1517 Washington st., San Francisco 

6446fir Houghton, Bertha Helen (Miss) 3330 Washington st., San Francisco 

5701c Houghton, Clara Helen (Miss) 405 Bullard Block, N. Spring st., Los Angeles 
8652c Houghton, Eliza Poore (Mrs S. O.) 405 Bullard Blk., N. Spring st., Los Angeles 
5713c Houghton, Eliza Poore (Miss) 405 Bullard Block, N. Spring st., Los Angeles 
5700c Houghton, Mary M. (Miss) . . .405 Bullard Block, N. Spring st., Los Angeles 

6447fir Houghton, Meda Edith (Miss) 3330 Washington st., San Francisco 

102976 Howard, Emma Shafter (Mrs Chas. W.) 1206 Alice st., Oakland 

24893^ Hoxett, Caroline Amelia Brooks (Mrs Thomas) Golroy 

15391 Hoyt, Anniss Clark (Mrs Wm. W.) El Modena 

3953** Hoyt, May Underbill (Miss) 1915 Sacramento st., San Francisco 

635fif Hubbard, Sarah Isabelle (Mrs Adolphus S.) . . .1912 Pierce st., San Francisco 

83026 . Huie, Sallie Helena (Miss) 2910 Jackson st., San Francisco 

^ 4343 Hunt, Ruhamah Ludlow (Mrs R.) 1409 S. Hope st., Los Angeles 

14670(Z Huse, Helen Clement (Mrs Frederick J.) Berkeley 

207856 Hyde, Marietta Butler (Mrs Wm. B.) 2105 Pacific ave., San Francisco 

20144 Jameson, Salome Knapp (Mrs J. S.) 1180 19th st., Oakland 

15386sr Jaboe, Eleanor Dimond (Mrs Paul R.) San Mateo 

5707fir Jaboe, Mary Halsey (Mrs John R.) Santa Cruz 

16274ft Johnson, Florence Lindsay (Mrs Wm. P.) 461 Merrimac Place, Oakland 






Jones, Elizabeth M. (Miss) 1820 Washington st., San Francisco 

Jones, Margaret J. (Miss) 1820 Washington st., San Francisco 

Jordan, Jessie Knight (Mrs D. S.) Stanford University 

Josephi, Eva Augusta (Miss) "Alameda Farm," Bakersfield 

Jouett, Mary Stuart (Mrs C. H.) 2022 Pine st., San Francisco 

Judson, Sarah Raymond (Mrs Augustus) 1124 Hj^de st., San Francisco 

Keene, Mary Sophia (Miss) Vernon Heights, Oakland 

* Susan Carrington Clarke Chapter, Conn. 
T John Pettigrew Chapter, Del. 
X Mary Ball Chapter, Washington. 
!l Mercy Warren Chapter, Mass. 

g Buffalo Chapter, N. Y. 

II New Connecticut Chapter, Ohio. 
** IvOuisa St. Clair Chapter, Mich, 
tt Old South Chapter, Mass. 


S22g Keeney, Leontine Spotts (Mrs Chas. McI.) . .2423 Fillmore st., San Francisco 

13865(Z Keith, Eose Sedgwick (Mrs Edward D.) Berkeley 

224766 Kendall, Flora Caroline (Miss) 969 Harrison st., Oakland 

6970 Kennedy, Ef&e Virtue (Mrs Samuel J.) San Francisco 

15382(Z Kerr, Kate Shepard (Mrs Mark B.) Golden Gate 

8081c Kinney, Margaret Thornton (Mrs Abbott) Lamanda 

196096 Knight, Margaret Slahter (Miss) 114 11th st., Oakland 

13869(Z Krebs, Abbie E. (Mrs Henry, Jr.) 911 Sutter st., San Francisco 

19029f Ledyard, Marj Forman (Miss) 441 S. 2nd st., San Jose 

6429c Lee, Josephine Mason Moir (Mrs Henry T.) . .414 W. Adams st., Los Angeles 

14704f Leib, Elna Warren (Miss) "The Alameda," San Jose 

10865f Leib, Lida Campbell Crissim (Mrs Samuel F.) "The Alameda," San Jose 

14703f Leib, Lida Campbell (Miss) "The Alameda," San Jose 

5710 Lemon, Frances B. Wardwell (Mrs F.) . . Care Mrs A. M. Wardwell, Berkeley 

218496 Long, Amy Eequa (Mrs Oscar F.) Piedmont 

23639:j: Love, Harriet Morg-an (Mrs. Thoraas) Riverside 

14677(Z Low, Mary Joey (Miss) San Francisco 

14676(Z Low, Mary S. (Mrs Joel B.) San Francisco 

23335c Ludlow, Ethel (Miss) 1415 S. Hope st., Los Angeles 

1823f Lusson, E. S. N. (Mrs Pedro M.) Cor. 2nd & San Fernando sts., San Jose 

20435* Lyon, Clara Grout (Mrs Eldridge M.) Eedlands 

5702c McConnell, Camilla S. (Miss) 423 W. 28th st., Los Angeles 

22478d McDonald, Clara Rebecca Hutchins (Mrs J. T.) 916 Market st., San Francisco 

190396 McElrath, Elsie Alden (Miss) North Temeschal 

1595f7 Mclver, Helen Howard Smedberg (Mrs G. N.) 1611 Larkin st., San Francisco 

14684d McKittrick, Mary S. (Mrs Wm. H.) Bakersfield 

8902(? McQuesten,Mary Anne Bradley (Mrs D. P.) . .1738 Santa Clara ave., Alameda 

15175' Maddox, Virginia Knox (Mrs Cabell) 346 N. 1st st., San Jose 

1824id Maddux, Lulu Loraine (Miss) California st., San Francisco 

4123(Z Maddux, Maria Loraine (Mrs James H.) California st., San Francisco 

14689a Marsh, Maria D. (Mrs Almon R.) Berkeley 

655g Martin, Caroline Colton (Mrs Henry MacL.) .2618 Pacific ave., San Francisco 

21025f Merriman, Almira (Mrs R. L.) Alameda 

236186 Mills, Flora A. Wenban (Mrs Wm. O.) 1920 Van Ness ave., San Francisco 

24494f; Mills, Susan Lincoln (Mrs C. T.) Mills College, Seminary Park 

3356& Moody, Ida S. (Mrs J. L.) S. E. Cor. Jones & Lombard sts., San Francisco 

19021& Moor, Lucinda Maltby (Mrs Wm. H.) 1302 Webster st., Oakland 

14705f Moore, Bessie (Miss) "The Alameda," San Jose 

4124fir Moore, Charlotte Annie (Mrs Arthur W.)..2520 Pacific ave., San Francisco 

15996 Moore, Florence C. (Mrs A. S.).Cor. Buchanan & Page sts., San Francisco 

6981^ Moores, Mary Brier (Mrs Charles W.) ..... .1509 Webster st., San Francisco 

14664(? Moses, Edith Briggs (Mrs Bernard) San Francisco 

182376^ Moulton, Anne Schofield (Mrs Irving F.) . .2199 Devisadero st., San Francisco 

8903 Moxley, Elizabeth W. (Mrs John S.) Ill Fell st., San Francisco 

15377(? Murdock, Susan Letitia (Mrs G. H.) 1S09 San Antonio ave., Alameda 

218506 Newell, Maryella Edith (Miss) Linda Vista Terrace, Oakland 

146966 Newhall, Virginia Whiting (Mrs Edwin W.) San Rafael 

1598gr Noble, Floride (Miss) Norwalk 

15383(Z Norris, Maria R. (Mrs George A.) 824 Valencia st., San Francisco 

196106 Nusbaumer, Florence Adele P. (Mrs George L.) "The Albany," Oakland 

1825 Olney, Eleanor Dayton (Miss) Highland Park, East Oakland 

* Louisa St. Clair Chapter, Mich. X Faith Trumbull Chapter, Conn. 

t Old South Chapter, Mass. 

















2449 IfZ 



Osgood, Nancy Adaline K. (Mrs S. K.) Telegraph ave & 34th. st., Oakland 

Overacker, Deborah Monroe (Mrs Howard) Centerville 

Palmer, Maud Moore (Mrs Harry S.) : San Jose 

Patch, Nellie Beaver (Miss) 615 Stockton st., San Francisco 

Patton, Susan Glassell (ISIiss) 416 N. Broadway, Los Angeles 

Pepper, Elizabeth Neville (Miss) 847 Flower st., Los Angeles 

Pepper, Sarah Tebbs (Miss) 847 Flower st., Los Angeles 

Percy, Emma Washburn C. (Mrs Geo. W.) 318 Boulevard Terrace, Oakland 

Peters, Genevieve Forman (Miss) 1043 N. El Dorado st., Stockton 

Pierce, Sophia Gleason (Mrs Ira) 1730 Jackson st., San Francisco 

Pinney, Caroline Louise (Miss) 1355 Carroll ave., Los Angeles 

Plate, Mary Mizner (Mrs Karl H.) 334 N. 2nd st., San Jose 

Plehn, Elizabeth Brainerd (Mrs Carl C.) Berkeley 

Polhemus, Eunie Weston (Mrs Edward) . . 2002 Buchanan st., San Francisco 

Pope, Sarah Lee (Mrs Benjamin F.) Angel Island 

Potter, Sarah Evans (Mrs Samuel O. L.) . .Occidental Hotel, San Francisco 
Putnam, Clara Churchill VanWyck (Mrs O.)..1101 Pine st., San Fran'cisco 

Eaisch, Emma Valentine Stealey (Mrs Albert J.) Belvidere 

Rathbone, Jiilia Briggs (Mrs Henry B.) 1600 Taylor st., San Francisco 

Eaymond, Mary Agnes Morton (Mrs Samuel A.) . .920 Polk st., San Francisco 

Eeed, Julia L. (Miss) 2413 Fillmore st., San Francisco 

Powell, Florence Ernestine (Mrs Geo. G.) San Bernardino 

Powell, Melvina Jeriisha Chapin (Mrs G. B.) Crafton, San Bernardino 

Eoyce, Belle Harter (Mrs Charles C.) Chico 

Eussell, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 441 S. Broadway, Los Angeles 

Sage, Sophie West Hayes (Mrs George E.) San Eafael 

Sanborn, Sarah F. Fenton (Mrs Edwin D.) Eedwood 

Santee, Jane B. (Mrs Milton) San Diego 

Sargent, Ellen Clark (Mrs A. A.) 1630 Folsom st., San Francisco 

Scale, Jessie Douglass Carr (Mrs H. W.) Occidental Hotel, San Francisco 

Sedgwick, Albina Farrington (Mrs Thomas) Berkeley 

Self ridge, Minnie Locke (Mrs Edw. A.).. 2615 California st., San Francisco 
Self ridge,, Minnie Locke (Mrs Edw. A.) . . 2615 California st., San Francisco 

Shaffer, Bertha S. (Miss) Hotel Metropole, Oakland 

Shattuck, Emma Wheeler (Mrs Charles H.) Alameda 

Shaw, Eva J. Wenban (Mrs Wm. P.) 1920 Van Ness ave., San Francisco 

Simons, Mary Ashmead (Mrs Peter B.) Palace Hotel, San Francisco 

Smedberg, Cora (Miss) 1611 Larkin st., San Francisco 

Smedberg, Fanny Maria (Mrs Wm. E.) 1611 Larkin st., San Francisco 

Smith, Elizabeth E.G. (Mrs S. M.) . .Broadway & Webster sts., San Francisco 

Smith, Emily A. P. (Mrs George L.) 2226 Jackson st., San Francisco 

Smith, Estelle Burr (Mrs A.) 819 W. Adams st., Los Angeles 

Smith, Harriette Louise Corwine (Mrs L. E.) 10th & Julian sts., San Jose 

Smith, Maude A. (Miss) 2226 Jackson st., San Francisco 

Smyth, S. Gertrude (Mrs John H.) Golden Gate 

Snow, Lucy E. Holton (Mrs Joshua) Petaluma 

Sperry, Mary Simpson (Mrs Austin) 2100 Pacific ave., San Francisco 

Stanford, Jane L. (Mrs L.)..Cor. California & Powell sts., San Francisco 
Stealey, Mary Louise Sanders (Mrs Thomas) . . . .3491 17th st., San Francisco 

Stevens, Alice J. (Miss) 127 W. 3rd st., Los Angeles 

Stevens, Mary Louise (Miss) 556 Knox Place, Oakland 

Stone, Florence Augusta Weihe (Mrs B. W.) . . . .1001 Bush st., San Francisco 

Repisal Chapter, N. H. 

t Ruth Wyllys Chapter, Conn. 


18233(7 Sweasey, Faniiie E. (Mrs Wm. J.) Colonial Hotel, San Francisco 

8900d Swift, Mary A. (Mrs John F.) 824 Valencia st., San Francisco 

WOOg Taliaferro, Mary -Conception (Miss) 916 Greenwich st., San Francisco 

1927(7 Tallant, Eliza Shaw (Mrs John Drury) Occidental Hotel, San Francisco 

196126 Taylor, Adeline Alice (Mrs Henry Robert) 574 17th st., Oakland 

23333& Taylor, Alice May (Mrs Walter A.) Hotel Savoy, San Francisco 

897^7 Thompson, Marion Satterlee (Mrs Thomas L.) Santa Eosa 

Si3g Thornton, Helen Colton (Mrs Crittenden) . . .2517 Pacific ave., San Francisco 

6671c Thorpe, Helena Barbin (Miss) 4501 Pasadena ave., Los Angeles 

9916c Thorpe, Virginia Eoane (Miss) 4501 Pasadena ave., Los Angeles 

15385^7 Tobin, Mary Dimond (Mrs Joseph S.) Burlingame 

llSOg Tripp, Lizzie Washington Chipman (Mrs Joseph) Encinal Park, Alameda 

24497fif Tnggle, Carrie Lawrence Gould (Mrs S.P.) . .904 Van Ness ave., San Francisco 

UlQg Turrill, Mary Sullivan Hubbard (Mrs Joel) '. Los Gatos 

6552 Tutt, Ira Cutler (Mrs E. S.) Long Beach 

1597B Van Wyck, Nannie Crittenden (Mrs S. M.) . .1914 Webster st., San Francisco 

19024& Very, Mary (Miss) 15 S. Park st., San Francisco 

10293£f Von der Eopp, Elizabeth Annesley M. (Mrs A.) . .1518 Franklin st., Oakland 

6444& Voorhies, Marie Eobina (Miss) 2111 California st., San Francisco 

22480f Waite, Alice C. (Mrs Melville M.) 49 Willow st., San Jose 

14695a Walker, Maria G. N. (Mrs Theodore L.) 2549 Piedmont ave., Oakland 

57116 Ward, Sarah Harwood Babcock (Mrs David H.) . .1216 Webster st., Oakland 

43056 Wardwell, Loiaise Watts (Mrs Atwater M.) Berkeley 

233346 Wardwell, Mary A. (Mrs Wm. VanB.) 1405 Van Ness ave., San Francisco 

6665^ Watson, Mary Ann (Mrs James) 706 Broderick st., San Francisco 

13866(Z Weaver, Eleanor Eliza (Mrs P. A.) City & Co. Almshouse, San Francisco 

6448fir Webb, Virginia Morton (Mrs Harry H.) Selby 

15376(Z Weihe, Julie Florence (Mrs Christian A.) . .1405 Van Ness st., San Francisco 

9438 Wells, Lena McClelland (Mrs Guilford W.) Santa Monica 

236166 Wenban, Caroline Shepherd (Mrs S.) 1920 Van Ness st., San Francisco 

23S5g Wetherbee, Ellen Merrill (Mrs Henry) Fruitvale, East Oakland 

24496fir Wethered, Mary J. Woo(3 worth (Mrs J. S.) . .2109 Pacific ave., San Francisco 

201456 Wheeler, May Montgomery (]\Irs James L.) . .Cor. Alice & 10th sts., Oakland 

190226 Whitney, Anna St. J. (Mrs Arthur L.) San Francisco 

16320* Wilcox, Elizabeth Haven Goss (Mrs Hazard E.) . .749 Ottawa st., Los Angeles 

10294(7 Williams, Elizabeth Stark Cameron (Mrs F.) 2224 Jackson st., San Francisco 

2922f7 Williams, Fannie D. Sibley (Mrs Edward) 609 S. 3rd st., San Jose 

19027(i Willis, Mariana Alley (Miss) 235 Bartlett st., San Francisco 

24489 Winslow, Gertrude Holbrook (Miss) 904 Taylor st., San Francisco 

27856' Woodworth, Mildred Overton Mathes (Mrs Fred.) San Eafael 

18076 Wright, Joanna M. (Mrs Selden S.) 910 Lombard st., San Francisco 

23620^7 Yeamans, Bina Staples (Mrs Herbert W.) 711 Taylor st., San Francisco 


State Regent, 1897, Mrs. Wm. F. Slocum, 24 College Place, Col. Springs 

1898, " 

a ii 

(2 organized) 

* Molly Stark Chapter, N. H. 

a. Denver Chapter — Denver 

Organised May 26, 1898; Members 11 (Illinois, 1; Pennsylvania, 1; Nebraska, 1) 


Regent, Mrs G. W. Baxter 
Viee-Eegent, Mrs M. J. McNamara 
Secretarj^ Mrs Henry F. Brooks 

Eegistrar, Mrs E. L. Kelley 
Treasurer, Mrs John Campbell 
Historian, Mrs L. Barney 

b. Zebulon Pike Chapter — Colorado Springs 

Organized May 13, 1895; Members, 49 (Michigan, 2) 

Regent, Mrs E. H. Eldredge Treasurer, Mrs E. S. Cohen 

Vice-Regent, Mrs W. P. Hatch Registrar, Mrs W. E. Riddle 

Rec. Secretary, Mrs W. C. Frost Historian, Mrs A. Sutton 

Cor. Secretary, Mrs A. B.. Strieby 

Members Residing in the State 


23337& Aiken, Jessie Adella (Miss) Colorado Springs 

22481& Ashenfelter, Nettie A. (Mrs Singleton M.) Colorado Springs 

6989* Barbour, Fannie Ada Down,s (Mrs Thomas F.) Durango 

245036 Barnes, Etta D. (Miss) .Colorado Springs 

245026 Barnes, Harriet E. (Miss) 117 N. Nevada ave., Colorado Springs 

245046 Barnes, Jessie Foster (Miss) 18 N. Wahsatch ave., Colorado Springs 

86546 Barnes, Maria Pierce (Mrs Gerritt S.) . . . .315 E. Kiowa st., Colorado Springs 

20786a Barney, Marilla E. (Mrs) 1312 Welton st., Denver 

4867f Bartlett, Hai'riet F. Lane (Mrs James W.) Colorado Springs 

94466 Bartlett, Isabel Landell (Mrs Sidne,-f R.) . .4 Pelham Place, Colorado Springs 

23628 Battle, Isabella Wingate (Mrs Richard) . . ;. 1638 Penn. ave., Denver 

3316a Baxter, Margaret White McGhee (Mrs. Geo. W.) 1212 Grant ave., Denver 

23097a Benedict, Mary C. (Mrs Mitchell) 1550 Lincoln ave., Denver 

213806 Bent, Anna Atherton (Mrs Edward J.) Ouray 

5055| Bethell, Cynthia Pillow (Mrs William D.) 1154 E. Colfax ave., Denver 

89116 Blackmer, Abbie E. Daniels (Mrs F. T.), 631 N. Cascade av., Colorado Springs 

23624a Brooks, Louise (Mrs Henry F.) 1364 York st., Denver 

130776 Brooks, Sara Coolidge (Mrs F. E.) 1324 N. Nevada av., Colorado Springs 

20086|| Brownell, Amey Dorrance Mauran (Mrs Winthrop W.) Colorado Springs 

3&19§ Callahan, Sarah S. F. (Mrs Henry W.) Boulder City 

99180 Campbell, Harriet Parker (Mrs John) IJQl Gilpin st., Denver 

3713a Cherry, Sarah Walworth Davidson (Mrs James A.) Denver 

1257 Chisholm, Sarah Bowman (Mrs Robert W.) Colorado Springs 

1S0786 Cohen, Eliza S. (Mrs Eugene S.) Colorado Springs 

1330 Coolidge, Sophie Wager (Mrs) Fort Logan 

213816 Daniels, Gertrude Caroline (Mrs H. B.) .1106 N. Nevada av.,Colorado Springs 

138716 Dickerman, Annie Harding (Mrs Alton L.) Colorado Springs 

165476 Dickerman, Foster Damon (Miss) *. Colorado Springs 

21?A^ Douglas, Mary Josepha W^'illiams (Mrs Chas. W^) . .Camp Neosho, Evergreen 

21673*-:- Downs, Maude Elizabeth Fisher (Mrs WiUiam D.) Denver 

* Katherine Gaylord Chapter, Conn, 
t Paul Revere Chapter, Mass. 
X Watauga Chapter, Tenn. 
il Gaspee Chapter, R. I. 

g Wilwyck Chapter, N. Y. 
il Ivucretia Shaw Chapter, Conn. 
** Nova Csesarea Chapter, N. J. 




Du Pre, Miriam Morgan (Mrs) Colorado Springs. 

Eaton, Mary Tuttle Hogarty (Mrs Bruce G.) Eaton 

Eldredge, Emma Hayward (Mrs Chas. A.) 624 N. Tejon st., Colorado Springs- 
Emmons, Eunice Hewitt (Mrs Chas. H.) Denver 

Ensign, Lilla Butin (Mrs Edgar T.) . .1409 N. Nevada ave., Colorado Springs 
Ervay, Louise Hickman (Mrs Henry S.) .116 E. Boulder st., Colorado Springs 

Evans, Margaret Gray (Mrs John) Denver 

Fagin, Maude Ervay (Mrs Harry L.) 116 E. Boulder st., Colorado Springs 

Ferrill, Alice Lawton Mac Harg (Mrs William C.) Denver 

19737tttFesler, Ida Hatch (Mrs John H.) Glenwood Springs 

8907b Finkbiner, Martha Hamilton (Mrs J. W.) .309 E. Piatt ave., Colorado Springs 
Fitzpatrick, Clara E. (Mrs J. H.) .9 E. Cache La Poudre st., Colorado Springs 

Frost, Ella Hildreth (Mrs Walter C.) Colorado Springs 

Gale, Margaret Morris (Mrs Jesse S.) 1104 6th st., Greeley 

Gile, Josephine E. (Mrs Moses C.) 1121 N. Tejon st., Colorado Springs 

Goddard, Elizabeth Cass L. (Mrs F. W.) . .808 Cascade ave., Colorado Springs 
Griswold, Katherine H. A. (Mrs E. E.) . .711N. Cascade ave., Colorado Springs 
Gregg, Mary Needham (Mrs James B.).731 N. Cascade st., Colorado Springs 
Griswold, Katherine H. A. (Mrs E. E.) . .711 N. Cascade av., Colorado Springs 

Harman, Mary E. Baker (Mrs Harold) 1629 Downing ave., Denver 

Harriott, Jeanette Eeckless(Mrs W. M.) .215 N. Cascade st., Colorado Springe. 

Hatch, Mary Tenney (Mrs Walter M.) 108 E. Dale st., Colorado Springs 

Hayden, Anna Davis (Mrs Henry B.) 1500 Wood ave., Colorado Spring& 

Hobson, Katharine Thayer (Mrs Henry W.) Denver 

Hogarty, Anne Michaela (Miss) Greeley 

Hogarty, Sarah Ann (Mrs M. J.) Greeley 

Holden, Caroline (Miss) Wolfe Hall, Denver 

Houghton, Martha Palmer (Miss) 311 S. Emerson st., Denver 

Howell, Catherine Ashman (Mrs. Benj. P.) Box 1368, Denver 

Howell, Julia Tyler (Mrs D. L.) Fort Logan 

Humphrey, Mary A. Waters (Mrs Edwin J.) Colorado City 

Humphrey, Eebecca J. Miller (Mrs J. F.) .122 E. Platte ay., Colorado Springs 

Jones, Mary Emily (Mrs Asa T.) 623 N. Cascade ave., Colorado Springs 

Kelly, Massalena Hadley (Mrs. Edward L.) 2815 Gilpin st., Denver 

Lennon, Elizabeth Fletcher (Mrs John A.) 1720 Pearl st., Denver 

15598** Leonard, Elizabeth Prescott (Mrs William H.) Colorado Springs 

16965tt Lester, Kate Eidenour (Mrs John C.) 1356 Josephine st., Denver 

16792t| Lyster, Sallie Jones (Mrs T, G.) Aspen 

69921111 McCloskey, Mabel G. Downs (Mrs Eeese) Durangu 

20158§§ McClurg, Virginia Donaghe (Mrs Gilbert) Colorado Springs 

24506a Macmillan, Lizzie Lawrence (Mrs John) Denver 

18238a McNamara, Louise B. (Mrs Michael J.) 2230 14th ave.. East Denver 

18239& Murray, Mary Emily (Mrs) 45 Block M, Pueblo 

1875^ Nichols, Anna Maria (Mrs Edward) Manitou Springs 

1873^11 Nichols, Annie Maria (Miss) Manitou Springs 

1874|fjf Nichols, Ida Cornelia (Miss) Manitou Springs 

201546 Patten, Julia Mary (Miss) Colorado Springs 

21853& Pavey, Sarah Myrta (Miss) . .'. 1414 N. Nevada ave., Colorado Springs 

581& Piatt, Julia Maria Hankinson (Mrs W. A.) . 1502 Wood ave., Colorado Springs 
7766*"-*Eichards, Louise Parks (Mrs Samuel) Denver 



















* Lucretia Shaw Chapter, Conn. 
f Ondawa Chapter, Cambridge, N. Y. 
% Osage Chapter, Mo. 
II Faith Trumble Chapter, Conn 
g Bonny Kate Chapter, Tenn. 
^ X,etitia Green Stevenson Chapter, Ills. 
** Bunker Hill Chapter, Mass. 

tt Elizabeth Benton Chapter, Mo. 

tt Baltimore Chapter, Md. 

Ill Katharine Gaylord Chapter, Conn. 

§g Dorothy Ripley Chapter, Conn. 

H Brownson Chapter, Vt. 
*** Caroline Scott Harrison Chapter, Ind. 
ttt Kewanee Illinois Chapter, Ills. 



89066 Kiddle, Ida B. Wheaton (Mrs Wm. E.) 811 W. Tejon st., Colorado Springs 

224836 Eipley, Lydia E. Parker (Mrs Allen M.) . .327 N. Tejon st., Colorado Springs 

83096 Eouse, Harriet Brainard (Mrs F. L.) 3 W. Costilla st., Colorado Springs 

14868* Seeley, Lutie Wiliams (Mrs Edward J.) Denver 

130816 Seldomridge, Irene Barnes (Mrs Harry Hunter) Colorado Springs 

89106 Shadbolt, Betsey Hemingway Mrs David) 422 S. Tejon st., Colorado Springs 

89096 Shadbolt, Jessie (Miss) 422 S. Tejon st., Colorado Springs 

18915t Slaughter, Stella B. (Mrs Martin).. 219 Willamette ave., Colorado Springs 

61736 Slocum, Mary G. Montgomery (Mrs W. F.) .24 College pi., Colorado Springs 

13839a Steams, Ella Powell (Mrs John L.) 1657 Logan ave., Denver 

130806 Strieby, Anna Breath (Mrs William) . . 805 N. Cascade ave., Colorado Springs 

153926 Sutton, Annie L. Owen (Mrs Asahel) 527 N. Tejon st., Colorado Springs 

11669|| Thayer, Catharine McKie (Mrs Francis S.) Colorado Springs 

147086 Thurlow, Miriam A. W. (Mrs Chas.) . .1122 N. Cascade ave, Colorado Springs 

233366 Tucker, Fanny Anna Isabella Aiken (Mrs John S.) Colorado Springs 

24857J Vaile, Gertrude (Miss) 1610 Emerson ave., Denver 

147096 Warren, Augusta A. (Miss) Colorado Springs 

22189§ Wilson, Harriet C. H. (Mrs Harry N.) Idaho Springs 

130826 Wood, Eebecca Wain Tutt (Mrs F. Ogelvy) Colorado Springs 

4121a Woodhull, Margaret ElUcott (Mrs Alfred A.) 1020 Logan ave., Denver 


State Regent, 1897, Mrs. Sara Thomson Kinney, 1162 Chapel at., New 

" » 1898, " " " « « 


(40 organized) 

a. Abigail Phelps Chapter — Simsbury 

Organized November 11, 1893; Members, 57 (New York, 8; Pennsylvania, 2; Massachu- 
setts, 1; "New Jersey, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Chas. B. Wood 
Vice-Eegent, Mrs Geo. C. Eno 
Eec. Secretary, Mrs Joseph Holcomb 
Cor. Secretary, Miss Jane H. Eno 

Treasurer, Mrs Samuel Stockwell 
Eegistrar, Mrs James Crofut 
Historian, Miss Mary Humphrey 
Asst. Hist., Mrs Abbie Barker 

b. Abigail Wolcott Ellswortk Chapter — Windsor 

Organised December 8, 1894; Members, 24 

Regent, Mrs Lucien B. Loomis Treasurer, Mrs Sarah N. H. Power 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Franklin Hubbard Eegistrar, Miss Mary E. H. Power 

Eec. Secretary, Miss Louisa H. Osborn Historian, Miss Mabel E. Cobb 

Cor. Secretary, Mrs Walter W. Loomis 

* Jemima Johnson Chapter, Ky. 
t Wa-wil-a-way Chapter, Ohio. 
t Vassar College Chapter, N. Y. 

i Ondawa, N. Y. 
§ Osage, Mo. 


'**~^ . c. Abi Humaston Chapter — Thomaston 

" Organised July 8, 1897; Members, 16 

Regent, Mrs Mary L. U. Hassard Eegistrar, Mrs Julia G. Eastwood 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Josephine Blakeslee Historian, Miss Frances E. Blakeslee 

Secretary, Mrs Amelia C. Eay Librarian, Miss Kate Huxford 

Treasurer, Miss Euth Pease 

d. Anna Warner Bailey Chapter — Groton 

Organized September 13, 1893; Members, 136 (Neiv York, 11; loica, 1; Maine, 1; Rhode 

Island, l-i; Missouri, 1; New Jersey, 2; Ohio, 1; Illinois, 1; Washington 

State, 1; West Virginia, 1; Kansas, 1; Foreign, 2) 

Eegent, Mrs Clara B. Whitman Eegistrar, Mrs Nancy A. Spieer 

Vice-Eegent, Miss Sarah H. Morgan Asst. Eegt., Mrs Franklin H. Noyes 

Secretary, Miss Cora V. Avery Historian, Mrs Ira H. Palmer 

Asst. Sec, Miss Clara LeB. Morgan i^sst. Hist., Miss Lucy P. Butler 

Treasurer, Mrs Nathan S. Fish 

e. Anne Brewster Tanning Chapter — Jewett City 

Organised June 18, 1897; Members, 16 

Eegent, Mrs Hannah C. Partridge Treasurer, Mrs Mary F. Olds 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Eunice P. Davis Eegistrar, Mrs Sophia B. Burnham 

Secretary, Miss Eliza W. Tiffany Historian, Mrs Ida B. Ladd 

f. Anne Wood Elder kin Chapter — Willimantic 

Organized November 25, 1894; Members, 58 

Eegent, Mrs Lizzie F. Litchfield Cor. Sec, Miss Adelaide L. Alford 

1st Vice-Eegent, Mrs Mary R. Smith Treasurer, Mrs Isabella Chappell 

2d Vice-Eeg., Mrs Martha W. Chaffee Eegistrar, Mrs Minnie P. Cooley 

Eec Secretary, Mrs S. Gertrude Bissell Historian, Mrs Sarah M. Hayden 

g. Deborah Avery Putnam Chapter — Plainfield and Moosup 

Organized May S, 1895; Members 18 (Rhode Island, 2; New York, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Julia M. Andrev^^s Secretary, Miss Bertha L. Sprague 

1st Vice-Eegent, Mrs Walter Kingsley Treasurer, Mrs Floyd Cranska 

2d Vice-Eegent, Mrs William Dyer Historian, Mrs Henry A. Young 

3d Vice-Eegent, Mrs Edwin Milner Asst. Hist., Miss Nellie Keach 

h. Dorothy E.ipley Chapter — Southport 

Organized December 1^, 1893; Members, 52 (Wisconsin, 2; Massachusetts, 2; Nebraska, 1; 
Colorado, 1; New York, 3; New Jersey, 2; District of Columbia, 1; Ohio, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Edward L. Wells Treasurer, Mrs Lewis B. Curtis 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Edward Bulkley Eegistrar, Miss Cornelia Pomeroy 

Eec. Sec, Mrs Wilbu'r C. Jennings Historian, Miss Frances Wakeman 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. Henry T. Bulkley 


• i. Elizabeth Clark Hull Chapter — Ansonia. 

Organized June 8, 1894; Members, 97 (New York, 1; Massachusetts, 3; Minnesota, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Wm. Clark Treasurer, Miss Jennie Blair 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Dana Bartholemew Registrar, Miss Lucia Cotter 

Eec. Secretary, Mrs Emma Powe Historian, Miss Flora Terry 

Cor. Secretary, Mrs Wm. A. Wood Librarian, Miss Marcia Pratt 

j. Elizabeth Porter Putnam Chapter — Putnam 

Organized May U, 1897; Members, 76 (New Jersey, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Mary B. Medbury Treasurer, Mrs Hettie M. Luke 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs George E. Shaw Eegistrar, Miss Mary B. Daniels 

Eec. Secretary, Mrs Helen M. Kent Historian, Mrs Allen W. Bowen 

Cor. Sec, Mrs George H. Nichols Librarian, Miss Nellie A. Winslow 

k. Emma Hart Willard Chapter — Berlin 

Organized February 18, 1895; Members, 21 

Eegent, Miss Alice Norton Treasurer, Miss Edith Hall 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Sidney M. Cowles Eegistrar, Mrs Lydia S. Woodworth 

Secretary, Mrs George H. Sage Historian, Miss Clara E. Bidwell 

1. Esther Stanley Chapter — New Britain 

Organized Novemher 2, 1894; Members, 76 (Neic York, 3; Pennsylvania, 1; 
Massachusetts, 1) 

Hon. Eegt., Mrs Fred. M. Stanley Treasurer, Mrs Henry B. Boardman 

Eegent, Mrs John B. Talcott Eegistrar, Miss Mary S. Whittlesey 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Chas. J. Parker Historian, Mrs Wm. F. Brooks 

Eec. Secretary, Mrs Wm, P. Felt Auditor, Mrs H. Dayton Humphrey 

Cor. Secretary, Mrs Jas. H. Minor 

m. Eunice Dennie Burr Chapter— Eairfield 

Organized April 19, 1894; Members, 31 (New York, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Wm. B. Glover Treasurer, Mrs Wallace M. Bulkley 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Henry C. Sturges Eegistrar, Mrs Jas. H. Hewit 

Ree. Secretary, Miss Mary T. Burr Historian, Miss Anne O. Morehouse 

Cor. Secretary, Mrs Henry S. Glover 

n. Faith Trumbull Chapter — Norwich 

Organized November 24, 1893; Members, 116 (New York, 2; North Dakota, 1; Massachu- 
setts, 5; Colorado, 1; California, 1; District of Columbia, 1; Iowa, 2) 

Eegent, Mrs B. P. Learned Treasurer, Mrs B. W. Hyde 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs W. T. Browne Eegistrar, Miss Ellen Geer 

Eec. Secretary, Mrs Gurdon Bidwell Historian, Mrs B. P. Bishop 

Cor. Secretary, Miss Mabel Webb 


o. Fanny Ledyard Chapter — Mystic 

Organized June 8, 1893; Members, 81 (New York, 5) 

Eegent, Mrs Addie Batty Treasurer, Mrs Louisa K, Tufts 

Vice-Eeg-ent, Mrs Emma A. Simmons Eegfistrar, Mrs Ella E. G. Wheeler 

Eec. Sec, Mrs Phebe E. Grinnell Historian, Mrs Eliza A. M. Denison 

Cor, Sec, Mrs Sarah J. B. Buckly Chaplain, Mrs Lucy S. Ward 

p. Freelove Baldwin Stowe Chapter — Milf ord 

Organized March 27, 1896; Menibers, 73 (New York, 7; Massachusetts, 1; Iowa, 1; 
District of Columbia, 1; Wisconsin, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Mary Hepburn Smith Treasurer, Mrs Joseph E. Clark 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Geo. Wm. Tibbals Eegistrar, Mrs Adelia Elmer 

Eec. Sec, Mrs Frank E. Hine Historian, Mrs Henry H. Morse 

Cor. Sec, Miss Marion Buckingham 

q. Green 'Woods Chapter— West "Winsted 

Organized December 22, 1897; Members, 34 

Eegent, Mrs Sarah B. Camp Treasurer, Mrs Emerette Strong 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Dorcas C. Barton Eegistrar, Mrs Charlotte Gay 

Eec. Secretary, Mrs Pauline Alvord Historian, Mrs Emily Eoberts 

Cor. Secretary, Mrs Alice Vaill Asst. Hist., Miss Judith Phelps 

r. Hannah Benedict Carter Chapter — New Canaan 

Organized September H, 1894; Members, 46 (New York, 12; District of Columbia, 1; New 
Jersey, 5; Illinois, 1; Virginia, 1; Pennsylvania, 2) 

Eegent, Mrs Lawrence D. Alexander Treasurer, Mss Martha L. Hoyt 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Henry B. Eogers Eegistrar, Mrs Louis C. Hall 

Eec. Sec, Miss Mary C. Drummond Historian, Mrs Albert S. Comstock 

Cor. Sec, Mrs Geo. E. Lockwood 

s. Hannah Woodruff Chapter — Southington 
Organized October 25, 1897; Members, 37 

Eegent, Mrs Julia A. Bradley Treasurer, Mrs Sarah Southworth 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Sarah Twichell Eegistrar, Mrs Caroline M. Cowles 

Eec Sec, Mrs Harriet Shepard Historian, Mrs Ellen T. Lewis 

Cor. Sec, Miss L. Jeannette Smith 

t. Judea Chapter — Washington 

Organized June 9, 1898; Members, 21 

Eegent, Mrs Abby B. Gunn Treasurer, Mrs Isabel B. Ford 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Eliz. B. Buel Eegistrar, Miss Fanny P. Brown 

Eec Sec, Mrs. Ada C. Brinsmade Historian, Miss Frances E. Hickox 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. Lucy C. Woodruff 


XL. Katherine Qaylord Chapter — Bristol 

Organized April 19, 1894; Members, 105 (Colorado, 2; Maryland, 2; New York, 4; Masaa- 

cMsetts, 1) 

Eegent, Miss Clara L. Bowman Treasurer, Miss Julia E. Beckwith 

Vice-Regent, Miss M. J. Atwood Registrar, Miss Laura E. Seymour 

Eec. Sec, Mrs Willard E. Goodwin Historian, Mrs Florence E. D. Muzzy 

Cor. Sec, Mrs Wm. S. Ingraham Auditor, Miss Ida C. Sessions 

V. Lucretia Shaw Chapter — New London 

Organised October 21, 1892; Members, I47 (New York, 8; Michigan, 1; Colorado, 1; New 
Jersey, 1; Iowa, 1; Louisiana, 2) 

Eegent, Miss Jane E. Perkins Treasurer, Miss Annie E. Beckwith 

Vice-Regent, Miss Alice Chew Registrar, Mrs Mary P. Clark 

Rec Secretary, Mrs L. M. P. Dow Historian, Mrs Marion S. Lillie 

Cor. Secretary, Mrs Mary P. Eakin Asst. Hist., Mrs Jennie A. Smith 

w. Mary Clap Wooster Chapter — New Haven 

Organized April 21, 1893; Members, 208 (New York, 6; Ohio, 2; Massachusetts, 2; 

Nebraska, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Henry Champion Registrar, Mrs Geo. P. Newcomb 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Luzon B. Morris Historian, Mrs T. W. T. Curtis 

"Rec. Secretary, Mrs E. S. Miller ' Asst. Hist., Miss Mary Sloan 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. H. P. Hoadley Librarian, Mrs A. S. Holt 

Treasurer, Miss Marie E. Ives 

X. Mary Silliman Chapter — Bridgeport 

Organized January 15, 1894; Members, 176 (New York, 2; New Jersey, 1; Pennsylvania, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Tracy B. Warren Cor. Sec, Mrs Alfred D. Lewis 

1st Vice-Regent, Mrs Wm. B. Coggswell Treasurer, Mrs Howard H. Scribner 

2d Vice-Regent, Mrs Frank Russell Registrar, Miss Mary L. Burritt 

Rec. Sec, Mrs Morris B. Beardsley Historian, Miss Jeanette Booth 

z. Mary Wooster Chapter — Danbury 

Organized March 15, 1893; Members, 96 (New York S) 

Regent, Mrs Samuel Bliss Treasurer, Mrs Annie L. Mason 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Alfred N. Wildman Registrar, Mrs John W. Bacon 

Rec. Sec, Mrs N. Burton Rogers Historian, Mrs Starr Barnum 

Cor. Secretary, Miss Helen Meeker Chaplain, Mrs Henry L. Slack 

A. Millicent Porter Chapter — "Waterbury 

Organized January 21, 1893; Members, 100 (Minnesota, 1; Neic York, 1; Missouri, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Stephen W. Kellogg Treasurer, Mrs Irving H. Chase 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Henry C. Griggs Registrar, Mrs Emily G. Smith 

Secretary, Miss Susie E. Hill Historian, Miss Katherine Prichard 

26 DIEECTOEY, D. A. B.- 

B. Norwalk Chapter — Norwalk 

Organized December 16, 1892; Mertibers, 116 (California, 1; Michigan, 1; New York, 7; 

District of ColvmUa, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Samuel R. Weed Registrar, Mrs Eobt. Van Buren 

Viee-Eegent, Mrs Jas. L. Stevens Historian, Miss Angeline Scott 

Eec. Sec, Mrs. Milo H. Parsons Curator, Miss Sarah. E. Adams 

Cor. Secretary, Mrs Kate P. Hunter Hon. Eegent, Mrs T. K. Noble 

Treasurer, Mrs E. H. Gumbart 

C. Orf ord Parish. Chapter — South Manchester 

Organized May Jf, 1S95; Mevibers, S3 (Massachusetts, 1; New York, 1; Ohio, 1) 

Eegent, Miss Mary Cheney Treasurer, Mrs Charles Benton 

1st Vice-Eegent, Mrs F. M. West Eegistrar, Mrs W. H. Moore 

2d Vice-Eegent, Mrs M. S. Chapman Historian, Miss Alice Cheney 

Secretary, Mrs Charles E. House 

D. Putnam Hill Chapter — Greenwich 

Organized December 28, 1897; Members, 28 (New York, 2) 

Eegent, Mrs Helen E. Adams Treasurer, Mrs Lavinia Thome 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Fannie H. Jones Eegistrar, Miss Jessie Banks 

Eec. Secretary, Miss Euth S. Baker Historian, Miss Mary T. Hubbard 

Cor. Secretary, Miss Adele L. Sayre 

E. Roger Sherman Chapter — New Milford 

Organized May 8, 1893; Members, 28 

Eegent, Mrs Henry S. Mygatt Eegistrar, Miss Elizabeth H. Noble 

Vice-Eegent, Miss Ella F. Noble Historian, Miss Jeannette L. Gaylord 

Secretary, Miss Emma C. Noble Auditor, Mrs Noble S. Bennett 

Treasurer, Mrs Emeline Sturges 

F. Ruth Hart Chapter — Meriden 

Organized February 1, 1893; Members, 120 (Massachusetts, 2; New Jersey, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Geo. C. Merriam Treasurer, Mrs James A. Hadley 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs James P. Piatt Eegistrar, Mrs Grace P. Dean 

Eec. Secretary, Mrs B. C. Kennard Historian, Miss Hannah K. Peck 

Cor. Secretary, Mrs C. H. S. Davis Chaplain, Mrs F. E. Hinman 

G. Ruth Wyllys Chapter— Hartford 

Organized November 18, 1892; Members, 205 (Massachusetts, 1; Pennsylvania, 2; New 
Jersey, 1; Washington, 1; New York, 4; California, 1; District of Columbia, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs John M. Holcombe Treasurer, Mrs Pierre S. Starr 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Wm. H. Palmer Eegistrar, Miss Mary K. Talcott 

Eec. Secretary, Miss Mary Frances Historian, Miss Mary I. Bartlett 

Cor. Secretary, Mrs Wm. C. Skinner 


H. Sabra Trumbull Chapter— Rockville 

Organized May, 1895; Memhers, 29 (Massachusetts, 1; Rhode Island, 1; New Tork,l; 

Iowa, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs May Adams Treasurer, Mrs Wm. H. Prescott 

Vice-Eegent, Miss J. Alice Maxwell Kegistrar, Miss Lenore Henry 

Kec. Secretary, Mrs Alice Bissell Historian, Mrs Jessie McChristie 

Oor. Secretary, Miss Inez W. West 

J. Sarah Ludlow Chapter — Seymour 

Organized May 2, 189^; Members, 60 

Eegent, Mrs Elizabeth J. Camp Treasurer, Mrs Hattie L. Bassett 

Vice-Eegent, Miss Orilla E. Hurlburt Eegistrar, Mrs Kate C. Eadford 

Eec. Sec, Miss Florence H. James Historian, Mrs H. A. Campbell 

Cor. Sec, Mrs Julia T. French 

K. Sarah Riggs Humphreys Chapter — Derby 

Organized October 11, 1893; Members, 125 (Massachusetts, 3; Rhode Island, 1; New Tork, 

1; Vermont, 1) 

Keg'ent, Mrs Maria W. Pinney Eegistrar, Miss M. Louise Birdseye 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Noyes D. Baldwin Historian, Miss Euth A. Downs 

Eec. Secretary, Mrs Chas. N. Downs Asst. Hist., Mrs Fredk. W. Benham 

Cor. Secretary, Mrs Isaac J. Boothe Librarian, Mrs A. W. Phillips 

Treasurer, Miss Frances M. Lewis 

L. Sibbil Dwight Kent Chapter — Suflleld 

Organized November 5, 1896; Members, 51 (New Tork, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Emily W. Schwartz Eegistrar, Miss Emma L. Newton 

Secretary, Miss Emily L. Norton Historian, Miss Helen M. King 

Treasurer, Mrs Mary O. Burr Auditor, Mrs Eliza P. Pierce 

M. Stamford Chapter — Stamford 

Organized December 4, 1894; Members, 80 (New York, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Mary C. D. Hart Treasurer, Miss Susan B. Miller 

Vice-Eegent, Miss Maria L. Smith Eegistrar, Miss Katherine Q. Cabot 

Eec Secretary, Miss Florence Francis Historian, Mrs Harriet B. S. Devan 

Cor. Secretary, Miss Lydia S. Vail 

N. Susan Carrington Clarke Chapter — Meriden 

Organized October 1, 1895; Members, 166 (Foreign, 3; New Jersey, 1; New York, 4; Ver- 
mont, 1; California, 1; Pennsylvania, 1; Michigan, 1; Iowa, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Kate Foote Coe Treasurer, Mrs C. B. Eogers 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs H. Wales Lines Eegistrar, Miss Fannie L. Twiss 

Eec. Secretary, Miss Lucy A. Peck Historian, Miss Ella I. Smith 

Cor. Sec, Mrs Chas. L. Eockwell Eon. Eegt., Mrs Levi E. Coe 


O. Torrington Chapter — Torrington 

Organized March 24, 1896; Members, 44 (Pennsylvania, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Sarah G. Jones Treasurer, Mrs Sophia S. Steele 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Ida C. Prince Eegistrar, Mrs Ellen E'. McCarty 

Secretary, Mrs Kate F. Thursfield Historian, Miss Emma L. Phippeny 

P. Wadsworth Chapter — Middletown 

Organized February 1, 1892; Members, 91 (Rhode Island, 1; New Tork, 1; Maine, 1; Pewtv- 

sylvania, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Jas. H. Bunce Treasurer, Mrs Mary S. Northrop 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs. W. W. Wilcox Eegistrar, Miss Esther M. Northrop 

Secretary, Mrs A. L. Allin Asst. Eegistrar, Miss Jessie Ward 

Asst. Sec., Miss Carrie L. Gardner Historian, Miss Anna L. Smith 

Members Eesiding in the State 

3938A Abbott, Elizabeth Eobinson (Mrs George S.) Chestnut ave., Waterbury 

23099f Abel, Abbie Williams (Mrs Dwight E.) 200 Prospect st., Willimantic 

3036P Ackley, Helen El. (Mrs) 14 Church st., Middletown 

20834D Adams, Helen Eedington (Mrs Henry H.) Greenwich 

11418 J Adams, Henrietta Human (Mrs Alfred W.) Seymour 

20835£> Adams, Mabel Stella (Miss) Greenwich 

67103" Adams, May E. Eisley (Mrs Frank M.) Eockville 

10938i? Adams, Sarah (Miss) 25 North ave., Norwalk 

190900 Agard, Frankie Eaymond (Mrs Charles G.) Torrington 

224846 Albee, Sarah Lulu (Miss) Windsor 

190890 Alden, Gratia Norton (Miss) Torrington 

13159WJ Alden, Margaret Elizabeth Feeter (Mrs Dexter) . .331 Temple st., New Haven 

17907^ Alderman, Nellie Gilbert Francis (Mrs A. McK.) 97 E. Main st., Meriden 

59625 Alexander, Inez Estelle (Miss) Groton 

18918^ Alexander, Mary Lewis Hull (Mrs Thomas S.) N. Colony st., Meriden 

1657or Alexander, Orline (Miss) New Canaan 

10326r Alexander, Orline St. John (Mrs Lawrence D.) New Canaan 

7052f ' Alford, Adelaide Louise (Miss) Windham st., Willimantic 

5240» Allen, Abby Durf ee Johnson (Mrs Wm. H.) 52 Williams st., Norv^dch 

23658to Allen, Abby Louise (Miss) 324 Howard ave.. New Haven 

190425 Allen, Amanda (Miss) Center Groton 

2590© Allen, Annie Pierson Dexter (Mrs Bennett E.) 84 Vernon st., Hartford 

25890 Allen, Edith (Miss) Prospect ave., Hartford 

8936t/? Allen, Grace Mason (Mrs Walter) 324 Howard ave.. New Haven 

23659M5 Allen, Grace Weston (Miss) 324 Howard ave.. New Haven 

5369M Allen, Jessica Wolcott (Mrs Charles I.) Terry voile 

3518to Allen, Julia Tiffany Camp (Mrs George W.) 309 York st., New Haven 

24540^ Allen, Lucinda Dayton (Mrs Eichard) Meriden 

14724P Allen, Sarah (Miss) Milford 

4380P Allin, Ellena I. B. (Mrs Arthur L.) 481 Main st., Middletown 

3873B: Ailing, Carrie E. (Miss) 175 Minerva st., Derby 

4332W Ailing, Emily Williams Maltby (Mrs C. E.) . . .120 Sherman ave., New Haven 
7397JI Ailing, Marian M. (Mrs Leonidas W.) 148 Elizabeth st., Derby 



4391Z Ailing, Mary (Miss) 148 Elizabeth st., Derby 

■24522W Ailing, May Eleanor Pierson (Miss) 120 Sherman ave., New Haven 

20797* Allingham, Mary Whitney Harding (Mrs Jas. J.) . . .26 N. State st., Ansonia 

8328? Allis, Anna Yale (Mrs Fortis H.) 18 Lexington st.. New Britain 

8314Z Allis, Lottie Sniith (Mrs Terence S.) 54 Atwater ave., Derby 

10364t; Allyn, Adeline Bartlett (Mrs H. S.) Black Hall, New London 

5309O Allyn, Emily Fenner Maxson (Mrs Louis P.) Mystic 

8921/1 Allyn, Martha Smith (Miss) W. Thames st., Norwich 

1471771 Alvord, Adelaide Emily Barber (Mrs Nelson) Sonthport 

23642gf Alvord, Evelyn Sarah Fletcher (Mrs Charles L.) West Winsted 

20863g Alvord, Pauline Barnard Stevens (Mrs Jabez H.) , Winsted 

166025 Ambler, Hannah Raymond (Mrs Charles A.) Wilton 

18263a; Ambler, Jennie Beardsley (Mrs Richard C.) P. O. Box 106, Bridgeport 

67011; Amerman, Susan Culver (Mrs James) 116 Pequot ave.. New London 

131460 Ames, Ida Cowles (Mrs Charles L.) 661 Main st., Hartford 

16622if Anderson, Elizabeth Peck (Mrs Joel M.) 48 Bedford st., Stamford 

19614s Andrews, Ellen D. (Mrs) Southington 

23668S Andrews, Fannie Hill (Mrs B. M.) West ave. & Cedar st., South Norwalk 

245285 Andrews, Ida Francis Boyer (Mrs Thos. M.) . .42 Franklin st.. South Norwalk 

13928Z Andrews, Julia Barnes (Mrs John H.) 62 Burett st.. New Britain 

5985^7 Andrews, Julia M. Hill (Mrs) Moosup 

17416IV Andrews, Mary Boies Hatch (Mrs Eussell G.) Southington 

21399 Andrus, Mary Ann Lewis (Mrs Lemuel) Southington 

699d Arms, Alice Eldredge (Miss) Crocker House, New London 

4940(? Arms, Grace Turner (Mrs Frank H.) Crocker House, New London 

22523a; Armstrong, Laura Lee (Mrs Charles H.) 6 Brooklawn ave., Bridgeport 

15417V Armstrong, Louise Augusta (Mrs Benj. A.) . .74 Hempstead st.. New London 

10929M7 Armstrong, Marion (Miss) 56 Olive st.. New Haven 

17366W Arnold, Mary Eleanor (Miss) 175 Broadway, Norwich 

2251010 Atwater, Lila Mather (Mrs Edward I.) 214 Canner st.. New Haven 

17882p Atwater, Susan Stow Bristol (Mrs Albert T.) New Haven 

11854A Atwood, Elizabeth Piatt (Mrs Lewis J.) 260 Grove st., Waterbury 

58341/ Atwood, Ellen Hooker (Miss) Bristol 

69881* Atwood, Frances Eliza (Miss) Bristol 

5359« Atwood, Mary J. (Miss) Bristol 

64586^ Atwood, Mary Lucinda Boardman (Mrs Geo. W.) . .26 Whitney st., Hartford 

15488P Auger, Agnes Stevens (Mrs Watson D.) Hotel Chaffie, Midletown 

113562V Auger, Nettie Eliza Smith (Mrs Julius) 32 Maple st., Meriden 

15400i Auschutz, Emma Bradley (Mrs Louis F.) 100 S. Cliff st., Ansonia 

17407L Austin, Hattie Beach (Miss) Suffield 

154461/ Austin, Isabella Emily (Miss) Suffield 

28162; Averill, Harriet E. (Miss) 6 Terrace Place, Danbury 

2815s Averill, Maria White (Miss) .6 Terrace Place, Danbury 

166320 Avery, Abby Latham Chesebrough (Mrs Asa A.) Mystic 

5343(Z Avery, Adelaide Perry (Mrs Prentice P.) Milford 

lOSOlf Avery, Angelina Loring (Mrs Elisha B.) Willimantic 

9480d Avery, Annie H. (Miss) Groton 

3859fZ Avery, Cora Vincent (Miss) Groton 

5963d Avery, Ellen B. C. (Mrs Christopher L.) Groton 

271517 Avery, Helen Morgan (Miss) ' Groton 

5956(? Avery, Laura N. (Miss) Sunny Side, Lyme 

3855(i Avery, Mary Jane (Miss) Groton 

174122V Babb, Anna Baldwin Bobbins (Mrs Albert) Meriden 


13879W; Babcock, Annie Heartt (Miss) 118 Putnam st., New Haven 

4c769d Babcock, Mary Woodruff (Mrs Courtland G.) Stonington 

21409B Backus, Margaret E. Brown (Mrs Jabez) -. Westport 

10333P Bacon, Arianna Pauline (Mrs Sherman M.) Atawana, Middletown 

28112: Bacon, Caroline E. Botsford (Mrs John W.) 215 Main st., Danbury 

19091P Bacon, Henrietta B. Parker (Mrs Arthur W.) 208 Main st., Middletown 

1720P Bacon, Katherine Sedgwick (Mrs Clarence E.) . . .235 College st., Middletown 

10906Gf Bacon, Mary Elizabeth Coit (Mrs William T.) 195 Collins st., Hartford 

28120 Bacon, Sarah Watson (Miss) 215 Main st., Danbury 

225572V Bailey, Anna N. (Miss) 12 Fairmount st., Meriden 

3862(Z Bailey, Emeline Leeds Burrows (Mrs James A.) Groton 

4575P Bailey, Emma A. (Mrs J. William) 49 Crescent st., Middletown 

225582V Bailey, Minnie A. (Miss) 12 Fairmount st., Meriden 

16607P Bailey, Nettie Smith (Mrs Ellsworth S.) 299 Cook ave., Meriden 

4:778d Baker, Agnes Bailey (Mrs Lorenzo D.) Groton 

17368jB Baker, Annie Eoberts (Mrs Tallmadge) 64 West st., South Norwalk 

21420-D Baker, Carrie Richardson (Mrs Edwin H.) Greenwich 

7664i Baker, Ella Beach (Mrs Albert A.) 12 New st., Ansonia 

3851(Z Baker, Ida S. (Mrs Eugene L.) Greenwich 

20837Z) Baker, Ruth Sears (Miss) Greenwich 

10353P Baldwin, Alice Alena (Miss) 277 Wall st., Meriden 

13884^0 Baldwin, Carrie Trowbridge (Miss) 18 Park st.. New Haven 

19054a? Baldwin, Catharine Jane (Mrs Samuel W.) 346 State st., Bridgeport 

7419P Baldwin, Flora Clindora (Miss) 277 Wall st., Meriden 

7029re Baldwin, Hannah Burnham (Miss) South Centerbury 

10393i Baldwin, Harriet Whitney Powe (Mrs Frank G.) 134 S. CliS st., Ansonia 

19055a? Baldwin, Jennie A. (Miss) 17 Grove st., Bridgeport 

21397p Baldwin, Katherine Miles (Miss) Milford 

1388310 Baldwin, Mary Adah Dickerman (Mrs Dwight W.) . .18 Park st., New Haven 

16574p Baldwin, Mary Stowe (Miss) Milford 

3869Z Baldwin, Myrtie May Riggs Clark (Mrs Noyes D.) 34 Anson st., Derby 

3874B: Baldwin, Susie Ailing (Mrs Charles T.) 74 Olivia st., Derby 

10946a? Ball, Carrie Gregory (Miss) 427 Ivaniston ave., Bridgeport 

23678jS: Ball, Martha Newcomb (Mrs Chauncey) 293 Elizabeth st., Derby 

208392) Banks, Caroline (Miss) Greenwich 

9939a? Banks, Caroline Adams (Miss) 470 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport 

18264a? Banks, Edith Marston (Mrs Charles L.) 248 State st., Bridgeport 

20838D Banks, Jessie (Miss) Greenwich 

6452a? Banks, Julia Lewis Whitehouse (Mrs Fred. J.) . .389 Clinton ave., Bridgeport 
4594a? Banks, Kittie Evelin Goodsell (Mrs Sam'l S.) . .470 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport 

11414a Barber, Abigail Sexton (Mrs Lucius I.) Simsbury 

41946^ Barber, Caroline Wadsworth Allyn (Mrs Horace) Warehouse Point 

4805/ Barber, Harriet Maria De Wolfe (Mrs) Seymour 

31850 Barber, Lydia Wells Maxson (Mrs) Mystic 

8916n Barber, Mary E. Tyler (Mrs Thurston B.) BaRic 

4817a; Barber, Mary Ransom Nichols (Mrs Theodore M.) Black Rock 

3997A Bario, Frances A. (Mrs John S.) 25 Johnson st., Waterbury 

13084t; Barker, Annie Crandail (Mrs Edmund D.) . . .2717 Channing st., New London 

4609 Barker, Eliza Grover (Mrs Charles C.) 28 Queen st., Meriden 

89441/; Barker, Mary J. Grant (Mrs David O.) 407 Temple st., New Haven 

31010 Barker, Paulina Sherwood Northrop (Mrs Ludlow) West Hartford 

12508Z Barnes, Carrie Frances Bowman (Mrs Truman R.) 15 Perry ave., Shelton 

6990m Barnes, Cordelia L. N. (Mrs Harry Ward) 89 High st., Bristol 


SSSTit Barnes, Eliza Jane Fuller (Mrs Wallace) Bristol 

9923t<? Barnes, Elizabeth S. (Mrs Herbert) .590 Quinnipiac st., New Haven 

2833& Barnes, Emily Adaline Smith (Mrs Loren W.) 30 Oxford st., Hartford 

5339W Barnes, Esther C. Post (Mrs E. Henry) 1442 Chapel st., New Haven 

5381m Barnes, Lena Forbes (Mrs Carlyle F.) Bristol 

94:9110 Barnes, Lulu K. Hemingway (Mrs Edw. H.) . .592 Quinnipiac st.. New. Haven 

1905310 Barnes, Phebe Bryan Phipps (Mrs T. Attwater) . .452 Orange st., New Haven 

17379a? Barnum, Bessie Hatch (Mrs) 38 Prospect st., Bridgeport 

103662! Barnum, Emma Louise Lyon (Mrs Starr C.) Bethel 

23108.B Barnum, Georgia Alice (Miss) 52 Osbom ave.. East Norwalk 

13150W Barnum, Grace A. (Mrs George S.) 25 Trumbull st.. New Haven 

14480W Barnum, Mary Nieholls (Mrs Chas. W.) Lime Eock 

20836Z) Barrett, Nellie Adams (Mrs John D.) Greenwich 

53270 Barroll, Mary Louise Hoyt (Mrs Henry H.) 343 Main st., Danbury 

16557(Z Barry, G. Maud (Miss) 9 Granite st., New London 

18293; Bartholomew, Abbie Alice (Miss) Putnam 

5364m Bartholomew, Alice M. (Miss) Bristol 

5940i Bartholomew, Henrietta E. C. (Mrs Arthur H.) 70 S. Cliff st., Ansonia 

108834 Bartholomew, Isabel Huntington Warner (Mrs Dana) 106 S. Cliff st., Ansonia 

18294; Bartholomew, Mary Maud (Miss) Putnam 

160446^ Bartlett, Ellen Strong (Miss) Woodside Seminary, Hartford 

2835& Bartlett, Mary Leeds (Miss) .31 Farmington ave., Hartford 

21427g Barton, Dorcas Cornelia (Mrs George S.) West Winsted 

4603a; Bartram, Elizabeth M. (Miss) Black Rock 

9942a? Bartram, Mary Amelia Beardsley(Mrs Orlando) .298 Seaview av., Bridgeport 

S2524a? Bartram, Mattie Shelton (Mrs Ed. A.) 88 Main st., Stamford 

4598a? Bartram, Sarah J. (Miss) Black Eock 

36825: Bassett, Mary Smith (Mrs Dickerman M.) 294 EHzabeth st., Derby 

183105: Bassett, Anne Elizabeth Bryant (Mrs Theodore W.) . .229 Caroline st., Derby 

125095: Bassett, Antionette Alcott (Miss) 209 Minerva st., Derby 

5275J Bassett, Hattie Louisa Storrs (Mrs Frank G.) Seymour 

38685: Bassett, Lillian May (Miss) 924 Elizabeth st., Derby 

38755: Bassett, Mary Dixon Hotchkiss (Mrs Chas. L.) 14 New Haven ave., Derby 

19665IV Bastian, Ella Clark (Mrs Frank J.) Cheshire 

7005O Batty, Addie B. Packer (Mrs Frank W.) Mystic 

3866J^ Bauer, Emily Hart Moore (Mrs Jacob C.) Kensington 

5043 J Beach, Alice Maria Hilton (Mrs Andrew Y.) Seymour 

2839G^ Beach, Annie Eva Lamson (Mrs Charles L.) 21 Capitol ave., Hartford 

17377a? Beach, Augusta Josephine Seeley (Mrs Samuel B.) Long Hill, Trumbull 

2315(? Beach, Elizabeth Colt Jarvis (Mrs George W.) 8 Main st., Hartford 

6467J Beach, Emeline Eliza (Miss) Seymour 

2247G^ Beach, Hettie Hart Jarvis (Mrs C. Nichols) "Armsmear," Hartford 

387957 Beach, Ina Juliette Buckingham (INIrs Chas. M.) New Milford 

11355iV Beach, Jennie Davis (Mrs Isaac E.) 1079 Broad st., Meriden 

5289a? Beach, Martha Edwards (Miss) 469 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport 

1737837 Beach, Mary Augusta (Miss) Long Hill, Trumbull 

11404A Beach, Sarah A. (Mrs George W.) 29 Cliff st., Waterbury 

8092a? Beach, Susan Jeanette Curtis (Mrs Philo) 2-14 Kossuth st., Bridgeport 

11861B Beard, Eliza I. (Miss) 5 W^est st.. South Norwalk 

13105p Beard, Martha J. (Mrs Eleazer J.) Milford 

224856 Beardslee, Emma Gillett (Mrs Clark S.) Windsor 

23345G Beardslee, Statira Hodge (Mrs) Hartford 

7655a? Beardsley, Carrie May Lattin (Mrs Elmer M.) Stratford 




Beardsley, Helen Stowe (Mrs Fred S.) Stratford 

Beardsley, Louise Ailing (Mrs George L.) 165 Minerva st., Derby 

Beardsley, Lucy Jane Feyerweather (Mrs M. B.) . .231 Park ave., Bridgeport 

Beardsley, Mary Stowe (Mrs Hezekiah B.) Milford 

Beardsley, Susan Merwin Hine (Mrs George W.) SO Perry ave., Shelton 

Beatty, Anna Burr Woodward (Mrs John W.) . .7 Courtland pL, S. Norwalk 

Beaver, Amelia C. (Mrs John B.) Bridgeport 

Beckley, Bessie Ida (Miss) 15 Camp st., Meriden 

Beckwith, A. Agusta Dart (Mrs Cyrus G.) 60 Hempstead st., London 

Beckwith, Annie Edgar (Miss) 21 Federal st.. New London 

Beckwith, Belle Charlotte (Miss) 48 Huntington st.. New London 

Beckwith, Celeste Kenyon (Mrs Ansel A.) 17 Lincoln ave., Norwich 

Beckwith, Emma Elizabeth (Mrs Elisha P.) 38 Truman st., New London 

Beckwith, Inez M. (Miss) 430 West st., Bristol 

Beckwith, Julia Esther (Miss) Bristol 

Beebe, Elizabeth Febiger (Mrs William) 262 Bradley st.. New Haven 

Beecher, Adabel Williams (Mrs Edward C.) 688 Orange st., New Haven 

Beecher, Jessie Clark (Miss) Coram ave., Shelton 

Beecher, Mary Barnes (Mrs William E.) 21 State st., Waterbury 

Beeman, Sarah Carrington (Mrs Allan) Fairfield 

Beers, Emma J. Treat (Mrs Henry C.) 1621 Chapel st., New Haven 

Beers, Maria Josephine (Mrs John S.) Bridgeport 

Bell, Mary E. Hatch (Mrs Newton S.) Windsor 

Belcher, Annette Talbot (Miss) 5 Fremont st.. New London 

Belden, Mary (Miss) 14 Sylvan ave.. New Haven 

Belden, Elmira Thrasher Dickinson (Mrs R. A.) . .14 Sylvan ave., New Haven 

Belden, Sarah E. Hill (Mrs Frederick) 69 East ave., Norwalk 

Belden, Selina (Mrs Horace) Simsbury 

Belding, Lizzie Smith Merrick (Mrs Alrah N.) Eockville 

Benedict, Amelia Lee (Mrs Geo. W- L.) 80 Church st., New Haven 

Benedict, Caroline Seely (Mrs John) Eidgefield 

Benedict, Eleanor Augusta Maltby (Mrs H. H.) . .431 Orange st.. New Haven 

Benedict, Harriet Hoyt (Mrs Theodore) 145 Deer Hill ave., Danbury 

Benedict, Hellen Deette (Miss) .91 School st., Meriden 

Benedict, Helen H. Piper (Mrs Frank W.) 5 Howe st., New Haven 

Benham, lone (Miss) South Meriden 

Benham, Mary Estelle Higgins (Mrs Fred'k W.) . .57 Atwater ave., Danbury 

Benham, Mary Jeannette (Miss) 22 Prospect st., Meriden 

Benjamin, Mary Emma (Miss) Harris Building, New London 

Benkard, Annie M. (Miss) •. Greenwich 

Bennett, Alice North (Miss) 300 Farrington ave., Hartford 

Bennett, Charlotte Baldwin (Miss) New Milford 

Bennett, Grace Imogene Brown (Mrs Philo S.) 137 Wall st., New Haven 

Bennitt, Martha Mygatt (Mrs Noble) New Milford 

Benton, Mary Holt (Mrs Charles E.) South Manchester 

Benton, Sarah Adelaide (Miss) South Manchester 

Betts, Anna W. Parish (Mrs William J.) Stamford 

Betts, Bessie S. (Miss) Fairfield 

Betts, Caroline (Miss) Fairfield 

Betts, Charlotte E. (Miss) Strawberry Hill, Stamford 

Betts, Fannie E. (Mrs Frederick A.) 100 Green ave.. New Haven 

Betts, Sally Sherwood (Miss) 79 East ave., Norwalk 

* Washington Heights Chapter, N. Y. 



21372P Bevin, Jane C. (Mrs Philo) East Hampton 

34942V Bevins, Edith Louise (Miss) 34 Catlin st., Meriden 

18215A; Bidwell, Clara E. (Miss) Berlin 

11408« Bidwell, Esther H. (Mrs Gurdon L.) 505 Franklin st., Norwich 

1904671 Bill, Jennie Eliza (Miss) 270 Broadway, Norwich 

3858(Z Bill, Julia 0. Avery (Mrs Curtis) Groton. 

76915 Bill, Lucinda Eoberts (Mrs B. H.) • Rockville 

3398a? Bill, Mary Worcester (Mrs Curtis H.) 285 State st., Bridgeport 

18248i Billam, Adelia Harriet Tuttle' (Mrs Samuel W.) 21 William st., Ansonia. 

18249i Billam, Flora Elizabeth (Miss) 21 William st., Ansonia 

4584a; Billings, Julia Anna Hubbell (Mrs John H.) Park Place, Bridgeport 

13160W; Billings, Mary Elizabeth Alden (Mrs Chas. K.) . .65 Trumbull st., New Haven. 

20162O Bindloss, Margaret A. (Miss) Mystic 

7010Z Bingham, Mary E. (Miss) Franklin sq., New Britain 

25017?' Birdsey, Catherine Butler (Mrs Eli C.) 497 Broad st., Meriden 

5294a; Birdseye, Elizabeth Josephine S. (Mrs I. W.) . .387 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport 

3680Z Birdseye, Mary Louisa (Miss) 32 Minerva st., Derby 

22561i5: Birdseye, Grace Elmira Couch (Mrs Henry S.) 209 Caroline st., Derby 

19703A Birkenmayer, Charlotte E. Broughton (Mrs Curtis J.) Waterbury 

8922«. Bishop, Ellen Kilbourne (Mrs Barzillai P.) 182 E. Broad st., Norwich 

19616s Bishop, Emma Savage (Mrs) Southington 

18301i^ Bishop, Esther C. Johnson (Mrs Dexter L.) 51 Hobart st., Meriden 

4604a; Bishop, Julia Ann (Mrs William D.) 254 Washington ave., Bridgeport 

9483TO Bishop, Julia Armstrong (Mrs Nathan L.) 7 Huntington Place, Norwich 

5272V Bishop, Lydia A. H. (Mrs Gilbert) 152 Main st.. New London 

6451a; Bishop, Mary Ferris (Miss) 254 Washington ave., Bridgeport 

12532t; Bishop, Nettie Jay (Miss) Montauk ave., New London 

4587a; Bishop, Susan Washburne (Mrs Wm. D., Jr.) . .79 Courtland Hill, Bridgeport 

76925 Bissell, Alice Bell Farmer (Mrs Arthur T.) Kockville 

2311© Bissell, Caroline May (Miss) 93 Spring st., Hartford 

15449L Bissell, Clara Julia Spencer (Mrs Charles -C.) Suffield 

3671 Bissell, Kate E. H. (Mrs Hiram J.) Lakeville 

15448Z/ Bissell, Mary Gilbert (Mrs Leavitt P.) • Suffield 

6733if Bissell, S. Gertrude (Mrs F. C.) 211 North st., Willimantic 

15450L Bissell, Sophia Leavitt (Miss) Suffield 

3201^ Black, Sarah S. (Mrs William D.) New Milford 

Blackstone, Sarah Anna (Mrs J. deT.) Norwich 

Blair, Jennie Smith (Miss) 32 Mott st., Ansonia 

Blair, Mary x\delia Viets (Mrs Charles A.) Newington 

Blake, Nellie Mitchell (Mrs Loren25o M.) Winsted 

108925: Blakeman, Mary Anna Johnson (Mrs George) 64 Bank st., Derby 

18183f Blakemore, Susan Emma Gartha (Miss) Shelbyville 

1136'02V Blakeslee, Emerett Maria Atwater (Mrs John W.) Wallingford 

109172V Blakeslee, Emma Atwater i^Miss) Wallingford 

19632c Blakeslee, Frances Emeline (Miss) .Thomaston 

10916:^ Blakeslee, Mary Atwater (Miss) Wallingford 

19631c Blakeslee, Mary Josephine (Mrs Augustus E.) Thomaston 

166162V Blakesly, Mary Morse (Mrs Jotham T.) Whitneyville 

4766B Blanchard, Agnes Eudora Dennis (Mrs A.). 19 Elmwood ave.. South Norwalk 
16625ilf Blickensderfer, Nellie Irene Smith (Mrs Geo. G.)..42 Bedford st., Stanford 

53240 Bliss, Amanda Nichols (Mrs Samuel) 128 Main st., Danbury 

41772; Bliss, Annie Josephine (Miss) Turner House, Danbury 



Washington Heights Chapter, N. Y. 

t Ca-mpbell Chapter, Tenu. 






















Bliss, Eliza S. H. (Mrs Charles F.) 5 N. CliS st., Ansonia 

Bliss, Emily H. (Mrs Edward A.) 54 Willard st., Hartford 

Bliss, Estelle Bailey (Mrs Jolin S.) Turner House, Dan bury 

Blodget, McKelvey (Mrs Henry, Jr.) 72 West ave., Bridgeport 

Boardman, Carolyn Peck (Mrs H. B.) 34 Pearl st., New Britain 

Boardman, Florence Pratt Foster (Mrs Ed. A.) 16 Lincoln st., Meriden 

Boardman, Helen M. (Miss) New Milford 

Boardman, Jennie Delancey Sears (Mrs Horace F.) .96 Broad st., Middletown 

Boardman, Kate Taylor (Miss) New Milford 

Boardman, Mary Adah. S. (Mrs Thomas J.)... 77 Buckingham st., Hartford 

Bockins,- Allie L. (Mrs George K.) 103 Linsley ave., Meriden 

Boehner, Kate Atkinson (Mrs Paul J.) 102 Cottage st., Meriden 

Bolmer, Gertrude (Mrs C. H.) 19 Lynwood st., New Haven 

Bolton, Fannie Cheldon (Mrs James E.) 364 Mansfield st., New Haven 

Boone, Augusta J. (Miss) , 94 Wilcox ave., Meriden 

Booth, Alinda Louise (Miss) Sej^mour 

Booth, Eloise May Benedict (Mrs Martin W.) Meriden 

Booth, Emily (Miss) ■ Stratford 

Booth, Jeannette (Miss) King st., Stratford 

Booth, Julia (Miss) 151 Water st., New Haven 

Booth, Julia Eichards (Mrs David) 142 Deer Hill ave., Danbury 

Booth, Mary Elsie (Miss) Seymour 

Booth, Mary Lewis (Miss) 151 Water st., New Haven 

Booth, Euth Taylor (Miss) New Milford 

Boothe, Mary Worthington (Mrs Isaac J.) 263 Elizabeth st., Derby 

Boss, Ellen Latham Grace (Mrs Charles L.) 214 Church st., Willimantic 

Bostwick, Alice Merwin (Mrs Henry E.) Nev7 Milford 

Bosworth, Lucy Wilson (Mrs Stanley B.) 1506 Broad st., Hartford 

Boughton, Elvira N. Blakeman (Mrs Henrj^ I.) Waterbury 

Bouse, Averjr Betsey (Miss) Groton 

Boutwell, Mary Issadora (Mrs Charles F.).17 Quintard ave.. South Norwalk 

Bowen, Hannah E. (Mrs Andrew J.) 147 Prospect st., Willimantic 

Bowen, Hattie J. (Mrs Allen W.) Putnam 

Bowen, Mary Ella Whitney (Mrs James B.) Putnam 

Bovs^en, Nettie Lua (Miss) 596 Broad st., Meriden 

Bowers, Fannie Almira (Miss) New Haven 

Bowman, Caroline E. Munger (Mrs William V.) 15 Perry ave., Shelton 

Bowman, Clara Lee (Miss) Bristol 

Bowman, Kate Elmendorf (Miss) 377 Howard ave., New Haven 

Boyd, Elizabeth Pitcher Moore. (Mrs Asa S.) 279 Crown st., New Haven 

Boyer, Harriet Frances (Mrs Eugene L.) 138 Main st., Norwalk 

Brandbury, Jennie "E. (Mrs Frank J.) 40 Bay View ave., South Norwalk 

Bradford, Hannah King Hall (Mrs Horace) Mystic 

Bradley, Anna Samson (Mrs Dan'l. E.) ' Berlin 

Bradley, Celestia Steele (Mrs Edward B.) 100 S. ClifE st., Ansonia 

Bradley, Eleanor Maria (Mrs William) Greenfield Hill 

Bradley, Ellen Gertrude Treat (Mrs Elias E.) Milford 

Bradley, Ellen Phillips (Mrs Frank E.) 322 Caroline st., Derby 

Bradley, Emma J. (Mrs Geo. T.) 1346 Chapel st.. New Haven 

Bradley, Florence Isadore Judson (Mrs A. S.) .611 Whitney ave.. New Haven 

Bradley, Harriet E. Peck (Mrs Nathl. L.) 320 Colony st., Meriden 

Bradley, Helen Ives (Miss) 180 Hawthorne ave., Derby 

* Washington Heights Chapter, N. Y. 


19615s Bradley, Julia Arnold (Mrs F. B.) Southington 

22545IV Bradley, Maria L. Bronson (Mrs Wm. L.) West Haven 

10933iO Bradley, Mary E. (Mrs Edward E.) 212 York st., New Haven 

16036G Brainard, Adelaide Foster (Mrs Austin) 15 Kenyon st., Hartford 

10905G Brainard, Mary Bulkeley (Mrs Leverett) 135 Washington st., Hartford 

5344« Brainard, Mary Elizabeth Brewster (Mrs Wilbur F.) 23 Elm st., Bristol 

1995-!; Bramble, Catherine A. Dudley (Mrs) 8 Lincoln ave., New London 

4379P Bramblee, Mary E. (Miss) 321 College st., Middletown 

9482(Z Brayton, Sally M. (Mrs Atwood E.) Stonington 

7030n Brewer, Alice Louise Boardman (Mrs Ed. P.) . .18 Washington st., Norwich 

11372P Brewer, Grace Arnold (Mrs Wm. B.) 192 Court st., Middletown 

4169» Brewer, Mary Phipps Young (Mrs Arthur H.) 57 Broad st., Norwich 

10896TO Brewer, Mary Spencer Clapp (Mrs Francis H.) Fairfield 

19066; Brewster, Bertha Evangeline Lovering (Mrs Nathan A.) Putnam 

196426 Brewster, Cynthia J. (Mrs Albert G.) Jewett City 

14481TO Brewster, Elizabeth Gordon (Miss) 30 Grove st., Norwich 

8949 JT Brewster, Mary E. Hurd (Mrs John H.) 68 Perry ave., Shelton 

8948Z Brewster, Minnie de Nyse (Miss) 68 Perry ave., Shelton 

22490/ Briggs, Elizabeth Warner (Miss) Danielson 

6991m Briggs, Julia Isabella (Miss) Bristol 

5295a? Brig-gs, Lizzie Beach (Mrs Warren K.) Stratford 

21911^ Brinsmade, Ada Gibson Colton (Mrs Wm. G.) Washington 

21912^ Brinsmade, Anna Louisa (Miss) Washington 

22563jS^ Brinsmade, Frances Louise (Miss) 338 Coram ave., Shelton 

22562£^ Brinsmade, Jennette Selina Pardee (Mrs Da'l S.)..338 Coram ave., Shelton 

24544* Brinsmade, Mary Gold Gunn (Mrs John C.) Washington 

5300ir Brinsmade, Martha Beardsley (Mrs Jas. E.) 254 Elizabeth st., Derby 

6708V Bristol, Fanny Louisa (Miss) 257 State st.. New London 

11383* Bristol, Florence Espe (Mrs Theodore L.) 30 Cottage ave., Ansonia 

5944* Bristol, Frances E. B. (Mrs Chas. E.) 52 State st., Ansonia 

13102^ Bristol, Laura Peck (Mrs Phineas) . . , Milford 

12026« Brockett, Emma Eliza Spring (Mrs Miron C.) Bristol 

41890 Brockington, Anne M. Holmes (Mrs Samuel C.) Groton 

23654a? Bronk, Lillie Louise Piatt (Mrs John P.) 256 State st., Bridgeport 

16558i Bronson, Fannie Elizabeth French (Mrs Walter H.) .56 Franklin st., Ansonia 

13915/ Bronson, Harriet E. (Mrs Homer D.) Beason Falls 

3511(y Bronson, Henrietta Lockwood (Mrs Arthur H.) 18 Niles st., Hartford 

10341A Bronson, Julia M. (Miss) Cook st., Waterbury 

5950i Brooker, Julia Elizabeth" Clarke Farrell (Mrs C. F.) 37 State st., Ansonia 

201970 Brooks, Alice Atkins (Mrs John N.) Torrington 

125020 Brooks, Amanda Collins (Miss) Goshen 

8950E Brooks, Edith Louise (Miss) Cottage st., Derby 

3684Z Brooks, Francelia T. (Mrs Chas. B.) 182 Elizabeth st., Derby 

225527^ Brooks, Jennie Hill (Mrs Arthur M.) 17 Lincoln st., Meriden 

6689? Brooks, Kate M. Brovm (Mrs Wm. F.) 48 High st., New Britain 

1588 Brooks, Katharine S. Huntington (Mre Wm. L.) Stamford 

4193^ Brooks, Lydia Chapman (Miss) 104 Church st., Hartford 

17920]V Brooks, Mabel Martindale (Mrs Wesley) Broad st., Meriden 

89820 Brooks, Marana L. Norton (Mrs John W.) Torrington 

125030 Brooks, Mary Eliza (Miss) Torrington 

3488^ Brooks, Mary J. (Miss) 137 N, Colony st., MerideJi 

15404p Brown, Annie Jennings (Mrs Jervis D.) Milford 

14718ilf Brown, Eliza Crosby (Mrs Aaron L.) Stamford 



130941; Brown, Ella E. Hawkins (Mrs Sidney A.) New London 

11857B Brown, Elizabeth Waldo (Miss) 148 Main st., Norwalk 

86600 Brown, Eunice Maria Avery (Mrs Pardon T.) Mystic 

7011? Brown, Fanny Lefiingwell (Miss) Newington 

6561)5 Brown, Fanny Pomeroy (Miss) Washington 

23344& Brown, Gertrude Varley S.' (Mrs G. T.) 37 Washington st.. New London 

21392; Brown, Harriet Hathaway (Miss) Putnam 

7012? Brown, Harriet Smith (Mrs Horace H.) 48 High st.. New Britain 

4746A Brown, Lena Migeon Hayden (Mrs Fred. J.)... 18 S. Willow st., Waterbury 

31790 Brown, Lizzie Denison (Mrs Elias) Mystic 

6241(Z Brown, Marianna W. (Mrs Samuel W.) Groton 

21913* Brown, Martha Pomeroy Whittlesey (Mrs Orlando) Washington 

24535i^ Brown, Olive Bushnell (Mrs Jos. E.) 40 Cotlin st., Meriden 

4020Jr Browne, Abbie Gillette Chamberlin (Mrs Williams S.) .40 Derby ave., Derby 

6995(Z Browne, Elizabeth Mussey (Miss) Harris Building, New London 

6254TO Browne, Gertrude Belle (Mrs William T.) 357 E. Main st., Norwich 

5833-w Brownell, Mary Ballentine Mather (Mrs Franklin C.) Bristol 

16564» Browning, Florence (Mrs Frank W.) 18 Lincoln ave., Norwich 

16565» Browning, Mary Steele (Mrs Charles L.) 60 6th st., Norwich 

20804; Brunn, Grace Louise Worcester (Mrs Armin E.) South Woodstock 

30352; Brush, Julia Eliza Clark (Mrs Chester H.) "The Maples," Danbury 

12238/= Buck, Delia Lincoln (Mrs Aug.) Willimantic 

3199JJ Buck, Elizabeth (Mrs J. Leroy) New Milford 

19668G^ Buck, Mary Keeney (Mrs John E.) 37 Forest st., Hartford 

9431 J Buckingham, Hattie Mabel (Mrs Samuel W.) Seymour 

10945a? Buckingham, Justine Hawkins B. (Mrs C. B.) .425 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport 

13106p Buckingham, Marion Lucretia (Miss) Milford 

147110 Buckley, Annie Mallory Tift (Mrs Frank B.) Mystic 

31860 Buckley, Sarah J. B. (Mrs Samuel H.) Mystic 

11401A Buel, Cornelia A. (Mrs Theodore S.) .* 219 W. Main st., Waterbury 

24543* Buel, Elizabeth Barney (Mrs John) Litchfield 

183180 Buell, Sarah Augusta (Miss) Litchfield 

19065; Bugbee, Ada Gertrude (Miss) Putnam 

21854f Bug-bee, Alice Johnson (Mrs E. Frank) 97 Prospect st., Willimantic 

22489; Bugbee, Frances Agatha (Mrs Edwin S.) Putnam 

23100f Bugbee, Julia (Miss) 484 Jackson st., Willimantic 

6723f Bugbee, Sarah Preston (Mrs Edwin) Prospect st., Willimantic 

6252a Bulkeley, Fannie B. H. (Mrs Morgan G.) 136 Washington st., Hartford 

4009/i Bulkley, Ameha Gilbert (Mrs Oliver) .' Southport 

4309/1 Bulkley, Charlotte Malvini (Miss) Southport 

401471 Bulkley, Eliza Andrews (Miss) Southport 

103730 Bulkley, Ella S. (Mrs Eugene S.) 17 Franklin st., Danbury 

5248«4 Bulkley, Helen Elizabeth (Mrs Wallace M.) Fairfield 

43107i Bulkley, Mary Elizabeth Hadlock (Mrs Edward M.) Southport 

3685ft Bulkley, Eebekah W. P. (Mrs Henry T.) Southport 

19617s Bull, Jane S. Lewis (Mrs) Southington 

16577V Bullard, Anna Trowbridge (Mrs Henry P.) New London 

21879a; Bullard, Ella Belcher (Mrs Wm. S.) 325 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport 

7004fc Bunce, Louise Wilcox (Mrs Leander A.) 410 Kensington st., New Britain 

664P Bunce, Mary A. Hubbard (Mrs Jas. H.) .107 High st., Middletown 

4591« Bunnell, Catharine M. S. (Mrs Eufus W.) Stratford 

5396m Bunnell, Maud Almira (Miss) Forestville 

2576(r Burbank, Julia Brattle (Miss) 714 Asylum ave., Hartford 

























































Burdick, Eliza Watrous (Mrs Geo. H.) 205 Sigourney st., Hartford 

Burgess, Annie Elizabeth Burrows (Mrs George) Groton 

Burgess, Emma Bryant (Mrs Geo. F.) 20 Brown st., New Haven 

Burke, Jeannette Varney (Mrs Wm. C.) 153 West st., South Norwalk 

Burleson, Koberta H. (Mrs Ed. F.) Jewett City 

Burnap, Clara Amelia Converse (Mrs Sidney E.) Windsor Locks 

Burnap, Sarah A. Preston (Mrs Lyman S.) 11 Vine st., Norwich 

Burnham, Catharine Cook Lanman (Mrs Chas. A.). 34 Lincoln ave., Norwich 

Burnham, Ella Albertine Bradford (Mrs W. E.) 362 Main st., Norwich 

Burnham, Mary Eliza Chamberlain (Mrs Hiram H.) Putnam 

Burnham, Sophia Lydia Bennett (Mrs Henry H.) Jewett City 

Burns, Ellen M. (Miss) 265 Clinton ave., Bridgeport 

Burns, Janie Vanderpoel (Mrs Wm. F.) 1 Bennett Place, Danbury 

Burr, Mary Elizabeth Owen (Mrs Horace H.) Sufiield 

Burr, Mary Hammond Nichols (Mrs Ebenezer) .399 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport 

Burr, Mary Jenneyye Birdseye (Mrs Chas. G.) 224 Howe ave., Shelton 

Burr, Mary Theodosia (Miss) Fairfield 

Burritt, Mary L. (Miss) P. O. Box 756, Bridgeport 

Burroughs, Mary Frances Wells (Mrs Jas. E.) .500 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport 

Burrows, Alice Franklin (Mrs Wilbur F.) 196 Main st., Middletown 

Burrows, Amelia B. (Mrs Wm. H.) 276 Washington st., Middletown 

Burrows, Eliza Jane Smith (Mrs Caleb C.) Poquonnoc Bridge 

Burrows, Ellen Bertha F. (Mrs Chas. L.) Poquonnoc Bridge 

Burrows, Julia Ann (Miss) . ' Groton 

Burrows, Mary Ella (Miss) Noank 

Burton, Helen Louise Birdseye (Mrs Franklin) 7 Franklin st., Ansonia 

Bush, Emma B. (Mrs Samuel N.) .Mystic 

Bushnell, Esther Morgan (Mrs Asa C.) 1319 Chapel st., New Haven 

Butler, Caroline Williams (Miss) 3 Meridian st.. New London 

Butler, Helen M. (Mrs Joel I.) 430 Colony st., Meriden 

Butler, Lucy Palmer (Miss) 3 INIeridian st.. New London 

Butler, Susan Aderline Hall (Mrs John H.) 122 W. Main st., Meriden 

Butts, Adelaide Lewis (Miss) 272 N. Washington st., Norwich 

Butts, Matilda (Miss) 272 N. Washington st., Norwich 

Cabot, Katherine Queen (Miss) 41 Greyrock Place, Stamford 

Calhoun, Eliza Jane Scott (Mrs David Samuel) 11 Walnut st., Hartford 

Calhoun, Sarah C. Beach (Mrs J. Gilbert) 360 Laurel st., Hartford 

Call, Mabel Winter Soule (Mrs) 47 Prospect st., Stamford 

Calvert, Alice Franklin (Mrs J. C.) New London 

Cameron, Annie Strickland (Mrs John P.) Eockville 

Camp, Elizabeth James (Mrs Lewis A.) Seymour 

Camp, Ellen Baldwin (Miss) West Winsted 

Camp, Elnora J. Viets (Mrs Theron H.) 35 Hillside Place, New Britain 

Camp, Josephine G. (Mrs Charles W.) Canaan 

Camp, Minerva James (Miss) .- Seymour 

Camp, Sarah Maria Boyd (Mrs Caleb J.) Main st., West Winsted 

Camp, Susie Healy (Mrs John S.) 1041 Asylum ave., Hartford 

Campbell, Delana Louisa Alden (Mrs Hollie A.) Seymour 

Campbell, Mary C. Pettibone (Mrs James) 34 Congress st., Hartford 

Canfield, Annie Eockwell (Miss) i58 Caroline st., Derby 

Canfield, Cornelia L. Hawkins (Mrs Geo. H.) 349 Derby ave., Derby 

Cardwell, Lucy Lefiingwell (Mrs Wm. H.) 313 Main'st., Norwich 

Cardwell, Alice Martha (Miss) 313 E. Main st., Norwich 



9484n Carey, Nancy Bishop (Mrs Chas. W.) 57 Prospect st., Norwich 

7437f Carpenter, Alice Holt (Mrs Arthur B.) 156 Prosj)ect st., Willimantic 

18282; Carpenter, Ellen Maria Child (Mrs John E.) Putnam 

132110 Carpenter, Louise Alvord (Mrs) Torrington 

17899E Carr, Helen Blackman (Mrs Nelson H.) Danbury 

4427(1 Carr, Mary Irene Chidsey (Mrs Geo. W.) Simsbury 

22493; Carr, Susan Abbott (Mrs) East Woodstock 

13114p Carrington, Mary S. (Mrs Nelson) Milford 

17367W Carroll, Emma Frances Briggs (Mrs Geo. W.) 257 Broadway, Norwich 

llBSllf Carter, Anna Griswold (Mrs Galen A.) Glenbrook ave., Stamford 

6700r Carter, Eliza A. (Miss) New Canaan 

21914* Carter, Emma Stirling (Mrs Robert E.) Washington 

22528i^ Carter, Jerusha L. (Mrs Charles) Clinton 

10368g Carter, Marion Pierce (Mrs Miles L.) 259 Main st., Danbury 

22556^ Case, Ellen M. (Miss) 305 Farmington ave., Hartford 

17364a Case, Julia Abigail (Miss) Simsbury 

5746(7 Case, Laura Mabel (Miss) Highland Park, South Manchester 

15992a Case, Lauriette S. (Mrs John E.) Avon 

3103O Case, Marietta Stanley (Mrs Albert W.) . .Highland Park, South Manchester 

ISlllp Case, Natalie Parsons Merwin (Mrs Fredus M.) Poquonock 

11839?^ Case, Sarah Carroll Jacobs (Mrs Luther E.) 22 Warren st., Norwich 

16054iV Castelow, Mary Abbie (Miss) 301 Colonj'- st., Meriden 

11855A Castle, Amelia M. (Mrs John S.) Kellogg st., Waterbury 

20285iO Castle, Phebe (Mrs Andrew) 472 Orange st.. New Haven 

4191G^ Catlin, Caroline Smith (Mrs Abijah) 966 Asylum ave., Hartford 

22512to Catlin, Gulielma H. Cram (Mrs Edward F.) 65 Howe st., N^ew Haven 

18266a; Catlin, Helen Judson Lewis (Mrs Lyman S.) Mill Hill ave., Bridgeport 

4796i^ Catlin, Jennie Winslow (Mrs Wm. H.) 130 E. Main st., Meriden 

503 Id Cavarh^, Adelaide L. Avery (Mrs Jos. G.) 25 Broad st.. New London 

5979W Chadwick, Cordelia M. (Miss) 364 Orange st.. New Haven 

89575: Chaifee, Harriet Eussell (Mrs Sanford E.) IS Elizabeth st., Derby 

19656i^ Chaffee, Katharine Day (Mrs Eugene W.) Moodus 

21906P Chaffee, Lillian Lucy (Miss) 103 Main st., Middletown 

6734f Chaffee, Martha W. (Mrs Dwight) 183 Summit st., Willimantic 

9919W Chamberlain, Elizabeth M. (Miss) .49 Park st.. New Haven 

7013Z Chamberlain, Euth (Miss) Franklin Square, New Britain 

89545: Chamberlain, Esther Adelaide Cornish (Mrs Smith T.).. Derby Hill, Derby 

3392if7 Champion, Sarah E. (Mrs Henry) 270 Crown st., New Haven 

21867n Champlin, Abbie A. Brown (Mrs Denison J.) 16 Cedar st., Norwich 

19683; Chandler, Ellen Deborah (Miss) Woodstock 

8929t« Chandler, Frances Woods (Miss) 31 High st.. New Haven 

8926ti> Chandler, Mary Pierce Woods (Mrs Wm. E.) 31 High st.. New Haven 

8331V Chancy, Clara A. Morgan (Mrs Chas. F.) 8 Channing st.. New London 

5822JV Chapin, Ellie M. L. (Mrs Frank M.) Pine Meadow 

24531Z) Chapin, Mary Adella Glazier (Mrs Chas. E.) Greenwich 

57660 Chapman, Helen Cheney (Mrs Maro S.) South Manchester 

9496P Chapman, Sarah Clarissa (Mrs Wm. H.) 105 S. Main st., Middletown 

103621; Chappell, Anne Huntington (Miss) 10 Federal st.. New London 

4771d Chappell, Catherine Gertrude B. (Mrs P. H.) . .Huntington st., New London 

103611? Chappell, Hannah Sage Huntington (Mrs F.)..10 Federal st., New London 

8771; Chappell, Isabel Norton Culver (Mrs. Wm. S.) .11 Channing st., New London 

7054f Chappell, Isabel Webster (Mrs Herbert E.) Prospect st., Willimantic 

49461; Chappell, Jessie M. Eobbins (Miss) 222 State st.. New London 



12234-?; Chappell. Lucretia Holt (Miss) 25 Vanxhall st., New London 

3605A Chase, Elizabeth Hosmer Kellogg (Mrs I. H.) . . .112 ProsiDect st., Waterbury 

22503Z Chase, Elizabeth Parker (Mrs Chas. F.) 241 W. Main st.. New Britain 

5391a Chase, Mary Electa (Miss) Simsbury 

10338A Chatfield, Harriet Tomlinson (Mrs Horace G.) . .9558 N. Main st., Waterbury 

5747(7 Cheney, Alice Barrett (Miss) South Manchester 

57260 Cheney, Katharine Augusta (Mrs Chas. S.) South Manchester 

8341(7 Cheney, Mary (Miss) South Manchester 

13876iV Cheney, Mary Adelaide Atkinson (Mrs Walter L.) . .102 Cottage st., Meriden 

5736(7 Cheney, Susan Jarvis (Mrs Frank) South Manchester 

19684; Chesebro, Mary Nevins Lord (Mrs Charles H.) Putnam 

14731H Chesebrough, Lydia Anna (Miss) 751 Asylum ave., Hartford 

147330 Chesebrough, Nancy Anna (Miss) Mystic 

1662t; Chew, Alice (Miss) 304 State st.. New London 

14489J5 Chichester, Mary Phillips (Miss) 56 West ave., Norwalk 

5373tt Chidsey, Ida (Mrs John T.) Bristol 

8958S: Chidsey, Winnifred Bishop (Miss) 22 Elizabeth st., Derby 

5247m Child, Lizzie J. (Mrs Frank S.) Fairfield 

10305^ Childs, Grace Damon Smith (Mrs Chas. E.) 27 Marshall st., Hartford 

4398A Chipman, Marie Seymour (Mrs Sherman W.) Second ave., Waterbury 

11844i;' Chittenden, Harriet B. Wolcott (Mrs Geo. M.) 240 Liberty st., Meriden 

15444M Choate, Grace Whiton (Mrs Washington) Green vdch 

17387B Cholwell, Clemintine Louise (Miss) 30 High st., Norwalk 

21915* Church, Amy C. Spencer (Mrs Wm. H.) Washington 

196642V Church, Elizabeth Foster Draper (Mrs Henry J.) Meriden 

17423IV Church, Lucy Catherine Goodsell (Mrs George A.) Meriden 

10884i Church, Mary A. Holbrook (Mrs William) 60 Elm st., Ansonia 

5958(J Clark, Augusta Mitchel (Mrs Elgin) "Sunny Side," Lyme 

8315^ Clark, Bessie Stuart (Miss) Highland ave., Shelton 

17903(? Clark, Caroline Hollister Bobbins (Mrs W.B.) .268 Farmington ave., Hartford 

8666V Clark, Caroline Holt (Mrs Chas. H.) 78 Shaw st.. New London 

387GK Clark, Caroline Justina Birdseye (Mrs Geo. B.) 28 Academy st., Derby 

13112p Clark, Charlotte May (Miss) Orange 

13108^ Clark, Charlotte Piatt (Mrs Herbert A.) Milford 

13113P Clark, Charlotte Woodruff (Mrs Everett B.) Orange 

7399Z Clark, Emily (Miss) 14 Clark ave., Derby 

13110P Clark, Emma Piatt (Mrs Frederick DeW.) Milford 

122432! Clark, Esther Elizabeth Meeker (Mrs) IS George st., Danbury 

10396i Clark, Julia A. Moulton (Mrs Wm. N., Jr.) 40 James st., Ansonia 

125115: Clark, Julia A. Eiggs (Mrs Jos. M.) Highland ave., Shelton 

13873i^ Clark, Louisa Holley (Mrs George M.) 61 E. Main st., Meriden 

130931; Clark, Margaret Bacon (Miss) Lyme 

2252(? Clark, Mary (Miss) 68 Main st., Hartford 

12233f Clark, Mary Hart (Mrs Edward W.) 9 Fremont st.. New London 

3984i Clark, Mary J. Terry (Mrs Wm. J.) 771 Orange st.. New Haven 

5042/ Clark, Mary M. Eiggs (Mrs Albert E.) Seymour 

9926t; Clark, Mary P. (Mrs Eben) 13 Jay st., New London 

17894B Clark, Nellie Spicer (Mrs Arthur N.) 47 S. Main st.. South Norwalk 

19618s Clark, Phebe Atkins Twichell (Mrs) Plantsville 

19067; Clark, Sarah Elizabeth (Miss) Putnam 

13109p Clark, Sarah Stow Ford (Mrs Jos. E.) Milford 

21389i Clark, Winnibel (Miss) 40 James st., Ansonia 

20165p Clarke, Emma J. (Mrs David L.) Milford 



22492; Clarke, Emma Manning (Mrs F. E.) Putnam 

21424(j' Clarke, Julia Van Siclen (Mrs Thos. M.) West Winsted 

23343g Clarke, Martha Fuller Fay (Mrs John E.) Winsted 

139300 Clarke, Nancy L. (Miss) ; West Winsted 

20858g Clarke, Susan J. Holmes (Mrs Edward) Winsted 

13107?) Clarke, Susie Smith (Mrs Elbert N.) W. River st., Milford 

21426g Cleveland, Mary Augusta Steele (Mrs Charles jNI.) Winsted 

20164». Cleworth, Cora E. (Mrs Allan) 28 Williams st., Norvs^ich 

53140 Clift, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) Mystic 

5274f Coates, Irene Beckwith (Mrs Wm. N.) East Lyme 

7056& Cobb, Mabel Estelle (Miss) Windsor 

13178i¥ Cochrane, Amelia Stanley (Mrs William B.) Stamford 

20857g Coe, Alice Lee (Miss) Winsted 

5976A Coe, Caroline S. (Mrs Arden H.) Waterbury 

10346i^ Coe, Clara Martina (Miss) Bradley st., Meriden 

15485P Coe, Elizabeth Strickland (Mrs Edward S.) Cromwell 

125010 Coe, Ella Seymour (Miss) Torrington 

18265a? Coe, Hattie E. Jarvis (Mrs Chas. P.) Atlantic Hotel, Bridgeport 

10893if Coe, Ida Jennette (Miss) 270 Elizabeth st., Derby 

20856g Coe, Jeannette Lee (Mrs Wm. G.) Winsted 

1662V Coe, Katherine Foote (Mrs) Meriden 

17413IV Coe, Mabel Estelle (Miss) Colony st., Meriden 

166062^ Coe, Mary Elizabeth Andrews (Mrs Winfield E.) Bradley ave., Meriden 

17424IV Coe, Sarah Williams (Mrs John W.) 72 N. Colony st., Meriden 

2491N Coe, Sophia F. Hall (Mrs Levi E.) 261 Colony st., Meriden 

17408L Coffin, Cora Drake (Mrs Arthur D.) Windsor Locks 

23688P Coffin, Delia Brown (Mrs SeAvard V.) 190 Main st., Middletown 

3991P Coffin, Ellen Elizabeth (Mrs 0. Vincent) 190 Main st., Middletown 

22575L Coffin, Grace Pierson (Miss) Windsor Locks 

28346 Coffin, Julia Sargent Dexter (Mrs Herbert R.) Windsor Locks 

13874JV Coggins, Ednah Virginia Snow (Mrs Emory S.) 62 Windsor ave., Meriden 

236845" Cogswell, Bessie M. (Miss) Rockville 

6207a; Cogswell, Hattie Sanborn (Mrs Wm. B.) Stratford 

22491; Cog-swell, Lucy Lincoln Perry (Mrs John R.) Putnam 

8201«. Coit, Ellen Grosvenor (Miss) 185 Broadway, Norwich 

5316» Coit, Frances Dana (Mrs Geo. D.) 221 Broadway, Norwich 

5273t; Coit, Gertrude Barker (Mrs Alfred, Jr.) ... .46 Huntington st.. New London 

19685; Colcleugh, Emma Shaw (Mrs Fred. W.) Thompson 

6453a? Cole, Edith A. W. (Mrs Chas. M.) 405 State st., Bridgeport 

4748V Cole, Emilie Judson (Mrs Geo. M.) 33 Federal st., New London 

13168S Cole, Rebecca Isaacs (Mrs Ira) Elmcrest, Norwalk 

9932M Collender, Charlottte Fitch (Mrs Wm. V.) E. Main st., Stamford 

196796^ Collins, Ellen (Miss) 1054 Asylum ave., Hartford 

2585^ Collins, Mary Frances (Miss) 94 Woodland st., Hartford 

11368iV Collins, Sarah Elizabeth (Miss) 69 Colony st., Meriden 

17418iV Collins, Sophia Northrop (Mrs Benj. W.) 450 E. Main st., Meriden 

2246G Colt, Elizabeth Hart Jarvis (Mrs Samuel) "Armsmear," Hartford 

13148G' Colton, Helen Clark Coomes (Mrs O. B.) 255 Laurel st., Hartford 

13890» Comstock, Annie (Mrs Albert S.) 172 Laurel Hill ave., Norwich 

41792; Comstock, Elizabeth J. (Miss) 42 Main st., Danbury 

130951; Comstock, Ellen M. (Miss) New London 

13096f Comstock, Katharine (Miss) New London 

23651V Comstock, Mary Cook (Mrs Maro) New London 


8938m; Comstock, Eachel K. (Mrs Eobt. H.) 214 Orange st., New Haven 

4589ic Comstock, Sarah Maria Loekwood (Mrs George).. 47 Park ave., Bridgeport 

6219r Comstock, Susan E. (Miss) New Canaan 

35Q8G Cone, Florence Mabel (Miss) 182 Collins st., Hartford 

23650V Cone, Lillian Chappell (Mrs Chas. H.) 12 Amity st.. New London 

2838G' Cone, Martha Isham Mix (Mrs Jos. H.) 78-1 Asjrlum ave., Hartford 

10904(y Cone, Mary C. (Miss) 55 Beacon st., Hartford 

13221(Z Cone, Susan Mercy (Miss) Groton 

6725f Congdon, Katherine W. F. (Mrs Thos. E.) 123 Spring st., Willimantic 

2618F Converse, Eva Merriam (Mrs Aden J.) 927 Broad st., Meriden 

3489i^ Converse, Frances Upham (Mrs John H.) 2 Washington Heights, Meriden 

15453L Converse, Ida Graciella (Miss) "^'^'indsor Locks 

16017m Cook, Alice Kobinson (Mrs Henry B.) Bristol 

2583G^ Cook, Annah Huntington Eichards (Mrs Ansel G.)..164 High st., Hartford 

13189JV Cook, Emma L. Fay (Mrs James) 66 Crown st., Meriden 

5972n Cook, Helen Phelps B. (Mrs Chas. S.) 92 Prospect st., Bristol 

22550N Cook, Sarah Elizabeth (Miss) Meriden 

2250^ Cooley, Clarissa A. (Mrs Francis B.) 119 Farmington ave., Hartford 

6729f Cooley, Minnie P. (Mrs Theron M.) South st., Willimantic 

9465Z Cooper, Mary Ellen Hilliard (Mrs Jas. W.) . .16 Washington st., New Britain 

3856d Copp, Betsey Avery (Mrs Belton A.) Groton 

14746(Z Copp, Julia (Miss) Groton 

16005Z Corbin, Bertha Emily (Miss) 22 Grove Hill, New Britain 

6691? Corbin, Mary Moore (Mrs Andrew) 56 Maple st., New Britain 

20798* Corey, Ellen Augusta Cooper (Mrs Everett E.) 56 Mott st., Ansonia 

13185Z Cornell, Anita Merrill Kellogg (Mrs Thos. L.) 49 Seymour st., Derby 

20185a? Cornwall, Louise Hubbell (Mrs John) 186 John st., Bridgeport 

9467? Cornwell, Martha Stanley (Mrs Chas. H.) Danielson 

19043i Cotter, Alice Judd (Miss) 47 Mott st., Ansonia 

5047/ Cotter, Hattie Ann (Mrs Frank A.) Seymour 

5938i Cotter, Lucia Hosmer (Miss) 2 South Cliff st., Ansonia 

147200 Couch, Jane L. (Mrs Walter D.) South Manchester 

173885 Couch, Lina M. (Miss) 41 Bayview ave.. South Norwalk 

173895 Couch, Mariette G. (Miss) 41 Bayview ave., South Norwalk 

19641c Covert, Mary H. (Mrs Henry T.) Thomaston 

12520W Cowles, Alice Maud (Miss) 1111 Chapel st.. New Haven 

8088fc Cowles, Alice Upson (Mrs Sidney M) Kensington 

19619s Cowles, Carolina Moss (Mrs) Southington 

103851 Cowles, Ella Louise Terry (Mrs Chas. A.) 52 North Cliff st., Ansonia 

12519«; Cowles, Florence Holt (Miss) 1111 Chapel st.. New Haven 

8198W Cowles, Helen L. Warner (Mrs Luman) 1111 Chapel st.. New Haven 

13156W Cowles, Sarah Jane (Miss) 1111 Chapel st.. New Haven 

154541/ Coye, Anna Palmer Hyde (Mrs Chas. H.) Windsor Locks 

74331f Cozzens, Anna Lawton (Miss) "Strawberry Hill," Stamford 

8930'M; Crafts, Sarah A. Thompson (Mrs) P. O. Box 1427, New Haven 

14492B Cram, Alice Bartlett (Miss) 148 East ave., Norwalk 

12533^1 Crandall, Alice Greene (Mrs Herbert L.) New London 

13903O Crandall, Ida Frances (Miss) IMystic 

15395f Crane, Alice M. C. (Mrs Chas. L.) Willimantic 

10897d Crane, Bertha Chapman (Mrs Everett L.) Poquonnoc Bridge 

14733f Crane, Clara A. Barrows (Mrs Eleazer B.) Box 36, Willimantic 

7705f Crane, Gertrude B. (Miss) 188 Summit st., Willimantic 

894110 Crane, Jessie T. (Mrs Zenas A.) 332 Temple st., New Haven 


19&71G Crane, Susan J. Underwood (Mrs S. L. G.) 751 A,sylum ave., Hartford 

8104g Cranska, Evelyn C. Briggs (Mrs Floyd) Moosup 

147120 Cranston, Grace Lester (Mrs Fredk. H.) Norwieli 

21416if Crawford, Cora Mayo (Mrs Eonald) 5 North st., Stamford 

24521s Crissey, Harriet H, (Mrs Chas.) Southington 

4002a Croft, Julia Mather (Mrs Chas. P.) Weatogue 

19673 Gf Crofut, Lucy Marcy (Mrs Sidney W.) Danielson 

2224a Crofut, Charlotte Wilcox Phelps (Mrs Jas. K.) Simsbury 

196746^ Crofut, Florence Marcy (Miss) Danielson 

76750 Crooks, Nellie Mallory (Mrs John S.) Mystic 

6720A Crosby, Lydia E. (Miss) 83 Prospect st., Waterbury 

83122 Crosby, Mary Ida (Miss) 10 Chapel Place, Danbury 

165781; Crumj), Alice Wolcott (Miss) 30 Washington st.. New London 

5023d Crump, Elsie Kichards (Miss) 52 Main st.. New London 

5022(? Crump, Fanny Coleby (Miss) .' Washington st., New London 

16627J Culver, Helena A. (Miss) Seymour 

9456/ Culver, Helen A. Downs (Mrs S. Hart) Seymour 

16626 J Culver, Julia Church (Mrs Amas) Naug-atiick 

21400s Cummings, Lucretia Stow (Mrs William) Southington 

15442B Cunningham, Mary A. (Miss) 4 Washington st., South Norwalk 

4404ft Curtis, Alice Beardsley (Mrs Lewis B.) Southport 

14747iV Curtis, Bedotha Pierpont (Mrs Lemuel J.) Curtis st., Meriden 

9489a; Curtis, Belle Hall (Mrs Elliott P., Jr.,) 224 Kossuth st., Bridgeport 

10303(? Curtis, Ella C. Birdsey (Mrs Grosvenor W.) Sta. 19 Windsor Koad, Hartford 

15394 Curtis, Ellen Ellsworth (Mrs Theodore A.) Windsor 

5288a? Curtis, Ellen V. Talbot (Mrs Howard J.) Stratford 

11860B Curtis, Helen Louise (Miss) 6 Union Park, Norwalk 

4319ft Curtis, Louisa Wells (Mrs Koderick P.) ^ Southport 

SOSeSg Curtis, Mary Mehitable Camp (Mrs Hermon E.) West Winsted 

174152V Curtis, Sarah Elizabeth Hatch (Mrs Louis K.) Southington 

10347i^ Curtis, Sophie Mansfield (Mrs Geo. M.) 879 Broad st., Meriden 

3388m? Curtis, Virginia H. (Mrs Thos. W.) 364 Orange st.. New Haven 

5386tt Curtiss, Catharine T. (Mrs Harrison M.) Bristol 

20183a? Curtiss, Clarissa Baldwin (Mrs Melville J.) Stratford 

4793i'' Curtiss, Hester A. Morgan (Mrs Jas. A.) 27 Lindsley ave., Meriden 

10315J;f Curtiss, Margaret A. (Mrs Edward B.) 184 Atlantic st., Stamford 

16559i Curtiss, Zenia E. Burr (Mrs Wm. E.) 59 Jackson st., Ansonia 

5960(Z Daboll, Julia (Mrs Geo. W.) Centre Groton 

18284; Daniels, Abbie Page (Mrs Fredk. J.) Putnam 

19704A Daniels, Henrietta Welton (Mrs David N.) Waterbury 

19068; Daniels, Mary Barry (Miss) ■ Putnam 

12549i?' Darling, Clara Beebe (Mrs Joshua H.) Wallingford 

5370m Darrow, Amelia Whiting (Mrs Franklin E.) Bristol 

5371'« Darrow, Annie Whiting (Miss) Bristol 

3387«; Darrow, Idalina (Miss) 154 Humphrey st.. New Haven 

5372m Darrow, Iva Clarissa (Miss) Bristol 

2226S Daskan, Arietta May (Mrs Samuel) 124 East ave., Norwalk 

13179M Daskam, Sarah Stanley (Mrs Theo. J.) Stamford 

17427M Davenport, Helen Gautier (Mrs John) Bay Point, Stamford 

16582A Davenport, Lillian L. (Miss) 22 Holmes ave., Waterbury 

20805; Davenport, Nellie Eliza Freeman (Mrs Henry H.) Pomfret 

6712M Davenport, Theodore (Miss) 193 Atlantic st., Stamford 

21412i^ Davis, Annie Laurie Hine (Mrs Henry W.) 60 Pleasant st., Meriden 


4399i^ Davis, Caroline E. Harris (Mrs Chas. H. S.) 60 Pleasant st., Meriden 

23690P Davis, Clara Southmayd (Miss) 252 College st., Middletown 

19056a; Davis, Elvira P. (Miss) * 77 Barnum ave., Bridgeport 

196446 Davis, Eunice Palmer (Mrs Martin) Jewett City 

76801 Davison, Jennie W. (Mrs Edward H.) 40 Lexton st., New Britain 

C.732f Davison, Octavia Z. W. (Mrs Koderick) 72 Prospect st., Willimantic 

8942i<; Dawson, Sophia Loiiise Pierce (Mrs Sydney H.) 142 Dwight st., New Haven 

8102(? Day, Alice Hooper (Mrs John C.) Allyn House, Hartford 

33861(7 Day, Anna Palfrey (Miss) 10 College st.. New Haven 

10302G' Day, Caroline E. (Miss) 105 Spring st., Hartford 

5277J Day, Fannie Gilbert (Mrs Henry P.) Seymour 

8346B Day, Frances Donninzeth Stevens (Mrs Loren T.) Westport 

43137^ Dayton, Cornelia H. Hughes (Mrs Wm. B.) Southport 

2524a; Deacon, Eliza Stoddard (Mrs Edward) 77 Grove st., Bridgeport 

8923W Deacon, May Frances Hoyt (Mrs John S.) Bristol 

8695J Dean, Anna Curtiss Fairchild (Mrs Saml. R.) Seymour 

12554i^ Dean, Grace P. Southmayd (Mrs Philotus) 127 East Main st., Meriden 

3391W De Bussy, Clara Lines (Mrs Eoger B.) 92 Park st.. New Haven 

7667a; De Lacour, Margaret Star Beardsley (Mrs James W.) Stratford 

18258r Demeritt, Emma Waitstill (Mrs Chas. H.) New Canaan 

4566A Deming, Eliza M. (Miss) 40 Wilson st., Waterbury 

28456^ Deming, Elizabeth Cooper Piatt (Mrs Ernest) . . .131 Sigourney st., Hartford 

899w Deming, Ellen M. Parmelee (Mrs Lucius P.) . .368 Quinnipiac st.. New Haven 

8933W Deming, Mary Bryan Whiting (Mrs Clarence) . .124 Prospect st.. New Haven 

23689P Deming, Mary J. (Miss) Middle Haddam 

10355i. Demott, Minnie Winsor (Mrs Clayton M.) . . .35 North Willow st., Waterbury 

29660 Denison, Eliza A. Miner (Mrs Hiram C.) Mystic 

13905O Denison, Emily Frances (Miss) Mystic 

13907O Denison, Mary Fanny Brown (Mrs Frederic) Mystic 

23011; Denison, Sara G. (Mrs Walter 11.) Groton 

17394B Dennis, Sarah E. (Mrs Charles) 30 High st., Norwalk 

4577P Derby, Alice Gray Southmayd (Mrs Elmer G.)...283 Court st., Middletown 

6711M Devan, Harriet E. S. (Mrs Spencer C.) 33 South st., Stamford 

5340W Dewell, Jessie Keyes (Miss) 400 Orange st., New Haven 

31890 Dewey, Minnie Eloise A. (Mrs Geo. D.) Mystic 

10964(7 Dexter, Alice Florilla (Miss) Talcottville 

13135A Dexter, Annie Josephine Hoole (Mrs Geo. L.)...36 Prospect st., Waterbury 

5279J" Dibble, Cora Reed (Mrs Olin L.) Seyn^our 

3501« Dibble, Rebecca Starr (Miss) 69 West st., Danbury 

41850 Dickinson, Mary Elizabeth Moredock (Mrs) Mystic 

9943a? Dickinson, C. Eliza Brooks (Mrs Sylvanus C.) Stratford 

4311ft Dimon, Harriet (Miss) Southport 

1S210O Dikeman, Ella Rosetta (Mrs Chas. S.) Torrington 

10313ikf Dixon, Cynthia (Miss) 49 Prospect st., Stamford 

22535(r Dixon, Elizabeth L. (Miss) 159 Farmington ave., Hartford 

16624M Dixon, H. Josephine (Mrs Alamson C.) 49 Prospect st., Stamford 

174147V^ Dodd, Etta S. (Mrs Chas. T.) 79 Colony st., Meriden 

22487d Dodge, Fanny Stanton (Mrs John L., Jr.,) Groton 

10882i Doolittle, Ella J. Ladd (Mrs George P.) 74 N. State st., Ansonia 

34:S6N Doolittle, Martha Couch (Mrs Edgar J.) 285 Colony st., Meriden 

4202M5 Doolittle, Sarah Mabel Cook (Miss) 367 Orange st.. New Haven 

11402A Dougherty, Katharine Buel (Mrs John B.) 219 West Main st., Waterbury 

125000 Doughty, Alice J. Brocker (Mrs Jas. A.) Torrington 


4573P Douglas, Ellen Camp (Mrs Wm. B.) 181 Broad st., Middletown 

12534't; Douglass, Elizabeth H. F. (Mrs Abbott L.) 32 Vauxhall st., New London 

15455L Douglass, Jessie Maud (Miss) Suffield 

9476d Douglass, Laura Miller (Mrs Melvin L.) Groton 

4211d! Douglass, Mary L. (Mrs E. P.) Groton 

18283; Douty, Maude Alliene (Miss) Putnam 

225432V Dow, Ellen Wales (Miss) Meriden 

74:24v Dow, Lucy M. Pierrepont (Mrs Franklin W.). .13 Franklin st., New London 

5395n Dowe, Amy Haslam (Miss) 50 Summer st., Norwich 

7389a? Downer, Nellie G. B. (Mrs Moses M.) 211 Clinton ave., Bridgeport 

5982Z Downs, Annie E. (Mrs Dwight J.) Division st.. West Ansonia 

10894Z Downs, Charlotte (Mrs Chas. N.) 304 Elizabeth st., Derby 

3675Z Downs, Lida Tomlinson (Mrs Sidney A.) 314 Elizabeth st., Derby 

5935i Downs, Martha G. H. (Mrs Thos. M.) 119 S. Cliff st., Ansonia 

3876s Downs, Mary H. Eandall (Mrs John C.) 39 Fairview ave., Danbury 

5299Z Downs, Euth A. (Miss) Division st.. West Ansonia 

17409L Drake, Jennie Loomis (Mrs William B.) Suffield 

18250i Drew, Cora Lyman (Mrs Edward C.) 57 Cottage ave., Ansonia 

5302Z Drew, Jennie Everest (Miss) 330 Caroline st., Derby 

3603A Driggs, Martha E. (Miss) 398 W. Main st., Waterbury 

6234r Drummond, Mary Carter (Miss) New Canaan 

7702A DuBois, Constance Goddard (Miss) 23 Hillside ave., Waterbury 

208663 Dudley, Mary Beach (Miss) West Winsted 

139140 Dunbar, Adeline L. (Miss) Torrington 

64b5« Dunbar, Alice G. (Mrs Edward B.) Bristol 

2720V Dunford, Mary Lynch (Mrs Philij) C.) 150 Main st.. New London 

10948 J Dunham, Frances Church (Mrs Henry A.) • Seymour 

8091fc Dunham, Lista Wier (Mrs Martin E.) Berlin 

19660i?' Dunham, Sylvia (Mrs Chauncey ) Southington 

13896p Durand, Evelyn Julia (Miss) Milford 

17365i Durand, Inez Pearl (Miss) 20 West st., Ansonia 

4377i<; Durham, Emraa Burwell (Mrs) 49 Wooster st., New Haven 

4195^ Dwight, Grace Goodrich (Mrs William B.) Prospect ave., Hartford 

8676f7 Dyer, Sarah J. (Mrs William) Central Village 

2724t; Eakin, Mary Prudence (Mrs) 32 Broad st.. New London 

21920^ Eames, Ella Kingman (Mrs Horace) Washington 

16597a; Eames, Harriet Lucy (Miss) . . . ; 273 Park ave., Bridgeport 

86702! Earle, Jennie F. (Miss) 51 West st., Danbury 

3396i(; Easterbrook, Mary Catherine F. (Mrs Nathan, Jr.) .82 York Sq., New Haven 

7681? Eastman, Mary Dwight (Miss) 33 S. High st.. New Britain 

19637c Eastwood, Julia Goodyear (Mrs) Thomaston 

23103fir Eaton, Ella Tiffany (Mrs Luther S.) Plainfield 

23660W Eaton, Elizabeth Forman (Miss) 72 Clarke st., New Haven 

352310 Eaton, Elizabeth Selden (Miss) 70 Sachem st.. New Haven 

8105^7 Eaton, Martha S. (Miss) Plainfield 

7014Z Eddy, Mary Welles (Mrs Elford B.) 327 W. Main st.. New Britain 

86671; Edgar, Sarah Frances Dorr (Mrs Geo. P.) 6 Shapley st.. New London 

20833P Edgerton, Amelia du Pont Cruger(Mrs Francis D.)115 Broad st., Middletown 

5280F Edgerton, Harriet Flower (Mrs Leonard P.) 274 E. Main st., Meriden 

, lOBiSF Edgerton, May Kelsey (Mrs Frank C.) 286 E. Main st., Meriden 

22525a; Edwards, Edith May (Miss) 305 Clinton ave., Bridgeport 

5287a! Edwards, Ella Hotchkiss (Mrs Norton L.) 274 Clinton ave., Bridgeport 

10375fc Edwards, Harriet Loraine (Miss) Berlin 



8682M Edwards, Katharine H. (Mrs Chas. A.) Strawberry Hill, Stamford 

182601* Eggleston, Amy Whittington (Mrs George M.) Bristol 

6706V Eggleston, Katharine Percy (Mrs Julius W.) 20 Tilley st.. New London 

5727C Ela, Jennie Percival (Mrs Elwood S.) South Manchester 

21855f Elliott, Clara Hall (Mrs Geo. S.) .Cor. Prospect & Windham sts., Willimantic 

21391; Elliott, Mary Briggs (Mrs Geo. E.) Grosvenor Dale 

77076 Ellsworth, Elizabeth Halsey (Mrs Frederick) Windsor 

2256G Ellsworth, Emily Webster (Miss) 68 Collins st., Hartford 

77086 Ellsworth, Laura L. (Mrs Horace H.) Windsor 

969P Elmer, Katherine Camp (Mrs William T.) 189 Broad st., Middletown 

17369» Elting, Abbie Huntington (Mrs William) 165 Eockwell st., Norwich 

4816A Elton, Charlotte Augusta (Mrs James S.) 70 Church st., Waterbury 

13207P Ely, Frances Reynolds (Mrs Elmer A.) 72 Washington st., Middletown 

10316tc Ely, Hattie A. (Miss) 40 Church st.. New Haven 

.23643g Emerson, Alice Woodbury (Miss) West Winsted 

4203W English, Henrietta Wodell (Mrs Lewis H.) 121 Whitney ave.. New Haven 

9493W English, Lucy Wright Kellogg (Mrs Edwin H.) 390 Prospect st.. New Haven 

14739«? English, Teresa H. Farren (Mrs Benj. K.) 347 Temple st., New Haven 

4414a Eno, Grace A. (Aliss) Simsbury 

4416a Eno, Harriette Humphrey Phelps (Mrs Aaron L.) Simsbury 

4417a Eno, Jane Humphrey (Miss) Simsbury 

4413a Eno, Martha S. Goodrich (Mrs Chauncey H.) Simsbury 

4420a Eno, Mary Cordelia (Miss) Weatogue 

4415a Eno, Nellie Elizabeth (Miss) Simsbury 

4412a Eno, Nellie S. Goodrich (Mrs George C.) Simsbury 

7043a Ensign, Ella Barnes (Miss) Weatogue 

11838a Ensign, Mary Anne (Miss) 234 High st., Hartford 

4418a Ensign, Mary Jane Phelps (Mrs Joseph E.) Simsbury 

7044a Ensign, Sarah Jane (Miss) Weatognie 

4422a Ensign, Susan Alice (Miss) Simsbury 

20787c Etheridge, Ellen Matthews (Mrs Frank W.) Thomaston 

10320m; Evans, Eliza Beers (Miss) 12 High st.. New Haven 

10319W Evans, Marie Beers (Mrs William A.) 12 High st., New Haven 

1719* Evans, Mollie Emeline Bunce (Mrs Percy) 107 High st., Middletown 

11367;A'' Evarts, Mary Henrietta (Mrs Frank P.) 123 Lincoln st., Meriden 

6728f Everest, Alice Pomeroy (Mrs Arthur C.) Oak st., Willimantic 

.21881aj Fairehild, Althea Hotchkiss Finch (Mrs E. W.) .196 Clinton ave., Bridgeport 

4606ir Fairehild, Eliza M. (Mrs Alfred B.) Fairfield ave., Bridgeport 

11416tt Fairbanks, Ella Perry (Mrs Frank L.) Bristol 

6681aT Fairehild, Julia E. (Miss) 405 State st., Bridgeport 

109152V Fairehild, Mary E. Bliss (Mrs Henry E.) 13 Chestnut st., Meriden 

7178 Fairehild, Mary Louisa Shelton (Mrs H. C.) 156 Washington ave., Bridgeport 

13219 J Fairehild, Sarah Candee (Mrs Ebenezer) Seymour 

15456L Fairfield, Mary Fuller (Mrs Jos. B.) Suffield 

10927r Fancher, Frances Jane (Mrs Eumsey I.) New Canaan 

103700 Fanton, Mary E. (Miss) Montgomery st., Danbury 

7693fl' Farmer, Emily King (Mrs Cornelius) Eockville 

14738M7 Farnam, Susan Frances Strong (Mrs Wm. W.) . .335 Prospect st., New Haven 

24514i Farrell, Elise Marion (Miss) 6 N. Cliff st., Ansonia 

17881i Farrell, Florence Adele (Miss) 6 N. ClifE st., Ansonia 

20799i Farrell, Lillian Clark (Miss) 37 State st., Ansonia 

5953i Farrell, Lillian Clarke (Mrs Franklin) 6 N. Cliff st., Ansonia 

* General de Lafayette Chapter, Ind. 



28406^ Faxon, Nellie A. White (Mrs Walter C.) 29 Huntington st., Hartford 

236737?" Fay, Elizabeth B. (Mrs Frank S.) 591 Broad st., Meriden 

8334M7 Fellows, Margaret McCown (Mrs Frank W.) . .114 Whitney ave.. New Haven 

5827JS: Fellows, Emma Hotchldss (Mrs Wm. A.) 29 Lester st., West Ansonia 

8668? Felt, Caroline V/atrous Bragaw (Mrs Wm. P.) 39 Curtiss st., New Britain 

13926? Fenn, Ida J. (Miss) 63 Walnut st.. New Britain 

113927^ Fennell, Inez Clarine Warner (Mrs W. G.) 437 Broad st., Meriden 

19070; Fenner, Ida Allen Morse (Mrs Charles M.) Putnam 

13143G' Ferguson, Eleanor Margaret (Miss) 123 Vernon st., Hartford 

3105(r Ferguson, Emma J. (Mrs Henry) 123 Vernon st., Hartford 

4600i» Ferguson, Helen Maria (Mrs Henry B.) 155 John st., Bridgeport 

3860cZ Fernley, Beulah Starkey (Mr ; John) New London 

17393B Ferris, Eva Lillian (Miss) 68 West st.. South Norwalk 

27065 Ferris, Jennie Charlotte (Mrs John H.) 68 West st.. South Norwalk 

13177J/ Fessenden, Helen Davenport (Mrs Samuel) Stamford 

21417M Fessenden, Helen Gautier (Miss) Stamford 

10594lf Fessenden, Mary Conner (Mrs Joshua) 8 North st., Stamford 

74341f Fessenden, Virginia Weed (Mrs Oliver G.) 36 South st., Stamford 

13645 Fillow, Julia E. Bigelow (Mrs Jos. H.) West Norwalk 

4434(i Fish, Delphine Louise K. (Mrs Frank S.) Gale's Ferry 

53110 Fish, Eliza E. (Mrs Simon G.) Mystic 

53120 Fish, Frances E. (Mrs John 0.) Mystic 

41880 Fish, Hortense G. D. (Mrs) Mystic 

11842(Z Fish, Louise Avery (Mrs Judson D.) Groton 

113^62^ Fisherdick, Florence Marion (Miss) 268 E. Main st., Meriden 

74251; Fitch, Fanny Eliza K. (Mrs George G.)..4 Commercial st., New London 

43282! Flint, Kate Fairbanks (Mrs Harrison) 355 Main st., Danbury 

22494; Flynn, Mary Louise (Miss) Woodstock 

12025tt Fogg, Florence Esther Wright (Mrs Milfred E.) Bristol 

18240a Foote, Emma Hayt (Mrs Allen K.) Simsbury 

179092V Foote, Mary (Miss) Meriden 

7025m; Foote, Mary Clift (Mrs Edward Y.) 113 Park st.. New Haven 

339310 Fote, Nancy A. Morse (Mrs Benjamin P.) 158 York st.. New Haven 

894,510 Foote, Sarah Wells (Miss) 305 Howard ave.. New Haven 

5380tt Forbes, Hulda Clarke (Mrs Samuel W.) Bristol 

21916i Ford, Isabel Brinsmade (Mrs Wm. J.) Washington 

598010 Ford, Mary A. Lewis (Mrs George H.) New Haven House, New Haven 

15419V Forsyth, Harriet Elizabeth (Miss) 108 Jefferson ave.. New London 

66840 Forsyth, Mary Spicer (Mrs John) Mj^stic 

10355F Foskett, Mary Elizabeth Phelps (Mrs Chas. C.) 642 Broad st., Meriden 

7032H, Foss, Rebecca Brewster (Mrs Samuel S.) 50 E. Broad st., Norwich 

19670G' Foster, Caroline (Miss) 15 Kenyon st., Hartford 

13220TO Foster, Florence Deborah (Miss) Green's Farms 

5933(? Foster, Harriet Smith (Mrs Frederick R.) 77 Wethersfield ave., Hartford 

3500s Foster, Margaret Dibble (Mrs Clinton) 69 West st., Danbury 

9468? Foster, Mary E. (Miss) Pearl st.. New Britain 

9466? Foster, Mary Stanley (Mrs Samuel F.) Pearl st., New Britain 

118482^ Foster, Nellie E. (Miss) Murdock ave., Meriden 

13190jV Fowler, Eunice Ellen (Miss) Reservoir ave., Meriden 

9475c? Fox, Elizabeth Spicer (Mrs Findley ) South Woodstock 

214142V" Francis, Alice (Miss) Brandford 

2570© Francis, Anna Blodgett (Mrs Frederick A.) 3 Farmington ave., Hartford 

131761f Francis, Florence (Miss) 14 Summer st., Stamford 























































Francis, Marietta J. (Mrs William J.) Bethany 

Francis, Mary (Miss) 101 Elm st., Hartford 

French, Alice Bradley (Mrs Hobart E.) 53 Beach st., Bridgeport 

French, Annie M. (Mrs Henry W.) 27 Cherry st., Waterbury 

French, Ellen Kaymond (Miss) 119 South Clilff st., Ansonia 

French, Julia Hubbell Thompson (Mrs Corlos) Seymour 

Frisbie, Ellen L. Morgans (Mrs Wm. D.) 13 Jay st.. New London 

Frisbie, Emily J. Welton (Mrs Edward L.) 47 Cooke st., Waterbury 

Frisbie, Nellie Dickinson (Mrs) 82 Cooke st., Waterbury 

Frisby, Grace Hanford (Miss) 35 Beers st., New Haven 

Frost, Augusta A. Ely (Mrs Eussell) 52 West ave., Norwalk 

Frost, Ida S. (Miss) Cheshire 

Frost, Lillian Birdsey (Mrs Lewis E.) 624 Broad st., Meriden 

Frost, Stella Drake (Mrs Edgar) Southington 

Fuller, Mary Eliza Bliss (Mrs Lucius S.) Tolland 

Fuller, Sarah Leonard Pease (Mrs Edward A.) Suffield 

Fyler, Mary Vaill (Mrs O. E.) Torrington 

Gainfort, Phebe Eockwell (Mrs Wm. L.) Meriden 

Gallup, Alice Eulalie G. (Mrs John) 9 Forest st., Hartford 

Gallond, Grace Allen (Mrs J. .Vlerrick) ol5 N. Main st.. Water oury 

Gallup, Grace Eogers Aldrich (Mrs Chas. D.) . .186 Laiirel Hill ave ., Norwich 

Gard, Jennie A. Morgan (Mrs Frank W.) Groton 

Gard, Mary E. Parker (Mrs Daniel L.) 50 Crystal ave., New London 

Gardner, Carrie Louise (Miss) 231 College st.,Middletown 

Gardner, Edith Hallock (Mrs Eobert S.) 302 Caroline st., Derby 

Gardner, Ellen L. Watson (Mrs Nathan E.) Baltic 

Gardner, Florence D. (Miss) 32 Union st.. New London 

Gardner, Mary Frances Osborn (Mrs Samuel) 24 Minerva st., Derby 

Gardner, Nellie M. P. (Miss) Baltic 

Garfield, Harriet Clark (Mrs Nathaniel L.) 316 Olive st.. New Haven 

Garliek, Harriet Trubee Knapp (Mrs Samuel M.) . .316 State st., Bridgeport 

Garlick, Mabel S. (Miss) South Meriden 

Garliek, Nellie S. (Mrs William) South Meriden 

Gary, Mary Ella Williams (Mrs Joseph F.) Mystic 

Gates, Elizabeth Margaret L. (Mrs Levi C.) 218 Main st., Hartford 

Gates, Mary Spicer (Mrs Noah) Box &4, Poquetanock 

Gavett, Frances Clapp (Miss) 17 Grove st., Bridgeport 

Gay, Charlotte Watson (Mrs Henry) 71 Prospect st.. West Winsted 

Gay, Jennie H. Marsh (Mrs Frank B.) 658 Farmington ave., Hartford 

Gay lord, Catharine Stoughton (Mrs Ansel) Terry ville 

Gaylord, Jennette L. (Miss) Gaylordsville 

Gay lord, Katharine Phelps Armes (Mrs Andrew S.) Terrj^ville 

Gaylord, Mary Emma Peck (Mrs Frederick L.) 69 S. Cliff st., Ansonia 

Gazlay, Angeline Elizabeth Gleason (Mrs Henry M.) Putnam 

Geary, Allison White (Mrs Benjamin F.) 317 W. Main st., Lock Haven 

Geer, Alice I. (Mrs Albert L.) South Manchester 

Geer, Eliza Jane Ellsworth (Mrs Elihu) Windsor 

Geer, Ella Percie (Miss) Groton 

Geer, Ellen (Miss) 35 Park st., Norwich 

Gerard, Jessie Bryant (Mrs Franklin W.) 233 Caroline st., Derby 

Gesner, Ada Maria (Miss) 260 Hawthorne ave., Derby 

GifPord, Janette Tyler (Mrs Irving N.) 171 Laurel Hill ave., Norwich 

* Valley Forge Chapter, Penn. 



5318n Gilbert, Jessie Adelia Bishop (Mrs Nathan G.) 49 Broad st., Norwich 

10887JS: Gilbert, Louise H. (Miss) 71 Front st., .Derby 

1S459L Gilbert, Mary Loomis (Mrs Alfred W.) Suffield 

8317Z Gilbert, Mary Lyman (Miss) 71 Derby ave., Derby 

12240(? Gilbert, Virginia Ewing (Mrs Charles E.) 60 Gillette st., Hartford 

11374P Gildersleeve, Amelia Warner (Mrs Henry) Portland 

21396p Gillette, Martha Newton (Miss) Milford 

4167n Gilman, Emily S. (Miss) N. Washington st., Norwich 

4574P Gilman, Emma C. (Miss) 83 Crescent st., Middletown 

4157n Gilman, Maria Peritt (Miss) N. Washington st., Norwich 

22495; Gilpatriek, Jessie Isadore Hodges (Mrs George W.) Putnam 

41860 Gladwin, Eleanor M. Daniels (Mrs Wm. H.) Mystic 

2571(r Gladwin, Ellen Hammond (Mrs Sidney M.) 705 Asylum ave., Hartford 

53030 Gladwin, Nellie Amanda (Miss) Mystic 

9460(r Glazier, Emily Spencer Williams (Mrs Frank D.) South Glastonbury 

164340 Glazier, Mary Olivia (Miss) 340 Farmington ave., Hartford 

16576r Gleason, Lillian K. (Mrs Frank H.) New Canaan 

10327m Glover, Harriet D. C. (Mrs Henry S.) Fairfield 

4402m Glover, Helen Wardwell (Mrs William B.) .Fairfield 

5400P Goddard, Edith Hart (Mrs William H.) Wallingford 

124990 Godfrey, Adelaide Coe (Mrs W. H. K.) Torrington 

2847to Gold, Emma Tracy (Mrs Theodore S.) West Cornwall 

14491B Golding, Ada Hanf ord (Miss) 164 East ave., Norwalk 

13139G^ Goldthwaite, Charlotte (Miss) 391 Allyn st., Hartford 

12540ilf Goldy, Emma L. S. (Mrs Harry A.) 37 Prospect st., Stamford 

15458L Goodale, Mary Lydia (Mrs David W.) Suffield 

8665t; Goodale, Sarah Whaley (Mrs Willis) Niantic 

22P Goode, Sarah Ford Judd (Mrs George B.) 162 Church st., Middletown 

19678G^ Goodrich, Elizabeth Ely (Miss) 55 Wethersfield ave., Hartford 

4421a Goodrich, Juliette (Miss) Simsbury 

28370 Goodrich, Mabel E. (Miss) 24 Main st., Hartford 

472637 Goodsell, Eliza Jane (Miss) 286 North ave., Bridgeport 

4727a; Goodsell, Mary Caroline (Miss) .286 North ave., Bridgeport 

2233B Goodsell, Sarah Hill (Mrs John) Westport 

11362A^ Godsell, Sarah Louise Pratt (Mrs Buel) Meriden 

24560 Goodwin, Alice Fenwick (Miss) 103 Woodlawn st., Hartford 

74160 Goodwin, Anna M. (Miss) 29 Wethersfield ave., Hartford 

5367« Goodwin, Louise Griggs (Mrs Willard E.) Bristol 

22480 Goodwin, Mary Alsop Jackson (Mrs Francis) . . ..103 Woodland st., Hartford 

74150 Goodwin, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 29 Wethersfield ave., Hartford 

3992^ Goodwin, Eebecca B. (Mrs Charles F.) 35 Park ave., Waterbury 

24550 Goodwin, Sarah Morgan (Mrs Francis) 103 Woodland st., Hartford 

23670Z) Gordon, Adele Marion (Miss) Greenwich 

103672! Gordon, Sarah Emeline Blake (Mrs Wm. A.) Clifton Place, Danbury 

103742 Gordon, Susan Lanor (Miss) Clifton Place, Danbury 

5244^ Gorham, Anna Baldwin Sturges (Mrs John A.) Southport 

17376J. Goss, Caroline (Miss) Waterbury 

4312ft Gould, Delia Dimon Black (Mrs David H.) Southport 

4017m Gould, Elizabeth Burr (Miss) Fairfield 

19621s Gould, Emma Nelson Clark (Mrs) Southington 

19620s Gould, Isabella A. Hotchkiss (Mrs) Southington 

4403m Gould, Julia Beers (Miss) Fairfield 

4016m Gould, Mary Catharine (Miss) Fairfield 


18245d Grace, Hannah Elizabeth Williams (Mrs John) .4 Cleavland st., New London 

12525m; Graham, Florence J. (Miss) 331 George st.. New Haven 

6215P Graham, Julia (Mrs Charles P.) 107 Broad st., Middletown 

118477?' Graham, Mary Elizabeth Hoggan (Mrs Benj. L.) ... .40 Columbia st., Meriden 

8974V Graves, Frances M. W. (Mrs Charles B.) 2 Mercer st.. New London 

22496/ Green, Virgelia Sawyer (Mrs Clarendon) Putnam 

5932Q Greene, Caroline S. Barrow (Mrs Jacob L.) 113 Woodland st., Hartford 

19669(? Greene, Florence Keeney Buck (Mrs Jacob H.) . .184 Sigourney st., Hartford 

20969* Greene, M. Louise (Miss) 14 University Place, New Haven 

4387X Gregory, Grace Spencer (Mrs Louis L.) 165 Derby ave., Derby 

2236B Gregory, Jeannette Lindsley (Mrs Jas. L.) 5 West ave., Norwalk 

15413« Gridley, Sara Cooke (Mrs Silas A.) Harwinton 

86713 Griffing, Martha K. N. (Mrs. Chas. E.) 136 Deer Hill ave., Danbury 

2809;? Grifiing, Martina Marietta (Miss) 136 Deer Hill ave., Danbury 

5368U Griggs, Charlotte Stearns (Miss) Bristol 

3176A Griggs, Mary Bassett Foote (Mrs Henry C.) ... .36 Cottage Place, Waterbury 

19638c Griggs, Nellie M. .(Miss) Thomaston 

66850 Grinnell, Emeline Lester Spicer (Mrs Ldwin) Mystic 

113770 Grinnell, Eunice Victoria Brown (Mrs George E.) Mystic 

17888a? Grinnell, Jennie Eliza Waldo (Mrs John B.) 145 West ave., Bridgeport 

53130 Grinnell, Phoebe E. (Mrs uharles L.) Mystic 

27231; Grint, Martha James Sampson (Mrs Alfred P.) . .24 Federal st.. New London 
6690? Griswold, Caroline Pinney (Mrs Dan'l) . 217 Shuttle Meadow Ed., New Britain 

109142V Griswold, Elvua Smith (Mrs Lewis F.) 14 Chestnut st., Meriden 

139090 Griswold, Isabella Wallace (Miss) Torrington 

2587(? Gross, Ellen Clarissa Spencer (Mrs Charles E.) 840 Asylum ave., Hartford 

20806; Grosvenor, Charlotte M. (Miss) Pomfret Centre 

18251i Guernsey, Candora Seeley (Mrs Jas. H.) 44 Mott st., Ansonia 

21390i Guernsey, Caroline Helen Hoadley (Mrs Thomas H.) 44 Mott st., Ansonia 

20792ft Guilbert, Minnie Isabel (Mrs Edmund) Southport 

20790/= Guild, Hattie E. (Mrs Frank E.) Windham 

8979/ Guild, Josephine E. L. (Mrs Charles H.) Seymour 

182735 Gumbart, Mary Barnum (Mrs Edward H.) 52 Osborn ave.. East Norwalk 

21917* Gunn, Abigail Irene (Mrs Frederick W.) Washington 

17766t Guy, Alice Baker (Miss) Middletown 

8086fc Gwatkin, Jane Norton (Mrs Walter) Berlin 

9501i^ Hadley, Marionette Penfield (Mrs James A.) 216 E. Main st., Meriden 

9927t) Hale, Caroline E. (Mrs Eisley) 174 State st., New London 

19050i; Hale, Hattie Augusta Wallace (Mrs A. T.) Crocker House, New London 

3492jP Hall, Almira Parker (Mrs Emery 0.) 167 Franklin st., Meriden 

13162(7 Hall, Angle Talcott (Mrs Frank D.) Manchester 

21421Z) Hall, Charlotte S. (Mrs William P.) Greenwich 

8085fc Hall, Edith Alice (Miss) Berlin 

113692V Hall, Ermina C. (Miss) East Meriden 

19657i^ Hall, Fannie B. (Miss) Wallingford 

131922V Hall, Gertrude Wheatley (Mrs William A.) Colony Heights, Meriden 

10354jP Hall, Grace M. (Miss) Main Street Station, Meriden 

183190 Hall, Jennie Steele (Mrs Harry A.) Torrington 

13872^ Hall, Laura B. Cannon (Mrs Frank L.) 70 Cottage st., Meriden 

18303i^ Hall, Lillie Beckley (Mrs Wilbur B.) 650 Broad st., Meriden 

25002V Hall, Lois Blakeslie (Mrs Seth J.) 481 E. Main st., Meriden 

* Valley Forge Chapter, Penn. t Washington Heights Chapter, N. Y. 

50 , DIEECTOKY, D. A. E. 

44002?' Hall, Lucy A. Latham (Mrs Erwin D.) 219 State st., Meriden 

2i536F Hall, Lucy Birdsey (Mrs Lewis) 663 Broad st., Meridfin 

109132^ Hall, Mabel Edith Davis (Mrs Arthur E.) 322 W. Main st., Meriden 

2496i^ Hall, Mary E. Baldwin (Mrs Eussell) 469 E. Main st., Meriden 

8084A; Hall, Mary Eliza (Miss) Berlin 

4806a! Hall, Mary Hammond (Mrs Melville E.) 468 Clinton ave., Bridgeport 

20844Z Hall, Mary Tyler (Mrs Eussell T.) Lexington st., New Britain 

13194iV' Hall, Nancie Elisabeth (Miss) .Wallingford 

178857- Hall, Viola E. (Mrs Lewis C.) New Canaan 

24542IV^ Hallenbeck, Julia Augusta (Miss) Wallingford 

8093a; Hallett, Caroline Beal Swift (Mrs Josiah B.) . .280 Lafayette st., Bridgeport 

17098* Hallett, Frank D. Bunker (Mrs Harrison H.) "Ambleside," Fairfield 

19692ir Halligan, Anna Koselle (Mrs Wm. E.) 80 Elmwood ave., Bridgeport 

80940? Hallock, Anne Drew (Miss) 6 Huntington Koad, Bridgeport 

23346 Hallock, Carrie B. (Miss) 133 Washington ave., Bridgeport 

8095a; Hallock, Emma Marie (Miss) 6 Huntington Eoad, Bridgeport 

165940 Hallock, Isabel Thomas (Mrs George W.) • Torrington 

3495P Hallock, Katharine Camp Avery (Mrs Frank K.) Cromwell 

7402Z Hallock, Mary Burr Sherwood (Mrs Franklin) 122 Derby ave., Derby 

2457(? Hamersley, Jane Allen (Mrs William) Saybrook 

21382a Hamilton, Belle E. (Mrs Scoville J.) Avon 

3994A Hamilton, Katharine Deborah (Miss) 317 E. Main st., Waterbury 

13149© Hamilton, Mary Archer Hurnham (Mrs M. C.) . .139 Sigourney st., Hartford 

24982V Hamilton, Sarah Lavinia Lines (Mrs Frank L.) Meriden 

21900IV Hamlin, Julia Howell (Mrs Ed. C.) Meriden 

46132V Hamlin, Kate Howell (Miss) 220 Broad st., Meriden 

19085M Hammill, Blanche Bigelow (Miss) Stamford 

2578© Hammond, Eliza Clymer Overton (Mrs E. Payson) . .25 Atwood st., Hartford 

15434jP Hammond, Frances Warner (Mrs Wm. E.) 571/2 Liberty st., Meriden 

139080 Hanchett, Emma E. Hayes (Mrs Thacher S.) Torrington 

4599a? Hanover, Annie B. Blackman (Mrs Julius S.) . . . .142 South ave., Bridgeport 

4601a; Hanover, Bessie B. (Miss) 142 South ave., Bridgeport 

15461L Harmon, Caroline E. Fuller (Mrs Ashbel C.) Suffield 

166092^ Harmon, Minnette L. (Miss) Wallingford 

5029f Harper, Anne Williams Hill (Mrs. William W.) Stonington 

5252wt Harral, Ellen W. (Mrs Edward W.) Fairfield 

14734f Harries, Wealthia Elizabeth (Mrs James E.) Willimantic 

20818V Harris, Marie Elizabeth Payne (Mrs Cassius F.) New London 

16583A Harrison, Catherine Somers (Mrs Stephen E.)..128 Walnut st., Waterbury 
3522W Harrison, Mary Elizabeth Osborn (Mrs Henry B.) .266 Crown st.. New Haven 

3516«J Harrison, Sarah Barnej'- (Miss) 266 Crown st.. New Haven 

11406A Hart, Amy Louise (Miss) 50 Buckingham ave., Waterbury 

8972fc Hart, Anne Amelia (Mrs Samuel A.) Kensington 

10340A Hart, Bertha Piatt (Mrs) 50 Buckingham ave., Waterbury 

14658© Hart, Emma May (Mrs Ferdinand A.) 937 Main st., Hartford 

21385? Hart, Etheline Louise (Miss) 35 Curtis st.. New Britain 

21384? Hart, Jane Wainwright, (Mrs Charles E.) 35 Curtis st., New Britain 

3104© Hart, Katharine A. (Mrs A. E.) 846 Asylum ave., Hartford 

21386Z Hart, Lillian Wainwright (Miss) 35 Curtis st., New Britain 

7048M Hart, Mary C. D. (Mrs Nathaniel E.) .114 Atlantic st., Stamford 

5018© Hart, Mary Calhoun (Mrs Edward G.) 69 Willard st., Hartford 

* Valley Forge Chapter, Penn. t Campbell Chapter, Tenn. 



10328TO Hartshorne, Sara Glover Mills (Mrs Walter R.) Fairfield 

20181'y Harvey, Helen Josephine (Miss) East Lj^me 

70576 Harvey, Lucretia G. Hayden (Mrs Charles E.) Windsor 

22572J? Harwood, Clara (Mrs Clayton E.) Eockville 

13921il/ Harwood, Mary E. (Miss) Strawberry Hill, Stamford 

24538L Haskell, Thomasine (Miss) _ Windsor Locks 

10336c Hassard, Mary L. Udell (Mrs Eobert G.) 30 Elm st., Thomaston 

21893L Hastings, Grace Louise (Miss) Suffield 

17922ilf Hatch, Gertrude Elizabeth (Miss) Stamford 

17904L Hathaway, Lillian Merriman Stewart (Mrs Ernest A.) Suffield 

15460L Hathaway, Louise E. (Miss) Suffield 

23096^ Havemeyer, Julia Ida Loomis (Mrs Chas. W.) . .137 Washington st., Hartford 

19691a; Hawes, Mary Lucie Sherwood (Mrs George) 215 South ave., Bridgeport 

13199» Hawkins, Julia A. (Miss) 318 E. Main st., Norwich 

131440 Hawley, Anna Coleman Newton (Mrs) 7 Main st., Hartford 

4593a; Hawley, Ella Thompson (Miss) 408 State st., Bridgeport 

4592a; Hawley, Hettie Ann T. (Mrs Edward A.) 408 State st., Bridgeport 

70586 Hayden, Alice Elizabeth Welch (Mrs Nathl. W.) Windsor 

3999A Hayden, Elizabeth Kellogg (Mrs Edward S.) 52 Pine st., Waterbury 

4745A Hayden, Florentine H. (Miss) 234 Grove st., Waterbury 

7706f Hayden, Sarah Martin (Mrs Jas. E.) 22 Mountain st., Willimantic 

7403Z Hayes, Lovina Alcott Peck (Mrs Chester) 209 Minerva st., Derby 

208222^ Hayt, Augusta B. (Mrs Jas. E.) 116 Deer Hill ave., Danbury 

236873' Haywood, Edith Adelaide (Miss) 85 Talcott ave., Eockville 

20819V Hazard, Anna Perry (Miss) New London 

16633P Hazen, Mary Butler Thompson (Mrs Azel W.) 299 Court st., Middletown 

S976J Healey, Alice Jane (Mrs Eobert) Seymour 

20832/ Healey, Ehoda H. Gerard (Mrs Wm. S.) Shelton 

6233r Heath, Julia A. Hoyt (Mrs Benj. N.) New Canaan 

67051; Heeley, Fanny J. (Miss) 3 Prospect st., New London 

15462Z/ Hemenway, Martha Fuller (Mrs Egerton) Suffield 

19622s Hemingway, Lanette O. W. (Mrs) Southington 

16015p Hemingway, Mary Piatt (Mrs John I.) New Haven 

13136A Hemingway, Maud Willard (Mrs Buel H.) Watertown 

5353B Henderson, Sarah Mallory (Miss) SO West ave.. South Norwalk 

7Q95E Henry, Lenora (Miss) Eockville 

5242JJJ. Hewit, Eleanor Charlotte Tomlinson (]\Irs Jas. H.) Fairfield 

16620^ Hewitt, Grace D. (Mrs Chas. E.) 70 Crown st., Meriden 

70477J Heydrick, Josephine Stagg (Miss) Southj)ort 

12544M Heywood, Edith (Miss) 5 and 7 Willow st., Stamford 

21918* Hickox, Frances Eliot (Miss) Washington 

4607F Hickox, Sarah Newton (Mrs Wm. A.) 2S Goodwill ave., Meriden 

113882^ Hickox, Sara Warner (Mrs Chas. A.) 234 Pearl st., Hartford 

21401s Higgins, Harriet (Miss) Plantsville 

39934 Hill, Charlotte Benedict (Mrs Gilmore C.) . . .44 Leavenworth st., Waterbury 

2222S Hill, Clara M. (Miss) 40 West ave., Norwalk 

173955 Hill, Ella D. Couch (Mrs Chas. J.) 1 West ave., Norwalk 

154030 Hill, Ellen AUyn Brewster (Mrs John E.) Mystic 

89622; Hill, Julia Delacone (Miss) 324 Main st., Danbury 

53050 Hill, Margaret Wheeler (Mrs Mason C.) Mj^stic 

10957A Hill, Margaret Wilmarth (Miss) Waterbury 

10383B Hill, Mary Alice St. John (Mrs Arthur B.) 11 Morgan ave., Norwalk 

1310S Hill, Mary Ellen Mosman (Mrs Ebenezer J.) 40 West ave., Norwalk 


5027(Z Hill, Miriam (Miss) Stonington. 

2S26A Hill, Susie E. (Miss) ♦ 1 First ave., Waterbury 

19706f Hillhoiise, Annie Niles (Mrs Jas. W.) 185 Church st., Willimantic 

17380a? Hills, Angevene Andrews (Mrs L. Shelton) . .. .321 Lafayette st., Bridgeport 

lC041Gf Hills, Harriett (Miss) 98 Capitol ave., Hartford 

3090V Hills, Harriet Caulkins (Mrs) 10 Walker st., New London 

122416^ Hills, Julia Griggs Litchfield (Mrs A. C.) 243 Laurel st., Hartford 

225336^ Hillyer, Clara E. (Miss) 969 Main st., Hartford 

113780 Hinckley, Amanda Jane Hewitt (Mrs Saml. H.) Mystic 

13116p Hine, Charlotte Clark (Mrs Frank E.) Milford 

7404Jr Hinman, Clara Louise Benj. (Mrs Leverett Le Grand) 136 Derby ave., Derby 

14728i^ Hinman, Jean Emily Burns (Mrs Leveret C.) Meriden 

4401F Hinman, Phoebe Elizabeth Camp (Mrs Franklin E.) 24 Camp st., Meriden 

4334W Hitchcock, Agnes Louise (Miss) 107 Wall st.. New Haven 

4333t<; Hitchcock, Agnes M. (Mrs Watson C.) 107 Wall st.. New Haven 

103452*' Hitchcock, Caroline Judson (Miss) 268 East Main st., Meriden 

2573(? Hitchcock, Charlotte Fidelia Hunt (Mrs Henry P.) 59 Garden st., Hartford 

11384i Hitchcock, Grace Brita Espe (Mrs Melville C.) . . .' 8 Myrtle ave., Ansonia 

10388'i Hoadley, Alice Emma (Miss) 11 New st., Ansonia 

2351410 Hoadley, Henry-Etta Amelia Ivison (Miss) ..... .304 Crown st., New Haven 

8939W Hoadley, Jane Isabella Ivison (Mrs Horace P.) 304 Crown st., New Haven 

5941i Hoadley, Jenny Eogers (Mrs Frank E.) 125 South Cliff st., Ansonia 

8943to Hoadley, Mary Bentley (Mrs Lemuel) 158 York st.. New Haven 

17419IV Hobart, Mabel C. (Mrs David) Hobart st., Meriden 

4004WJ- Hobart, Hannah (Miss) Fairfield 

10390i Holbrook, Augusta Hull (Mrs Roj^al) 53 Franklin st., Ansonia 

16560i Holbrook, Carolyn May (Miss) 53 Franklin st., Ansonia 

2523 Holbrook, Harriette Chichester (Mrs Benj. D.) Clinton 

7665'i Holbrook, Mary Louise (Miss) 47 Franklin st., Ansonia 

15995a Holcomb, Anna C. (Miss) West Simsbury 

22426^ Holcombe, Emily Seymour Goodwin (Mrs John M.) . .79 Spring st., Hartford 

18242(1. Holcomb, Grace Elizabeth (Miss) Weatogue 

14478a Holcomb, Mary Ellen Lowrey (Mrs Jos. W.) Weatogue 

20173s , Holcomb, Sarah C. B. (Mrs) Southington 

18241a Holcomb, Sarah Munson (Mrs Chas. B.) TarifEville 

18252i Holden, Fidelia E. Ormsbee (Mrs Edward L.) 16 North Cliff st., Ansonia 

16568» Holden, Lydia Wheeler (Mrs Walter) Hamilton ave., Norwich 

17886t( HoUister, Adaline E. (Mrs Elisha) West st., Bristol 

124850 Hollister, Harriet (Miss) Wapping 

8970fc Hollister, Harriet V. (Miss) Berlin 

8971fc Hollister, J. Elizabeth (Miss) Berlin 

5347d Holman, Laura J. Allyn (ilrs Justin B.) Saybrook 

13089V Holman, Mabel Cassine (Miss) Old Saybrook 

23644g Holmes, Abbie E. Pierce (Mrs Chas. B.) West Winsted 

23671D Holmes, Agnes (Miss) Putnam ave., Greenwich 

23671f Holmes, Alice Lydia (Miss) Willimantic 

14736f Holmes, Grace Sarah (Miss) South Windham 

20820V , Holmes, Marenda Adaline (Miss) New London 

15422V Holmes, Martha Booth (Mrs Cornelius S.) . . .20 Hempstead st.. New London 

1542810 Holmes, Mary Jessica (Miss) 90 York Square, New Haven 

14735f Holmes, Sarah Johnson (Mrs Elisha H.) v South Windham 

31840 Holmes, Thankful Alletta Clift (Mrs Benj. L.) Mystic 

6680a; Holt, Abby (Miss) "Sterling Home," Bridgeport 


3395W Holt, Abigail T. Stone (Mrs Albert S.) 71 Dwight st., New Haven 

19640c Holt, Isabella Jackson (Mrs Grenville E.) Thomaston 

7438f Holt, Louisa Permelia (Miss) 156 Prospect st., Willimantic 

19072; Holt, Mary Florence (Miss) Putnam 

7390a; Holzer, Sara M. Smith (Mrs Philip L.) 383 Iranistan ave., Bridgeport 

19658i?' Homan, Clarine Olmsted (Mrs V\^m. C.) 168 Curtis st., Meriden 

16008Z Hooker, Anna Newton (Mrs N. Albert) Kensington Eoad, New Britian 

1162^ Hooker, Georgianna Woodmancy (Mrs Wm. G.) Columbus ave., Meriden 

3513^ Hooker, Martha Kilbourn (Mrs Edward B.) . . .70 Farmington ave., Hartford 

166212V Hosley, Eva Loesa Hills (Mrs Nelson D.) 4 Lake st., Meriden 

12530?7i Hotchkiss, Addie Burr (Miss) Fairfield 

12529a; Hotchkiss, Anna Maria (Mrs Chas. A.) 274 Clinton ave., Bridgeport 

19083Z Hotchkiss, Eleanor Eunice Beckwith (Mrs Henry K.) 29 Lester st., Ansonia 

1905210 Hotchkiss, Ellen Woodward (Miss) 192 York st.. New Haven 

4383P Hotchkiss, Fanny J. (Miss) Hintong Hill, Middletown 

132080 Hotchkiss, Gertrude Tyler (Mrs) Torington 

12551i^ Hotchkiss, Hattie E (Mrs Seymour) Wallingford 

14741MJ Hotchkiss, Jane Trowbridge (Mrs Henry L.) . .55 Hillhouse ave.. New Haven 

16601J5 Hotchkiss, Julia Jessup (Mrs E. Hubbell) 4 Arch st., Norwalk 

12488/ Hotchkiss, Maria E. (Mrs Harry) Naugatuck 

18304ii^ Hotchkiss, Nellie A. (Mrs Fredk. M.) 127 South Colony st., Meriden 

179112V Hough, Ellen Eebecca (Miss) 66 Kensington ave., Meriden 

22526a! Hough, Frances Louise (Miss) 347 Clinton ave., Bridgeport 

7035n Hough, Jennie Learned Leavens (Mrs Alfred) 43 Union st., Norwich 

34995( Hough, Maria Starr (Mrs Benzette A.) 30 Deer Hill ave., Danbury 

57670 House, Grace L. Bissell (Mrs Chas. E.) South Manchester 

19693a; House, Mary Frances Dimond (Mrs Jas. A.) 88 William st., Bridgeport 

10960W Houston, Mary Dow (Miss) 506 N. Main st., Norwich 

125126^ Hovey, Alice Huntley (Mrs Henry iC.) 17 Oxford st., Hartford 

30911; Hovey, Mary Eogers (Mrs Philo B.) 62 Hempsted st.. New London 

10953lf Howard, Cornelia Anna (Mrs Henry S.) 3 Willow st., Stamford 

10307Gf Howard, Julia Cutler (Mrs Frank L.) 150 Collins st., Hartford 

13161W Howard, Louise Gertrude Alden (Mrs Wm. L.) . .331 Temple st.. New Haven 

3670i^ Howard, Mary Dean (Mrs Chapin) 2 Washington Heights, Meriden 

83185: Howe, Adalina Eossi (Miss) 81 Fourth st., Derby 

94981; Howe, Asenath (Miss) Stratford Springs 

16061M Howe, Blanche (Miss) 92 Atlantic st., Stamford 

11840n Howe, Louise Carmichael (Miss) 9 Williams ave., Norwich 

7391a; Howes, Susan Augusta (Miss) 41 Hough st., Bridgeport 

24515i Howland, Minerva Blake (Mrs William) 103 Broadway, New Haven 

160120 Hoxie, Luciebelle Ward (Mrs Ira C.) Mystic 

20843Z) Hoyt, Anne E. (Mrs H. W. E.) Greenwich 

28242; Hoyt, Ellen A. (Miss) Great Plain, Danbury 

8348ilf Hoyt, Estelle Josephine (Miss) ,. . .Strawberry Hill, Stamford 

160242^ Hoyt, Harriet Jane Glover (Mrs George B.) 60 Franklin st., Danbury 

8203M Hoyt, Josephine (Miss) 25 South st., Stamford 

146381f Hoyt, Josephine Bailey (Mrs George H.) Strawberry Hill, Stamford 

6228r Hoyt, Martha Louisa (Miss) New Canaan 

]7898jB Hoyt, Mary Bull (Mrs William H.) South Norwalk 

3502s Hoyt, Mary Cowles (Miss) 2 Hillside Place, Danbury 

53302; Hoyt,"Mary Esther Hull (Mrs Granville W.) . . . .156 Deer Hill ave., Danbury 

17390S Hoyt, Sarah Jane (Miss) Darien 

13151m; Hubbard, Anna Elizabeth (Mrs B. Dexter) 555 George st., New Haven 



70596 Hubbard, Louisa L. (Mrs Franklin B.) Windsor 

1058P Hubbard, Margaret Sill Hubbard (Mrs E. K.) 375 High st., Middletown 

3988P Hubbard, Martha Louise (Miss) 107 High st., Middletown 

13186Z Hubbard, Mary Eliza Bradley (Mrs Lewis V.) 52 Perry ave., Shelton 

■.20840D Hubbard, Mary Tenney (Miss) Greenwich 

3.3201a? Hubbell, Caroline Pinto (Mrs Harvey) 71 W. Liberty st., Bridgeport 

S351U Hubbell, Ellen P. (Miss) Bristol 

S3679Z Hubbell, Susie Marie (Miss) Jane st., Shelton 

1988^ Hulson, Ellen Hieskell (Mrs Wm. M.) 105 Elm st., Hartford 

5391W Hughes, Sarah E. (Miss) 130 Forbes ave.. New Haven 

28232; Hull, Adeline Eaynor (Miss) 157 Deer Hill ave., Danbury 

27630 Hull, Augusta (Miss) 157 Deer Hill ave., Danbury 

27612! Hull, Ella Virginia (Miss) 157 Deer Hill ave., Danbury 

16049IV^ Hull, Julia Lansing (Miss) ' 45 Norwood st., Meriden 

27600 Hull, Sarah Eliza (Miss) 157 Deer Hill ave., Danbury 

S32QI Humason, Eunetia M. Eno (Mrs Wm. L.) 86 Lake st.. New Britain 

7016Z Humphrey, Harriet Loorois (Mrs Hosea D.) . . . .265 W. Main st., New^ Britain 

4410a Humphrey, Mary Elvina Kimball (Mrs John C.) Simsbury 

5838a Humphrey, Mary Eno (Mrs Milton) Farmington 

4411a Humphrey, Mary Ellen (Miss) Simsbury 

8340a Humphrey, Nellie Case (Mrs Arthur E.) Simsbury 

15397!! Hungerford, Sarah Augusta Churchill (Mrs Frank L.) .Main st.. New Britain 

23680Z Hunt, Lillian Burritt (Mrs John) 285 Coram ave., Shelton 

14484B Hunter, Kate Palmer (Mrs) 136 Main st., Norwalk 

458Sa? Hunter, Mary Lacey (Mrs Samuel S.) 478 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport 

12033f Hunter, Mary Lyon (Mrs John L.) 219 Pleasant st., Willimantic 

17398Gf Huntington, Charlotte Elizabeth (Miss) 17 Clinton st., Hartford 

llAOQn Huntington, Helen Barstow Piatt (Mrs Channing M.) ."Rocklawn," Norwich 

20796m Huntington, Mary Burr Sherwood (Mrs Andrew B.) Southport 

4162n Hiintington, Mary Lanman (Miss) 197 Broadway, Norwich 

4161n Huntington, Sarah Anne (Mrs Edward B.) 197 Broadway, Norwich 

4408/;. Huntington, Susan Dickinson (Miss) 206 Broadway, Norwich 

34872^^ Huntley, A. Persis Munger (Mrs Philo) Meriden 

15437S Hurd, Minnie Florence (Miss) Wilton 

19092P Hurlburt, Angle Wilson (Mrs Frank H.) 238 High st., Middletown 

166231f Hurlbutt, Belle Brooke (Mrs Augustus M.) 243 Main st., Stamford 

6719ilf Hurlbutt, Cornelia A. (Miss) 20 South st., Stamford 

6718M Hurlbutt, Elizabeth Ogden (Miss) 20 South st., Stamford 

6717M Hurlbutt, Emma (Miss) 5 Prospect st., Stamford 

10937B Hurlbutt, Esther Jane (Miss) 133 Main st., Norwalk 

22513W Hurlburt, Frances Irene Keeler (Mrs Samuel W.) . .118 Howe st.. New Haven 

8202J Hurlburt, Orilla E. (Miss) Seymour 

11386i?' Husted, Viola Harris (Mrs Edwin W.) 22 Crown st., Meriden 

5387it Hutchinson, Carrie Emeline (Miss) 516 West st., Bristol 

13922(? Hutchinson, Kate Warner (Miss) 63 Oak st., Willimantic 

19639c Huxf ord, Kate M. (Miss) Thomaston 

17897B Hyatt, May Wayland (Mrs Lester) 12 Arch st., Norwalk 

16028to Hyde, Anna C. Eobinson (Mrs Thomas T.) 35 Dwight st.. New Haven 

5021(i Hyde, Caroline (Miss) Stoningtou 

20841D Hyde, Eliza M. Ostrum (Mrs Wm. W.) Greenwich 

15463L Hyde, Ella Maria (Miss) Windsor Locks 

236865 Hyde, Fanny Ellsworth (Miss) Ellington 

99340 Hyde, Fanny H. (Mrs Theophilus R.) Mystic 


15402O Hyde, Fanny Hazard (Miss) Mystic 

17401G' Hyde, Helen E. Watson (Mrs Wm. W.) 37 Charter. Oak Place, Hartford 

23685fl Hyde, Louisa Bird (Mrs Arthur A.) Ellington 

4407n Hyde, Mary E. Varley (Mrs Burrett W.) 174 Broadway, Norwich 

20842D Hyde, Nannie Ostrum (Miss) Greenwich 

10349ii' Immich, Adelaide Doug-lass (Mrs Henry L.) 161 Curtis st., Meriden 

5356« Ingraham, Grace Seymour (Mrs Wm. S.) Bristol 

16595s Ives, Anna Miner (Mrs Howard M.) 38 Balmforth ave., Banbury 

8927*0 Ives, Marie E. (Miss) P. O. Box 1065, New Haven 

13198n Ives, Mary Isaphene (Miss) 43 Broad st.. New London 

16613IV Ives, S. Clarisse Rutty (Mrs Wm. B.) Meriden 

2617i^ Ives, Wealthy S. Merwin (Mrs John) 489 Broad st., Meriden 

13929B" Jackson, Jessie Keyes Anthony (Mrs Cyrus F.) Eockville 

19698P Jackson, Martha Louisa (Miss) 319 Washington st., Middletown 

25746^ Jacobus, Clara May Cooley (Mrs Melancthon) 14 Marshall st., Hartford 

18315/ James, Agnes De Peyster (Miss) Seymour 

8468/ James, Florence Harrison (Miss) .'1 Seymour 

4803 J James, Ida Louise (Miss) Seymour 

4811J James, Julia Du Bois (Mrs Thomas L.) Seymour 

16600JS James, Maria Phillips (Mrs Wm. K.) 76 Wall st., Norwalk 

4813J James, Minerva Hepzibah (Mrs Thomas J.) Seymour 

5044J James, Sarah M. Riggs (Mrs George A.) Seymour 

5291a? Jamison, Maria Louise Glenney (Mrs George A.) .316 North ave., Bridgeport 

3382W Jenkins, Elizabeth Foote (Mrs Edward H.) P. O. Drawer 101, New Haven 

11864jB Jennings, Charlotte Beard (Mrs George A.) 50 West st.. South Norwalk 

16000ft Jennings, Henrietta Amelia Stebbins (Mrs Wilbur C.) Southport 

40107;, Jennings, Kate Amelia Bulkley (Mrs Arthur O.) Southport 

5245m Jennings, Mary Elizabeth Morehouse (Mrs Charles B.) Fairfield 

13090V Jennings, Myra Fitch (Mrs Charles B.)....18 Huntington st.. New London 

5319n. Jensen, Susan May Parker (Mrs Martin E.) 61 Broad st., Norwich 

47972^ Jeralds, Betsey Parker (Mrs Thomas) 77 Hobart st., Meriden 

1252210 Jerome, Elizabeth Maude (Mrs) 255 Crown st.. New Haven 

,59671* Jerome, Harriet L. (Miss) Jerome ave., Bristol 

2254G Jewell, Charlotte A. (Miss) 140 Washington st., Hartford 

17902G Jewell, Julia Whittlesey (Mrs Charles A.) 140 Washington st., Hartford 

7392a? Jewell, Mary Lillingston (Mrs George) Church st., Stratford 

21883a? Jewett, Mary Alice Paine (Mrs George E.) 135 Main st., Bridgeport 

6724f Jillson, Maria Antionette (Mrs Wm. C.) 56 S. Main st., Williman'tic 

5401i Johnquest, Jennie A. Hotchkiss (Mrs Rudolph N.)..23 Lester st., Ansonia 

53451* Johnson, Annie Mitchell (Miss) 353 N. Main st., Bristol 

13117p Johnson, Caroline Merwin (Mrs John R.) Woodmont, Milford 

8343; Johnson, Cynthia Anna S. (Mrs Pardon B.) P. O. Box 12, Elliott 

2452310 Johnson, Frances Adele (Miss) P. O. Box 1081, New Haven 

23102f Johnson, Mabel Hall (Miss) Mansfield Centre 

4158» Johnson, Margaretta Lawrence Paddock (Mrs E. C.) 12 Williams st., Norwich 

10395i Johnson, Sarah Eliza (Miss) 80 S. Cliff st., Ansonia 

7018? Johnston, Annie Andrews (Mrs Frank H.) 376 W. Main st.. New Britain 

8678B Johnston, Hannah Hosley (Mrs Alanson E.) 33 Merwin st., Norwalk 

1252410 Johnston, Marianne C. Howe (Mrs Thomas P.) 97 Whitney ave.. New Haven 
7426V Johnston, Mary Sophronia Clark (Mrs James P.) 28 Broad st.. New London 

8706 Jonas, Julia Aline (Mrs Chas. H. Jr.) 82 Wall st.. New Haven 

23645g Jones, Eva Bartlett (Mrs Elisha W.) West Winsted 

20845D Jones, Fanny Hotchkiss (Mrs Leander P.) Greenwich 



21425g Jones, Frances Isabella Bronson (Mrs Edward P.) West Winsted 

6714ilf Jones, Helen Lawton Strobridge (Mrs Wm. P.) Clarks Hill, Stamford 

225326^ Jones, Marian Hastings (Miss) 35 Spring st., Hartford 

35056^ Jones, Euth N. Hastings (Mrs H. K.) 35 Spring st., Hartford 

196990 Jones, Sarah Gray (Mrs John E.) 30 Forest st., Torrington 

7395m Judd, Emma Brockett (Mrs Benjamin F.). Bristol 

21907P Judd, Harriet Stewart (Mrs Orange) 215 South Main st., Middletown 

5332W Judson, Anna Gertrude (Miss) 611 Whitney ave., New Haven 

12486i Judson, Katharine Hart (Mrs Wm. P.) 117 South Cliff st., Ansonia 

16020m Judson, Lucy Aurelia Treadway (Mrs Truman F.) . . .27 Sessions st., Bristol 

16629(7 Keech, Nellie (Miss) Danielson 

7421r Keeler, Gertrude Chidley (Mrs Chas. B.) New Canaan 

16553d Keene, Deborah H. (Mrs Elijah M.) Glastonbury 

22498; Kelley, Oliv-e Frances Collins (Mrs Chas. H.) Putnam 

4395A Kellogg, Clara Mason (Mrs John P.) 153 Hillside ave., Waterbury 

53416^ Kellogg, Helen E. (Miss) 77 Washington st., Hartford 

2238A Kellogg, Lucia Hosmer Andrews (Mrs Stephen W.) Prospect st., Waterbury 

53040 Kellogg, Lucy Bell (Miss) Mystic 

16019r Kellogg, Polly Mills Benedict (Mrs George) New Canaan 

125166^ Kellogg, Sarah Elizabeth Colton (Mrs George) 57 Farmington ave., Hartford 

8937w; Kelsey, Isabella Cleveland (Miss) 284 Orange st.. New Haven 

9920W Kelsey, Lillian D. (Mrs Wm. W.) 278 Exchange st.. New Haven 

21894L Kendall, Julia A. Cowing (Mrs George F.) Suffield 

22537JV Kendrick, Bessie May (Miss) Yalesville, Wallingford 

16056iV Kendrick, Frances Almira Mix (Mrs Wm. A.) Wallingford 

23675i^ Kennard, Helen May (Miss) 684 Broad st., Meriden 

24947'' Kennard, Justina C. Baldwin (Mrs Benjamin C.) . . . .684 Broad st., Meriden 

18288/ Kent, Fannie Louise Bugbee (Mrs Ernest B.) Putnam 

18287; Kent, Helen Manning (Mrs J. B.) Putnam 

20846D Kent, Jennie E. (Miss) Greenwich 

22506« Kent, Marhon Gray Shoals (Mrs Chas. M.) Forestville 

13888?J Kenyon, Emeline B. (Mrs Charles H.) 44 Laurel Hill ave., Norwich 

22497; Kenyon, Helen Elizabeth (Miss) Putnam 

4758d Kenyon, Julia Emma Burrows (Mrs Earle B.) 241 Howard ave., New Haven 

218e8» Keppler, Ina Francis Euby (Mrs George A.) 148 Laurel Hill ave., Norwich 

17402(t Keyes, Annie M. (Miss) 2 Avon st., Hartford 

9654 Kibbe, Anna Cambache (Mrs Harris C.) North Somers 

19623s Kilborn, J. Annette Wolcott (Mrs) Southington 

10S91Z Kilbourn, Helen Louise Holbrook (Mrs Edgar B.) . . .18 Elizabeth st., Derby 

9485n Kimball, Josephine Cottrell (Mrs Gurdon P.) 84 Oak st., Norwich 

22515tc Kimberly, Cornelia H. (Mrs Augustus H.) 271 Whitney ave., New Haven 

20828i« Kimberly, Lucretia (Miss) 472 Orange st.. New Haven 

4'S76w Kimberly, Sarah Chatfield (Mrs E. S.) 495 Orange st.. New Haven 

10930tc King, Elizabeth Fowler (Mrs James H.) 332 Temple st., New Haven 

70491f King, Francisca Perkins (Mrs Hiram) 15 Prospect st., Stamford 

15464L King, Helen M. (Miss) Suffield 

10912jP King, Josephine Morse (Mrs Henry T.) 107 East Main st., Meriden 

21919^ Kingman, Emily Eustis Brooks (Mrs Samuel C.) Washington 

24511^ Kingsbury, Sara M. S. (Mrs Addison) South Coventry 

23674i?' Kingsley, Elizabeth Loiiise Simpson (Mrs Wm. H.) 767 Broad st., Meriden 

8673f? Kingsley, Isabella S. C. (Mrs Walter) Plainfield 

236306 Kinney, Ella M. (Miss) Windsor 

3383W Kinney, Sara Thomson (Mrs John C.) 1162 Chapel st., New Haven 


19058^7 Kinsley, Mary Hobbs (Mrs Frank) 79 West ave., Bridgeport 

5250m Kippen, Mary B. (Miss) Fairfield 

25926^ Knous, Caroline Boardraan (Mrs Jacob) Prospect ave., Hartford 

7230W Knous, Mary Amelia (Mrs Franklin F.) 254 Bassett st.. New Haven 

7405E; Knowlton, Louise F. (Mrs Oliver) 46 Olivia st., Derby 

16580-!; Kopp, Hattie E. Lyon (Mrs Joseph) 20 Washington st., New London 

21908P Kuhns, Lillie Belle (Mrs Oscar) 11 Pearl st., Middletown 

45823? Lacey, Henrietta Boardman (Miss) 204 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport 

4318/1 Lacey, Lottie Alvord (Miss) Southport 

5361« Ladd, Edith Barnes (Mrs Wyllys C.) Bristol 

196456 Ladd, Ida Browning, (Mrs Arthur C.) Jewett City 

18313 J Ladd, Sarah J. Johnson (Mrs Theodore S.) Seymour 

6245d Lamb, Bessie S. (Mrs Charles H.) Groton 

22571ilf Lambert, Mary Hoxie (Mrs Joseph) 42 Grove st., Stamford 

86610 Lamphere, Harriet Phelps Crumb (Mrs Wm. H.) Mystic 

10312tt Lane, Emma Electa Twichell (Mrs Charles A.) 209 Summer st., Bristol 

22529J5' Lane, Helen Taylor (Mrs Almeron M.) 233 N. Colony st., Meriden 

14659(? Langdon, Clara D. (Mrs Chas. S.) 108 Gillett st., Hartford 

22505n La Pierre, Evelyn (Mrs Julian) 220 Central ave., Norwich 

18285; Larned, Ellen D. (Miss) Thompson 

6721/= Larrabee, Carrie Smith (Mrs Frank) Oak st., Willimantic 

23101f Larrabee, Julia Maria Gates (Mrs Charles, Jr.) Windham 

9478d Latham, Fanny Gardiner (Mrs Daniel) 72 Hempstead st.. New London 

5959(i Latham, Mary Anna (Mrs Francis W.) Groton 

13223f Lathrop, Charlotte Gray (Mrs De Witt C.) Windham 

147140 Lathrop, Elsie M. Hoer (Mrs James W.) Mystic 

5025d Lathrop, Eose Hawthorne (Mrs George P.) New London 

10351i^ Lattin, Ellen Eebecca (Mrs Eobert T.) 45 Hobart st., Meriden 

4610 Lattin, Grace Barker (Mrs Albert N.) 28 Queen st., Meriden 

7687W Law, Mary Emily (Miss) 14 Olive st.. New Haven 

17403^ Lawrence, Juliette Hamlin (Mrs Charles H.) 199 Sigoumey st., Hartford 

22518A Lawrence, Mary Elizabeth Hubbard (Mrs C. E.).124 Wilson st., Waterbury 

6713M Lawton, Abbie Greene (Mrs Asa T.) Strawberry Hill, Stamford 

6715M Lawton, Hannah Mary (Miss) Strawberry Hill, Stamford 

5952i Leach, Adeline Mott (Mrs Chauncey) 59 Church st., Torrington 

3095A Leach, Ellen Hill (Mrs Henry) 37 State st., Waterbury 

5986n Learned, Mary W. B. (Mrs Bela P.) Bulkeley Place, Norwich 

4802n Leavens, Lucy G. (Miss) 172 Broadway, Norwich 

13927i Lee, Clara Smith (Mrs Lorenzo P.) 496 Main st., New Britain 

16042Gf Lee, Mary C. Phillips (Mrs George) 84 Bellevue st., Hartford 

20827t(; Lee, Susan M. Hoyt (Mrs James H.) 102 De Witt st.. New Haven 

13882to Leete, Clara Elizabeth (Miss) 292 Ferry st.. New Haven 

19700W; Leete, Emmie Beecher Smith (Mrs Jeremiah B.). .20 York st.. New Haven 

21428g Leete, Harriet Cornelia (Miss) West Winsted 

4579t<; Leighton, Alma (Miss) 154 Grove st., New Haven 

53150 Leighton, Ella Latham (Mrs Melvin) Noank 

18289/ Leonard, Aurelia Jane Tillinghast (Mrs Moses G.) . . .55 S. Main st., Putnam 

12027« Leonard, Flora Hull (Mrs Wm. H.) 14 Fairveiw ave., Danbury 

23677 J Lester, Elizanetta Terrell (Mrs George E.) Seymour 

7036» Lester, Susan Montgomery Higgins (Mrs F. W.)..25 Boswell ave., Norwich 

5390m Lewis, Almira S. Hutchins (Mrs) Bristol 

16009J Lewis, Amanda Edda Williams (Mrs Albert N.) . .W. Main st., New Britain 
9933wt Lewis, Bertha Frances (Miss) Fairfield 


5285s Lewis, Ellen Tuttle (Mrs Augustine M.) Plantsville 

4392Z Lewis, Frances Maria (Miss) 207 Caroline st., Derby 

20192(r Lewis, Gertrude Overton (Miss) 312 Farmington ave., Hartford 

21393; Lewis, Harriet Eawson (Miss) Thompson 

4794jP Lewis, Henrietta F. (Miss) 29 Colony st., Meriden 

4001A Lewis, Ida Melissa (Miss) 954 S. Main st., Waterbury 

5293a? LeAvis, Malvina Dennis (Mrs Edward A.) 283 Myrtle ave., Bridgeport 

20191(? Lewis, Mary Bradford (Miss) 312 Farmington ave., Hartford 

6211a; Lewis, Mary Fanning (Mrs Irving F.) 38 W. Liberty st., Bridgeport 

10944a; Lewis, Mary Runette Welch (Mrs Alfred D.) 283 Myrtle ave., Bridgeport 

4171rt Lewis, Phebe Esther Brewster (Mrs Benjamin F.) .22 E. Broad st., Norwich 

598115^ Lewis, Sarah D. A. (Mrs Edward) Atwater ave., Derby 

131665 Lewis, Sarah Fitch (Miss) 4 Lewis st., Norwalk 

27181? Lillie, Marian Eeed Hempstead Stayner (Mrs J.) .160 Bank st., New Lonaon 

7393a? Lillingston, Lottie (Miss) Stratford 

16551f Lincoln, Edith Maria (Mrs M. Eugene) 193 North st., Willimantic 

8692a? Lindley, Cecile Banks (Mrs John L.) Ansonia 

2452410 Lines, Rosabelle Frushour (Mrs Willis L.) 514 Elm st., New Haven 

24922V" Lines, Sarah C. Munger (Mrs H. Wales) , 65 Pleasant st., Meriden 

10943B Lingan, Violetta D. Prentiss (Mrs McC.) . .96 Woodward ave.. South Norwalk 

113712V^ Linsley, Besise Gay (Miss) 293 N. Colony st., Meriden 

52822V Linsley, Georgiana Emily (Mrs Chas. F.) 293 N. Colony st., Meriden 

109202V Linsley, Harriet Foote (Mrs Frederick) • Branford 

1086817 Lippitt, Ida St. Clair Jerome (Mrs Charles C.) . .25 Vauxhill st.. New London 

6218f Litchfield, Lizzie P. F. (Mrs Lorenzo) 90 Windham st., Willimantic 

225532V Lockrow, Esther Josephine (Miss) 289 Hanover st., Meriden 

10941B Lockwood, Carrie Ayers (Mrs Fred. St. John) 103 East ave., Norwalk 

24825 Lockwood, Eliza Frances (Miss) 15 Park st., Norwalk 

4595a; Lockwood, Elizabeth Chalelle Wordin (Mrs F. J.) . .84 West ave., Bridgeport 

6229r Lockwood, Emma N. B. (Mrs George F.) New Canaan 

6227r Lockwood, Mary Hoyt (Mrs Samuel K.) New Canaan 

4633d Lockwood, Mary Ivers (Miss) 52 Main st.. New London 

131705 Lockwood, Rafaelle Burroughs (Mrs George C.) 89 East ave., Norwalk 

70606 Loomis, Abbie H. Marcy (Mrs Lucien B.) Windsor 

21371P Loomis, Abigail Foote (Mrs Alfred I.) East Hampton 

174101/ Loomis, Alice M. (Miss) „ . . . Suffield 

70616 Loomis, Annie Louise Hubbard (Mrs Burton S.) Windsor 

103576 Loomis, Elizabeth Benton (Mrs Walter W.) Windsor 

154661/ Loomis, Eloise C. (Miss) Suffield 

70626 Loomis, Jennie (Miss) Windsor 

19082Z Loomis, Mary Barber Holcomb (Mrs Frank N.) 116 Elizabeth st., Derby 

15465L Loomis, Mary Elizabeth Mather (Mrs Robert H.) Suffield 

108741? Loosley, Emma Louise (Miss) 19 Brainard st.. New London 

130911; Loosley, Jeannette B. (Mrs Daniel R.) 19 Brainard st., New London 

4757d Loper, Elizabeth Dixon P. (Mrs Richard F.) Stonington 

26157^ Loring, Mary Frances Edmond (Mrs George) Central Village 

13175if Lounsbury, Alice (Miss) 12 Bedford st., Stamford 

131741f Lounsbury, May (Miss) 12 Bedford st., Stamford 

12543iW Low, Louisa (Miss) 5 and 7 Willow st., Stamford 

125370 Lowe, Maria Louise (Mrs Russell W.) Ridgefleld 

109212V Lucas, Grace Lounsbury (Mrs George M.) Piatt ave., Meriden 

19073; Luke, Hattie Marcella Morse (Mrs Albert C.) Putnam 

23676/ Lum, Augusta Wooster (Mrs Clark) Seymour 


10885i Lum, Frances H. Thompson (Mrs Bennett) 88 Main st., Ansonia 

5955t Lyman, Josephine F. (Mrs Wm. T.) 134 S. ClifE st., Ansonia 

1604CP Lyman, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) Middlefield 

4003i? Lynes, Emily Augusta (Miss) 38 West 'ave., Norwalk 

46122?' Lyon, Annie D. Parker (Mrs Wm. H.) 816 Broad st., Meriden 

10889Z Lyon, Caroline E. Goiilding (Mrs Wm. A.) 161 Caroline st., Derby 

225071; Lyon, Elizabeth Prentice (Mrs John) New London 

ISSSOi?' Lyon, Harriet Amelia Snow (Mrs George W.) 138 Colony st., Meriden 

86690 Lyon, Jennie E. (Miss) 8 Harmony st., Danbury 

183200 Lyon, Jennie Johnston (Mrs Burr) Torrino-ton 

250281; MacAdams, Ellen Elizabeth Vail (Mrs D. J.) . .9 Mountain ave., New London 

8932t(; McAlister, Annie A. (Miss) 254 Crown st., New Haven 

94470 McCarty, Ellen Elizabeth (Mrs Albert D.) Torrington 

1447727 McChristie, Jessie Carolena Jackson (Mrs Kobert) Rockville 

20860(j' McClelland, Gertrude Strong (Mrs William F.) .' .Winsted 

197010 McCracken, Annie B. Gallup (Mrs Royal W.) Mystic 

3512G McCray, Florine Thayer (Mrs William B.) 44 Gillette st.,"Hartford 

8109f McDonald, Vera Annie Snow (Mrs John H.) . . . .209 Church st., Willimantic 

6471/ McEwen, Cornelia L. C. (Mrs Virgil H.) Seymour 

5036d McEwen, Mary Sherwood (Mrs John B.) ... .31 Huntington st.. New London 

7055/= McFarlane, Mary A. Conant (Mrs James S.) Mansfield Center 

132222^ McGaughey, Caroline Vene (Miss) 97 Centre st., Wallingford 

118462^ McGaughey, Sarah V. Cannon (Mrs J. D.) 97 Centre st., Wallingford 

22499/ Mclntyre, Bertha Marion Carr (Mrs Arthur DeW.) Putnam 

5286a; McKelvey, Dotha Hotchkiss (Mrs Hugh A.) . . . .544 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport 

2188337 McKelvey, Helen Agnes (Miss) 544 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport 

22574fir McLean, Clara Frances (Miss) Eockville 

76770 McLean, Julia Norton (Miss) Portland 

7413(? McManus, Katharine A. Havens (Mrs Thomas) 125 Park st., Hartford 

16334* McMillan, Floy (Miss) 130 Washington st.', Norwich 

24545* McNeill, Euth E. (Miss) Litchfield 

18263; MacPhatter, Bertha Elizabeth Hammond (Mrs Neil) Putnam 

160252; Mager, Elma Carrie (Miss) 17 Mallory st., Danbury 

5337i(; Magie, Lucia A. Tuller (Mrs Theodore B.) 91 Spring st.. New Haven 

13118P Mallett, Harriet Treat Parsons (Mrs George) Milford 

76760 Mallory, Annie Stark (Miss) Mj^stic 

420410 Maltby, Georgia Lord Morehouse (Mrs Geo. E.) . .190 Oak Place, New Haven 

16585A Maltby, Mary Somers (Mrs Douglas F.) 191 Prospect st., Waterbury 

420510 Maltby, Maude Evelyn Townsend (Miss) 190 Oak Place, NeAV Haven 

18290y Manning, Charlotte Elizabeth (Miss) Putnam 

13906O Manning, Julia Ann Wheeler (Mrs John L.) Mystic 

5365« Manross, Grace E. (Miss) Bristol 

20800i Manville, Hattie Sterling Judson (Mrs Edwin A.) . .59 Franklin st., Ansonia 

144935 Many, Harriet Perry (Mrs Charles W.) 30 North ave., Nor^valk 

52375 Maples, Clara (Miss) 11 Maple st., Norwalk 

196776^ Markham, Grace Upson Goodrich (Mrs Daniel A.).. 22 Sumner st., Hartford 

208482) Marks, Anna A. (Miss) South Beach 

23672Z) Marks, Lucy M. (Miss) Sound Beach 

2300V Marsh, Adriana Smith (Mrs Daniel S.) 6 N. Main st.. New London 

2844(? Marsh, Ellen Woodward Pratt (Mrs John IL). .131 Sigoumey st., Hartford 

8096a; Marsh, Sarah Florinda (Mrs Daniel E.) 246 Kossuth st., Bridgeport 

2140610 Marshall, Anna Coe (Mrs William C.) 472 Orange st.. New Haven 

* Captain Jonathan Oliphant Chapter, New Jersey. 



94530 Martin, Alice Betsey (Mrs Henry C.) South Manchester 

aseSSfif Martin, C. Jane (Mrs Earl) Danielson 

58291* Martin, Mary Elena Fuller (Mrs) Bristol 

179192V Martindale, Ida Angelica (Miss) 301 Camp st., Meriden 

10381jB Marvin, Clara Elizabeth (Miss) Pine Hill Eoad, East Norwalk 

7400Z Marvin, Ella Elizabeth Dunbar (Mrs Charles) 38 Bank st., Derby 

16035jK; Marwick, Virgina Dean Pingree (Mrs A., Jr.). 43 Farmington ave., Hartford 

6456« Mason, Alice Dunbar (Mrs Carlos V.) Bristol 

165962 Mason, Annie Lovell (Mrs Charles B.) 29 Fairview ave., Danbury 

19049V Mason, Elizabeth Antonia (Miss) 25 Jay st., New London 

4389Z Mason, Eva Child (Mrs James E.) 62 Atwater ave., Derby 

43292; Mason, Kate Flint (Mrs C. Edmund) 355 Main st., Danbury 

533610 Mason, Minnie L. (Mrs Herbert) 14 College st., New Haven 

420110 Mathewson, Mary E. (Mrs Albert McC.) 657 Orange st., New Haven 

6308O Maxson, Sally Maria Fenner (Mrs William E.) West Mystic 

76963" Maxwell, Harriet Kellogg (Mrs George) Eockville 

76975 Maxwell, Julia Alice (Miss) Eockville 

4390S: May, Alice Elizabeth (Miss) 280 Caroline st., Derby 

994827 Maynard, Elizabeth McLean (Miss) Eockville 

183092V Maynard, Martha C. (Mrs Wilbur) Meriden 

58262V Mayne, Stella C. Martin (Mrs Edwin A.) 226 W. Main st., Meriden 

20847Z) Mayo Elizabeth Frances Eush (Mrs Thomas) Greenwich 

15435A Mayo, Jennie Elton Stevens (Mrs William K.) . .83 N. Willow st., Waterbury 

26265 Mead, Elizabeth Burr H. (Mrs. Melville E.) Hillside, Norwalk 

21910]? Mead, Elizabeth Howe (Miss) Greenwich 

20851D Mead, Louisa Merritt (Miss) Greenwich 

8917n Mead, Prudence Mary Stanton (Mrs Stephen H.) . .387 Franklin st., Norwich 

20852D Mead, Susan Hannah (Miss) Greenwich 

20163O Meade, Phebe Holmes Wells (Mrs Matthew E.) Mystic 

12239f Means, Helen Chandler Coit (Mrs Frederick H.) Windham 

10372« Medbury, Mary Elizabeth Cass (Mrs George W. D.) Bethel 

15988/ Medbury, Mary Hope Bugbee (Mrs Benjamin F.) Putnam 

4208d Meech, Anne (Miss) Groton 

7037» Meech, Louise Bond (Miss) 176 Broadway, Norwich 

4209d Meech, Susan Billings (Miss) Groton 

4207d Meech, Susan Spicer (Mrs Noyes B.) Groton 

27583! Meeker, Grace Crosby Hill (Mrs Alexander H.). .20 Fairview ave., Danbury 

28212 Meeker, Helen (Miss) 52 Main st., Danbury 

12929* Meekins, Kate J. Bostwick (Mrs Thomas H.) 69 Atlantic ave., Stamford 

5382U Merick, Mary Edgerton (Mrs Leverett G.) Bristol 

5383« Merick, May Edgerton (Miss) Bristol 

160532V Merriman, Alice Castelow (Mrs Eufus C.) 301 Colony st., Meriaen 

26195 Merriam, Helen E. Bradley (Mrs George C.) 100 Colony st., Meriden 

69691* Merriman, Ida Sibley (Mrs Edward W.) Bristol 

225382V Merriam, Mary Eice (Mrs Charles B.) 74 Grove st., Meriden 

245345 Merriam, Euth Kingsley (Miss) 100 Colony st., Meriden 

147305 Merriam, Sarah Minerva Camp (Mrs Asaph) 807 Broad st., Meriden 

13137A Merriman, Sara Parsons (Mrs William B.) 337 W. Main st., Waterbury 

6240d Merritt, Frances Elizabeth (Mrs Charles) Groton 

1031710 Mersick, Mary E. (Miss) 1215 Chapel st., New Haven 

15405P Merwin, Annie M. Elmer (Mrs Nelson) "Gulf Farm," Milford 

533310 Merwin, Helen Josephine (Miss) 28 College st.. New Haven 

* New York City Chapter, N. Y. 


14485S Merwin, Jane Hyde (Mrs Augustus) Wilton 

■20814p Mervvin, Jennie Estella (Miss) Milford 

13895P Merwin, Julia Elmer (Mrs Merritt W.) Milford 

14723P Merwin, Maria Wheeler (Mrs Caleb T.) » Pond Point, Milford 

13119p Merwin, Martha Loveland Parsons (Mrs Nathan T.) . .Poquonock, Windsor 

8097a; Merwin, Mary Clifford Beach (Mrs Orange) 244 Kossuth st., Bridgeport 

13098P Merwin, Sarah C. Peck (Mrs William M.) Milford 

154671/ Middlebrook, Prances Adelia Brinsmade (Mrs James E.) Siiffield 

132120 Migeon, Elizabeth F. (Mrs Achille F.) Torrington 

■207937* Milbank, Mary Nicholas (Mrs Isaac) Greenfield Hill 

22549iV Miles, Augusta Culver (Mrs Eichard W.) Lincoln st., Meriden 

4632* Miles, Georgiana W. (Mrs William A.) Chapinville 

7557* Miles, Helen Werden (Miss) Chapinvflle 

245412V Miles, Susie Lettitia (Miss) 148 Lincoln st., Meriden 

208233; Millard, Martha L. (Mrs Thomas C.) 9 Fairview ave., Danbury 

16584A Miller, Augusta Somers (Mrs Heman) E. Main st., Waterbury 

125521?' Miller, Emma Hall (Mrs Fred. Maurice) 18 Butler st., Meriden 

12545M Miller, Hannie M. H. (Mrs Charies O.) 17 South st., Stamford 

458010 Miller, Harriet Sperry (Mrs Eugene S.) 472 Orange st., New Haven 

1317371/ Miller, Sarah Brooks (Mrs Henry) 93 Atlantic st., Stamford 

19659i^ Miller, Sarah M. Ames (Mrs Charles A.) 120 Hobart st., Meriden 

8204ilf Miller, Susie Brooke (Miss) 93 Atlantic st., Stamford 

8956^ Miller, Susie Waite (Mrs Watson J.) Howe ave., Shelton 

8973sr Milner, Sarah M. (Mrs Edwin) '.Moosup 

5030d Miner, Emily Morgan (Mrs William H.) Groton 

70090 Miner, Fannie M. (Miss) Noank 

10360^; Miner, Lucy Kimball Bishop (Mrs Sidney H.) 68 Main st.. New Lonaon 

16006Z Minor, Ann Elizabeth (Mrs James H.) 272 W. Main st.. New Britain 

4172t; Minor, Anne Belle Eogers (Mrs G. M.) East Lyme 

8953K Minor, Fanny L. (Miss) 130 Derby ave., Derby 

8336V Minor, Isabel Augusta Smith (Mrs Eobert C.) East Lyme 

201947^ Minor, Minnie Sheldon (Miss) 430 N. Colony st., Meriden 

76780 Mitchell, Bessie W. McLean (Mrs Herbert L.) Portland 

21404A Mitchell, Harriet L. (Mrs) South Britain 

23635* Mitchell, Phebe Stoddard (Mrs Henry P.) South Britain 

24546^ Mitchell, Sarah Kezia (Mrs Simeon H.) Washington 

8687ilf Mix, Jenny M. (Miss) 307 Clark's Hill, Stamford 

245397V Mix, Katie Urna (John W.) Yalesville 

15362 Mix, Mary Bills Hayes (Mrs Edward T.) 1484 Chapel st.. New Haven 

8686ilf Mix, Mary Cornelia (Miss) 307 Clark's Hill, Stamford 

1315310 Mix, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Eli) 600 George st., New Haven 

4615(Z Molthrop, Fannie Adams (Mrs William H.) Gale's Ferry 

831137 Mondan, Georgianna Freeman (M. C.) 297 Washington ave.,. Bridgeport 

5338*0 Monson, Charlotte M. (Mrs Frank A.) 1085 Chapel st.. New Haven 

13880*0 Montgomery, Elsie Matthias (Mrs Phelps) Whitney ave.. New Haven 

17411L Montgomery, Frances Brown (Mrs John E.) Windsor Locks 

13092V Moon, Lillian Walden (Mrs Jesse A.) 2 Spring st., New London 

182770 Moore, Anna Lauretta Gilbert (Mrs Emerson W.) Talcottville 

18267a; Moore, Elizabeth Waterman Lewis (Mrs J. H.) 113 Stratford ave., Bridgeport 

12515(? Moore, Laura Colton (Mrs George W.) 85 Wethersfield ave., Hartford 

8656C Moore, Louise Holt (Mrs Wm. H.) South Manchester 

8083A; Moore, Marjorie (Miss) 66 Kensington 

Mahwenawasigh Chapter, N. Y. 


5246m Morehouse, Anne Ogden (Miss) Fairfield 

15441/? Morehouse, Annie Betts Chichester (Mrs Alfred) Darien 

5033(Z Morgan, Clara Le Baron (Miss) Groton 

31820 Morgan, Edith May Noyes (Mrs Christopher) Mystie 

4192G^ Morgan, Emma E. Kellogg (Mrs Nathaniel S.) 815 Windsor ave., Hartford 

3857d Morgan, Lydia E. Burrows (Mrs Daniel) Poquonock Bridge 

11845i^ Morgan, Mary E. Jeralds (Mrs Hubert W.) 77 Hobart st., Meriden 

139181; Morgan, Nancy Lee Brown (Mrs George C.) 37 Washington st., New London 

41870 Morgan, Sarah A. Thomas (Mrs William) Mystic 

3849(Z Morgan, Sarah Hinckley (Miss) Groton 

4756^ Morgan, Virginia Haley (Mrs Nelson) Poquonock Bridge 

8337t; Morley, Eliza Jane Warren (Mrs Charles W.) Lyme 

3384:10 Morris Eugenia Laura (Mrs L. B.) 230 Prospect st., New Haven 

131426^ Morris, Mary Pamelia (Mrs John E.) .2 Ward st., Hartford 

23012* Morrison, Julia S. (Mrs Thomas H.) Norwalk 

13120p Morse, Alice Dibble (Mrs Henry H.) Milford 

208696 Morse, Alice Eliza Tyler Morgan (Mrs Moses) Jewett City 

19686/ Morse, Annie Goddard Dyer (Mrs Augustine I.) Putnam 

3604if Morse, Annie Massey (Mrs N. Thompson) 224 Main st., Derby 

2366210 Morse, Edith Josephine (Miss) 361 Elm st.. New Haven 

14729^^"" Morse, Lucy Ann (Mrs Joseph) 107 E. Main st., Meriden 

7703A Morse, M. Louise (Mrs) South Elm st., Waterbury 

6255W Morse, Mary Adelaide (Miss) 237 York st., New Haven 

23661t(; Morse, Mary Hamilton (Mrs Gardner) 361 Elm st., New Haven 

196612*' Morse, Mary Katherine (Miss) e 94 Cook ave., Meriden 

18291; Morse, Maud Louise Alden (Mrs George B.) > Putnam 

23663tr Morse, Eebekah How (Miss) 361 Elm st., New Haven 

3524W Moseley, Elizabeth Perkins (Mrs Seth Hamilton) 36 Wall st.. New Haven 

12304f Moseley, Emma E. (Miss) 121 Greene st.. New Haven 

tMercy Warren Chapter, Mass. 
o398w Moseley, Florence Chamberlain (Mrs Wm.H.) New Haven House, New Haven 

12527W Moseley, Sarah Emma Clark (Miss) 36 Wall st.. New Haven 

5296ir Mosher, Alice A. Eust (Mrs George D.) Milton 

225482\^ Moss, Bertha A. (Miss) Cheshire 

10398i Munger, Edith Lawrence (Miss) 35 William st., Ansonia 

13187Z Munger, Eliza Ann Russell (Mrs Daniel T.) 15 Perry ave., Shelton 

10397i Munger, Jennie Clarissa Lewis (Mrs Venenice) 35 William st., Ansonia 

18243a Munson, Celia M. (Miss) TarifEville 

15429W Munson, Martha Almira (Miss) Lake Whitney, New Haven 

3110A Munson, Mary B, Eice (Mrs Luzerne I.) 59 N. Willow st., Waterbury 

1462210 Munson, Mary Field (Miss) Guilford 

31880 Murphy, Ann Augusta (Miss) Mystic 

113572V Murray, Lucy Maria Hall (Mrs Eobert) 122 West Main st., Meriden 

4375'(f Muzzy, Florence Emelyn Downs (Mrs Adrian J.) 47 Prospect st., Bristol 

8396m Muzzy, Harriet Beach (Miss) Bristol 

3029^7 Mygatt, Nancy Faxon (Mrs Henry S.) New Milford 

5945i Naramore, Avis Amanda W. (Mrs Josejah W.) 6 South Cliff st., Ansonia 

4597*' Naramore, Carrie W^orden (Miss) 437 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport. 

5039.r Naramore, Susie Worden (Miss) 774 North ave., Bridgeport 

1447 Nash, Catherine Artimesia Wilcox (Mrs) Madison 

17405(ir Neal, Emma Henrietta Humphrey (Mrs Morris S.) Collinsville 

* William Ellery Chapter, R. I. 


"Z^ S'^'' r^" ^'''''''^ ^^'' ^'""'^ Southington 

o I? ^^'S' ^'^ Nightman (Mrs Walter H.) Southington 

9497r Iseide, Elizabeth Thompson (Mrs Eobert H.) New Canaan 

2080H Nelson, Clara Hubbell (Miss) 235 North Main st., Ansonia 

208027, Nelson, Susie Louise (Miss) 235 North Main st., Ansonia 

15408y.' Nettleton, Annie Doremus (Miss) Milford 

15407?; •Nettleton, Charlotte A. Baldwin (Mrs Lewis J.) Milford 

33121P Nettleton, Emily Anna (Mrs Albert) " " * .Milford 

402.';A' Nettleton, Katharine St. J. Arnold (Mrs Charles H.) Myrtle st' Shelton 

22551]\r Newell, Flora J. (Miss) 194 4th st., Meriden 

3766W7 Newcomb, Lydia Williams Bolles (Mrs George F.) 90 York sq., New Haven 

C993» Newell, Martha Judd Brewster (Mrs Samuel L.) 89 High st., Bristol 

6454m Newell, Mary G. (Mrs Samuel D.) '.Bristol 

5889'M Newell, Piera Henderson Eoot (Mrs Edward E.) Bristol 

201881? Newton, Belinda Jane Shattuck (Mrs Joseph D.) Westport 

154681/ Newton, Cornelia Pomeroy (Mrs Matthew T.) Suffield 

.3497P Newton, Edith Harris (Miss) 45 Broad "st.," Middletown 

15469L Newton, Emma Louise (Miss) Suffield 

19062A Newton, Frances Frisbie (Mrs Lewis B.) Waterbury 

8321(? Newton, Sarah Harris (Mrs George W.) 733 Main st., Hartford 

mux Nichols, Elizabeth F. (Mrs William J.) 414 Clinton ave., Bridgeport 

18268a? Nichols, Isabel Curtiss (Mrs Horace) " Long Hill, Trumbull 

19689; Nichols, Mary Abigail Blake (Mrs George H.) T. . . . . .Thompson 

10925O Noble, Bertha Elliton Sparks (Mrs Joseph) Mystic 

3207.B Noble, Elizabeth Henrietta (Miss) New Milford 

3205.E7 Noble, Ella Frances (Miss) New Milford 

3206^ Noble, Emma Cornelia (Miss) P. 0. Box 663, New Milford 

1398B Noble, Esther Bradbury (Mrs Thomas K.) 69 East ave., Norwalk 

17891A Noble, Kate Woodward (Mrs Oscar W.) 84 Franklin st., Waterbury 

16016p Norris, Jane Miles Peck (Mrs Noah) Milford 

10371^ Northrop, Amelia L (Miss) '.".".'.'."."Brookfield Centre 

20200P Northrop, Elizabeth A. Comstock (Mrs John E.) Ivoryton 

3100G' Northrop, Elizabeth Mygatt (Mrs Ezra G.) New Canaan 

968P Northrop, Esther M. (Miss) 178 Church st., Middletown 

663P Northrop, Mary Elmira Stewart (Mrs David W.) .174 Chucrh st., Middletown 

5977A Northrop, Sarah Canfield (Mrs Otis S.) 135 Prospect st., Waterbury 

7173fc Norton, Alice (Miss) Kensington 

154701/ Norton, Emily Louise (Miss) Suffield 

21890^. Norton, Julia (Miss) 14 Library "piace," "Danbury 

14742 Norton, Lillian Eeynolds (Mrs Walker W.) Lime Rock 

124970 Norton, Maria (Miss) Torrington 

21891^ Norton, Sarah (Miss) 14 Library Place, Danbury 

124980 Norton, Sarah Beach (Miss) ". Torrington 

8082A: Norton, Sara Newberry (Miss) '.".".'" " ' Kensington 

173810? Nothnagle, Elizabeth Ambler (Mrs Edward) Nicholas, Trumbull 

2398P Noxon, Mary F. (Mrs Joseph J.) 273 Court st., Middletown 

15406P Noyes, Edith Wetmore (Mrs Joseph G.) "The Hawthorne," Milford 

31920 Noyes, Elizabeth Home (Mrs George W.) Mysf 

31830 Noyes, Ellen Holmes (Mrs Henry B.) Myst 

3180O Noyes, Emily Fish Denison (Mrs George W.) Myst: 

3787 Noyes, Hannah Caroline (Mrs Oliver J.) Mvst 

4210d Noyes, Harriet E. (Mrs Franklin B.) ".".".". St'oningto. 

31810 Noyes, Lydia Williams (Mrs B. F.) Mystic 






6470.7 Noyes, Maria Skeels (Mrs Waterman C.) Seymour 

9455J Noyes, Nellie May (Miss) Seymour 

5957d O'Brien, Sarah Ami don (Mrs Byron M.) Groton 

13898P O'Connor, Sarah Elizabeth (Miss) Milford 

3913a; Odell, Ella Seymour Eunk (Mrs Abram B.) 46 Hanover st., Bridgeport 

24525a? Odell, Evelyn Brevort (Miss) 46 Hanover st., Bridgeport 

3481« Olcott, Elizabeth Olivia (Mrs W. M.) 62 Church st., Norwich 

196466 Olds, Mary L. (Mrs Frank E.) Jev^^ett City 

1320337 Olds, Susan Armstrong Woolsey (Mrs Noble G.) .301 Myrtle ave., Bridgeport 

225212! Oley, Fannie Weld (Mrs S. Willard) 135 Main st., Danbury 

19051s Oley, Jane Wheeler (Mrs) 135 Main st., Danbury 

21387^ Olmstead, Charlotte H. (Miss) Torrington 

14486i? Olmstead, Marian (Mrs Edward) Wilton 

182765 Olmstead, Mary Smith (Mrs George H.) 1 Eaymond st., East Norwalk 

245290 Orr, Nellie (Mrs Frank) 71 Pearl st., Hartford 

20179s Orr, Julia Sloper (Mrs William) Southington 

14745F Orcutt, Ella Lutentia Brown (Mrs Willie F.) Rockville 

16j628fl' Orcutt, Frances Lovinia Skinner (Mrs William K.) Eockville 

8980TO Osborn, Harriet Staples (Miss) Fairfield 

8981m Osborn, Henrietta (Miss) Fairfield 

23681IV Osborn, Eebecca (Miss) ' Litchfield 

182725 Osborn, Undine G. (Mrs William E.) 87 East ave., Norwalk 

3681Z Osborne, Eliza Hill (Mrs John W.) 192 Caroline st., Derby 

7406Z Osborne, Frances Eliza (Miss) Hawthorne ave., Derby 

13158m? Osborne, Katharine Gillett (Mrs Charles E.) 9 Elm st.. New Haven 

77106 Osborne, Louisa Hathaway (Miss) Windsor 

122423! Osborne, Lucy Maria (Miss) 43 West st., Danbury 

11411JI Osgood, Mary Euth Lee (Mrs Hugh H.) 181 Broadway, Norwich 

154711/ Owen, Alena Frances (Miss) _. Suffield 

13875A'' Owen, Elizabeth Barlow (Mrs Eichard) Meriden 

9481(Z Packer, Eachel Spicer (Mrs Nelson G.) Preston City 

4159» Paddock, Mary Huntington (Miss) 96 Washington st., Norwich 

7671K Page, Annie Hayes (Mrs Valency A.) 76 Seymour ave., Derby 

9473Z Paige, Ida E. Viets (Mrs Harris L.) 447 Arch st.. New Britain 

20160; Paine, Florence Augusta Child (Mrs John M.) East Woodstock 

12231t; Palmer, Adeline Ellis (Miss) 1 Broad st.. New London 

1087SV Palmer, Emma Carrie (Miss) 56 William st.. New London 

70080 Palmer, Emma J. Burrows (Mrs Charles E.) ..Noank 

25840 Palmer, Frances Collins (Mrs William H.) 1054 Asylum ave., Hartford 

lOOOd Palmer, Harriet Trumbull (Mrs Ira H.) Stonington 

10877-!; Palmer, Ida Hill (Miss) 56 William st., New London 

19G47e Panton, Jane C. (Mrs Lawrence) Jewett City 

21899iV" Parish, Joanna Eand (Mrs John H.) N. Colony st., Meriden 

179122V Park, Altana W. (Miss) 289 Hanover st., Meriden 

i9041(Z Parke, Addie Luella (Mrs Adrian E.) Groton 

5965d Parke, Helen Melinda A. (Mrs Eussell F.) Pleasant st., Groton 

10909i?' Parker, Algerose Wylie (Mrs Stephen O.) 14 ]S[. First st., Meriden 

8326? Parker, Annie Shepherd Felt (Mrs Will) 47 Curtiss st., New Britain 

24540 Parker, Caroline A. G. (Mrs John D.) 183 Sigourney st., Hartford 

lo200?^ Parker, Fannie Fitch (Mrs John F.) 116 Broadway, Norwich 

21856/ Parker, Lottie Buck (Mrs Theodore E.) 134 Church st., Willimantic 

113872^ Parker, Louise Taylor (Mrs James I.) 78 Crown st., Meriden 

179212V Parker, Mary Balcom (Mrs John H.) 327 W. Main st., Meriden 


4801?i Parker, Myra Fitch (Miss) 116 Broadway, Norwich 

4425i Parker, Sarah Eno (Mrs Charles J.) 24 Arch st.. New Britain 

4429a Parkhurst, Abbie Day (Miss) , Simsbury 

8681Z Parsons, Emma Bishop (Miss) 310 W. Main st., New Britain 

4173S Parsons, Georgianna Hull (Mrs Milo H.) . .Brookside Farm, South Norwalk 

7017Z Parsons, Harriet Sloper (Mrs Dwight A.) 22 Park Place, New Britain 

8680? Parsons, Isabelle Seymour (Mrs Charles H.) 310 W. Main st.. New Britain 

13214tt Parsons, Mary E. Spencer (Mrs Arthur H.) Bristol 

3098Gf Parsons, Tirzah Morgan (Miss) 5 Avon st., Hartiord 

196516 Partridge, Emeline Hebbard (Miss) Jewett City 

196490 Partridge, Hannah Chaplin Avery (Mrs Frederick P.) Jewett City 

19650c Partridge, Mary Morgan (Miss) Jewett City 

12506Z Patchen, Maude Marion (Miss) 188 Minerva st., Derby 

9495P Patten, Anna Carlyn (Miss) 356 High st., Middletown 

9494P Patten, Elizabeth F. (Miss) 356 High st., Middletown 

3496P Paulding, Grace Hubbard Bunce (Mrs Wm.) 107 High st., Middletown 

16039 G' Paulison, Amelia Elizabeth Williams (Mrs John C.) West Hartford 

19687; Payne, Laura Mason Eddy (Mrs Edward H.) Putnam 

27642; Pearce, Henrietta Hull (Mrs Eeuben) lis Deer HiUave!, Danbury 

11373P Pearne, Harriette Cornelia Arnold (Mrs W. U.)..151 Broad st., Middletown 

10902(? Pearson, Daisy Dean (Mrs Edward J.) 81 Buckingham st., Hartford 

109232\r Pease, Clara Louise (Miss) Queen st., Meriden 

2239P Pease, Harriet Summer (Mrs Eobert A.) 22 Pleasant st., Middletown 

10344i*^ Pease, Hattie Elizabeth (Mrs Frederick) 489 Broad st.. Meriden 

19636C Pease, Euth C. (Miss) Thomaston 

23664«; Peck, Alice M. (Mrs F. J.) ^^ Carmel 

21S77M Peck, Elizabeth Terry (Mrs Burdette A.) ' Bristol 

5o88tt Peck, Ellen A. (Miss) .Bristol 

16631A' Peck, Fannie G. Humphreys (Mrs Edward) . .5 University Place, New Haven 

10392i Peck, Georgianna Eliot (Miss) 63 Franklin st., Ansonia 

5358« Peck, Grace Brownwell (Mrs Epaphroditus) 234 Sujnmer st., Bristol 

11400i^ Peck, Hannah Keith (Miss) Curtis Home, Crown st., Meriden 

24992\r Peck, Harriet L. Lines (Mrs Eobert L.) Meriden 

19705A Peck, Harriet M. (Mrs) 208 E. Main st!,' Waterbury 

10391^ Peck, Henrietta Louise (Miss) 63 Franklin st., Ansonia 

16586A Peck, Jennie P. (Miss) 51 church st., Waterbury 

36694 Peck, Katherine Louisa (Miss) 208 E. Main st., Waterbury 

2495^^ Peck, Lucy, A. (Miss) 320 Colony st., Meriden 

5346m Peck, Mary Chilton (Miss) Bristol 

701 5i Feck, Mary F. Davis (Mrs Charles) 34 Pearl 'st.,' 'ncw Britain 

SdooM Peck, Mary Harriet Seymour (Mrs Miles) Bristol 

12028^ Peck, Mary J. (Mrs Cola S.) 14 Mallor'y "s't!,' Danbury 

22488J Peck, Mary Johnson (Mrs Elbert A.) 15 William st., Ansonia 

9941^ Peck, Mary Louise (Miss) 27 Franklin st., Bridgeport 

5983Z Peck, Polly Maria S. (Mrs George H.) 16 Anson st., Derby 

20i6U- Peck, Susan Algar (Miss) Plainville 

11849/1 Peet, Mary Elizabeth Evleth (Mrs Benjamin F.) Southport 

41991^ Peets, Ella Myers (Mrs C. Berry) 396 Orange st.. New Haven 

4578P Pelton, Frances M. (Miss) 20 Pearl st., Middletown 

2830G^ Pelton, Julia Goodwin (Mrs William N.) 792 Asylum ave., Hartford 

If ?'!f P^^dexter, Flora Belle (Miss) South Meriaen 

lo472Z; Pendleton, Margaret Sabina (Miss) Suffield 

15423t; Pendleton, Mary Brewster (Mrs Harris) 16 Granite' st.". New London 

<o6 DIEECTOEY, D. A. E. 

23656a? Penfield, Marion Ednah (Miss) .153 John st., Bridgeport 

23341ir Penfield, Maude Ethel (Miss) 153 John st., Bridgeport 

28172 Penfield, Sophia (Miss) 356 Main st., Danbury 

113952^ Pepper, Carrie B. (Mrs William E.) 694 N. Colony st., Meriden 

4800» Perkins, Amelia J. Jerome (Mrs W. S. C.) 50 Broad st., Norwich 

12535t; Perkins, Emblem Hood (Miss) Sharon 

14721fir Perkins, Jane Frances (Miss) Plainfield 

2299V Perkins, Jane Eichards (Miss) 331 Bank st., New London 

24547^ Perkins, Margaretta Warner Dotterer (Mrs J. Deming) Litchfield 

9981m Perkins, Sabra Estella Buck (Mrs Merwin H.) Bristol 

2577^ Perry, Anna Morris (Mrs Alfred T.) 731 Asylum ave., Hartford 

18292/ Perry, Cornelia M. Williams (Mrs Franklin W.) Putnam 

8951A' Perry, Emily Blakeman (Miss) ^Perry Hill, Shelton 

4810ft Perry, Emily Pierson Jennings (Mrs Nehemiah) Southport 

10903(r Perry, Esther C. (Miss) 55 Beacon st., Hartford 

40187i Perry, Harriet H. (Mrs Oliver H.) Southport 

10895m Perry, Loretta Brundige (Miss) Southport 

7432 Perry, Louisa Huidekoper (Mrs Winthrop H.) Southport 

8947X Perry, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Frederick) Perry Hill, Shelton 

5943-1 Perry, Mary Rogers (Mrs Walter) 2 S. Cliff st., Ansonia 

40137J Perry, Virginia Bulkley (Mrs John H.) Southport 

22565K Peterson, Cornelia Grace Sanford (Mrs John) 107 jJerby ave., Derby 

12034% Petrie, Annie Mary (Miss) 268 Franklin st., Norwich 

24246* Pettee, Julia Ensign (Miss) Lakeville 

.20830W Pettibone, Helen Frances (Miss) Norfolk 

:2251G' Phelps, Antoinette Randolph (Miss) 72 Washington st., Hartford 

17363a Phelps, Eleanor A. Crandall (Mrs JefEery 0.) Simsbury 

7711& Phelps, Ellen (Mrs Timothy S.) Windsor 

21429^ Phelps, Ellen Maria (Mrs George W.) Winsted 

2M30q Phelps, Judith Bigelow (Miss) Winsted 

70636 Phelps, Lucy A. (Mrs Ellsworth N.) Windsor 

70646 Phelps, Maria A. (Miss) Poquonock 

6472a Phelps, Pauline Isabelle (Miss) Bloomfield 

9945f Phenix, Maria Elizabeth (Mrs George P.) 194 North st., Willimantie 

15430W Phillips, Ella Vernon Stetson (Mrs Watson L.). .389 Orange st.. New Haven 

160436^ Phillips, Ellen M. (Miss) 84 Bellevue st., Hartford 

3686JS: Phillips, Nancy Pratt Owen (Mrs Albert W.) 322 Caroline st., Derby 

183210 Phippeney, Emma L. (Miss) Torrington 

15474L Pierce, Eliza Sophia Phelps (Mrs Albert R.) Main st., Suffield 

6251tt Pierce, Florence Josepine (Miss) Bristol 

4168TO Pierce, Martha Caroline F. (Mrs William B.) Fairfield 

15414m Pierce, Minnie Louise (Miss) Plainville 

2230B Pinneo, Dota Stone (Miss) 5 West ave., Norwalk 

19088L Pinney, Carrie Hatheway (Mrs William S.) Suffield 

41845: Pinney, Maria Watson (Mrs Charles H.) 116 Derby ave., Derby 

131630 Pinney, Mary Holbrook (Mrs Lucius) South Manchester 

19087L Pinney, Phebe Austin (Mrs Robert E.) Suffield 

22430 Pitkin, Sarah Howard Loomis (Mrs Albert H.) 106 Niles st., Hartford 

23655a; Piatt, Alice Tryphena (Miss) 256 State st., Bridgeport 

10337A Piatt, Amelia Lewis (Mrs Clark) 36 Buckingham ave., Waterbury 

12505Z Piatt Anna Beatrice (Miss) Long Hill Road, Shelton 

* Valley Forge Chapter, Pennsylvania. 



13123?) Piatt, Anna Clark (Miss) Milford 

■.23106ii? Piatt, Antoinette W. (Mrs Wakeman B.) 23 Prospect st., Bridgeport 

131242) Piatt, Bertha May (Miss) Milford 

16004i Piatt, Carrie Louise Nettleton (Mi's Benjamin F.) 74 Elm st., Ansonia 

16587A Piatt, Ellen Brainard (Mrs Lewis A.) 36 Buckingham ave., Waterbury 

131252) Piatt, Emma Treat (Mrs Henry C.) Milford 

4611F Piatt, Harriet Ives (Mrs James P.) 130 Lincoln st., Mei-iden 

178842) Piatt, Harriett Nelson Gunn (Mrs David E.) ' Milford 

leOlOi Piatt, Lillian Eoekvs^ell Mrs Frederick G.) 32 Grove Hill, New Britain 

131262) Piatt, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Nathan D.) Milford 

11410?i Piatt, Olive Worthington B. (Mrs C. B.) ."Rocklawn," Warren st., Norwich 

12504A' Piatt, Kuth Ida (Miss) Long Hill Eoad, Shelton 

10936jE/ Plumb, Isabel Mygatt (Mrs Hanford C.) 76 West ave., Bridgeport 

11399i^ Plumb, Josephine Marion (Miss) Meriden 

6474A Plume, Sarah A. K. (Mrs Frank C.) 68 Holmes ave., Waterbury 

11382i Plummer, Sarah D wight (Miss) 11 S. Cliff st., Ansonia 

i9624s Pollard, Anna Dyer (Mrs Charles E.) Plantsville 

40067* Pomeroj', Cornelia Eoff (Miss) Southport 

li397i^ Pomeroy, Marion Eugenia (Miss) 116 E. Main st., Meriden 

6727f Pomeroy, Mary Eliza (Miss) South st., Willimantic 

H730f Pomeroy, Mary Elizabeth Palmer (Mrs Charles B.).. South st., Willimantic 

40197t Pomeroy, Mary Josephine (Mrs Benjamin) Southport 

18254/i Pope, Sarah Emeline (Miss) 201 Broadway, Norwich 

18255» Pope, Sylvia Ann (Miss) 201 Broadway, Norwich 

38672'' Porter, Alice Isabel Bauer (Mrs Isaac, Jr.) Kensington 

2621N Porter, Alice S. (Miss) 50 'Colony st., Meriden 

i;2500; Porter, Amy Betts (Mrs John A.) Pomfret 

125362 Porter, Clara Hull (Mrs James W.) 415 Main st., Danbury 

14727A Porter, Fannie Amelia (Miss) E. Main st., W^aterbury 

19625s Porter, Louise Swan (Mrs) Southington 

3385to Porter, Martha Day (Miss) 31 Hillhouse ave.. New Haven 

14726A Porter, Mary Florence (Miss) E. Main st., Waterbury 

7020^ Porter, Sara Hale Brown (Mrs Frank J.) 77 Lexington st.. New Britain 

20175s Potter, Nancy Eoot (Mrs Joel) Southington 

225091; Potter, Nellie Smith (Mrs Thomas W.) 2 William St., New London 

5948* Powe, Emma J. Bartholomew (Mrs) 134 S. Cliff st., Ansonia 

6678a; Powe, Mai Lewis (Mrs Louis B.) 133 Sea View ave., Bridgeport 

6209a; Powell, Louise Shelton Stevenson (Mrs Wm. B.) Ill Golden Hill, Bridgeport 

9472? Powell, Minnie Belle Corbin (Mrs James) 15 Prospect st.. New Britain 

5017& Power, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) Windsor 

70656 Power, Sarah Nichols Hayden (Mrs John N.) Windsor 

76790 Powers, Susan Boutelle (Mrs William) Mystic 

21901I\^ Pratt, Caroline Brockway (Mrs Henrj^ G.) Essex 

18305i^ Pratt, Emma Edna Pratt (Mrs Joseph W.) 19 Hobart st., Meriden 

10384i Pratt, Marcia Jane (Miss) 49 State st., Ansonia 

r^OlSOs Pratt, Nellie A. (Mrs James H.) Southington 

9929r Prentiss, Caroline A. St. John (Mrs Eoderick) New Canaan 

10942S Prentiss, Grace Leonie (Miss) 96 Woodward ave., South Norwalk 

13083t> Prentiss, Hattie E. (Mrs Edward) 80 Huntington st., New London 

103775 Prentiss, Kate Lamb (Mrs William DeF.) .96 Woodward ave., South Norwalk 

20861^ Prentiss, Sarah Gilbert (Miss) Winsted 

169SH Prescott, Ellen Keeney (Mrs William H.) Eockville 

~430E Preston, Cornelia Hulse (Mrs Edward W.) .Eoxbury 

68 ' DIEECTOET, D. A. E. 

22b73H Preston, Belle Pinney (Mrs Edward H.) Kockville 

16031W Preston, Ida Kate Marvin (Mrs William H.) . .197 Blatchley ave.. New Haven 

6476A Prichard, Florence Cooper (Miss) > 81 Grand st., Waterbury 

6475A Prichard, Katharine A. (Miss) 81 Grand St., Waterbury 

6477A Prichard, Sarah J. (Miss) 81 Grand st., Waterbury 

10363t; Prince, Harriet Ann Elmina (Miss) Main st.. New London 

124950 Prince, Ida Catharine (Mrs Clarke) Torrington 

993837 Prindle, Mary Louise (Miss) 275 Myrtle ave., Bridgeport 

8327Z Prior, Mary Stanley (Mrs Edward L.) 22 Curtiss st.. New Britain, 

13204a; Proud, Mary Louise Woolsey (Mrs John H.) 307 Myrtle ave., Bridgeport 

12553i<' Proudman, Hannah Maria (Mrs Samuel T.) 62 Curtis st., Meriden 

179162V Prouty, Jennie Smith (Mrs Willis J.) Hanover st., Meriden 

18280C Pulsif er, Almira Houghton Valentine (Mrs Nathan Trowbridge) Manchester 

5284s Pultz, Jane C. (Mrs) Plantsville 

17889t(; Punderson, Mary L. (Mrs Lemuel S.) 20 Gill st.. New Haven 

7407Z Purdy, Eleanor Miller (Mrs Edward J.) 265 Caroline st., Derby 

3474* Pynchon, Frances Tift (Mrs Daniel) Mystic 

20176s Quill, Emma Dutton (Mrs Joseph W.) Plantsville 

30952M Quimby, Eunice W. (Miss) North st., Stamford 

2228B Quintard, Emma (Mrs Charles A.) 148 Main st., Norwalk 

45685 Quintard, Mary Emma Benedict (Mrs F. H.) . .5 Washington st., So. Norwalk 

43885: Eadehlf, Emma Downs (Mrs Thomas) 304 Elizabeth st., Derby 

6466J Radford, Catharine C. (Mrs Horace A.) Seymour 

5276J Eandall, Martha M. (Mrs) Seymour 

24533^ Eandall, Mary P. (Mrs H. Le Roy) New Milford 

16038G Ransom, Emeline Turner (Mrs George R.) Colchester 

13902O Rathbone, Arline Margaret Packer (Mrs John S.) Mystic 

19635c Ray, Amelia C. (Mrs) Thomaston 

22235 Raymond, Dudline Pettibone Ely (Mrs Charles T.) . . .60 West ave., Norwalk 

166035 Raymond, Elizabeth (Miss) Wilton 

3178P Raymond, Lucy A. (Mrs Bradford P.) 311 High st., Middletown 

6220r Raymond, Mary Comstock (Mrs William R.) New Canaan 

3177P Read, Catherine Babcock (Mrs James) 23 Lawn ave., Middletown 

5015(7 Redfield, Maria E. Thompson (Mrs Alfred B.) 764 Asylum ave., Hartford 

8978i Redshaw, Harriet I. Riggs (Mrs Joseph G.) Winter st., Ansonia 

4397A Reed, Annie M. Griggs (Mrs James V.) 41 2d ave., Waterbury 

2d030v Reed, Nettie A. (Miss) 47 Broad st.. New London 

^:25i2N Remington, May L. (Mrs Harvey N.) 23 Linsley ave., Meriden 

8915«7 Reynolds, Alice (Miss) 101 Humphrey st.. New Haven 

196486 Reynolds, Eunice Maria (Mrs Clark \V.) Jewett City 

20199P Reynolds, Gertrude Palmer (Miss) .East Haddam 

160291O Reynolds, Mary Downs (Mrs James H.) 135 Main st.. West Haven 

16030W Reynolds, Mary E. (Miss) 135 Main st., West Haven 

2:4501; Rhodes, Hephzibah Maria Smith (Mrs Horatio N.) Thompson 

3493P Rice, Anna Caldwell (Miss) '.Meriden 

20807; Rich, Emily Frances Rhodes (Mrs Samuel) Putnam 

10331P Rich, Maria Jennette (Mrs Justus 0.) 311 High st., Middletown 

218962V Rich, Martha Abell (Mrs Amos) Easthampton 

6247« Richards, Lula Elizabeth (Miss) Bristol 

16569n Richards, Mary E. (Miss) 269 Broadway, Norwich 

6213« Richardson, Kate Wheeler (Mrs William M.) . . .29 Sherwood ave., Bridgeport 

9500 Richardson, Lucy Caroline (Miss) Lime Rock, Litchfield county 

* Chicago Chapter, Illinois. 



18311£^ Eichardson, Minnie Brush. (Mrs Dwiglit A.) 35 White st., Shelton 

13916J Kider, Addie Elizabeth (Miss) 37 Humphrey St., Seymour 

14490S Eider, Mary Bogart (Mrs John) 86 East ave., East Norwalk 

10949 J Eig-gs, Harriet Church (Mrs David C.) Seymour 

2736 Eipley, Sarah Backus (Mrs Daniel C.) Pomfret 

21434g Eippere, Caroline Pratt (Mrs John) 131 Prospect st., Torrington 

8345f Eisedorf, Mary Virginia Franklin (Mrs Chas. F.) .190 North st., Willimantic 

7701J? Eisley, Emerett, Jeanett Scott (Mrs Stephen C.) Eockville 

leeilJ' Eisley, Kate (Miss) Kensington 

5930G Eisley, Sarah Eeed (Mrs Elisha) 70 Gillette st., Hartford 

81081f Eitch, Mary Eossiter (Miss) Ill Atlantic st., Stamford 

31870 Eoach, Mary Ann Burrows (Mrs Frank Van E.) Mystic 

21869» Eoath, Gertrude Hakes (Mrs Frank A.) 37 Otis st., Norwich 

23640« Eobbins, Fanny Eoath (Miss) 68 Cliff st., Norwich 

S098M Eobbins, Mary J. (Miss) Bristol 

5830W Eoberts, Candace E. (Miss) , Bristol 

20862g Eoberts, Emily (Mrs Harvey L.) Winsted 

4804J Eoberts, Huldah De Wolfe (Mrs W. Lea) Seymour 

109100 Eoberts, Lillian T. (Mrs Harry B.) Torrington 

21870n Eobertson, Carrie Ellsworth Smith (Mrs William E.) Montville 

1&256» Eobertson, Jane Brewster (Mrs William B.) 19 Main st., Norwich 

10389i Eobertson, Lena Watson (Mrs James S.)' 51 Cottage ave., Ansonia 

625311 Eobinson, Amoret MeCall (Mrs Nelson D.) Norwich Town 

7039n. Eobinson, Frances Lester Warner (Mrs George A.) . .58 Church st., Norwich 

4160«. Eobinson, Julia Warner (Miss) 58 Church st., Norwich 

18261m Eobinson, Sophia Wells Waters (Mrs Timothy B.) Bristol 

6698? Eockwell, Anna Pickett (Mrs Samuel W.) Hazard Place, Enfield 

21394/ Eockwell, Elizabeth Trowbridge Hammill (Mrs) South Woodstock 

5378m Eockwell, Grace White Dayne (Mrs Edward D.) Bristol 

3510Gf Eockwell, Jennia A. Lockwood (Mrs Fred. C.) Prospect ave., Hartford 

4315ft Eockwell, Jerusha Talcot Eobinson (Mrs Charles) Southport 

113582V Eockwell, Louise Taylor (Mrs William F.) 50 Crown st., Meriden 

34912V Eockwell, Mary Everest (Mrs Charles L.) 307 Colony st., Meriden 

17910iV Eockwell, Mary French. Battles (Mrs George) Broad st., Meriden 

16590W Eodman, Anna Grosvenor Pomeroy (Mrs Wm. W.) . .165 York st.. New Haven 

8967(i Eodman, Isabella (Mrs Daniel C.) 16 Lewis st., New London 

21383(? Eodman, Mary Hannah (Miss) Groton 

5942i Eogers, Alice Treat (Miss) 125 S. ClifE st., Ansonia 

13919V Eogers, Amanda Caryle (Mrs Albert W.) Si/g Main st., New London 

5038m Eogers, Carrie Elizabeth (IMiss) 59 E. Broad st., Norwich 

6232r Eogers, Edna Hoyt (Mrs Henry B.) New Canaan 

27622 Eogers, Elizabeth Beach (Mrs Burton) 37 Fairview ave., Danbury 

53262! Eogers, Elizabeth Maria CrofEut (Mrs Dwight E. ) 156 Deer Hill ave., Danbury 

11412m Eogers, Ella Coleman (Miss) 59 East Broad st., Norwich 

113592V Eogers, Estelle V. (Mrs Gilbert) 230 East Main st., Meriden 

15421V Eogers, Fanny Gorton (Mrs) 46 Hempstead st., New London 

6735f Eogers, Florence Blanche (Miss) Maple ave., Willimantic 

6243d Eogers, Helen J. (Miss) Gales Ferry 

7668a; Eogers, Helen P. (Mrs William H.) Stratford 

25031?; Eogers, Lillis Elizabeth S. (Mrs Thos. W.) 19 Huntington st., New London 

114191; Eogers, Lucy J. (Miss) 30 Brainerd st., New London 

109222V Eogers, Margaret Clark (Mrs Cephas B.) 416 Colony st., Meriden 

179132V Eogers, Mary J. Corbin (Mrs Wilbur F.) 82 Akron st., Meriden 



23652V Rogers, Sarah Aylesworth (Mrs Benj. F.) 90 Williams st., New London 

2575G' Eoot, Catherine S. Waterman (Mrs Jiidson H.) . .66 Washington st., Hartford 

5342m Root, Mary P. (Miss) Bristol 

2841G' Root, Matilda Colt (Miss) 160 Garden st., Hartford 

21418ilf Root, Dr. Stella Q. (Miss) 14 Atlantic st., Stamford 

11375P Rosa, Mary Evans (Mrs Edward B.) 34 Pleasant st., Middletown 

13899a; Rose, Mary E. Porter (Mrs Joseph J.) 322 North ave., Bridgeport 

14737f Ross, Elfie Gardner (Mrs James H.) Willimantic 

23634fir Rouse, M. Jane Hawkins (Mrs Willis E.) Central Village 

10961W Royce, Sarah Barnes (Mrs A. Irving) 26 ClifE st., Norwich 

19709V Rudd, Charlotte Bishop (Miss) 12 Himtington st.. New London 

20812» Rudd, Jane Stuart Porter (Mrs George A.) ... .3 Washington Place, Norwich 

4740i; Rudd, Louisa Congdon (Mrs Arnold) 12 Huntington st., New London 

3672 Rudd, Maria Coffing Holley (Mrs William B.) ; Lakeville 

22569J Rugg, Lillian Minerva (Miss) Seymour 

4812J" Rugg, Louisa Ellen (Mrs Frederick A.) Seymour 

41782! Rundle, Eliza Whittlesey Bacon (Mrs George M.) .28 Fairview ave., Danbury 

53282; Rundle, Laura Belle Hull (Mrs Anthony M.) 358 Main st., Danbury 

154365 Roscoe, Annie Louise (Mrs Frank H.) 150 Main st., Norwalk 

10300a; Russell, Aurelia Henry (Mrs Frank) 445 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport 

13167jB Russell, Cornelia M. Benedict (Mrs James L.) . .26 West ave.. South Norwalk 

21751 Russell, Edith Sunderland (Miss) 143 College st.. New Haven 

16032W7 Russell, Mary K. Munson (Mrs Thomas H.) 137 Eim st.. New Haven 

28102; Ryder, Mary A. Benedict (Mrs James) 153 Deer Hill ave., Danbury 

20849D Ryker, Margaret Hoffmire (Miss) Greenwich 

22502; Sabin, Grace May (Miss) George st., Putnam 

8087fc Sage, Mary Eno (Mrs George) Berlin 

24510c St. John, Eunice Penfield Giddings (Mrs Theodore) Thomaston 

2234B St. John, Hannah S. (Mrs George) Knight st., Norwalk 

2579G St. John, Mary Harris Morgan (Mrs Samuel) . .114 Washington st., Hartlord 

28132; St. John, Sara E. (Miss) 43 Main si., Danbury 

3521W Salisbury, Evelyn McCurdy (Mrs Edward E.) 237 Church st., New Haven 

8928W Salisbury, Grace Emma Brown (Mrs) 249 N. Quinnipiac st., New Haven 

6985a; Sammis, Helen Underwood (Miss) Stratford 

236470' Sampson, Florence Wadsworth ("Miss) West Winsted 

19690; Sampson, Sarah Stuart Gordan (Mrs George M.) Woodstock 

10343i^ Sands, Clara Louise (Miss) 64 Lincoln st., Merfden 

15398? Sanford, Ada Latitia Eno (Mrs George Willis) 82 Lake st.. New Britain 

118635 Sanford, Annie C. (Miss) 24 Franklin st., South Norwalk 

3202J57 Sanford, Caroline S. (Miss) New Milford 

17417IV Sanford, Eliza M. (Mrs Albert) Meriden 

3203^ Sanford, Emily B. (Mrs David C.) New Milford 

2591ff Sanford, Emily Maria Jewell (Mrs Walter) 28 Gillette st., Hartford 

5292a; Sanford, F. Ophelia (Miss) 284 Washington ave., Bridgeport 

7427E Sanford, Jennie Daniels (Miss) New Milford 

9430J" Sanford, Julia A. Fairehild (Mrs Samuel P.) Oxford 

8952S: Sanford, Lizzie Lincoln Somers (Mrs Fred S.) 182 Division ave., Shelton 

5393J" Sanford, Ruth (Miss) Oxford 

4728a; Sanford, Susan Smith (Miss) 220 Washington ave., Bridgeport 

20809; Sanger, Olive Douglas (Miss) Canterbury 

33901V Sargent, Harriet Amelia Oakes (Mrs Henry B.) 247 Church st.. New Haven 

20159; Sargert, Emma Sarah Taylor (Mrs Frank Dana) Putnam 

17915^ Savage, Charlotte Preston Foster (Mrs George E.) 76 Lincoln st., Meriden 


196622V Savage, Emma Camp (Miss) 54 Lincoln st., Meriden 

3037P Savage, Nancy Catherine (Mrs Enoch Le Roy) Newfield, Middletovyn 

94586^ Sawyer, Edith Pingree (Miss) 4 Townley st., Hartford 

53060 Sawyer, Gertrude A. White Beebe (Mrs Thomas) Noank 

9457^ Sawyer, lone Amelia Pingree (Mrs George 0.) 4 Townley st., Hartford 

3985Z Sawyer, Jennie Bassett (Mrs Warren H.) 40 Bank st., Derby 

19634c Sawyer, Lizzie Sawyer Stoughton (Mrs Frederick) Sandy Hook 

20850D Sayre, Adele Louise (Miss) , Greenwich 

26202V Schenck, Jessie May (Miss) 34 Columbia st., Meriden 

16561i Schneller, Clarissa (Mrs George O.) 103 South ClifE st., Ansonia 

165631 Schneller, Elizabeth A. (Miss) 103 South Cliff st., Ansonia 

6672i Schoonmaker, Anna Littlefield (Mrs Eugene Seeley) 22 William st., Ansonia 

7050ilf Schofield, Annie Weed Candee (Mrs Edwin L.) 23 South st., Stamford 

15480L Schwartz, Emily Wadsworth (Mrs Charles) Suffleld 

10314 Scofield, Jane Evelina (Miss) Sound View ave., Stamford 

5236B Scott, Angeline (Miss) 3 West ave., South Norwalk 

6677a; Scott, Bertha Frances (Miss) 34 Cottage st., Bridgeport 

8925tt Scott, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. George A.) Pequabuck 

28296^ Scott, Elizabeth Sedgwick (Mrs J. Stanley) 85 Buckingham st., Hartford 

6676a; Scott, Emma Louise (Miss) 34 Cottage st., Bridgeport 

154435 Scott, Harriet (Miss) 8 France st., Norwalk 

11294* Scott, Harriet S. (Mrs. Jacob) 444 W. Main st.. Lock Haven 

103086^ Scott, Mary Ella Clark (Mrs. M. Bradford) 78 Edwards st., Hartford 

9936A Scovill, Ellen W. Hyde (Mrs Henry W.) 32 W. Main st., Waterbury 

5349A Scovill, Harriet Walter Higgins (Mrs Geo. B.).292 Hillside ave., Waterbury 
20829W Scranton, Ann Maria Hubbard (Mrs C. M.).,114 Lawrence st., New Haven 

6661a? Scribner, Ida F. Hatch (Mrs Howard H.) 38 Prospect st., Bridgeport 

10926O Seamons, Calista Vinton Burrows (Mrs George L.) Mystic 

6709P Sears, Evelyn Lay (Mrs Cusham A.) Portland 

2567G' Sedgwick, Adeline Belden (Mrs C. F.) 44 Buckingham st., Hartford 

14244t Sedgwick, Ida Dorr (Mrs Cyrus S.) "The Sedgwick," Sharon 

4590a; Seeley, Jane Elizabeth (Mrs William E.) 399 State st., Bridgeport 

16060iV Seeley, Nellie Pendexter (Mrs jj'rank Gay) 11 Lake Place, New Haven 

21921^ Seeley, Winifred Baldwin (Mrs Sheldon Ford) Washington 

11837a Selby, Lillia Case (Mrs Benjamin H.) Simsbury 

12246M Selleck, Annie (Miss) South st., Stamford 

165922! Selleck, Jennie E. (Mrs Benjamin) 33 Lake ave., Danbury 

6250m Sessions, Emily D. B. (Mrs William E.) Bellevue ave., Bristol 

8099ti Sessions, Ida Cordelia (Miss) Bristol 

53nn Sevin, Emily Rogers Post (Mrs John F.) 49 E. Broad st., Norwich 

17370n Sevin, Susan Elizabeth Whitney (Mrs Clarence D.) . .49 E. Broad st., Norwich 

19688; Seward, Sarah Watson (Mrs Samuel H.) Putnam 

231095 Seymour, Bertha Allen (Mrs Samuel M.) Ridgefield 

11858B Seymour, Emily (Miss) 72 West ave.. South Norwalk 

5354m Seymour, Laura Electa (Miss) 37 Prospect Place, Bristol 

21887A Shannon, Emily A. Baxter (Mrs Edward W.) Waterbury 

6469/ Sharpe, Iva E. (Miss) Seymour 

20808; Sharpe, Mary Putnam Waldo (Mrs George H.) Pomfret 

. 8319JS; Shaw, Annie Fitch Bacon (Mrs Hanford L.) 31 Atwater ave., Derby 

15999; Shaw, Ellen Sharpe (Mrs George Eaton) Putnam 

18295; Shaw, Ruth Elizabeth (Miss) Putnam 

20182t; Sheffield, Harriet P. (Mrs Washington W.) 36 Broad st., New London 

* Hugh White Chapter, Pennsylvania. t New York City Chapter, N. Y. 


3676K Shelton, Adelia Stewart (Miss) 9 Seymour ave., Derby 

3678X Shelton, Jane de Forrest (Miss) 9 Seymour ave., Derby 

6675a? Shelton, Jennie Sophia (Miss) 13 Courtland Place, Bridgeport 

3&77K Shelton, Louisa Josephine (Miss) 9 Seymour ave., Derby 

3981Z Shelton, Eosalie Tomlinson (Mrs Charles W.) 47 Seymour ave., Derby 

8199*0 Shepard, Anne G. Goodsell (Mrs Charles I.) ... .98 York Square, Nevs^ Haven 

165930 Shepard, Bessie Durant (Mrs) Bethel 

21862? Shepard, Celia Adelaide (Mrs James) 139 Lake st., New Britain 

7021? Shepard, Celia Antoinette (Miss) 139 Lake st., Nev^^ Britain 

19627s Shepard, Harriet H. (Mrs) Plantsville 

13213^ Shepard, Julia Carrington (Mrs William T.) Bristol 

208240 Shepard, Mary Weed (Miss) Main st.. Bethel 

173967?' Shepard, Minnie (Miss) 278 E. Main st., Meriden 

74186^ Shepherd, Helen Frances Peck (Mrs George E.) . .667 Asylum ave., Hartford 

208170 Sherman, Adelia Maxon (Mrs 0. D.) Mystic 

154751/ Sherman, Cornelia C. Hatheway (Mrs Charles A.) Suffield 

20794/1 Shervs'ood, Antoinette (Miss) Southport 

7408K Sherwood, Emmeline B. (Mrs Albert) Sentinal Hill, Derby 

18247ft Sherwood, Etta Amelia Jennings (Mrs Royal W.) Southport 

869437 Sherwood, Jessie (Miss) North ave., Bridgeport 

89465: Sherwood, Lottie C. (Miss) 122 Derby ave., Derby 

16002ft Sherwood, Matilda Meeker (Mrs Simon C.) Southport 

18307i^ Shinners, Edith Bradley (Miss) 115 Elm st., Meriden 

18306i^ Shinners, Leontine M. Bradley (Mrs William) 115 Elm st., MerTden 

23086^ Shipman, Mary Eobinson (Mrs Nathaniel) . .33 Charter Oak Place, Hartford 

4939U Shipman, Mary Whiton (Mrs L. K.) 41 Huntington st.. New London 

19047p Shirley, Caroline Emroy (Miss) Milford 

6248m Sigourney, Irene Gay lord (Mrs Frank W.) Bristol 

2306U Sill, Mary (Mrs Shadrack) Lyme 

6237r Silliman, Caroline Hoyt (Mrs Joseph F) New Catiaan 

4596a; Silliman, Susan Hawley Sterling (Mrs Lewis B.) . .226 Park ave., Bridgeport 

31910 Simmons, Emma Avery (Mrs A. H.) Mystic 

89616^ Simmons, Harriet N. (Mrs Ichabod) 98 Edwards st., Hartford 

17901Gf Simmons, Sarah Jane Mills (Mrs William E.) "The Linden," Hartford 

16048JV Simons, Nellie Elizabeth (Miss) 7 Perkins Place, Meriden 

21S61i Simpson, Annie Mary (Miss) 22 S. ClifE st., Ansonia 

21860i Simpson, Margaret Davis (Miss) 22 S. Cliif st., Ansonia 

12229t) Sisson, Mary Ives (Mrs Frank) 43 Broad st., New London 

83226^ Skinner, Flora Eoberts (Mrs William C.) 61 Woodland st., Hartford 

19075; Skinner, Henrietta Burlingham (Mrs Darius S.) Putnam 

173840 Slack, Fannie Phelps (Mrs Henry L.) 53 Chestnut st.. Bethel 

13878W Sloan, Mary (Miss) 420 Temple st.. New Haven 

2205(i Slocomb, Abby Day (Mrs Cuthbert H.) Groton 

16037(? Small, Agnes Hyde (Mrs Frederick F.) Highland st., Hartford 

236296 Smith, Amelia K. (Mrs Frank B.) 1325 Main st., Hartford 

173850 Smith, Anna Laura (Miss) Bethel 

2397P Smith, Anna Leland (Miss) 68 Pearl st., Middletown 

10879t? Smith, Annette Kimball (Mrs Charles B.) 41 Truman st.. New London 

6704V Smith, Annie Hewitt (Mrs Raymond P.) Berkeley ave.. New London 

2304V Smith, Annie Holt (Mrs Frederick Morgan) 4 N. Main st.. New London 

20189^ Smith, Annie Lucille (Miss) 71 Osborne ave., East Norwalk 

13181M Smith, Cornelia E. (Miss) Richmond Hill, Stamford 

2832(? Smith, Elizabeth Goodwin (Miss) 218 Main st., Hartford 












































































































Elizabeth Humiston (Mrs Joseph C.) 38 S. First st., Meriden 

Elizabeth M. (Mrs J. Henry) 138 Grove st., Waterbury 

Elizabeth Marshall (Miss) Milford 

Ella J. (Miss) W. Main st., Meriden 

Ella Millicent (Mrs Myron) Kensington 

Ella Pauline (Mrs Francis M.) 322 Caroline st., Derby 

Elsie Louise (Miss) 17 Franklin st., Ansonia 

Emily Baldwin Lockwood (Mrs Charles F.) West Stamford 

Emily Goodrich (Mrs) 31 Johnson st., Waterbury 

Emily Seaman (Mrs Wilbur A.) 376 State st., Bridgeport 

Emma A.' Stonington 

Esther Mary (Mrs Wm. D.) Stamford 

Eva Clark (Mrs Wm. A.) 147 Tremont st., Ansonia 

Fanny Johnson (Mrs EdM^ard S.) 118 Prospect st., Waterbury 

Florence Bradlee (Miss) 176 Lake st.. New Britain 

Florence Powers (Mrs Frank D.) 309 W. Main st., Meriden 

Frances Guyatt (Miss) Stamford 

Harriet (Mrs Sherman B.) '. Milford 

Harriet Barnett (Mrs George F.) Milford 

Harriet Forsyth (Mrs Samuel P.) 108 JefPerson ave.. New London 

Harriet Seymour Cutler (Mrs Frank G.) 7 Columbia st., Hartford 

Helen (Mrs Kichards) 195 Grove st., Waterbury 

Jane M. Wooster (Mrs) Seymour 

Jane T. Hills (Mrs Charles H.) 593 Farmington ave., Hartford 

Jennie Alexander (Mrs Stanley A.) 29 N. Main st.. New London 

Jennie Lee (Mrs Edwin E.) 148 Cook ave., Meriden 

Jennie Lockwood (Miss) 309 Washington ave., Bridgeport 

Jennie Sara (Miss) 321 W. Main st., Meriden 

Jennie Wooster (Miss) Seymour 

Julia Hubbell Billings (Mrs William B.) Park Place, Bridgeport 

Julia Maria (Mrs George) Seymour 

Laura Brooks (Mrs Henry D.) West st., Plantsville 

Laura White (Mrs. Clayton B.) 29 Vauxhall st.. New London 

Louisa (Miss) 27 Marshall st., Hartford 

Louisa Jeannette (Miss) Plantsville 

Lucretia Wright (Miss) 27 Broad st.. New London 

Lucy C. Raymond (Mrs Frank H.) 174 State st.. New London 

Lucy Webster (Mrs Ira B.) 95 Elm st.. New Britain 

Lydia Allis (Mrs John E.) Stamford 

Maria Lowrey (Miss) Glenbrook ave., Stamford 

Maria Perit Huntington (Mrs Llewellyn P.) "Eedwood," Lebanon 

Maria Theresa Piatt (Mrs E. Stiles) Orange ave., Milford 

Martha A. Kimball (Mrs Otis A.) Eockfall 

Mary A. Hepburn (Mrs) River and Maple sts., Milford 

Mary Abby (Mrs Nathan D.) Groton 

Mary Elizabeth Gillette (Mrs NathanT.) Milford 

Mary L. Ramsdell (Mrs Guilford) South Windham 

Minnie Marie Himes (Mrs Frederick W.) 562 Broad st., Merfden 

Nellie Darrow Allen (Mrs Aborn F.) Brook st., Post Hill, New London 

Olive Elizabeth (Miss) 38 S. First st., Meriden 

Sarah (Mrs J. Washington) Poquonoc Bridge 

Sarah .M. Greenslit (Mrs Miron W.) 52 Blackball st., New London 

Susan B. M. (Mrs Archer J.) 107 Prospect st., Waterbury 


11853M Smith, Susan Woodruff (Miss) Glenbrook ave., Stamford 

7683? Smyth, Elizabeth Tench (Miss) New Haven 

1124P Sneath, Anna S. C. (Mrs E. H.) 390 Prospect st., New Haven 

13547i^ Snow, Jemima Matilda Doane (Mrs David) 31 Jackson st., MeriHen 

17521f Snow, Josephine Merrill (Mrs) "The Joselyn," New Haven 

13127P Snow, Julia Beach (Mrs Nathaniel Greene) Milford 

13924f Snow, Marnerva Grant (Mrs George) Willington 

41815: Somers, Emma Drew (Miss) 330 Caroline st., Derby 

10890S: Somers, Emma Drew (Mrs Henry) 330 Caroline st., Derby 

12030to Somers, Josephine E. Brown (Mrs George E.) 11 Vernon st.. New Haven 

225542V Sorg, Louise Emilia Darnstaedt (Mrs Carl F.) 81 Orient st., Meriden 

12541M Soule, Ellen Smyth (Mrs George H.) 47 Prospect st., Stamford 

21419M Soule, Eva Linnette (Miss) 47 Prospect st., Stamford 

4576P Southmayd, Maria Cornelia (Mrs S. G.) 283 Court st., Middletown 

13923f Southworth, Jane Snow (Mrs C. A.) Prospect st., Willimantic 

19626s Southworth, Sarah Adela Wood (Mrs L. E.) Southington 

113760 Sparks, Lillian Crandall (Mrs Henry Irivng) Mystic 

154791/ Spencer, Carrie E. (Miss) Suffteld 

15477L Spencer, Emily Adaline Fuller (Mrs Israel L Suffield 

15478L Spencer, Florence S. (Mrs Charles L.) Suffield 

29029A Spencer, Katharine Lewis (Miss) 61 Church st., Waterbury 

250351/ Spencer, Louise Pomeroy (Mrs James P.) Suffield 

31076^ Spencer, Mary Catlin (Miss) 91 Oxford st., Hartford 

15476L Spencer, Sara Louise Deming (Mrs Calvin C.) Suffield 

3096A Spencer, Susan (Miss) 61 Church st., Waterbury 

3683Jr Sperry, Jessie Gilbert (Mrs Walter N.) 52 Derby ave., Derby 

20816p Sperry, Julia A. (Mrs Hart N.) Milford 

4396A Sperry, Julia Porter (Mrs Mark L.) 21 Coke st., Waterbury 

2581(? Sperry, Mary Bellows (Miss) 31 Winthrop st., Hartford 

2582(? Sperry, Mary Elizabeth Loomis (Mrs Henry T.) . .31 Winthrop st., Hartford 

3517W Sperry, Minnie Newton (Mrs N. D.) 466 Orange st.. New Haven 

3850d Spicer, Nancy Avery (Mrs John 0.) Groton 

139110 Spittle, Anna Williams (Miss) Torrington 

8677f7 Sprague, Bertha Lyon (Miss) .Moosup 

10908(? Sprague, Effie Prescott (Miss) 21 Winthrop st., Hartford 

8675fir Sprague, Marcia Hattie (Miss) Moosup 

225567V Sprewenburg, Ellen Augusta Palmer (Mrs Jacob B.) Meriden 

74095: Spring, Ada Berdella (Miss) 87 Seymour ave., Derby 

21863? Squier, Elizabeth Hays Lord (Mrs Horace S.) 17 Cedar st., New Britain 

66951 Stanley, Alice Grey (Miss) 21 Franklin Square, New Britain 

5984J Stanely, Alice Moore (Mrs F. N.) 10 Franklin Square, East, New Britain 

7022J Stanley, Avis Elena Downs (Mrs Charles B.) 61 Lexington st.. New Britain 

38836^ Stanley, Ellen Crosby (Miss) ' East Hartford 

245300 Stanley, Flora May (Miss) Highland Park 

99370 . Stanley, Florilla M. H. (Mrs Eobert N.) . .Highland Park, South Manchester 

6696? Stanley, Katharine A. (Miss) 24 Franklin sq.. East, New Britain 

7023? Stanley, Sarah Lozier (Mrs Alfred H.) 38 Washington st., New Britain 

13172M Stanley, Theodoria G. (Miss) Stamford 

8206A Stannard, Martha Elizabeth (Mrs Eobert E.) 31 Central ave., Waterbury 

16570JI Stanton, Amy Louise (Miss) 39 Fairmont st., Norwich 

9479(? Stanton, Elizabeth (Miss) 10 Granite st.. New London 

* Samuel C. Grant Chapter, Maine. 


17374f Stanton, Elizabeth S. Cooper (Mrs John G.) . .29 Huntington st., New London 

160130 Stanton, Harriet A. (Mrs Henry C.) Stonington 

8919W Stanton, Lucy Angeline (Miss) 23 Coit st., Norwich 

17382a? Staples, Laura Frances Stevens (Mrs Frank T.) 120 East Main st., Bridgeport 

3498P Starks, Harriette Akin (Mrs Henry A.) 188 Church st., Middletown 

3990P Starr, Harriet Wetmore Bush (Mrs) Mt. Vernon st., Middletown 

19676^ Starr, Helen E. (Miss) 24 Beacon st., Hartford 

4937V Starr, Helen Heeley (Mrs Charles S.) 3 Prospect st., New London 

31096^ Starr, Louisa Green (Mrs Pierre S.) 179 Sig'ourney st., Hartford 

130861; Starr, Maria Fitch (Mrs Charles F.) New London 

25032-!; Starr, Marion Griswold Vail (Mrs Wm. S.) Vauxhall st.. New London 

19675(r Starr, Martha Knowlton (Miss) 24 Beacon st., Hartford 

6716M Starr, Mary Adele Hulbutt (Mrs 0. S.) 5 Prospect st., Stamford 

18257»«. Stearns, Lucinda Lewis (Mrs William L.) 105 East Broad st., Norwich 

28180 Stebbins, Augusta Meeker (Mrs) 136 Main st., Danbury 

28192! Stebbins, Fanny Belle (Miss) 136 Main st., Danbury 

28200 Stebbins, Julia Lacey (Miss) 136 Main st., Danbury 

21431g Steele, Emily Graham Stanwood (Mrs Harvej^ B.) Winchester 

9924W Steele, Grace F. (Miss) 63 Dwight st.. New Haven 

139120 Steele, Hannah Sophia ShifE (Mrs Elisha J.) Torrington 

4190A Steele, Sarah Merriman (Mrs Edward D.) 25 Central ave., Waterbury 

8914a; Sterling, Harriet E. Peck (Mrs John T.) 267 Myrtle ave., Bridgeport 

250331? Sterry, Helen Allen Hov^y (Mrs James N.) 17 Franklin st.. New London 

5290a; Stevens, Almira Louise Candee (Mrs F. H.) . . .513 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport 

5987a? Stevens, Anna M. G. (Mrs Frederick S.) 29S Lafayette st., Bridgeport 

17406Gf Stevens, Bertha Lincoln Smith (Mrs William H.) 39 Niles st., Hartford 

14732« Stevens, Carrie A. (Miss) 36 Grove st., Norwich 

4815/ Stevens, Clara Louise Camp (Mrs W. B.) Deep River 

7436A Stevens, Cornelia Ambrosia Upson (Mrs) 26 2nd ave., Waterbury 

2227B Stevens, Jennie May Daskam (Mrs James L.) 124 East ave., Norwalk 

179052V Stevens, Lottie Susannah Wilcox (Mrs Wilson L.) Parker ave., Meriden 

18244a Stevens, Mary Phelps (Mrs Nathaniel B.) Winsted 

17893B Stevens, Sarah Louisa (Miss) 40 Stevens st., Norwalk 

113612V Stevenson, Mary Linslej^ (Mrs Francis, Jr.) 277 N. Colon3^st., Meriden 

4945a? Stevenson, Mary Shelton (Mrs William H.) Ill Golden Hill, Bridgeport 

196526 Stever, Harriet B. (Mrs Jacob) Jewett City 

89241* Stewart, Gierstein Spencer (Mrs Lemuel L.) Bristol 

25886^ Stillman, Alice Webster (Miss) 100 Woodland st., Hartford 

225552V Stillman, Lucretia Bailey (Mrs J. E.) 32 Cook ave., Meriden 

1658115 Stillman, Mary Jeannette Darrow (Mrs G. B.) 9 Truman st., New London 

8103i^ Stockder, Edith Love (Mrs Charles E., Jr.) ' 51 Griswold st., Meriden 

103522^ Stockder, Zerline Latham Hall (Mrs Charles H.) 219 State st., Meriden 

124940 Stocking, Martha Eliza (Miss) Torrington 

4431a Stockwell, Addie E. D. (Mrs Samuel T.) West Simsbury 

22516W? Stoddard, Alice Maria (Mrs Frank E.) 218 Orchard st.. New Haven 

19074; Stoddard, Ella Exton (Mrs Seth) Putnam 

19694a; Stoddard, Julia Elizabeth Sanford (Mrs G.) 132 Washington ave., Bridgeport 

3852<i Stoddard, Marie Day McEwen (Mrs Henry H.) New London 

4774d- Stoddard, Sarah Allen (Miss) New London 

5970« Stone, Jennie Mabel Curtis Lewis (Mrs John M.) -. Bristol 

12490n Stone, Lucy Bertha (Miss) 22 Warren st., Norwich 

8977^ Storrs, Mary L. (Mrs Charles W.) Seymour 

10947 J Storrs, Mettie Sophie Rider (Mrs Carlos H.) Seymour 


4424a Stowe, Susan Munroe (Mrs Charles E.) SimsBury 

3886t() Street, Alice Newton (Mrs Samuel H.) 207 Bishop st., New Haven 

8940ii? Street, Elizabeth Bradford Eoberts (Mrs H. A.) 397 Temple st., New Haven 

144885 Street, Elsie Gertrude (Miss) Darien 

21878t(; Street, Eavline Jones (Mrs Frederick B.) 629 Chapel st., New Haven 

21S95L Street, Sara Payne (Mrs Philo W.) Suffield 

183320 Strickland, Belle Denison (Mrs Alfred F.) Torrington 

4938i; Strickland, Frances Emeline (Miss) 28 Main st.. New London 

17923M Strobridge, Ruth Ann Lawton (Mrs William C.) Stamford 

15481L Strong, Carrie Louise (Miss) Suffield 

13893P Strong, Charlotte M. (Miss) .• North st., Milford 

225081; Strong, Clara Smith (Mrs Geo. C.) Nathan Hale st.. Post Hill, New London 

21432(? Strong, Emerette Lois Colt (Mrs David) 8 Walnut st., Winsted 

47982V Strong, Harriet Viola (Miss) 27 Olive st., Meriden 

10959* Strong, Mary J. (Mrs Judson W.) Windsor 

23646(? Strong, Maud Fales (Mrs Fredk. C.) Winsted 

22527a; Strong, May Warner Granniss (Mrs Frederick A.) 1125 Main st., Bridgeport 

17887m Strunz, S. Addie Thompson (Mrs Otto F.) Bristol 

7410S! Stuart, Minnie L. Hoppin (Mrs Lee E.) 85 Sej^mour ave., Derby 

17900^ Sturges, Emeline Perry Beers (Mrs Everett) New MilJord 

7429^ Sturges, Florence A. Canfield (Mrs Everett J.) New Milford 

10382B Sturges, Katherine A. (Miss) Wilton 

3399m Sturges, Sarah Adams (Mrs Henry C.) Fairfield 

8689a; Sturtevant, Annie B. H. (Mrs Martin W.) 11 Cortland st., Bridgeport 

16572» Sutluff, Jane Aurelia Bennett (Mrs Levi G.) 29 Union st., Norwich 

20788c Sutliffe, Edith E. (Miss) Plymouth 

1381/ Swain, Martha Walker (Mrs Edward A.) Pomfret Centre 

11862S Swartz, Adora F. (Mrs) 12 Haviland st.. South Norwalk 

19653e Sweet, Lucy Young (Mrs William L.) Jewett City 

23632f Sweet, Nettie Tilden (Mrs Wm. H. P.) 114 Bridge st., Willimantic 

10387i Swift, Charlotte (Miss) 138 Clifton ave., Ansonia 

16552/^ Swift, Julia A. (Miss) Windham 

10386i Swift, Mary Esther (Miss) 138 Clifton ave., Ansonia 

66737i Svsdtzer, Carrie Louise Smith (Mrs Luin B.) Southport 

5238B Swords, Jennie Augusta W. (Mrs W. H.) 65 S. Main st., South Norwalk 

12489W Sydleman, Sarah Virginia Higgs (Mrs George A.) . .4 Williams ave., Norwich 

7411ir Taber, Kate Genevieve Brooks (Mrs Thomas T.) 182 Elizabeth st., Derby 

2586(? Taintor, Belle Spencer (Mrs James U.) 862 Asylum ave., Hartford 

166040 Talcott, Alice Louisa (Mrs Norris H.) Talcottville 

10934 !« Talbot, Annie Stebbins (Mrs) Whitney ville 

7700i7 Talcott, Ella McLean (Mrs George) Rockville 

6697? Talcott, Fannie Hazen (Mrs John Butler) 10 Grove Hill, New Britain 

21411(7 Talcott, Hannah Maria Freeman (Mrs Charles Denison) Talcottville 

22456^ Talcott, Mary Kingsbury (Miss) 815 Asylum ave., Hartford 

124930 Talcott, Phebe Buell (Mrs) Torrington 

182780 Talcott, Eosa Jane (Mrs Samuel A.) Talcottville 

23110B Talmadge, Mary Ferris (Mrs) East Norwalk 

2719V Tate, Ella Comstock (Miss) 15 Fremont st.. New London 

19076/ Tatem, Mary Eden (Miss) Putnam 

21395fc Taylor, Adella Warner (Mrs Nelson F.) Kensington 

8691a? Taylor, Agnes G. (Mrs) 195 Hancock ave., Bridgeport 

* Camden Chapter, N. Y. 


19077/ Taylor, Alice Melora Morse (Mrs James Eugene) Putnam 

53292! Taylor, Anne Clark (Mrs Keuben LeG.) Bethel 

236570; Taylor, Caroline Jerome (Mrs Ambrose) 256 State st., Bridgeport 

24526a? Taylor, Cora B. Kenney (Mrs Albert H.) 41 Hicks st., Bridgeport 

18246f Taylor, Jennie Fuller (Mrs George Franklin) . .193 Church, st., Willimantic 

201872; Taylor, Margaret Durant (Mrs Henry H.) Bethel 

183230 Temple, Fannie Eleanor Shaw (Mrs Jonathan) Torrington 

5947i Terry, Flora Lincoln (Miss) 12 S. ClifE st., Ansonia 

8663M Terry, Isabella J. P. (Mrs Franklin E.) Bristol 

5936i Terry, Jennie Montague (Mrs Frank) 40 State st., Ansonia 

8679a Terry, Mahala (Miss) Simsbury 

7666i Terry, Maria R. Slocomb (Mrs Wm.) 12 S. Cliff st., Ansonia 

196726^ Terry, Mary Amelia (Miss) 97 Ann st., Hartford 

5934i Terry, Sophronia Bartholomew (Mrs Theodore P.) . . . .40'State st., Ansonia 

21897^ Thayer, Ann Devereux (Mrs John Quincy) 233 Colonj^ st., Meriden 

2716d Thomas, Addie Avery (Miss) Groton 

3853d Thomas, Adelia Esther Avery (Mrs Elisha) Groton 

13152W Thomas, Annie (Miss) 96 Sherman ave.. New Haven 

5041m Thomas, Cornelia Gridley (Mrs William) Bristol 

6463tf Thompson, Charlotte J. (Mrs E. F.) New Haven 

13157i« Thompson, Ellen Louise Sanford (Mrs S. S.) 153 York st, New Haven 

820010 Thompson, Henriette de Holmes Fellows (Mrs Harry Grant) . .Kensington 

13202a; Thompson, Katharine Barry (Miss) 200 Park ave., Bridgeport 

13892p Thompson, Louisa H. Barnard (Mrs Henry Graham) Milford 

1474010 Thompson, Lucy M. (Mrs Charles P.) 22 Elm st.. New Haven 

5281i^ Thompson, Minnie Flower (Mrs Edward S.) 274 E. Main st., Meriden 

4393ji Thompson, Ehoda Augusta (Miss) Woodbury 

2827i? Thompson, Sarah A. Nash (Mrs Andrew) 62 West st., Soiith Norwalk 

23633^ Thompson, Aletta Van Doren Knapp (Mrs Jas. B.) 18 Vine st., New Britain 

9461? Thomson, Iva May Stillson (Mrs Wm. B.) 104 Lake st.. New Britain 

5350ft Thorn, Mary Frances Burr (Mrs) Southport 

21423I> Thorne, Lavina (Mrs John Richard) Greenwich 

19681% Thorpe, Florence Josephine Rutherford (Mrs Walter E.) 67 Main st., Bristol 

132090 Thursfield, Kate Falconer (Mrs) 34 Forrest st., Torrington 

10332P Tibbals, Adaline Maria (Mrs Ruf us D.) Cobalt 

16573p Tibbals, Caroline Stowe Gunn (Mrs Mark, Jr.) Milford 

17397^ Tibbals, Julia A. (Miss) 473 Broad st., Meriden 

13134P Tibbals, Martha Ann Nettleton (Mrs Albert) Milford 

13132J) Tibbals, Mary Merwin (Mrs Geo. Wm.) Milford 

196546 Tiffany, Eliza Woodward (Miss) Jewett City 

5335w; Tillinghast, Elizabeth B. Sheldon (Mrs Mortimer) New Haven 

24548* Titus, Marie Louise Turner (Mrs Arthur C.) Washington 

15482L Tobey, Grace Treat (Miss) Sufiield 

201906^ Todd, Alice Clarilla (Miss) Newton 

23105s Todd, Layette Newell (Mrs E. S.) .• Marion 

18253i Tolles, Alice Tuttle (Mrs Harrison B.) 19 William st., Ansonia 

13217i Tolles, Elizabeth Belle Read (Mrs Chester F.) Ansonia 

21410i? Tolles, Emma Bell (Mrs Marshall H.) 97 East ave., East Norwalk 

9449A Tomlinson, Emma Statira (Miss) 958 North Main st., Waterbury 

10339A Tomlinson, Mary (Miss) 958 North Main st., Waterbury 

5243ft Tompkins, Mary Cone (Miss) Middletown 

94865^ Torrance, Mary C, Witter (Mrs James) 4 Valley View, Derby 

4198a? Torrey, Harriet Louise B. (Mrs Joseph) 500 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport 



6208a? Torrey, Mildred Banks (Mrs James H.) P. O. Box 213, Bridgeport 

2401P Townsend, Georgina Pollock D. (Mrs J.) 260 Washington st., Middltown 

4423a Toy, Mary Florilla Seymour (Mrs Joseph) Simsbury 

18296y Tracy, Ellen Hoyt (Miss) Killingly 

7435^ Tracy, Mary Churchill Taylor (Mrs John E.) Atlantic st., Stamford 

19655e Tracy, Kose Beckwith (Mrs John H.) Jewett City 

4435(i Trail, Esther Jane (Mrs James) Poquonock Bridge 

124960 Travis, Eliza S. Brooker (Mrs) Torrington 

139130 Travis, Margaret Maria (Miss) Torrington 

5357tt Treadway Lucy H. T. (Mrs Chas. S.) 63 Bellevue ave., Bristol 

3194jE7 Treadvs^ell, Clarissa Euth (Mrs) New Milford 

20815P Treat, Alice Elizabeth Candee (Mrs Mortimer Smith) Woodmont 

339iw Treat, Catherine Chapman (Mrs Arthur Barnes) . . 73 Eosette st.. New Haven 

13131p Treat, Celia Baldwin (Mrs Thelus Clark) 6 University Place, New Haven 

2140710 Treat, Marie Eoehner (Miss) 500 Howard ave.. New Haven 

14482d Trolan, M. Hannah Latham (Mrs E. W.) 97 Huntington st., New London 

13133f) Trowbridge, Maria Louise Merwin (Mrs Charles H.) Milford 

17890t<; Trowbridge, May Wells Farrell (Mrs Eutherford) 70 Grove st.. New Haven 

4405W Trumbull, Harriet Eoosevelt (Miss) Perkins Place, Norwich 

2477* Trumbull, Mary Ingram (Mrs Lyman) Say brook 

13145G^ Tucker, Ellen Humes (Mrs C. W.) 16 Spring st., Hartford 

109010 Tucker, Katharine Abbott Fox (Mrs John D.) 84 Edwards st., Hartford 

5310O Tufts, Louise K. P. (Mrs Caleb E.) Mystic 

13900a? Tuller, Augusta Way (Mrs Nelson) 87 Wells st., Bridgeport 

3880O Tuller, Ellen T. Hall (Mrs Charles D.) 43 Park st., Hartford 

23098a Tuller, Julia Dibble (Mrs Oliver C.) West Simsbury 

28222! Tunerelle, M. Ella Hollister (Mrs) 288 Main st., Danbury 

4941d Turner, Alice Stanton (Miss) 43 Federal st., New London 

12491« Turner, Maria Cornelia (Miss) 55 Broad st., Norwich 

9944f Turner, Mary Alice Holbrook (Mrs Arthur G.) 98 Windham st., Willimantic 

2305V Turner, Mary Jane (Miss) 4 Bulkley Place, New London 

201980 Turner, Mary Stearns (Mrs Luther G.) Torrington 

5973m Turney, Emma C. (Miss) Fairfield 

24532J5 Turrill, May Charlotte (Miss) New Milford 

3504O Tuttle, Alice G. (Miss) 105 Trumbull st., Hartford 

21402s Tuttle, Alice Hubbard (Miss) 30 Spencer ave., Waterbury 

5376W Tuttle, Anna C. (Miss) 144 Divinity st., Bristol 

15431MJ Tuttle, Charlotte Lancraft (Mrs Smith G.) South Quinnipiac st.. New Haven 

23130 Tuttle, Jane (Miss) 36 Winthrop st., Hartford 

20169P Tuttle, Lucy Lake (Mrs John H.) Milford 

30332! Tweedy, Adelaide Augusta (Mrs Frederick) 4 Fairview ave., Danbury 

28142; Tweedy, Louise Holley (Mrs George E.) 160 Deer Hill ave., Danbury 

53250 Tweedy, Marion Hawley (Miss) 4 Fairview ave., Danbury 

71612! Tweedy, Sue Phillips (Mrs) 8 Fairview ave., Danbury 

11385i?' Twichell, Ellen E. (Mrs James C.) 91 Lincoln st., Meriden 

5283s Twichell, Sarah L. Frisbie (Mrs Edward W.) Plantsville 

4394A Twining, Almira Catlin (Miss) 13 1st ave., Waterbury 

2493A'' Twiss, Fannie Lucy (Miss) 1096 Broad st., Meriden 

3380W Tyler, Delia Tallman Audubon (Mrs M. F.) 333 College st.. New Haven 

196662V' Tyler, Marion Leland Eoberts (Mrs Elnathan B.) Meriden 

16571n Tyler, Sarah Lester (Miss) 88 Union st., Norvdch 

* Chicago Chapter, Ills. 



SuT' S-"^- f?^ ^54 Crown St., New Haven 

3490F T?^"' I n 1^ ^'" ^'"'^ ^^^^^'^ ^'^ " " " "^^ Washington Place, Meriden 

lllZ ;;Pf^-'^-^^-; Clark (Miss) 193 Colony st., Meriden 

lllZ I'P'^^"^' ^^.^^y I^o^^se Brown (Mrs Lewis W.) 88 Clark st., New Haven 

80S9Jr Upson, Alice Peck (Mrs Arthur W.) Kensin 

5385« Upson, Ella Augusta (Miss) ".".'.'.'.".'.*.'.'. B^^ T^ 

53841* Upson, Lena Josephine (Miss) -d .^,° 

fistll u'^'"' ?'^ wS""^^ ^"^^^^^ ••••••■•••• • • • ■ •^- ^- '^- '^Vb, WaterTury 

ZIa t?""' f't t'""" ^""''^ ^« West St., South Norwalk 

6722f nr^'All J-J?''"' ^''^^ ""• ^-^ «^^ ^°^*^ ^-- st.,Waterbury 

2 oS • V ^A ir . \ ^""'^ "'"^•"'^^ ^-^ '^ ^°"*^ ^^-- ^t-' Willimantie 

^8683^ yS' f :-^^wf-^-^ (Mrs)V.v.;v.;v.;v.;36- co«age-i.a;;:-st:^J:rd 

86S4M V ' A . l^"^ ^"""'^ ^-^^^ -t., Stamford 

2 f W ; AV "^T ?!r^ South St., Stamford 

2086 /ff Vaill, Alice Dudley (Mrs Theodore F.) West Winsted 

lo?InP l^"" ^'^'yi^'f^^'^ Bishop Shelton (Mrs C. P.) 13 Courtland *st., Bridgeport 
.p..« ^^^ Benschoten, Mary Peirce Morgan (Mrs J. C.) 231 High st.,Middletown 

18. v" ^7"'.^°^^^^ ^- (^- K°b-t) 58 West ave., Norwalk 

10881. ^ance, Annie Louise Piatt (Mrs Edward T.) ... .107 South Cliff st, Ansonia 

5831W \andewater, Helena Eeed (Mrs William J.) Bristol 

20795ft Van Wagenen, Virginia Dimon Wakeman (Mrs Wm. B.) . . ." Southport 

^IZlL I^'T^'''': ^^^"^^J^^ Patience Morse (Mrs George A.) Putnam 

House," New Haven 

15433m; Veader, Alice (Miss) "Elliott 

2 517^ 1^^^-' Cla- (M ss ^Elliott House," New Haven 

74lPr V T\ T ^ '"'^ 23 Elm St., New Haven 

2f.r v-'. ' :^^^,^"^"^*^ S^"°^k (Mrs Philo H.) 122 Derby ave., Derby 

2 ! I :' .r ;' ""• ^^'' ^""^^^ ^-^ East Granby 

IZl V- ; f/T Comstock (Mrs Carl J.) 17 Granite st.. New London 

«iL v-"f ' ^:;^°^"^^^ ^- (^^^ C^^^l-^ G- I^-) 341 High St., Middletown 

,.HL Z r' r'' '"""'" ^^^"' ^''""^ ^1 Huntington st.. New London 

imin Z7^t ' ^^"^ ^^""^^'^ Lucchini (Mrs E.) 252 North Colony st., Mericlen 

183260 Wadhams, Julia Elizabeth (Miss) Goshen 

15483L Wadsworth, Georgiana Hazard Loomis (Mrs Philip) Suffield 

2253G Wainwright, Helena Barker (Mrs Wm. A. M.) m Elm st.,' Hartford 

2244(? Wainwright, Mabel W. (Miss) HI Elm st., Hartford 

182790 Waite, Augusta Whittlesey Cogswell (Mrs Poster R.) . . . Talcottville 

23637i Wakelee, Cora Amanda (Miss) 112 Jackson st., Ansonia 

5251W Wakeman, Emma Frances (Miss) Fairfield 

43177* Wakeman, Frances (Miss) V. .V.V.V.V.V.V. Southport 

40077J Wakeman, Grace Melville Hall (Mrs Howard N.) Southport 

59316? Walker, Amelia Read Larned (Mrs George L.) 46 Prospect st.', Hartford 

70247 Walker, Cornelia Sloper (Mrs Wm. F.) 35 Cedar st.. New Britain 

13138A Walker, Frances Thompson (Mrs Frederic A.).. 31 Johnson st., Waterbury 

225472\r Wallace, Fannie C. (Mrs Henry) Wallino-ford 

5954i Wallace, Helen M. Clark (Mrs Thomas, Jr.) 75 Cliff st., Ansonia 

5270^ Waller, Charlotte Bishop (Mrs Thomas M.)..12 Channing st.. New London 

5988a? Waller, Harriet Henry (Miss) Plattsville 

3030« Walsh, Mary E. Benedict (Mrs James E.) Mountainvill'e Danbury 

153997 Walter, Mattie A. (Mrs Henry S.) . ' 24 Lexington ave.. New Britain 

16014O Ward, Bertha Cheney (Mrs George E. T.) Mystic 

1S269M; Ward, Caroline Atwater (Mrs Frank M.) 139 College st.. New Haven 



SlOlGf Ward, Catharine Webb (Miss) Wethersfield 

1721P Ward, Clara Stanley (Mrs Willis L.) 159 Court st., Middletown 

3674P Ward, Cuba Post (Mrs Henry C.) 436 Main st., Middletown 

4197G^ Ward, Delia Bidwell (Mrs Austin M.) 946 Asylum ave., Hartford 

23666W Ward, Elizabeth Weed (Mrs Aro I.) 26 Beers st.. New Haven 

1056P Ward, Jessie M. (Miss) 46 Crescent st., Middletown 

86580 Ward, Lucy L. S. (Mrs Winthrop) Mystic 

10950/ Ward, Lulu J. T. (Mrs Wm. L.) Seymour 

11391P Warner, Annette Stiles (Mrs Charles H.) 9 Gold st., MerFden 

17429P Warner, Catherine J. (Miss) East Haddam 

5278/ Warner, Delia C. S. (Mrs Eandall E.) Seymour 

10955A Webster, Elizabeth E. (Mrs Daniel F.) 246 Hillside ave., Waterbiiry 

19629s Webster, Frances Cowles (Mrs) Southington 

23104i Webster, Sarah Rogers (Mrs Erwin W.) 18 State st., Ansonia 

23107a? Webster, Susie Williams H. (Mrs Wm. E.) 206 Colorado ave., Bridgeport 

11380r Weed, Amanda Priscilla (Miss) New Canaan 

14743a Weed, Eve Belle (Miss) Simsbury 

11379r Weed, Jennie Christeen Anna (Miss) ■. New Canaan 

21874r Weed, Lena Chichester Comstock (Mrs Alfred S.) New Canaan 

13164P Weed, Nellie S. (Mrs Samuel E.) Middlebrook, South Norwalk 

13169P Weed, Sophia A. (Mrs Edward P.) 65 Wall st., Norwalk 

898P Weeks, Helen L. Hubbard (Mrs Frank B.) 83 Union st., Middletown 

3514«J Welch, Sarah E. S. (Mrs David T.) West Haven 

8100« Welles, Ellen Washburn Sessions (Mrs Stephen M.) Bristol 

196950? Wells, Alice Lee (Mrs Albert S.) 541 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport 

19696a; Wells, Amy Lee (Miss) 541 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport 

190634 Wells, Martha Caswell (Miss) 270 Grove st., Waterbury 

6257ft Wells,! Mary Huder Hughes (Mrs Edward L.) 1 Southport 

9940a; Wells, Sallie Douglas (Miss) Stratford 

20789c Welton, Mary Cathrine (Mrs Corlos) Thomaston 

16045t Wessells, Anne Emlen (Mrs Henry W.) Litchfield 

94520 West, Frances Maria (Mrs Wm. H.) South Manchester 

18317^3" West, Inez Winifred (Miss) 96 Union st., Eockville 

5334'm; W^est, Sophia A. Griswold (Mrs James ±x.) 30 Lamberton st.. New Haven 

6692i Wetmore, Estelle Corbin (Mrs Charles E.) 56 Maple st.. New Britain 

8664V Whaley, Emma Baker (Miss) Niantic 

13191IV" Wheatley, Ellen Paine (Mrs Edward C.) 171 Britannia st., Meriden 

6212a; Wheeler, Alma B. (Mrs Sylvester P.) 302 State st., Bridgeport 

2302V Wheeler, Annie Elisabeth (Miss) 38 Williams st.. New London 

31900 Wheeler, Ella E. Giddings (Mrs Horace N.) Mystic 

4Q21d Wheeler, Emily -Avery (Miss) Stonington 

3847(Z Wheeler, Grace Denison (Miss) .Stonington 

183240 Wheeler, Jennie M. Scoville (Mrs Homer C.) Torrington 

5035(Z Wheeler, Lucy Stanton (Mrs Joseph) Old Mystic 

245200 Wheeler, Mary Ann (Miss) North Stonington 

6682a; Wheeler, S. Antoinette Fairchild (Mrs Hobart E.) 405 State st., Bridgeport 

19061a; Wheeler, Sarah Francis Curtiss (Mrs Wilmot C.) Long Hill, Trumbull 

10369^ Wheeler, Violetta L. T. (Mrs Wm. B.) 292 Main st., Danbury 

2825« Wheelock, Coroline M. (Mrs Harrison) 115 Main st., Danbury 

18298; Wheelock, Ellen Maria (ISIiss) Putnam 

18297; Wheelock, Mary Taft (Miss) Putnam 

6242d Whipple, Grace D. Miner (Mrs L. De Wayne) Groton 

15486P White, Ada M. (Mrs Wm. C.) 248 High st., Middletown 


22315 White, Antoinette Gregory (Mrs G. Willis) 6 Morgan st., Norwalk 

160260 White, Caroline Brown (Miss) 64 Balenforth ave., Danbury 

22520A White, Caroline Haring (Miss) 114 Grove st., WaterBnry 

^Tf ^'"' ^""''' ^- ^^'''^ '^' ^^^k Place, Middletown 

5374m White, Fanni© Miller (Mrs Jesse M.) Bristol 

183250 Warner, Emma A. (Mrs Henry K.) Torrington 

3996A Warner, Emmeline Dunbar (Miss) 23 Pine st!,' Waterbury 

13886H> Warner, Gertrude E. Morton (Mrs Henry) 121 Greene st.. New Haven 

18300/ Warner, Jane Elizabeth Carpenter (Mrs Edgar M.) Putnam 

16691W Warner, Martha A. Bronson (Mrs G. W.) 163 Washington ave.', West Haven 

18299; Warner, Pamelia Sarah (Miss) Putnam 

7420Ji' Warnock, Mary Harris (Mrs Thomas H.) .'.'.' .'99 Elm'st.^ Meriden 

4994a; Warren, Clara A. Mills (Mrs Tracy B.) Atlantic Hotel, Bridgeport 

245185: Warren, Laura A. E. (Mrs Albert C.) Berlin 

17383a; Warren, Louise Bronson (Miss) "The Atlantic,"" Bridgeport 

24472i¥ Warren, Nancy Ann (Mrs Isaac) 29 Washington ave., Stamford 

19086il/ Waterbury, Harriet L. (Mrs Wm. F.) 43 Grove st., Stamford 

24513ft Waterman, Martica G. (Miss) Southport 

24512ft Waterman, Martica Gookin (Mrs Edvdn S.) Southport 

19667(? Watkinson, Caroline Hudson (Miss) 57 Grove st., Hartford 

5307O Watrous, Adeline Moselle Gallup (Mrs Levi) Mystic 

21909P Watrous, Anne Newell (Miss) 215 South Main st., Middletown 

24473P Watrous, Emelia Adaline (Mrs Minories) East Hampton 

2366510 Watson, Josephine Canfield (Mrs Theodore F.) 92 Dwight st., New Haven 

147191f Watson, Julia Vail (Mrs Austin H.) Stamford 

15133* Way, Sarah B. White (Mrs George W.) 345 State st., Bridgeport 

1388971 Webb, Mabel Sangar (Miss) Norwich 

13885W Webb, Lucretia C. (Mrs) 345 Whalley ave.. New Haven 

25936 Webb, Mary Louise (Miss) Windsor Locks 

11407s Webster, Catherine (Miss) Southington 

3716t White, Helen Tufts (Mrs Monroe B.) 59 Main st., South Norwalk 

22519A White, Julia Haring (Mrs George L.) 114 Grove st., Waterbury 

11852ilf White, Libbie Diehl (Mrs Wm. N.) Strawberry Hill, Stamford 

8965d White, Mary B. (Mrs Chas. E.) Groton 

5951i White, Piera Earle (Mrs Wm. A.) 10 Mott st., Ansonia 

5024dl Whitman, Clara Bourne (Mrs John L.) Groton 

10309Gt Whitmore, Harriet G. (Mrs Franklin G.) 1 Highland st., Hartford 

20186a? Whitney, Bessie Hubbell (Mrs Frank A.) 190 North ave., Bridgeport 

21884a; Whitney, Frances Parrott (Mrs John D.) 190 North ave., Bridgeport 

I222S1; Whiton, Asenath Francis (Mrs David E.) New London 

94510 Whiton, Mary Elizabeth Loomis (Mrs Francis H.) Manchester 

38780 Whittlesey, Annie M. (Mrs David) 25 Madison ave., Danbury 

12721-!; Whittlesey, Betsey Ingham (Mrs George D.) 76 Hempstead st., New London 

38770 Whittlesey, Elmina C. (Miss) 57 Main st., Danbury 

9463? Whittlesey, Fanny (Miss) 279 W. Main st.. New Britain 

17430P Whittlesey, Mary Crittenden W. (Mrs H. C.) 187 S. Main st., Middletown 

9462? Whittlesey, Mary Swift (MisS) 279 W. Main st.. New Britain 

20821V Wightman, Nellie Buckus Payne (Mrs Stephen R.) New London 

6694? Wilbor, Grace Stanley (Mrs Thomas W.) 48 Park Place, New Britain 

12032^ Wilbur, Minnie C. (Miss) New Milford 

214137?" Wilcox, Clara Birge (Mrs Benjamin) 24 School st., Meriden 

Ashuelot Chapter, N. H. J Buffalo Chapter, N. Y. 



3987P Wilcox, Elizabeth Shepard C. (Mrs W. M.) 187 S. Main st., Middletown 

144832V Wilcox, Ellen Blatchley (Mrs Watson E.) Hig-hland House, Meriden 

103501^ Wilcox, Ellen Maria (Mrs Horace C.) 360 Colony st., Meriden 

18308^ Wilcox, Emma E. (Mrs Wm. W.) 85 Hobart st., Meriden 

19630s Wilcox, Emma Piatt (Mrs) Southington 

179062V Wilcox, Etta Kobinson (Miss) Parker ave., Meriden 

1057P Wilcox, Mary Elizabeth. Eoot (Mrs Wm. W., Jr.) . . 181 High st., Middletown 

20868g Wilcox, Mary Pitkin Hinsdale Rockwell (Mrs Edward P.) West Winsted 

17420A^ Wilcox, Myra Gibbons (Mrs W. Irving) 187 Britannia st., Meriden 

160522V Wilcox, Nettie Curtiss (Mrs George H.) 57 Pleasant st., MeriHen 

83132 Wildman, Alice L. Eockwell (Mrs John W.) 6 Harmony st., Danbury 

53225! Wildman, Elizabeth (Miss) 330 Main st., Danbury 

13972 Wildman, Ella Dellicker (Mrs Alfred N.) 324 Main st., Danbury 

6210a7 Wildman, Hannah G. M. (Mrs George F.) 879 Main st., Bridgeport 

30312 Wildman, Isabel L. (Miss) 6 Harmony st., Danbury 

53232 Wildman, Mary (Miss) 330 Main st., Danbury 

64642! Wile, Hattie Loomis (Mrs W. C.) Tarryville 

8685* Willcox, Elizabeth H. B. (Mrs H. P.) 92 Atlantic st., Stamford 

174212V Willcox, Ida Lois Booth (Mrs Albert B.) Meriden 

12232V Williams, Anna S. Raymond (Mrs George C.) . . . .J^Iontauk ave.. New London 

8320.2 Williams, Eleanor Johnson (Mrs Wm. H.) 115 Atwater ave., Derby 

2717« Williams, Elizabeth Turner Tate (Mrs Peleg).55 Williams st.. New London 
16023A Williams, Ella Susan Rice (Mrs Samuel P.).. 125 Hillside ave., Waterbury 
125382 Williams, Ellen Augusta Crosby (Mrs George H.) 8 Terrace Place, Danbury 

174252V Williams, Estelle A. (Miss) 72 N. Colony st., Meriden 

3509Gf Williams, Harriet Beard Holley (Mrs Harry R.)..24 Marshall st., Hartford 

8662t( Williams, Helen Welch Mitchell (Mrs F. C.) Forestville 

471425 Williams, Isabella Gaylord (Mrs Frederick M.) Gaylordsville 

225675^ Williams, Lucille Marshall Wilde (Mrs John N.) 77 Atwater ave., Derby 

10900(? Williams, Olive Gilbert (Mrs W. P.) 690 Asylum ave., Hartford 

12548^ Willmot, Emily G. Southmayd (Mrs George E.) 127 E. Main st., Meriden 

23342a? Wills, Nettie A. (Mrs Wm. E.) 23 Prospect st., Bridgeport 

16598a? Wilmot, Sarah Tower (Mrs Walter S.) 186 Stratford ave., Bridgeport 

153936 Wilson, Agnes Amelia Phelps (Mrs Arthur M.) Windsor 

10880i Wilson, Carrie Louise Miles (Mrs Henry H.) 94 N. ClifE st., Ansonia 

7684? Wilson, Clara Corbin (Mrs Frederick C.) 100 W. Main st.. New Britain 

144875 Wilson, Emma J. (Mrs Oliver E.) 27 West ave., Norwalk 

21858/1 Wilson, Julia Banks (Mrs Benjamin) Greenfield Hill 

11856B Wilson, Julia V. Phelps (Mrs Joseph W.) 10 Arch st., Norwalk 

19707f Wilson, Lucy Byles (Mrs Frank M.) 196 Church st., Willimantic 

6216P Wilson, IMary H. (Mrs Robert C.) 47 S. ]\Iain st., Middletown 

12031i(; Winchell, Catharine Shepard (Mrs A. E.) 60 Pearl st.. New Haven 

10329P Winchester, Alice G. Smith (Mrs Caleb T.) 342 High st., Middletown 

19079; Winslow, Helen August (Miss) Putnam 

4432a Winslow, Mary (Miss) Weatogue 

23636i Wirth, Nancy E. Nichols (Mrs Henry P.) 301 Wakelee ave., Ansonia 

52972 Wise, Sarah Johnson (Mrs James N.) 262 Elizabeth st., Derby 

225'SOG Wolcott, Emma (Miss) 97 W^ashington st., Hartford 

5968m Wolcott, Hattie Allen (Mrs Charles W.) Terryville 

:179182V Wood, Alice Pomeroy (Mrs Henry B.) Liberty st., Meriden 

7026W Wood, Annie Teresa (Mrs Wm. A. W.) West Haven 

* Bronx Chapter, N. Y. 


4409a Wood, Antoinette Eno (Mrs) 

i™"v w°1' ?™ ^'r^ °=" (M-''^-™- so::::::::::9i-schooi St ^riZ 

1 ^914^ Wood, Frances Louisa (Miss) -, n n...o + ^^^eriaen 

4608.Y Wood, Jennie Dearborn (Miss).... ' O 1" Ir /"" 

16562i Wood, Lillian Warren (Mrs Wm. A.J ! '^^:^ t' A " 

.::::: ^ se o:;r ^:r ^^^^^ -— ^-^ •• • •- - -- -: -= 

or!-5« Wood, Minnie L. Tuttle (Mrs Charles) ... w"!?*"!! 

,!!!;f :^°°t1' f ' ""t"" '"^^^^ ■•■■■• '■='«"--"■ si-VSrt o°rd 

214o3r7 Woodford, Laura Burnham (Mrs John) .... . w. A .... , " 

19060^ Woodhull, Fayette D. (Mrs John K) .'.tt' Ba'm'un; a;e. Brid "port 

5348A Wooding, Josephine S. (Mrs) 1, Bishop st. Wat^rbury 

21876s Woodruff, Edna L. (Miss) ^ ' ^' 7 

17-11! TTf r"^" ^""°^ ^^''^^^^ :::::::::;::::::: ".es-Main 'strnaS: 

24049^ Woodruff, Lucy Este Crawford (Mrs George C.) Litchfield 

tZl w°°f "f; ^"7 ^"*"'" ^'''' ""'"^^ ^-^ ^1-k Rock 

..Qpf w"f ' rL f ^^' ^^'""^ ""'"'^^ ''•^ 66 5th St., Derby 

5392^- Woodward, Charlotte Francis (Mrs Samuel R.) Bethany 

17371n Woodward, Emma Louise Davis (Mrs Russell G.) . .367 Franklin st" 'Nor^vich 

i7«o«« w°°^"^'^' T '''^ '^'^"^ ^^''""^ '' C^^^^^ ^t-' Middletown 

178965 Woodward, Louise Brinckerhoff (Miss) 6 Elm st , Norwalk 

12517(? Woodward, Mary S. (Mrs P. Henry) 742 Asvlum are., Hartford 

10899(? Woodward, Sarah Cognean Day (Mrs Richard W.) .2 Park Terrace, Hartford 

103805 Woodworth, Emily L. (Mrs Henry L.) 1 Burbank st.. South Norwalk 

130881; Woodworth, Grace B. Calvert (Mrs Frank W.) ... .3 Granite st.. New London 

8090fc Woodworth, Lydia Ames Sessions (Mrs Wm. W.) . . . . BerKn 

6987a^ Wordin, Fannie Leavenworth (Miss) 340 State 'st.',' Bridgeport 

13141(? Wordin, Susan Frances Middlebrook (Mrs Chas. W.) 66 Imley st Hartford 

124920 Workman, Charlotte Taylor (Mrs) Torrino-ton 

24527a; Worthen, Emma Lizzie (Mrs C. Nathaniel) ... .107 Sea View ave'.,' Bridgeport 

7704A Wotkyns, Mary Steele (Mrs Roger G.) 151 Hillside ave., Waterbury 

21892£; Wright, Cornelia EHzabeth (Mrs George ^V.) Xew Milford 

19080; Wright, Eliza Witter (Mrs Edward G.) Putnam 

9490a; Wright, Elizabeth Curtiss Knapp (Mrs John) 229 State' st.','B'rido-eport 

5978A Wright, Ella Reed (Mrs Ervis E.) . . . ."Idylwood," E. Main st. Waterbury 

11365i\^ Wright, Mabel Rogers (Mrs Frederick A.) E. Main 'st., Meriden 

18262% Wright, Nellie Emogene (Miss) Bristol 

21403W Wright, Nellie Florence Perkins (I^Irs Wm. H.) .Bristol 

13205P Wyllys, Mary McLean (Mrs Frederick) Glastonbury 

6460i^ Yale, Chariotte Lilla (Miss) 208 W. Main st., .Meriden 

22oo92V" Yale, Julia Louisa Mack (Mrs Frederick L.) Meriden 

11393ii^ Yale, Mary Catharine Welles (Mrs Hiram A.) 591 Broad st "Meriden 

11398i^ Yale, Mary Welles (Miss) 591 Broad st.', Meriden 

8674f; Young, Anna Janette (Mrs Henry A.) Moosup 

17372.1 Young, Harriet Tyler (Miss) '.'."j'e"w'ett City 

225362\r Zacher, Julia Griswold (Mrs Edmund) Bancroft 



State Regent 1897, Mrs. Elizabeth 0. Churchman, Claymont 

" . " 1898, 

(4 organized) 

a. Caesar Rodney Chapter, Wilmington 

Organized December 7, 1895; Members, 32 (Pennsylvania, 2; West Virginia, 1; 'New 

Jersey, 2) 

Eegent, Miss Sophie Waples Treasurer, Mrs Wm. M. Drein 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs. H. S. Denison Eegistrar, Mrs. J. D. M. Cardeza 

Secretary, Miss Helen E. Van Trump Historian, Mrs. W. G. Clark 

Chaplain, Miss Henrietta W. Mahon 

b. Colonel Haslet Chapter, Dover 

Organized January 14, 1897; Members, 20 (Pennsylvania, 5; California, 1; Ohio, 1; Hew 

Jersey, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs. Eliza K. Anderson Treasurer, Mrs. Maria E. Sypherd 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs. Anna S. Wharton Eegistrar, Mrs. Harriet C. Kenney 

Secretary, Mrs Ida H. Deane Historian, Mrs. Mary Eliz. Dunning 

Cnaplain, Mrs. Miriam E. iisher 

c. Elizabeth Cook Chapter, Smyrna 

Organized October 10, 1896; Members, 18 (Pennsylvania, 4; New York, 1 ; Illinois, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs. Caroline E. C. Speakman Treasurer, Miss A. Cummings 

Vice-Eegent, Miss Anna Cunningham Eegistrar, Mrs. K. D. Speakman 

Secretary, Miss D. D. Lockerman Historian, Mrs. E. C. C. Wilds 

Chaplain, Miss J. Collins 

d. John Pettigrew Chapter, Milf ord 

Members, 15 (Pennsylvania, 3; Maryland, 2; California, 1; Massachusetts, 1) 

Eegent, Miss Syrena J. Hall Treasurer, Miss Virginia G. Yardley 

Vice-Eegent, Miss Anna H. Yardley Eegistrar, Miss Clara M. Yardley 

Secretary, Mrs Sarah H. Anderson Historian, Mrs Mary S. Martin 

Chaplain, Mrs. Mary Snell 

Members Eesiding in the State. 


23693a Allen, Eliza Eankin (Mrs John E.) Wilmington 

109676 Anderson, Elizabeth King (Mrs Edwin S.) Dover 

22577d Anderson, Sarah Hall (Mrs James F.) Milford 

23691& Bailey, May Evelina Draper (Mrs) ''Locust Lawn," Middletown 

109666 Beers, Mary Hart Anderson (Mrs Henry J.) Dover 













Blanken, Eleanor Coxe (Miss) 423 E. 8th st., Wilmington 

Cannon, Sara Dale (Miss) Bridgeville 

Cardeza, Elizabeth B. (Mrs John De Vaux M.) ' Claymont 

Cheseborough, Emma Russell Bullock (Mrs A. S.) 714 West st., Wilmington 

Chesley, Claudia Walton Le Vert Smith (Mrs J. Harry) Claymont 

Churchman, Elizabeth Clarke (Mrs Caleb) Claymont 

Cobb, Katherine Baker (Miss) Claymont 

Collins, Daisy Dean Lockerman (Mrs) Townsend 

Collins, Julia Ann (Miss) * Smyrna 

Corbit, Mary Clark Higgins (Mrs David W.) Odessa 

Cummins, J. Agnes (Miss) Smyrna 

Cuningham, Anna (Miss) Smyrna 

Davidson, Caroline H. (Mrs) Claymont 

Deane, Ida H. (Mrs Joshua D.) Dover 

Denney, Sarah E. (Miss) Smyrna 

Drein, Ella Clifton (Mrs Wm. M.) 1103 Delavfare ave., Wilmington 

Duncan, Caroline Alricks F. (Mrs W. E.) . .1329 Washington st., Wilmington 

Eisher, Mary Hazzard (Miss) Milton 

Garland, Mary P. J. (Mrs Spotswood) Parkway & Bayard ave., Wilmington 
Gilpin, Elizabeth Harvey (Mrs Edward E.) 917 Washington st., Wilmington 

Gootee, Mary Elizabeth Collins (Mrs Benjamin T.) Smyrna 

Graff, Katharine Edith Arndt (Mrs) Claymont 

Griffith, Euth Hawthorn (Mrs Charles) 813 Adams st., Wilmington 

Hall, Sophie C. Keller (Mrs George C.) 1021 Market st., Wilmington 

Hall, Syrena J. (Miss) Milford 

Harvey, Mary T. (Mrs John M.) Wilmington 

Hoilecker, Elizabeth Worsley Mead (Mrs J. H.) 1213 Gilpin ave., Wilmington 

Husband, Estelle Laussat (Mrs William A.) Claymont 

Kenney, Harriet Galley (Mrs Eichard E.) Dover 

Kingston, Josephine Kille (Mrs Chas. E.) 905 Deleware ave., Wilmington 

Lea, Anna (Miss) 1901 Market st., Wilmington 

Lea, Margaret Cummins (Mrs Henry) Smyrna 

Lewis, Anne Sipple Pennev^dll (Mrs Beniah L. Lewis) Harrington 

Moody, Martha L. (Mrs) 914 Delaware ave., Wilmington 

Moore, Mary Eliza (Mrs J. Allen) Smyrna 

Pennewill, Frances Calley (Miss) Dover 

Eichardson, Lucy M. (Mrs Alden B.) Dover 

Eoeder, Emma Monteith Pennewill (Mrs) Dover 

Snell, Mary (Mrs) ]\Iilf ord 

Speakman, Caroline E. Cloke (Mrs G.) Belmont Hall, Smyrna 

Speakman, Katharine Douglass (Mrs J. Harvey) Smyrna 

Sypherd, JSIaria Edith Burton (Mrs Clarence D.) Dover 

Turner, Ella (Miss) '. 822 Adams st., Wilmington 

Turner, Sallie Tennent (Mrs) 822 Adams st., Wilmington 

Van Trump, Clara Jessup (Miss) 412 Broome st., Wilmington 

Van Trump, Helen Ernestine (Miss) 412 Broome st., Wilmington 

Waples, Sophie (Miss) 822 Adams st., Wilmington 

Waters, Susan Cummins Black (Mrs Wm. E.) Smyrna 

Wharton, Anna Silena (Mrs Charles M.) Dover 

Wharton, Clara Denney (Mrs Charles B.) Dover 

Wilds, Elizabeth Cook Cloke (Mrs James D.) Smyrna 

Willis, Edith Gillespy (Mrs Jonathan S.) Milford 

* Cumberland County Chapter, Penna. 


20203& Wright, Harriet Maxwell (Mrs Louis M.) Dovei 

22586d Yardley, Anna Hall (Miss) Milford 

22587(Z Yardley, Clara M. (Miss) Milford 

22588d Yardley, Virginia Greer (Miss) Milford 


State Regent 1897, Miss Virginia Miller, 1729 P street, Washington 

1898, Mrs. Mary H. Newcomb, 1620 F street, Washington 

(9 organized) 

a. Army and Navy Chapter, Washington 

Organized December 10, 1894; Members, 68 (New York, 5; Pennsylvania, 1; Wyoming, 1; 
Texas, 1; Virginia, 2; Florida, 1; Indian Territory, 1; Minnesota, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. George M. Sternberg Cor. Sec, Miss Catharine deN. Miller 

vice-Regent, Mrs. Edward Middleton Treasurer, Miss E. V. Middleton 

Rec. See,, Mrs. Cleland Offley Registrar, Mrs. Fred, G. McKean 

Historian, Mrs. Charles H. Alden 

b. Columbia Chapter, Washington 

Organized April 29, 1894; Members, 52 (Illinois, 2; Virginia, 3; New Jersey, 3: New 
York, 2: Florida, 1; Minnesota, 1; Ohio, 1) 

Regent, Miss Mary C. D. Chenow^eth Treasurer, Mrs. S. M, Weseott 

Vice-Regent Mrs Mary L. Hartsock Registrar, Mrs. S. J. Croissant 

Rec. Sec., Mrs. Mabel G. Swormstedt Chaplain, Mrs. Clinton Smith 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. Emily F. Happer Historian, Mrs. Cornelius Gardner 

d. Continental Chapter, Washington 

Organized April 16, 1894; Members, 62 (Alabama, 2; Vi7-ginia, 1; Ohio, 2; Pennsylvania, 2; 
loiva, 1; Arkansas, 2; New York, 1; Maine, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. Mary S. Gist Cor. Sec, Mrs. Lucy M. O. Marsh 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Louise L. Beacon Treasurer, Mrs. Robert Harper 

Recording Sec, Mrs. Mary A. C. Beach Registrar, Mrs. Middleton Smith 

Historian, Dr. Alice Burrett 

e. Dolly Madison Chapter, Washington 

Organized May 12, 1892; Members, 59 (Massachusetts, 1; Foreign, 3) 

Regent, Mrs. Henry Gannett Cor. Sec, Mrs. James K. Taylor 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Chas. S. Johnson Treasurer, Mrs. John Tweedale 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. Ira W. Dennison Registrar, Miss Harriet E. Mann 

Historian, Miss Maria S. Lj'^man 


f. Elizabeth Jackson Chapter, Washington 

Organized January 27, 1898; Members, I4 (South Carolina, 2; Pennsylvania, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. Mary C. Wysong Secretary, Miss Eunice Brawley 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs. H. I. Stiles Treasurer, Miss Mary Wilcox 

Registrar, Miss Helen H. Hoisted 

g. Manor House Chapter, Washington 
Organized January 6, 1898; Members, 16 (Alabama, 1; New York, 2; Ohio, 2; Virginia, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. Francis F. Ballinger Treasurer, Mrs. Sarah Van Deusen 

Yice-Regent, Mrs Josephine Corey Registrar, Miss Mary M. Green 

Ree. Sec, Mrs. Catalena il. Lyman Historian, Mrs. Anne S. Green 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. Sarah M. Edwards Assistant Historian, Mrs Henry Green 

h. Martha Washington Chapter, Washington 

Organized February 23, 1893; Members, 70 (Virginia, 4; Pennsylvania, 2; New TorJc, 3; 
Maryland, 5; Missouri, 1; Kentucky, 2; New Hampshire, 1; Georgia, 1; Alabama, 2") . 

Regent, Miss Lillian Pike Cor. Sec, Mrs Katharine T. Gerald 

Vice-Regent, Miss Virgina E. Dade Treasurer, Mrs Kate L. Husted 

Ree. Sec, Mrs. Drury Ludlow Registrar, Mrs. Julia N. Hoge 

Historian, Miss Mary L. Conrad 

i. Mary Washington Chapter, Washington 

Organized February 29, 1892; Members, 210 (New York, 6; Connecticut, 1; Utah, 1; Ala- 
bama, 2; Georgia, 1; Maryland, 3; South Carolina, 1; Virginia, 2; Massachusetts, 
2; Foreign, 1; Minnesota, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. Elizabeth B. Lee Cor. Sec, Miss Aline E. Solomons 

Vice-Regent, Miss Mary W. Pearre Treasurer, Miss Cornelia Clay 

Ree, Sec, Mrs. J. \V. Magruder Registrar, Mrs. Violet Blair Janin 

Historian, Mrs. George H. Hill 

Members Residing in the State 

1087 Abbott, Mary Eliza Birge (Mrs Chas. 0.) 517 7th St., Washington 

12039i Adee, Ellen Skeel (Mrs David G.) 1019 15th st., Washington 

63136 Akers, Alice Pickett (Mrs Albert) "The Colonial," Washington 

2440a Alden, Alice Wright (Miss) 1740 R st., Washington 

1925a Alden, Katharine Russell Lincoln (Mrs Charles H.) . .1740 R st., Washington 

16645d Aldrich, Louisa M. (Mrs) 1746 M st., Washington 

178i Alexander, Sallie Kennedy (Mrs T. H.) 1711 Q st., Washington 

6832* Alger, Annette Henry (Mrs Russell A.) 1601 K st., Washington 

8702a Allen, Roberta Zimmerman (Miss) 3072 Q st., Washington 

24554i Allison, Eliza Chatham (Miss) 1715 15th st., Washington 

6741d Anderson, Blanche C. Koones (Mrs) 422 7th st., S. E., Washington 

13230& Anderson, Laura Roche (Mrs James E.) 22 E. Capitol st., Washington 

4127i Augur, Jane Elizabeth Arnold (Mrs C. C.) .2732 Dumbarton ave., Georgetown 

* IvOuisa St. Claire Chapter, Michigan. 


15490ft Babcock, Gertrude Lee (Mrs Wm. H.) . .Eockhaven, Eidge Eoad, Washington 

5095d Bacon, Louise Lynde (Mrs George A.) 2803 Q st., Washington 

4534 Bailey, Anna Dicks (Miss) 1424 Stoughton st., Washington 

45336 Bailey, Lois A. Chase (Mrs Chas. B.) 1424 Stoughton st., Washington 

91i Baldwin, Maria Bache Albert (Mrs Wm. D.) 1734 Q st., Washington 

1261i Ball, Ann Eandolph (Miss) 3070 Q st., Washington 

45|| Ball, Elizabeth Carter (Miss) 3070 Q st., Washington 

44i Ball, Mary Eandolph (Miss) 3070 Q st., Washington 

70g Ballinger, Francis Fazio (Mrs Madison A.) 1303 Clifton st., Washington 

114236r Ballinger, Miriam (Miss) 1303 Clifton st., Washington 

5983* Banks, Florence Margaret Eoot (Mrs C. E.) U. S. Mar. Hos. Bur., Washington 

5644f Banks, Mary Eoss (Mrs) Washington 

8986{ Barber, Julia Louise L. (Mrs A. Lorenzo) "Belmont," Washington 

2354|1 Barclay, Mary Mehnda (Mrs) 1771 Madison st., Washington 

887i Barker, Clara B. Gaylord (Mrs John S.) 507 E st., Washington 

103996 Barnard, Florence A. (Mrs Job) 1306 Ehode Island ave., Washington 

20884 Barr, Beverley Eay (Miss) 1345 L st., Washington 

4757i Barraud, Mary (Mrs T. Lawson) 1414 K st., Washington 

4933 Barrie, Emma S. Sears (Mrs George) 1629 14th st., Washington 

52296 Bartlett, Eliza M. (Miss) 1022 12th st., Washington 

891 Batcheller, Kate (iliss) 3 Assitant Secretary's Office, Washington 

214a Bates, Mary C. (Mrs F. H.) 1330 30th st., Washington 

880i Baxter, Mary J. (Mrs Wm.) 1736 Corcoran st., Washington 

16072(i Beach, Mary Anne Campbell (Mrs Geo. F.) . .937 New York ave, Washington 

468i Beall, Ida Petigree (Miss) 1508 E st., Washington 

1292111 Beckwith, Madeline J. (Miss) 1833 Jefferson Place, Washington 

S354i Bell, Laura Gilbert Brooks (Mrs James L.) 1216 18th st., Washington 

1444i Benet, Laura (Mrs Stephen V.) 1732 I st., Washington 

8154i Benjamin, Carolyn Gilbert (Mrs Marcus) . .National Museum, Washington 

53(1 Bennett, Mary Henderson E. (Mrs F. M.) . .2119 California ave., Washington 

18966** Bishop, Nannie Sevier (Mrs John M.) "The Cairo," Washington 

11436a Black, Gertrude Totten (Mrs Wm. H.) 2024 Hillyer Place, Washington 

111686 Blackfan, Emily E. (Miss) 1327 N st., Washington 

1099i Blackiston, Elizabeth P. (Mrs A. Horton) 1827 H st., Washington 

2726 Blackstone, H. Annie (Miss) 61G 3rd st., Washington 

8115 Blount, Bessie Herrick (Miss) 3101 U st., Washington 

24 Blount, Lucia Fames (Mrs Henry F.) 3101 U st., Washington 

18090ff Boag, Maud F. Beckwith (Mrs Wililam) Madison st., Washington 

469i Bond, Mary Hunt (Mrs S. E.) 13 Iowa Circle, Washington 

1583i Bone, Carey Ann (Mrs) 11 5th st., S. E., Washington 

17925 Bouldin, Ellie Daniel (Miss) 1234 13th st., Washington 

12254 Bourgeat, Bella Kilboum (Mrs Emile E. Y.) 611 22d st., Washington 

12256 Bouscaren, Jennie Long (Mrs) .■ 929 M st., Washington 

3329$! Bowler, Alice Bernard W. (Mrs Eobert B.) Washington 

18348 Boyd, Almyra (Mrs John) 1417 Ehode Island ave., Washington 

16074B Boyd, Anna Bell Eeed (Mrs William G.) 1611 8th st., Washington 

28|||| Boynton, Helen Mason (Mrs H. V.) 1321 E. st., Washington 

845 Brackett, Jeanie Foster (Mrs) 1310 Ehode Island ave., Washington 

846a Brackett, Eose Field McH. (Mrs Albert G.) 1726 Q st., Washington 

* Sea Coast Defense Chapter, Massachusetts. 

+ Macon Chapter, Georgia. 

JMary Washington Colonial Chapter, N. Y. 

II St. L,ouTS Chapter, Missouri. 

11 Owahgena Chapter, N. Y. 

**Bonn3' Kate Chapter, Tenn. 

ttFort Plain Chapter, N. Y. 

It Cincinnati Chapter, Ohio. 

Ill Chickamauga Chapter, Tennessee. 











Bradley, Jane Elizabeth (Mrs Anon) 647 E. Capitol st., Washington 

Brady, Margaret Faber (Miss) 1509 S st., Washington 

Branch, Kebecca Bell (Miss) 910 T st., Washington 

Breckinridge, Louisa Dudley (Mrs J. C.) 1314 Connecticut ave., Washington 

Breckinridge, Mary Dudley (Miss) 1314 Connecticut ave., Washington 

Brent, Josephine Merrick (Mrs Vivian) 1733 17th st., Washington 

Brewer, Elizabeth Morris (Miss) 13I6 L st., Washington 

Broadus, Sallie J. (Mrs Thos. A.) loil M st., Washington 

Bronaugh, Eebecca Craine (Miss) Louise Home, Washington 

Brooke, Laura Mankin (Mrs) 819 9th st., N. W., Washington 

Brown, Caroline Pitts (Mrs Henry B.) 1720 16th st., Washington 

Brown, Daisy (Miss) Brightwood 

Brown, Mary Perry (Miss) 313 New Jersey ave., S. E., Washington 

Brown, Susan H. Dawson (Mrs Frank W.) 1015 P st., Washington 

Bruner, Jennie Arell (Miss) 905 M st., Washington 

Bruner, Jesse Annette Van Doren (Mrs J. T.) 647 E. Capitol st., Washington 

Bryan, Agnes S. Bartlett (Mrs Chas. C.) 1307 Yale st., Washington 

Bryan, Bennete P, (Mrs) 1204 N st., Washington 

Bryant, Susie Benedict (Mrs Arthur D.) 322 E. Capitol st., Washington 

Buchanan, Lyla M. Peters (Mrs Roberdeau) 2015 Q st., Washington 

Buck, Alice Trueheart Morehead (Mrs) 1100 13th st., Washington 

Bullock, Elizabeth Towson (Mrs) 1527 I st., Washington 

Burch, Belle C. Hamlin (Mrs) 1534 15th st., Washington 

Burch, Marion Hinckley (Mrs Sylvester R.). .646 E. Capitol st., Washington 

Burgess, Gertrude May (Miss) 1333 Sth st., Washington 

Burnham, Grace Francesca M. (Mrs Wm. P.) War Dep't, Washington 

Burritt, Dr. Alice (Miss) 1129 14th st., Washington 

Burrows, Frances P. (Mrs Julius C.)..1404 Massachusetts ave., Washington 

Butler, Maria Pickens (Mrs M. C.) 1434 N st., Washington 

Butterfield, Maria Frost (Mrs F. G.) 1525 T st., Washington 

Butterworth, Mary E. Seller (Mrs Benj.) 407 Maple ave., Washington 

Byrne, Ellen Abert (Miss) 1217 New Hampshire ave., Washington 

Byus, Annie Eccleston (Miss) 1528 I st., Washington 

Cabell, Elvira Daniel (Miss) 1761 N st., Washington 

Cahoon, Annie Fisher (Mrs) 1752 M st., Washington 

Calder, Julia A. (Mrs Wm. F.) 1345 Princeton st., Washington 

Call, Caroline P. (Mrs Wilkinson) 1905 N st., Washington 

Candee, Elizabeth Johnston Maclay (Mrs) 24 Sth st., N. E., Washington 

Carhart, Keziah L. (Miss) 1342 R st., Washington 

Carhart, Margery A. V. S. (Mrs Albert) 1342 E st., Washington 

Carmick, Malvenia Grandin (Mrs Thos. G.) Brookland 

Carmody, Florence Mabel Fulton (Mrs J. D.) 1211 Vermont ave.,Washington 

Carmody, Kathleen Weber (Miss) 1220 16th st., Washington 

Carter, Anne James (Miss) 315 C st., Washington 

Carter, Martha Custis Williams (Mrs) 2017 Q st., Washington 

Casanova, Jessie Benton McCausland (Mrs E. A. Y.) . .1527 I st., Washington 

Castle, Margaret W. (Mrs Henry A.) 1745 Q st., Washington 

Catlin, Jeannie Anna (Miss) 1428 Euclid Place, Washington 

Catlin, Mary Lansing (Mrs Robert) 1428 Euclid Place, Washington 

Chalmers, Virginia Reed H. (Mrs T. C). .3020 Dumbarton ave., Washington 
Chamberlain, Abbie M. (Miss) 805 12th st., Washington 

t Onondaga Chapter, New York. 

j Hannah Benedict Carter Chapter, Conn, 

I St Louis Chapter, Missouri. 



23347a Chamberlin, Helen Mary (Miss). 1631 19th st., Washington 

12101a Chamberlin, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Lowell A.) 1631 19th st., Washington 

2520* Chapin, Helen Maria (Mrs Thos. E.) 1451 Stoughton st., Washington 

7448a Chase, May Mosher (Mrs Constantine) Washington Barracks 

17236 Chenoweth, Mary C. Davenport (Miss) 1342 Vermont ave., Washington 

505i Chipman, Emma Halsted Andrus (Mrs A. J.) Clarendon Hotel, Washington 

3089* Church, Carrie Persis (Miss) 216 S st., N. E., Washington 

82i Cilley, Emma (Miss) 1906 H st., Washington 

22598f Clark, Sophie H. (Miss) 931 French st.,Washington 

16e Clarke, Alice Morrow (Mrs A. Howard) "The Concord," Washington 

12475i Clarke, Helen Gaines Foote (Mrs Eich. H.) 4 B st., N. E., Washington 

1041i Clay, Anna Wood (Mrs Cecil) 1513 S st., Washington 

1042i Clay, Cornelia (Miss) 1513 S st., Washington 

2658ft Clement, Mary Neal (Mrs Jacob A.) 334 Indiana ave., Washington 

13026 Cleveland, Cynthia Eloise (Miss) 1213 M st., Washington 

118747^ Clifford, Eliza Geraldine Wallace (Miss) 803 G st., Washington 

18331(? Clifford, Maria T. (Mrs Chas. H.) 462 st., Washington 

5090a Closson, Julia Woodbridge (Mrs H. W.)..1359 Columbia ave., Washington 

1060 Codwise, Louise S. (Miss) '. .1101 K st., Washington 

6315& Colman, Anna Maria S. (Mrs Chas.) 6 Iowa Circle, Washington 

844t Colton, Ellen Mason (Mrs David D.) 1617 Connecticut ave., Washington 

1059i Comstock, Elizabeth Rene (Miss) 1621 21st st., Washington 

1792871 Conrad, Mary Louise (Miss) 17l9 I st., Washington 

17732 Cook, Katharine J. Van Natta (Mrs P.) 1451 Ehode Island ave., Washington 

190997t Copeland, Lucy N. (Mrs Arthur) . .607 North Carolina ave., S. E., Wasington 

22359$ Corbin, Mary Grace (Miss) Washington 

13240(7 Corey, Josephine (Mrs Geo. H.) Eiggs House, Washington 

118i Cougle, Frances Forester (Mrs) 1012 13th st., Washington 

77 Coulter, Sarah E. (Mrs Stephen 2304 14th st., Washington 

118657t Couper, Ida Powell (Mrs Wm. P.) 2 Cooke Place, Washington 

21370i Cover, Ada Clise (Mrs John) "The Bancroft," Washington 

99i Cox, Alice Catharine (Miss) 1752 S st., Washington 

158 Cox, Juliet Hazeltine (Mrs Wm. V.) Emery Place, Brightwood 

292471 Cdyle, Virginia S. K. (Mrs Andrew) 1313 H st., Washington 

5003|| Crabbe, Harriette P. (Mrs E. G.) 810 North Carolina ave., S. E., Washington 

724 Crissey, H. Maria (Mrs Sardis L.) 1426 Massachusetts ave., Washington 

132326 Croissant, Sarah J. Sands (Mrs J. D.) 821 North Carolina ave., Washington 

139i Cromwell, Ellen S. (Mrs Thomas) 1629 E st., Washington 

6059i Cromwell, Lizzie S. H. (Mrs B. J.) 1525 New Hampshire ave., Washington 

18485^ Crosby, Louise Audenreid (Mrs Pierce) . .1718 Connecticut ave., Washington 

2923/1 Crouch, Mollie Brooke (Mrs) 1313 H st., Washington 

4125i Crump, Annie L. (Mrs William) 1404 M st., Washington 

lU2id Culbertson, Belle Caldwell (Mrs John N.) 1639 19 st., Washington 

12042(7 Cummings, Lucy E. (Mrs Geo. J.) Howard University, Washington 

122i Cunningham, Jane Chester (Mrs) 1723 R St., Washington 

8511** Currier, Julia M. (Miss) Washington 

7067a Gushing, Sarah (Miss) 1309 Connecticut ave., Washngton 

132396 Custis, Sarah E. (Mrs Geo. W. N.) 112 East Capitol st., Washington 

884i Cuthbert, Eugenia J. (Miss) 1718 Corcoran st., Washington 

12219 Dabney, Mary Brent (Mrs Chas. W.) "The Concord," Washington 

* Bristol Chapter, R. I. II Springfield Chapter, 111. 

t Sequoia Chapter, Cal. "j Maryland Line Chapter, Md. 

i George Clinton Chapter, Ohio. ** Molly Reid Chapter, N. H. 



2700/t Dade, Virginia Elizabeth (Miss) 2303 M st., Washington 

6331tt Dallas, Mary Bryde (Mrs Andrew) 1025 T st., Washington 

_ 1263i Dare, Maria Liggett (Mrs Jeremiah Z.) 1340 Corcoran st., Washington 

168i Darwin, Gertrude Bascom (Mrs Charles) 1524 28th st., Washington 

237056 Davidge, Elizabeth Sloan (Mrs Chas. H.) 1136 15th st., Washington 

9401:j::i: Davis, Annie L. Morriss (Mrs Thos. G.) Oxford Hotel, Washington 

13231||j| Davis, Mary E. Sands (Mrs D. O.) 821 North Carolina ave., S. E., Washington 

102i Dawson, Clara Amanda (Mrs Ed. M.) 1752 S st., Washington 

22607ft Day, Virginia (Miss) 1101 K st., Washington 

214366 Dean, Amanda Sibley (Mrs Edward C.) Oak Lawn, Washington 

22592(i Decker, Elsie Eoot (Mrs Wm. H.) 1332 Eiggs st., Washington 

8703a De Kraft, Frances B. (Miss) 821 19th st., Washington 

1631* Denison, Jennie Owen (Miss) 929 P st., Washington 

2698e Dennison, Agnes Martin (Mrs Ira W.) 1326 L st., Washington 

4f Desha, Mary (Miss) "The Cairo," Washington 

1037i Davendorf , Cornelia (Mrs Peter) 1020 Vermont ave., Washington 

36e Devereux, Maria Green (Mrs) "Eosedale," West Washington 

144i Dickens, Marguerite (Mrs F. W.) 1334 19th st., Washington 

74471 Doe, Edna Burgess (Miss) 1842 M St., Washington 

2796i Doe, Sarah Ann Burgess (Mrs Wm. H.) 1842 M st., Washington 

7445e Donn, Laura J. Gardner (Mrs Edward W.) 1708 16th st., Washington 

15489f Donnan, Georgiana Worthington (Mrs A^ S.)...903 French st., Washington 

8987 Donovan, Kate A. (Mrs William J.) 1218 O st., Washington 

57i Dorsey, Ella Loraine (Miss) 2119 California ave., Washington 

5091 Dorsey, Ida Virginia (Miss) 1638 16th st., Washington 

26997* Dorsey, Katharine C. (Mrs Vernon) 3010 O st., Washington 

3812 Dorsejs Nannie Lee (Miss) 1638 16th st., Washington 

1040* Draper, Bell Merrill (Mrs Amos G.) Kendall Green, Washington 

16641i Drayton, Emma Gadsden (Miss) 1719 I st., Washington 

179267* Drown, Saidee F. (Miss) 1937 13th st., Washington 

18332a Dubois, Isabel Lenman (Miss) 2028 16th st., Washington 

23116f Duffield, Louise (Miss) "The Cairo," Washington 

9955 Durant, Mary Justice (Mrs James M.) 1729 Corcoran st., Washington 

9956i Dyer, Kate Huntress (Mrs) 1325 Vermont ave., Washington 

13940 Edelin, Hattie Alden (Mrs Daniel W.) 232 N st., Washington 

67426 Edson, Elizabeth E. (Mrs John J.) 1324 16th st., Washington 

2624ffl Edwards, Harriet De Wolf (Mrs John E.) 1308 E st., Washington 

22604fir Edwards, Sarah Pease Maehie (Mrs James K.) 1527 I st., Washington 

8358a Elliot, Ellen Eitchie (Mrs George H.) 1603 O st., Washington 

4537 Elliott Julia Le Grand (Mrs J. M.) 2127 L st., Washington 

11879 Emerson, May St. Clair Whitney (Mrs Nathaniel W.) .1101 K st., Washington 

155 Emery, M«.ry Abbie (Miss) 207 I st., Washington 

4535a Ennis, Andrine Luella Peirce (Mrs W.) .Washington Barracks, Washington 

9558f Fairbanks, Cornelia Cole (Mrs C. W.) . .1800 Massachusetts ave., Washington 

1589i Fairlej^ Elizabeth White (Mrs Alexander) P. 0. Box 694, Washington 

1691t Fairley, Frances Sarah (Miss) .P. O. Box 694, Washington 

1174| Farrar, Catherine Caldwell (Mrs Frank W.) 1204 K st., Washington 

23|p76^ Fauntleroy, Anne Magill (Miss) 814 12th st., Washington 

13937i Fendall, Elizabeth Young (Miss) 1319 New Hampshire ave., Washington 

llOSi Fendall, Mary Lee (Miss) 1319 New Hampshire ave., Washington 

*Bronson Chapter, Vermont. i 

t Caroline Scott Harrison Chapter, Indiana. 

X St. Paul Chapter, Minnesota. 

ft Albermarle Chapter, Va. 
tt Mt. Vernon Chapter, Va. 
III! Elizabeth Ross Chapter, Iowa. 

92 - DIEECTOET, D. A. E. 

1354i Fendall, Sally C. Miller (Mrs) 1729 P st., Washington 

1363 Field, Sue Virginia Van Swearingen (Mrs S. J.) 21 Lanier Place, Washington 

8i Finch, Fannie Washington (Mrs) 813 13th st., Washington 

20885 Finckel, Alice( Miss) 1509 S st., Washington 

8114 "Fitch, Jennie (Miss) 912 T st., Washington 

125i Fleming, Mary Lee (Mrs) 1720 I st,, Washington 

9957[| Foos, Katharine J. Strickle (Mrs Rodney) 1423 Q st., Washington 

13939* Foster, Ellen Burroughs (Miss) 1402 Binney st., Washington 

11352 Foster, Judith Ellen (Mrs Elijah C.) 1012 13th st., Washington 

. 185-1 Foster, Mary Parke (Mrs John W.) 1405 I st., Washington 

22596(Z Fowler, Martha Crockett (Mrs Edwin H.) . . 1126 E. Capitol st., Washington 

17445i French, Agnes Laura Channell (Mrs John L.) 36 I st., Washington 

16075d Fulton, Alice Marion Thissell (Mrs H. K.) . . 1211 Vermont ave., Washington 

24555 Gadsey, Elizabeth Mary (Mrs J. Eakin) 3114 U st., Washington 

1766e Gannett, Mary C. (Mrs H.) 1881 Harewood ave., Le Droit Park, Washington 

74416 Gardiner, Euth Kimball (Mrs C.) . ."The Garfield," 13th & I sts., Washington 

8727jy Garrigus, Matilda Chandler (Mrs J. C.).1420 Rhode Island ave., Washington 

64i Garrison, Jennie Davis (Mrs John R.) 1427 R st., Washington 

11427^ Gathmann, Belle Wallace Gary (Mrs Emile) 1419 Binney st., Washington 

116 Geer, Augusta Danforth (Mrs A. C.) 1223 N st., Washington 

2702A Gerald, Katharine Towson (Mrs H. P.) . . . "The Westminster," Washington 

22605fir Gibbens, Mary Barr Warfield (Mrs Alvaso F.) 1115 E. Capitol st., Washington 

23357i Gibbs, Alice Mareau (Mrs Rudolf R.) Brookland 

24896 Gibbs, Ella Fort (Mrs Benjamin F.) 2934 14th st., Washington 

51d Gist, Mary S. (Mrs) 1506 P st., Washington 

16533 Golden, Georgia Frances (Miss) 1547 Park St., Washington 

76 Goodfellow, Julia Smiley (Mrs Edward) 2304 14th st., Washington 

816i Goodloe, Bettie Beck (Mrs Green C.) 1601 23rd st., Washington 

99516 Goodman, Susan A. (Mrs Roland L.) 3112 Q st., Washington 

16647/1 Goodwin, Beatrice Seymour (Miss) 2 Cook Place, Washington 

11866/1 Goodwin, Virginia Powell (Miss) 2 Cook Place, Washington 

12037 Grant, Julia Dent (Mrs Ulysses S.) 2111 Q st., Washington 

21437e Graves, Katharine G. (Mrs Edward).. 927 Massachusetts ave., Washington 

2240i Graves, Mary Elizabeth Sheldon (Mrs E. S.) 1221 K st., Washington 

19 Greely, Henrietta Conger H. Nesmith (Mrs A. W.) 1914 G st., Washington 

78 Green, Ann Forrest (Miss) 3018 Dumbarton ave., Georgetown 

8116 Green, Hattie 0. (Mrs Darius) 1123 17th st., Washington 

22606£r Green, Mary Martin (Miss) 1705 M st., Washington 

23708 Greenless, Annie de Courey (Miss) 3129 U st., Washington 

13226ft Greenless, Leonora Agnew (Mrs Archibald) 3129 U st., Washington 

22593d Gresham, Fanny Greenhow Williams (Mrs E. J.) . 601 L st., N, E.Washington 

1022 Guild, Martha Aylett (Mrs Lafayette) Metropolitan Hotel, Washington 

3018d Guss, Sara Chase (Mrs Harry T.) 1406 Binney st., Washington 

199i Gwathmey, Mary Eliza (Miss) 1734 K st., Washington 

5863 Hadley, Ellen F. (Miss) 1707 N st., Washington 

1141i Hagan, Cornelia Juliaette Benjamin (Mrs) 1332 V st., Washington 

11869ft Haig, Laura M. Morgan (Mrs Frederick J.) 1623 13th st., Washington 

24552a Hall, Mary Hepburn (Mrs William R.). .1520 Connecticut ave., Washington 

198i Halstead, Annie Wilson Ball (Mrs E. P.) 3024 Q st., Washington 

191* Halstead, Emilie M. (Miss) 3024 Q st., Washington 

721/= Halsted, Helen Hatch (Miss) 1636 19th st., Washintgon 

13934d Hamilton, Anna Sanborn (Mrs Henry G.)..1331 Vermont ave ., Washington 

I George Clinton Chapter, Ohio. H I^etitia Green Stevenson Chapter, Illinois. 



699 Hamlin, Frances Bacon (Mrs Tennis S.).1306 Connecticut ave., Washington 

33186 Happer, Emily Foster (Mrs Frank A.) "The Cairo," Washington 

23354i Harden, Alice Bruce (Mrs A. S.) -. "The Shoreham," Washington 

9952d" Harper, Carolyn Jackson (Eobert N.) 29 B st., Washington 

13242 Harris, Carrie Jenkins (Mrs Cicero W.) 1507 Vermont ave., Washington 

4639* Harris, Mary L. (Mrs Glenn B.) 848 M st., Washington 

70740 Harris, Virginia Clay (Mrs Findlay) 1710 16th st., Washington 

27037;- Harrison, Alexina Virginia Z. (Mrs Geo. W.) "Louise Home," Washington 

6063e Harrison, Dr. Julia Cleves (Miss) " The Cairo," Washington 

18335d narrower, Harriet Ann (Mrs John J.) 1353 Corcoran st., Washington 

95046 Hartstock, Mary Ames (Miss) 808 11th st., N. E., Washington 

95036 Hartstock, Mary E. Lewis (Mrs S. M.) SOB 11th st., N. E., Washington 

12252i Hatch, Sarah Hilliard (Mrs Mark B.) 2021 N st., Washington 

2400 Hauxhurst, Annie Avery Elmer (Mrs H. H.) 1333 L st., Washington 

7714a Hayden, Kate Eeynolds (Mrs E.) . Summit ave., Lanier Heights, Washington 

122487^ Haymond, Ida (Miss) 1200 N st., Washington 

1035 Hazeltine, Sophie D. (Miss) 1721 1 st., Washington 

1034 Hazeltine, Sophie Dallas (Mrs Mayo W.) 1721 I st., Washington 

1045a Heger, Caroline J. (Mrs Anton) 1901 I st., Washington 

1020i Henry, Kate Kearney (Mrs) 614 22nd st., Washington 

5638i Hensley, Adelia Gates (Mrs James H.) 1212 12th st., Washington 

23360 Hepburn, Frances Minerva (Miss) 1124 E. Capitol st., Washington 

23359 Hepburn, Melvina Annette M. (Mrs W. P.) . . .1124 E. Capitol st., Washington 

1442 Herbert, Alma J. (Miss) 3 Grant Place, Washington 

3721t Herbert, Mary E. Sydney (Miss) 3000 loth st., Washington 

1210i Heth, Harriet Selden (Mrs Harry) 1906 G st., Washington 

5634 Hichborn, Jennie Franklin (Mrs Philip) 1707 N st., Washington 

10000 Hichborn, Martha (Miss) 1707 N st., Washington 

8349/1 Hickey, Eva Frances (Mrs John M.) 1532 I st., Washington 

74i Hickey, Susanna Goode (Miss) 1414 Q st., Washington 

1000 Hickling, Harriet Frances Stone (Mrs D. Percy) . .1320 16th st., Washington 

13237i Hill, Florence P. (Mrs George H.) 14th st., Extended, Washington 

13938i Hill, Ida M. (Mrs Edwin A.) 1221 K st., Washington 

174436 Hills, Abigail (Mrs Lathrop L.) 1114 M st., Washington 

191006 Hills, Grace Muhlenberg (Miss) 13th & O sts., Washington 

231136 Hine, Mary Tillinghast (Mrs Lemon G.) Prospect Hill, N. E. Washington 

113i Hodgkins, Marie Wilkinson (Mrs Howard L.) 1830 T st., Washington 

706871 Hoge, Julia Norman B. (Mrs James M.) 910 T st., Washington 

202i Hoge, Mary Barlow (Mrs W. Schofield) 1402 15th st., Washington 

5862 Hopkins, Frances (Mrs Franklin) 1707 N st., Washington 

25606 Hortsmann, Harriette H. D. K. (Mrs F. 0.) 1710 E. I. ave., Washington 

4129 Hotchkiss, Marian Chadwick (Mrs J. B.) .626 Florida ave., N. E., Washington 

208706 Hough, Zetta Bishop (Mrs Jos. T.) 1333 T st., Washington 

12559i Howard, Fannie Hunt (Mrs Thos. A.) 1735 17th st., Washington 

14758 Howry, Hallie Holt Harris (Mrs Chas. B.) 1533 I st., Washington 

22590a Hughes, Helen (Miss) 1614 19th st., Washintgon 

1148a Hughes, Marian Weldon (Mrs Aaron K.) 1614 19th st., Washington 

2525i Huidekoper, Virginia Christie (Mrs F. W.) "The Shoreham," Washington 

21931 Hunt, Alice Elizabeth Underwood (Mrs Alex. C.) Tenallytown 

1142971 Husted, Kate Louise (Mrs Gilbert M.) 1345 Princeton st., Washington 

20881d Hyam, Ada Caspari (Miss) 1314 S st., Washington 

* New York City Chapter, New York. t Camp Middlebrook Chapter, New Jersey. 



20882d; Hyam, Reubie Holt (Miss) 1314 S st., Washington 

208S3(Z Hyam, Viola Wells (Miss) "The Westminster," Washington 

6066& Ingalls, Mercy S. Sinsabaugh (Mrs Owen L.) 2148 P st., Washington 

5633 Jackson, Delia Sheldon (Miss) "The Concord," Washington 

18158i Jackson, Mary Tuley Neilson (Mrs Augustus) 2121 H st., Washington 

24553(Z James, Zuleika Sanford (Mrs William J.) Washington 

95 Janes, Emma (Miss) 29 B st., S. E., Washington 

174i Janin, Violet Blair (Mrs A. C.) 12 Lafayette Square, Washington 

202056 Jewell, Pattie White Hall Mayo (Mrs) 1324 Vermont ave., Washington 

16076 Johnson ,Alta Leonard (Mrs Frank W.) 9 5th st., S. E., Washington 

118677;, Johnson, Anna Eliza (Mrs Howard F.) 1316 13th st., Washington 

12038i Johnson, Annie Morgan (Mrs Claude M.) . . . ."The Woodmont," Washington 

12646 Johnson, Emma L. Crane (Mrs J. B.) 2460 6th st.. Washing-ton 

224716 Johnson, Flora Louise Priscilla (Miss) 2460 6th st., Washington 

4540i Johnson, Hannah May (Miss) 5 Grant Place, Washington 

813 Johnson, Maggie J. (Mrs Thomas L.) 926 15th st., Washington 

19533* Johnson, Mary Aug'usta (Miss) Winthrop Heights 

9456 Johnson, Mary Katharine (Mrs Charles S.) .1214 9th st., Washington 

169e Johnson, Maud Bascom (Mrs J. Taber) 924 17th st., Washintgon 

8351& Johnston, Belle Augusta C. (Mrs E. H.) 208 Maryland ave., N. E., Washington 

7715/1 Johnston, Caroline Annie Dorsey (Mrs Thomas H.) .1817 4th st., Washington 

5093i Johnston, Elizabeth Bryant (Miss) 1320 Florida ave., Washington 

114bt Johnston, Frances A. Benjamin (Mrs Anderson D.) . .1332 V st., Washington 

1142i Johnston, Frances Benjamin (Miss) 1332 V st., Washington 

5415f Johnston, Mary Bellamy (Miss) 1704 Ehode Island ave., Washington 

2053i Johnston, Sarah Brown Hall (Mrs Sanders W.) .1320 Florida ave., Washinton 

16077 Jones, Cornelia George (Mrs Samuel M.) . .1547 Park ave., N. W., Washington 

86977i Jones, Fanny Lee (Miss) Louise Home, Washington 

1404i Jones, Virginia Bj^rd (Miss) 1705 De Sales st., Washington 

2727 Jordan, Virginia Prisbie (Mrs Horace M.) 50 C st., N. E., Washington 

208866 Kendall, Mary Dwight Hooker (Mrs J. B.) 618 Pennsylvania ave., Washington 

1094i King, Alice Hubbard Pond (Mrs Wm., Jr.) 3114 N st., Washington 

11876 King, Helen Waldie (Mrs Frank B.) 1442 Ehode Island ave., Washington 

6745a Kirtland, Virginia Carter (Mrs Thaddeus S.) 3052 P st., Georgetown 

3111 Knapp, Marian Hotchkiss (Mrs Martin A.). ."The Normandie," Washington 

7717 La Dow, Frances M. B. (Mrs Eobert V.) 1374 Harvard st., Washington 

1826 Lamer, Fannie D. Lyman (Mrs Philip) 1746 P st., Washington 

658| Larrabee, Euth Estelle Loop (Mrs Chas. F.) . .1718 Orogon ave., Washington 

15491i Lawton, Mary (Miss) ' 1730 Massachusetts ave., Washington 

1062i Le Breton, Marguerite Stockton (Mrs Albert J.) "The Portner," Washington 

16070ft. Lee, Alice Hartwell (Mrs Charles P.) 1312 Eiggs st., N. W., Washington 

171i Lee, Elizabeth Blair (Mrs) 1653 Pennsylvania ave., Washington 

1587a Lee, Elizabeth Eussell Fiske (Mrs S. P.) 1120 Vermont ave., Washington 

7443& Lee, Mildred (Miss) 2017 Q st., Washington 

17439i Leech, Margaretta Part (Mrs John F.) .1754 Massachusetts ave., Washington 

17440i Leech, Marian Edgar (Miss) 1754 Massachusetts ave., Washington 

13227ft Leetch, Grace Lyman (Mrs Frank P.) 1696 31st st., Georgetown 

23710 Leith, Martha Elinora (Mrs Chas. A.) 1461 Florida ave., Washington 

131i Luepp, Ada Murdoch (Mrs F. E.) 1813 16th st., Washington 

21928(i Lewis, Flora Agnes Smith (Mrs Morgan D.).."The Portner," Washington 

2198 Lindsay, Eleanor Holmes (Mrs Wm.) "The Cochran," Washington 

* lyiberty Bell Chapter, Penna. 
t Mt. Vernon Chapter, Va. 

X Wyoming Valley Chapter, Penna. 




Lindsley, Lucy Harris (Mrs) 1776 Massachusetts ave., Washington 

Lipscomb, Lamar Eutherforcl (Mrs A. A.) .1311 Connecticut ave., Washington 

Lipscomb, Sarah A. (Miss) 2009 I st., Washington 

Lloyd, Cornelia Louise (Miss) 220 A st., S. E., Washington 

Lockwood, Lillian (Miss) llOi k st., Washington 

Lockwood, Mary Smith (Mrs) 1101 K st., Washington 

Long, Elizabeth Foster (Mrs) 1709 17th st., Washington 

Loving, Nettie Hopper (Mrs Frank) 1123 11th st., Washington 

Lowe, Edith (Miss) 203 E. Capitol st., Washington 

Lowe, Fannie Adelaide (Miss) 905 M st., Washington 

Lowe, Josephine Dyer (Mrs John) ...203 E. Capitol st., Washington 

Lowell, Louise (Miss) .'..1616 Eiggs Place, Washington 

Ludington, Harriet Marvin (Mrs M. I.) "The Corcoran," Washington 

Ludlow, Drury Conway (Mrs John R.) . . . .1116 New York ave., Washington 

Lyman, Catalena Hamlin (Mrs) 2701 14th st., Washington 

Lyman, Maria Spalding (Miss) 1746 P st., Washington 

Lynch, Laura V. Hitt (Mrs Augustus D.) 5 Iowa Circle, Washington 

McBlair, Julia Ten Eyck (Miss) 2029 I st., N. W. Washington 

McClelland, Lucy Eleanor (Mrs Edmond L.). .1771 Madison St., Washington 

McConnell, Mary Johnson (Mrs) Washington 

McCormick, Maria Elizabeth (Mrs Frank R.) Brookland 

20877d McCoy, Annie Adela Parks (Mrs John F.) . . . .1314 W st., N. W., Washington 

McCue, Cynthia Irwin Boyd (Mrs James H.) 1412 29th st., Washington 

McCullough, Harriet Brewster (Mrs S. McV.) ... .26 Iowa Circle, Washington 
McDowell, Anna Chandler (Mrs W. G.) . .1420 Rhode Island ave., Washington 
McGee, Dr. Anita Newcomb (Mrs W. J.).. 2010 Wyoming ave., Washington 

McGill, Jane L. (Mrs James H.) 1915 Harewood ave., Washington 

McGoodwin, Elizabeth Frances Ware (Mrs) . . . "The Portland," Washington 
McGrath, Frances Liicille Mansford (Mrs J.).. "The Portner," Washington 

McGuire, Emily Neville (Mrs F. B.) 1333 Connecticut ave., Washington 

McKean, Caroline (Mrs Fred. G.) 1323 11th st., N. W., Washington 

McKean, Margaret A. (Mrs Henry B.) 520 2nd st.,N. E., Washington 

McLain, Elizabeth (Miss) 1320 19th st., Washington 

Maclay, Sarah B. (Miss) I334 nth st., Washington 

McLean, Emma B. J. (Mrs Walter) 1527 O st., Washington 

McMillan, Amy (Miss) III4 Vermont ave., Washington 

McMillan, Mary L. (Mrs James) 1114 Vermont ave., 

MacMurray, Henrietta Wiswall Van A. (Mrs. J. W.) .War Dept., 

Macomber, Mary Bourn (Mrs William P.) 1725 P st.,' 

Magruder, Sarah Van Wyek (Mrs J. W. M.) 2017 I st.. 

Main, Charlotte Emerson B. (Mrs H.).2009 Massachusetts ave., Washington 

Mallett, Anna Smith (Miss) 1454 Rhode Island ave., Washington 

Mankin, Deborah Dent (Mrs) 819 9th st., Washington 

Mann, Frances E. (Mrs Henry L.) 334 Indiana ave., Washington 

Mann, Harriet E. (Miss) 1010 Massachusetts ave., Washington 

Mansur, Adelaide (Miss) I604 K st., Washington 

Marean, C. Francene (Miss) Brookland 

Marean, Fannie E. (Miss) , Brookland 

Marean, Mary Louise (Miss) Brookland 

Marsh, Carlie E. (Miss) I303 Q st., Washington. 

Marsh, Lucy M. O. (Mrs George) 9I6 23rd st.,N. W., Washington 



*St. Louis Chapter, Missouri 
t Wautauga Chapter, Tennessee. 

tiElizabeth Benton Chapter, Missouri. 

•96 - DIRECTOET, D. A. R. 

2697e Martin, Mary E. Lawrence (Mrs George G.) 1326 L st., Washington 

83556 Martin, Willie West Harris (Mrs Eobert H.) 13tli & S sts., Washington 

4789i Mason, Margaret Matilla H. (Mrs Andrew J.) . ."The Fredonia," Washington 

256 Matthews, Fanny Irvin (Mrs P. B.) 740 12th st., Washington 

998i May, Gertrude Huntington (Mrs Heber J.) . .1229 21st st.,]Sr. W., Washington 

1327 Maynard, Lucy Julia Warner (Mrs George C.) 1407 15th st., Washington 

2800a Mellach, Ann Spencer Halsted (Mrs) 219 H st., Washington 

237066 Mertz, Adela Emeline Hine (Mrs E. P.) 19 Quincy st.,N. E., Washington 

1868|j Merwin, Annie Childs (Miss) 1828 Jefferson Place, Washington 

72d Messenger, Lillian Eozell (Miss) ."The Fredonia," Washington 

890a Middleton, Ellida Juell (Mrs) 1333 15th st., Washington 

142a Middleton, Emeline Virginia (Miss) 1333 15th st., Washington 

7440a Miller, Catharine de Navarre (Miss) 1616 21st st., Washington 

161i Miller, Virginia (Miss) 1729 P st., Washington 

2135i Mitchell, Harriet Danforth Becker (Mrs J. L.) . . .32 B st.,]Sr. E., Washington 

225 Moncure, Eugenia Washington (Miss) 23 5th st.,N. E., Washington 

2521* Moore, Alice Williams Merriam (Mrs C.) 2013 R st.,N. W., Washington 

4934d! Moore, Katherine Carlyle (Miss) P. O. Box 505, Washington 

674:0d Moore, Mary Eoberts Dudley (Mrs William H.) . .P. O. Box 505, Washington 

190957^ Morgan, Grace Lee Fisher (Mrs T. Frank) 1412 N st.,N. W., Washington 

11868ft Morgan, Margaret Ven Renssalaer (Miss). .1316 13th st.,N. W., Washington 

1637d Morris, Emma T. (Mrs Anthony P.) 1818 Jefferson Place, Washington 

159 Morsell, Isabel Montgomery (Mrs W. F.) 1810 S st., Washington 

472i Moses, Emma Eichardson (Mrs) 1842 M st., Washington 

209i Moses, Lucina C. Bingham (Mrs) 711 H st., Washington 

22608 Mott, A. H. (Mrs G. N.) "The Dresden," 1800 4th st., Le Droit Pk., Washington 

13942 Mussey, Ellen Spencer (Mrs E. D.) 470 Louisiana ave., Washington 

8988 Myers, Sarah Colline (Mrs C. J.) 1412 Columbia st., Washington 

3321* Nash, Caroline Louise Eyan (Mrs Francis S.) 1225 15th st., Washington 

2659ft Neal, Sarah J. (Miss) 334 Indian ave., Washington 

1044 Nesmith, Isabella Sidney (Miss) • 2105 O st., Washington 

3014i Newcomb, Mary Caroline Hassler (Mrs Simon) 1620 P st., Washington 

:22600f Newell, Effie Mackintosh (Mrs F. H.) 1823 Phelps Place, Washington 

12041 Newman, Mary L. Mrs. S. M.) . . .First Congregational Church, Washington 

13589t Nichols, Elizabeth B. (Mrs Wm. A.) 1616 21st st., Washington 

177i Nicholson, Jane Findlay Jesup (Mrs Augustus S.)..1718 N st., Washington 

8707 Norris, Marie O. H. (Mrs Thaddeus) 1751 N st.,N. W., Washington 

504i Norton, Lillian A. (Miss) 1905 H st., Washington 

13936i Norton, Mary Louisa (Mrs John N.) 1023 16th st., Washington 

18347i Norton, Eebecca Louise Graves (Mrs William T.) 728 9th st., Washington 

203 O'Donoghue, Marian Adele L. (Mrs M. F.) . . .1309 Kensaw ave., Washington 

6480a Ofaey, Margaret Agnew (Mrs Cleland N.) 3129 U st., Georgetown 

2062$ O'Neil, Mary Caroline (Mrs Charles U. S. N.) . . ."The Grafton," Washington 

14505(i Owen, Marie Bankhead (Mrs Thomas) Washington 

237i Parker, Lucile Mason (Miss) 1316 S st.,N. W., Washington 

1036i Parker, Nellie Levann (Mrs Myron M.) 1020 Vermont ave., Washington 

197126 Patrick, Mary S. (Mrs Eunnion M.) 1921 13th st., Washington 

17929ft Patten, Jeanie Maury (Mrs John D.) 3033 P st., Georgetown 

23709 Patterson, Flora Wambaugh (Mrs Ed^vin) 1012 13th st., Washington 

4919i Patterson, Louise Hillard (Mrs A. S.) . . .1914 Sunderland Place, Washington 
10968 Patterson, Melvena A. (Miss) 937 New York ave., Washington 

I Warren and Prescott Chapter, Mass. t Oneida Chapter, New York. 

* Rebecca Motte Chapter, South Carolina. J Warren and Prescott Chapter, Mass. 


22594(? Patterson, Sarah A. (Mrs James G.) 710 Sth st,N. E Washir, Mnr, 

21438e Panl, Elva Snell (Mrs Joseph) Oak Lawn.' Washinfton 

8365i Payne, Columbia Newton (Mrs) 2009 I st., Washington 

18226 Peale, Emily S. (Mrs Albert C.) 1451 Stoughton st., Washington 

1101^ Pearre. Mary (Miss) 1827 H st., Washington 

21930 Pelouze, Margaretta Davis (Mrs Frank H.) 2500 14th st., Washington 

4720 Perry, Josephine Adams (Mrs Alex. James) 2003 I st., Washington 

20207 Pew, Lucy Aurelia Foote (Mrs A.) . 313 Massachusetts ave., N. E., Washington 

1028* Phillips, Anna Latimer Chapline (Mrs James S.) . .1022 12th st., Washington 

63126 Pickett, Lucy Howard (Miss) "The Colonial," Washington 

244ft Pike, Lilian (Miss) 1708 Johnson ave., Washington 

17434ft Pike, Mary Hamilton (Miss) I755 P st., Washington 

895 Pilling, Mary Lois Harper (Mrs James C.) 1343 15th st., Washington 

114216 Pitney, Clara D. (Mrs) Kll L st., Washington 

848t Piatt, Anna (Miss) 1445 Corcoran st., Washington 

7718& Pollard, Emily Tufton Mason (Mrs E.) . .Columbia University, Washington 

1019i Pond, Julia E. (Mrs Henry A.) 3114 N st., Washington 

19096ft Poole, Annie Evelyn (Mrs John S.) 1520 R st., Washington 

2259a Porter, Carrie Eliza W. (Mrs Charles) 2002 G st., Washington 

23348a Potts, Georgianna E. (Mrs Stacy) 1604 Q st., Washington 

814* Powell, Diana Kearny (Mrs R. E.) 1734 K st., Washington 

7654i Pratt, Caroline Crittenden (Mrs John F.) 1818 16th st., Washington 

1093/= Pride, Phebe McLure (Mrs John S.) 1413 20th st., Washington 

18343 Prince, Ethel Thomas (Miss) 419 Spruce st., Washington 

1408t Proctor, Emily D. (Miss) I535 l st., Washington 

3440a Purcell, Sarah Haskin (Mrs James J.) 725 20th st., Washington 

12251i Quackenbush, M. Josephine (Miss) . .1143 New Hampshire ave., Washington 

10214$ Quay, Coral (Miss) I612 K st., Washington 

9844J Quay, Susan Williard (Miss) I612 K st., Washington 

4351i Eamsey, Fanny L. (Miss) I503 K st., Washington 

4350i Eamsey, Matilda J. (Miss) 1503 Vermont ave., Washington 

52 Eansom, Caroline L. (Miss) 915 F st., Washington 

38i Eathbun, Lena Augusta (Mrs Eichard) . 1622 Massachusetts ave., Washington 

15i Eeading, Fannie Wallace Washington (Mrs) .1830 Jefeerson PI., Washington 

17665iy Eeeve, Felicia Ann Oliphant (Miss) 1746 N st., Washington 

13236i Eeiff, Ella J. SlinglufE (Mrs Daniel A.) 608 22nd st.,N. W. Washington 

3810 Rhees, Romenia Fortinette Ellis (Mrs Wm. J.) . .P. O. Box 468, Washington 

133i Richards, Janet Elizabeth (Miss) "The Pines," Chevy Chase 

418i Richley, Mina Blair (Mrs Stephen O.) . .1651 Pennsylvania ave., Washington 

20208 Richmond, Mary Frances McAllister (Mrs W. S.) . .1005 9th st.,' Washington 

13235i Rives, Jeannie Tree (Mrs Franklin) .... 1818 JefEerson Place., Washington 

128i Robbins, Mary Jane Tilden (Mrs Zenus C.) 1750 M st., Washington 

13225ft Roberts, Edith Plantagenet (Mrs J. K.)..921 Westminster st., Washington 

16992 Robinson, Annie C. (Miss) 1817 Corcoran st., Washington 

16972* Robinson, Martha Jekins (Miss) . . "The Litchfield," 906 14th st.', Washington 

9507i Roux, Ida May Lucas (Mrs J. Mitchell) 1207 G st., Washington 

4352 Ryan, Martha Aurelia (Mrs William K.) "The Portland," Washington 

35e St. Clair, Lelia Dent (Mrs F. O.) 1428 Rhode Island ave., Washington 

13359 Sanger, Johnetta Brockenborough (Mrs George) 3106 N st., Washington 

4935a Sariol, Lucie L. Moore (Mrs Thomas D.) P. O. Box 505, Washington 

77196 Sartoris, Nellie Grant (Mrs A. C. F.) . .2111 Massachusetts ave., Washington 

* St. Ivouis Chapter, Missouri. % Pittsburg Chapter, Pennsylvania. 

t Green Mountain Chapter, Vermont. K Captain Jonathan Oliphant Chapter, N. J. 



17444 Sayles, Helen M. (Mrs Asa D.) 1217 I st.,N. W., Washington 

3166* SchaefPer, Julia Murray (Mrs Thos. W.) 911 Rhode Island ave., Washington 

S107§ Schenck, Elizabeth H. Godfrey (Mrs Adrian Y. I.). .2028 R St., Washington 

1085a Scott, Martha Hunt (Miss) 1729 De Sales st., Washington 

11877 Scott, Nellie G. (Mrs) 1012 13th st., Washington 

5636& Scribner, Harriet L. (Mrs Wm. H.) 702 7th st., Washington 

8698/i Semple, Letitia Tyler (Mrs Jas. Allen) Louise Home 

5631(Z Settle, May C. Williams (Mrs) 1204 O st., Washington 

23352i Seymour, Laura Leggett (Miss) 1337 Connecticut ave., Washington 

1717|| Seymour, Mary Jane Smith (Mrs) 1012 13th st., Washington 

118786 Shaw, Anna M. (Miss) 1453 Rhode Island ave., Washington 

24557 Shear, Jennie Abigail (Mrs) 1804 R st., Washington 

23358i Shepard, Louise Cleveland (Miss) 1435 K st.,N. W., Washington 

60i Sherwood, Emily Lee (Mrs) P. 0. Box 93, Anacostia 

50946 Shuster, Caroline V. T. (Mrs W. Morgan) 1408 15th st., Washington 

56266 Shute, Nellie Bayne (Miss) New York ave. & 12th st., Washington 

13229& Simkins, Elizabeth Mary (Mrs Elijah C.) 208 Maryland ave., Washington 

1966^ Sims, Louisa Upson (Mrs W. H.) 1119 K st., Washington 

4923b Sloan, Elizabeth Crawford C. (Mrs John) . . .1342. Yermont ave., Washington 

188a Smedes, Agnes P. Otis (Mrs Charles W.) 1325 Corcoran st., Washington 

5627& Smith, Alice M. (Mrs Clinton) 720 19th st., Washington 

13933a Smith, Helen M. (Miss) 1714 Connecticut ave., Washington 

8700ft. Smith, Lena Overall (Mrs Clarendon) 912 S st., Washington 

4478d Smith, Marie Van Hook (Mrs Middleton) . . .1616 19th st.,N. W., Washington 

2265a Smith, Mary Livermore (Miss) 1728 Q st., Washington 

184i Smith, Rosa Wright (Mrs) 1203 N st., Washington 

17436a Smith, Sarah Saunders (Mrs David) 1714 Connecticut ave., Washington 

.23349(i Snowden, Adelaide Yan Ness (Mrs Thomas) . 1101 24th st., N. W., Washington 

4918(i Solger, Florence B. (Mrs) 504 M st., Washington 

16649i Solomons, Alice E. (Miss) 1205 K st., Washington 

9508 Sommerville, Mary Margaret (Miss) 1524 32nd st., Georgetown 

18337(Z Sorg, S. Jennie (Mrs Paul J.) Arlington Hotel, Washington 

6165* Spearing, Mary Harrison (Mrs S. J.) 911 Rhode Island ave., Washington 

1147f Spencer, Emma Fiske (Mrs Gilford L.) Tacoma Park 

22595 Sperry, Hannah B. (Mrs J. H.) 321 Delaware ave.,N. E., Washington 

245i SpofEord, Jane H. (Mrs C. W.) 509 14th st., Washington 

7040$ Spofford, Sarah McCall (Mrs L. E. Forrest) . .201 E. Capitol st., Washington 

12096 Stakeley, Jessie Davis (Mrs Charles A.) 1301 Yale st., Washington 

83566 Stakely, Leta Bryan (Miss) 1301 Yale st., Washington 

139327i Stanley, Camilla Eaton G. (Mrs F.) 944 Westminster st., Washington 

16073a Stanley, Josephine Huntington (Miss) Soldiers' Home, Washington 

16642i Stearns, Charlotte L. P. (Mrs John W.) 1756 Madison st., Washington 

2710a Steever, Julia Beaumont C. (Mrs Edgar Z.) '."The Cairo," Washington 

16643a Sternberg, Martha L. (Mrs George M., U. S. A.) . .1019 161jii st., Washington 

86i Stevens, Charlotte Butler (Miss) 201 E. Capitol st., Washington 

8352 Stewart, Emily Elizabeth (Miss) 222 1st st., S. E., Washington 

1092f Stiles, Hetty Irvine (Mrs Albert W.) 1807 Riggs Place, Washington 

^2601 Stitt, Emma Scott (Mrs Edward R.) 1808 Riggs Place, N. W., Washington 

1819d Stocking, Patty Miller (Mrs) 1527 I st., Washington 

6244 Stoddard, Alice Kent (Mrs James) Washington 

* Mt. Vernon Chapter, Va. 

fNew York City Chapter, New York. 

I Faith Trumbull Chapter, Connecticut. 

§ Dorothy Ripley Chapter, Connecticut. 
IliMercy Warren Chapter, Massachusetts. 
ij Natchez Chapter, Mississippi 



17438 Stone, Elizabeth Moorhead (Mrs Charles W.) 46 B st., N. E., Washington 

13897 Stone, Jane Ester P. (Mrs M. C.) "Cliffburn," Columbia Roads, Washington 

8775& Stone, Nellie Briscoe (Miss) 902 F st., Washington 

2526 Storm, Katharine Barker (Miss) 1810 Riggs Place, Washington 

18 Stow, Anna P. (Miss) 1400 Staughton st., Washington 

1405i Strong, Mary Dallas (Mrs) 1402 14th st., Washington 

17931 Summers, iCatherine Smith (Mrs) 1223 13th st., Washington 

11817|| Swanson, Lizzie Deane Lyons (Mrs Claude A.) 1716 Q st., Washington 

67386 Swornstedt, Mabel Godfrey (Mrs Lyman B.) 1455 14th st., Washington 

16651i Tainter, Lila Munro (Mrs Charles S.) 1843 S st., Washington 

24556c Tanner, Belle Norman (Miss) 1012 13 st., Washington 

1406 Taplin, Lillie Tyson Page Jolliffe (Mrs H. N.) Care of 1407 F st., Washington 

14757e Taylor, Adele J. Chambers (Mrs James Knox) . . . ."The Cairo," Washington 

157 Taylor, Sarah Gertrude (Miss) 1454 E. I. ave., Washington 

6314e Temple, Grace Lincoln (Miss) "The Cairo," Washington 

889e Thomas, Elizabeth (Mrs A. A.) 1314 12th st., Washington 

4922i Thomas, Grace May (Miss) Brookland 

4936d Thompson, Josephine K. (Mrs Henry C.) 118 E st., N. W., Washington 

248611 Thurber, Lizzie Brady C. (Mrs Henry T.) 1718 I st., Washington 

20875 Tisdel, Carrie Salter (Miss) 1323 13th St., Washington 

20876 Tisdel, Edine Frances (Miss) 1323 13th st., Washington 

20874 Tisdel, Helen Wilson (Miss) 1323 13th st., Washington 

154i Tittmann, Kate T. W. (Mrs Otto H.) 1617 Riggs Place, Washington 

8701/t Treutlen, Laura Beall (Miss) "The Livingston," Washington 

6958 Trippe, Lydia H. (Mrs P. E.) Care Lieut. Trippe, War Dept., Washington 

12249(i Truell, Isadore L. (Mrs Edwin M.) 1733 P st., Washington 

2527t Tucker, Miriam Mankin (Mrs Alexander D.) 819 9th st., Washington 

1197i Tulloch, Miranda (Mrs Thomas L.) '. 121 B st., S. E. Washington 

21851** Turner, Caroline Wadsworth (Mrs Henry W.) 3104 U st.. West Washington 

3919-j-f Turner, Harriet Stoddert (Mrs) 2158 Florida ave., Washington 

81126 Tweedale, Myra Bourn (Mrs John) 1725 P st., Washington 

2465 Tyler, Caroline Cadwell (Miss) 1720 Oregon ave., N. W., Washington 

1584i Tyler, Eleanor Leavy (Mrs R. W.) 1753 N st., Washington 

2488 Tyler, Mary Elizabeth Cadwell (Mrs) . .1720 Oregon ave., N. W., Washington 

18344 Upham, Emeline C. (Miss) "The Taristock," Cor. 3rd & G sts., Washington 

56296 Vale, Alberta Benton White (Mrs Henry A.) 1925 13th st., Washington 

21923f/ Van Deusen, Sarah E. Tifft (Mrs Albert H.) 2207 M st., N. W., Washington 

24558 Van Slingerland, Nellie B. (Mrs Benj.) 1736 K st., Washington 

1061i Van Voorhies, Di W. (Mrs) "The Portner," Washington 

946d Vinal, Emily Merwin (Mrs W. F.) 1106 East Capitol st., Washington 

6295* Voorhees, Laura T. K. (Mrs S. S.) 25th st. bet. M & N sts., Washington 

32d Voorhis, Dora T. (Mrs) 1227 13th st., Washington 

222i Wadsworth, Marie Louise (Miss) 1028 Vermont ave., Washington 

221i Wadsworth, Mary E. (Mrs H. N.) 1028 Vermont ave., Washington 

1115 Waggaman, Alice Virginia (Mrs John F.) 1627 19th st., Washington 

1001 Walcott, Helena Burrows. (Mrs Charles D.) 1746 Q st., Washington 

3372f Walcott, Josephine M. (Miss) Washington 

11981 Walker, Isabelle L. Kendig (Mrs R. J.) 137 North Carolina ave., Washington 

242i "Ward, Eliza Titus (Miss) 5 Grant Place, Washington 

9793 "V\ard, Katherine Lucinda Mott (Mrs Thomas) 1901 N st., Washington 

* Donegal Chapter, Penn. 

tOneidi Chapter, N. Y. 

II Dorethja Henry Chapter, Va. 

H lyouisa St. Claire Chapter, Mich. 

** Oakland Chapter, Cal. 

ft Mt. Vernon Chapter, Penna. 




114226 Warren, Helen M. (Mrs Francis E.) 1848 Wyoming ave., WasMnglon 

14i Washington, Elizabeth Lee (Miss) 1830 Jefferson Place, Washington 

9e Washington, Elizabeth Westwood (Miss) 1133 10th st., Washington 

le Washington, Eugenia (Miss) 813 13th st., Washington 

lOe Washington Fannie Virginia (Mrs) .1133 10th st., Washington 

23112 Watkins Catharine Rose (Miss) 1246 10th st., N. W., Washington 

7466 Weber, Jessie Palmer (Mrs) "The Cairo," Washingt;on 

252 Webster, Anna Stacy Way (Mrs William) Washington 

23704d Webster, Helen Butler (Mrs) 206 F st., Washington 

18338i Webster, Sophia Eiggs (Miss) 1821 Q st., Washington 

15438$ Weed, Helena Charlotte Hill (Mrs Walter H.) 1752 Corcoran st., Washington 

6062ff Weeks, Laura Babbitt (Mrs G. H.) 1011 New Hampshire ave., Washington 

23355i Weldon, Mary Howard (Mrs Lawrence) "The Hamilton," Washington 

22534]| Welling, Clementine L. D. (Mrs Jas. C.) . .1602 Connecticut ave., Washington 

18345 Wescott, Edith Caroline (Miss) 3006 P st., Washington 

16640& Wescott, Jeanette Lober (Miss) 918 23rd st., Washington 

166396 Wescott, Sarah Minerva (Mrs) 918 23rd st., Washington 

4126e Weston, Hester Elliott (Mrs George B.) 1813 Riggs Place, Washington 

412Bi Wheaton, Eliza Ford (Miss) "The Cairo," Washington 

6589^ Wheaton, Maria Bleecker M. (Mrs Frank) Washington 

687* Wheeler, Lucy James Blair (Mrs George M.) 930 16th st., Washington 

153i White, Nettie L. (Miss) 305 D st., Washington 

220 Whittemore, Sarah A. (Mrs W. C.) 1526 New Hampshire ave., Washington 

11037* Wilbur, Fedora Isabel (Miss) 1719 15th st., Washington 

1102i Wilbur, Mary A. (Miss) 1719 15th st., Washington 

1096i Wilbur, Mary E. Copp (Mrs Aaron W.) 1719 15th st., Washington 

7722 Wilbur, M. Lulu (Miss) 1719 15th st., Washington 

22602f Wilcox, Mary Emily Donelson (Mrs John A.) 1760 Corcoran st., Washington 

22603f Wilcox, Mary Eachel (Miss) 1760 Corcoran st., Washington 

106i Wilkinson, Lue Burnam (Mrs A. G.) 1526 K st., Washington 

1207i Willard, Cornelia Piatt (Mrs A. J.) 1445 Corcoran st., Washington 

217i Willard, Sarah Bradley (Mrs H. A.) 1333 K st., Washington 

8989a Willcox, Grace Linsee (Miss) 1901 I st., Washington 

201 Williams, Almena Butman (Miss) 1302 Eoanoke st., Washington 

ISlOOtZ Williams, Lavinia Steele (Mrs Eobert L.) "The Colonial," Washington 

23115* Williams, Lottie Clough (Mrs Cyrus B.) 1012 13th st., N. W., Washington 

11420e Wilson, Dr. Anne Augusta (Miss) 1451 Ehode Island ave., Washington 

8117i Wilson, Anne Washington (Miss) 1439 Massachusetts ave., Washington 

17435ft Wilson, Emily Eyre Baker (Miss) 1414 K st., Washington 

17437a Wilson, Gertrude Laura (Mrs Chas. I.) 910 19th st., Washington 

1262i Wilson, Lizzie L. (Miss) 1116 15th st., Washington 

9954a Wilson, Maria Lloyd (Mrs Wm. J.) 2004 G st., Washington 

14504i Wilson, Martha Janet (Mrs George W.) .."The Bancroft," Washington 

210i Wilson, Sarah Hungerford (Mrs J. O.) 1439 Massachusetts ave., Washington 

12257 Winston, Katharine (Miss) 1327 16th st., N. W., Washington 

187a Winston, Nancie Otis (Mrs Isaac) • 1325 Corcoran st., Washington 

1586 Witmer, Roberta Stone (Mrs A. H.) P. O. Box 27, Washington 

1360i Wollard, Emma (Miss) Brightwood 

9505i Wood, Kate Corcoran (Mrs T. N.) 1231 New Hampshire ave., Washington 

6485a Wright, Louise M. (Mrs H. G.) 1203 N st., Washington 

723f Wysong, Mary Canfield (Mrs) 1413 20th st., Washington 

* Joseph Spencer Chapter, Ohio. 
X Norwalk Chapter, Conn. 

I Ruth Wyllys Chapter, Conn. 

II Oneida Chapter, N. Y. 








Yeatman, Anna Bodell (Miss) 1731 F st, Wasliingi>on 

Yeatman, Mary Olivia Simpson (Mrs Eobert H.) 1731 F st., Washington 

Yonng, Carrie Heiser (Mrs Ernest W.) 424 4th st., N. E., Washington 

Young, Emma H. (Mrs) Patent Office, Draughtman's Division, Washington 

Young, May D. Eussell (Mrs John R.) 1755 Q st., Washington 

Young, Sue M. (Miss) 401 q st., Washington 


State Regent 1897, Mrs. D. G. Ambler, 411 W. Church st., Jacksonville 
1898, Mrs. John D. Christopher, Riverside ave., Jacksonville 


(2 organized, 1 unorganized) 

Organized April 2, 1895; Members, 3.1 

a. Jacksonville Chapter, Jacksonville 

Regent, Mrs. D. G. Ambler 
Vice-Eegent, Mrs. Dennis Eagan 
Secretary, Mrs. Margaret C. Fries 

Treasurer, Mrs. F. E. B. Taylor 
Registrar, Mrs. J. W. Archibald 
Historian, Miss Elizabeth Long 

b. Maria Jefferson, St. Augustine 
Organized March 26, 1898; Members, 15; (New York, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. Annie S. Woodruff 
Vice-Regent, Mrs. John T. Dismukes 
Secretary, Miss Julia Dismukes 

Treasurer, Miss Emma W. Gaillard 
Registrar, Miss Ellen P. Sampson 
Historian, Mrs. Florida T. Myers 

c. Sanford 

Regent, Mrs. E. K. Foster. Appointed April 4, 1895 

Members, 1 

Members Residing in the State. 

(65) " ■ 

23362& Alexander, May Elsie (Miss) St. Augustine 

4501O Ambler, Clarissa (Mrs Dan'l. G.) 411 West Church st., Jacksonville 

16652a Ambler, Lura Moss (Miss) Jacksonville 

8359a Archibald, Isabelle Spafford (Mrs Jas. W.) Main st., Jacksonvnie 

9506* Bailey, Rosa West (Mrs Loper) Palatka 

219336 Bainbridge, Palmyre Euphan Marie (Miss) St Augustine 

12560a Baldwin, Eliza Scott (Miss) Jacksonville 

23711a Bogart, Elizabeth Maxey (Mrs Jas. A.) Jacksonville 

21933 Bond, Elizabeth Ann Otterstatter (Mrs Frank E.) . .New York ave., Deland 

10103$ Burrows, Ella Nason (Mrs Hamilton H.) Green Cove, Sprin-s 

18350a Ch ristopher, Elizabeth (Miss) Jacksonville 

^"^i^ix^;^^^^^ T^^^^n Hale Chapter, Minn. ' 




1012a Christopher, Henrietta Shoemalier (Mrs J. G.) Riverside ave., Jacksonville 
19189 Culbertson, Lucy Hardie (Mrs Wm. W.) Cocoanut Grove 

4287a Dancy, Mae Young Wilson (Mrs Wm. McL.) West Forsyth st., Jacksonville 

8360a Davidson, Fannie Louise Mattair (Mrs) 122 W. Forsyth st., Jacksonville 

13947& Dismukes, Elizabeth Elcan (Mrs John T.) St. Augustine 

139466 Dismukes, Julia (Miss) St. Augustine 

147596 Dodge, Emma Jessie (Mrs) P. O. Box 496, St. Augustine 

19715a Driggs, Alice P. (Mrs John S.) Jacksonville 

23712a Eagan, Elizabeth Livingston (Miss) Jacksonville 

1067a Eagan, Kate Livingston (Mrs Dennis) Jacksonville 

11931a Emery, Jennie Leprelet Nell (Mrs Wm. N.) Jacksonville 

139456 Eppes, Elizabeth Cleland (Miss) St. Augustine 

233636 Everett, Anna Caldwell (Miss) St. Augustine 

233646 Everett Emily Augusta (Miss) St. Augustine 

12563a Fletcher, Anne Louise (Mrs Duncan) Jacksonville 

8363a Foster, Mary Gray Benedict (Mrs Eleazer K.) Sanford 

18351a Fries, Margaret Conigland (Mrs Alexander P.) Jacksonville 

139486 Gaillard, Emma Westcott (Miss) St. Augustine 

20556 Gaillard, Rachel Catherine (Mrs Henry F.) St. Augustine 

237166 Gibbs, Margaret Watkins (Mrs Geo. W.) St. Augustine 

6487 Grant, Caroline Morel (Mrs Lemuel P.) Tallahassee 

23713a Harkisheimer, Jennie E. Crane (Mrs Wm. J.) 321 Ocean st., Jacksonville 

12562$ Haynes, Kate May Leyden (Mrs Lavs^rence) Jacksonville 

8111 1 1 Hendrick, Elizabeth Winston Campbell (Mrs Calvin S.) Juno 

13950a Holmes, Edna Seymour Baldvs^in (Mrs Samuel P.) Jacksonville 

1333^ Hopkins, Amelia M. Weed (Mrs) Winter Park 

4532** Irwin, Adele Duncan (Mrs David Allison) Zellwood 

24302ff Isenhauser, Isa R. (Miss) Upsala 

12564 Lewis Mary Sophia (Miss) Tallahassee 

23715a Locke, Annie M. (Miss) 217 West Ashley st., Jacksonville 

16081a Long, Elizabeth Virginia (Miss) "Riverside," Jacksonville 

6344 Long, Ellen Call (Mrs) Tallahassee 

24612|$ McCoy, Effie Carr (Mrs Pitt Y.) Evansville 

17932a Mahony, Lida May Long (Mrs James M.) Jacksonville 

8708 Meek, Phoebe Caroline (Mrs) Duval Hotel, Jacksonville 

12561a Meigs, Louise Caroline (Miss) 339 West Ashley st., Jacksonville 

139446 Myers, Florida T. (Mrs John W.) St. Augustine 

1172* Pickett, Lollie Markham (Mrs Smith) Jacksonville 

10410a Quinby, Florie DeVeau (Mrs Edward J.) Aurantia, Indian River 

18352a Rich, Clara Belle (Miss) 231 West Duval st., Jacksonville 

2005t Richart, Mary B. Jenkins (Mrs George McE.) Sorrento 

3149a Roberts, Julia Beau Clerc Livingston (Mrs) 607 East Church st., Jacksonville 

23714a Rosenberger, Katherine Weiss (Mrs Alonzo P.) Jacksonville 

139496 Sampson, Ellen P. (Miss) St. Augustine 

3565|| Satterlee, Mary Videau M. Capers (Mrs Charles B.) Key West 

23361a Seeley, Harriet Cof&n (Mrs Frederick) West Ashley st., Jacksonville 

1729 Stockton, Fannie B. (Mrs John W. C.) West Ashley st., Jacksonville 

8362a Taylor, Frances E. Barnard (Mrs) 122 W. Forsyth st., Jacksonville 

496|j Tibbits, Cornelia Augusta (Mrs Elisha) Seville 

* Atlanta Chapter, Ga. 
t Wyoming Valley Chapter, Penn. 
t Piedmont Continental Chapter, Ga. 
I Columbia Chapter, D. C. 

If Chicago Chapter, Ills. 
** Army & Navy Chapter, D. C. 
tt Western Reserve Chapter, Ohio. 
il Vanderburg Chapter, Ind. 


11437a Wightman, Julia E. (Mrs Wm. S.) Eiverside ave., Jacksonville 

9886a Winfield, Rita Crew (Mrs Turner A.) West Beaver st., Jacksonville 

25306 Woodruff, Annie Sampson (Mrs Thomas M.) P. 0. Box 614, St. Augustine 

17934a Woodvrard, Annie Eobinson (Mrs Eoland) 1416 Market st., Jacksonville 

3148 Young, Mary Stockton (Mrs John F.) 307 East Church st., Jacksonville 


State Regent 1897, Mrs. Sarah Berrian C. Morgan, cor. Bull and Macon 

sts., Savannah 
1898, Mrs. Porter King, 73 Merritts ave., Atlanta 

(13 organized, 2 unorganized) 

a. Atlanta Chapter, Atlanta 

Organized April 15, 1891; Mernbers, 119 (Foreign, 1; Illinois, 1; Florida, 1; New York, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. Josiah S. Byers Treasurer, Mrs. David Woodward 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. William Raoul Registrar, Miss Ellen E. Mitchell 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. A. McD. Wilson Historian, Miss E. Whitner 

Cor. Sec, Mrs Edward Barnes Librarian, Mrs. R. A. Walker 

Auditor, Mrs. Joseph Schrutchin 

b. Augusta Chapter, Augusta 

Organized February 20, 1892; Members, 60 (Louisiana, 1; North Carolina, 1; Illinois, 1; 

New York, 2; Michigan, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. James W. Moore Cor. Sec, Mrs. H. B. Alexander 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Harriet G. Gould Treasurer, Mrs. James L. Robertson 

Rec. Sec, Miss Annie W. Rowland Registrar, Mrs. Harriet G. Jeffries 

Historian, Mrs. Joseph B. Cummings 

c. Frances Marion Chapter, Thomasville 

Organized February 14, 1895; Members, 15 

Regent, Mrs Louise A. Tharin Treasurer, Mrs. Mary W. B. Harley 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Marie W. Maclntyr Registrar, Mrs. Emily H. McLendon 

Historian, Miss Elizabeth H. Merrill 

d. Macon Chapter, Macon 

Organized October, 189S; Members, 38 (District of Columbia, 1; New York, 1; North Caro- 
lina, 1; South Carolina, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. Mary A. Washington Treasurer, Miss Mary Patterson 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Wm. L. Ellis Registrar, Mrs. T. O. Chestney 

Secretary, Miss Mary Cobb Historian, Mrs. Mallory Taylor 

104 DIRECTOKT, D. A. fl. 

e. Oglethorpe Chapter, Columbus 

Organized Deceml)erll, 1892; Members, 38 (Neic York, Jf.; Alabama, 2; Missouri, 1 ; Texas, 1) 

Reg-ent, Mrs. Elisha P. Dismukes Treasurer, Mrs. Mary C. Lary 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs. Joseph S. Harrison Registrar, Miss Mary H. Benning 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. Mary O. Kline Asst. Reg., Mrs. Jane E. Martin 

Cor. Sec, Mrs J as. J. Gilbert Historian, Mrs. C. I. Groover 

f. Piedmont Continental Chapter, Atlanta 

Organized January 21, 1898; Members, 54 (Florida, 1; Texas, 1; Virginia, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. Rebecca D. Lowe • Cor. Sec, Mrs. Maud B. Cobb 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Heber C. Reed Treasurer, Miss Estelle Whelan 

Rec. Sec, Miss Mary B. Whitesides Registrar, Mrs Mary B. Gholstin, 

Historian, Mrs. Kate L. Haynes 

g. Pulaski Chapter, Griflin 

Organized February 6, 1893; Members, 15 

Regent, Mrs. R. J. Redding " Secretary, Miss Mary Corbin 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs. A. G. Martin Treasurer, Mrs. Henry Walker 

Registrar, Mrs. N. B. Drewry 

h. Savannah Chapter, Savannah 

Organized April 15, 1892; Members, 22 

Regent, Mrs. P. W. Meldrim Cor. Sec, Mrs. John Sullivan 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. John Nisbet Treasurer, Mrs. Edward Karow 

Rec. Sec, J. A. P. Chrisfield Registrar, Mrs. M. L. Boyd 

Historian, Mrs. J. J. Wilder 

i. Sergeant Newton Chapter, Covington 

Organized February, 1895; Members, 12 (South Carolina, 1; Illinois, 1; Ohio, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. Chas. Robinson Registrar, Mrs. J. M. Pace 

V ice-Regent, Mrs. J. W. Branham Treasurer, Miss Claudia Lee 

Secretary, Mrs. J. M. Pace Historian, Mrs. O. C. Brooks, 

j. Susannah Elliott Chapter, La Grange 
Organized October 15, 1894; Members, 17 

Regent, Mrs. Benjamin Swanson Treasurer, Mrs. Lucy T. Benson 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Otis A. Dunson R .gistrar. Miss Sarah B. Mason 

Secretary, Mrs. Oroille A. Bull Historian, Miss Ira Bradfield 

k. Thronateeska Chapter, Albany 

Organized January 4, 1895; Members, 23 

Regent, Mrs. L. B. Strother Cor. Sec, Miss Bessie Daniell 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs. D. C. Bacon Treasurer, Mrs. J. W. Walters 

Rec Sec, Miss Mary Muse Registrar, Miss Maria Carter 

Historian, Mrs L. E. Welch 


(No members) 
Kegent, Mrs. Isabella C. Kedding. Appointed October 7, 1897 

1. Wilkes County Chapter, Washington 

Organized September 11, 1895; Members, 15 (Mississippi, 1; Tennessee, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. Hattie C. Kemme Treasurer, Mrs. Joel Latimer 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs. E. Y, Hill Registrar, Mrs. Benjamin S. Irvin 

Secretary, Mrs. George E. Dillard Historian, Miss Eliza Bowen 

m. Xavier Chapter, Borne 

Organized July 15, 1891; Members, 29 (Alabama, 1; Virginia, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. H. U. Nevin Cor. Sec, Miss Callie Spullock 

Vice-Regent, Mrs F. U. Eastman Treasurer, Mrs. L. M. Wood 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. L. U Rowell Registrar, Mrs. C. M. McGhee 

Historian, Mrs. M". B. Norton 

Members Residing in the State 

9530 Adams, Florence Reid (Miss) Eatonton 

9520Z Adams, Leonora Wells (Mrs Horace DuQ.) Vineville, Macon 

3267& Adams, Sarah Susannah MacM. (Mrs John M.) Summerville 

1997m Adkins, Lundie Watson (Mrs William H.) Rome 

3273& Alexander, Henrietta Bishop (Mrs) 432 Broad st., Augusta 

9518? Alexander, Rosa Calhoun (Mrs Charles A.) Alexander ave., Washington 

2056& Allen, Marie d'Autignac (Miss) 909 Greene st., Augusta 

1993& Allen, Virginia d'Autignac (Mrs Geo. A.) 909 Greene st., Augusta 

29497i Anderson, Margaret Randolph (Mrs E. C.) 112 South Broad st.. Savannah 

14507a Arnold, Virginia Lorette (Miss) Hopeville 

13247 Arthur, Alice B. (Miss) 458 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

10410 Arthur, Susan Elizabeth (Miss) 458 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

22612f Ashford, Wilhelmina Anderson (Mrs Clement H.) Edgewood 

23121f Atkinson, Susan Milton (Mrs William Y.) Executive Mansion, Atlanta 

23118f Austin, Martha Price (Mrs Wm. E.) Forest avc, Atlanta 

22613/ Avary, Minnie Ezzard (Mrs M. B.) 109 North Pryor st., Atlanta 

6342; Awtrey, Adah Mendenhall, (Mrs P. G.) La Grange 

2361fc Bacon, Callie Holcomb (Mrs DeWitt C.) DeWitt 

7077fc Bacon, Julia Holcomb (Mrs George M.) DeWitt 

11440fc Bacon, Julia W. (Mrs Wallace W.) Albany 

10973fc Baker, Jeannie Bacon (Mrs Jessie A.) Albany 

5001* Ball, Harriet Glascoc Mays (Mrs- Geo. C.) 309 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

6491& Barbot, Marie Catherina Barrett (Mrs Victor D.) 1447 Carnes Road, Augusta 

45006 Barnes, Adelaide Rossignol (Miss) 1215 Green st., Augusta 

10409a Barnes, Alline May Bostick (Mrs Ed. H.) 341 Courtland ave., Atlanta 

44996 Barnes, Octavia Wilson (Mrs Geo. T.) 1215 Greene st., Augusta 

13246a Barnett, Caroline Trent (Mrs Ed. H.) 22 West Harris st., Atlanta 

* Gen. Sumner Chapter, Ala. 

106 DIEECTOEY, D. A. E. 

12208f Barnett, Katie Porter (Miss) Madison 

10061$ Barrett, Esther M. Tidd (Mrs) Spellman Seminary, Atlanta 

11439; Baugh, Nannie Ball (Mrs John A.) La Grange 

17433a Baxter, Alice (Miss) 152 West Peach tree st., Atlanta 

14760m Bayless, Abbie Belle (Miss) Kingston 

21450f Beck, Sarah Elizabeth Speer (Mrs Louis H.) 459 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

233686 Bedell, Ellie Mai (Miss) 1344 Third ave., Columbus 

2213a Beeks, Anna Eliza Trammell (Mrs Chas. P.) 298 Pine st., Atlanta 

19926 Beeson, Mary Lou Walker (Mrs Isaac W.) 816 Greene st., St. Augustine 

16654a Bell, Emma Inman (Mrs Thacker H.) Atlanta 

3262d Bellamy, Ellen Washington (Mrs) Macon 

24454|| Bennett, Harriet Van Wyck (Mrs Wm. F.) Marietta 

1590e Benning, Anna Carolina (Miss) 1420 Broad st., Columbus 

2876e Benning, Mary Howard (Miss) 1420 Broad st., Columbus 

11438; Benson, Lucy Todd (Mrs) La Grange 

12259a Black, Mary Ellen Peters (Mrs Geo. R.) 414 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

1952a Black, Zac Harmon (Mrs Eugene P.) 414 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

237216 Blackmar, Mary Ann (Mrs Alfred O.) 1418 Fourth ave., Columbus 

17940d Blackshear, Julia Eogers (Mrs J. Emmett) Macon 

8998c Blackshear, Olivia Goodwin (Miss) Thomasville 

2214fir Blakely, Rosalind Clark T. (Mrs Benj. R.) GriiSn 

568a Block, Elizabeth Woodward Orme (Mrs Francis C.) . .Peachtree st., Atlanta 
202216 Boatwright, Margaret Marion Roosevelt Fleming (Mrs Allen M.) Augusta 

16655a Boston, Fleta Trammell (Mrs Frank M.) Atlanta 

20217(Z Bowdre, Annie Townshend Mix (Mrs Jack R.) Macon 

9510? Bowen, Eliza Andrews (Miss) Washington 

40676 Boyce, Carrie Carter (Mrs W. L.) 302 Broad st., Augusta 

17450; Boyd, Juliet Spratling (Mrs Hugh B.) La Grange 

9257ft Boyd, Laura J. (Mrs Montague) 151 Liberty st., Savannah 

13249a Boyd, Nannie Seawell (Mrs Isaac S.) 695 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

571a Boylston, Hester D. (Mrs Reid B.) 404 Courtland st., Atlanta 

6338; Bradfield Ira (Miss) La Grange 

7724i Branhan, Sallie A. Stone (Mrs J. W.) Oxford 

22614f Braswell, Ella Clement (Mrs Wesley W.) Decatur 

7725i Brook, Sallie Jean (Mrs C. C.) Covington 

18353a Brown, Cora Anne (Miss) 325 South Pryor st., Atlanta 

21442a Brown, Cornelia Hoyt (Mrs Geo. -M.) 584 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

573a Brovsm, Eliza Bayard S. (Mrs Robt. E.) East Harris st., Atlanta 

20209a Brovsm, Frances Fort (Mrs Julius L.) Atlanta 

20210a Brown, Martha Fort (Miss) Atlanta 

18362(i Brown, Mattiebrian (Miss) 820 Poplar st., Macon 

233676 Browne, Roberta Hanson Harrison Y. (Mrs J. R.) 1342 Second ave., Columbus 

5147ft Bryan, Susannah Clarke (Mrs John M.) Savannah 

2875a Buck, Ellen B. (Mrs Alfred E.) 584 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

9002c Buckley, Jennie Sloan (Mrs Edward) Thomasville 

10971; Bull, Ella B. Marcus (Mrs A. O.) La Grange 

104046 Bullard, Mary Blackmar (Mrs Wm. L.) 1408 Third ave., Columbus 

9958a Burroughs, Mary McNish (Miss) Brunswick 

413a Byers, Jane L. J. (Mrs Josiah S.) Washington Heights, Atlanta 

22624/= Caldwell, Annie Hunter (Mrs) Newnan 

2898a Calhoun, Carobel Heidt (Mrs Andrew E.) Atlanta 

+ Dorothea Henry Chapter, Va. || Milwaukee Chapter, Wis. 

J I,exington Chapter, Mass. 



18354(1 Calhoun Louise Phinizy (Mrs Abner W.) 672 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

6336; Callaway, Fannie Banks (Mrs Enoch) La Grange 

13245a Campbell, Harriet Wimberly (Mrs Rich. O.) Peachtree st., Atlanta 

1579& Carpenter, Ruth Berrien Jones (Mrs Saml. B.) Summerville, Augusta 

7084fc Carter, Maria Rosalie (Miss) Albany 

21443a Carter, Pauline Gray (Mrs Andrew P.) Atlanta 

3043a Cassin, Minnie Hillyer (Mrs Henry A.) Crew st., Atlanta 

1218d Caswell, Lucie Walker (Mrs Theodore D.) 633 Telfair st., Atalanta 

2895e Chappell, Cynthia Kent Hart (Mrs Lucius H.) 1430 Third ave., Columbus 

6084d Chestney, Kate Piercy (Mrs T. O.) Macon 

22615f Chisholm, Elizabeth Leontine (Miss) 132 South Pryor st., Atlanta 

15766 Clark, Mary Hollis Wadely (Mrs Clarence E.) Summerville, Augu,sta 

6341 Clark, Nancy Presley (Mrs John T.) Atlanta 

914OT Clark, Rora Underwood (Mrs Chas. R.) Augusta 

51446 Cleckley, Mary Montford (Miss) 457 Greene st., Augusta 

20717* Cleveland, Frances Leonard (Mrs Robt. M.) Marietta 

21455f Cloud, Pearl Munday (Mrs Howell C.) 46 Currier st., Atlanta 

17U7d Cobb, Alice Culler (Mrs John B.) Macon 

17448(Z Cobb, Eugenia Silver (Miss) Macon 

2208(Z Cobb, Mary C. (Miss) Macon 

21934f Cobb, Maud Barker (Mrs Thos. R. R.) 401 Spring st., Atlanta 

18357J Coburn, Emma Easton (Miss) 67 President st., Savannah 

21939/1 Cohen, Elizabeth Scott (Mrs Orlando E.) 116 Bolton st.. Savannah 

14506a Cohen Julia Lowry Clarke (Mrs Jack) Peachtree st., Atlanta 

23122f Collins Mamie Julia (Miss) 160 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

8718fc Comfort, Annie Fleming (Mrs David) Albany 

139587t Connerat, Laura Spencer (Mrs Clarence S.) Savannah 

16653e Cook, Mary Elvira (Miss) "Belmont," Columbus 

2538fir Cope, Jacksonia Harriet Ansley Fell (Mrs Geo. L., Jr.) Savannah 

18365fir Corbin, Martha Peck (Miss) Griffin 

18366fir Corbin, Mary Stokely (Mss) Griffin 

777a Cox, Sallie Tallulah Harman (Mrs Albert H.) 123 Capitol ave., Atlanta 

2877e Crawford, Augusta Jane Benning (Mrs Reese) 1308 Third ave., Columbus 

18367i Crisfield, Josephine Noble Jones (Mrs) 168 Harris st.. Savannah 

23119f Culbreath, Annie Yarbrough (Mrs) Palmetto 

202196 Gumming, Carolyn (Miss) Augusta 

46796 Gumming, Katharine Hubbell (Mrs Jos. B.) Summerville, Augusta 

7081fc Daniell, Elizabeth Coffee (Miss) Albany 

18361c? Davis, Lawson (Miss) Vineville, Macon 

205f Davis, Lizzie W. Gray (Mrs O. L.) Moultrie 

13955a Davis, Susy T. (Mrs Archibald H.) 26 Ponce de Leon Circle, Atlanta 

12326 Davison, Emma Williams (Mrs) 348 Broad st., Augusta 

22616f Day, Cornelia Chisholm (Mrs Thos. J.) 132 South Pryor st., Atlanta 

7728i Dearing, Eugenia P. (Miss) Covington 

2211f7 De Votie, Georgiana L. Pyron (Mrs Jas. H.) Griffin 

9516? Dillard, Sarah Eve (Mrs George) Main st., Washington 

20228e Dismukes, Alice Munroe (Miss) Acmuth 

2896e Dismukes, Anne Elizabeth (Mrs Elisha P.) 1509 Third ave., Columbus 

9857 Divine, Emily Colquitt Carter (Mrs Hall H.) Carter sville 

1991ft Dixon, Amelia Pinder (Mrs Chas. H.) 77 Hall st.. Savannah 

' Cowpens Chapter, S. C. 

fMary Washington Chapter, D. C. 



10411a Dow, Armie Mays (Mrs Richard T.) ...West Peachtree st., Atlanta 

20888f Draper, Emma Moore (Mrs Wm. W.) Atlanta 

20889f Draper, Mary (Miss) 34 Cone st., Atlanta 

20227£r , Drewry, Julia McWilliams (Mrs N. B.) Griffin 

16656a Du Bose, Ella Inman (Mrs Edwin E.) Atlanta 

12336 Dugas, Marguerite Edwina Barrett (Mrs Louis A.) . . .347 Broad st., Augusta 

6339; Dunson, Anulet Ball (Mrs) La Grange 

1271m Eastman, Florence W. Underwood (Mrs Edmund M.) Rome 

7729i Edwards, Adeline Bryan (Mrs E. F.) Ck)vington 

9001c Elkin, Goodwin Sapp (Mrs William) Thomasville 

3399d Ellis, Gazalene Lamar (Mrs Wm. L.) Macon 

20232f Englisli,Rebecca Douglas Lowe (Mrs Jas. W., Jr.) Atlanta 

12258a Tears, Sarah Morrow Grant (Mrs J. W.) Peachtree st., Atlanta 

10407a Field, Minnie Adelle (Miss) Atlanta 

25036a Fitz, Carrie Packard (Mrs Albert) Atlanta 

19108e Flewellen, Sarah Porter Shepherd (Mrs Abner C.) Columbus 

6088e Flournoy, Eugenia Moff ett (Mrs Robert) Columbus 

2897e Flournoy, Minnie Long (Mrs T. MofEett) Columbus 

21935f Force, Annie Lumpkin (Mrs Houston T.) 44 Crew st., Atlanta 

23718f Foster, Annie Adair (Mrs Wm. E.) 429 West Peters st., Atlanta 

24507f Foster, Mary Armistead (Mrs Frank O.) Inman Park, Atlanta 

23723m Gaillard, Marion de Veaux (Mrs Theodore G.) Rome 

5143 Ganahl, Harriet Adams (Miss) Augusta 

3265& Gardner, Martha Goodwin S. Jordan (Mrs James) Ingleside, Augusta 

12306 Gardner, Mattie Jordan (Miss) Ingleside, Augusta 

4285* Garmany, Jane Maria C. (Mrs Geo. W.) Savannah 

4826*" Garmany, Janie Champion (Miss) Savannah 

15786 Garrett, Margaret Alice Houston (Mrs Wm. A.) 352 Broad st., Augusta 

12196 Gary, Frances Philizy (Mrs Wm. T.) Summerville, Augusta 

21453f Gholstin, Mary (Mrs Louis) West Peachtree st., Atlanta 

226106 Gibbes, Mary Thomas (Miss) Augusta 

219436 Gilbert, Evelyn Cargill (Mrs Jas. J.) 1221 Second ave., Columbus 

21454f Gilbert, Fanny Douglas Coulter (Mrs Jas. H.) 524 Spring st., Atlanta 

7080fc Gill, Douschka Holcombe (Mrs John P.) DeWitt 

21456f Glenn, Isa Urquhart (Miss) 33 Forest ave., Atlanta 

13048:|: Godfrey, Agnes Hamilton (Miss) Madison 

22618f Goodwyne, Cornelia Vona (Mrs) 132 South Pryor st., Atlanta 

1221a Gordon, Caroline L. (Miss) Kirkwood 

1005/1 Gordon, Eleanor Kinzie (Mrs Wm. W.) 124 South Broad st., Savannah 

1222a Gordon, Frances Rebecca Haralson (Mrs John B.) Kirkwood 

12255a Gordon, Georgia Kilbourn (Mrs Frank) Atlanta 

5866a Gordon, Loulie McC. (Mrs) "The Leyden," Atlanta 

28926 Gordon, Rosa Cook (Mrs Fredk. B.) .1217 Fifth ave,. Columbus 

32726 Gould, Harriet Galscock (Mrs Jas. G.) 319 Broad st., Augusta 

13-956a Grant, Annie Inman (Mrs John Wm.) 423 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

4948a Grant, Sarah Frances Reid (Mrs Wm. D.) 428 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

13954m Graves, Rebecca Sproull (Mrs Wm. L.) Rome 

13957a Gray, May Inman (Mrs Jas. R.) Peachtree st., Atlanta 

9512/ Green, Metta Andrews (Mrs Theodorick M.) Main st., Washington 

22617f Gresham, Mary Anderson (Mrs Jas. T.) 66 Cone st., Atlanta 

* Mercy Warren Chapter, Mass. 

t Dorothea Henry Chapter, Va. 



19106a Griffin, Eula Whatley (Mrs David) 159 Fornwalt st., Atlanta 

231256 Groover, Mary Louise Davis (Mrs Clarence I.) Columbus 

M445a Gude, Mary Bog-gs (Miss) 35 West Nortti ave., Atlanta 

1950a Gude, Mary Denny Boggs (Mrs Albert V.) 35 North ave., Atlanta 

572a Hagan, Sarah Cobb Johnson (Mrs Hugh) Peachtree st., Atlanta 

8717fc Hall, Sarah Grove (Mrs Samuel) Albany 

125705f Halliday, Mary Caroline (Miss) Griffin 

8709c Hansel, Mary Charlton (Miss) Thomasville 

125687;, Harden, Mary Eliza Davenport (Mrs William). .184 President st.. Savannah 

20892f Hardin, Katherine Gramling (Mrs Edvpin A.) . .4 West Peachtree st., Atlanta 

2872TO Harris, Ethel Hillyer (Mrs T. W. H.) Kome 

18356a Harris, Julia Florida Collier (Mrs Julian) .Rawson st., Atlanta 

21457W Harris, Mary Adella (Miss) Cedartown 

19716a Harris, Sarah Dick (Mrs Clem. R.) 453 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

28866 Harrison, Sallie Marshall Martin (Mrs J. Sturgis) 309 East 11th st., Columbus 

4082OT Haynes, Louisa M. (Mrs B. L.) Rome 

22619/= Healey, Mary Ethel Toy (Mrs Chas. A.) Kimball House, Atlanta 

14762m Helm, Rosa Hardin (Mrs T. J.) Rome 

16519* High, Emma (Miss) Madison 

18358a High, Hattie Wilson (Mrs Jos. M.) 528 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

12260? Hill, Annie Lee Hudson (Mrs Lodewick M.) Washington 

9513? Hill, Claudia Henderson (Mrs Edvs^ard Y.) Main st., Washington 

1581fir Hill, Elisabeth Andrevs^ (Mrs) '. Grifdn 

IQlOid Hill, Martha Goode (Miss) Macon 

14511a Hill, Minetta Packard (Mrs Chas. H.) 60 Cedar st., Atlanta 

9521? Hill, Susan Stokes (Mrs W. Meriv^^ether) Water st., Washington 

8996a Hillyer, Ellen Martha (Miss) 5 Crew^ st., Atlanta 

2359a Hilyer, Louisa C. (Miss) 273 Washington st., Atlanta 

4858a Hines, Cora Lawson McBride (Mrs Jas. K.) 42 AV. Pine st., Atlanta 

20891/= Holderby, Mary Maclin (Miss) 233 Luckie st., Atlanta 

14510a Howell, Emily Hook (Mrs Albert) 92 Joy st., Atlanta 

12176 Holt, Mary Louisa (Miss) 624 Broad st., Augusta 

3400& Howell, Harriet Glascock (Mrs Clark) West End, Atlanta 

23719a Howell, Mary Adair (Mrs Geo. A.) West End, Atlanta 

20224m Hull, Adelaide Sinclare Norton (Mrs Arthur D.) Rome 

14766 Hunt, Louise (Mrs Benj. W.) Eatonton 

21445f Hutchins, Addie Davis (Mrs Miller B.) 331 Fitlen Bldg., Atlanta 

2540a Hutchinson, Pocahontas (Miss) ... .Jackson st. and Highland ave., Atlanta 

23126a Hj^nde, Mary Ruth Carr (Mrs Henry D.) 50 Richardson st., Atlanta 

14509a Inman, Jennie (Miss) 534 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

9529a Inman, Mildred McPheeters (Mrs Samuel M.) Peachtree st., Atlanta 

14761TO Irby, Virginia Bay less (Mrs Claude) Kingston 

9509? Irwin, Mary Baine Brewer (Mrs Benjamin S.) Main st., Washington 

6813 Ivy, Julia Dalton Nesmith (Mrs Thomas P.) Atlanta 

21446f Jackson, Callie Cobb (Miss) 121 Capitol Square, Atlanta 

613a Jackson, Sally Addison (Mrs Henry) Ill Capitol Square, Atlanta 

458a Jackson, Sarah Frances Grant (Mrs Thomas) 428 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

146606 Jackson, Virginia L. Hardwick (Mrs John K.) Augusta 

21458m Janes, Annie Harris (Mrs Charles G.) Cedartown 

11996f Jaques, Eleanor Hartley Hall (Mrs Samuel R.) Macon 

12296 Jeffries, Hattie Gould (Mrs Richard S.) 319 Broad st., Augusta 

* Dorothea Henry Chapter, Va. t Yorktown Chapter, Peniia. 



8714c Jelks, Lena Paine (Mrs Thomas) Wayeross 

2215^7 Johnson, Amelia Elizabeth T. (Mrs Charles E.) Griffin 

3756d Johnston, Flewellyn Reese (Mrs Wm. M.) Macon 

3322d Johnston, Martha Fannin (Mrs Joseph M.) Macon 

9514? Jones, Katherine Hyde Kemme (Mrs) Main st.. Washing-ton 

14621 Jones, Mary Hutchison (Mrs Frederic H.) Atlanta 

14767 Jones, Rebecca (Miss) Eatonton 

17935* Jorilan, Mary Burney J. Groves (Mrs Erasmus H) Monticello 

8719ft Karow, Anna Belle (Mrs Edward W.) 318 Gwinnett st.. Savannah 

6082Z Kemme, Hattie Chase (Mrs H. B.) Main st., Washington 

23720a Kimball, Fanny Brown (Mrs Jos. W.) 325 S. Pryor st., Atlanta 

19717a King, Alice M. (Mrs Alexander C.) 894 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

414a King, Carie E. R. (Mrs Porter) 73 Merritts ave., Atlanta 

21447f Kiser, Lucy Peel (Mrs William H.) Atlanta 

17936c Kline, Mary 0. (Mrs William R.) Columbus 

6343; Kontz, Elizabeth Thornton (Mrs Ernest) 4 Kimball st., Atlanta 

1859a Krug, Lilly McDowell (Mrs Arthur G.) 4 Baltimore Place, Atlanta 

32716 Lamar, Clarinda Huntington Pendleton (Mrs J. R.) 1209 Greene st., Augusta 

I2203f Langston, Annie Wade (Mrs Thomas L.) Atlanta 

2891e Lary, Mary Clayton (Mrs Samuel D.) 21 W. 11th st., Columbus 

9523Z Latimer, Adaline Comer (Mrs Joel W.) Washington 

1834ft Lawton, Ella Beckwdth (Mrs Alexander R.) Abercom st.. Savannah 

7731i Lee, Claudia B. (Miss) Covington 

8990 Lee, Frances Pearson (Mrs Emmor H.) 310 Whitehall st., Atlanta 

5140 , Le Hardy, Julia Miller (Mrs Louis M.) Savannah 

7732i Lester, Henrietta Meriwether Mrs James G.) Covington 

948a Leyden, Elizabeth McA. (Mrs William H.) "The Leyden," Atlanta 

23717 Logan, Viola Wilbanks (Mrs James L.) Atlanta 

20231f Lowe, Rebecca Douglas (Mrs Wm. B.) 513 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

1171a Lowry, Emma Celestia M. (Mrs Robert J.) "The Kimball," Atlanta 

21942f Lundie, Anniebel (Miss) Greenville st., New^nan 

3045 J Lyden, Annie Wilson (Mrs Frederick) 655 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

22625f McBride, Virginia Hardaway (Mrs William C.) Newnan 

4495(Z McCaw, Mary Lamar (Mrs James) Macon 

4508a McDaniel, Anne Henderson (Mrs Saunders) Piedmont ave., Atlanta 

2217m McGhee, Caroline Amanda (Mrs Joseph F.) 204 3d ave., Rome 

202236 McGowan, Margaret Charbonnier (Mrs James F.) Augusta 

8711c Maclntyre, Margaret Eraser L. (Mrs Archibald T.) Thomasville 

13959ft Maclntyre, Ruth Jones Neely (Mrs M. Y.) 63 Gwinnett st., Savannah 

415a McKinley, Junia (Miss) 38 W. Peachtree st., Atlanta 

3923d McLaren, Valeria Lamar (Mrs Edwin H.) Macon 

12266 McLaws, Emily Lafayette (Miss) Summerville, Augusta 

8715c McLendon, Emily F. H. (Mrs Samuel G.) Thomasville 

183636 McNulty, Laura Douglas Browne (Mrs John O) 1342 2d ave., Columbus 

3269 MacWhorter, Sarah Deborah Adams (Mrs George G.) Summerville, Augusta 

2212fir McWilliams, Augusta Josephine Trammell (Mrs John W.) Griffin 

14765a Maddox, Lollie Baxter (Mrs Robert F., Jr.) 183 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

8041|| Magill, Martha Howard (Mrs Samuel A.) Atlanta 

17847§ Magruder, Ellen Fall (Mrs William T.) "The Marion," Columbus 

2888e Martin, Jane Ellison Ware (Mrs Peter M.) 309 E. 11th st., Columbus 

* Mary Isham Keith Chapter, Texas. 
t Dorothea Henry Chapter, Virginia. 
t Baltimore Chapter, Maryland. 

I Bonny Kate Chapter, Tennessee. 
g Campbell Chapter, Tennessee. 




Martin, Sarah Augusta (Mrs Albert G.) Box 272 Griffin 

Mason, Sarah Blount (Miss) La Grange 

Mays, Harriet B. Phinizy (Mrs Samuel W.) 519 Greene st., Augusta 

Meldrim, Francis Casey (Mrs Peter W.) 138 Macon st., Savannah 

Mell, Ellen Lurene (Miss) Athens 

Mell, Emma Virginia (Miss) Athens 

Merrill, Blanche Tarwater (Mrs Joseph H.) Thomasville 

Merrill, Eliza Hall (Miss) Thomasville 

Merrill, Mary Hall (Miss) Thomasville 

Miller, Josephine Blount (Mrs Carlton H.) W. Peachtree st., Atlanta 

Miller, Julia Dyer Kitchen (Mrs Frank H.) SummerviUe, Augusta 

Miller, Maria Cummings Lamar (Mrs Frank H., Jr.) . .SummerviUe, Augusta 

Miller, Martha Phinizy (Mrs William K.) 711 Telfair st., Augusta 

Mills, Mary Ansley Cope (Mrs Thomas R.) Griffin 

Mitchell, Ella Erwin (Mrs Oliver E.) 213 Capitol ave., Atlanta 

Mitchell, Hattie Mae (Miss) '■ 213 Capitol ave., Atlanta 

Mitchell, Martha Thornton Banks (Mrs L. D.) La Grange 

Mitchell, Nena (Miss) 389 S. Pryor st., Atlanta 

Moore, Anna Patton (Mrs James W.) 416 Broad st., Augusta 

Moore, Anna Virginia (Miss) 828 Greene st., Augusta 

Moore, Cornelia A. Jackson (Mrs Wilmer) Ill Capitol Square, Atlanta 

Moore, Julia Adelaide (Miss) 416 Broad st., Augusta 

Moore, Julia Carter (Mrs St. John) 302 Broad st., Augusta 

Morgan, Eugenia Hamilton Goode (Mrs Joseph H.) . .180 Spring st., Atlanta 

Morgan, Henrietta (Mrs Cecil) 570 Madison st., Macon 

Morgan, Sarah Berrien Casey, Peachtree st., Atlanta 

Morgan, Sarah Hyde (Mrs Thomas H.) Peachtree st., Atlanta 

Morris, Margaret Wiley (Mrs Edward J.) 33 Ivy st., Atlanta 

Mullen, Nancy Coffin (Mrs John) .Atlanta 

Murray, Mary Olive (Mrs Price E.) .140 S. Pryor st., Atlanta 

Muse, Mary (Miss) '• Albany 

Napier, Annie Foster (Miss) Macon 

Napier, Virginia Anastasia Blackman (Mrs Hendley V., Jr.) Macon 

Nash, Annie Christian (Miss) Spring st., Atlanta 

Neely, Lillian Wilkins (Mrs Robert C.) Waynesboro 

Nevin, Helen Underwood (Mrs Mitchell A.) Rome 

Newman, Fanny Alexander (Mrs William T.) Forest ave., Atlanta 

Nisbet, Virginia Lord (Mrs John) Whitaker st., Sava^nah 

Noble, Mary Lucy Taliaferro (Mrs George H.) Atlanta 

Norton, Martha Swan Burnett (Mrs Henry C.) Rome 

Ogden, Caro Clark Eastman (Mrs J. Monroe) . . .274 Georgia ave., Macon 

Olmstead, Florence Williams (Mrs Charles H.) 61 Gwinett st.. Savannah 

Orme, Ellen Vail (Mrs Francis H.) 70 Forsyth st., Atlanta 

Orme, Kate Hatman (Mrs Aquilla J.) North ave., Atlanta 

Orr, Fannie Bradley (Mrs Joseph K.) 207 W. Peachtree st., Atlanta 

Osborne, Cornelia Bacon (Mrs Craven T.) .1044 Front st., Columbus 

Pace, Leonora Haralson (Mrs James M.) Covington 

Pace, Mary C. Richardson Davis (Mrs. W. W.) Pine st., Albany 

Page, Elizabeth Roberts (Mrs Carter H., Jr.) 7 Baltimore Place, Atlanta 

Paine, Anne Willis (Miss) Waycross 

Park, Emily Hendree (Mrs Robert E.) Macon 

♦lyight Horse Harry Lee Chapter, Ala. 

t Martha's Vineyard Chapter, Mass. 



19718a Parsons, Martha E. Bozeman (Mrs Wm. H.) 131 Capitol Square, Atlanta 

;21936f Patterson, Ella J. (Mrs John) Merritts ave., Atlanta 

1687d Patterson, Mary (Miss) Macon 

13952m Patton, Ida Nevin (Mrs William A.) Eome 

601a Patty, Emma Foote (Mrs Henry M.) 349 Capitol ave., Atlanta 

1025a Peel, Lucy Cook (Mrs William L.) 469 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

:20229e Perkins, Bessie Egglena (Mrs Charles L.) Wynnton Columbus 

7723a Peters, Ellen Lindsay (Miss) 272 Forest ave., Atlanta 

:23722e Philips, Mary Ethel (Miss) 5th ave. and 12th st., Columbus 

1234& Phinizy, Marion Pickens Coles (Mrs Stew^art) 717 Telfair st., Augusta 

12286 Phinizy, Mary L. Y. (Mrs Charles H.) 519 Greene st., Augusta 

12569TO Plumb, Rosa Milledge (Miss) Eome 

14508 Plyer, Virginia Alford Hutchinson (Mrs Charles H.) Atlanta 

:22620f Pomeroy, Emma Janette Loomis (Mrs Edgar J.) Marietta 

.■22621f Porter, Stella (Miss) Dixon 

12020* Poullain, Sue Willie (Miss*) Madison 

1270m Powell, William Maria Holmes (Mrs Jack) Newnan 

6488a Prescott, Helen M. (Miss) East Point, Atlanta 

19421f Preston, Cynthia Maria (Mrs George C.) 198 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

11190f Preston, Mary More (Miss) 198 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

16146| Prince, Susan Hag-gin (Mrs Horace C.) 38 Nev^^ Houston st.. Savannah 

5642a Eaoul, Mary Miller (Mrs William G.) Peachtree st., Atlanta 

20230 Eedding, Isabella C. Eemshart (Mrs Joseph H.) Way cross 

2534fir Eedding, Sarah E. (Mrs E. J.) Griffin 

17938f Eeed, Constance (Miss) "Kimball House," Atlanta 

17937f Eeed, Emma Cameron (Mrs Heber C.) "Kimball House," Atlanta 

3755ci Eeese, Viola Eoss (Mrs Anderson H.) .Macon 

21940/1 Eemshart, Alice Floyd (Mrs George H.) 108 W. Jones st.. Savannah 

2889e Eichardson, Georgia Mildred Goodman (Mrs B. H.) 21 W. 11th st., Columbus 

637a Eoach, Aurelia (Miss) 153 Whitehall st., Atlanta 

17446(Z Eobert, Kate Gregory (Mrs Harry C.) 106 2d st., Macon 

20212a Eoberts, Carrie Munday (Mrs John B.) 46 Currier st., Atlanta 

6490a Eoberts, Emeline L. C. (Miss) 7 Baltimore Place, Atlanta 

5145a Eoberts, Kate Carlisle (Miss) Baltimore Place, Atlanta 

20222& Eobertson, Katharine Miller (Mrs James L.) 27 Lincoln st., Augusta 

5146d Eobinson, Lizzie Carroll (Mrs John T.) 354 Sj)ring st., Macon 

11446i Eobinson, Mamie Duncan Beale (Mrs Charles C.) Covington 

■22626/' Eobinson, Martha Eeid (Miss) Nev^^nan 

9003d Eogers, Laura Barkesdale (Mrs Eichard M.) Macon 

6334; Eoper, Sarah Margaret Swanson (Mrs) La Grange 

17927 1 1 Eosenstihl, Emily Colquitt Eandle (Mrs Henry J.) Atlanta 

1269m Eounsaville, Hallie Alexander (Mrs James A.) Eome 

1267m Eowell, Lou Underwood (Mrs Christopher) Eome 

12206 Eowland, Annie Winter (Miss) 1256 Greene st., Augusta 

470a Sage, Margaret Alexander (Mrs Ira Y.) "The Kimball," Atlanta 

8993a Sams, Camilla C. J. (Mrs Stanhope) Atlanta 

17939^ Sanders, Sarah Cooper (Mrs John W.) Washington 

10974a Saunders, Pauline Octavie Hebert (Mrs George B.) . .29 E. Harris st., Atlanta 

23120f Scott, Mary Ella Jones (Mrs William Henry) Forest ave., Atlanta 

8994a Scott, Mary Evelyn C. (Mrs F. M.) 727 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

* Dorothea Henry Chapter, Va. 
tWiltwyck Chapter, New York. 

t John Marshall Chapter, Kentucky. 
I] Martha Washington Chapter, D. C. 



947a Scott, Mary Trammell (Mrs Samuel) 97 Merritts ave., Atlanta 

570a Scrutcliin, Mildred J. (Mrs Joseph) North ave., Atlanta 

8992a Seddon, Katherine McDonald (Mrs William L.) Atlanta 

124746 Shipp, Emily E. Kline (Mrs E,. L.) • • Moultrie 

l&32ft Simkins, Mabelle H. (Mrs William D.) 165 Gwinett st.. Savannah 

7083fc Simkins, Willis Daniell (Mrs Eldred) Albany 

6489a Simmons, Nannie E. (Mrs Thomas J.) "The Kimball," Atlanta 

21452f Sisson, Caroline Larendon (Miss) Kirkwood 

21451/" Sisson, Louise (Miss) Kirkwood 

6337; Slack, Kuth Bradford (Mrs Henry K.) La Grange 

183646 Slade, Mary Byrnes Browne (Mrs William B.) 1345 2d ave., Columbus 

11444d Small, Eugenia (Miss) 656 College st., Macon 

20332* Smith, Alice Bradford (Mrs Edward E.) 23 Kimball st., Atlanta 

19107a Smith, Estelle Cuyler (Mrs Henrjr H.) Peachtree st., Atlanta 

1170a Smith, Frances Gordon Burton (Mrs Robert B.)...."The Leyden," Atlanta 

612 Smith, Marian Thomas Cobb (Mrs Hoke) Atlanta 

3925(i Sparks, Marilee Bacon (Mrs W. B.) Macon 

20213(i Speer, Marion Shei-wood (Miss) Macon 

21449f Speer, Olive May (Miss) 544 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

20214(i Speer, Sally Dearing (Miss) Macon 

132516 Spencer, Ida Tunstall Speed (Mrs Eichard P.) 1334 2d ave., Columbus 

13951m Spullock, Callie (Miss) Rome 

23369^7 Starnes, Lucie Berriden (Mrs Hugh N.) Experiment 

7076fc Stevens, Ella Florine (Miss) Leesburg 

12276 Stokes, Sarah Gardner (Miss) Summerville, Augusta 

22623f Strickland, Martha Hardaway (Mrs J. H.) Newnan 

2894fc Strother, Louisa Bacon (Mrs William A.) Albany 

16657a Sturgeon, Mabel Walker (Mrs Thomas Lowe) Atlanta 

5639fo Sullivan, Mary Chase P. (Mrs John) 134 Harris st.. Savannah 

6333/ Swanson, Mattie Banks (Mrs B. G.) , La Grange 

12001t Talbott, Aurie Hall (Mrs Ellis Mamford) Macon 

7079fc Tarver Frances Holcombe (Mrs Henry Andrew) Albany 

56466 Taylor, Annie Twiggs (Mrs Robert Galpin) 352 Elbert st., Augusta 

11997t Taylor Catherine Hall (Mrs H. N.) Macon 

7452(Z Taylor, Lucy Pitkins Stevens (Mrs Mallory H.) Macon 

8716c Tharin, Bessie H. M. (Miss) Thomasville 

6332c Tharin, Louise Alice M. (Mrs John McC.) Thomasville 

9526| Thomas, Sallie Lawson (Miss) Valdosta 

11441fc Tift, Bessie Willingham (Mrs Henry) Tifton 

8963|| Tift, Eliza Catherine Mallory (Mrs Wm. 0.) Tifton 

8364a Torbett, Lucy Calvinia Goode (Mrs Matthew B.) Simpson st., Atlanta 

22622/= Toy, Mary Bockover (Mrs Robert B.) 105 Forest ave., Atlanta 

12262| Trammell, Anna Godfrey (Mrs Lee) Madison 

5641; Tuggle, Margaret Alford Cox (Mrs W. O.) La Grange 

iOlld Turpin, Evelyn Nelson (Mrs William C.) Macon 

lS357a Van Eppes Minnie Thomas (Mrs Howard) 127 Washington st., Atlanta 

19719a Venable, Elizabeth Richard (Miss) 19 Forest ave., Atlanta 

1225 Verdery, Ann McK. Winter (Mrs Eugene P.) Summerville, Augusta 

10972fc Von Gundell, May St. John (Mrs Alfred C.) Albany 

* John Marshall Chapter, Kentucky. X Dorothea Henry Chapter, Va. 

t Yorktown Chapter, Penn. || Fanny I^edyard Chapter Conn. 



5643a Walker, Emily C. E. (Mrs Kobert) Linden st., Atlanta 

7454fir Walker, Sallie Louise Barber (Mrs J. Henry) GriflBn 

7450fc Walters, Minnie D. (Mrs Jessee W.) 128 Jefferson st., Albany 

202186 Walton, Catherine Elizabeth (Miss) 728 Keynolds st., Augnsta 

202206 Walton, Julia Scales Jackson (Mrs Maurice J.) Augusta 

56486 Walton, Sarah Josephine (Miss) 310 Washington st., Augusta 

6340; Ward, Anne Fleming (Miss) La Grange 

9961; Ward, Theresa Antoinette (Miss) La Grange 

4496/1 Warfield, Phenie Wayne (Mrs Louis M.) 105 Abercorn st., Savannah 

707871 Warren, Louise Holcombe (Mrs L. P. D.) Albany 

233656 Warren, Mary P. (Mrs Wm. Henry) 828 Greene st., Augusta 

81d Washington, Mary Anne (Mrs) 524 College st., Macon 

7075fc Welch, Laura Spencer (Mrs Leonard E.) Albany 

11443fc Weston, Florence Jones (Mrs Burton L.) Albany 

20887f Whelan, Estelle (Miss) , 38 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

19720 White, Louise Brown (Mrs Miller G.) 310 Washington ave., Macon 

21938f Whiteside, Mary Brent (Miss) 200 Angier ave., Atlanta 

1688m Whitmore, Mary Berriden (Mrs Wm. P.) Kome 

13248a Whitner, Eliza Spann (Miss) 121 South Pryor st., Atlanta 

226116 Wienges, Eva J. Mims (Mrs Joseph C.) 1477 Woodlawn ave., Augusta 

181871 Wilder, Georgia Page King (Mrs Joseph J.) 93 Charlton st., Savannah 

21941f Wiley, Margarette Menefee (Mrs Joseph W.) Palmetto 

2519a Wilkins, Julia (Miss) 541 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

18359a Wilkins, Julia Sydney Abercrombie (Mrs Grant) . .541 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

2873m Willcox, Mabel Field Hillyer (Mrs W. P.) "Desoto Hotel," Savannah 

4678a Wilson, Margaret Adeline O'C. (Mrs Arthur McD.) 27 Highland ave., Atlanta 

14768(Z Wilson, Martha Stovall (Miss) Macon 

21937f Wilson, Susan Mildred (Miss) 610 Piedmont ave., Atlanta 

3924d Wise, Gazaleen Monroe (Mrs B. A.) Macon 

19946 Withers, Clara Lou D'Antignac (Mrs Charles A.) 909 Greene st., Augusta 

1858a Wolff, E. P. McDovs^ell (Mrs Bernard L.) E. Fair st., Atlanta 

2360O Wolff, Marian J. Hillyer (Mrs Bernard) E. Fair st., Atlanta 

2216OT Wood, Elizabeth Morgan (Mrs Charles D.) 405 West 1st st., Eome 

1396071 Wood, Marj' Sallie I. (Mrs Jas. S.) cor. Whitaker & Gwinnett sts.. Savannah 

8995c Woodward, Helen Baldwin (Mrs David) 190 Forest ave., Atlanta 

104:05k Woolfolk, Irene Tift (Miss) Albany 

7734i Wooten, Annie Pace (Mrs James E.) Eastman 

7082fc Wooten, Evelyn Page Carter (Mrs W. E.) Albany 

32666 Wray, Lucy Ware (Mrs Thomas, Jr.) 347 Broad st., Augusta 

32640 Wrenn, Georgia K. W. (Mrs B. W.) "The Kimball," Atlanta 

14763m Wright, Anna Moore (Mrs Seaborn) Kome 

9524c Wright, Annie Perry (Miss) Thomasville 

9525c Wright, Emma Julia Pope (Mrs Arthur P.) Thomasville 

13250a Wright, Mary Louise Cox (Mrs Wm. A.) 402 Peachtree st., Atlanta 

95286 Wylly, Eobert Logan Dismukes (Mrs Eichard D.) Darien 

20225m Wyly, Madeleine (Miss) .Eome 


(No members) 



State Regent 1897, Mrs. S. H. Kerfoot, 136 Rush st., Chicago. 

" 1898, Mrs. Henry M. Shepard, 4445 Grand Boulevard, 

(22 organized, 5 unorganized) 

a. Amor Patriae Chapter, Streator 

Organized February 12, 1897; Members, 19 (Iowa, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. Ella C. Barlow Treasurer, Mrs. Bessie M. Flick 

Vice-Regt., Mrs. Catherine E. Williams Registrar, Mrs. Gertrude C. Bailey- 

Secretary, Miss Mary Donaghho Historian, Mrs. Inez Strite 

b. Carlinsville 

Regent, Mrs. Elizabeth P. Matthews. Appointed December 3, 1896 

c. Champaign 

Regent, Miss Mary B. Mills. Appointed October 1, 1896 

d. Chicago Chapter, Chicago 

Organized March 16, 1891 ; Members, 626 (Massachusetts, 6; Foreign, 1; California, g; 

New York, 2; Ohio, 1; Florida, 2; Michigan, 2; Indiana, 2; West Virginia, 

1; Connecticut, 3; Wisconsin, 2; Iowa, 1; Nebraska, 1; Kansas, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. Frederick Dicldnson Cor. Sec, Mrs. J. Ellsworth Gross 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Frederick Smith Ireasurer, Mrs. Charles H. Conover 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. Madison B. Kennedy Registrar, Mrs. Richard H. Kerr 

Historian, Mrs. John C. Bundy 

e. Decatur Chapter, Decatur 

Organized February If, 1896; Members, 26 

Regent, Mrs. W. T. Wells Treasurer, Mrs. T. T. Roberts 

\ ice-Regent, Mrs. J. M. Maris Registrar, Mrs. Emma Warren 

Secretary, Miss Alice Hanford Historian, Mrs V. N. Hostetler 

f . Dixon Chapter, Dixon 

Organized May 27, 1898; Members, IS 

Regent, Mrs. Dorothy N. Law Treasurer, Mrs. Elizabeth Hughes 

Vice-Regent, Miss Olive A. Murphy Registrar, Miss Anna E. Woodridge 

Secretary, Miss Mary E. Pankhurst Historian, Mrs. Anna E. Shaw 

116 DIEECTOET, D. A. E. 

g. Dorothy Quincy Chapter, Qunicy 

Organized April 1, 1897; Members, 19 

Eegent, Miss CorBelia A. Collins Treasurer, Mrs. Mary F. Hamilton 

becretary, Mrs. Frances E. WoodrulJ Registrar, Mrs. Hannah E. Claflin 

Historian, Mrs. Jennie Montgomery 

h. Elgin Chapter, Elgin 
Organized May 24, 1898; Members, 12 

Regent, Miss Mary C. Davidson Treasurer, Miss Abbie Bosworth 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Charles W. Cornell Registrar, Mrs. D. J. Dumser 

Secretary, Mrs. George Glos Historian, Miss Edith G. Alden 

i. Fort Armstrong Chapter, Rock Island 
Organized January 31, 1896; Members, 42 (California, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. Annette G. Kimball Secretary, Mrs. Elizabeth Mixter 

\ ice-Regent, Mrs. Harriet Hurst Treasurer, Mrs. Mary W. Carter 

Registrar, Mrs. Grace B. Buford 

j. Fort Dearborn Chapter, Evanstown 

Organized June 6, 1894; Members, 101 (Michigan, 2) 

Regent, Mrs. William Holabird Secretary, Mrs. Richard Wyman 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. M. M. Kirkman Treasurer, Miss Helen M. Kitchell 

Registrar, Miss S. W. Gillette 

k. Galena 


Regent, Miss Anna E. Felt. Appointed January 2, 1896 

1. George Rogers Clark Chapter, Oak Park 
Organized January 25, 1896; Members, 54 (Minnesota, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. George M. Davidson Treasurer, Mrs. Wm. R. Vosburg 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Cedric G. Marsh Registrar, Mrs. Harry C. Worthington 

Secretary, Mrs. Albert H. Adams Historian, Mrs. Harry B. Richardson 

m. mini Chapter, Ottawa 
Organized May 7, 1896; Members, 88 (New York, 1; California, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. Phebe A. Sherw^ood Treasurer, Mrs. Helen E. Trask 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Melinda Parker Registrar, Mrs. Sophronia Widmer 

Secretary, Miss Emma A. King Historian, Mrs. Maria L. Pettit 

n. Kewanee Illinois Chapter, Kewanee 
Organized June 16, 1897; Members, 16 (Colorado, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. J. K. Blish Treasurer, Mrs. Lizzie B. Hall 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. J. W. Eddy Registrar, Mrs. H. C. Huntington 

Secretary, Mrs. E. M. Vail Historian, Mrs. Lettie H. Nicholson 


o. Letitia G-reen Stevenson Cliapter, Bloomington 

Organized May S, 189 Jt; Members, 82 (Kentuclcy, 2; Maine, 2; District of ColumUa, t; 

Pennsylvania, 1; Colorado, 1) 

Kegent, Mrs. Harvey C. DeMotte Treasurer, Mrs. James B. Neville 

^ice-Regent, Mrs. W. W. Marmon Registrar, Miss Abbie Rees 

Secretary, Mrs, Sain Welty Historian, Mrs. Caroline F. J. Kimball 

p. Lincoln Chapter, Lincoln 

Organized January SO, 1896; Members, 26 

Regent, Mrs. Matilda Gillespie Treasurer, Miss Anna Pegram 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Adeline G. Bates Registrar, Mrs Mary D. Brown 

Secretary, Mrs. Charlotte S. Ross Historian, Katherine L. Pegram 

Librarian, Mrs. Lucy F. Mayfield 

q. Sloline Chapter, Moline 
Organized January 6, 1894; Members, 38 

Regent, Mrs. Charles H. Deere Treasurer, Mrs. S. M. Hill 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. L. D. Dunn Registrar, Miss Elmira Wright 

Secretary, Mrs. C. L. Grimes Historian, Mrs. Harry Ainsworth 

r. North Shore Chapter, Highland Park 

Organized April 20, 1893; Members, 36 (Wisconsin, 1; Tennessee, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. W. C. Egan Secretary, Mrs. G. B. Cummings 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. F. Fischer Treasurer, Miss A. R. La Bar 

Registrar, Mrs. A. G. Van Schaick 

s. Peoria Chapter, Peoria 

Organized June 4, 1896; Members, 24 

Regent, Mrs. Lucie B. Tyng Treasurer, Mrs. Lydia J. Clarke 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Louise D. Elder Registrar, Miss Mary Culver 

Rec. Sec, Miss Elizabeth Cornelison Historian, Mrs. Esther Ellis 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. Alice Riggs Tyng Chaplain, Miss Julia H. Johnston 

t. Pontaic 


Regent, Mrs. P. Underwood Woodrow. Appointed February 3, 1898 

u. Princeton Illinois Chapter, Princeton 

Organized April 13, 1896; Members, 21 

Regent, Mrs. Austin B. Reeve Treasurer, Miss Laura S. Bryant 

Vice-Regent, Miss Mary Horton Registrar, Miss Frances R. Horton 

Secretary, Miss Grace M. Bryant Historian, Mrs. Mary K. Stevens 

118 DIKECTOEY, D. A. E. 

V. Phophetstown 


Begent, Mrs. Mary K. Hadaway. Appointed October 7, 1897. 

w. Rev. James Caldwell Chapter, Jacksonville 

Organized May 7, 1896; Members, 37 (Missouri, 1; Kansas, 1; New Jersey, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs. Gates Strawn Sec, Mrs. Charles Brown 

First Vice-Regt., Mrs. Jas. T. King Cor. Sec, Miss Eliza Kent 

Second Vice-Eegt., Mrs. Howard Doan Treasurer, Miss Edith W. Kirby 

Registrar, Mrs. Joseph C. Gordan 

X. Rockf ord Chapter, Rockf ord 

Organized October 23, 1894; Members, 96 (New Jersey, 1; Massachusetts, 1; Iowa, 1; Wash- 
ington State, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. H. W. Taylor Cor. Sec, Mrs. Stanton Burpee 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Wm. A. Talcott Treasurer, Mrs. W. D. McAffee 

Rec Sec, Mrs. Carrie S. Brett Registrar, Mrs. Charles W. Brown 

z. Shadrach Bond Chapter, Carthage 

Organized April 1, 1897 ; Members, 13 

Regent, Mrs. Laura Miller Noyes Cor. Sec, Mrs. Alice F. Martin 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Elizabeth Tillapaugh Treasurer, Mrs. Amanda E. Shultz 

Rec. Sec, Miss Ellen M. Cherrill Registrar, Mrs. Julia E. Ferris 

Historian, Miss Susan A. Williams 

A. Springfield Chapter, Springfield 

Organized February 11, 1895; Members, 32 (District of Columbia, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. Charles Hickox Treasurer, Miss Amaryllis Gillette 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Stuart Brown Registrar, Mrs. Thomas C. Hinkle 

Secretary, Mrs. Alice H. Knapp Historian, Mrs. Caroline M. B. Kane 

B. Warren Chapter, Monmouth 

Organized April 7, 1897 ; Membeis, 9 

Regent, Mrs. Ida C. Burns Treasurer, Mrs. Addie S. Young 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Sarah T. Dean Registrar, Mrs. Helen N. Rupp 

Secretary, Mrs. Sarah B. Hanley Historian, Mrs. Marion B. Sexton 

Members Residing in the State 

13983? Adair, Virginia McConnell (Mrs Addison A.).... 102 S. Grove st.. Oak Park 

15506Z Adams, Carrie Allen (Mrs Albert H.) .225 Wesley ave., Oak Park 

19744 Adams, Clara Louise (Miss) Mendota 

20241d Adams, Emma J. Blair (Mrs Cyrus H.) 155 Rush st., Chicago 

2024:0d Adams, Mary McKean Willoughby (Mrs George W.) . .42 Ogden ave., Chicago 



9964d Adolphxis, Emma Hagen (Mrs Wolfe) 250 E. 47th st., Chicago 

18395g Ainsworth, Lucy (Miss) 5th ave. and 19th st., Moline 

4110? Ainsworth, Stella A. Davidson (Mrs Harry) Atkinson Park, Moline 

237697t Alden, Edith Granger (Miss) 460 Chicago st., Elgin 

7736d Allen, Mary Baker (Mrs Arthur W.) 442 Elm st., Chicago 

4112(? Allen, Minnie F. Stephens (Mrs Frank G.) 1814 5th ave., Moline 

9592d! Allyn, Lena May Q. (Mrs W. H.) 341 Rush st., Chicago 

10981; Ambrose, Lodilla (Miss) 2024 »^rrington ave., Evanston 

10980; Ambrose, Lodisa Welch (Mrs James C.) 2024 Orrington ave., Evanston 

7822* Anderson, Amanda Birmingham (Mrs Jas. C.) Highland Park 

12582(? Anderson, Mary S. Lee (Mrs. C.) 92 Lincoln ave., Chicago 

6763f Andrew^, Catharine Piatt (Mrs Geo. L.) 6123 Sheridan ave., Chicago 

3797 Andrews, Frances Taylor Barret (Mrs Edmund) 3912 Lake ave., Chicago 

9018(i Andrews, Irene Fargo (Mrs James C. E.) 2247 Michigan ave., Chicago 

5737(f Anthony, Mary G. (Mrs Chas. E.) 225 Hamilton st., Evanston 

9544a; Armstrong, Christie Anna McClaughey (Mrs Levi) .326 N. Main st., Rockiord 

22650ni Armstrong, Frances P. Osgood (Mrs Marshall N.) Ottawa 

2546d Arnold, Elizabeth F. M. Tittle (Mrs Chas. C.) Winnetka 

13260d Atkinson, Helen Dunn (Mrs Frank H.) 5488 East End ave., Chicago 

3941g Atkinson, Martha W. (Miss) 822 11th ave., Moline 

5728d Ayer, Janet Hopkins (Mrs Benj. F.) 99 Lincoln Park Boulevard, Chicago 

16703s Ayers, Frances .Cothren (Miss) 405 Madison ave., Peoria 

18369(i Babcock, Helen Maus (Mrs Chas. F.) 2701 Michigan ave., Chicago 

125930 Bach, Leila Frances Means (Mrs Wm. E.) 1117 E. Grove st., Bloomington 

23781i Bahusen, Anne Montgomery (Mrs Frank W.) 1230 2nd ave., Eock Island 

2656(i Bailey, Arabella Wingate Sinclair (Mrs Samuel G.) . .83 Bryant ave., Chicago 

12044d! Bailey, Charlotte Osgood (Miss) 3024 Prairie ave., Chicago 

11896a Bailey, Gertrude Canfield (Mrs Ezra H.) Streator 

166960 Bailey, Isabel McCoy (Mrs Henry V.) Capitol st. and Broadway, Pekin 

13294? Baker, Alice May Pebbles (Mrs F. G.) 715 N. Euclid ave., Oak Park 

3467(Z Baker, Ethel (Miss) 3543 Lake ave., Chicago 

160864 Baker, Louise Casey (Mrs David J., Jr.) Springfield 

6394a; Baker, Mary Ann Hall (Mrs H. N.) 318 S. 2nd st., Rockf ord 

24577? Baker, Mary E. (Mrs John M.) 327 N. Kenilworth ave.. Oak Park 

18389d Baldwin, Annie B. Wakefield (Mrs Eobert E.) 296 Ohio st., Chicago 

17464a; Baldwin, Harriet Coleman (Mrs Eobert B.) .328 N. Main st., Eockford 

10433 Baldwin, Louise Perkins (Mrs Elmer E.) 3325 Indiana ave., Chicago 

996 Baldwin, Maria A. Wait (Mrs Eufus J.) 4939 Lake ave., Chicago 

4105(Z Ball, Carrie Woodruif (Mrs George C.) 5211 Kimbark ave., Chicago 

133033 Ball, Esther Ingalls (Mrs William T.) 749 13th st., Moline 

15879 Ballance, Harriet Nevine (Miss) 216 Eandolph ave., Peoria 

10999(i Bane, Frederika W. (Mrs George M.) Lacon 

3579d; Bannard, Alice Yeakle Stockton (Mrs H. C.) 410 N. State st., Chicago 

18413«. Bannister, Frances Brj^ant (Mrs John C.) Kewanee 

6260 Barber, Amanda M. (Mrs Eobert P.) 3919 Calumet ave., Chicago 

137d Barber, Victoria C. A. (Mrs John 0.) 1318 Wellington ave., Chicago 

17953d Barbour, Helean M. (Mrs Lyman L.) 348 Ashland Boulevard, Chicago 

1961(Z Barker, Frances Maria (Mrs Joseph N.) 5000 Greenwood ave., Chicago 

20908a? Barker, Josephine Waite (Mrs Frank) .■ Eochelle 

2472(Z Barker, Julia Shumway (Mrs Frank W.) 4633 Greenwood ave., Chicago 

3477r Barlow, Cornelia (Miss) Highland Park 

* Columbus Chapter, D. C. 

t General de Lafayette Chapter, Indiana. 



3588a Barlow, Ella Crail (Mrs John C.) 709 Broadway, Streator 

3943g Barnard, Margaret Nevin Finley (Mrs. Chas. A.) 1927 5tli ave., Moline 

11453 Barnes, Alice May (Miss) Chicago Beach Hotel, Chicago 

104436 Barnes, Charlotte Lancoaft Gillett (Mrs Wm.) . .332 W. William st., Decatur 

8385a; Barnes, Julia Kate Gould (Mrs W. F.) 813 N. Main st., Kockford 

7748a; Barnes, Mary J. Parmalee (Mrs John) 721 N. Main st., Eockford 

910d Barnes, Mary Luddington (Mrs Chas. J.) 2238 Calumet ave., Eockford 

12592t(7 Barnes, Susan Elizabeth Sewall Fry, (Mrs William) Jacksonville 

19138W Barney, Bertha Pheanna Sanford (Mrs Chas. A.) Kewanee 

18415t<? Barr, Leila Markoe (Mrs. Samuel 0.) 1209 W. State st., Jacksonville 

18416W; Barr, Mary Louise (Miss) 1209 W. State st., Jacksonville 

3798 Barrett, Miriam (Miss) 3912 Lake ave., Chicago 

8213; Barrie, Mary Lisa (Miss) 1228 Judson ave., Evanston 

3452(Z Barry, Mary B. (Mrs George) Wilmette 

109766 Bartholomew, Ada Powers (Isirs E. D.) -JoT N. Main st., Decatur 

10423(i Bartlett, Abby Hitchcock (Mrs. A. C.) 2720 Prairie ave., Chicago 

3139d Bartlett, Mary Knowles (Mrs Geo. F.) 4466 Oakenwald ave., Chicago 

18368d Bassett, Frances Lewis (Mrs Eoger M.) 223 46th st., Chicago 

12053p Bates, Adeline Gillett (Mrs Erastus W.) Lincoln 

11470m Bates, Lora S. (Mrs Eugene C.) Princeton 

4520(J Beach, Helen M. (Mrs Myron H.) 3224 Ehodes ave., Chicago 

166880 Beath, Elizabeth Ann Kern (Mrs John L.) 814 N. Main st., Bloomington 

1617(i Becker, Clara Cooley (Mrs Frederick W.) 4169 Berkeley ave., Chicago 

237727i Becker, Lydia Keys (Mrs John H.) Elgin 

348(i Beckwith, Nannie K. (Mrs F. H.) 77 Lincoln Park Boulevard, Chicago 

6502d Beebe, Kate Krebs (Mrs William H.) 405 N. State st., Chicago 

909d Beedy, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) Chicago 

13281; Beidler, Ida Merriman (Mrs Herbert A.) 1432 Maple ave., Evanston 

9536d Belden, Amanda W. (Mrs John S.) 4722 Woodlawn ave., Chicago 

23749(i Benedict, Julia Sherman Ells (Mrs Eobert P.) 193-54 Place, Chicago 

20246d Bentley, Elizabeth King (Mrs Cyrus) Elmhurst 

16679p Bergen, Nellie Sims (Mrs) Lincoln 

19124B Besler, Efiie Lewis (Mrs Wm. G.) Beardstown 

9985? Beye, Nellie C. Lombard (Mrs William) 242 Maple ave.. Oak Park 

21460fir Biggs, Effie Mills (Mrs C. H.) Quincy 

3479r Bingham, Mary Lyman (Mrs Stillman E.) Highland Park 

11490W Black, Bessie McLaughlin (Mrs Carl E.) 222 W. College ave., Jacksonville 

12126 Black, Caroline (Mrs Wm. J.) Springfield 

14795d Blair, Grace E. Pearce (Mrs Henry Aug.) 2735 Prairie ave., Chicago 

7747a? Blaisdell, Elizabeth Lawrence (Mrs Elijah W.). .1240 N. Church st., Chicago 

9991a; Blake, Carrie Brown (Mrs George) 530 Seminary st., Eockford 

6400ar Blakeman, Harriet (Miss) 732 N. Main st., Eockford 

23797g Blakemore, Mary Esther Bullen (Mrs Eobert S.) 2347 5th ave., Moline 

10991i Blakesley, Mary Avery (Mrs H. M.) 502 23rd st., Eock Island 

21459(i Blatchf ord, Mary Emily (Mrs E. W.) 375 La Salle ave., Chicago 

12629» Blish, Amy Mason Ehodes (Mrs James K.) Kewanee 

21464; Bliss, Elizabeth Strong (Mrs Silvester S.) 1322 Benson ave., Evanston 

337 d Block, Anna Scott (Mrs Willard T.) Hotel Metropole, Chicago 

3783d Blomingston, Frances E. Drake (Mrs John S.) 3728 Ellis ave., Chicago 

14809a; Blount, Mary Putnam Green (Mrs Jos. H.) Byron 

23727d Blye, Emlen Stone (Mrs W.) 6325 Monroe ave., Chicago 

5738d Bodman, Grace Herbert (Mrs Luther W.) 9 Astor st., Chicago 


7455(Z Bogardus, Caroline M. (Mrs Henry A.) 4110 Indiana ave., Chicago 

9005; Bogert, Ella Loomis (Mrs Wm. B.) 1818 Sheridan Road, Evanston 

2194:8d Bogne, Martha Harris (Mrs Chas. B.) 4313 Berkeley ave., Chicago 

13261(? Bolte, Marion Endicott (Mrs Anson L.) 3757 Ellis ave., Chicago 

20272B Bond, Nancy Green (Mrs John C.) Greenbush 

7771d Bonney, Margaret Aukeny (Mrs Chas. B.) Lexington Hotel, Chicago 

23750d Booth, Mary Eunice (Miss) 2914 Groveland ave., Chicago 

2377171 Bosworth, Abie L. (Miss) 155 S. Gifford st., Elgin 

23770/1 Bosworth, Edith Eleanora (Miss) 623 Highland ave., Elgin 

19134 Boudinot, Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs Elliott E.) Danville 

19135d Boughton, Lida Thompson (Mrs Samuel K.) 703 Monroe st., Chicago 

17615* Bourland, Mary Codding (Mrs Ogden P.) Pontiac 

8211; Boutell, Anna Green (Mrs Lewis) 404 Davis st., Evanston 

8212; Boutell, Caroline (Miss) 404 Davis st., Evanston 

2124d Bouton, Olive Julia Ely (Mrs Sherman H.) 6051 Ellis ave., Chicago 

24569(Z Bowden, Addie E. (Miss) 4309 Ellis ave., Chicago 

12587(i Bowie, Christabel Hathaway Human (Mrs R. R.) .822 W. Adams st., Chicago 
3782(Z Boyesen, Janie Garland S. (Mrs Ingolf K. F.) 5716 Washington ave., Chicago 

21963(? Boyle, Alice Moore (Mrs Lawrence P.) 2953 Vernon ave., Chicago 

9976d Boyle, Mary Field (Mrs Loren L.) 5711 Madison st., Chicago 

3480r Boynton, Elizabeth Caroline (Mrs Edgar S.) Highland Park 

22647fif Bradford, Fannie Louise (Miss) 429 N. 8th st., Quincy 

3950(Z Bradford, Sarah McClaughry (Mrs D. G.) .24 Franklin Building, Springfield 
U796d Bradley, Cornelia Louisa Carpenter (Mrs P. B.)..308 Chestnut st., Chicago 

3790(Z Bradley, Fanny Woodle (Mrs Matthew S.) 5315 Washington ave., Chicago 

Q380d Bradley, Frances C. (Miss) 308 Chestnut st., Chicago 

57450 Braley, Caroline Rogers Parke (Mrs T. A.) . .Lee and North sts., Bloomington 

24909t Bramhall, Martha Harding (Mrs) Chicago 

8383a; Brantingham, Kate E. (Mrs Cornelius C.) 922 N. Church st., Rockford 

20250d: Brun, Martha E. Vail (Mrs Geo. P.) 674 La Salle ave., Chicago 

13981 Brawley, Clara Orth (Miss) 35 22nd st., Chicago 

6402a; Brett, Carrie Spafford (Mrs F. E.) 220 S. Madison st., Rockford 

22635i Briggs, Alice Burrall (Mrs Manuel M.) Rock Island 

17465a; Briggs, Anna Loree (Mrs Chas. E.) Rockford 

49830 Bromwell, Letitia Green Scott (Mrs C. E.) . .703 S. Clayton st., Bloomington 

12265(Z Brooks, Mary A. (Mrs Almon) 4643 Lake ave., Chicago 

14776cZ Brooks, Mary Levantia Raymond (Mrs J. W.) . .4912 Woodlawn ave., Chicago 

24591B Brooks, Pricilla Williams (Mrs Joseph W.) Monmouth 

1960d Brooks, Rose Hambleton (Mrs Jas. C.) 87 Cass st., Chicago 

19130; Brown, Catherine E. Seymour (Mrs Wm. L.) 217 Dempster st., Evanston 

7749a; Brown, Elizabeth Starr (Mrs Chas. W.) 819 N. Main st., Rockford 

8376d Brown, Emily Janet Frazer (Mrs John H.) 2908 Groveland ave., Chicago 

58760 Brown, Emma Bosworth (Mrs Ralph E.) 208 E. Locust st., Bloomington 

155100 Brown, Isadore E. (Mrs Elwood) 1103 E. Grove st., Bloomington 

9984A Brown, Katherine Logan (Mrs Stuart) 779 S. 4th st., Springfield 

11452d Brown, Leila Clay (Miss) 2908 Groveland ave., Chicago 

4994W Brown, Lotta Esta Thompson (Mrs Chas. M.) . .Westminster st., Jacksonville 

6393a; Brown, Mary A. (Mrs Horace) 1037 N. 2nd st., Rockford 

10837A Brown, Mary E. (Mrs Chas. R.) 216 E. Washington st., Bloomington 

SieSp Brown, Mary Finley Davidson (Mrs) Lincoln 

* Nathan Hale Chapter, f Dial Rock Chapter, Penn. 



13304A Brown, Mary Van Derveer (Mrs B. W.) "Grove Park," Berlin 

18405t( Browne, Harriet Hitchcock (Mrs Chas. A.) Princeton 

16097m Brnsh, Ellen C. (Miss) Ottawa 

20278 Brush, Harriet Eapp (Mrs Daniel) 509 W. University ave., Champaign 

8367d Brush, Eowena Spencer Sturges (Mrs Emerson H.).210 Goethe st., Chicago 

3454(Z Bryan, Jennie Byrd (Miss) Elmhurst 

13291s Bryan, Jennie Logan (Miss) 503 Madison ave., Peoria 

23745(Z Bryan, Mary Clara Taylor (Mrs Benj. B.) 5124 Cornell ave., Chicago 

7085(Z Bryant, Antoinette Ee Qua (Mrs Henry W.) 2973 Prairie ave., Chicago 

12055m Bryant, Grace Mary (Miss) Princeton 

4519^ Bryand, Julia E. Buell (Mrs Alfred E.) 322 17th st., Molina 

122771* Bryant, Laura Smith (Mrs Elijah W.) Princeton 

120561* Bryant, Laura Sue (Miss) Princeton 

22651« Bryant, Marie C. (Miss) Princeton 

14815s Bryner, Laura (Miss) 518 Hancock st., Peoria 

14816s Bryner, Marian (Miss) 514 N. Madison ave., Peoria 

18408J Buck, Charlotte Lillian Gore (Mrs F. E.) 512 South Boulevard, Oak Park 

21960; Buckley, ]S"annie Johnston (Mrs Chas. W.) 1460 Asbury ave., Evanston 

9030a? Budlong, Minnie Gertrude S. (Mrs John) 1529 14th ave., Eockford 

16469 Buehler, Mary Eichardson Cox (Mrs) 1241 Ninmen ave., Evanston 

8378i Buf ord, Felicia Clarke (Mrs Jas. M.) 1117 2nd ave., Eock Island 

7746i Buf ord, Grace Bowers (Mrs Thos. J.) 1210 First ave., Eock Island 

19109d Bull, Helen Perrin (Mrs Eliphalet F.) 4200 Berkeley ave., Chicago 

21472 Bullock, Annie Eapp (Mrs Edwin C.) , Carbondale 

359d Bundy, Mary E. (Mrs J. C.) 624 Sheridan sq., Evanston 

15185* Bunker, Anna Mary F. Henderson (Mrs H. S.) 756 44th st., Chicago 

4103d Burchard, Harriet Louise (Mrs Mort N.) Kenilworth 

10821f Burgess, Caroline Haword (Miss) Peoria 

20963$ Burgess, Margaret C. (Mrs Wm. T.) 3805 Langley ave., Chicago 

18053d Burleigh, Jennie White (Mrs Wm. E.) La Grange 

19732; Burleson, Cornelia Coleman (Mrs Chas. E.) 315 Kedzie ave., Evanston 

13254d Burnam, Ida Bliss Smith (Mrs Arthur) 822 West Adams st., Chicago 

166940 Burnham, Sarah Ives (Mrs John H.) 507 East Mulberry st., Bloomington 

61565 Burns, Ida Jane Carey (Mrs Jas. C.) ,1064 East Boston ave., Monmouth 

11892a; Burpee, Myra Blanche Walker (Mrs) 410 3rd st., Eockford 

1953 Burt, Sarah Welles (Mrs William) 1723 Chicago ave., Evanston 

5725d Burton, Emma Wicks (Mrs Eobt. W.) Freeport 

2323d Buschwah, Harriet A. Dye (Mrs Nicholas) 142 Eug-enia st., Chicago 

14797d Bush, Clara Belle (Miss) 606 North State st., Chicago 

24580O Bush, Elizabeth (Miss) East Monroe st., Bloomington 

14798d Bush, Emma C. (Miss) 606 North State st., Chicago 

7086d Bushnell, Sylvia A. (Miss) 622 Pearl st., Ottawa 

20986|| Butterfield, Alice M. (Mrs Saml. W.) 296 Elm st., Chicago 

10440m Butterfield, Jessie Cutler (Mrs Everett H.) Ottawa 

1592 Butterfield, Sarah (Mrs Wiliam) 1838 Melrose st., Chicago 

13297Z Butters, Maria Shaw (Mrs Geo.) 245 Eidgeland ave., Oak Park 

3450Q' Butterworth, Katherine Deere (Mrs William). .8th st. and 11th ave., Moline 

14823 Buyers, Jessie -M. (Miss) Sterling 

18397(? Byington, S. Lillian (Miss) , Moline 

14710i Cable, Marion Wheeler (Mrs Hiram) 914 Second ave., Eock Island 

*Gen. Nicholas Herkimer Chapter, N. Y. JlAbiah Folger Franklin Chapter, Mass. 

tBellevue Chapter, Vt. || Framington Chapter, Mass. 



Campbell, Alice Lydia Hooper (Mrs Jos. S.) Watseka 

Campbell, Fanny Fatzing-er (Miss) 299 East 47tli st.,. Chicago 

Campbell, Mary Hamilton (Mrs Donald A.) 684 East 48tli st., Chicago 

Capron, Ellen (Mrs) Carthage 

Capwell, Irene Stoddard (Mrs Chas. A.) 442 West 64th, st., Chicago 

Card, Grace Bartow (Miss) 4850 Washington ave., Chicago 

Carpenter, Isabel G. (Miss) 515 Fullerton ave., Chicago 

11476« Carse, Rebecca Zearing (Mrs Martin) 517 North 2nd st., Rockford 

12596i Carter, Mary Lynde (Miss) Kock Island 

Carter, Mary Whitney (Mrs Chas. C.) 1819 6th ave., Rock Island 

Carver, Mary Winchester (Mrs Henry C.) Highland Park 

Caryl, Christine (Miss) 5804 Rosalie Court, Chicago 

Caryl, S. Henrietta Whiting (Mrs Alex. H.) 5804 Rosalie Court, Chicago 

Castle, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Chaimcy H.) 323 Jersey st., Quincy 

Cayton, Ruby Looney Bond (Mrs Andrevi^ J.) Youngstown 

Chalfant, Violet Finley (Mrs CD.) 310 East Kent st., Streator 

Chamberlain, Elizabeth (Miss) Rock Island 

Chamberlain, Jessie C. (Mrs Chas. C.) 4300 Ellis ave., Chicago 

Chamberlin, Emma Bartlett (Mrs Eugene G.) 288 53d st., Chicago 

Chamber lin, Laura Perry (Mrs George M.) 3031 Indiana ave., Chicago 

Chamberlin, Sarah E. E. (Mrs Philo) . .1113 Washington Boulevard, Chicago 

Chandler, Clara A. (Mrs C. V.) Macomb 

Chapin, Cynthia Jane Culver (Mrs Burrel N.) Knoxville 

Chapin, Elizabeth Mattocks (Mrs Simeon) 3124 Michigan ave., Chicago 

Chapman, Bertha Sylvia (Miss) Highland Park 

Chapman, Blanche Mason (Mrs) P. O. Box 498, Dixon 

Chapman, Emma Jeannette (Miss) Hotel Metropole, Chicago 

Chapman, Sylvia Cheney (Mrs Chas. A.) Highland Park 

Chard, Adaline Peabody W. (Mrs Thos. S.) 532 North State st., Chicago 

Chattfield, Ida Parker (Mrs Eli P.) 2242 Ivenmore ave., Chicago 

Chenery, Susan A. (Miss) 732 N. 5th st., Spi-ingfield 

Cheney, Clara Emma Griswold (Mrs Chas. E.) . .2409 Michig*an ave., Chicago 

Cheney, Grace (Miss) 402 E. Washington st., Bloomington 

Cheney, Kate Nelson (Miss) Highland Park 

Cheney, Mary B. A. (Mrs J. H.) 402 E. Washington ,st., Blomington 

Cherrill, Ellen Marya (Miss) Carthag'e 

Cherry, Dudley Godfrey (Mrs W. S.) 506 Broadway, Streator 

Chester, Lois Belden (Mrs Harry Wood) Riverside 

Chickering, Jane Virginia Van Winkle (Mrs Edward O.) Raritan 

Childs, Caroline Leonard (Mrs Albert C.) 308 Wisconsin ave.. Oak Park 

Christie, Carrie (Miss) 106 E. Locust st., Bloomington 

Christie, Elizabeth (Miss) 106 E. Locust st., Bloomington 

Churchill, Lillie Cuyler Lacey (Mrs H. P.) "The Woodstock," Chicago 

Claflin, Hannah Eaton (Mrs Chas. C.) 200 S. 18th st., Quincy ■ 

Claflin, Virginia B. Garland (Mrs A. St. M.) 1056 Winthrop ave., Chicago 

Clark, Adelaide Davis (Mrs Harvey S.) Mendota 

Clark, Caroline Frances (Miss) Geneva 

Clark, Emma E. (Miss) 46 E.> Van Buren st., Chicago 

Clark, Frances Ferrie (Mrs John E.) Geneva 



















* Gen. de I^afayette Chapter, Ind, 
t Milwaukee Chapter, Wis. 
I Continental Chapter, N. J. 

II Steven's Point Chapter, Wis. 
it New York City Chapter, N. Y. 



16082t Clark, Henrietta (Miss) 328 W. Court st., Jacksonville 

3769$ Clark, Katharine Lyon Fifield (Mrs) 323 Warren ave., CMcago 

14774<i Clark, Sarah. Skinner (Mrs Alson E.) 159 Warren ave., Chicago 

16668; Clarke, Ida E. Moore (Mrs Chas. S.) Wilmette 

12621s (Slarke, Lydia Jane Jack (Mrs Samuel M.) Peoria 

7463« Clemens, Julia E. E. (Mrs Stillman A.) 532 N. Main st., Rockf ord 

8124a? Clemons, Mary H. (Miss) 532 N. Main st., Eockf ord 

345A Cleveland, Phoebe Dake (Mrs Daniel F.) 215 W. Monroe st., Springfield 

6125/ Clifeord, Emily S. (Mrs W. E.) 1618 Chicago ave., Evanston 

5739(Z Clinch, Katharine L. (Mrs Kich F.) 321 Michigan ave., Chicago 

237626 Clokey, Susan Carrie Elson (Mrs Josiah M.) . . . .412 W. Prairie ave., Decatur 

512d Coe, Charlotte E. (Mrs Albert L.) 57 Bellevue Place, Chicago 

21462; Coe, Sadie E. Knov^land (Mrs George A.) 620 University Place, Evanston 

6129; Coffin, Adeline Selden (Mrs Chas. P.) 1130 Michigan ave., Evanston 

19726» Colby, Annie Voadicia (Miss) Kewanee 

14195 Cole, Blanche Owen Dolbee (Mrs Henry C.) Chester 

20248(Z Cole, Ella Peters (Mrs) 2115 Indiana ave., Chicago 

2995(? Cole, Lillie E. (Miss) 3824 Ellis ave., Cliicago 

21950d Cole, Louise Dolson (Mrs Thomas W.) 802 Warren ave., Chicago 

7088(Z Coleman, Martha E. (Miss) 19 E. 46th st., Chicago 

7087d Coleman, Nannie McCormick (Mrs J. A.) 19 E. 46th st., Chicago 

21946(Z Collins, Clara Greig Emmons (Mrs William A.) Western Springs 

11495^ Collins, Cornelia A. (Miss) 1803 Jersey st., Quincy 

13962(7 Collins, Emily Holmes Cotton (Mrs Wm. H.) 1400 Vermont st., Quincy 

8377(Z Collins, Harriet Hinman (Mrs Wm. R.) 2487 Kenmore ave., Chicago 

23792P Collins, Leila B. (Mrs J. W.) Lincoln- 

197210 Colton, Charlotte Zearing (Mrs Buel P.) Normal 

15496(Z Colvin, Bessie Caroline (Mrs Wm. H.) 6501 Woodlawn ave., Chicago 

13997i Comegys, Elsie Thompson (Mrs Jos. P.) 547 19th st., Eock Island 

12050a? Comings, Abbie Hobart (Mrs Arthur F.) 819 3rd ave., Rockford 

12626a? Conde, Elizabeth L. Collier (Mrs S. L.) 1212 Charles st., Rockford 

20897(Z Cone, Ella Bond (Mrs Albert G.) 4148 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago 

24578? Congdon, Betsey Hoar (Mrs Alson) 127 Marion st.. Oak Park 

11472a? Conklin, Nancy L. (Mrs Dorsey T.) Rockton 

6372; Connell, Fanny Mulford. (Mrs Chas. J.) 1810 Hinman ave., Evanston 

13305i Connelly, Lucia (Miss) 1200 2nd ave., Rock Island 

2471(Z Conover, Delia L. Boardman (Mrs Chas. H.) 478 Elm st., Chicago 

12280A Converse, Helen Gertrude (Miss) 1225 S. 6th st., Springfield 

22640(i Cook, Annie Mary Miner (Mrs Orrin S.) 74 Bryant ave., Chicago 

6386; Cook, Esther Stockton (Mrs David S.) 1432 Forest ave., Evanston 

22641d Cook, Marjorie Hempstead (Miss) 480 N. State st., Chicago 

20326* Cook, Minnie Gathright (Mrs Henry L.) 4543 St. Lawrence ave., Chicago' 

4297(7 Cooper, Clara Burnham M. (Mrs Herbert) 524 17th st., Moline 

245810 Cooper, Katharine Rogers (Mrs George B.) . .318 E. Locust st., Bloomington 

24559(J Cope, Fannie O. (Mrs Israel C.) Streator 

343cZ Corbin, Caroline Fairfield (Mrs Calvin R.) 597 Dearborn ave., Chicago 

13286s Cornelison, Elizabeth Forsyth (Miss) Washington 

24576/1 Cornell, Belle Kneeland (Mrs Chas. W.) 19 N. Liberty st., Elgin 

19142A Corr, Lucinda Hall (Mrs Albert C.) Carlinsville 

15512r Corwith, Marcia Hempstead (Mrs Nathan) Highland Park 

* John Marshall Chapter, Kentucky. J Walter Deane Chapter. Ohio, 
t Denver Chapter, Colorado. 


3804p Cottle, Mary Eleanor Gay (Mrs F. W.) Elkhart 

23747(i Couch, Elizabeth Gertrude (Mrs James) 2545 Indiana ave., Chicago 

12577(Z Coulter, Anna Brewster (Mrs Eugene C.) 399 Dearborn ave., Chicago 

237930 Council, Frances Bloomfield (Mrs Wm. H.) Williamsville 

13977(Z Counselman, Edith (Miss) 5035 Greenwood ave., Chicago 

22639d Counselman, Lulu May Kettelle (Mrs Willis) 306 Schiller st., Chicago 

20247d Couthovi, Maria L. (Mrs Joseph) 538 61st st., Englewood 

16711B Cox, Anna Bond (Mrs Wm. A.) Monmouth 

24566(Z Craig, Ida Salisbury (Mrs) 7041 Yale ave., Chicago 

21958i Craig, Nelly (Miss) 1720 7th aVe., Eock Island 

20902i Craig, Nellie Cleland (Mrs G. G.) Eock Island 

10436 Crain, Vennette Sweet (Mrs Jos. A.) Freeport 

9973d Cramer, Katharine Clinton S. (Mrs E. W.) 78 Bellevue Place, Chicago 

€730/ Crandon, Annie L. (Miss) 1414 Forest ave., Evanston 

7738d Crane, Marie Potter (Miss) 4238 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago 

3795d Crane, Mary Potter (Mrs Simeon H.) 4238 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago 

24:571d Crawford, Annie C. Eobinson (Mrs Mark L.) .386 Ashland Boulevard, Chicago 

23286t Crawford, Mabel Taylor (Mrs Chas.) Lewiston 

17955(Z Crawford, Marion Tomlinson (Miss) 3022 Prairie ave., Chicago 

23752(Z Critchell, Nellie Morris (Miss) 6955 Yale ave., Chicago 

6151g Crompton, Alice Hayward T. (Mrs Samuel S.) 714 17th st., Moline 

23732(Z Crossman, Marietta Thomas (Mrs Abner) 62 Woodland Park, Chicago 

13293TO Crumpton, M. Emma Gerry (Mrs Warren) 317 Congress st., Ottawa 

13290s Culver, Mary E. (Miss) Peoria 

6409r Cummings, Adeline E. P. (Mrs George B.) Highland Park 

13264<Z Currier, Frances Anna Fuller (Mrs) .* 332 Warren ave., Chicago 

3793(Z )Curtis, Helen Adelaide Gillmore (Mrs J. L.)3819 Michigan Boulevard, Chicago 

10994i Curtis, Lucy E. (Mrs Henry) 1127 2nd ave., Eock Island 

14791(Z Cutter, Helen Baldwin (Miss) 6516 Harvard ave., Chicago 

14781(? , Dada, Amelia Weed Hopkins Hamilton (Mrs G. S.) .702 N. Park ave., Chicago 

1118(f Dainty, Emily C. (Mrs A. H.) 600 Dearborn ave., Chicago 

S738d Dana, Annette P. (Mrs) 4960 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago 

7461 Dana, Esther (Miss) Freeport 

15497(Z Dana, Mary (Miss) 44 Astor st., Chicago 

lOilQd Daniels, Mary Eleanor (Miss) ^^4 Bowen ave., Chicago 

8368(Z Daniels, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs John B.) 5131 Hibbard ave., Chicago 

8373(Z Darling, Julia Miller (Mrs Aaron E.) 5427 Washington ave., Chicago 

15248* Darlington, Louise E. (Mrs Henry P.) 4650 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago 

7385$ Darrow Jeannettte French McAlpine (Mrs W. H.) 337 Prospect ave., Chicago 

20901i Dart, Mary (Miss) Eock Island 

16092i Dart, Mary Gregg (Mrs Albert C.) Eock Island 

1624 David, Mary S. (Mrs Mate) Lincoln 

9553?- Davidson, Adelaide S. (Mrs Harlan P.) Highland Park 

11484Z Davidson, Grace Stennett (Mrs Geo. M.) '. 317 Linden ave.. Oak Park 

2377371 Davidson, May Cynthia (Miss) Stone Cottage, Elgin 

14794(Z Davis, Harriette Brandow Prescott (Mrs J. S.) 9038 Commercial ave., Chicago 

10429* Dawson, Mary Anna White (Mrs Gibson H.) 714 Chestnut st., Eockford 

81253? Day, Caroline K. (Mrs Lucius S.) 839 N. Church st., Eockford 

3786d Day, Fanny Pynchon (Mrs Albert M.) 66 Cedar st., Chicago 

1042d Deane, Carrie Canfield (Mrs Marvin A.) 1228 Hinman ave., Evanston 

* Marion Chapter, Pa. "" t Milwaukee, Wis. 

t Steven's Point Chapter, Wisconsin. 



17968J5 Dean, Sarah Treadwell (Mrs Amos H.) 801 E. 1st ave., Monmouth 

3295^ Deere, Mary Lillie (Mrs Chas. H.) "Overlook," Moline 

6495; Deering, Marian Whipple (Mrs Chas.) 1823 Hinman ave., Evanston 

24573f Dement, Anna Bean Ayres (Mrs) 321 Peoria ave., Dixon 

77350 De Motte, Sarah Kern (Mrs Harvey C.) 902 N. Main st., Blooming-ton 

13287s De Eiemer, Alicia (Miss) " 811 Fayette st., Peoria 

5730 Dering, Sallie Merion (Mrs Henry Ray) 124 47th st., Chicago 

13258d Dewey, Gertrude Mulford (Mrs Chas. P.) 3266 Lake Park ave., Chicago 

13266(Z Dewey, Harriette B. (Mrs D. B.) 440 E. 65th st., Chicago 

19&2d Dickernian, Frances S. (Miss) 2115 Indiana ave., Chicago 

12578cZ Dickinson, Carrie E,. (Mrs Oliver) "The Lexington," Chicago 

11190^ Dickinson, Jalia Booth (Mrs Frederick) 26 Bryant ave., Chicago 

14778(Z Dickinson, Louise M. (Miss) 67 Maple st., Chicago 

13265(Z Dickinson, Susie White (Mrs W.) 1691 Sheridan Road, Buena Park, Chicago 

14783CZ Dickson, Mabel Conde (Miss) 1840 Arlington Place, Chicago 

22QUd Dillman, Anna M. C. (Mrs Lois M.) 4508 Ellis ave., Chicago 

20904(? Dimoek, Annah L. Mapes (Mrs Daniel W.) Monmouth 

14820t<; Doan, Ellie Wood (Mrs Howard L.) Jacksonville 

14:82Uo Doan, Lucretia Emory (Mrs) '. Jacksonville 

12610? Doane, Mary Kellogg (Mrs Thomas H.) 417 Oak Park ave.. Oak Park 

14807a? Dolbear, Florence Eliza Gray (Mrs W. W.) 608 Whitman st., Eockford 

14193* Dolbee, Florence (Miss) Alton 

14194* Dolbee, Harriet C. (Miss) Alton 

15515a ponaghho, Mary (Miss) 104 W. Kent st., Streator 

9545ir Dorr, Marcia (Miss) Swiss Cottage, Kent st., Eockford 

22791* Dorsey, Frances J. Loomis (Mrs Benjamin L.) 410 George st., Alton 

7739d Doty, Harriet Livingston (Mrs Levi E.) 4711 Kimbark ave., Chicago 

2900(Z Doud, Elizabeth E. (Mrs Levi B.) 3257 Michigan ave., Chicago 

18370(Z Dow, Annie Black (Mrs Jonathan) 3647 Prairie ave., Chicago 

23740(Z Downs, Ida E. Stryker (Mrs Myron D.) 4722 Kenwood ave., Chicago 

20273B Drake, Flora Smilie (Mrs Geo. H.) 406 N. Jefferson st., Peoria 

3472(i Duell, Mary Hervey (Mrs Wm. C.) 2953 Michigan ave., Chicago 

10450? Duff, Caroline Eobeson Barrell (Mrs Ed. H.) 137 Scoville ave., Oak Park 

13989W Dummer, Grace (Miss) 711 W. College st., Jacksonville 

15990W Dummer, May (Miss) 711 W. College st., Jacksonville 

237747J Dumser, Marietta Peirce (Mrs David J.) 316 S. State st., Elgin 

51080 |Dunlap, Martha J. Williams (Mrs F.) 1409 N. Main st., Bloomington 

8721 Dunn, Dr. Helen S. Jackson (Mrs Chas. N.) Centralia 

4518g Dunn, Julia Mills (Mrs Lewis D.) 5th ave. and 19th st., Moline 

5877^ Dunning, Josephine (Mrs Seth W.) 5553 Wentworth ave., Chicago 

4299(Z Durand, Helen E. (Mrs Elliott) 5712 Eosalie Court, Chicago 

114866 Durf ee, Ghiselle May (Miss) 557 N. Main st., Decatur 

114876 Durf ee, Jennie E. (Miss) 535 W. North st., Decatur 

109756 Durf ee, Mabel A. (Miss)" 557 N. Main st., Decatur 

114856 Durfee, Sarah Abigail Powers (Mrs George S.) 557 N. Main st., Decatur 

3788cZ Durgin, Alice Porter (Mrs John C.) 1905 Barry ave., CMcago 

12599i Durham, Mary Elizabeth Brackett (Mrs Charles W.) Eock Island 

20244d Button, Eosina Adelpha (Mrs Everell F.) Sycamore 

4523cZ Duval, Susan Gibbons (Mrs Louis A.) 24 Groveland Park, Chicago 

15498d Fames, Emily Sherrill (Mrs Henry F.) 3000 Michigan ave., Chicago 

* St. Louis Chapter, Missouri. 




Earle, Sadie F. (Mrs Samuel W.) 7648 Egg-Ieston ave., Chicago' 

Eastman, Cora Louise Brackett (Mrs Frank S.)..1108 1st ave., Rock Island 

Eddy, Elizabeth V. (Mrs Jira W.) Kewanee 

Edmonds, Mary SecMer (Mrs Howard O.) 578 E. Division st., Chicago 

Edwards, Edith (Miss) La Grange 

Edwards, Fannie D. (Mrs Samuel) Rock Island 

Edwards, Georgie (Miss) 415 S. 5th st., Springfield 

6403A Edwards, Josephine E. (Mrs Albert) 415 S. 5th st., Springfield 

20906r Egan, Evva Rockwell (Miss) Highland Park 

24570(Z Egan, Leonora Margaret Horton (Mrs C. W.) 16 Crilly Place, Chicago 

3476r Egan, Sarah Chandler Olivia (Mrs Wm. C.) Egendale, Highland Park 

16672m Eichelberger, Fannie M. (Miss) Ottawa 

16673TO Eichelberger, Georgiana (Miss) Ottawa 

166980 Ela, Frances Harriet Rowell (Mrs Geo. P.) 309 Locust st., Bloomington 

16712s Elder, Ina (Miss) Carthage 

19140s Elder, Louisa C. Dinwiddie (Mrs Joseph) 404 Madison ave., Peoria 

14824* Elliott, Ellen M. deB. Mallett (Mrs George T.) Sterling 

12622s Ellis, Esther T. (Mrs) 104 Perry ave., Peoria 

2125a? Ells, Marion Angelina Ely (Mrs Benjamin F.) Rockford 

21954(Z Elwood, Harriet A. (Mrs Isaac L.) De Kalb 

3427cZ Elmer, Mary Houston P. (Mrs Howard N.) 2472 Kenmore ave., Chicago 

2123(Z Ely, Julia Eliza Peirce (Mrs Oliver) 6053 Ellis ave., Chicago 

639Qce Emerson, Adaline Elizabeth T. (Mrs Ralph) 427 N. Church st., Rockford 

7751a? Emerson, Charlotte Belle (Miss) 427 N. Church st., Rockford 

9990a? Emerson, Dora B. (Miss) 427 N. Church st., Rockford 

7725.2; Emerson, Nettie Hood (Mrs Frank D.) 513 N. Court st., Rockford 

8126a? Emerson, Sarah Prescott (Mrs Chas. H.) 513 N. Court st., Rockford 

23757(? Emery, Ernestine (Miss) 2117 Indiana ave., Chicago 

3796(Z English, Frances Clark (Mrs Gustavus P.) 38 Pierson st., Chicago 

16093fif Eoff , Marion E. (Mrs Robert W.) Quincy 

8720M7 Epler, Effie Louise (Miss) 1106 N. State st., Jacksonville 

99S7to Estes, Matilda Beard (Mrs William) 401 Livingston st., Pontiac 

1195(Z Eiirich, Rachel Henderson (Mrs Ernst F.) Aurora 

16707a Evans, Jessie S. Capron (Mrs Edwin) 211 Pleasant ave., Streator 

3944g Evans, Lucy D. (Miss) 1717 6th ave., Moline 

122710 Evans, Mary Lucretia Parke (Mrs R. N.) . .803 E. Douglass st., Bloomington 

12607? Everett, Caroline E. (Mrs Jos. D.) 412 Forest ave.. Oak Park 

510d Everett, Charlotte Stickney (Mrs W. S.) 2947 Prairie ave., Chicago 

24567(? Ewell, Juliana Howe (Mrs Cha-rles H.) 7738 Greenwood ave., Chiacgo 

3081(? Ewing, Xate Hyde (Mrs Adlai T.) 3747 Ellis ave., Chicago 

6405e Ewing, Myra, Belle (Miss) 509 W. Forest st., Decatur 

6222t Ewing, Sarah Ann P. (Mrs Fieldiug N.) 509 Forest st., Decatur 

19131/ Fabian, Fanny Storrs Millard (Mrs Wm. J.) 1509 Ridge ave., Evanston 

11455(Z Fargo, Florence Bradford (Miss) 2247 Michigan ave., Chicago 

12630r Fargo, Georgene Louise Watkinson (Mrs. Frank M.) Highland Park 

4862(? Farr, Charlotte Camp (Mrs Marvin A.) 4737 Woodlawn ave., Chicago 

360(Z Farson, Clara M. Jones (Mrs Robert B.) 381 E. Superior st., Chicago 

22462(Z Faville, Esther D. (Mrs Amos S.) 3504 Lake ave., Chicago 

11448d Featherstone, Anna Potter R. (Mrs E. A.) . .277 Ashland Boulevard, Chicago 
18388(Z Fegenbush, Josephine M. (Miss) 3233 Michigan 'ave., Chicago 

■ Army and Navy Chapter, D. C. 

t Hannah Benediet Carter Chapter, Conn. 



18387(i Fegenbusli, Josephine M. (Mrs Chas. M.) 3233 Michigan ave., Chicago 

12571(Z Fellows, Lucia Eussell (Mrs George E.) 6138 Madison ave., Chicago 

10982 Felt, Anna Elizabeth (Miss) .Galena 

:23734d Felt, Minnie H. (Mrs Frank B.) 5556 Monroe st., Chicago 

13965(Z Fernald, Catharine Keiter (Mrs Geo. P.) 1004 Floumoy st., Chicago 

155190 Ferris,, Helen Minerva Gilchrist (Mrs Leonard T.) Fountain Green 

139842! Ferris, Julia Esther Holton (Mrs Hiram G.) Carthage 

995d Ferry, Abby Farwell (Mrs) Lake Forest 

338r Fessenden, Laura Canfield Spencer (Mrs Benjamin) Highland Park 

10406$ Field, Lida Amanda (Miss) Agnes Scott Institute, Decatur 

14799d Field, Mary Ellen Carpenter (Mrs Kichard I.).. 250 Dearborn ave., Chicago 

4741r Fischer, Mary Frances Wood Powers (Mrs Frederick) Highland Park 

20252c? Fisher, Caroline Elizabeth (Miss) 3656 Michigan ave., Chicago 

5729(Z Fisher, Caroline Eose Walker (Mrs George) . . . .3856 Michigan ave., Chicago 

17452d Fisher, Flora Amelia (Miss) 2417 Michigan ave., Chicago 

13268(Z Fisher, Katharine L. Eddy (Mrs Lucius G.) 4036 Ellis ave., Chicago 

17466a7 Fisher, Eosamond Josephine (Mrs) 228 1st st., South Eockford 

16665 Fitch, Abigail Hetzel (Miss) Fort Sheridan 

14814Z Fitch, Ella V. (Mrs Amza L.) 409 Home ave.. Oak Park 

9962(Z Fitzsimmons, Augusta Eiley (Mrs Charles) 161 Ashland ave., Chicago 

114570 Fitzwilliam, Sarah E. Eaymond (Mrs F. J.).. 4824 Vincennes ave., Chicago 

23761^7 Flack, Maria Brown (Mrs Wm. S.) 1249 Vermont st., Quincy 

;22631a Flick, Bessie Morgan (Mrs Wm. C.) Streator 

3475r Flint, Henrietta Ord (Miss) Highland Park 

-23746(? Foley, Anna E. McCloskey (Mrs John B.) 1749 Deming Court, Chicago 

12603; Foote, Abbie Bigelow (Mrs Chas B.) 1622 Oak ave., Evanston 

12624a; Foote, Harriet (Miss) Belvidere 

12625;» Foote, Helen Garvin (Mrs John C.) Belvidere 

14513a? Foote, Mary Garvin (Miss) Belvidere 

19143? Forbes, Bertha Van Hoesen (Miss) Austin 

23595(? Forbes, Caroline Elmina Baxter (Mrs) 1815 Indiana ave., Chicago 

23802m Ford, Marietta Osborn (Mrs Goddard E.) Princeton 

:21949(Z Foster, Alice Dickinson (Mrs Frederick) 73 Lake View ave., Chicago 

22649? Fowler, Adele Bloodgood (Mrs Ernest S.) 209 Oak Park ave.. Oak Park 

23736(? Fowler, Harriet (Miss) 4561 Lake ave., Chicago 

23735(Z Fox, Frances Manlove (Miss) 4140 Lake ave., Chicago 

9972(Z Fox, Harriet A. (Miss) 1817 Berry ave., Chicago 

15522g Fox, Katherine Elizabeth (Miss) Moline 

17973fir Francis, Margaret J. (Mrs Vincent) Camp Point 

9015(Z Francis, Martha L. Cole (Mrs Geo. H.) Kankakee 

2965d Frank, Anna Wendall (Mrs Monroe) Blue Island 

10987i Frazier, Mary Bryant (Mrs Edwin G.) Aiken st., Eock Island 

8722a? Freeman, Clara W. H. (Mrs Henry) 1707 E. State st., Eockf ord 

5741^ Freeman, Mary L. (Mrs Heniy V.) 5760 Woodlawn ave., Chicago 

12047(i Frink, Caroline P. (Mrs Wm. H.) 6450 Stewart ave., Chicago 

9986W Fry, Fannie Bell (Miss) 511 N. Fayette st., Jacksonville 

9015(? Fry, Harri Dickinson (Mrs Wm. E.) 424 Stephenson Court, Freeport 

6367; Fuller, Isabella H. (Mrs Chas G.) 1305 Forest ave., Evanston 

14793(? Fuller, Kate Groves (Mrs Lucius E.) 2417 Michigan ave., Chicago 

913(? Fuller, Laura Hayes (Mrs Frank) 10 Astor st., Chicago 

13267(Z Fuller, Mary Antoinette Halt (Mrs Charles) 24 Scott st., Chicago 

J Atlanta Chapter, Georgia. 














574 fZ 
















Fullerton, Viney Tuttle Bushnell (Mrs Thos. C.) 662 Pearl st., Ottawa 

Funk, Frances Correll (Mrs Isaac) 301 E. Chestnut st., Bloomington 

Fyffe, Agnes Bartlett (Mrs John L.) 1133 Forest ave., Evanston 

Gale, Fanny Keed (Mrs Frederick G.) 1468 Perry st., Chicago 

Gale, Julia Hart (Mrs Edwin O.) 347 Lake st., Oak Park 

Gait, Isabella A. (Mrs A. T.) 550 Dearborn ave., Chicago 

Garrett, Caroline Etherington (Mrs T. P.).. 611 E. Taylor st., Bloomington 

Gee, Frances J. Dimock (Mrs Charles) 241 La Salle ave., Chicago 

Ghislin, Caroline Beatrice Havens (Mrs Henry) . .1471 W. Monroe st., Chicago 

Gibbs, Annie Hyde K. (Mrs Fletcher B.) Oak Park 

Gibson, Martha Hill (Mrs Jos. M.) 5319 Washington ave., Chicago 

Gilbert, Annie C. Sargent (Mrs H. K.) 1502 Hinman ave., Evanston 

Gilbert, Helen Eichmond (Miss) 3336 Calumet ave., Chicago 

Gilbert, Eose Eletta (Miss) 1016 Winthrop ave., Chicago 

Gildersleeve, Mary Alice McCaughey (Mrs Chas. T.) Hudson 

Gillespie, Natilda (Mrs David) 418 North McLean st., Lincoln 

Gillett, Amaryllis (Miss) 509 South 6th st., Spring-field 

Gillett, Jessie Dean (Miss) ^ Elkhart 

Gillett, Lillian May (Miss) 3334 Michigan ave., Chicago 

Gillett, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Egbert W.) 3334 Michigan ave., Chicago 

Gillette, Josephine M. (Mrs Edwin L.) 306 Michigan ave., Chicago 

Gillette, Sarah Watson (Miss) 1726 Hinman ave., Evanston 

Gillmore, Jennie Sleight (Mrs John S.) 1829 5th ave., Moline 

Glaspell, Ada Woodward (Mrs Albert) 1917 Diversey Boulevard, Chicago 

Glessner, Frances Macbeth (Mrs John J.) 1800 Prairie ave., Chicago 

Glos, Mary Flornece Alden (Mrs Geo. W.) .-460 Chicago st., Elgin 

Godfrey, Eugenia Spofford (Mrs Chas. H.) 327 South 3rd st., Eockford 

Goodhart, Henrietta McC. (Mrs Fredk. E.) "The Virginia," Chicago 

Goodrich, Nellie Elizabeth (Miss) 4239 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago 

Goodrich, Mary Wallace (Miss) 4239 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago 

Goodspeed, Caroline E. (Mrs Edgar J.) 363 58th st., Chicago 

Goodwin, Isabella Duffield (Mrs Daniel) 600 North State st., Chicago 

Gordon, Anna Sibyl W. (Mrs Jos. C.) Deaf and Dumb Institute, Jacksonville 

Gordon, Bessie A. Smith (Mrs Frank L.) 183 51st st., Chicago 

Goss, Ida Stanley (Mrs Chas. O.) 246 Oakwood Boulevard, Chicago 

Graham, Mary Louise H. (Mrs Byron). .927 South Winnebago st., Eockford 
Graves, Mary Henrietta Mayhew (Mrs Chas. E.) . .1312 Maple ave., Evanston 

Graves, Mary Sedgwick (Mrs Dwight W.) 214 Goethe st., Chicago 

Gray, Ida Cornelia (Miss) 1742 Judson ave., Evanston 

Green, Bertha Baker (Mrs Frank B.) Highland Park 

Green, Fannie Alma (Miss) Ottawa 

Green, Hattie (Miss) Ottawa 

Green, Emma Catlin (Mrs Horatio N.) 1928 Calumet ave., Chicago 

Greene, Marguerite E. Mansfield (Mrs Fredk. J.) 103 3rd st., Peoria 

Greene, Sarah Kimball (Mrs John J.) Prophetstown 

Greenwood, Edith Carolyn (Mrs Alfred E.) Princeton 

Gregory, Laura Jane Potter (Mrs Edward S.) 319 S. Second st., Eockford 

Grepe, Eoberta Tousey (Mrs John S.) 1012 Lake Shore Drive, Evanston 

Gridley, Helen Frances Medbury (Mrs N. C.) 1405 Hinman ave., Evanston 

Gridley, Norah (Mrs Wm. S.) 61 University Place, Chicago 

Gridley, Euth Louise Farewell (Mrs M. M.) 416 Lake st., Evanston 

130 DIEECTOKT, D. A. E. 

6494(Z Grier, Margaret Graham (Miss) 224 53rd st., Chicago 

10448 Griffith, Carolyn Porter Adams (Mrs) 304 Forest ave., Oak Park 

17453(Z Griffith, Jennie F. Adams (Mrs John J.) Pontiac 

12618m Griggs, Lura Nash (Mrs Clarence) 1333 Ottawa- ave., Ottawa 

9008(? Grimes, Mary Miller (Mrs Chas. L.) 1006 Fifth ave., Moline 

114896 Griswold, Emanda L. Durfee (Mrs C. L.) 411 W. Main st., Decatiir 

8388A Griswold, Florence (Miss) 220 West Capitol ave., Springfield 

13980 Griswold, Margaret Frances (Mrs Noah L.) 7 East 31st st., Chicago 

14772(Z Gross, Luelja Zearing (Mrs Jas. E.) 3600 Michigan ave., Chicago 

23204* Guion, Ellen Frances L. (Mrs Le Roy P.) Ill East 47th st., Kenwood, Chicago 

1508(Z Gustorf, Harriet Mary (Miss) Oak Park 

10983? Gustorf, Ruth Ann (Mrs Arthur) 339 Wisconsin ave.. Oak Park 

23726d; Guthrie, Carrie Pomeroy (Mrs Wardell) 2822 Indiana ave., Chicago 

2627d Guthrie, Lucy M. Adams (Mrs Ossian) 159 La Salle st., Chicago 

23754d Guthrie, Martha Greene (Mrs Seymour) Riverside 

12022i Guyer, Annette Holmes (Mrs Saml. S.) Rock Island 

2903cZ Gwinn, Mary Seymour (Mrs John M.) 4742 Lake ave., Chicago 

19135 Haberly, Frances M. (Mrs) Danville 

16678m; Hackett, Eva May (Miss) Jacksonville 

17975a Hadaway, Mary Katharine (Mrs) Prophetstown 

•23753(i Hall, Adelaide S. (Mrs Herman J.) 5545 Washington ave., Chicago 

8730Q' Hall, Grace Lincoln (Miss) 19 Sixth, ave., Moline 

. 7753 Hall, Helen M. (Miss) 127 East st., Rockford 

19728»i Hall, Lizzie B. (Mrs Charles H.) Kewanee 

16661(Z Hamill, Eliza Corwith (Mrs Ernest A.) , 2637 Prairie ave., Chicago 

16662d Hamill, Susan -Walbridge (Mrs Chas. D.) 2126 Prairie ave., Chicago 

7754a; Hamilton, Carolyn Emma S. (Mrs Herbert H.) 933 North 22nd st., Rockford 

346(i Hamilton, Eva Josephine Hopkins (Mrs H. H.) 702 N. Park ave., Chicago 

18392fif Hamilton, Mary Fisk (Mrs) 712 Broadway, Quincy 

9422t Hammell, Fanny Emily (Mrs Wm. C.) 299 East 47th st., Chicago 

8733d Hammond, Harriet Elizabeth (Mrs Lyman D.) .... 177 La Salle ave., Chicago 

2318}- Hammond, Mary Rhees (Mrs Chas. G.) Highland Park 

7456d Hancock, Edith FloAver (Mrs Bradford) 59 Bellevue Place, Chicago 

183906 Hanf ord, Alice (Miss) 443 North Edward st., Decatur 

183916 Hanf ord, Jennie Eldia (Miss) 443 North Edward st., Decatur 

148305 Hanley, Sarah Helen Bond (Mrs John H.) 724 W. Broadwaj^, Monmouth 

23788 Hapeman, Ella Thomas (Mrs Douglas) 404 East Pearl st., Ottawa 

3Q4:8d Hardy, Mary A. (Mrs Chas. M.) 91 Oakwood Boulevard, Chicago 

8208; Harper, Grace Cooke (Mrs Wm. H.) 1224 Sheridan Road, Evanston 

6758| Harris, Anna E. (Mrs Samuel B.) 45 Grove st., Freeport 

23730d Harris, Eleanor Spalding- (Mrs Graham H.) 561 Dearborn ave., Chicago 

2089Sd Harris, Emma Gale (Mrs Norman W.) 4520 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago 

16714 Harris, May Melish (Mrs B. F., Jr.) 501 Church st., Champaign 

6406 Harris, Melissa Megrue (Mrs H. H.) Champaign 

356^ Hart, N. J. (Mrs J. P.) 145 Ashland Boulevard, Chicago 

11493p Harts, Emma Brewster (Mrs David H.) Lincoln 

18372(Z Harwood, Mary J. (Mrs Henry W.) 5012 Ellis ave., Chicago 

21076|| Haskell, Harriet N. (Miss) Godfrey 

16708a Haskell, Helen A. (Mrs Manley B.) 211 Pleasant ave., Streator 

2649fZ Haskell, Mary Bodman (Mrs Geo. W.) 410 Ontario st., Chicago 

*Sa-go-ye-wat-ha Chapter, N. Y. J Beloit Chapter, Wis. 

t Milwaukee, Wis. i| St. Louis Chapter, Missouri. 



118876 Hatch, Mary (Mrs Volney G.) 243 West William st., Decatur 

7457<i Haworth, Mary E. (Mrs Geo. D.) 20 GrovelancT Park, Chicago 

7757a; Hayes, Mary Kebecca Weeks (Mrs Geo. E.) 508 Kockton ave., Rockford 

15502(Z Haynes, Mary A. (Mrs Leander) 80 Bowen ave., Chicago 

19125J5 Hays, Diantha Jane (Miss) 218 Soiith 7th st., Monmouth 

11889; Hazelhurst, Eachel Kimberly (Mrs Andrew) 1308 Maple ave., Evanston 

20242d . Heath, Lucinda Field (Mrs William) 1229 E. Main st., Galesbiirg 

20257ci Heegaard, Bettie Louise Vail (Mrs Wilhelm H.) G66 La Salle ave., Chicago 

9028a? Helm, Mary Gibson (Mrs Walter B.) 1018 North Church st., Eockford 

16660<Z Helmer, Bessie Bardw^ell (Mrs Frank A.) 1428 Michigan ave., Chicago 

9542? Hemingway, Adelaide Edmonds (Mrs Anson T.) 500 Oak Park ave., Chicago 

16669/ Hempstead, Mary (Miss) 1512 Asbury ave., Evanston 

15186^ Henderson, Virginia H. (Miss) 756 44th st., Chicago 

9974cZ Hendricks, Anna Potter (Miss) 4238 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago 

7102A Henkle, Ellen Huntington (Mrs Thos. C.) 728 South 4th st., Springfield 

20256(Z Hequembourg, Elizabeth E. F. (Mrs Julian E.) 512 Fullerton ave., Chicago 

9031a; Herrick, Mabel Hurd W. (Mrs Chas. E.) 420 S. 3rd st., Eockford 

3471(Z Hervey, Mary Isabella T'. (Mrs Jas. F.) 2953 Michigan ave., Chicago 

llOOOrf Hesing', Henrietta Candee W. (Mrs Washington) 235 Michigan ave., Chicago 

18373(Z Hewlings, Marie M. F. (Mrs Andrew J.) 3325 Indiana ave., Chicago 

4526A Hickox, Kate Josephine C. (Mrs Chas. V.) 509 South 6th st., Springfield 

8389A Hickox, Louise Broadwell (Mrs Harris) 429 South 4th st., Springfield 

22632a Higby, Phebe Annetta (Mrs Herbert) Streator 

23372Z Higgins, Martha Paine (Mrs H. A.) 715 Fair Oaks ave.. Oak Park 

10001* Hight, Kate M. (Miss) Bloomington 

6150(/ Hill, Grace E. G. (Mrs Sullivan M.) 1631 6th ave., Moline 

11449d Hill, Kate Griffith (Mrs Wm. K.) Carthage 

6757P Hill, Katharine Gillette (Mrs Jas. E.) Lincoln 

12274a; Hill, Sarah Eowena Wilhelm (Mrs Frank K.) 327 North Coxirt st., Eockford 

ilOdq Hillhouse,, Mary Keyes (Mrs Wm. H.) Moline 

6397a; HinchcljfE, Harriet E. Emerson (Mrs Wm. E.) 403 North Church st., Eockford 

7105A Hinrichsen, Savillah T. (Miss) 415 West Capitol ave., Springfield 

14803r Hipwell, Ellen Winchester (Mrs Wm. O.) Highland Park 

23767f Hitchcock, Jane Eliza (Miss) Dixon 

21947cZ Hoag, Adelaide Louise Northup (Mrs Junius C.) . . . .4669 Lake ave., Chicago 

GoOOd Hobler, Harriet Wells (Mrs Edward G.) Batavia 

9063 Hobson, Florence Harris (Mr.s A. W.) 7528 Saganaw ave., Chicago 

23789 Hoffman, May Thomas (Mrs John E.) 410 Pearl st., Ottawa 

6149; Hoge, Kate North I. (Mrs Holmes) 1316 Maple ave., Evanston 

6134; Hoge, Louise (Miss) 1316 Maple ave., Evanston 

6148; Holabird, Maria Ford (Mrs William) 1500 Oak ave., Evanston 

9969d Holcomb, Polly Wilson (Mrs Willis B.) 2610 Commercial st., Chicago 

1963c? Holman, Lucy Cecile (Mrs Alfred L.) 2115 Indiana ave., Chicago 

11881(Z Holmes, Jennie E. (Miss) ; 158 Evanston ave., Chicago 

23786TO Hook, Anna Schermerhorn (Mrs Chas. H.) Ottawa 

]5501(Z Hooper, Mary E. Milliken (Mrs Jas. K.) 6640 Perry ave., Station 0., Chicago 

14779(Z Hoops, Jeanette A. (Mrs) "The Allen," 1413 Oakwood Boulevard, Chicago 

19119d Hoover, Margaret Phillips (Mrs Geo. Percy).. 636 Pine Grove ave., Chicago 

349(J Hopkins, Mary A. (Mrs Alonzo H.) 17 S. Sheldon st., Chicago 

8380? Horton, Amanda J. (Mrs Henry B.) 422 Kenilworth ave., Oak Park 

1UQ7U Horton, Caroline McConihe (Miss) Princeton 

* Sarah McCalla Chapter, Ind. If Gen. Nicholas Herkimer Chapter, N. Y. 

132 DIRECTOEY, D. A. E. 

11468W Horton, Frances EadclifE (Miss) , Princeton! 

16089m Horton, Juliet Grace (Miss) Princeton 

11466« Horton, Mary Sophia Moseley (Mrs Wm. F.) Princeton 

11469tt Horton, Mary Moseley (Miss) , Princeton 

3455(Z Hosmer, Eliza (Miss) 382 La Salle ave., CMcag-o 

14822e Hostetter, Minnie Parker (Mrs) 341 West Macon st., Decatur 

6147; Hough, Emma C. (Mrs Geo. W.) 2235 Sheriden Road, Evanston 

20274jB Houston, Margaret Graham (Mrs E,. D.) 410 East Broadway, Monmouth 

11577* Hovey, Helen Carlotta Varnum (Mrs Geo. H.) Chicago Beach Hotel, Chicago 

23184:1 Howard, Christina Kipp (Mrs Frank L.) 518 South Boulevard, Oak Park 

104410 Howard, Emma Pease (Miss) St. Mary's School, Knoxville 

Snd Howe, Fanny J. (Mrs Francis J.) 1922 Barry ave., Chicago- 

21959; Howell, Margaret Hayt (Mrs Cornelius DuB.) 315 Davis st., Evanston 

12574d Howland, Anna Prettyman (Mrs Walter M.) 482 North State st., Chicago 

19725m Hoxie, Velma Barker (Mrs J. B.) Ottawa 

9979d Hoy, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 461 N. State st., Chicago- 

12580(Z Hoy, Mary Elizabeth Young (Mrs) 461 N. State st., Chicago 

363(Z Hubbard, Laura M. (Miss) ' 3157 Forest ave., Chicago 

15518s Hubbs, Julia Ferris (Mrs Luther P.) ; Clayton 

23764f Hughes, Cora Adessa (Miss) Dixon 

23763f Hughes, Elizabeth Hill (Mrs) Dixon 

12585(Z Huguenin, Edith (Miss) Wilmette 

15500d Hull, Genevieve (Mrs) 2834 Kenmore ave., Chicago 

13283; Hull, Zilpha Leonard (Miss) 1422 Hinman ave., Evanston 

14771d Humiston, Carrie Izola Salisbury (Mrs Saml. A.) 4202 Drexel Blvd., Chicago 

12604? Humphrey, Elizabeth Emerson (Mrs S. J.) 315 North Grove ave., Oak Park 

12605? Humphrey, Elizabeth Rockwell (Miss) 315 North Grove ave., Oak Park 

8688 Humphrey, Florence Thurston (Mrs) 3908 Lake ave., Chicago 

12609? Hunt, Annie Mower (Mrs Rodney) 329 Pleasant st.. Oak Park 

728d Hunt, Rebecca Mandeville Rozet (Mrs Wm. P.) 340 La Salle ave., Chicago 

2379937 Hunter, Anna S. Wilkes (Mrs G. F.) 602 N. Church st., Rockford 

12588p Hunting, Eva S. (Mrs Newton C.) 310 Pekin st., Lincoln 

184:12n Huntington, Delia Warner (Mrs Henry C.) Kewanee 

4111g Huntoon, Mary Stephen (Mrs Geo. H.) 825 19th st., Moline 

9033a? Hurd, Almira Elizabeth Sheldon (Mrs) 501 Catlin st., Rockford 

1917t Hurd, Harriet A. (Miss) Chenoa 

14800c? Hurlbut, Emma Edsall (Mr H. A.) 389 Ontario st., Chicago 

17462; Hurlbut, Mary Walker (Mrs Samuel E.) 1454 Asbury ave., Evanston 

4101(? Hurlbut, Sarah Elizabeth (Miss) 389 Ontario st., Chicago 

10993i Hurst, Harriet Maria (Mrs E. W.) 6th ave, and 19th st., Rock Island 

3951(? Hutchison, Letitia Brown (Mrs Jonas) 3043 Groveland ave., Chicago 

12606? Hutchison, Mary E. (Mrs William A.) 126 Clinton ave., Chicago 

19584(? Hutchison, Mary Dearborn (Miss) .,. .434 Winchester ave., Chicago 

2964(? Hutchison, Matilda Dallas (Miss) 299 Erie st., Chicago 

13253(Z Hyde, Alice Louise Griswold (Mrs Jas. N.) 2409 Michigan ave., Chicago 

3084(? Hynes, Jane McCord Way (Mrs Wm. J.) 3914 Ellis ave., Chicago 

11482? Ingraham, Frances Evelyn (Mrs H. F.) 308 North Oak Park ave.. Oak Park 

10431a? Irvine, Amine Underwood (Mrs Edwin A.) 1212 N. Court st., Rockford 

166950 Ives, Marian Helen (Miss) 303 North East st., Bloomington 

14775(? Ives, Rose Moor (Mrs John H.) 4724 Kenwood ave., Chicago 

* Molly Varnum Chapter, Mass.- t Bronson Chapter, Va. 

















20895d , 


Jack, Katharine R. Laird (Mrs Samuel S.) 451 Macon st., Decatur 

Jameson, Alice Warner (Miss) 2107 Michigan ave., Chicago 

Jameson, Eliza Denison (Mrs John A.) 5316 Cornell ave., Chicago 

Jameson, Mary (Miss) 5316 Cornell ave., Chicago 

Jansen, Amanda C. (Mrs) 1662 Jersey st., Quincy 

Jayne, Emilie de Forest (Mrs Edgar L.) 5414 Madison ave., Chicago 

Jeff eries, Grace M. (Miss) Kewanee 

Jelke, Louanna Frazier (Mrs John P.) 516 La Salle ave., Chicago 

Jenkins, Marcia Eaymond (Mrs Robert E.) . .4200 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago 

Jenks, Delphine G. (Mrs William S.) 2928 Indiana ave., Chicago 

Jenney, Ellen Whiting Bullard (Mrs H. W.) 340 Hampden Court, Chicago 

Jewell, Jennie Ella (Miss) 4319 Forrestville ave., Chicago 

Jewett, Ellen E. (Mrs John N.) 412 Dearborn ave., Chicago 

Jew^ett, Lucy McCormick (Mrs Samuel E.) 467 North State st., Chicago 

Job, Helen Crafts (Mrs) 4575 Oakenwald ave., Chicago 

Johns, Sophie C. (Miss) '. River Forest 

Johnson, Annie White (Mrs Francis A.) 3807 Langley ave., Chicago 

Johnson, Lois Eowell (Mrs J. Wallace) ... .502 East Walnut st., Bloomington 

Johnson, Mary A. Bacon (Mrs Matthew M.) Carthage 

Johnson, Mary Pierce (Mrs Wm. W.)..219 Jackson Park Terrace, Chicago 
Johnston, Elizabeth C. (Mrs John, Jr.) Eoom F., 78 La Salle st., Chicago 

Johnston, Julia Harriette (Miss) 105 6th ave., Peoria 

Jones, Adelaide (Miss) 1434 Ottawa ave., Ottawa 

Jones, Hope Grant Curtis (Mi;s W. H.) . . . .care of Henry Curtis, Eock Island 

Jones, Jane M. (Mrs James T.) S06 South 6th st., Springfield 

Jones, Jennie Little (Mrs Francis B.) Fort Sheridan 

Jones, Mary Dimham H. (Mrs Cassius C.) Eockford 

Jones Vina Norwood (Mrs J. B.) 4945 Lake ave!, Chicago 

Jordan Clifford Hall (Mrs Scott) 3040 Kenmore ave., Chicago 

Judd, Adaline Eossiter (Mrs Norman B.) 3522 Calumet ave., Chicago 

Judd, Carrie W. (Mrs Edward J.) 3522 Calumet ave., Chicago 

Kane, Caroline Maria Beers (Mrs Andrew J.) 820 South 2nd st., Sprinc^field 

Kaufman, Deborah Wolfe (Mrs Jacob H.) 4550 Lake ave., Chicago 

Kavanagh, Jessie Mary C. (Mrs Morgan E.) 212 Kensington ave., La Grange 

Keator, Cara More (Mrs Samuel J.) 2225 7th ave., Eock Island 

Keator, Carrie Clark (Mrs Edward B.) 2203 6th ave., Moline 

Kedzie, Mary Elizabeth Kent (Mrs John H.) 1514 Eidge ave., Evanston 

Keen, Elizabeth D. (Mrs Herbert I.) .1238 Oak ave., Evanston 

Keep, Mary H. Blair (Mrs Chauncey) 2825 Prairie ave., Chicago 

Keiser, M. L. D. (Mrs)... t 1 •?■ 

^ -, ' , , v-^*j^^»; Jacksonville 

Kendal, Mary M. Judson (Mrs Eugene W.) . . . .3366 South Park ave Chicago 

Kennedy, Effie Eankin (Mrs John W.)....8S5 West Leafland ave., Decatur 

Kennedy, Martha Eva (Miss) 717 West State st., Eockford 

Kennedy, Eose Walker F. (Mrs Madison B.) . . . .3656 Michigan ave., Chicago 

Kent, Eliza (Miss) 1303 West College ave., Jacksonville 

Kent, Elizabeth Thacher (Mrs Wm.) 5112 Kimbark ave., Chicago 

Kenyon, Mae Phyllis (Miss) 405 3rd st., Lincoln 

Kepley Ada H. (Mrs Henry B.) Effiingham 

Kerfoot, Anme W. L. (Mrs Samuel H.) 136 Rush st., Chicago 

Kerfoot, Margaret K. Armstrong (Mrs Chas. A.) 3253 Michigan ave., Chicago 

Kerr, Leliah Elizabeth Gibson (Mrs E. H.) 5319 Washington ave., Chicago 

' Donegal Chapter, Pa. 



14806m Keyes, Harriet Louisa (Miss) Princeton 

14805« Keyes, Mary Pettegrew (Mrs Nathaniel A.) Princeton 

191265 Kidder, Lucy E. Mapes (Mrs Almon) . . .' 410 East Broadway, Monmouth 

706d Kimball, Alma L. (Miss) 2612 Michigan ave., Chicago 

il894i Kimball, Annette Guyer (Mrs James E.) 730 19th st., Eock Island 

57480 Kimball, Caroline F. Jackman (Mrs B. E.) 507 West Locust st., Bloomington 

997d Kimball, Louise E. (Miss) 2612 Michigan ave., Chicago 

114620 Kimball, Mary Louise (Miss) 507 West Locust st., Bloomington 

114610 Kimball, Sadie Jackman (Miss) 507 West Locust st., Bloomington 

16677W King, Ella Atwater (Mrs James T.) Jacksonville 

12616TO King, Emma A. (Miss) Ottawa 

104466 King, Maryette (Mrs Joseph) 719 N. Main st., Decatur 

12617m King, Susie (Miss) 160 North Prairie st., Galesburg 

18402i King, Virginia Southard WoodrufE (Mrs Wm. E.) Eock Island 

9004; Kingsley, Nellie Appleton E. (Mrs Homer H.) 1329 Judson ave., Evanston 

10434W Kirbj^ Edith Wolcott Eoss (Miss) Duncan Place, Jacksonville 

10996t« Kirby, Marian Dorothy (Miss) Lincoln ave., Jacksonville 

3342r Kirk, Erminia Gridley (Mrs Chas. W.) Highland Park 

6135; Kirk, Nancy Gill (Mrs Timothy) 1129 Forest ave., Evanston 

6383; Kirkman, Fannie L. (Mrs Marshall W.) 1429 Eidge ave., Evanston 

6382; Kirkman, Minnie Spencer (Miss) 1429 Eidge ave., Evanston 

6142; Kitchell, Helen M. (Miss) 210 Davis st., Evanston 

7103A Knap, Alice Huntington (Mrs) 615 Walnut st., Springfield 

23739(Z Knight, Alice Austin (Miss) 4831 Kenwood ave., Chicago 

248fZ Knight, Laura Stone (Mrs William M.) 1825 Barry ave., Chicago 

6498; Knight, Louise Sloss (Mrs Newell C.) 1213 Judson ave., Evanston 

23738(Z Knight, Minnie Shaw (Mrs Walter J.) 99 Madison Park, Chicago 

13269d; Koch, Sylvia King Adams (Mrs Chas. E. E.) 4534 Woodlawn ave., Chicago 

13255d Kohlsaat, Mabel Blake (Mrs Herman H.) 120 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago 

20275i? Kreis, Harriet A. Nye (Mrs Gustavus A.) Chicago 

353d Krout, Mary H. (Miss) 3168 Groveland ave., Chicago 

3478r La Bar, Albina E. (Miss) Highland Park 

15078* La Beaume, Delia M. C..(Mrs Edmond W.) care Mrs H. S. Clark, Mendota 

1227337 Labrie, Helen Estelle Hollister (Mrs) Eockord 

10427rf Lacey, Euth S. (Miss) "The Woodstock," 28th st. and Wabash ave., Chicago 

12281Z Lackey, Frances A. (Mrs) Oak Park 

24596m Lansing, Mary Jane Griffith (Mrs James) Ottawa 

22646e Lapham, Lucy Ellen Cole (Mrs Joseph) Decatur 

4107r Lasher, Leta Eamsdell (Mrs Wm. S.) Highland Park 

710&P Latham May (Miss) Lincoln 

7744p Latham, Savillan Wyatt (Mrs) Lincoln 

7758a? Lathrop, Mary Emerson (Mrs Edward P.) 905 Haskell ave., Eockford 

639207 Lathrop, Sarah A. P. (Mrs Wm. E.) 408 Eockton ave., Eockford 

24587iJ Latimer, Emily M. (Mrs Chas. C.) Princeton 

9978f Law, Dorothy Norton (Mrs) 174 Galena ave., Dixon 

237940 Law, Ellen Maude (Miss) Henry 

5732c? Lay, Catherine Euth Smith (Mrs Albert F.) 321 Michigan ave., Chicago 

5733(Z Lay, Margaret S. (Miss) 321 Michigan ave., Chicago 

23791W Lay, Martha Morrill (Mrs Hiram Y.) Kewanee 

7458(Z Lee, Lucie Gillmore (Mrs Frederick W.) 3737 Forest ave., Chicago 

10420(i Lee, Nellie Canfield (Mrs Frank T.) 877 Sawyer ave., Evanston 

*St. Louis Chapter, Mo. 




ave., Chicago 
302 E. Front st., Bloomington 
302 East Walnut st., Blooming-ton 

Leighton, Helen (Miss) nr , 

Leland, Lena C. (Miss) '^''l'' ' ^ p •;; " '^^^^'^^^^^^'^ 

T ' ^ ^ Eockf ord College, Kockf ord 

Lennon Jnna J. Allen (Mrs John B.) . . . .612 East Mulberry st., Bloomington 

Leonard Eye B. Combs (Mrs A. B.) 6503 Stewart ave., Chicago 

Lewis, Mary Diana Campbell (Mrs James) 678 La Salle ave., Chicago 

Lewis, Mary Patience Ellwood (Mrs John H ) D tt i-u 

Lewis Sylvania M. J. McC. (Mrs E. E.) 1317 Judson ave '" ^ ^ 

Libbey, Gertrude Bates (Miss) 4734 Greenwood 

Light, Ellen M. Chamberlin (Mrs Israel H.) 
Lillard, Sallie Williams (Mrs John T.) 

Lindblon, Lenor (Miss) str T o a„n 

-r . T^ „ ^ b < 6 La Salle ave., Chicaa-o 

Lines, Emma Tytus (Miss) 4^0 p„__^ , ^ icago 

Lines, Helen Stowell (Mrs Calvin C.) "• " ' 413 Perry st ' P ^''-^ 

Linsley^Sarah Selden (Mrs Thomas H.) 1710 Wesley ave., EvansTon 

Little, Helen Mar Johnson (Mrs John E.) . .306 East Walnut st., Bloomington 

Lockwood,_ Ella Door (Mrs Henry) 4347 Oakenwald ave., Chicago 

Long,_ Marion Warren (Mrs John C.) 5338 Washington ave., Chicago 

Loomis, Flora B. Eoberts (Mrs Eugene E.) 6531 Yale ave., Chicago 

Loomis Susan A. Foster (Mrs Jonn H.) 187 San Francisco st., Chicago 

Loose, Ella Clark (Mrs Jacob L.) "Chicago Beach Hotel," Chicago 

Lord, Clara Steele (Miss) 4857 Greenwood ave., Chicago 

Lord Coi^elia Frances (Miss) i620 Eidge ave., Evanston 

Lord Catharine Minor (Miss) i620 Eidge ave. Evanston 

Lovejoy, Susan Willoughby (Mrs H. Stillman) Jacksonville 

Loverin, Luella Browne (Mrs Quimby W.) . .4823 St. Lawrence ave Chic^ao 

T T'^f' ' > !'";!'; ^""^ ^'""^''" ^-^ ^^^ ^^- -'■' CMcfgo 

Lull Mary Cotes (Mrs Newton) 8, The Walton, Washington Square, Chicago 

Lunt, Corneha A. G. (Mrs Orrington) 1742 Judson ave., Evanston 

Lunt, Corneha Gray (Miss) 1^42 Judson ave., Evanston 

Lutz, Caroline Chamberlin (Mrs John A ) t • i 

X TIT , , , ^ . ^ Lincoln 

Lyman, Elizabeth Lucma (Miss) 274 Oak ave., (Eiver Forest), Chicago 

Lyman, Mary E. (Miss) 274 Oak ave., (Eiver Forest), Chicago 

Lynde, Mary Adams (Mrs Carnelius) R^.k Island 

Lyon, Emily Clarissa (Miss) ^j^. 

Lytle, Edith May (Miss) 347 North Church 'st.! Decatur 

Lytton, Gertrude (Miss) 2700 Prairie ave., Chicago 

Lytton, Eose E. (Mrs Henry C.) .......... . .4425 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago 

McAfee, Frauces Viola Seymour (Mrs Wm. D.) 417 Eockton ave Eockford 

MacArthur, Florence B. (Miss) j^. „ 

MacArthur, Keturah Pratt (Mrs Archibald) p.'o.' Box V Eivlrlide 

MacArthur, Marion Ethel (Miss) ' tj- 

McCagg, Marie Therese Davis (Mrs Ezra B.) .' " .'.■ ".■67 Cass 'st., ChTcago 

McCalla, Helen Wayne (Miss) "The Hamilton," 51 22nd st Chicago 

McCandless, Jessie Young (Mrs Albert H.) j^oel^ Island 

McClelland, Ella Gale (Mrs Thomas S.) 417 Superior st., Chicago 

McClure, Edith A. Chapin (Mrs John) Knoxville 

McClure, Margaret M. (Miss) '..'.'.'.'.'.'. Eushville 

McCord, Emily Davis Eowe (Mrs Alvin C.) 308 N. State st., Chicago 

McCormick, Elizabeth Day (Miss) 124 Eush st., Chicago 

McCormick, Henrietta Hamilton (Miss) 124 Eush st., Chicago 

* Walter Deane Chapter, Ohio. 
t Cincinnati Chapter, Ohio. 

t Steven's Point Chapter, Wis. 
I! Lycoming Chapter, Pa. 

136 DIEECTOET, D. A. E. 

2793d McCormick, Henrietta M. H. (Mrs Leander J.) "The Virgfinia," Chicago 

17957d McCormick, Katharine Medill (Mrs Kobert) 101 Cass st., Chicago 

14786(Z McCreery, Rhoda Marie (Mrs C. W.) 4700 Grand Boulevard, Chicago 

18379(? McCurdy, Kate M. (Mrs George L.) 3647 Prairie ave., Chicago 

9963d McDonald, Alice M. (Mrs John B.) 165 E. 36th st., Chicago 

14817m .McDonald, Jennie D. (Mrs Royal D.) 13 Gridley Place, Ottawa 

13256dS McEntee, Caroline Studley Burroughs (jNIrs C. S.) 566 Division st., Chicago 

12589p McGalliard, Adella Husbrook (Mrs Andrew) 310 Pekin st., Lincoln 

19118(Z MacGrew, Mary Wolcott (Mrs Elwood) 521 Belden ave., Chicago 

139882: Mack, Ellen L. C. (Mrs David E.) Carthage 

14789d McKinley, Kate Frisbee (Mrs William B.) 19 Scott st., Chicago 

15503dl ^cMullin, Jessie L. (Mrs Frank B.) 729 Adams st., West Chicago 

24562d MacPherran, Sarah Withron (Mrs James E.) 601 W. 3rd st?, Sterling 

15504(J MacVeagh, Emily Sherrill Eames (Mrs F.)..103 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago 

12270i Magill, Martha Lamira (Mrs William T.) .715 20th st., Rock Island 

145150 Mammen, Sarah M. (Mrs G.) 303 E. Chestnut st., Bloomington 

23744d Manning, Margaret Masten (Mrs Walter H.) 713 E. 47th st., Chicago 

19139n Mannon, Mary Esther (Mrs John H.) Kewanee 

16702s Mansfield, Eliza H. (Miss) 112 Perry ave., Peoria 

16701s Mansfield, Isabella F. (Mrs Henry) 112 Perry ave., Peoria 

23087* Maple, Eva Jane Chapin (Mrs Charles F.) Maquon 

1934; Marcy, Elizabeth Eunice (Mrs Oliver) 1703 Chicago ave., Evanston 

9540d Marguerat, Grace Eliza (Mrs Eugene) 708 W. Monroe st., Chicago 

19722e Maris, Laura Henderson (Mrs John M.) Decatur 

90260 Marnon, Mary Ann Cheney (Mrs W. W^.) .307 E. Washington st., Bloomington 

3945d Marsh, Annie S. Porter (Mrs John W.) 12 Aldine Square, Chicago 

12264d Marsh, Emma (Mrs George S.) 1302 Hinman ave., Evanston 

23755(i Marsh, Harrietta A. (Mrs Rufus J.) 9215 Commercial ave., Chicago 

1385d Marsh, Lora Campbell (Mrs William D.) Enfield Place, Evanston 

8381? Marsh, Mary Elizabeth Potter (Mrs C. G.) . . .303 Kenilworth ave.. Oak Park 
81210 Marsh, Mary Frances Ayres (Mrs Benjamin P.) .906 N. Main st., Bloomington 

8374d Marshall, Mary L. (Mrs George) 30 Hawthorne Place, Chicago 

3468(Z Marshall, Roxanna M. (Mrs James A.) 2906 Indiana ave., Chicago 

9983 Marston, Louise Beman (Mrs James D.) 318 61st st.. Station O, Chicago 

13987s Martin, Alice Levina Ferris (Mrs Charles R.) Carthage 

7100? Martin, Asenath Van Ness (Mrs Edward P.) 300 Ogden ave.. Oak Park 

350d Martin, Ellen Annette (Miss) . . .• 84 La Salle ave., Chicago 

20896d Martin, J. Anna Douglas (Mrs Elmor B.) 3636 Prairie ave., Chicago 

17454d Marvin, Fanny Campbell (Mrs William) 2974 Indiana ave., Chicago 

12046(Z Mason, Frances Fay Calhoun (Mrs Henry B.) ... .29 Delaware Place, Chicago 

14770d .Mason, Nancy Wilcoxen (Mrs Allen C.) .Normal 

3083d Mather, Louise Eames (Mrs Alonzo C.) 531 N. State st., Chicago 

23748d Matthews, Agnes Rounds (Mrs Edwin S.) 247 Goethe st., Chicago 

15516 Matthews, Elizabeth Ann (Mrs John P.) Carlinsville 

15517 Matthews, Lucy Myra (Miss) Carlinsville 

9992]) Mayfield, Lucy Forsyth (Mrs Abaham) Lincoln 

21956d Mayo, Harriet Elwood (Mrs Edward L.) De Kalb 

17455d Meacham, Elizabeth I. C. W. (Mrs F. D.).469 Jackson Boulevard, Chicago 

12586d Means, Elizabeth S. (Miss) 450 69th st., Chicago 

90220 Means, Fannie Graves (Mrs Joseph C.) 1117 E. Grove st., Bloomington 

* Steven's Point Chapter, Wis. 

















Medill, Margaret Dickson (Miss) Milan 

Meeker, Margaret Beekman (Miss) 2107 Calumet ave., Chicago 

Merriam, Bertha Sayer (Miss) Lexington Hotel, Chicago 

Merrifield, Mabel (Miss) Ottawa 

Merriraan, Agnes J. (Miss) 1208 Judson ave., Evanston 

Mersereau, Nellie M. Colman (Mrs John D.) Highland Park 

Messinger, Ella J. McCulloch (Mrs W. D.) 548 Jackson Boulevard, Chicago 

Metcalf, Lilla Maria (Mrs Kalph) 3829 Langley ave., Chicago 

Millard, Amelia C. (Mrs) Highland Park 

Miller, Emily Huntington (Mrs) Woman's College, Evanston 

Miller, Mary Antoinette (Miss) 6436 Sheridan ave., Chicago 

Miller, Polly Ann Almy (Mrs Youngs W.) Chicago 

Milligan, Ada Josephine (Mrs) Oak Park 

Mills, Charlotte Adams Walker (Mrs James M.) . .3152 Vernon ave., Chicago 

Milner, Sarah A. (Mrs James W.) 7436 Monroe ave., Chicago 

Mitchell, Ella Judd (Mrs Phil) Eock Island 

Mixter, Elizabeth Bradley (Mrs Frank) 723 20th st.. Rock Island 

Mixter, Florence Louise (Miss) 723 20th st., Eock Island 

.Moderwell, Mary Watson (Miss) "The Hampden," Chicago 

Montgomery, Jennie F. Worthington (Mrs) 9th and Broadway, Quincy 

Montgomery, L. Clara (Mrs E. E.) W. Main st., Decatur 

Montgomery, Mary Burrall (Mrs James McD.) . .1209 2nd ave.. Rock Island 

Moore, Ada Small (Mrs William H.) 2922 Michigan ave., Chicago 

Moore, Helen Johnes (Mrs) Care of Dr. H. C. Johnes, Decatur 

Moore, Julia Tuthill (Mrs James H.) 4433 Greenwood ave., Chicago 

Moore, Katherine de Clearcy (Mrs Birney J.).. 1734 Asbury ave., Evanston 

Moore, Lora Josephine (Mrs James H.) "The Metropole," Chicago 

Moore, Sarah Colman (Mrs A. L.) 861 15th st., Moline 

Morehouse, Clara (Miss) 4719 Kenwood ave., Chicago 

Morehouse, Jane E. Parmelee (Mrs John) 805 N. Main st., Bloomington 

Morgan, Julia Potwine (Mrs Otho H.) Highland Park 

Morris, Clara Elizabeth Seymour (Mrs J.).. 5342 Washington ave., Chicago 

Morris, Eliza Gridley Collins (Mrs) 27th and Broadway, Quincy 

Morris, Ida Tucker (Mrs Seymour) 5342 Washington ave., Chicago 

Morrison, Elizabeth Lyman (Mrs James W.) Lincoln 

Morse, Anna (Miss) 1303 W. College ave., Jacksonville 

Morse, Anne Perkins Woodbridge (Mrs C. J.) . . 1825 Asbury ave., Evanstown 

Morse, Nellie Wisner (Mrs Edwin De Wolfe) 1720 Michigan ave., Chicago 

Mortimer, Grace Lee Osborne (Mrs William H.) Evanston 

Mosby, Helen Ethel (Miss) 42 E. 25th st., Chicago 

Moseiy, Fannie (Miss) Princeton 

Moseley, Louise J. (Mrs Douglas) Princeton 

iMoss, Harriette Doubleday McL. (Mrs Wm. L.) . .4700 Glenwood ave., Chicago 
yMoyer, Anna Catharine Thompson (Mrs C.) .709 E. Douglas st., Bloomington 

Moyer, Ellen (Mrs Walstein) 434 W. Adams st., Chicago 

Mudge, Eva Estelle Hershey (Mrs D. A.; 1220 Eidge ave., Evanston 

Munroe, Annis (Mrs Thomas) Eushville 

Munroe, Mary Anna (Miss) Eushville 

Murphey, Millie Stebbins (Mrs Henry C.) 6325 Monroe ave., Chicago 

Murphy, Laura G. (Miss) 157 2nd st., Dixon 

Murphy, Mary Webber (Mrs Timothy A.) Eock Island 

Murphy, Olive Ayres (Mrs) 159 2nd st., Dixon ' 



20260(Z Myers, Fanny B. (Mrs Henry B.) 122 Ashland Boulevard, Chicag-o 

14777(Z Mj^gatt, Agnes P. (Mrs William E.) 46 E. 53rd st., Chicago 

10985m Nash, Gertrude King (Mrs William W.) Ottawa 

2132d! Nelson, Fannie Elizabeth (Mrs Walter C.) 5120 Jefferson ave., Chicago 

24568d Neltnor, Cornelia Fames (Miss) Grove Place, West Chicago 

87260 Neville, Nellie Bent (Mrs James S.) 1101 N. Jefferson st., Bloomington 

13979cZ Nevs^comb, , Blanche Makepeace Pattison (Mrs George E.) Chicago 

20280s Newton, Isabelle F. Mansfield (Mrs) Peoria 

511id Nicholls, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs William H.j 10 Scott st., Chicago 

23783; Nichols, Isabella Goertner (Mrs William) Evanston 

19731W Nicholson, Lettie Hatch (Mrs John A.) Kewanee 

6373/ Noble, Leila M. Crandon (Mrs F. A.) 532 Washington Boulevard, Chicaga 

11477a7 Norton, Anna J. Allyn (Mrs Hamilton) 524 Division Place, Eockford 

11473a; Norton, Gratia P. (Miss) 226 S. Madison st., Eockford 

6754d Norton, Laura Hills (Mrs James H.) 2556 Ashland ave., Chicago 

11479a? Norton, Mary E. (Miss) 524 Division Place, Eockford 

132760 Northrup, Eose W. (Mrs Charles J.) Havana 

14813? Northrup, Sarah E. (Mrs Henry M.) 422 N. Grove Park ave.. Oak Park 

95480 Nortrup, Anna Strickle (Mrs Harman E.) Havana 

14769(Z Norwood, Lizzie Winne (Mrs Frederick W.) 4945 Lake ave., Chicago 

14785d Norwood, Winifred Alma (Miss) 4945 Lake ave., Chicago 

20261(Z Noyes, Ida E. S. (Mrs La Verne W.) 76 Eush st., Chicago 

133060 Laura J. Miller (Mrs William H. D.) Carthage 

4104(Z Ogden,/Frances Elizabeth Sheldon (Mrs M. D.) Ill Lake Shore Drive, Chicago 

13974(Z Okeson, Jane B. Albertson (Miss) 2821 Indiana ave., Chicago 

13970(Z pkeson, Margaret A. (Miss) 2821 Indiana ave., Chicago 

9184 Olin, Mary Moulton (Mrs Franklin) 415 Alton st., Alton 

17960(Z Orr, Lucy Jane Doe (Mrs Frank B.) 4450 Ellis ave., Chicago 

4347g Orum, Edith Allen (Mrs William C.) 810 16th st., Moline 

10979; Osborn, Ada Martinette (Mrs Eug-ene E.) 1225 Michigan ave., Evanston 

18380d Osgood, Elizabeth A. (Mrs Edwin S.) 5437 Indiana st., Austin 

17958(Z Osgood, Leonora J. (Mrs Henry D.) ."..1628 Michigan ave., Chicago 

3591(Z Otis, Sarah Kitchen (Mrs Ephraim A.) 294 E. Huron st., Chicago 

3460(Z Owens, Alethia Sophia J. (Mrs John E.) 1806 Michigan ave., Chicago' 

3461d Owens, Marie Gervia (Miss) 1806 Michigan ave., Chicago 

7733* Owsley, Lucy Pace (Mrs Frederick D.) 412 Erie st., Chicago- 

9541d Packard, Janie Hayford (Mrs Arthur T.) 1196 N. Clark st., Chicago' 

7745^- Paddock, Achsah Moseley (Mrs Henry G.) 1904 5th ave., Moline- 

19895 ■ Paddock, Evelina (Miss) Paddock's Grove, Moro 

18399; Paddock, Jessie L. (Miss) Prophetstown 

18398; Paddock, Lucy M. (Mrs Chauncy) Prophetstown 

7104A Paddock, Mary L. C. (Mrs James) 709 S. 7th st., Springfield 

5743d |Page, Florence Ethel (Miss) 4747 Kimbark ave., Chicago' 

3802(Z Pajeau, Mary L. (Mrs Joseph) 4345 Grand Boulevard, Chicago 

12217 Palmer, Hannah Lamb (Mrs John M.) Springfield 

14818m Palmer, Mary White (Mrs Walter B.) Ottawa 

15521f Pankhurst, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 422 Galena ave., Dixon 

46970 Parke, Lucy Woodford Didlake (Mrs C. E.) . .306 E. Walnut st., Bloomington. 

118912J! Parker, Ida Brewster (Mrs Henry C.) Lincoln 

20900(Z Parker, Mary Moncure Paynter (Mrs Wm. E.) 491 42nd Place, Chicago^ 

22211t Parker, Mary Piitnam Benton (Mrs Charles W.) 6320 Perry ave., Chicago. 

* Sergeant Ne'wton Chapter, Georgia. 

f Boudinot Chapter, Ne-w Jersey. 



12614m Parker, Melinda (Mrs William P.) Ottawa 

9531d Partridge, Nellie Hammond (Mrs N. A.) 5614 Madison ave., Chicago 

14804r Patton, Ellie Ferry (Mrs Robert W.) Highland Park 

8219; Peabody, May Henderson (Mrs Francis S.) Oak End, Evanston 

9543? Pearson, Grace Mabel Sallonstall (Mrs John L.) . .116 S. Grove ave., Oak Park 

5744(Z Peck, Mary Talcott (Mrs Walter L.) 110 Auditorium Building, Chicago 

13301p .Pegram, Anna (Miss) Lincoln 

13300p |Pegram, Katherine Hall Leighton (Mrs Nathaniel E.) Lincoln 

166822) Pegram, Katherine Leighton (Miss) 405 McLean st., Lincoln 

12608^ Pellet, Mary E. (Mrs Oakley B.) 316 S. Grove st., Oak Park 

160940 (Perry, Adelaide (Miss) 305 S. East st., Bloomington 

13275(i Perry, Arabella S. Porter (Mrs Frederick B.) .1510 Washington ave., Chicago 

104:18d Perry, Harriet Day Shepard (Mrs Chas. E.) 5423 Madison ave., Chicago 

5438* Petitclerc, Emma L. (Mrs Felix F.) 1106 Post st., Ottawa 

5112d Pettibone, Elizabeth Walcott (Mrs Asa G.) 235 Michigan ave., Chicago 

7101(Z Pettibone, Mary Carter Talcott (Mrs Philo F.) 159 Warren ave., Chicago 

12613m Petit, Maria Louise (Mrs James W.) Ottawa 

4622f Phelps, Ann Eliza (Mrs Erskine M.) 1703 Indiana ave., Chicago 

17959(Z Phelps, Jeannette Tucker (Mrs Delos P.) 410 E. Superior st., Chicago 

15508? Phelps, M. Louise Copeland (Mrs W. E.) 325 Maple ave.. Oak Park 

18382(Z Phillips, Harriet Gale (Miss) 347 Dearborn ave., Chicago 

1665Sd Pierce, Laura H. Brooks (Mrs Daniel ) 5343 Madison ave., Chicago 

7094cZ Pierce, S. Jennie (Mrs Charles W.) 4011 Prairie ave., Chicago 

8386a; Pierpont, Helen Blakeman (Mrs Theron G.) W. State st., Eockford 

24572d Pitkin, Dorothy Abbott Chapman (Mrs E. S.) . .1043 Hinman ave., Evanston 

lB978d Pitkin, J. Gertrude (Miss) 459 Washington Boulevard, Chicago 

6375i Pitman, Emily Day (Miss) 1232 Asbury ave., Evanston 

10990i Pleasants, Mary Crawford (Mrs Adair) Snd ave., Eockford 

20245(Z Pomeroy, Christina King (Mrs S. Harris) 307 Huron st., Chicago 

9535(Z Pool, Anna W. (Miss) .4722 Woodlawn ave., Chicago 

21953(Z Pope, Sarah Aspasia Burnham (Mrs Charles B.) . .2835 Michigan ave., Chicago 
15505(i Porter, Annie Eockwell Sprague (Mrs F. W.) .5617 Washington ave., Chicago 

17969B Porter, Mary F. Chandler (Mrs J. K.) Monmouth 

2657d Porter, Mary Haskin (Mrs W. H.) 4259 Grand Boulevard, Chicago 

24017:]: Potter, Martha Beach (Mrs Charles E.) 408 Kenilworth ave.. Oak Park 

13272d Potts, Augusta Bidlow (Mrs) 4534 Woodlawn ave., Chicago 

10415(Z Potwin, Eliza Lewis (Mrs William S.) 389 Dearborn ave., Chicago 

10978; Poucher, Florence Lucinda Holbrook (Mrs B. G.) 1426 Asbury ave., Evanston 

146616 Powers, Caroline M. (Miss) 595 Powers ave., Decatur 

6391d Pratt, Mary S. (Mrs Byron S.) Delevan 

6501(Z Preston, Ellen H. (Mrs Everett B.) 19 Delaware Place, Chicago 

18383d; iPreston, Frances Helen Lloyd (Mrs Carl W.) 200 E. 44th st., Chicago 

12584(? Preston, Marietta Campbell (Mrs Ernest J.) 4520 Ellis ave., Chicago 

8127a; Preston, Mary E. (Miss) 519 S. Avon st., Eockford 

166890 Price, Clara Clarke (Mrs James H.) .1214 N. West st., Bloomington 

24589 Price, Harriet E. (Mrs) 745 Grand ave., Waukegan 

16083m; Prince, Lucy Manning Chandler, (Mrs David) Jacksonville 

Prinderville, Estelle Tregor (Mrs Charles H.) 3935 Lake ave., Chicago 

Prichard, Anna Beaty Lightner (Mrs William J.) Elgin 

Pullman, Hattie Sagner (Mrs George M.) 1729 Prairie ave., Chicago 


* Oneida Chapter, New York. 

t Auna Warner Bailey Chapter, Conn. 

t Louisa St. Claire Chapter, Michigan. 



GBOid P-utman, Alice (Miss) 3979 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago 

6503d Putman, Judith (Miss) 3979 Drexel Boulevard, Chicag-o 

23453* Quigley, Virginia C. (INIiss) Alton 

24547f Quinby, Phebe A. (Mrs) 266 N. Crawford ave., Dixon 

9968d Quincy, Etta M. I. (Mrs Charles F.) 412 N. State st., Chicago 

14784(Z Quine, Lettie Mason (Mrs William E.) 3160 Indiana ave., Chicago 

6378; Quinlan, Kate C. (Miss) 331 Davis st., Evanston 

19733 Kaddin, Belle Ailing (Mrs Charles S.X 2032 Orrington ave., Evanston 

20267r Bagan, Maria M. (Mrs John G.) North Chicago 

446(Z Eamage, Addie W. (Mrs George W.) 3806 Calumet ave., Chicago 

12583dl Band, Harriet H. (Mrs William H.) 3937 Lake ave., Chicago 

17473B Bandall, Edwdna C. Bond (Mrs William) Monmouth 

9993p Eandolph, Helen Brewster (Mrs George E. F.) 206 Hudson st., Lincoln 

14834 Eapp, Jean Morrison (Mrs Isaac H.) Odin 

4522(Z Eappleye, Maude Minerva (Miss) 3636 Prairie ave., Chicago 

20271W Eawlings, Mary Fanny Garland (Mrs Daniel W.).. College st., Jacksonville 

19136 Bay, Elgin Hays (Mrs John L.) 711 W. University ave.. Champaign 

21955d Bay, Jessie Miller (Mrs Benjamin F.) De Kalb 

19137 Bay, Maud Lucile Boyd (Miss) 711 W. University ave.. Champaign 

155110 Baj^burn, Jennie Buttolph (Mrs Calvin) 1013 E. Grove st., Bloomington 

191275 Bayburn, Nora Bessie Karns (Mrs Frank S.) Eoseville 

23787m Bead, Mollie E. (Miss) Grand Eidge 

22648; Eedington, Mary J. (Mrs Edward D.) 512 Lake st., Evanston 

3464(Z Beed, Julia Lule (Miss) 2947 Brairie ave., Chicago 

67510 Bees, Abbie Bull (Miss) 618 E. Walnut st., Bloomington 

67520 Bees, Esther Hill (Mrs John F.) 618 E. Walnut st., Bloomington 

10438^ Beeve, Darlene Stevens (Mrs Austin B.) Princeton 

16690O Beeves, Henrietta (Miss) 602 E. Locust st., Bloomington 

17471a Beeves, Marietta Cogswell (Mrs Walter) Streator 

2181(Z Beid, Caroline Whittlesey (Mrs W. H.) 2013 Prairie ave., Chicago 

6760A Bemann, Mary Julia (Miss) 402 S. 8th st., Springfield 

14773d Bemick, Marie Cummings (Mrs Boyal A.) Oak Park 

8872f Bemington, Annie Burr Watson (Mrs Henry W.) Geneseo 

4102d Be Qua, Alice Haven (Mrs Charles H.) 3629 Grand Boulevard, Chicago 

11494s Bice, Caroline Montgomery (Miss) 207 Crescent ave., Beoria 

14519d Bice, Dorothy Belle Burton (Mrs Mark W.) 568 E. 50th st., Chicago 

4100d Bice, Harriet A. (Mrs Fletcher C.) Galesburg 

8159± Bichards, Eva May Benjamin (Mrs L. B.) Trinity Bectory, Jacksonville 

13982Z Bichardson, Emma Curtis (Mrs C. A.) 308 S. Grove ave.. Oak Bark 

8382Z Bichardson, Nora Worthington (Mrs H. B.) . . .223 Wisconsin ave., Oak Park 

2196iZ Bicker, Mabel Ella Tompkins (Mrs B. J.) 323 Bleasant st.. Oak Park 

10435A Bidgely, Jane Maria (Mrs Charles) 631 S. 4th st., Springfield 

9009(Z Biker, Ina Viola Ambrose (Mrs Alpheus) 4735 Lake ave., Chicago 

17457d Bippey, Sara Cory (Miss) 335 Hampden Court, Chicago 

2475d Bobbins, Harriet Cornelia (Mrs. W. E.) 218 37th st., Chicago 

1148Se Eoberts, Anna H. Jack (Mrs Thomas T.) 354 W. Main st., Decatur 

11474a? Eoberts, Melinda J. (Mrs Eli F.) 6951 Union ave., Chicago 

9533d , Eobertson, Charlotte C. (Mrs) 3366 S. Park ave., Chicago 

7759a; Eobertson, Edith White (Mrs William T.) 818 N. Main st., Bockford 

11895i Eobinson, Julia Spencer (Mrs Dean T.) 616 20th st.. Bock Island 

*St. IvOuis Chapter, Missouri. 
t Bristol Chapter, Rhode Island. 

J New York Citj' Chapter, New York. 



11447d Kobinson, Martha Anthony (Miss) 210 Ashland Boulevard, Chicago 

87* Eoby Leila P. (Mrs E.) 108th st., and ave. J, Chicago 

11829c? Eock, Martha P. (Mrs Frank D.) 4837 Forestville ave., Chicago 

23130n Eockvs^ell, Emma (Miss) Kewanee 

14196t Eohland, Cora Dolbee (Mrs C. B.) 1129 State st., Alton 

22655A Eoosa, Sarah V. De Haven (Mrs) 116 E. Washington st., Springfield 

128291 Eoot, Harriet Eaton (Mrs A. K.) 1511 State st., Alton 

20458t Eoot, Harriet Hayden (Miss) Alton 

I2830f Eoot, Lillian Augustine (Miss) 1511 State st., Alton 

10992i Eose, Ella More (Mrs Charles A.) 2215 7th ave., Eock Island 

13302p Eoss, Charlotte Snover (Mrs Charles E.) Lincoln 

18384d Eoss, Elizabeth Gates (Miss) 428 Washington Boulevard, Chicago 

18374d Eoss, Elizabeth Havens King (Mrs J. P.) .428 Washington Boulevard Chicago 

3589s Eouse, Mary (Miss) 309 N. Jefferson st., Peoria 

13285s Eousseau, Kate E. (Mrs Augustin Z. D.) 513 Hamilton st., Peoria 

726d Eozet, Josephine Mandeville (Mrs George H.)....340 La Salle ave., Chicago 

729d [Eozet, Marie Josephine (Miss) 340 La Salle ave., Chicago 

19738(Z Euger, Lillian Bull (Mrs Silas W.) 4213 Ellis ave., Chicago 

17970^ Eupp, Helen Eliza Nye (Mrs Wm. W.) 306 S. Main st., Monmouth 

6136d Eupp, Ehoda E. (Mrs Jesse R.) 6506 Wentworth ave., Chicago 

15520 Eussell, Annie F. (Miss) .' Sterling 

8128a; Sabin, Abby Cutter (Mrs Charles) 835 N. Church st., Eockford 

8129a; St. John, Eliza M. Baylis (Mrs Erin) 831 N. Church st., Eockford 

8130a; St. John, Ellen M. (Mrs M. B.) 841 N. Church st., Eockford 

2476(Z Salmon, Blanche Virginia Ogden (Mrs Charles 6826 Perry ave., Chicago 

6145(Z Sanapson, Alice Bradley (Mrs Osborne) 265 Oak st., Chicago 

14883d!i Sanders, Emma F. (Mrs Aaron Y.) Kewanee 

12048O Sanders, Sue A. (Mrs James T.) 511 E. Chestnut st., Bloomington 

17456(Z Sanger, Mary Catherine McKibben (Mrs J. Y.)...1729 Prairie ave., Chicago 

17459d Sanger, Minerva Cooper (Mrs Frederick W.) 1729 Prairie ave., Chicago 

16704M Sapp, Edna Olds (Mrs Elmer) Wyanet 

7741(Z Sargent, Frances Moore (Mrs John Smith) 5131 Hibbard ave., Chicago 

11480a! Sargent, Sara Louise (Miss) 522 Eockton ave., Eockford 

245840 Sater, Eunice Farrar (Miss) Atlanta 

245830 Sater, Helen Maria McCaughey (Mrs Chas. C.) Atlanta 

4302(Z iSatterlee, Emily TVogood (Mrs M. L.) 2704 Michigan ave., Chicago 

7098d Saw^yer, Emma K. S. (Mrs Francis A.) 43 Banks st., Chicago 

3789(Z Scammon, Maria Sheldon (Mrs Jonathan Y.) 5810 Monroe ave., Chicago 

llioSd ,Schaffenberg, Lydia Frances (Miss) 4734 Greenwood ave., Chicago 

1196J Schmidt, Mary Everhart (Mrs Max E.) 51 Deleware Place, Chicago 

6408r Schumacher, Harriet E. (Mrs Bowen W.) Highland Park 

12623a; Scott, Daisy Force (Mrs T. D.) Eockford 

12573(Z Scott, Eliza Gallup (Mrs George Stuart) 456 Elm st., Chicago 

49820 Scott, Julia Green (Mrs Matthew F.) 701 E. Taylor st., Bloomington 

9554«; Scott, Minerva Dunlap (Mrs Edward) West State st., Jacksonville 

90230 Scott, Nora Miser (Mrs Owen) 507 East Front st., Bloomington 

13966d Scribner, Emma Maria Eaton (Mrs S. A.) ^26 Ashland Boulevard, Chicago 

17962(Z Scribner, Etta B. (Mrs Charles E.) 172 East 45th st., Chicago 

17961d; Sears, Laura Eaymond Davidson (Mrs N. C.) 2465 Kenmore ave., Chicago 

12051a; Sears, Louisa Marshall (Mrs Delos) 220 North Winnebago st., Eockford 

*General de Lafayette Chapter, Ind. J Princeton Chapter, N. J. 

fSt. Louis Chapter, Missouri. 



1.4425t Sears, Maybelle Cofeman Tillinghast (Mrs) ..Rockford 

16670; Seavey Anna W. (Mrs Daniel H.) 1138 Sheriden Eoad, Evanston 

9007g Sechler, Juliet McCnlloug-h (Mrs Thomas M.) 1703 6tli ave., Moline 

16676m Seeley, Kate M. (Mrs William L.) 1106 Post st., Ottawa 

19743(Z Selby, Mary J. (Mrs Paul) 3812 Ehodes ave., Chicago. 

19129B Sexton, Marian B. (Mrs William H.) 315 S. 2nd st., Monmouth 

23375f Shaw, Anna Eustace (Mrs Benjamin F.) Dixon 

12272d Shackf ord, Binnie Hatch (Mrs J. M.) Bloomington 

14517a Shay, Marietta B. E. (Mrs J. H.) Streator 

■22636^ Shefler, Florence Geraldine Weber (Mrs Connell B.) 4420 Elils ave., Chicago 

146626 Shellabarger, Mabel Lord (Mrs Lucien) 510 Decatur st., West Decatur 

6379; Shepard, Estelle Marian (Miss) 5526 Madison are., Chicago- 

357(2 Shepard, Frances Welles (Mrs Henry M.) 4445 Grand Boulevard, Chicago 

8732d Shepard, Harriet Williams (Miss) 3235 Indiana ave., Chicago. 

16715 Sherfey, Fanny B. (Miss) Champaign 

668(Z Sherman, Alice Park (Mrs William W.) 2942 Indiana ave., Chicago 

255 Sherman, Evelyn J. Hardin (Mrs F. S.) 545 North State st., Chicago 

514d Sherman, Louise Dickinson (Mrs Penoyer L.) 4634 Lake ave., Chicago 

11890p Sherman, Susan Martling (Mrs Hiram) Lincoln 

13975d Sherwood, Lucinda A. Ware (Mrs Nehemiah) . . . .4712 Madison ave., Chicago 

7095m Sherwood, Phoebe Anthony (Mrs) Ottawa 

24564d Shippey, Lulu Eichards (Mrs Chas. W.) 4365 Lake ave., Chicago 

7760a? Shondy, Sophia George James (Mrs Geoi'ge A.) 933 North 2nd ave., Eockford 
22609* Shover, Eliza Crosby Gibbes (Mrs H. C.) 1 Park Eow, Eoom 701, Chicago. 

16713,0 Shultz, Amanda E. (Mrs Adam C.) Carthage 

10413d Shumway, Emma Beach (Miss) 3551 Indiana ave., Chicago 

1509d Shumway, Grace E. (Mrs Noble C.) 1487 W. Monroe st., Chicago 

2474d Shumway, Mary (Miss) 1574 Monroe st., Chicago 

8215; Simmons, Gertrude E. (Miss) 1512 Maple ave., Evanston 

2473(:Z Simmons, Hattie Bush (Mrs Francis T.) 8 Gordon Terrace, Chicago 

3784(2 Sims, Adaline Louise Drake (Mrs William E.) 6322 Kimbark ave., Chicaga 

12572(2 Sims, Josephine Cramer (Mrs Joshua) 6758 Lowe ave., Chicago) 

509p Sinclair, Judith Parkhurst (Miss) 914 West Monroe st., Chicago 

11885(2 Sinclair, Julia H. Clark (Mrs Albert C.) 2577 Commercial st., Chicago. 

10421(2 Skinner, Ellen M. Hubbard (Mrs Emory K.) 197 44th st., Chicago. 

9975(2 Slack, Harriet H. (Mrs Charles H.) 395 Adams st., Chicago 

9551g Sleight, Florence Dimock (Mrs Edward H.) 2021 3rd ave., Moline 

23370(2 Smith, Addie Thomas (Mrs Edward E.) 158 E. 51st st., Chicaga 

13307M Smith, Adeline Bryant (Miss) 121 South Willow ave., Austin 

15513r Smith, Clara E. (Mrs Albert P.) Highland Park 

214690 Smith Clara Eogers (Miss) 511 West Mulberry st., Bloomington 

214657)1 Smith, Edith Pauline Morgan (Mrs Cornelius K.) Ottawa 

20894(2 Smith, Edna Valentine (Miss) 157 Oakwood Boulevard, Chicaga 

15509? Smith, Elizabeth A. (Mrs Melanchton) . .228 South Oak Park ave., Oak Park 

245820 Smith, Elizabeth Eogers (Mrs Lee) 511 West Mulberry st., Bloomington 

24563(?; Smith, Elizabeth T. (Mrs Jesse W. I.) 3941 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago 

7097(2 Smith, Emma A. (Mrs Perry H.) 43 Banks st., Chicago 

18786$ Smith, Etta Soper (Mrs) 116 E. 45th st., Chicago 

22634 Smith, Ettie Leila (Miss) 710 Clark st., Evanston 

22654A Smith, Eva Munson (Mrs George C.) 511 E. North Grand st., Springfield 

* Augusta Chapter, Georgia. 
J Ft, Stanwix Chapter, N. Y. 

t Gaspee Chapter, R. I. 



4099(Z Smith, Fannie A. (Mrs Marvin E.) 23 Bellevue Place, Chicago 

16084t<; Smith, Florence M. (Mrs Brayton W.) Jacksonville 

818d Smith, Frances B. (Mrs Frederick A.) 205 Goethe st., Chicago 

8370(Z Smith, Frances Sedgwick (Miss) 1718 Indiana ave., Chicago 

11884(Z Smith, Harriette Hotchkiss (Mrs Wyllys K.) Eiverside 

122761* Smith, Jane Folson (Miss) Princeton 

11898m Smith, Jane Hiibbell (Mrs Daniel H.) Princeton 

358d Smith, Jennie Paul (Mrs Ernest L.) 6325 Monroe ave., Chicago 

4l06d Smith, Lillian E. Gallup Pratt (Mrs Edv^^in K.) La Grange 

13298W Smith, Mary E. (Miss) Jacksonville 

13976(? Smith, Mary Potter (Mrs Frank M.) 4620 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago 

20893d Smith, Mary Susan V. F. (Mrs W. W.) 157 Oakwood Boulevard, Chicago 

19117(Z Smith, May Edith Flower (Mrs Monroe A.) 688 North Park ave., Chicago 

16664(Z Smith, Sadie Hall (Mrs Lloyd James) 103 Evanston ave., Chicago 

20243d , Smith, Sarah Gertrude (Miss) 5036 Washington ave., Chicago 

19116d Smith, Susan O. Barker (Mrs Eobert J.) 359 Ashland Boulevard, Chicago 

20276B Smyth, Anna M. Smilie (Mrs John) 523 South 4th st., Monmouth 

776137 Snow, Jane Maria D. (Mrs E. Payson) 706 North Main st., Koekford 

18385d Sommerville, A. Maude (Mrs Eobert) Eiverside 

5875d Soper, Georgia Jackman (Mrs Horace W.) 4004 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago 

11205* Soper, Henrietta Hill (Mrs James P.) 503 Jackson Boulevard, Chicago 

6401a? SpafPord, Abby W. (Mrs Charles H.) 20 South Madison st., Eockford 

BlSla? Spafford, Jessie L (Miss) N. Prospect st., Eockford 

12575d Spaids, Susie E. (Miss) 3245 Indiana ave., Chicago 

23731d Spalding, Jessie (Miss) 1637 Prairie ave., Chicago 

14832p Sparks, Bessie Pegram (Mrs Hos'ea B.) Alton 

23759d Sparks, Katharine Cotton (Mrs Edwin E.) 5741 Monroe ave., Chicago 

6132/ Spining, Frances B. G. (Mrs Charles P.) 1010 Lake st., Evanston 

16710B Spriggs, Eachel D. (Mrs J. S.) South First st., Monmouth 

6753d Springer, Caroline Pierce (Mrs George A.) 3819 Prairie ave., Chicago 

24561d! Squiers, Elizabeth Joanna Benton (Mrs C. S.) 4356 Berkeley ave., Chicago 

19128B Staat, Cordelia Bond (Mrs Henry) Greenbush 

15774t Stahl, M. Katharine (Mrs Cyrus S.) Box 21, Moro 

14787d Starkweather, Estelle Staples (Mrs Frank H.) 586 Dearborn ave., Chicago 

8723a? Starr, Blanche Ellis (Mrs Chandler) 916 North Main st., Eockford 

14512d Starr, Edith B. Hammond (Mrs Western) "The Lexington," Chicago 

19723m Stead, Ida Martin (Mrs William H.) Ottawa 

16335| Stearns, Eleanor Duncan Oliphant (Mrs J. E.) 476 North State st., Chicago 

13991a? Stearns, Nancy Watson (Mrs Lloyd) 328 Horsman st., Eockford 

13855; Stearns, Sylenda Morris (Mrs) 1628 Eidge ave., Evanston 

9021d Stedman, Helen Eliza W. (Mrs Asa Wj Spruce Lodge, Chicago 

4097d Steele, Ella Pratt (Mrs Frederick M.) 3815 Ellis ave., Chicago 

21471^ Stephens, Nannie Stewart (Mrs George A.) 8th st. and 11th ave., Moline 

6761A Stericker, Louise Black (Mrs George F.) 618 South 2nd st., Springfield 

11464« Stevens, Fanny Harper (Miss) Princeton 

12632m Stevens, Mary Knox (Mrs Justus M.) Princeton 

166930 Stevenson, Alice Gildersleeve (Mrs T. W.) 572 East Front st., Bloomington 

9977d Stevenson, Jeannie C. Brayton (Mrs Alexander F.) 378 La Salle ave., Chicago 

6750O Stevenson, Letitia Ewing (Miss) 901 N. McLean st., Bloomington 

26350 Stevenson, Letitia Green (Mrs Adlai Ewing) 901 N. McLean st., Bloomington 

* Ft. Stanwix Chapter, New York. | Capt. Jonathan Oliphant Chapter, New Jersey, 
t St. Louis Chapter, Missouri. 



22638d Stewart, Abbie Kettelle (Mrs Henry Stewart) 306 Schiller st., Chicago 

22656A Stewart, Deane De Haven Eoosa (Mrs) 409 North Church st., Jacksonville 

237821 Stewart, Elizabeth Montgomery (Mrs Wm. McL.) Eock Island 

IdQGlg Stewart, Ellen E. (Mrs James W.) 1803 Jersey st., Quincy 

184005 Stewart, Isabella McK. (Mrs) North 9th st., Monmouth 

202775 Stewart, Julia Maria Eeddout Curtis (Mrs P. L.. .809 E. 2nd ave., Monmouth 

19729JI Stilson, Katherine A. (Mrs Edward H.) Kewanee 

6363d Stockton, Alice Louise (Miss) 410 N. State st., Chicago 

6384; Stockton, Eliza L. (Mrs William E.) 1513 Hinman ave., Evanston 

7096d Stockton, Josephine (Miss) . .care J. T. Stockton, 534 Eookery Bldg., Chicago 

6385; Stockton, Martha C. (Miss) 1513 Hinman ave., Evanston 

7459(? Stone, Adele Chapin Morrison (Mrs W. S.) 30 Hawthorne Place, Chicago 

2377771 Stone, Bertha Waldfon (Mrs Wm. G.) Elgin 

6126; Stone, Eliza Atkins (Miss) 1830 Hinman ave., Evanston 

2655(Z Stone, Fannie J. Wetherell (Mrs Newton E.) 3125 Ehodes ave., Chicago 

445(Z Stone, Harriet H. Leonard (Mrs Leander) 3352 Indiana ave., Chicago 

2654(Z Stone, Martha Jameson (Mrs Melville E.) "Stonehaven," Glencoe 

21474 Stone, Minnie Greene (Mrs Henry J.) Prophetstown 

12611? Storke, Laura Butler Eogers (Mrs Albert F.) 232 Boulevard, Oak Park 

10997t(; Strawn, Almyra Traube (Mrs Gates) West State st., Jacksonville 

20266m Strawn, Florence M. (Mrs Walter D.) Ottawa 

13308a Strite, Inez Fades (Mrs Henry C.) Streator 

3596(Z Strobel, Henrietta B. (Mrs Charles L.) 476 Elm st., Chicago 

19741 Strobhart, Eliza Hamilton Screven (Mrs J.) 684 East 48th st., Chicago 

339cZ Stuart, Frances M. (Mrs Charles B.) 4445 Grand Boulevard, Chicago 

63660 Stubblefield, Elizabeth Savary (Mrs George W.) Waite's Hotel, Bloomington 

14756* Sudler, Susan Culbreth (Mrs Carroll H.) 4257 Grand Boulevard, Chicago 

14631i Sudlow, Mary Cable (Mrs Henry B.) 608 20th st., Eock Island 

11481a; Swan, Lizzie P. (Miss) Eockton 

7157d Sweet, Mary Ellen (Miss) 3006 Lake Parke ave., Chicago 

18386d Swift, Ida M. (Mrs Louis F.) Lake Forest 

6155a? Talcott, Fanny C. (Mrs William A.) 436 North Main st., Eockford 

23803W Taliof erro, Julia (Miss) "The Academy," Jacksonville 

17461; Tallmadge, Mary Eliza (Mrs Lewis C.) 1631 Hinman ave., Evanston 

90290? Taylor, Ama Eobinson (Mrs Horace W.) 729 North Church st., Eockford 

5610 Taylor, Grace Benedict (Mrs Wm. W.) . .420 Washington Boulevard," Chicago 

18418A Taylor, Harriet Eumsey (Miss) 113 West Monroe st., Springfield 

16709a Taylor, Jennie Phelps (Mrs S. E.) Streator 

18280; Taylor, Mabel Merriman (Mrs Peter) 1208 Judson ave., Evanston 

48630 Taylor, Sarah Martin (Mrs James B.) 504 East Walniit st., Bloomington 

9014(Z Teller, Frances L. (Mrs James H.) 4315 Berkeley ave., Chicago 

11463m Templeton, Mandana Stevens (Mrs James Wilson) Princeton 

2121d Ten Eyck, Martha H. (Mrs T.) 5704 Madison ave., Chicago 

14812a; Terwilliger, Maria Gilman (Mrs Irving) Belvidere 

20776(Z Thiele, Bessie Saltniarsh (Mrs Ernest Julius) . . . .6501 Kimbark ave., Chicago 

21957(Z Thomas, Barley (Miss) 5202 Washington ave., Chicago 

16671; Thomas, Evelyn Seavey (Mrs Herbert A.) 1138 Sheriden Eoad, Evanston 

12619s Thompson, Margaret Nevius (Miss) Peoria 

21466m Thomson, Helen F. (Mrs Byron W.) Ottawa 

3780r Thorn, Eliza Dunton (Mrs Francis) Highland Park 

* Jglizabeth Cook Chapter, Delaware. 



184060? Thurston, Imog-ene Seymour (Mrs Wm. H.) Eockford 

139862! Tillapaugh, Elizabeth Machin (Mrs Gilbert) Carthage 

24575f Tillson, Nellie Downs (Mrs) 355 North Galena ave., Dixon 

8736(Z Tisdale, Laura J. (Mrs Geo. M.) 5427 Wasington ave., Chicago 

23751(Z Tobey, Mary Elinor (Miss) 2914 Groveland ave., Chicag-o 

2375S(Z Tobin, Flora Parish (Mrs Saml. C.) 4721 Kimbark ave., Chicago. 

10447Z Todd, Lizzie A. Chandler (Mrs Henry C.) 715 Linden ave.. Oak Park 

23371TO Tomlinson, Eva Baldvi^in (Mrs Joseph) 633 Congress st., Ottawa 

20903; Towne, Julia Rowena Stone (Mrs) 512 Lake st., Evanston 

245850 Townsend, Harriet Eliza Capen (Mrs Joseph) Blooraington 

10998tf; Traube, EUie J. (Miss) W. College ave., Jacksonville 

10412(Z Tracy, Alice E. Salisbury (Mrs F. K.) 545 Jackson Boulevard, Chicago 

13292??i Trask, Helen E. (Mrs Eiverus H.) 228 Clay st., Ottawa 

21467m Trask, Julia E. (Miss) Ottawa 

12266d Trego, Alleen (Miss) 3935 Lake ave., Chicago 

QOlOd I Trego, Medora Harris (Mrs Chas. T.) 3935 Lake ave., Chicago 

16091tt Trimble, Alice McKey (Mrs Cairo) Princeton 

14235 Trimble, Cornelia M. (Mrs Eichard) 1042 N. Halsted st., Chicago 

160950 Triplett, Frances Isabella Perry (Miss) 305 South East st., Bloomington 

3451(Z Trippe, Mattie Walker (Mrs Sylvanus) Lakota Hotel, Chicago 

6505(? Tuck, Anna B. (Mrs George H.) Plymouth 

9534fZ Tucker, Martha Evelina (Miss) 757 West Adams st., Chicago 

20279 Tuller, Grace McDonald (Mrs Wilbur E.) Prophetstowu 

14811* Turkington, Anna Bell (Miss) Eochelle 

14810a? Turkington, Isabel Barrett (Mrs George E.) Eochelle 

3803(Z Turner, M. Evelina (Mrs V. C.) 112 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago 

3781r Turnley, Mary Eyerson Eutter (Mrs Parmenas T.) Higland Park 

7742cZ Tuthill, Anna Hall (Mrs) .4433 Greenwood ave., Chicago 

13994s Tyng, Alice Eiggs (Mrs Alexander G.) 211 Perry ave., Peoria 

12620s Tyng, Lucie Brother son (Mrs Alexander G.) Peoria 

7740(Z Ullery, Flora I. Perry (Mrs Frank B.) 3207 Indiana ave.^ Chicago 

4300(Z Underwood, Caroline Trumbull (Mrs J. Piatt) 4016 Lake ave., Chicago 

17977* Underwood, Georgia Whitaker Lovell (Mrs Wm. T.) Chicago 

23785? Underwood, Maud Peirce (Mrs Fredk. G.) 5425 Ohio st., Austin 

17441f Urion, Mabel Kimball (Mrs Alfred) 79 Bowen ave., Chicago 

12049a? Utter, Ethel Hobart Comings (Mrs Wm. li.) 913 N. Church st., Eockford 

20264(Z Vail, Delphi Elizabeth (Miss) 674 La Salle ave., Chicago 

19730n Vail, Emma Cheney (Mrs Edward M.) Kewanee 

20907r Vail, Jennie McCulloch (Mrs Henry S.) Highland Park 

104446 Vail, Polly Bassett (Miss) 225 North Adams st., Decatur 

12612? Vaile, Emma L, (Mrs Edwin 0.) Oak Park 

7099d Valentine, Mary Beebe (Mrs John) 175 Goethe st., Chicago 

4521? Vandercook, Elsie Peirce (Mrs John D.) Austin 

11460O Vandervort, Hattie Morehouse (Mrs F. C.) 1005 North Main st., Bloomington 

6407r Van Schaick, Ellen Ludington (Mrs A. G.) Highland Park 

11882d Vaughan, Mary Newcomb (Mrs Edward J.) 185 Warren ave., Chicago 

22642(Z Vaux, Carrie Theodora Mayhew (Mrs Frederick T.) . .200 Goethe st., Chicago 

13973(Z Veirs, Lenore Bowyer (Mrs Bazel W.) 179 Park ave., Chicago 

10449? Vosburgh, Annie L. Jones (Mrs Wm. E.) 321 S. Grove ave.. Oak Park 

95470 Wagner, Ella SpafEord (Mrs Henry C.)..1019 North Main st., Bloomington 

340(Z Wait, Chara Conant (Mrs Horatio L.) 4919 Madison ave., Chicago 

* Gen. de Ivafayette Chapter, Indiana. 

t Columbus Chapter, D. C. 



95490 Wakefield, Julia Sherman (Mrs Homer) 411 E. Washington st., Bloomington 
;21952d Wakeman, Armenia Whiting (Mrs Albert C.) 3568 Grand Boulevard, Chicago 

9965(i Waldo, Kate M. Ives (Mrs Otis H.) 4437 Sidney ave., Chicago 

237797t Waldron, Louise Town (Mrs Elisha D.) Elgin 

8729g Walker, Alice Child (Mrs) 1610 8th ave., Moline 

10988i Walker, Anna Guy (Mrs Charles L.) 717 19th st.. Rock Island 

8734(? Walker, Anne Campbell (Miss) 421 Huron st., Chicaga 

23756d Walker, Elia Marsh (Mrs Jas. M.) 1720 Prairie ave., Chicago 

369d Walker, Emeline T. (Mrs James H.) 421 Huron st., Chicago 

16085d Walker, Mary E. (Mrs S. T.) 5604 Jackson ave., Chicago 

65075' Walker, Myra S. (Mrs George W.) "Bellair," Moline 

903237 Walker, Venetia Eebecca Hurd (Mrs) 410 3rd st., Eockford 

132770 Wallace, Gertrude Lightcap (Mrs Edg-ar A.) Havana 

;24602* Walling, Rosalind English (Mrs) 4127 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago 

5110; Wallingford, Laura Houston (Mrs Henry J.) 1315 Davis st., Evanston 

114750? Walton, Alma M. Burbank (Mrs Wm.) 978 N. Church st., Rockford 

6127; Ward, Ella Clara Bradley (Mrs Joseph F.) 725 Hinman ave., Evanston 

8221; Ward, Ellen Roselle (Miss) 1726 Hinman ave., Evanston 

1117; Ward, Ellen C. Gillette (Mrs) 1726 Hinman ave., Evanston 

6128; Ward, Estelle Frances (Miss) 725 Hinman ave., Evanston 

8375(Z Ward, Isabella Hinman (Mrs Charles A.) 1813 Hinman ave., Evanston 

166840 Ward, Martha Pierce T. (Mrs J. N.)...4I0 E. Washing'ton st., Bloomington 

8220; Ward, Sarah Gillette (Miss) 1726 Hiram ave., Evanston 

"12579(Z Wardner, Sylvia J:^ne Mallett Jenkins (Mrs P. J.) . .4108 Lake ave., Chicago 

18426f Warner, Harriette King Young (j\Irs H. D.) Washington ave., Chicago 

2319r Warren, Annie Rhees Hammond (Mrs Charles H.) Highland Park 

9988a; Warren, Claire Louise (Miss) 711 IST. Main st., Rockford 

109776 Warren, Emma Powers (Mrs John K.) 437 N. Main st., Decatur 

9537d Washburn, Rebecca H. (Mrs Frank) 324 41st st., Chicago 

12594g Waterman, Mary (Miss) 1716 5th ave., Moline 

19740(Z Watson, Mary L. Frailey (Mrs J. S.) 858 Washington Boulevard, Chicago 

22643d Webster, Floi Edna (Miss) 42 Ogden ave., Chicago 

17971i? Webster, Susan Isabelle Nye (Mrs John R.)..204 W. Broadway, Monmouth 

12268 Weeks, Harriet Z. Morse (Mrs Benjamin F.) Evanston 

12590M) Weir, Fannie Bancroft (Mrs Miller) Jacksonville 

13284s Weirick, Margaret A. (Miss) Washington 

12615m Weis, Florence Nash (Mrs Edmund W.) Prospect ave., Ottawa 

9980d Welch, Ellen W. Howard (Mrs E. G.) Continental Hotel, Chicago 

81190 Welch, Emily Beath (Mrs Frank J.) 814 N. Main st., Bloomington 

23742d Welch, Laura King (Mrs Leon C.) 4807 Madison ave., Chicago 

8372(i Welles, Isabella Woodbridge (Miss) 1942 Deming Place, Chicago 

8371d Welles, Mary Woodbridge (Mrs B. W.) • 1942 Deming Place, Chicaga 

13972d Welling, Charlotte Paul (Mrs John C.) 4950 Greenwood ave., Chicago 

9423| Wellington, Martha Katharine (Mrs Chas. L.) 299 E. 47th st., Chicago 

12576(Z Wells, Alice Giddings (Mrs Frank) 19 Groveland Park, Chicago 

166666 Wells, Elizabeth H. Jack (Mrs William T.) Decatur 

19144a Wells, Henrietta E. (Mrs) Streator 

9546a? Wells, Julia Frances (Miss) 710 N. Church st., Rockford 

22645"d Wells, Kate Patten (Mrs Willis J.) ' 3753 Ellis ave., Chicago 

166860 Welty, Gertrude Ball (Mrs Sain) 612 E. Grove st., Bloomington 

5740d West, Anna Ogden (Mrs Frederick T.) 613 Division st., Chicago 

* Caroline Scott Harrison Chapter, Indiana, 
t Martha Washington Chapter, Iowa. 

I Milwaukee Chapter, Wisconsin. 



776237 West, Lillian Drennen Eiley (Mrs Elliott) 607 N. 2nd st., Eockford 

10417d Weston, Lillian E. (Miss) 6346 Star ave., Chicago 

81320? Weyburn, H. Helena (Mrs Lewis A.) 844 N. Church st., Eockford 

14516 White, Ella M. (Miss) Hanover 

3794d White, Emma Gertrude (Miss) 1032 Chicago ave., Evanston 

8217; White, Jane Hutchins (Miss) 421 Greenv^oo'd Boulevard, Evanston 

6368; White, Lucy Elizabeth (Miss) 1305 Forest ave., Evanston 

10432a; White, Mary Hodge Swan (Mrs John K.) 617 Chestnut st., Eockford 

6144; Whitely, Caroline J. (Mrs Eobert J.) 1813 Hinman ave., Evanston 

6137; Whitely, Elizabeth (Miss) 1813 Hinman ave., Evanston 

12052i Whitman, Clara (Miss) 17th st. and 5th ave., Eock Island 

■20263d Whiton, Louise (Miss) Hotel Metropole, Chicago 

17470Z Wickes, Mary Dean (Mrs Wm. E.) 238 Kenilworth ave., Oak Park 

23129WI Widmer, Jessie Law (Miss) Ottawa 

23128m Widmer, Mary Edna (Miss) Ottawa 

12278TO Widmer, Sophronia (Mrs John H.) Ottawa 

545860' Wilber, Flora (Miss) Moline 

237787), Wilcox, Lois Amelia (Mrs John S.) 456 Douglas ave., Elgin 

237960 Wilcox, Minnie Davidson (Mrs Frederick W.) Minonk 

6131; Wilder, Laura Hurlburt (Mrs John E.) 1507 Hinman ave., Evanston 

2320(Z Wiles, Alice Bradford (Mrs Eobert H.) 5545 Monroe ave., Chicago 

238055 Willeutt, Eleanora Smith (Mrs Washington) 315 S. B st., Monmouth 

4108a Williams, Catherine E. (Mrs S. W.) 702 Broadway, Streator 

5219d Williams, Jane Katharine B. (Mrs Frank) 35 33rd st., Chicago 

6369; Williams, Lida W. (Mrs C. L.) 205 Greenwood Boulevard, Evanston 

23725a Williams, Mary Baldwin (Mrs Einaldo) Streator 

139850 Williams, Sue A. (Miss) Carthage 

21468ni Willis, Juanita Morgan (Mrs Seth S.) Ottawa 

6140; Willis, Marcia S. K. (Mrs Edwin E.) 210 Davis st., Evanston 

14825 Willis, Mary Beasley (Miss) 726 University ave., Champaign 

17965; Wilson, Alice J. Tousey (Mrs Hugh E.) . .Forest ave. and Davis st., Evanston 

14826.9 Wilson, Annie Paget (Miss) 1617 Hampshire st., Quincy 

23760(Z Wilson, Belle (Miss) 600 W. 62nd st., Chicago 

6157d Wilson, Flora Eipley (Mrs John E.) 434 N. State st., Chicago 

5113(Z Wilson, Margaret C. (Miss) 564 Dearborn ave., Chicago 

705d Wilson, Margaret Catherine McHvaine (Mrs J. P.) 564 Dearborn ave., Chicago 

17966; Wilson, Mary Tousey (Miss) Evanston 

3S05g Wiman, Anna Deere (Mrs Wm. D.) "Overlook," Moline 

3457d Winslow, Mary Jameson (Mrs John H.) Glencoe 

20905 Winterbotham, Elizabeth Miller (Mrs Wm. W.)..220 Cuyler ave.. Oak Park 

14831p Wodeski, Josephine Virginia Davis (Mrs Edward L.) Lincoln 

179721(7 Wolfe, Emma J. (Mrs W.) . : 328 W. Court st., Jacksonville 

13296Z Wood, Caroline Couch (Miss) 308 N. Oak Park ave.. Oak Park 

11509M7 Wood, Emily Dunlap (Mrs Norman N.) Jacksonville 

132951; Wood, Frances Adeline (Mrs Wm. H.) 308 N. Oak Park ave., Oak Park 

10984? Wood, Lettie Bishop (Mrs Frederick H.) 408 Oak Park ave.. Oak Park 

20262d Wood, Myrtle Heath (Mrs John H.) 5806 Eosalie Court, Chicago 

18394fir Woodall, Adelaide H. (Mrs French B.) Quincy 

23768/= Woodbridge, Anna Eliza (Miss) Dixon 

10437r Woodbury, Marah Bond (Mrs George T.) Highland Park 

22653 Woodrow, Ella Margaret (INIiss) Pontiac 



22652 Woodrow, Ida Watson (Miss) Pontiac 

139920 Woodrow, Peorah Underwood (Mrs Jolin W.) Pontiac 

11893a? Woodruff, Fannie Stevens (Mrs George L.) 975 .N. Church st., Eockford 

139635' Woodruff, Frances Eugenia (Mrs) 329 N. 8th st., Quincy 

14827f7 Woodruff, Theresa Dewey (Miss) Quincy 

14790 Woods, Harriet de K. (Mrs Arthur T.) 45 Cedar st., Chicago 

17684(Z Woods, Helen M. (Mrs) 51st st. and Indiana ave., Chicago 

4783(Z Woodward, Ellen E. Langdon (Mrs George W.) . .1917 Diversey ave., Chicago 

160881! Worthington, Winifred Lyman (Mrs Harry C.) Oak Park 

13273d (Wright, Adele C. (Mrs Parry L.) 193 E. 30th st., Chicago 

8728g Wright, Eluvia E. (Miss) 626 17th st., Moline 

9966d Wright, Fannie C. (Miss) 1817 Barry ave., Chicago 

8731d |Wright, Fannie Louise (Mips) 388 W. Adams st., Chicago 

166870 Wright, Frances May Correll (Mrs Isaac N.) Jefferson st., Bloomington 

13274d Wright, Sarah L. Peck (Mrs E.) 2659 Kenmore ave., Edgewater, Chicago 

8218; Wyman, Ellen Lee (Mrs Eichard H.) 806 Forest ave., Evanston. 

6154A Yates, Frances Elizabeth (Miss) 400 W. Cook st., Springfield 

6152A Yates, Grace Eliska (Miss) 400 W. Cook st., Springfield 

6153A Yates, Julia Stith (Miss) 400 W. Cook st., Springfield 

3791d Yoe, Ellen Beall (Mrs Charles C.) "The Virginia," Chicago 

18401S Young, Addie Smith (Mrs Archie C.) 416 N. 1st st., Monmouth 

18427* Young, Eliza Curtis Woodward (Mrs Henry C.) . . 6110 Kimbark ave., Chicago 

3807? Young, Elizabeth Carpenter (Mrs H. P.) 434 Kenilworth ave., Oak Park 

9982 Young, Ellurah Mergue (Mrs) 3144 Dearborn st., Chicago 

19133t Young, Verna Tracy Olds (Mrs Eobert G.) Eock Island. 


State Kegent 1897, Mrs C. C. Foster, 1414 N. Pennsylvania st., Indianapolis 
1898, " E. A. Atkins, 1312 N. Meridian st., Indianapolis- 


(8 organized; 12 unorganized) 

a. Brazil 


Eegent, Mrs Abigail D. Hawkins. Appointed June 6, 1895 

b. Caroline Scott Harrison Chapter — Indianapolis 

Organised February 21, 1894; Members 118 (Wisconsin, 2; Illinois, 1; Neio York, 2/ 
District of Columbia, 1; Colorado, 1;) 

Eegent, Mrs Albert Baker 
Vice-Eegent, Miss Eliza G. Browning 
Secretary, Mrs Geo. Sloan 

Treasurer, Miss Brooke Grif&n 
Eegistrar, Mrs J. IST. Harty 
Historian, Mrs J. M. Winters 

Martha Washington Chapter, Iowa. 


c. Dorotliy Q. Chapter — Crawfordsville 

. Organized January 31, 1898; Members, 18 

Regent, Mrs Josephine T. Thomas Treasurer, Mrs Eose Campbell 

Secretary, Mrs Sophia C. Eistine Registrar, Miss L. Bell Sprague 

Historian, Miss Lilian W. Blair 

d. Fort Wayne 

Regent, Mrs S. B. Brown. Apppointed October 4, 1894 

e. General De Lafayette Chapter — Lafayette 

Organized April 21, 1894; Members 89 (Illinois, 4; California, 1; Montana, 1; West Vir- 
ginia, 1; New York, 1; Connecticut, 1; Ohio, 1; Minnesota, 1; Virginia, 
1; foreign 1 J 

Regent, Mrs James Fowler Cor. Sec, Miss H. B. Foresman. 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Thos. Andrew Treasurer, Miss Sue Boggs 

Recording Sec, Mrs C. H. Ankney Registrar, Mrs H. W. Moore 

Historian, Miss Kate Andrew 

f. General Van Bensselaer Chapter — Rensselaer 

Organized June 4, 1896; Members, 28 (Iowa, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Thomas J. McCoy Treasurer, Mrs Charles C. Starr 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Elizabeth Purcupile Registrar, Mrs Robert Randle 

Secretary, Mrs Charles W. Coen Historian, Miss Sue Parker 

g. Goshen 

Regent, Mrs Elizabeth J. Latta. Appointed November 4, 1897 

h. Huntington Chapter — Huntington 

Organized December 16, 1897; Members, 23 

Regent, Mrs Anna S. Hawley Cor. Sec, Mrs H. S. Wells 

Vice-Regent, Mrs E. L. Griffith Treasurer, Mrs J. Y. Alexander 

Recording Sec, Mrs W. C. Windle Registrar, Mrs E. Y. Taylor 

Historian, Mrs N. Simons 

i. Jonathan Jaquess Chapter — Posejrville 


Regent, Mrs Sarah E. J. Bozeman. Apppointed June 6, 1895 

j. La Grange 


Regent, Mrs-IST. Adaline Machan. Appointed January 27, 1898 


150 DIEECTOET, D. A. E. 

k. Lawrenceburg 

Members, 5 
Eegent, Mrs Caroline M. Hayes. Appointed March 7, 1895 

1. New Albany 

Members, 12 
Eegent, Miss Mary E. Cardwill. Appointed April 4, 1895 

m. Paul Revere Chapter — Muncie 

Organized January 19, 1897; Members, 16 

Eegent, Mrs W. H. Marsh Secretary, Mrs Thaddeus A. Neely 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Eobt. Hemingray Treasurer, Mrs Julius Heinsohn 

Registrar, Miss Nannie C. Love 

n. Princeton 

Eegent, Mrs Kate K. Stormont. Appointed May 7, 1896 

b. Sarah. McCalla Chapter— Ellettsville 

Members, 6 (Illinois, 1; Missouri, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Laura D. Worley. Appointed October 3, 1895 

p. Shelbyville 

Eegent, Mrs S. Frances Cory Major. Appointed October 7, 1897 

q. Spencer Chapter — Spencer 

Organized April 1, 1897; Members, IS 

Eegent, Mrs Lovinia H. Fowler Treasurer, Mrs Sarah B. Peden 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Margaretta Miller Eegistrar, Mrs Mary H. Banta 

Secretary, Miss Gertrude Morgan Historian, Miss Grace Eichards 

r. "Vanderburgh Chapter — Evansville 

Organized November 18, 1896; Members, 17 

Eegent, Mrs A. S. Butterfield Treasurer, Mrs John Ingle 

Vice-Eegent, Miss Cornelia Palmer Eegistrar, Dr. Frances Cantrell 

Secretary, Mrs E. F. Sountag Historian, Mrs Helen Ames 

s. Warsaw 


Eegent, Mrs Flora E. Frazer. Appointed November 5, 1898 


Membees Residing in the State 


20281& Aikins, Ida Dredg-e (Miss) 12 The Blacherne, Indianapolis 

20923ft jAlexander, Martha M. Kerlin (Mrs J. T)..226 N. Jefferson st., Huntington 

22658c Alexander, Mary Taylor (Mrs Albert J.) Crawfordsville 

1575r Ames, Helen Dodg-e (Mrs) 405 Second st., Evansville 

95566 Anderson, Fidelia (Miss) 307 N. Delaware st., Indianapolis 

9040c Anderson, Jane Rose C. (Mrs Albert B.) Crawfordsville 

3779e Andress, Mary Elizabeth Wood (Mrs Edgar H.) . .79 S. Ninth st., Lafayette 

5215e Andrew, Katherine Louise (Miss) West Lafayette 

6511e Andrew, Lida A. (Mrs Thomas M.) '. West Lafayette 

11069e Ankeny, Alice Henrietta (Miss) Cor. 9th and South sts., Lafayette 

92686 Ankeny, Carrie Strickland (Mrs Chas H.) . .cor. 9th and South sts., Lafayette 

3580 Applegate, Annie M. (Mrs George W.) Corydon 

23646 Atkins, Sarah P. (Mrs Elias C.) 1312 N. Meridian st., Indianapolis 

20291f Austin, Louie Hammond (Mrs William B.) Rensselaer 

9568 Ayer, Isabel Dempsey (Mrs Joseph Van E.) Brazil 

100026 Baker, Anna Campbell (Mrs Albert).. 760 N. Pennsylvania st., Indianapolis 

219686 Baldwin, Helen G. (Miss) 725 N. Pennsylvania st., Indianapolis 

3144e Ball, Annette Winter (Mrs C. Gordon) 3 S. 6th st., Lafayette 

20296c Ballard, Jessie Lee Thompson (Mrs A. B.) Sherwood Place, Crawfordsville 

191456 Bals, Carrie Tarlton (Mrs H. C. G.) 210 College ave., Indianapolis 

16719* Banister, Euretta Coleman (Miss) 49 W. Berry st.. Fort Wayne 

16720* Banister, Louisa Webb (Mrs T. Lewis) 49 W. Berry st.. Fort Wayne 

14842? Banta, May Heckman (Mrs D. B.) Spencer 

119026 Barbour, Julie Sutliffe (Mrs G. R.)... Plaza, Monument Place, Indianapolis 

202826 Barrows, Ella Helena White H. (Mrs W. F.) .1700 N. Illinois st., Indianapolis 

12064fc Bauer, Evangeline Hayes (Mrs) Lawrenceburgh 

95616 Beeson, R. Katharine (Miss) 130 N. 8th st., Lafayette 

9045g Biggs, Frances Febinger (Miss) Spencer 

11904? Biggs, Mary Elizabeth Langdon (Mrs Thomas R.) Spencer 

21962ft Bippus, Sarah Ann (Mrs George J.) Huntington 

18419g Bladen, Mary Coffey (Miss) Spencer 

22660c Blair, Lilian Whitney (Miss) Crawfordsville 

119035 Bliss, Margaret Hooker (Mrs H. R.) 16 Woodruff Place, Indianapolis 

120616 Boggs, Frances Lane Stearns (Mrs John M.) West Lafayette 

9039e Boggs, Lucre tia Lawrence (Miss) West Lafayette 

13316f Bosthwick, Frances E. (Mrs Lathrope A.) Rensselaer 

82236 Bowman, Allie Jacquess (Mrs Chas.) 50 West St. Joseph st., Indianapolis 

9043 Bozeman, Sarah E. J. (Mrs) Poseyville 

22659c Briggs, Caroline Crane (Mrs Benjamin B.) Crawfordsville 

11502c Britton, Sada (Miss) Crawfordsville 

226666 Brower, Martha Sawyer (Miss) 119 W. 11th st., Indianapolis 

50126 Brown, Cornelia Garvin (Mrs William J.) . .503 N. Delaware st., Indianapolis 

155296 Brown, Eva Louise Welch (Mrs Eugene C.) S. 9th st., Lafayette 

4092 Brown, Minnie Graves (Mrs Seneca B.) 102 Berry st.. West, Fort Wayne 

52136 Browning, Eliza (Tordon (Miss) 605 Capital ave., N. Indianapolis 

57236 Browning, Maria Frazee (Mrs Henry L.)..605 Capital ave., N. Indianapolis 

37786 Bruce, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 12th and Roberts sts., Lafayette 

209096 Burdsal, Emma Bryan (Mrs Alfred) Indianapolis 

* Elizabeth Kenton Chapter, Kentucky. 



5488* Burtis, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 530 Lafayette ave., Buffalo 

15527 Bush, Ada (Miss) Eichmond 

219696 Butler, Martha Ellen Meek (Mrs O^dd D.) 67 Blacherne st., Indianapolis 

12639r Butterfield, Willie Dyer (Mrs Algernon S.) 711 2d ave., Evansville 

15523& Bybee, Jesse Siddall (Miss) Indianapolis 

4911& Bybee, Mary Isabella Marble (Mrs Addison) . ."The Denison," Indianapolis. 

243 12f Calder, Anna Merrill McCall (Mrs William) Connorsville 

22662c Campbell, Mary Johnston (Mrs John Lyle) Crawfordsville 

14647r Cantrell, Frances A. (Miss) 507 First st., Evansville 

23810? Cardwill, Anna E. (Miss) 318 5th st., New Albany 

8399? Cardwill, Mary E. (Miss) 318 E. 5th st., New Albany 

191466 |Carey, Mary Stewart (Mrs John N.) 660 N. Meridian st., Indianapolis. 

6124e Camahan, Jessie V. T. (Mrs Edward J.) 107 Brown st., Lafayette 

7467 Camahan, Louise (Miss) Fort Wayne 

11496e Carnahan, Sarah Catherine Eobinson (Mrs A. G.) . .107 Brown st., Lafayette 

77646 Camahan, Susan E. (Mrs James E.) Woodruff Place, Indianapolis 

114976 Carstensen, Mary Eutherford Thomas (Mrs G. A.) .36 W. 2d st., Indianapolis 

74696 Cary, Jessie F. L. (Mrs Frank M.) 110 N. 6th st., Lafayette 

14007f Chapman, Blanche H. (Mrs James) Eensselaer 

120620 Chapman, Mamie Kincaid (Mrs Homer O'N.) Bloominglon 

57216 Chislett, Margaret Dwight (Mrs Frederick W.) Crown Hill, Indianapolis 

202836 Claypool, Mary Buckner Eoss (Mrs Jefferson H.) Indianapolis 

20922f Coen, Agnes Brown (Mrs Charles W.) Eensselaer 

21965e Coleman, Harriet Mary (Miss) Logansport 

110966 Coleman, Sallie Downing (Mrs Wm. H.)..1006 N. Meridian st., Indianapolis 

1440 Colfax, Ellen Wade (Mrs) South Be^d 

14840r Collins, Eosalie Allan (Miss) 122 Walnut st., Evansville 

19919| Compton, Eva Potts (Mrs Frank) 39 Woodruff Place, Indianapolis 

22661c Crane, Mary Campbell (Mrs Benjamin) Crawfordsville 

23813e Crouse, Bertha Barr (Miss) 10 Cason st., Lafayette 

12636r Cunningham, Susan Garvin (Mrs George A.) 1009 Upper First st., Evansville 

20298 Daily, Barbara (Miss) 811 Chestnut st., Columbus 

13318m Daily, Helen W. (Miss) 1016 E. Main st., Muncie 

18319m Daily, Katherine D. (Miss) 1016 E. Main st., Muncie 

119006 Dale, Adelaide Gallup (Mrs Chas. A.).. 865 Meridian st., North Indianapolis 

191476 Darlington, Elsie Wills B. (Mrs F. G.) 676 N. Delaware st., Indianapolis 

95690 Davis, Florence (Miss) Ellettaville 

49916 Dean, Kate Noble (Mrs Edward H.) 673 N. Meridian st., Indianapolis 

202846 Denny, Carrie Wright (Mrs Caleb S.) . .673 N. Pennsylvania st., Indianapolis 

23811? Dewhurst, Emma (Miss) Silver Hills, New Albany 

21479?!. Dick, Sarah McGrew (Mrs Julius) 201 N. Jefferson st., Huntington 

1702r Dodge, Jane Varick (Miss) 405 2d st., Evansville 

209106 Dunn, Catherine (Miss) 801 Senate ave., N Indianapolis 

11503m Durham, Ella Edwards (Mrs James E.) 314 S. Jefferson st., Muncie 

57226 Edwards, Alice (Miss) Crowna Hill, Indianapolis 

71086 Ellsworth, Mariem Smith (Mrs Edward A.) 32 Perrin ave., Lafayette 

10004? Evans, Annie Elizabeth (Mrs) 87 Park ave., New Albany 

23812? Fawcett, Helen Mae (Mrs Elwood) E. Spring and 9th sts., New Albany 

2337771 Felter, Edna Belle Simons (Mrs Frank) 58 William st., Huntington 

10452 Fitch, Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs Charles B.) Fort Wayne 

46956 Flather, Harriet Frances L. (Mrs John J.) 160 South st., Lafayette 

* Buflfalo Chapter, New York. 
t Joseph Spencer Chapter, Ohio. 

J Capt. Jonathan Oliphant Chapter, New Jersey. 



155246 Folger, Maria Elizabeth Cole (Mrs Albert G.) Indianapolis 

11498 Forde, Anna L. (Mrs) Matthews 

7767e Foresman, Harriet Bertha (Miss) 65 N. 4th st., Lafayette 

214807^ Forman, Eose Hibbitt (Miss) : Huntington 

7113e Fort, Florence Hester Hanna (Mrs Earle) Cason st., Lafayette 

1999& Foster, Harriet Mclntyre (Mrs C. C.) . .1414 N. Pennsjdvania st., Indianapolis 

246040 Foster, Mary Maclntyre (Miss) 1414 N. Pennsylvania st., Indianapolis 

9566g Fowler, Edna (Miss) Spencer 

16717e Fowler, Eva Hedges Gross (Mrs James M.) S. 9th st., Lafayette 

9567^ |Fowler, Lovina H. (Mrs Inman H.) Spencer 

10453c Frazer, Flora Kistine (Mrs Wm. D.) 122 S. High st., Warsaw 

245976 Fuller, Violette M. (Mrs G. Edward) . .2128 N. Pennsylvania st., Indianapolis 

12637r Garvin, Susan Morris (Mrs Thomas E., Jr.)... 428 Chandler ave., Evansville 

238207c Gatch, Fannie Lozier (Mrs James D.) Lawrenceburg 

8741e Gerrish, Carolyn Moody (Miss) Bloomington 

16716g Green, Ivy (Miss) Martinsville 

24610? Greene, Anna White Hedden (Mrs Frank C.) New Albany 

209186 Greenhalgh, Harriet M. Partridge (Mrs William L.) Perrin ave., Lafayette 

20294 Greer, Clara M. (Miss) 20 Erie st., Fort Wayne 

83966 Griffin, Brook (Miss) 273 Capital ave.. North Indianapolis 

83976 Griffin, Martha Bright (Miss) 273 Caijital ave., North Indianapolis 

20924ft Griffith, Ella Wintrode (Mrs Edward L.) . . .198 N. Jefferson st., Huntington 

45286 Griffith, Caroline H. (Mrs John L.) 665 N. Delaware st., IndianapoKa 

23809i Gwin, Martha T. H. (Mrs Frank) New Albany 

5867e Hanna, Fannie Virginia Weaver (Mrs Joseph S.) Ferry st., Lafayette 

2962e Hatcher, Georgia H. Stockton (Mrs Eobert S.) Stockton Place, Lafayette 

8391 Hawkins, Abigail D. (Mrs W. B.) Brazil 

214766 Hawkins, Martha Loomis H. (Mrs K. 0.) 724 Capital ave., N. Indianapolis 

18431/1 Hawley, Anna Sturtevant (Mrs W. W.) 213 N. Jefferson st., Huntington 

20926/1 Hawley, Louisa J. (Mrs David M.) 73 E. State st., Huntington 

209116 Hay, Mary Garrett (Miss) 661/0 N. Penn st., Indianapolis 

3777A; Hayes, Caroline Major (Mrs Ezra G.) Lawrenceburg 

23808? Hedden, Fannie M. (Miss) 1626 Dewey st.. New Albany 

246097 Hedden, Theodosia E. (Miss) New Albany 

20925/1 Heiney, Delia Miller (Mrs Ean B.) 67 E. State st., Huntington 

8136m Heinsohn, Elizabeth Kirby (Mrs Julius A.) E. Main st., Muneie 

6365m Hemingray, Nannie Taylor (Mrs Robert C.) E. Washington st., Muneie 

191486 Herod, Mary Applegate (Mrs W. P.) 661 N. Meridian st., Indianapolis 

133106 Hess, Martha Donnally (Mrs) 820 N. Alabama st., Indianapolis 

118996 Hibben, Jeanie Merrill Ketcham (Mrs T. E.) . .750 College ave., Indianapolis 

202856 Hodges, Laura Fletcher (Mrs E. V.) 302 N. Meridian st., Indianapolis 

20292f Holingsworth, Fannie M. Allen (Mrs E. L.) Rensselaer 

83936 Holliday, Evaline Macfarlane (Mrs J. H.) . .601 N. Meridian st., Indianapolis 

95596 Holliday, Lucy Bedd (Mrs William J.) 241 N. Meridian st., Indianapolis 

I3314f Honan, Margaret Ellen (Mrs Edward P.) Rensselaer 

90346 Hurty, Ethel Johnston (Mrs John N.) 29 E. 2d st., Indianapolis 

2331r Ingle, Mary Van Hook (Mrs John) 708 2d st., Evansville 

77656 Jackson, Mary Barbour (Mrs) Illinois and 5th sts., Indianapolis 

23821 James, Carrie P. (Mrs) Brazil 

63596 Jameson, Maria Butler (Mrs Patrick H.) 330 Broadway, Indianapolis 

21966e Jennings, Marion Elizabeth Mason (Mrs Henry A.) Lafayette 

21478 Johnson, Eliza (Mrs) Ligonier 

246117 Johnson, Margaret Mitchell (Mrs Richard M.) 526 Bank st., New Albany 



9036& Johnston, Elizabeth Stephens P. (Mrs J. F.) . .388 N. Illinois st., Indianapolis 

11070?) Jones, Catharine Lowes (Mrs John W.) 172 E. St. Clair st., Indianapolis 

17976e Jones, Mary Elizabeth Taylor (Mrs Edgar T.) Lahr House, Lafayette 

3758& Judah, Mary Jameson (Mrs John M.) 330 Broadway, Indianapolis 

2092771 Kelly, Mattie Winters (Mrs W. S.) 35 Poplar st., Huntington 

23816ft Kenner, Mabel (Miss) 29 Henry st., Huntington 

23817ft Kenner, Prudence (Miss) 29 Henry st., Huntington 

9041fc Kerr, Delight Benton (Mrs Walter) P. O. Box 165, Aurora 

19151OT Kirby, Edith Elizabeth (Miss) 408 E. Jackson st., Muncie 

9046TO Kirby, Susan (Miss) S. Mulberry st., Muncie 

23815ft Kirkpatrick, Phebe Finley (Mrs Chas. C.) Huntington 

179796 Korbly, Mary Antoinette Bright (Mrs C. A.) . .123 E. North st., Indianapolis 

5716e Lancaster, Sarah Annette B. (Mrs Henry H.) West Lafayette 

13312& Langdon, Elsie L. (Miss).. 1028 N. Alabama st., Morton Place, Indianapolis 

9572* Latta, Elizabeth Jack (Mrs James M.) Goshen 

77690 Levering, Katherine Natalie (Miss) 137 N. 10th st., Lafayette 

4093e Levering, Julia Henderson (Mrs Mortimer) 40 N. 6th st., Lafayette 

43486 Lilley, Jeanie Daniels (Mrs James E.) 26 E. 2d st., Indianapolis 

202866 Lilly, Virginia Conway (Mrs) 510 N. Delaware st., Indianapolis 

7468e Lingle, Frances Elizabeth Dodge (Mrs Wm. S.) 2 Lingle ave., Lafayette 

9042 Lockwood, Mary Waters (Mrs) Posey ville 

90376 Lodge, Harriet Newell (Mrs James I.). 433 N. Pennsylvania st., Indianapolis 

12067/" Long, Elizabeth Purcupile (Mrs Abraham) , Rensselaer 

14006/" Loughridge, Candace Letitia (Mrs James H.) Rensselaer 

6770tJt Love, Edith Maclure (Miss) 401 E. Washington st., Muncie 

6769m Love, Nannie Campbell (Miss) 401 E. Washington st., Muncie 

110716 Lowe, Martha A. Tuttle (Mrs Richard H.) . .276 N. Alabama st., Indianapolis 

71096 Lyman, Ella Louise Spears (Mrs. B.) . .519 N. Pennsylvania st., Indianapolis 

148390 Lynn, Ella Irene Adkin (Mrs James E.) Bloomington 

126336 McBride, Belle Taylor (Miss) 112 South st., Lafayette 

18376f McClaughry, Helen Demmond (Mrs Charles C.) Michigan City 

24612r McCoy, Effie Carr (Mrs Pitt Y.) Evansville 

6361/= McCoy, Harriet Taylor (Mrs Thomas J.) Rensselaer 

12068/= McCoy, Mary Jane (Mrs Alfred) Rensselaer 

21481ft Machan, N. Adaline McClaskey (Mrs E. G.) La Grange 

11500 McNutt, Mary Korbly (Mrs John G.) 532 S. 5th st.. Terra Haute 

23806? Maginness, Frances Rice (Mrs Edmund A.) . .1214 E. Spring st.. New Albany 

83986 Maguire, Carrie Conant (Mrs Charles) 574 N. Pennsylvania st., Indianapolis. 

19749 Major, S. Frances Cory (Mrs William S.) Shelbyville 

191496 Malatt, Mary Florence (Miss) 288 N. Delaware st., Indianapolis. 

245986 Malott, Caroline Grace (Miss) 524 N. Delaware st., Indianapolis. 

6768m Marsh, Martha Richardson (Mrs William N.) Muncie 

226676 Marshall, Caroline L. (Mrs Robert M.) 719 W. 11th st., Indianapolis. 

246036 Marshall, Sara G. (Miss) 119 W. 11th st., Indianapolis 

133096 Mayo, Abby Richmond (Mrs Ed. H.). .562 N. Pennsylvania st., Indianapolis. 

23819m Meeks, Carrie Gertrude (Mrs Martin L.) Muncie 

20934r Menzies, Juliette (Miss) Mount Vernon 

20935r Menzies, Mary (Miss) Mount Vernon 

29606 Merrill, Catharine (Miss) 227 Capitol ave., N. Indianapolis 

12070f Meyer, Alice Cora Hopkins (Mrs Frank B.) Rensselaer 

202876 Milbum, Lucy Fitch McDowell (Mrs J. A.) . .32 E. Vermont st., Indianapolis; 

Phoebe Bayard Chapter, Pennsylvania. 

Chicago Chapter, Illinois. 



11260* Millard, Lydia Gilbert (Mrs Charles S.) 655 N, Delaware st., Indianapolis 

11262* Millard, Sarah Gilbert (Miss) 655 N. Delaware st., Indianapolis 

9044(j' Miller, Margaretta Big-gs (Mrs Charles H.) Spencer 

i4005f Mills, Anna E. Smith (Mrs Charles E.) Rensselaer 

35528 Mix, Zella Kenyon (Mrs Melville W.) Mishawaka 

16722f Moody, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) Eensselaer 

12065f Moody, Mary Jane (Mrs Granville) Rensselaer 

246056 Mooney, Winifred Hunter (Mrs William A.) Columbus 

8400e Moore, Cora Howe (Mrs Hiram W.) 84 S. 9th st., Lafayette 

20928A Moore, Dessie (Miss) N. Jefferson st., Huntington 

19745^ Moore, Dinah Evans (Mrs W. E Rensselaer 

14000g Morgan, Gertrude (Miss) Spencer 

17981& Morrison, Fannie Wood (Mrs Lewis). .187 N. Pennsylvania st., Indianapolis 

148376 Morrison, Grace Wilson (Mrs Chas.) Grandview ave. & 21st st., Indianapolis 

49936 Morrison, Mabel Cobb (Mrs Frank A.) 316 Park ave., Indianapolis 

12071f Murray, Charlotte O'Neal Hester (Mrs George E.) Rensselaer 

9999OT Neely, Harriet Huston (Mrs Thaddeus A.) 331 E. Main st., Muncie 

148386 Newcomer, Nannie Irwin (Miss) 22 Home ave., Indianapolis 

202886 Niblack, Sarah Lydia (Miss) 77 W. North st., Indianapolis 

191506 Nicholson, Emily Meredith (Mrs Ed. W.) . .1033 Capitol ave., N. Indianapolis 

16762f Norton, Virginia Field (Mrs Henry M.) 52 E. Maple st., Jeffersonville 

90386 Nowland, Justine (Miss) Waverly ave., Indianapolis 

5714OT Olcott, Margaret Elizabeth Putnam (Mrs Edward) Muncie 

20295r Palmer, Cornelia (Miss) Evansville 

18429r Palmer, Lucy Perkins Boalt (Mrs Asa G.) 1025 Upper 3d st., Evansville 

12069f Parker, Isabel Parkison (Mrs Isaac) Rensselaer 

233766 Parker, Mary E. McDoel (Mrs Louis H.) 132 N. 9th st., Lafayette 

12075/° Parker, Susie (Miss) Rensselaer 

20293f Parkinson, Melvina C. Moore (Mrs H. E.) Rensselaer 

24607f Parkison, Stella Addalene (Miss) Rensselaer 

219706 Patterson, Patsey Wilson (Mrs S. J.) North & Maxwell sts., Indianapolis 

19746^ Paxton, Martha A. Moore (Mrs Joseph) Albany 

14001g Peden, Sarah Beem (Mrs Thomas A.) Spencer 

23818ft Penfield, Emily J. Nesmith (Mrs A. P.) 46 Guilford st., Huntington 

71106 Perkins, Susan E. H. (Mrs Samuel) 573 N. Pennsylvania st., Indianapolis 

49096 Perrin, Ellenor Bates (Mrs J. O.) E. South st., Lafayette 

58686 Perrin, Mary Emma Weaver (Mrs Wm. H.) . .Ferry & Cason sts., Lafayette 

57206 Perry, Elizabeth D. (Mrs Joseph R.) 80 E. Pratt st., Indianapolis 

209196 Peterson, 011a May Alkire (Mrs Charles) Lafayette 

120596 Pettis, Mary Elizabeth Pythian (Mrs Nimmo P.) South st., Lafayette 

32926 Phillips, Lillie Langdon (Mrs E. A.) Columbia City 

155256 Pomeroy, Ida Louise (Miss) 114 St. Mary st., Indianapolis 

246006 Preston, Mary Birkey Wilder (Mrs Abram L.) 73 King ave., Indianapolis 

209126 Prunk, Harriet Augusta (Mrs) 716 W. New York st., IndianapoHs 

12066f Purcupile, Elizabeth Howe (Mrs Archibald) Rensselaer 

14003f Purcupile, Mary Belle (Miss) Rensselaer 

21964ft Purviance, Mary A. (Mrs) 70 E. Franklin st., Huntington 

12074f Randle, Ida Nowels (Mrs Robert) Rensselaer 

14843 Read, Parke (Miss) 507 N. 8th st., Terre Haute 

18428r Reilly, Edith (Miss) 620 Locust st., Evansville 

133136 Richards, Alice H. (Mrs W. J.) 795 N. Pennsylvania st., IndianapoUa 

14002g Richards, Grace Emerald (Miss) Patricksburg 

Oneida Chapter, New York. 

t John Marshall Chapter, Kentucky. 

156 DIEECTOET, D. A. E. 

209136 Eiley, Elizabeth J. Patterson (Mrs B. F.) 1324 N. Delaware st., Indianapolis 

22663c Ristine, Elizabeth Williams (Miss) 602 Wabash ave., Crawfordsville 

8222c Eistine, Sophia Crane (Mrs Hosea H.) S. Grant ave., Crawfordsville 

22670r Eoach, Frances Keen (Mrs Edward C.) 1107 Upper 3rd st., Evansville 

10454fc Roberts, Mary (Mrs George M.) Lawrenceburg 

6508e Robertson, Virginia S. (Mrs Charles B.) S. 9th st., Lafayette 

503 Roesner, Rose (Mrs C. W.) 616 Douglas st., Indianapolis 

9563e Ross, Eleanor Margaret Carnahan (Mrs David L.)..88 S. 9th st., Lafayette 

226686 Row, Mary Hamilton (Mrs G. S.) "The Pressly," Indianapolis 

148356 Sample, Belle Craig (Mrs Henry) S. 9th st., Lafayette 

120586 Sample, Sally (Miss) S. 9th st., Lafayette 

57246 Sayles, Frances Tuttle (Mrs C. F.) 665 N. Meridian st., Indianapolis 

67656 Scantlin, May Lingle (Mrs Thomas E.) S. 7th st., Lafayette 

209146 Scott, Martha Stewart (Mrs William) 950 N. Delaware st., Indianapolis 

13317ft Scott, Nancy J. Powers (Mrs Joseph G.) Huntington 

214776 Seaton, Alice Howland (Mrs William D.) 1215 Park ave., Indianapolis 

12641f Seib, Rosa Eaker (Mrs Valentine) Rensselaer 

20929/1 Sessions, Sarah R. (Mrs Norman) 179 N. Jefferson st., Huntington 

18430 Shaw, Elizabeth White (Mrs D. A.) Mishawaka 

145186 Shearman, Flora McKee Linn (Mrs Albert E.) .187 Main st., Lafayette 

179786 Shepard, Rhoda Matilda (Mrs Silas M.) Indianapolis 

209Ble Skinner, Detie Louise Bolan (Mrs John J.) Peru 

30526 Sloan, Caroline B. (Mrs George W.) 304 N. Meridian st., Indianapolis 

65106 Smith, Eva Wilson (Miss) Perrin ave., Lafayette 

81356 Smith, Fannie Amory (Miss) Brown st., Lafayette 

57196 Smith, Ida Virginia (Miss) Perrin ave., Lafayette 

219676 Smith, Martha Custis McPheron (Mrs David) Lafayette 

40956 Smith, Nellie Colfax (Miss) '. .Perrin ave., Lafayette 

40946 Smith, Ruth Anna Rankin (Mrs Benjamin W.) Perrin ave., Lafayette 

245996 Smythe, Myrtle (Miss) 2029 N. Capital ave., Indianapolis 

29616 Snyder, Alice Mary (Miss) 27 Home ave., Indianapolis 

139986 Sonntag, Francis Wheeler Barbour (Mrs J. H., Jr. . . 7 Adams ave., Evansville 
14841r Sonntag, Jeanie Stephens (Mrs Edward F.) 510 Upper Water st., Evansville 

23807? Sowle, Estelle Kinder (Miss) 45 E. 6th st.. New Albany 

23378m Spilker, Mary Winans (Mrs Carl A.) Muncie 

24606c Sprague, Ermina P. (Mrs A. A.) Crawfordsville 

12640c Sprague, L. Belle (Miss) Crawfordsville 

12072f Starr, Emma Rhoads (Mrs Charles C.) Rensselaer 

231316 Stimson, Bertha Stilwell (Miss) Lafayette 

5214 Stinson, Cara Parke (Miss) Paoli 

12635 Stormout, Kate Keys (Mrs Gilbert R.) Princeton 

197486 jStout, Laura G. Cory (Mrs George W.) 777 N. Meridian st., Indianapolis 

13999(j' Stropes, Stella Beem (Mrs James T.) Indianapolis 

40966 Stuart, Ada Whittredge (Mrs Thomas A.) . .Ferry and Tinkler sts., Lafayette 
32916 Stuart, Geneve Ellsworth Reynolds (Mrs W. V.) . .136 Ferry ave., Lafayette 

99986 Studebaker, Lydia Ruth Lingle (Mrs J. M.) South Bend 

63606 Sullivan, Annie Russell (Mrs Geo. R.) 418 N. Meridian st., Indianapolis 

18420g' Swigert, Mollie Coffey (Mrs William E.) Spencer 

83946 Taggart, Eva Brj^ant (Mrs Thomas) 410 N. Capital ave., Indianapolis 

20930ft Taylor, Emma Moore (Mrs Enos T.) North Jefferson st., Huntington 

167186 Taylor, Isabella Dunbar Sample (Mrs Henry) South st., Lafayette 

148366 Taylor, Mary Andrew (Miss) Lafayette 

95626 Telford, Cecelia Hale (Miss) 138 N. 6th st., Lafayette 



16913* Thieme, Bessie Loring (Mrs Theodore F.) 185 W. Berry st., Ft Wayne 

6364c Thomas, Josephine Tuttle (Mrs Chas. L.) Crawfordsville 

22434f Thomas, Katharine Eiehmond (Miss) 109 E.Pike st., Goshen 

22665c Thomson, Katharine Elizabeth (Mrs Everett B.) Crawfordsville 

99946 Tinney, Phoebe Johnson (Mrs Henry C.) State st., Lafayette 

5715e Toole, Lela Genevieve B. (Mrs Halsey Burnett) S. 6th st., Lafayette 

12282e Troop, Cora Louise Chamberlain (Mrs James) Lafayette 

8742e Tucker, Lucy Pamela B. (Mrs) 123 S. 9th st., Lafayette 

20915& Tutewiler, Hattie Mary (Miss) 801 Senate ave., N. Indianapolis 

22664c Tuttle, Susan C. (Mrs Joseph F.) Crawfordsville 

13315/ Vanatta, Grace (Miss) Eensselaer 

219716 Van Buren, Margaret M. (Mrs William A.) 1430 N. Alabama st., Indianapolis 

209176 Van Camp, Ella D. Patterson (Miss) 1324 N. Delaware st., Indianapolis 

209166 Van Camp, Fannie A. Patterson (Mrs C.) . .1324 N. Delaware st., Indianapolis 

155266 Waite, Calista Anna Clegg (Mrs) 114 St. Mary st., Indianapolis 

179806 Walcott, Mary Newcomer (Mrs B. D.) 777 N. Pennsylvania st., Indianapolis 

19770 Waldorf, Anna Stout (Mrs William) Whitcomb 

246016 Walker, Anna Layton (Mrs Ivan N.) 1103 Capital ave., N. Indianapolis 

12063r Walker, Lucy Babcock (Mrs James T.) 800 Water st., Evansville 

9996e Wallace, Lillyn Andress (Mrs Robt. B.) Hartford and 9th sts., Lafayette 

49926 Wallace, Margaret Noble (Mrs H. L.) 663 N. Meridian st., Indianapolis 

10005c Ward, Irene Crane Briggs (Mrs S. Lawrence) Crawfordsville 

3293f Watson, Anna Schultz (Mrs John) Brazil 

20297 Way, Margaret Daily (Mrs Chas. S.) 811 Chestnut st., Columbus 

58696 Weaver, Fannie Maria B. (Mrs E. M.) cor. Columbia and 7th sts., Lafayette 

9995e Webster, Sallie McMechen Jones (Mrs John C.) 111 North st., Lafayette 

6767c Weigle, Eliza Dana Howe (Mrs Chas. F.) Highland Park, Lafayette 

20299 1 1 Wells, Annie Gray Love (Mrs Wm. T.) JefEersonvflle 

20931/t Wells, Clara Virginia Healey (Mrs H. S.) 158 N. Guilford st., Huntington 

174746 Wells, Letitia Ellen Powell (Mrs Albert A.) N. 9th st., Lafayette 

4295e West, Sarah Ellen Whittredge (Mrs G. E.) 156 South st., Lafayette 

67646 Wetherill, Mary Coleman Benbridge (Mrs C. M.) 121 S. 9th st., Lafayette 

238146 White, Elizabeth Tyner (Miss) Lafayette 

90356 Wick, Alice Barber (Miss) Public Library, Indianapolis 

90716 Wilder, Eloise Walker (Mrs Charles P.) . . . .2031 N. Illinois st., Indianapolis 

9571m Wildman, Sarah Peirce (Mrs John F.) 721 E. Washington st., Muncie 

Wiley, Eliza Brown (Mrs) Terre Haute 

Wiley, Katharine (Miss) Terre Haute 

Williams, Margaret Lawrence Doll (Mrs Charles N.) Indianapolis 

Williams, Mary (Miss) Princeton 

Williamson, Martha E. Lowes (Mrs James) . .615 S. Green st., Crawfordsville 

Wilson, Alma Winston (Miss) 1303 N. Delaware st., Indianapolis 

Wilson, Eugenia Gross (Mrs Joseph H.) South st., Lafayette 

Wilson, Lillian Olin Lancaster (Mrs Frank H.) Indianapolis 

Wilstach, Mabelle Lingle (Mrs Joseph W.) Lingle ave., Lafayette 

23379m Winans, Arrabella (Mrs Henry C.) Muncie 

45276 Winchester, Fanny Wilder (Mrs Wilber F.) . .2031 N. Illinois st., Indianapolis 

20933ft Windle, Georgia J. Kimball (Mrs Wm. C.) 112 Guilford st., Huntington 

20932ft Windle, Jessie Heiney (Mrs Frank M. B.) 69 1st st., Huntington 

133116 Winings, Nellie P. (Mrs Daniel P.) Indianapolis 

31436 Winter, Mary Squier (Mrs George) 3 S. 6th st., Lafayette 










* Sarah Bradlee Fulton Chapter, Mass. 
t Chickamauga Chapter, Tennessee. 

t Chicago Chapter, Illinois. 

I Frederick William Gray Chapter, Alabama. 

158 DIEECTOEY, D. A. E. 

49106 Winters, Katharine Eand(Mrs James M.)..270 N. Illinois st., Indianapolis 

197476 Wood, Emma Downing (Mrs Charles H.) . . 224 N. Meridian st., Indianapolis 

202896 Wood, Juliet Eeese (Mrs Theron) 410 Meridian st., Indianapolis 

22671 Wood, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) Kokomo 

9570O Worley, Laura Davis (Mrs Francis E.) Ellettsville 

61236 Wulschner, Flora Sullivan (Mrs Emil) 410 N. Meridian st., Indianapolis 


State Regent ISQ*^, Mrs Walter A. Duncan, Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation 

Membees Residing in Tekeitoby 

20953 Dent, Mata E. (Mrs N Board) Chickasha 

9573 Duncan, Kate Ann Larzelere Caleb (Mrs W. A.) Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation 
8984 Lewis, Lindey Elliott (Mrs Fielding) South McAllister 


State Regent 1897, Mrs Clara A. Cooley, 1394 Locust st., Dubuque 


(12 organized; 11 unorganized) 

a. Abigail Adams Chapter — Des Moines 

Organized September 5, 1893; Members, 52 (Neio York, 1; Michigan, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Alice A. C. Baily Treasurer, Mrs Mary L. Gaylord 

Eec. Sec, Mrs Caroline C. Burbank Eegistrar, Mrs Elizabeth B. Howell 

Cor. Sec, Mrs Adella J. Pratt Historian, Mrs Sophia M. Andrews 

Chaplain, Mrs Katherine H. Skinner 

b. Belmond 

Eegent, Mrs G. H. Eichardson. Appointed January 25, 1896 

c. Cedar Bapids 

Eegent, Mrs Mary W. Cogswell. Appointed January 7, 1897 

d. Cherokee 

Eegent, Mrs Lillian Monk. Appointed December 2, 1897 

IOWA. 159 

e. Clinton Chapter — Clinton 

Organized January 10, 1895; Members, 95 (Minnesota, 2; Mississippi, 2) 

Eegent, Mrs Ida W. Armstrong Treasurer, Mrs Helen V. Seaman 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs IsTancy H. Curtis Registrar, Mrs Mary Pomeroy 

Secretary, Miss Lillian Olney Historian, Mrs Anna L. Thompson 

f. Council BlufEs Chapter— Council Bluffs 

Organized June 26, 1897; Member's, 19 (Pennsylvania, 1) 

Regent, Miss Isabel Patterson Treasurer, Mrs W. A. Maurer 

Vice-Reg'ent, Miss Anna Z. Ross Registrar, Mrs L. W. Ross 

Secretary, Mrs D. W. Bushnell Historian, Miss Laura P. Baldwin 

g. Dubuque Chapter — Dubuque 

Organized August 22, 1894; Members, 44 (Foreign, 1) 

Regent, Miss May Rogers Cor. Sec, Mrs Estella G. Dennis 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Sarah C. Glover Treasurer, Miss Mary B. Hancock 

Rec. Sec, Mrs Emma B. Bohn Registrar, Mrs Francis L. Poole 

Historian, Mrs Ada L. Collier 

h. Earlville 
Eegent, Miss Mae Frances Foster. Appointed April 26, 1898 

i. Elizabeth Hoss Chapter — Otturawa 

Organized 'November 12, 1896; Memljers, 45 (District of Columbia, 1; Kansas, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Alice C. Mitchell Cor. Sec, Mrs Catharine Taylor 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Annie L. R. Daum Treasurer, Miss Laura Ross 

Rec Sec, Mrs Martha F. Thrall Registrar, Mrs Charlotte INIcCue 

Historian, Miss Emma J. Holt 

j. Estherville 

Eegent, Mrs Emma G. Allen. Appointed December 5th, 1895 

k. Hannah Caldwell Chapter — Davenport 

Organized Jamiary 18, 1897; Members 32 

Regent, Mrs Nancy Cable Wylie Secretary, Mrs Maria Peck 

Vice-Regent, Mrs M. L. D. Putnam Treasurer, Miss Elizabeth Putnam 

1. Keokuk 

(Members 8) 

Regent, Miss Cora H. H. Pittman. Appointed January 7, 1897 

160 DIEECTOET, D. A. E. 

m. Marshalltown 

Eegent, Mrs Anna B. Howe. Appointed October 1, 1896 

n. Martha JefEerson Chapter — Manchester 

Organized February 4, 1897; Members 16 (Pennsylvania 1) 

Begent, Mrs Eliza J. W. Tirrill Secretarj^ Miss Josephine G. Cooley 

Viee-Eegent, Mrs Sarah E. Crosier Treasurer, Mrs Ellen C. Johnston 

Registrar, Mrs Harriet C. Hamlin 

o. Martha "Washington Chapter — Sioux City 

Organized February 1, 1896; Members 19 (Illinois, 2; Foreign 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Genevieve Stevens Cor. See., Mrs Fanny T. Beals 

Vice-Eegent, Miss Susanna H. Weare Treasurer, Mrs Ella McB. King 

Eec. Sec., Mrs Gladys G. Williams Eegistrar, Mrs Mary E. W. Peirce 

Historian, Mrs Lucy E. Hills 

p. Mayflower Chapter — Red Oak 

Organized June 3, 1891 ; Members, 19 

Eegent, Mrs Benjamin B. Clark Secretary, Miss Sarah Palmer 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs J. M. Junkin Treasurer, Mrs Ella B. Houghton 

Eegistrar, Miss Addie Clark 

q. Pilgrim Chapter — Iowa City 

Organized January 19, 1898; Members, 16 

Eegent, Mrs Ella L. Lyon Cor. Sec, Mrs Fanny Startsman 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Adelia Carder Treasurer, Mrs Elizabeth Cox 

Eec. Sec, Miss Alliene Holson Eegistrar, Mrs Martha Marshall 

Historian, Mrs Kate Palmer 

r. Sarah McCalla Chapter — Chariton 
Organized June 5, 1896; Members, 15 (Pennsylvania, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Gorilla C. Levels Treasurer, Mrs Orpha T. Todd 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Lilian G. Howard Eegistrar, Mrs Gertrude A. Stanton 

Secretary, Mrs Annie L. Mallory Historian, Mrs Laura E. Gibbon 

Chaplain, Mrs Sarah C. Goodrich 

s. Stars and Stripes Chapter — ^Burlington 

Organized April 1, 1897; Members 35 (New York 1) 

Hegent, Mrs Gate Gilbert Wells Treasurer, Miss Jessie M. Frick 

Tice-Eegent, Mrs Jessica C. Jones Eegistrar, Miss Abbie MacFlinn 

Secretary, Miss Charlotte MacFlinn Historian, Mrs Sarah Wilkinson 






















IOWA. 1611 

t. Tipton 

Eegent, Mrs Jennie S. Bevier. Appointed December 5, 1895 

V. Washington 


Regent, Miss Mary A. Combs. Appointed December 2, 1897 

w. Waterloo 

Eegent, Mrs Liddie F. P. Eichards. Appointed December 5, 1895 

X. West Union 

Eegent, Mrs Maria T. Weed. Appointed October 1, 1896 

Members Eesiding in State. 


Abbott, Caroline Courtrigbt (Mrs Eobert H.) Davenport 

Abbott, Carrie Helen (Miss) Davenport 

Adams, Mary Newberry (Mrs Austin) 200 W. llth st., Dubuque 

Albee, Grace (Miss) W. llth st., Dubuque 

Allen, Bessie V. (Miss) 431 Fifth ave., Clinton 

Allen, Emma Phelps Gillett (Mrs Frank E.) Estherville 

Allen, Lillian Lee (Mrs Geo. W.) 320 Fifth ave., Clinton 

Allen, Susan P. (Mrs Lucius P.) 431 Fifth ave., Clinton 

Allen, Susie Edwards (Miss) 431 Fifth ave., Clinton 

Andrews, Abbie Martin (Mrs Marvin F.) Marshalltowu 

Andrews, Sophia M. Dolson (Mrs Lorenzo P.) 834 5th ave., Des Moines 

Ankeny, Harriet Louise (Miss) Des Moines 

Ankeny, Valeria M. (Mrs) 433 Sixth ave., Clinton 

Armstrong, Ida Whalen (Mrs Charles E.) 335 Fifth ave., Clinton 

Atkinson, Blanch Abbe Sholes (Mrs Chas. E.) Marshalltown 

Aveilhe; Mary Darwin (Mrs C. A.) 1215 N. Court st., Ottumwa 

Bacon, Mary Benson (Mrs George) 518 Sixth ave., Clinton 

Bailey, Annie Eliza Sears (Mrs Eli S.) 314 Fifth ave., Clinton 

Bailey, Annie Marie (Miss) 314 Fifth ave., Clinton 

Bailey, Ida Holson (Mrs J. H.) Fifth ave., Clinton 

Bailey, Mary Lettie (Miss) 314 Fifth ave., Clinton 

Baily, Alice A. Crawford (Mrs Wm. H.) 1810 Sixth ave., Des Moines 

Baily, Harriet Louisa (Miss) 1823 7th st., Des Moines 

Baily, Harriott C. (Mrs Presby G.) 1823 7th st., Des Moines 

Baily, Henrietta Fanny (Miss) 1823 7th st., Des Moines 

Baker, Emma D. Shugart (Mrs Lewis J.) Ottumwa 

Baldwin, Helen McCormick (Miss) 603 Willow ave.. Council Bluffs 

* Anna Warner Bailey Chapter, Coun. 



19152f Baldwin, Jane Barr (Miss) Council Blujffis 

19153f Baldwin, Laura Patience (Miss) Council BlufEs 

184516 Baldwin, Martha Angell (Mrs Chas. M.) Clinton 

18440s Barker, Hannah Bell (Mrs Chas. I.) Burlington 

24616f7 Barnard, Lydia Houghton (Mrs William) Dubuque 

33135 Barnes, Nannie Morrow (Mrs Chas. W.) Boone 

23383s Bartlett, Caroline Isadore (Mrs) 1101 Summer st., Burlington 

10638* Bates, Susannah Lincoln Richards (Mrs Orrin B.) Afton 

6512g Baxter, Lucy (Mrs) -• 105 Delhi st., Dubuque 

22633^ Beall, Mary B. (Miss) Fort Madison 

90490 Beals, Fanny Tucker (Mrs Samuel J.) '.Sioux City 

20303* Beck, Minnie Callon (Mrs W. E.) 326 E. 4th st., Ottumwa 

21981i Beckwith, Sarah Elizabeth Porter (Mrs Warren) Mt. Pleasant 

19760a Beebe, Fannie A. (Miss) 1119 W. Locust st., Des Moines 

184506 Benson, Frances Eebecca (Miss) Clinton 

24620i Benson, Lillie Harmon (Mrs Ben. S.) 214 N. Wa,shington st., Ottumwa 

23830s Bernard, Belle Monfort (Mrs) 1403 N. 7th st., Burlington 

14844re Besser, Ida Ayer (Miss) 1302 Bluff st., Waterloo 

7770e Bevier, Jennie Smith (Mrs Wm. G.) Tipton 

20305g Biggs, Eleanor Startsman (Mrs E. C.) 110 Bloomington st., Iowa City 

16725fc Birchard, Harriette Elizabeth (Mrs Wm. J.) . . 1218 Tremont ave., Davenport 

23682| Bird, Anna P. (Airs Thompson) Des Moines 

24634p Bishop, Claudine C. (Miss) Red Oak 

24633P Bishop, Nell Dare (Miss) Red Oak 

71546 Blackwell, Edna Dennison (Mrs J. Scott) Muscatine 

20300a Blamer, Edna Davis (Mrs Thomas) Independence 

184526 Blunt, Alice Mullett (Mrg Arthur W.) Clinton 

24626Z Board, Ellen Nichol Sawyer (Mrs) Keokuk 

12647 Boardman, Blanche Elder (Mrs C. H. E.) Marshalltown 

6432f7 Bohn, Emma Goodwin (Mrs Leander J.) 116 17th st., Dubuque 

24619i Boston, Ada Millisack (Mrs W. H.) Ottumwa 

115056 Bostwick, Carrie Black (Mrs Ozro P.) 313 8th ave., Clinton 

15532f Bowman, Caroline E. (Miss) Council Bluffs 

5228fir Bradley, Frances Waldron (Mrs. H. K.) 1268 Locust st., Dubuque 

214907c Brannan, Mary H. (Mrs W. F.) Muscatine 

leiOOi Briggs, Harriet Matilda (Mrs Fred L.) Ottumwa 

12284» Bryant, Cornelia Livingston (Mrs Walter A.) Cedar Falls 

87516 Buckley, Mary Ann (Mrs) 324 Fifth ave., Clinton 

7776a Burbank, Caroline Clifford (Mrs E. D.) 1434 Woodland aye., Des Moines 

5665^7 Burch, Harriet Ellen (Mrs Geo. B.) 381 W. 3d st., Dubuque 

21484s Burt, Belle Florence Sigerson (Mrs) 424 North st., Burlington 

19758f Bushnell, Sophie Hyndshaw (Mrs Drayton W.) . .127 Bluff st., Council Bluffs 

71566 Cadle, Hattie Swan (Mrs Chas F.) Muscatine 

19765 Cady, Nellie Reid (Mrs J. L.) Marshalltown 

14846a Call, Alice Spear (Mrs Geo. C.) Algona 

18424 Canby, Ruth Collins (Mrs Jos. L.) Keokuk 

20949(7 Cannell, Marietta Farr (Mrs Thomas) Maquoketa 

21983g Carder, Adelia S. (Mrs) 706 College st., Iowa City 

5668a Carey, Belle Dewey (Mrs John L.) 714 7th st., Des Moines 

16106s Carpenter, Alice B. (Mrs Edwin H.) Burlington 

* Keskeskick Chapter, New York, 
t Amor Patriae Chapter, Illinois. 

I Sabra Trumbull Chapter, Connecticut. 



18433i Carpenter, Mary Electa Stuart (Mrs Lemuel D.) . . '. Ottumwa 

191596 Carson, Madge Sugg (Mrs Frank M.) Clinton 

22680? Carter, Eliza Jannett (Mrs Sylvester) 540 N. 8th st., Keokuk 

12326f Chadbourne, Martha Holway (Miss) Vinton 

14015(7 Chamberlain, Belle Crawford (Mrs Isaac Chas.) . . . .1015 Bluff st., Dubuque 

23389 Chamberlain, Mary Margaret Hepburn (Mrs R. H.) Clarinda 

23827i Chappie, Louise M. (Mrs Wm.) Laporte City 

23822a Cheshire, Harriet Louise (Mrs) 910 E. Grand ave., Des Moines 

16105s Chittenden, Catherine McNeal (Mrs H. W.)..711 North 7th st., Burlington 

19769p Clark, Addie L. (Miss) Eed Oak 

24635 Clark, Elizabeth B. (Mrs Paul P.) Red Oak 

197560 Clark, Harriet Louise Holley (Mrs John T.) Sioux City 

19168p Clark, Rosa Shirk (Mrs Benj. B.) Red Oak 

12283r Clinton, Mary (Miss) Chariton 

95796 Coan, Catharine L. (Mrs Wm. F.) 344 Sixth ave., Clinton 

100086 Coan, Mary Alice Welles (Mrs Wm. F.) 327 Fifth ave., Clinton 

15534 Cogswell-, Mary Wilkinson (Mrs ) Cedar Rapids 

22673/= Cole, Kate Penn (Mrs Hugh A.) 400 Oakland ave.. Council Bluffs 

6514fl' Collier, Ada Langworthy (Mrs Robt. T.) 606 W. Third st., Dubuque 

18458 Collier, Susie Chambers (Mrs David A.) 310 Concert st., Keokuk 

20946i Comes, Mary Alyce (Miss) Washington 

184536 Conant, Genevieve Rowena (Mrs John A.) Clinton 

19762 Conger, Olive (Miss) Seymour 

20318 Cook, Mabel Cathryn (Miss) 1209 1st ave., Cedar Rapids 

1510g Cooley, Clara Aldrich (Mrs Dennis N.) 1394 Locust st., Dubuque 

4531H. Coooley, Josephine Gabrilla (Miss) Manchester 

13324r Copeland, Sue Darlington (Miss) Chariton 

21482a Cornell, Dixie May (Miss) 202 E. Montgomery st., Knoxville 

7131g Cox, Elizabeth Gardiner (Mrs Arthur) Iowa City 

9583s Crapo, Edith Ray (Miss) Burlington 

17985W Crosier, Sarah E. (Mrs) Manchester 

87586 Curtis, Ettie Lewis (Mrs Geo, M.) 414 Fifth ave., Clinton 

87566 Curtis, Evelyn Dillie (Mrs M, E.) Clinton 

209396 Curtis, Lucy Bonney (Miss) Clinton 

87446 Curtis, Nancy Hosford (Mrs Chas. F.) 413 Fifth ave., Clinton 

20311fc Daniel, Catherine (Mrs Jos. A.) 1422 Arlington ave., Davenport 

14852i Daum, Annie Laura Reeder (Mrs W. R.) Ottumwa 

110730 Davi,s, Helen Dunlap (Mrs Francis N.) 1313 Douglas st., Sioux City 

24623fc Davison, Mary Berryhill (Mrs Charles) Davenport 

20952 Dawley, Margaret Elizabeth Jacobs (Mrs F. F.) Cedar Rapids 

24631n Day, Florence Eliza (Miss) Manchester 

12077a Day, Jennie E. (Mrs John M.) 423 11th st., Des Moines 

6431fir Dennis, Estelle Goodwin (Mrs A. C.) 116 17th st., Dubuque 

17486i Devin, Sarah Lucretia Harrison (Mrs Thos. J.) 436 W. 4th st., Ottumwa 

56660 Dew^ey, Hetta J. (Mrs Nelson) 716 7th st., Des Moines 

20950fc Doe, Julia Margaretta Bryant (Mrs Alonzo P.).. 1406 Perry st., Davenport 

21485/= Dohany, Clara Adele (Miss) 332 Park ave., Council Bluffs 

22679 Dolliver, Louise Pearsons (Mrs Jonathan P.) Fort Dodge 

10235* Doughty, Margaret Davis (Miss) Sioux City 

23826fir Du Bois, Josephine Findley (Miss) 52 Grant st., Dubuque 

155306 Dunbar, Helen M. (Miss) Clinton 

Crawford County Chapter, Pennsylvania. 

t IvOuisa St. Clair Chapter, Michigan. 



10459r Dungan, Minnie Warren (Miss) Chariton 

24627? Dunlap, Elizabeth Wilkins (Miss) Keokut 

71326 Eastman, Elizabeth Gardiner (Mrs L. C.) 338 Fifth ave., Clinton 

71336 Eastman, Ida Gardiner (Miss) 338 Fifth ave., Clinton 

95746 Edwards, Augusta L. (Miss) 438 Seventh ave., Clinton 

17982i Elliott, Helen (Miss) Ottumwa 

87506 Ellis, Mary (Mrs Lyman A.) 324 Fifth ave., Clinton 

19165i Emerson, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Horace P.) 110 E. Court st., Ottumv?a 

16101? Ennis, Julia Grisw^old Merwin (Mrs Wm. W.) Ottumwa 

18423i Enoch, Emma Margaret (Mrs A. W.) Ottumwa 

19759f Everett, Mary Leonard (Mrs Horace) Council Bluffs 

14848s Everson, Ellen E. Pierce (Mrs Norman) Washington 

23381(i' Fairall, Henrietta (Miss) 334 Summit st., Iowa City 

233S0g Fairall, Lillie S. (Mrs Herbert S.) 334 Summit st., Iowa City 

17983i Ferree, Fannie Susan (Miss) Ottumwa 

16102i Ferree, Susan Frances (Mrs Jerome D.) 430 N. Court st., Ottumwa 

18434i Fiedler, Alice (Miss) Ottumwa 

18435i Fiedler, Emma Adele (Miss) Ottumwa 

5667a Finch, Bertha Dewey (Mrs Daniel) 716 7th st., Des Moines 

19169p Fisher, Sara C. (Mrs Milton E.) Eed Oak 

22678s Foote, Mary Eliza Merrill (Mrs) N. 6th st., Burlington 

6772 Forde, Lillian Buddington (Miss) 324 Sixth ave., Clinton 

20312fc Forrest, Liilu Nichols (Mrs Will H.) Davenport 

6513» Foster, Lizzie Dean (Mrs Geo. D.) Preston 

21491 Foster, Mae Frances (Miss) Earlville 

16731s Frick, Jessie M. (Miss) 931 N. 6th st., Burlington 

23829 Fuller, Mary Kendall (Miss) 1414 First ave.. Cedar Kapids 

71306 Gardiner, Mary Jeannette (Miss) ; Clinton 

71296 Gardiner, Nancy Bonney (Mrs Stimson B.) 338 Fifth ave., Clinton 

87486 Gardiner, Annie Somers (Mrs Willis S.) 603 Fourth ave., Clinton 

3347a Garver, Barbara K. (Mrs George) 715 16th st., Des Moines 

77736 Gates, Emma Lamb (Mrs Marvin J.) Cedar Kapfds 

3355a Gaylor, Mary J. Loomis (Mrs Chas H.) 1418 W. Locust st., Des Moines 

15535i Gephart, Eosalind Dutton (Mrs Arthur) Ottumwa 

11515r Gibbon, Laura E. (Mrs Wm. H.) Chariton 

9582^7 Gibbs, Frances Langworthy (Mrs A. H.) 641 W. 3rd st., Dubuque 

14849 Gillette, Mary Eliz. Cook Speers (Mrs) 306 E. Main st., Marshalltown 

174776 Given, Maud Ankeny (Mrs Walker) Clinton 

5663fir Glover, Sarah E. Curtiss (Mrs H. B.) 1098 Locust st., Dubuque 

33123r Goodrich, Sarah Cunningham (Mrs Benj.) Chariton 

23386 Goodykoontz, Mary Elizabeth Moore (Mrs D. F.) Boone 

17479r Gray, Margaret Gourley (Mrs) Chariton 

3294p Graidley, Mary Howard (Mrs Jas. C.) , Victor 

5669a Griffith, Jennie D. (Mrs Eichard A.) 720 W. 9th st., Des Moines 

16739» Guernsey, Clara M. (Miss) Dubuque 

16738)^ Guernsey, Grace (Miss) Dubuque 

197550 Hallam, Julia Clark (Mrs Jos. W.) 1323 Pearl st., Sioux City 

209406 Hamilton, Elizabeth Lefiier (Airs Daniel J.) .~ Clinton 

19753fc Hamilton, Emily S. (Mrs Earl W.) Davenport 

3813fir Hancock, Mary B. (Miss) 11 Highland Place, Dubuque 

22675/= Harle, Cora Ethel (Miss) cor. 5th ave. and 7th st., Council Bluffs 

22674/= Harle, Josephine Wood (Mrs H. W.) . . cor. 5th ave. and 7th st., Council Bluffs 



24617£r Harriman, Helen M. (Mrs Henry A.) Hampton 

21977fc Harrison, Frances Elizabeth McAlister (Mrs).. 1711 Grand ave., Davenport 

14855i Harrow, Mary Carpenter (Mrs Albert G.) ; Ottumwa 

18425a Harvey, Mary Jane (Mrs O. K.) Anamosa 

18422a Harvison, Carrie Catlin (Mrs W. G.) 2916 Brattleboro ave., Des Moines 

21972 Harvs^ood, Ellen C. M. (Mrs. F. W.) Cedar Eapids 

16103i Haven, Caroline Maria Merwin (Mrs. William) Ottumvs^a 

16736a Hawkins, Adah E. (Miss) 658 20th st., Des Moines 

9578e Hayes, Frances Coan (Mrs Walter I.) Kevere House, Clinton 

19170p Hayes, Kate Loomis (Mrs John) Eed Oak 

19171p Hayes, Mary Fassett (Miss) Eed Oak 

21483a Hays, Jackie Cornell (Mrs) 410 E. 4th st., Knoxville 

15135* Head, Abbie Davis (Mrs John A.) Boone 

24593t Herrick, Martha Telfair (Mrs Jno. W.) Sioux City 

17467$ Hewes, Blanche (Miss) Vinton 

18441s Heywood, Elizabeth (Miss) 808 N. 5th st., Burlington 

19761a Hill, Ellen EoK Beebe (Mrs Albert) 1119 West Locust st., Des Moines 

4529^7 Hill, Harriet Augusta (Miss) 1073 Locust st., Dubuque 

17484fc Hills, Frances Dickman (Mrs Henry H.) 822 Brady st., Davenport 

133210 Hills, Lucy Eipley (Mrs Frederick C.) 1012 Pierce st., Sioux City 

21929|| Hinman, Ida (Miss) 727 Morgan st., Keokuk 

71216 Hobart, Alice Lillian (Miss) 426 Fifth ave., Clinton 

19764» Holmes, Lelia Pettingill (Mrs) .Manche^ster 

19162Q Holson, Alliene (Miss) Iowa City 

14853i Holt, Emma Joanna (Miss) 119 East Court st., Ottumwa 

19752fc Hosford, Esther Suits (Mrs) Davenport 

191722) Houghton, Ella Bacon (Mrs Hiram C.) Eed Oak 

19173p Houghton, Luella (Miss) .' Chariton 

13322r Howard, Lillian Gray (Mrs Chas.) Chariton 

3348a Howell, Elizabeth Brown (Mrs Harold E.) 1221 Locust st., Des Moines 

23387Z Howell, Lucy Singleton (Mrs Harrison S.) Keokuk 

17485» Howland, Lydia A. (Mrs) Manchester 

24628? Hoyt, Dr. Mary Osborn (Miss) Keokuk 

1922 Hull, Annette (Miss) 2422 Forest Drive, Des Moines 

1921a Hull, Emma Gregory (Mrs John A. T.) 2422 Forest Drive, Des Moines 

21061§ Hull, Floretta E. Eice (Mrs S. Asbury) Boone 

9577e Huston, Grace Ann (Miss) 502 Fourth ave., Clinton 

9576e Huston, Marie Loretta (Miss) 502 Fourth ave., Clinton 

16732s Illick, Martha Cilley Elder (Mrs John T.) Burlington 

115066 Jackson, Winifred Elizabeth (Mrs John) 540 Tenth ave., Clinton 

209416 John, Maude Thayer (Mrs Milo J.) Clinton 

20306^ Johnson, Ella Frances (Miss)..." Iowa City 

lOOlOg Johnson, Leora (Miss) 22 N. Clinton st., Iowa City 

20304i Johnson, Sallie B. (Mrs I. D.) Ottumwa 

5664W Johnston, Ellen Cooley (Mrs John F.) Manchester 

12649s Jones, Jessica Childs (Mrs Seymour H.) 1011 N. 6th st., Burlington 

18436i Jordan, Laura, Hennegin (Mrs J. W.) 1049 N. Court st., Ottumwa 

191741? Junkin, Olivette Chevalier (Mrs J. M.) Eed Oak 

21985a Kennedy, Adelle Satterlee (Mrs Wm. H.) De,s Moiiies 

21486f Key, Mary Claybrooke Owens (Miss) Council Bluffs 

* Suncook and Pembroke Chapter, N. H. || Coutinental Chapter D C 

t Warren Chapter, Illinois. g Greysolon du Lhut Chapter, Minnesota. 

t Rockford Chapter, Illinois. . 




19167p Kikendall, Elsie Byrkit (Mrs J.) Gravity 

115085^ Kimball, Harriet P. (Mrs Nelson W.) 1496 Main st., Dubuque 

148470 King, Ella Mac Bride (Mrs Erwin A.) 918 Jones st., Sioux City 

18459 Kingsley, Mary Hubbard (Mrs Calvin L.) Waterloo 

16098 Kirby, Jennie Eeed (Mrs George F.) Marshalltown 

23385 Knowlton, Harma Landon Baker (Mrs Gerry E.) Boone 

24622i Koontz, Delia Millisack (Mrs Alpheus) 227 Wapello st., Ottumwa 

71606 Lachmund, Ida Moore (Mrs Otto) 623 Fifth ave., Clinton 

18437i La Force, Mahala Dudley (Mrs D. A.) 427 W. 4tli st., Ottumwa 

21979i La Force, Mary Black (Mrs James W.) Eldon 

21975fir Lagen, Ann Catherine Trebert (Mrs) 442 Iowa st., Dubuque 

21976ir Lagen, Mary Ferdinand (Miss) 392 Bluff st., Dubuque 

23384s Lahee, Effie Frances (Miss) 831 North 5th st., Burlington 

7139e Lamb, Clara Augusta (Miss) 402 5th ave., Clinton 

8749e Lamb, Gertrude Ellis (Mrs Garrett E.) 329 5th ave., Clinton 

7149e Lamb, Henrietta Smith (Mrs Artemus) 402 5th ave., Clinton 

7126e Lamb, Mollie Ankey (Mrs James; 502 6th ave., Clinton 

18442s Lane, Harriet (Miss) 201 Woodlawn ave., Burlington 

18443s Lane, Martha (Miss) 201 Woodlawn ave., Burlington 

21488J7 Langstaff, Clara Harriman (Mrs Levi M.) 89 17th st., Dubuque 

6170(7 Langworthy, Julia Loi,s P. (Mrs Solon M.) 626 W. 3rd st., Dubuque 

71536 Lee, Grace Kuth (Miss) 320 5th ave., Clinton 

21487a Lengley, Helen Elizabeth Phillips (Mrs Chas. L.) Des Moines 

8761r Lewis, Gorilla C. (Mrs.) Chariton 

203075 Lindsay, Ella Hortense Jayne (Mrs John G.) Iowa City 

18444s Little, Alice Louise (Mrs John J.) 515 S. 10th st., Burlington 

7119e Little, Anna Eeid (Mrs J. G. H[.) Muscatine 

14017(i' Lyon, Ella Luceba (Mrs) .* Iowa City 

6516fir McArthur, Martha H. E. (Mrs Charles H.) 87 Genelon Place, Dubuque 

17481f 'McChesney, Stella Patterson (Mrs Charles C.) 611 5th ave.. Council Bluffs 

21980i McClure, Emily Conaway Porter (Mrs A. W.) Mt. Pleasant 

10461r McCollough, Anna Gibbon (Mrs Ealph F.) Chariton 

19156s McConnell, Eliza H. (Mrs Samuel E.) Burlington 

7147e McCormick, Margaret F. (Miss) 518 6th ave., Clinton 

87576 McCoy, Frances Congar (Mrs Albert E.) 439 5th ave., Clinton 

202906 McCoy, Marie E. Ajdsworth (Mrs William J.) Clinton 

15536i McCue, Charlotte Eliza (Mrs. Albert E.) Ottumwa 

20317fir McDoel, Annette (Miss) 52 Grant st., Dubuque 

23134fc McFarlin Margaret Welles (Mrs William K.) 409 E. 14th st., Davenport 

16734s Mac Flinn, Abbie (Miss) .177 N. 3d st., Burlington 

16733s Mac Flinn, Charlotte Ewing (Miss) 177 N. 3d st., Burlington 

12650*7 McKnight, Mary Eebecca (Miss) . . . -. 1509 Locust st., Dubuque 

3954a Macomber, Mattie Locke (Mrs J. K.) 3020 Kingman ave., Des Moines 

41136 Mahin, Abbie A. Cadle (Mrs Frank W.) Highland Park, Clinton 

2269fc Malcolm, Eliza Ewing Sample (Mrs) Fort Madison 

leilOr Mallory, Annie Louise Ogden (Miss) Chariton 

19166 Markley, Mary A. Schenck (Mrs H H ) Cedar Falls 

118970 Marks, Josephine Kilbotirn (Mrs Constant E.) . .1205 Douglas st., Sioux City 

22682p Marshall, Josephine Holcomb (Mrs Wm. W ) Eed Oak 

22681p Marshall, Lillie Holcomb (Mrs George M ) Eed Oak 

20308^ Marshall, Martha A. (Mrs William) P. O. Box 1514, Iowa City 

8760fc Mason, Anne Blaine (Miss) .1219 Perry st., Davenport 

8759fc Mason, Mary Sample (Mrs) 1219 Perry st., Davenport 























































Maurer, Margaret Dohany (Mrs Wm. A.) 831 Second ave., Council Bluffs 

Merchant, Ella (Mrs L. Stoddard) 171 Second ave., Cedar Eapids 

Merrill, Garaphelia Burnham (Mrs Joseph H.) 227 E. 5th st., Ottumwa 

Millard, Emma Adeline (Miss) Prospect Point, Burlington 

Millard, Mabel Gordon (Mrs Frank A.) 1025 N. 5th st., Burlington 

Miller, Elizabeth L. (Miss) • West Union 

Miller, Laura Justena (Mrs James W.) Winterset 

Mills, Frances (Miss) 326 E. 4th st., Ottumwa 

Mitchell, Adelyn Wilson (Miss) Ottumwa 

Mitchell, Alice Carey Wilson (Mrs Joseph C.) . .157 E. Maple ave., Ottumwa 

Monk, Lillian (Mrs E. H.) Cherokee 

Morrell, Gertrude Eogers (Mrs Theodore C.) Red Oak 

Morrill, Cornelia Isabel D. (Mrs E.) 127 Highland Place, Dubuque 

Morrison, Harriet (Miss) Albia 

Mullett, Valeria Harding (Mrs Eugene E.) '. Clinton 

Nettleton, Emily Smith (Mrs) Sioux City 

Norman, Laura E. Lamb (Mrs Chas. D.) 032 Stockholm st., Clinton 

Norman, Nina Laura (Miss) 632 Stockholm st., Clinton 

Nott, Anna Belle (Mrs Eobert H.) 125 E. 16th st., Davenport 

Nott, Elizabeth Dinsmore (Miss) Davenport 

Nutting, Martha Farr (Mrs James E.) 1312 E. Front st., Davenport 

Obert, Anna Pratt Lyon (Mrs Casin B.) 402 4th ave., Clinton 

Ogilvie, Carrie Margaret (Mrs G. W.)..814 Prospect Boulevard, Des Moines 

Olney, Ella May (Mrs Arthur E.) 502 Fifth ave., Clinton 

Olney, Florence (Miss) 502 Fifth ave., Chicago 

Olney, Lillian May (Miss) 502 Fifth ave., Clinto]i 

Paddock, Helen Cordelia (Mrs Albert H.) Clinton 

Paine, Augusta Dudley Carlisle (Mrs Freeman L.) Boone 

Palmer, Edith Carolyn (Miss) Eed Oak 

Palmer, Emma Eichardson (Mrs George) Eed Oak 

Palmer, Kate L. (Mrs) 912 Bowery st., Iowa City 

Palmer, Sarah (Miss) , Red Oak 

Patrick, Eosabelle I. Jackson (Mrs) Des Moines 

Patterson, Isabel (Miss) Council Bluffs 

Peasley, Virginia Smith McCord (Mrs D. W.)..209 Marshall st., Burlington 

Peck, Maria Purdey (Mrs W. F.) 723 Brady st., Davenport 

Peirce, Mary Ely Weare (Mrs H. G.) 1110 Pearl st., Sioux CFty 

Pendleton, Mary Lucy (Miss) 1011 Pearl st., Sioux' City 

Peters, Mary Helen Bayliss (Mrs Eobt. E.) 1033 26t.h st., Des Moines 

Phelps, Helen Dixon (Mrs George B.) Clinton 

Pickens, Carrie Amelia Nelson (Mrs Wm. B.) 620 N. 13th st., Keokuk 

Pickett, May Besser (Mrs John H.) 201 E. High ave., Oskaloosa 

Pierce, Julia A. (Mrs Frederick D.) Cedar Falls 

Pinkerton, Minnie Dixon (Mrs John G.) 915 Perry st., Davenport 

Pittman, Cora Helen Knowles (Miss) 1528 Fulton st., Keokuk 

Pond, Lorena E. (Mrs) Belmond, care Mr. Geo. H. Eichardson 

Pool, Elizabeth Bemis (Mrs James M.) 426 6th ave., Clinton 

Pool, Grace Young (Mrs Marvin B.) 304 6th ave., Clinton 

Poole, Frances Langworthy (Mrs Horace) 120 17th st., Dubuque 

Poor, Cora Ernestine (Miss) 1103 N. 6th st., Burlington 

Pope, Ida Ursula (Mrs John F.) Ottumwa 

Powers, Jennie A. (Miss) P. O. Box 294, Anamosa 

Mary Ball Chapter, Washington. 

t I/Ucretia Shaw Chapter, Connecticut. 



2921a Pratt, Adella J. (Mrs Edward G.) 925 5tli st., Des Moines 

21973 Preston, Adeline Lealand Wood (Miss) 1017 1st ave., Cedar Eapids 

13891* Provoost, Grace A. (Mrs) 1058 Bluff st., Dubuque 

12651fif Provoost, Sarah Merwin (Miss) 1058 Bluif st., Dubuque 

2312k Putnam, Elizabeth Duncan (Miss) Brady st., Davenport 

616fc Putnam, Mairy L. Duncan (Mrs Charles E.) Brady st., Davenport 

126450 Pyne, Helen Lane (Mrs William H.) 1103 Doug-las st., Sioux City 

21982s Eand, Lillian Cora (Mrs Chai-les W.) "The Pines," Burlinglon 

20756t Raquet, Prances May Dodge (Mrs C. G.) Washington 

20315 Bead, Mima A. (Mrs Joseph C.) Marshalltown 

6773 Bichards, Siddie Prances Pierce (Mrs J. W.) 407 E. Park ave., Waterloo 

104G2 Eichardson, Charlotte Jeannette (Mrs George H.) Belmond 

12118 Bistine, Mary Cumming (Miss) Cedar Bapids 

19157i' Bobbins, Carrie Evalyn (Miss) 722 Lewis st., Burlington 

19158,s Bobbins, Florence Estella (Miss) 722 Lewis st., Burlington 

24625fc Bobertson, Pearle Patch (Mrs Charles M.) 124 College ave., Davenport 

6171 Eobinson, Julia N. (Mrs Lewis O.) 807 Clay st.. Cedar Falls 

10462 Bichardson, Charlotte Jeanette (Mrs George H.) Belmond 

12118 Bistine, Mar jr Cumming (Miss) Cedar Bapids 

19157s Bobbins, Carrie Evalyn (Miss) 722 Lewis st., Burlington 

19158s Bobbins, Florence Estella (Miss) 722 Lewis st., Burlington 

24625fc Bobertson, Pearle Patch (Mrs Charles M ) 124 College ave., Davenport 

6171 Bobinson, Julia N. (Mrs Lewis 0.) 807 Clay st.. Cedar Falls 

20301(i Boby, Lizzie Wright (Mrs Wyllis S ) Grinnell 

22677 Rogers, Frances Louise (Miss) 109 N. 2nd st., Marshalltown 

20313fc Bogers, Harriet (Miss) 22 E. 12th st., Davenport 

19179p Rogers, Isabella Cramer (Mrs Hiram S.) Bed Oak 

22676 Bogers, Kate Brainerd (Mrs C. P.) Marshalltown 

3809(7 Bogers, May (Miss) 547 Locust st., Dubuque 

17483f Boss, Anna Zoe (Miss) 617 Willow st.. Council Bluif s 

14850i Boss, Flora Smiley (Miss) 416 N". Court st., Ottumwa 

14851i Boss, Laura Amanda (Miss) 416 N. Court st., Ottumwa 

17482/' Boss, Zoe Melissa (Mrs Lewis W.) .617 Willow ave., Council Bluif s 

6517fir Byan, Gertrude Wilson (Mrs S. D.) 1593 Main st., Dubuque 

24630i Sawyer, Elizabeth Maraquita (Miss) Keokuk 

21986a Schofield, Frances L. (Mrs Proctor D.) 721 16th st., Des Moines 

7146e Schuyler, Effie McCormick (Mrs Andrew L.) 435 Sixth ave., Clinton 

7128e Scott, Elizabeth Jane (Mrs) 314 Sixth ave., Clinton 

7127e Seaman, Helen Valeria (Mrs Hallock W.) 314 Sixth ave., Clinton 

14004| Sears, Arabella Purcupile (Mrs Frank J.) Storm Lake 

4702|| Shaw, Helen L. (Miss) Anamosa 

18446s Shelton, Julia Woodward (Mrs Charles E.) Burlington 

16108s Sherfey, Buth Carter (Miss) 716 High st., Burlington 

100096 Shoecraft, Jutie Mcintosh (Mrs Simon) 539 Fifth ave., Clinton 

7120e Shoecraft, Letitia (Miss) '. 539 Fifth ave., Clinton 

22672a Shore, Bertha Call (Mrs F. E. V.) 696 19th st., Des Moines 

4661fir Shoup, Samantha Whipple (Mrs Wm. J.) 180 Nevada st., Dubuque 

28382(? Shrader, Eliza A. Melvin (Mrs) 912 Bowery st., Iowa City 

18438i Siberell, Ora Cariienter (Mrs Sumner) Ottumwa 

11072a Skinner, Katherine Hooker (Mrs W. D.) 1602 High st., Des Moines 

71356 Smith, Clara (Mrs) , . . .238 Sixth ave., Clinton , 

* Freelove Baldwin Stowe Chapter, Conn. 
t Ascutney Chapter, Vermont. 

t Gen. Van Rensselaer Chapter, Indiana, 
II Chicago Chapter, Illinois. 



18421a Soper, Margery A. (Mrs) Anamosa 

110760 Spalding-, Susan (Miss) 822 Jones st., Sioux City, Iowa 

18439i Spaulding, Ella E. (Miss) 415 N. Market st., Ottumwa 

23833 Speers, Elizabeth Root (Mrs) Marshalltown 

2158r Stanton, Gertrude Evangeline Aughey (Mrs John) Chariton 

19766^7 Staples, Abby Croswell (Mrs George McL.) 490 Locust st., Dubuque 

19768f7 Staples, Harriet May (Miss) 490 Locust st., Dubuque 

19767f7 Staples, Helen E. (Miss) 490 Locust st., Dubuque 

S0309Q' Startsman, Fanny Octavia (Mrs Oliver) 110 Bloomington st., Iowa City 

20310(? Startsman, Winifred (Miss) 110 Bloomington st., Iowa City 

110750 Stevens, Genevieve Davis (Mrs George J.) 113 Fourteenth st., Sioux City 

12644 Stillwagon, Clarine Dilecta Huddleson (Mrs George B.) Victor 

17984s Stivers, Caroline Urania (Miss) 1122 Smith st., Burlington 

184556 Stone, Kittie Angell (Mrs Augustus L.) Clinton 

184566 Stone, Martha Anna (Miss) Clinton 

24618fir Stout, Clara Wales (Mrs Frank D.) '. Dubuque 

23831s Stutsman, Frances O. Allen (Mrs) Burlington 

21974(7 Sullivan, Hope Drepperd Lagen (Mrs James M.) 7 Burch st., Dubuque 

17480r Sutphin, Lillie Luzella (Miss) Chariton 

14854i Taylor, Catharine Carpenter (Mrs Jarrett Asbury) Ottumwa 

10006a Terrell, Mary Putnam McKinney (Mrs) 728 17th st., Des Moines 

209446 Thayer, Delia Payne (Mrs Ed. Harlington) Clinton 

81376 Thayer, Jessie Mallory (Mrs) Chariton 

24615/= Thomas, Ethyl (Miss) 127 S. 8th st.. Council Bluffs 

209436 Thompson, Anna Louise (Mrs Watson) Clinton 

14010??. Thompson, Katherine Eichardson (Mrs Harry F.) Eock Eapids 

19750i Thrall, Martha Featherston (Mrs Frank F.) 441 Market st., Ottumwa 

13325« Tirrill, Eliza Jane Weeks (Miss) Manchester 

10460r Todd, Orpha Goodwin (Mrs W\ A.) Charitan 

20314fc Torbet, Hannah Caldwell McC. (Mrs John T.) Davenport 

4865fir Torbert, Margaret Eockwell (Mrs Geo. L.) 1698 Main st., Dubuque 

71176 Towle, Mary Brothers (Mrs Phineas Stewart 300 Sixth ave., Clinton 

3808g Tredway, Fannie Bissell (Mrs Alfred W.) 17th st., Dubuque 

14845^7 Tredway, Marian McConnel (Mrs Harry E.) 45 Fenelon Place, Dubuque 

19751a Trotter,, Mary Blanche (Miss) 424 5th st., Ottumwa 

17476s Tucker, Carrie J. (Miss) 1217 N. 9th st., Burlington 

3351a Vail, Hortense Octavia Bailey (Mrs Joseph W.) Colfax 

87536 Van Kuran, Annie Gertrude (Miss) 513 5th ave., Clinton 

87526 Van Kuran, Edith (Miss) 513 5th ave., Clinton 

87546 Van Kuran, Jennie Nye Clarke (Mrs Eussell C.) 513 5th ave., Clinton 

9048a Van Slyke, Eva P. (Mrs Chas B.) 1410 10th st., Des Moines 

16619* Van Vleck, Electa A. (Mrs Volkert H.) 225 E. 12th st., Davenport 

16728fc Vollmer, Jessie Peck (Mrs Henry) 723 Brady st., Davenport 

10007a Vbrse, Augusta Terrell (Mrs Charles S.) 728 17th st., Des Moines 

71246 Wadleigh, Pauline Virginia (Miss) 542 5th ave., Clinton 

18449^ Wadley, Mary E. Cory (Mrs Samuel P.) 15 17th st., Dubuque 

191640 Wakefield, Bertha (Miss) Sioux City 

23132^ Walker, Cornelia Fairbanks (Mrs Marshall) 65 Grove Terrace, Dubuque 

14008O Walker, Laura Weare (Mrs William W.) Cedar Eapids 

17986 Walker, Marion McFarland (Mrs S. T.) Brighton 

71416 Ware, Augusta Lamb (Mrs Edward) 318 6th ave., Clinton 

71406 Ware, Celeste (Miss) 318 6th ave., Clinton 

* Susan Carrington Clarke Chapter, Conn. 

3 70 DIRBCTOET, D. A. R. 

7155e Ware, Mary Pomeroy (Mrs Frederick E.) 435 Fifth ave., Clinton 

3349a Warfield, Ella Lyford (Mrs Wilson R.) 2116 Grand ave., Des Moines 

21489A; Waterman, Anne Lowry (Mrs C. M.) Davenport 

115140 Weare, Susanna H. (Miss) 705 Pearl st., Sioux City 

23824fc Weaver, Julia Ann (Mrs John) Davenport 

14009 Weed, Maria Tobey (Mrs) West Union 

20951s Wells, Gate Gilbert (Mrs) 910 Jefferson st., Burlington 

17475a Wellslager, Anna B. (Mrs E. T.) 2137 Grand ave., Des Moines 

21987a Wellslager, Frances Beekman (Mrs M. J.) 1437 Locust st., Des Moines 

16729fc Whitcomb, Beulah Beatrice (Miss) 1750 Grand ave., Davenport 

18457 White, Kittle Ainsw^orth (Mrs Frederick W.) West Union 

8755e Wilcox, Annie Clarke (Mrs Frederick P.) 402 6th ave., Clinton 

7122e Wilcox, Elizabeth Clark (Miss) 402 6th ave., Clinton 

115076 Wilcox, Frances Sophia (Miss) 402 6th ave., Clinton 

16109s Wilkinson, Sarah M. (Mrs Thomas) 715 High st., Burlington 

115120 Williams, Gladys E. Garrison (Mrs Charles K.) 101 14th st., Sioux City 

174786 Wilson, Martha Clarissa White (Mrs Owen G.) 521 5th ave., Clinton 

16107i Wilson, Ruth D. Carpenter (Mrs H. P.) 830 N. 6th st., Burlington 

19155f Wirt, Ella Blaine (Miss) Council BlufPs 

16099 Woodbury, Mabel Frances (Miss) Marshalltown 

24614a Wright, Dorcas Lary (Mrs John F.) Grinnell 

9575e Wright, Katharine Cowles (Miss) 438 7th ave., Clinton 

12642fc Wylie, Nancy Cable (Mrs Joseph S.) Davenport 

16730fc Young, Betsey Drake (Mrs John B.) Davenport 

7142e Young, Emma Lamb (Mrs William E.) 305 7th ave., Clinton 

209456 Young, Katharine Choate Paul (Mrs William J., Jr.) 545 5th ave., Clinton 

77756 Young, Mariana (Miss) 429 6th ave., Clinton 

7041* Zollinger, Elizabeth Marion (Mrs Jeremiah R.) Newton 

7042* Zollinger, Gulielma (Miss) Newton 


State Regent 1897, Mrs Mattie A. Hand, Holtoii 




(3 organized; 1 unorganized) 

a. Betty WasMngton Chapter — Lawrence 

Organized October 17, 1896; Members, 37 

Regent, Miss Mary L. Robinson 
Vice-Regent, Miss Janet R. Welch 
Secretary, Mrs Inez C. Zook 

Treasurer, Miss Apphia J. McAllaster 
Registrar, Mrs Edna B. Fuller 
Historian, Mrs Lou R. Moore 

b. Eunice Sterling Chapter — Wichita 

Organized October 21, 1896; Members 22 (New York 1) 

Regent, Mrs Catherine S. Lewis 
Vice-Regent, Mrs Emma L. Reed 
Secretary, Mrs Luella ^. Kimball 

Treasurer, Miss Bessie B. Reed 
Registrar, Mrs Berdine D. Woolard 
Historian, Mrs Mary B. Graves 

* Faith Trumbull Chapter, Conn. 


c. Ottawa 

Eegent, Mrs Jennie M. Ward. Appointed March 22, 1898 

d. Topeka Chapter — Topeka 

Organized April 2, 1S96; Mem'bers, 45 


Eegent, Mrs M. M. Miller 
Vice-Eegent, Mrs Geo. D. Hale 
Secretary', Mrs A. T. Daniels 

Treasurer, Mrs H. I. Cook 
Eegistrar, Miss Bell M. Thompson 
Historian, Mrs Horner Broughton 

IMembees Eesiring in the State 

12654d Adams, Harriet E (Miss) Topeka 

12657(i Adams, Zu (Miss) Topeka 

22783* Albers, Grace Gertrude (Miss) Junction City 

24637(Z Allen, Ida Butler (Mrs W. C.) HM Maple st., Ottawa 

16862t Anthony, Annie E. Osborne (Mrs Daniel E.) Leavenworth 

14863a Bailey, Elizabeth A (Mrs L. D.) Lawrence 

13328 Baker, Caroline M. (Mrs Charles S.) Topeka 

8402(Z Beck, Mary Hamilton (Mrs M. M.) Holton 

14864(Z Blakeslee, Grace Barton (Mrs Thomas) Neodesha 

14865d Blakeslee, Helen Gilmore .Neodesha 

9181* Blatchly, Charlotte A. (Miss) Argentine 

17987(Z Boughton, Anna M. Pratt (Mrs Homer.) Topeka 

21492d Brown, Margaret Wright (Mrs Eobert H.) 1034 Harrison st., Topeka 

18461a Bruce, Hattie Atwood Eollins (Mrs Eobt. M.) Lawrence 

11516& Bunnell, Julia H. (Miss) 1257 Lawrence ave., Wichita 

133276 Burwell, Mary Alice (Miss) Wichita 

133266 Burwell, Nettie B. (Miss) Wichita 

15541a Byrd, Alice Huntington (Miss) Lawrence 

17991a Byrd, Elizabeth Adelaide Lowe (INIrs John H.) Lawrence 

24621:}: Carpenter, Eva H. (Mr^ Worth O.) Oskaloosa 

16742(Z Carpenter, Mary Wilson Elliott (Mrs E. P.) Neodesha 

155386 Carter, Lucetta Stevens Fassett (Mrs N. P.). .506 Sedg-wick block, Wichita 

22685a Clarke, Edith M. (Miss) 1121 Ehode Isand st., Lawrence 

14186a Clarke, Florence Greely (Miss) 924 Ehode Island, Lawrence 

19772(Z Collins, Euth M. (Miss) 1016 Polk st., Topeka 

12656(? Cook, Mary White (Mrs Henry F.) 1017 Tyler st., Topeka 

19879* Cross, Kate Wilder (Mrs Chas. S.) 516 Union st., Emporia 

24636d Curdy, Helen Sackett (Mrs. Wm. W.) Paola 

16112(Z Daniels, Julia Smith (Mrs A. T.) cor. 21st st. and Topeka ave., Topeka 

16743d Deming, Christianna Elliott (Mrs E. 0.) Oswego 

12591|| Dillon, Susan Finley Brown (Mrs H. P.) 921 Hamsen st., Topeka 

14862a Estabrook, Lucy Pratt (Mrs Wm.) .92 Pennsylvania st., Lawrence 

12813* Faxon, Mercy Lincoln (Mrs A. Allen) Lawrence 

16744d Ferguson, Lena Sears (Mrs W. C.) 1312 Topeka ave., Topeka 

15542a Fuller, Edna Bradford (Mrs Arthur N) Lawrence 

17988(i Gemmell, Anna E. C. (Mrs Eobert B.) Topeka 

* Klizabeth Benton Chapter, Missouri. J Elizabeth Ross Chapter, Iowa. 

t Martha's Vineyard Chapter, Massachusetts. || Rev. James Caldwell Chapter, Illinois. 

172 DIKECTOET, D. A. K. 

14866d Gilmore, Florence Barton (Mrs John S.) Fredonia 

100116 Graves, Mary Brooks (Mrs. Walter H.) 530 University ave., Wichita 

155406 Grosvenor, Jane Wey (Miss) Kingman 

155396 Grosvenor Lucretia Shelton (Miss) Kingman 

16113(Z Hale, Frances Cook (Mrs. G. D.) 303 Tenth ave., West, Topeka 

16746a Hall, Lillian Popenoe (Mrs. Clarence S.) Lawrence 

6518d Hand, Martha A. (Mrs Hiram) Holton 

1.2285d Handy, Elizabeth Paterson (Mrs Nathan F.) 1275 Topeka ave., Topeka 

6774 Harding, Eva (Miss) 709 Kansas ave., Topeka 

17989d! Hardt, Mary W. (Mrs John W.) 134 Greenwood ave., Topeka 

12652(Z Harrison, Annie W. Blair (Mrs Thos. W 1243 Western ave., Topeka 

18463ft Haskell, Mabel Bliss (Miss) Lawrence 

18462a Haskell, Mary Elizabeth Bliss (Mrs. John G.) Lawrence 

22180| Hogarty, Harriet Eebecca C. (Mrs Wm P.) Quindaro 

126536 Horton, Mary A. (Mrs Albert H.) Topeka 

226S4a Howland, Constance Genevieve (Miss) Lawrence 

23835a Jewett, Sarah Ann Foote (Mrs Samuel) Lav^rence 

24771f Jones, Mary Elizabeth Eichards (Mrs Selden W.) Leavenworth 

21495d Keating, Mary E. Potter (Mrs. Colin) Cimarron 

95846 Kimball, Luella A. (Mrs EUwood D.) Hotel Metropole, Wichita 

16114(Z Kimball, Susanna Hoyt (Mrs F. M.) 1016 Polk st., Topeka 

24055* Kingsley, Ella Hill (Mrs George) Paola 

16111(i Latham, Lilla Northrop (Mrs Albert) 1030 Van Buren st., Topeka 

84036 Lewis, Katharine S. (Mrs George F.) 1257 N. Lawrence ave., Wichita 

■l4867(Z Lowell, Ellen E. (Miss) Holton 

19180(Z McAfee, Sarah Louise Nellis (Mrs Henry W.) Topeka 

14858a McAllaster, Apphia Jane (Miss) Lawrence 

14857a McAllaster, Apphia Jewell (Miss) Lawrence 

9174a McCall, Louisa St. Clair (Mrs) 901 Ohio st., Lawrence 

18464(Z McGiffert, Alberta Dick (Mrs William C.) 1024 Topeka ave., Topeka 

17990<i Martin, Maria Merrell (Mrs Samuel E.) 426 Topeka ave., Topeka 

233916 Matthews, Maude (Miss) Wichita 

12Q55d Mattoon, Lucena Botefuhr (Miss) 815 Hutoon st., Topeka 

21493(Z Meeker, Grace Euth (Miss) Ottawa 

15782|| Melvin, Harriet Gregg (Mrs Daniel M.) P. O. Box 124, Troy 

13330(? Miller, Florence Woodbury (Mrs Matthew M.) Topeka 

19771a Moore, Lou Eankin (Mrs) Law^rence 

14856a Moore, May (Mrs Henry M.) 1100 Tennessee st., Lawrence 

20455* Murphy, Helen Phoebe Towsley (Mrs Charles E.) Junction City 

19181d Nellis, Anna Marie (Miss) Topeka 

144756 NighsAvonger, Jane (Mrs J.) Wichita 

23390a Pease, Elizabeth Frances (Miss) Care A. N. Fuller, Lawrence 

18466d Prouty, Hannah Mariah (Mrs Salmon S.) 815 Topeka ave., Topeka 

12286(Z Putnam, Katherine Douglas (Miss) Topeka 

16745(? Quinton, Mary Kendall (Mrs E. S.) 1115 Topeka aVe., Topeka 

3651§ Eay, Mary Hyde Smith (Mrs Hal) 346 N. Topeka st., Wichita 

140206 Eeed, Bessie Barlow (Miss) Wichita 

90506 Eeed, Emma Louise HofE (Mrs William A.) 1829 N. Market st., Wichita 

14522^ Eobb, Sarah Fox (Miss) , Independence 

11620a Eobinson, Mary Lawton (Miss) 92 Pennsylvania st., Lawrence 

14859a Eobinson, Sara T. D. (Mrs Charles) Lawrence 

* Elizabeth Benton Chapter, Missouri. || Molly Stark Chapter, New Hampshire. 

t Margery Sullivan Chapter, N. H. § Abigail Adams Chapter, Iowa. 

j Osage Chapter, Missouri. 11 Vassar College Chapter, New York. 



17634* Rockwell, Julia Marshall (Mrs Bertrand) Junction City 

23392(i Rodgers, Anna Dick (Mrs Alpheus K.) 503 Monroe st., Topeka 

75606 Rose, Elizabeth Adams (Mrs H. G.) Wichita 

20319a Ross, Belle (Miss) Lawrence 

22188f Shaf er, Ann Tuttle Carr (Mrs) Quindaro 

184606 Sim, Nellie S. Huntoon (Mrs Coler L.) 1065 N. Emporia st., Wichita 

18465(Z Smith, Mary Lena (Miss) 411 Chestnut st., Leavenworth 

12289(Z Smith, Ruth J. (Miss) 503 Topeka ave., Topeka 

167476 Sweet, Mary Jane (Mrs W. W.) 638 N. Market st., Wichita 

10587* Thompson, Fannie Geiger (Mrs Alton H.) 607 Tenth st.. West, Topeka 

12288d Thompson, Isabella M. (Miss) Topeka 

124176 Towne, W. Ernestine (Mrs John Henry) Conway Springs 

21494d Ward, Jennie Meeker (Mrs Milan L.) 703 S. Poplar st., Ottawa 

13329d Ware, Nettie Huntington (Mrs Eugene F.) Topeka 

14861a Welch, Gertrude Elizabeth (Miss) Lawrence 

14860a Welch, Janet Rosanna (Miss) Lawrence 

18739|| Wheaton, Charlotte Flower (Mrs Loyd) Fort Leavenworth 

22683a White, Eliza Jane (Mrs James) Lawrence 

238336 Whitney, Alice M. (Miss) Wichita 

238346 Whitney, Carrie Emily (Mrs Benjamin C.) 203 N. Emporia ave., Wichita 

11417|f Whittlesey, Karolyn Bradford (Miss) Bethany College, Topeka 

23836a Wilbur, Lena Augusta Spicer (Miss) 902 Louisiana ave., Lawrence 

■23136d Wilder, Julia M. Hines (Mrs Alexander P.) Topeka 

140196 Woolard, Birdine Davidson (Mrs Samuel F.) . .710 N. Lawrence ave., Wichita 

174896 Woolard, Winifred W. (Miss) 356 N. Topeka ave., Wichita 

9172a Zook, Inez C. (Mrs Jacob M.) 901 Ohio st., Lawrence 

li a 


State Regent 1897, Mrs Edward N. Maxwell, 836 2nd st, Louisville 


Q? organized; 8 unorganized) 

a. Ashland 

Members, 7 
Regent, Mrs Lucy H. Culbertson. Appointed May 6, 1897 

h. Boonesborough Chapter — Eichmond 

Organized June 4, 1896; MembersfSO (Missouri, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Sallie G. H. Chenault 
Vice-Regent, Mrs K. P. Caperton 
Rec. Sec, Miss Minerva P. Phelps 
Cor. Sec, Mrs Alice P. Tribble 

Treasurer, Mrs Margaret J. Neale 
Registrar, Miss Margaret Chenault 
Historian, Mrs Sara W. C. Phelps 
Chaplain, Mrs Ellen B. Gibson 

* Elizabeth Benton Chapter, Missouri. 
t Osage Chapter, Missouri. 

II Chicago Chapter, Illinois. 

if Peace and Party Chapter, Massachusetts. 

174 DIEECTOKY, D. A. E. 

c. Bryan Station Chapter — Lexington 

Organized February 4, 1897; Members 11 (Louisiana, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Cecil M. Harbison Treasurer, Mrs Mary E. Moore 

Vice-Eegent, Miss Julia Lewis Eegistrar, Miss Helen Lyle 

Secretary, Miss Nora Ward Historian, Mrs Emma B. Tanner 

d. Danville 

Eegent, Mrs Mary J. Hogsett. Appointed May 6, 1897 

e. Dolly Payne Madison Chapter — Covington 

Members, 9 (Ohio 1) 

Regent, Mrs Sallie S. R. Piatt Treasurer, Mrs Anna W. S. Lott 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Irene 0. Picton Registrar, Miss Lucy S. Blackburn 

Secretary, Mrs Cora U. Nock Historian, Mrs Hettie McE. Emerson 

f. Elizabeth. Kenton Chapter — Covington 

Organized February 18, 1895; Members 55 (Indiana, 2; Misouri 2; Foreign, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Fred. P. Wolcott Treasurer, Mrs Walter Cleary 

Vice-Regent, Mrs W. H. Mackoy Registrar, Mrs Hiram Quackenbueh 

Secretary, Miss Catherine E. Collins Chaplain, Mrs John W. Hall 

g. Eminence 


Eegent, Mrs Hattie F. Moody. Appointed January 6, 1898 

h. General Evan Shelby Chapter — Owensboro 

Organized October 23, 1897; Members, 14 (Tennessee, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Rosa B. Todd Cor. Sec, Miss Susan E. Taylor 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Eliz. W. Wandling Treasurer, Mrs Emily McH. Hale 

Rec. Sec, Miss Susan E. Hawes. Registrar, Mrs Logan M. Eowe 

Historian, Mrs Emily C. Bell 

i. General Samuel Hopkins — Henderson 

Organized February 11, 1896; Members, 17 

Eegent, Mrs R. H. Cunningham Treasurer, Mrs G. Fannie Hill 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Sterling Price « Registrar, INIrs Given Rudy 

Secretary, Miss Annie Starling Historian, Miss Nannie Norris 

j. Georgetown 


Regent, Mrs Emma K. Hemdon. Appointed May 6, 1897 


k. Hopkinsville 
Eegent, Mrs Mary Edmunds. Appointed May 6, 1897 

1. Isaac Shelby Chapter— Shelbyville 

Members 11 

Regent, Mrs Anna MeC. Harbison. Appointed March 22, 1898 

m. Jemima Johnson Chapter — Paris 

Organized July 15, 1896; Members, 38 (Colorado, 1) 

Eegent, Miss Emma P. Scott Treasurer, Mrs Georgia Stuart 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Nellie G. Talbott Registrar, Mrs Mary M. Stephens 

Rec. Sec, Miss Mary G. Talbot Historian, Miss Lou K. Williams 

Cor. Sec, Miss Nellie Fithian Chaplain, Mrs Ann D. Lucas 

n. John Marshall Chapter— Louisville 

Organized Jan 11, 1892; Members 93 (Illinois, 1; Indiana, 1; Georgia, 2; Foreign 2) 

Regent, Mrs. William M. Lyons Treasurer, Mrs Chas. Edwards 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Frank Parsons Registrar, Mrs Irwin Dugan 

Secretary, Mrs Hite Thompson Historian, Mrs Dudley S. Reynolds 

o. Judge Samuel McDowell Chapter— Cynthiana 

Organized February 10, 1896; Members, 15 

Regent, Mrs Hervey McDowell Treasurer, Mrs Robert L. Grinnan 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Leslie T. Applegate Registrar, Miss Susan T. Patterson 

Secretary, Mrs Hubbard W. Shawhan Historian, Mrs Thos. C. Nichols 

Chapfain, Mrs Anna S. Givens 

p. Keturah Moss Taylor Chapter — Newport 

Organised May 28, 1894; Members 21 (Yerginia 1) 

Regent, Mrs Mary S. Forse Treasurer, Miss Ann L. Washington 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Saml. Bailey Registrar, Mrs Jas. W. Shanks 

Secretary, Mrs Thos. Brown Historian, Mrs Walter Kline 

q. Lexington Chapter — Lexington 

Organized October, 1891; Members, 81 (Tennessee, 2; New York, 1; Missouri, 1; Kentucky, 

1; Foreign 2) 

Regent, Mrs Mary L. Sayre Treasurer, Miss Dixie Pepper 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Mary G. Morton Registrar, Miss Lizzie A. Lyle 

Secretary, Mrs Frances B. Threlkeld Historian, Mrs Genevieve M. Mulligan 

Chaplain, Mrs Isabella M. Coleman 

176 DIEECTOEY, D. A. E. 

r. miadison County Chapter — Richmond 

Organized June 8, 1896; Members, 19 (Indian Territory, 1) 

Eegent, Miss Sallie Burnam Treasurer, Mrs A. W. Smith 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs W. W. Watts Registrar, Mrs James Shackelford 

Secretary, Mrs Edward Hume . Historian, Miss Lucia Burnam 

s, Margaret Taliaferro Chapter — "Winchester 

Organised October 7, 1897; Members, 13 (Louisiana 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Betsy T. Beckner Cor. Sec, Mrs Sara T. Morton 

Vice-Eegent, Miss Mary B. Miller Treasurer, Mrs Adelaide V. Martin 

Eec. Sec, Mrs Annie Jouett Historian, Miss Mary E. Bright 

Chaplain, Miss Bettie F. Bright 

t. Mt. Sterling 
Eegent, Miss Ida S. Hamilton. Appointed January 27, 1898 

V. New Liberty- 
Member.'?, 5 
Eegent, Mrs Cora Turner Barker. Appointed April 1, 1897 

w. Paducah Chapter — Paducah 

Organized December 2, 1897; Members, 15 (Missouri, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Benj. E. Eeed Treasurer, Mrs Eliz. P. Nash 

Secretary, Mrs Frank Scott Eegistrar, Mrs Alice P. Cowgill 

X. Rebecca Bryan Boone Chapter — Newport 

^ Organized January 9, 1S97; Members, 20 (Missouri, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Eleanor H. T. Arnold Treasurer, Mrs Florence DeM. Glazier 

Vice-Eegent, Miss Cornelia E. Payne Eeg-istrar, Mrs Betty B. Spalding 

Eec. Sec, Miss Jessie Southgate Historian, Mrs Hannah P. Thornton 

Cor. Sec, Miss Sophia H. Arnold Chaplain, Mrs Mary W. Lockhart 

y. Susanna Hart Shelby Chapter — Versailles 
Organized January 19, 1895; Members, 20 (West Tirginia, 2; New York, 1; Wyoming, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs E. T. Hart Treasurer, Mrs Mary S. Graddy 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs E. S. Eailey Eegistrar, Mrs Susan P. H. Camden 

Secretary, Mrs Edith S. Hunter Historian, Mrs S. G. H. Humphreys 


z. Valentine Peers Chapter — Marysville 

Organised November 21, 1896; Members, I4 (Kentucky, 1; Ohio 2) 


Regent, Mrs Eleanor O. C. Blatterman 
Vice-Eegent, Mrs Letitia P. Wood 
Secretary, Miss Katharine T. Eoss 

Treasurer, Mrs Sally P. Jenkins 
Registrar, Mrs Margaret H. Phister 
Historian, Miss Mary Chambers 

Membeks Residing in the State 
















Akers, Katherine Blair (Mrs Thomas P.) W. 2d st., Lexington 

Alden, Edith (Miss) 821 Washington ave., Newport 

Alexander, Bell Hart Brent (Mrs Charles) Paris 

Alexander, Letitia Hart (Miss) Louisville 

Alexander, Lucy Eullerton (Mrs Alexander J.) Spring Station 

Allin, Marie Lloyd Marshall (Mrs Philip T.) . .701 W. Chestnut st., Louisville 

Amsden, Laura E. (Mrs James P.) Versailles 

Anderson, Dovey Blythe (Mrs Joseph C.) Lexington 

Applegate, Sally Menzies (Mrs Leslie) Falmouth 

Arnold, Eleanor Hart Talbot (Mrs James M.) 38 First st., Newport 

Arnold, Lucie Brent (Miss) 38 W. Front st., Newport 

Arnold, Sophia Hart (Miss) 38 Front st., Newport 

Bailey, Georgen Baird Hodge (Mrs Samuel C). .31 Monmouth st., Newport 

Ball, Susan (Miss) Versailles 

Ballard, Florence Effie (Miss) Shelbyville 

Ballard, Nannie Peyton (Miss) Shelbyville 

Barker, Cora Turner (Mrs Harvey D.) New Liberty 

Barnett, Eliza McCrum (Miss) 1830 First st., Louisville 

Bassett, Anna Whitney (Miss) 86 S. Limestone st., Lexington 

Bassett, Einma Latham (Miss) 86 S. Limestone st., Lexington 

Bate, Margaret Mitchell (Mrs John T., Jr.) 1333 2nd st., Louisville 

Bate, Octavia Z. (Miss) • Glenview 

Beckner, Betsey Taliaferro (Mrs William M.) Winchester 

Bedinger, Eleanor Campbell (Mrs Daniel L.) Anchorage 

Bell, Emily Craig (Mrs J. Hunter) Owensboro 

Bell, Jane Hardin (Mrs) Shelbyville 

Bell, Margaret Ward (Mrs Harry H.) 1959 First st,, Louisville 

Biggs, Helen Rebecca (Miss) Gravenstein Place, Greenup 

Biggs, Sara Grandin (Miss) Gravenstein Place, Greenup 

Bigstaff, Nazzie Webster (Miss) Newport 

Blackburn, Julia Churchill (Mrs Luke P.) 1509 Fourth ave., Louisville 

Blackburn, Lucy Scott (Miss) 30 E. 12th st., Covington 

Blakeley, Lilly Hudson Landrum (Mrs Laurie J.) . .1391 Scott st., Covington 

Blanton, Willie (Miss) New Liberty 

Blatterman, Eleanor Orr Collins (Mrs George W.) Maysville 

Board, Mary Lake Barnes (Mrs William E.) Paris 

Bohannan, Florence Helm (Mrs Robert N.) 208 Belgralvia ave., Louisville 

Bondurant, Myra Gray (Mrs Joseph D.) Wilder Park, Louisville 

Boswell, Hannah Moore (Mrs Hartwell) Lafayette Park, Lexington 

Boswell, Mary (Miss) Lafayette Park, Lexington 

Boyce, Elizabeth Ficklin (Miss) 743 3d ave., Louisville 

* Letitia Green Stevenson Chapter, Illinois. 

t Joseph Spencer Chapter, Ohio. 

1-78 DIKECTORT, D. A. B. 

13334if Bradley, Kate Dudley (Mrs Ed. A.) 643 Greenup st., Covington 

24643^ Breck, Belle (Miss) Spring Station 

15556/" Brent, Ellen Forman (Miss) Covington 

16135TO Brent, Mary Potter (Miss) Paris 

20346s Bright, Bettie French (Miss) .Winchester 

20345s Bright, Mary Emma (Miss) Winchester 

23852 Bronaugh, Mary Edmunds (Mrs William V.) Hopkinsville 

140282) Brown, Lillie Jordan (Mrs Thomas C.) 15 E. 3d st., Nevsrport 

8764% Brown, Mary Brigham (Mrs Kobert W.> 6241/3 4th ave., Louisville 

119063 Brown, Mattie Ella Wingfield (Miss) 219 E. Main st., Lexington 

7470f Bruce, Mattie Ward Evans (Mrs George S.) 630 Sandford st., Covington 

11 913Q Bryan, Mary B. (Miss) 367 E. Main st., Lexington 

23843» Buckner, B. M. (Mrs J. M.) New Broadway and Highland ave., Louisville 

43 Buckner, Delia Claiborne ^Mrs S. B.) Eio 

19185m Buckner, Olivia Bedinger (Miss) Paris 

16759n Bullitt, Mattie Bohannan (Mrs Neville) 1035 2d st., Louisville 

115231 Bunch, Mary Stewart (Miss) Henderson 

17835* Buntin, Elizabeth Salmons (Mrs John C.) Franklin 

13336Q' Burgin, Sallie Johnson (Mrs Clifton) 44 Kentucky ave., Lexington 

14050r Burnam, Lucia Field (Miss) Richmond 

167486 Bumam, Margaret Alexander (Mrs Anthony E..) Richmond 

9587r Bumam, Sallie Eodes (Miss) Richmond 

8278f BiTrns, Julia Baird Fleming (Mrs) Hopkinsville 

2157n Cabell, Zipporah Purnell (Mrs J. M.) 516 W. Broadway, Louisville 

16761« Cain, Madeline (Miss) 1625 4th ave., Louisville 

6090^/ Camden, Susan Pi H. (Mrs Johnson N.) Versailles 

16120a? Campbell, Anna Lucile Kendall (Mrs) 815 Washington ave., Newport 

14034& Caperton, Katherine Phelps (Mrs James W.) Richmond 

£0333 Carney, Octavia Donnell (Mrs Edward M.) Hopkinsville 

5670p Carothers, Caroline B. P. (Mrs Thomas P.) 3d st., Newport 

16779^ Cary, Sydney Theodore Sayre Bell (Mrs Arthur) Lexington 

11530a? Casey, Lily Marshall (Miss) Dayton 

26020^ Casey, Sybil Doolittle (Mrs Edward D.) Lexington 

3 5557f Cassidy, Eliza Guyton (Mrs J. S.) 1555 Madison ave., Covington 

155432 Chambers, Mary Phillips (Miss) Washington 

11022i Cheaney, Edith Barbour (Miss) Henderson 

140356 Chenault, Eleanor B. (Mrs John C.) Richmond 

140416 Chenault, Margaret ^^\ (Miss) Richmond 

77896 Chenault, Sarah Gibson H. (Mrs C. D.). .Madison National Bank, Richmond 

16136m Chorn, Mary Webb Branham (Mrs James) Mt. Sterling 

203357* Clark, Margaret Hawes (Mrs William H.) Owensburg 

14876s Clark, Nancy West Beekner (Mrs) Winchester 

2199g Clay, Annie Gratz (Mrs Thomas H.) N. Mill st., Lexington 

14530m, Clay, Frances Conn (Mrs Thomas H.) The Heights, Paris 

11086^ Clay, Josephine Russell (Mrs John M.) Lexington 

12661g' Clay, Lucie Chenault (Mrs Bishop) .Cor. Main st. & Ashland ave., Lexington 

7472g Clay, Lucretia Hart (Miss) Lexington 

S139TO Clay, Mary Harris (Mrs Cassius M.) Paris 

4684^- Clay, Miriam Gratz (Miss) N. Mill st., Lexington 

22690m Clay, Willie Kern (Mrs Oliver P.) Paris 

13332f Cleary, Anna Sullivan (Mrs Walter W.) 608 Sandford st., Covington 

15563f Cleary, Anna Wherritt (Mrs William W.) 15 E. 12th st., Covington 

* Cumberland Chapter, Tennessee. t Jane Knox Chapter, Tennessee. 





2 4 64 On 




Colcamp, Emma Forsyth (Mrs Frederick W.) Lexington 

Coleman, Isabella Eeed Milligan (Mrs Benj. L.) 120 S. Broadway, Lexington 

Collier, Nancy Moore (Miss) Cynthiana 

Collins, Catherine Eoss (Miss) 1559 Garrard ave., Covington 

Collins, Harriette Wheeler (Miss) 1559 Garrard ave., Covington 

Cowan, Anna Gilbert (Mrs Andrew) 912 4th ave., Louisville 

Cowgill, Alice B. Parker (Mrs Warwick M.) Paducah 

Cox, Irene (Mrs Charles A.) Paducah 

Cox, Susan Farrow (Mrs W. H.) Maysville 

Crooke, Lucy Fleming (Miss) Richmond 

Culbertson, Lucy Hardie (Mrs William Wirt) Ashland 

Cunningham, Mary Atkinson (Mrs Eichard H.)..102 Adams st., Henderson 

Dabney, Bertie Vaughan (Mrs A. S.) Paducah 

Darbishire, A,nnie Shelby (Mrs Godfrey) Danville 

Davis, Eliza Louise Winlock (]\Iiss) Shelby ville 

Davis, Georgiana Winlock (Miss) Shelbyville 

Davis, Martha Page Alexander (Mrs Owen) Paris 

Davis, Nora Eingo (Mrs Lewis W.) Ashland 

DeLong, Ida C. (Mrs G. A.) N. Broadway, Lexington 

DeMoss, Icy (Miss) Newport 

DeMoss, Josephine Calla (Miss) Newport 

Des Cognets, Anna Eussell (Mrs Hypolite) Lexington 

Didlake, Anna Farguson (Miss) Lexington 

Ditto, Ellen Anderson (Mrs Franklin) . . . .227 E. Breckinridge st., Louisville 

Dugan, Mattie Dickson (Mrs Irwin) 105 W. Breckinridge st., Louisville 

Duncan, IMary Ellen Ogdon (Mrs Josej)h) Covington 

Dunlap, Lina Terrell S. (Mrs Joseph B.) 1835 3rd ave., Louisville 

Eaches, Somerville Hayes (Mrs Ewing) 1521 3d ave., Louisville 

Eberhart, Alice Wortley La Eue (Mrs F. W.) Shawhan 

Edmunds, Mary Stuart Green (Mrs Stuart A.) Hopkinsville 

Edwards, Ida A. (Mrs Charles G.) 1036 4tli ave., Louisville 

Edwards, Lutie Kale (Mrs Edward L.) 253 N. Limestone st., Lexington 

Elam, Annie Deupree (Miss) 40 S. Adams st., Henderson 

Elliott, Mollie Turner (Mrs Henry W.) Sulphur 

Ellis, Bessie Elliston DeMoss (Mrs John D.) Bellevue 

Emerson, Hetty ISIcEwen (Mrs Walter P.) Covington 

Emmal, Annie Prewitt (Mrs J. Burt) Lexington 

Enloe, Fannie Ashworth (Mrs B. A.) 3rd st. and Broadway, Louisville 

Ernst, Susan Brent (Mrs Eichard P.) 119 E. 3d st., Covington 

Evans, Pearl Chenault (Mrs Silas) Lexington 

Fennacy, Hebe Grayson (Mrs Albert E.) 112 Winchester ave., Ashland 

Field, Maria Shelby Tevis (Mrs Willis W.) Versailles 

Fischer, Elizabeth Eingo (Mrs Ferdinand C.) Ashland 

Fisher, Sarah Thornton Williams (Mrs) 403 Washington ave., Newport 

Fithian, Georgia (Miss) Paris 

Fithian, Nellie (Miss) Paris 

Forse, Fannie Foote (Miss) Park ave, Nevrport 

Forse, Mary Stella (Mrs Carson B.) 732 Park ave., Newport 

Foster, Elizabeth White (Mrs John M.) Eichmond 

Foster, Katherine Sharp (Mrs Thomas L.) . . . .226 W. Chestnut st., Louisville 

Frazee, Lou Ann Martin (Mrs Lewis J.) Eichmond 

French, Fannie (Miss) 25 E. 9th st., Covington 

* Oneida Chapter, New York. 



20347s French, Julia Williams (Miss) Winchester 

23844n Gait, Mattie Eoss (Mrs John) "Homewood," Hikes 

8237 Gardner, Sarah Ann Farring (Mrs William H.) Fort Thomas 

115220 Garrard, Mary McDowell (Mrs Kichard F.) Morgan 

239911; Garriott, Edmonia Sherley (Mrs E.) Sulphur 

5683» Gates, Sallie Todd Gibson (Mrs Sidney J.) . . .1328 New Broadway, Louisville 

16752e Gayle, Jane Bond Orr (Mrs D. Howard) New Liberty 

23393& Gibson, Ellen V. (Mrs William) Kichmond 

23845» Gifford, Eugenia Eowley (Mrs H. N.) 1118 2d st., Louisville 

15544s Gill, Alice Taylor (Miss) Maysville 

133310 Givens, Annie Shawhan (Mrs David A.) Cynthiana 

16119a; Glazier, Florence DeMoss (Mrs W^illiam L.) 335 E. 5th st., Newport 

10015* Gooch, Anna Stout (Mrs D. Linn) Greenup st., Covington 

7786|/ Graddy, Mary S. (Mrs Jesse) Versailles 

1081m Grant, Bettie Keeney (Miss), 815 3d ave., Louisville 

104:70q Graves, Adeline (Mrs James M.) 57 S. Broadway, Lexington 

21996g Graves, Polly Cloud (Mrs William W.) S. Broadway, Lexington 

1084n Gray, Ella (Mrs Norbom G.) E. Ormsby ave., Louisville 

1284n Green, Annie A. (Mrs John W.) 1612 3d ave., Louisville 

21501 Green, Emma Campbell (Mrs John E.) Hopkinsville 

23842i Green, Frances Atkinson (Mrs Simeon C.) Henderson 

20328TO Greene, Amy Stevens (Mrs Henry B.) 720 3d st., Louisville 

7473g Greene, Nanci Lewis (Miss) Elsmere Park, Lexington 

12082O Grinnan, Amanda Salter (Mrs Eobert L.) Cynthiana 

1336W Grinstead, Fannie Helm (Mrs Harry C.) 213 W. Hill st., Louisville 

20327W Griswold, Anna Clifton Grant (Mrs H. M.) Louisville 

16774Z Guthrie, Mary Virginia Thomas (Mrs James) Shelbyville 

77931/ Haggin, Margaret Saunders Voorhies (Mrs James B.) Versailles 

16143m Haggin, Susan Brent (Mrs William T.) 1622 Barret ave., Lousiville 

20337/1 Hale, Emily McHenry (Mrs Josiah) Owensboro 

15560f Hall, Ellen Dubaney (Mrs) 30 W. 4th st., Covington 

15559f Hall, Henrietta Schwartz Green (Mrs John W.) . .417 Eussell ave., Covington 

1285m Hamilton, Anna J. (Miss) 549 2d st., Louisville 

2335m Hamilton, Emily A. P. (Mrs S. M.) 203 E. Broadway, Louisville 

3281g' Hamilton, Emma (Mrs Archie) Lexington 

13338g Hanson, Jennie M. (Miss) Lexington 

18002? Harbison, Anna MeClarty (Mrs Howard) Shelbyville 

16131c Harbison, Cecilia MeClarty (Mrs Shelby T.) 145 S. Limestone st., Lexington 

7783)1 Harris, Nannette True (Mrs Norvin T.) Lyndon 

2035810 Hart, Maria Frances Harris (Mrs George O.) Paducah 

60891/ Hart, Eebecca Tevis (Mrs William P.) Versailles 

2384.6m Harvey, Lizzie Haden (Mrs Charles F.) 1215 Garvin Place, Louisville 

7471f Hawes, Mary (Miss) 71 E. 15th st., Covington 

20338/1 Hawes, Susan Elizabeth (Miss) Owensboro 

711g' Hawkins, Laura Eussell (Mrs William J.) Lexington 

12080 Hedges, Gertrude (Miss) Cynthiana 

] 4529m Hedges, Letitia Clay (Miss) Paris 



Helm, Anna Webster (Mrs C.J.) Newport 

Helm, Lucy Burdsall (Mrs Frank P.) 4th and Girard sts., Covington 

Helm, Virginia Ball (Miss) 4th and Girard sts., Covington 

Hemingray, Clara Keck (Mrs Danl. C.) 7th and Greentip sts., Covington 

Hemphill, Mary Polk (Mrs F. B.) 334 Main st., Louisville 

* Cincinnati Chapter, Ohio. 

t Martha Washington Chapter, D. C. 




23 849 m; 


















Henderson, Virginia Statira Poage (Mrs Frank) . . . Ashland 

Henry, Lelia Yonng (Mrs Jacob) .■■.■.'.Mt; Sterling 

Henton, Sarah Hansbrough (Mrs Ambrose E.)....1053 3rd ave Louisville 

Hemdon, Ellen Washington (Miss) 2111 Floyd st., Louisville 

Herndon, Emma Kenney (Mrs Bellville M.) Georgetown 

Hickman, Eustatia C. Ormsby (Mrs Baylor) " * ' Louisville 

Hicks Margaret Thomas (Mrs Kobt. A.) ::;;;;:: .Padncah 

Hill, G. Fannie (Mrs J. H.) tt ^ 

-rx 1 J . . ,r Henderson 

Hoagland, Annie Margaret (Miss) 548 S. Limestone st., Lexington 

Hocker, Margaret Lyle (Miss) Shelbyvifle 

Hodge, Ann Taylor (Miss) 31 Monmouth st., Newport 

Hodge, Virginia Lovell (Mrs John T.) Washington ave., Newport 

Hogsett, Mary Johnston (Mrs John J.) Danville 

Hollingsworth, Mary A. (Miss) I330 First 'st.,' Louisville 

Holmes, Kitty Todd (Mrs Samuel B.) Frankford 

Holton, Jennie McDowell (Mrs Chas. S.) '.'.".'."..'.. Eichmond 

Hopkins, Catherine Moore Ewing (Mrs K. B.) 1434* First st.,' Louisville 

Howard, Carrie Brent Alexander (Mrs) Paris 

Howe, Elizabeth Keller (Mrs Wm. W.) ." Carlisle 

Howe, Emma Virginia (Miss) 605 W.' Breckenridge st.', Louisville 

Hubbard, Sallie (Mrs Chas. H.) _ Hickman 

Hudson, Sallie Cleary (Mrs John Shelley Hudson) 15 E. iL2th'st.'," Covington 

Hughes, Sallie Woodruif (Mrs Ernest L.) 1526 First st., Louisville 

Hume, Jeanette Stockton (Mrs Edmund B.) Richmond 

Hume, Pattie Miller (Mrs Stanton B.) * " * " " Richmond 

Humes, Rosalie S. Floyd (Mrs Jas. W.) 1122 2nd ave.,' Louisville 

Humphreys, Mary Taylor (Mrs Joseph Alex.) VersaiHea 

Humphreys, Sara Gibson (Mrs Jos. A.) '. .Lexington 

Hunter, Edith Sanders (Mrs Abner C.) Versailles 

Hutehins, Esther C. (Miss) '.'.'.'.'.'. Maysville 

Jenkins, Sallie Perrie (Mrs Robert P.) Maysville 

Johnson, Kate Jacob (Miss) 1036 4th' av'e".,' Louisville 

Johnston, Rose Phillips (Mrs Henry W.) Lebanon 

Jonas, Margaret Dixon (Mrs Edward A.) Edgewood, Henderson 

Jouett, Annie (Mrs Edward) Winchester 

King, Elizabeth Whittington (Miss) 75 S. Limestone st., Louisville 

Kmkead, Barton Shelby (Mrs Edmond S.) 57 W. 2nd st., Lexington 

Kinkead, Elizabeth Shelby (Miss) 61 W. 2nd st., Lexington 

Kmkead, Jimmie Pindell (Miss) Walnut st., Lexington 

Kinkead, Nellie Talbot (Miss) 61 W. 2nd st., Lexington 

Klein, Alice Groom (Mrs Alexander H.) 1323 Scott st., Covington 

Kline, Mary Bethel Parker (Mrs Walter) 720 Monroe st., Newport 

Larrabee, Harriet Winslow Bulkley (Mrs J. A.) 1823 Baxter ave., Louisville 

Larrarbee, Hattie Lee (Miss) 1823 Baxter aye., Louisville 

LaRue, Tillie Humphreys (Miss) Shawhan 

LeCompte, Margaret Jane (Miss) 116 W. 3rd ave., Lexington 

Leib, May Carr (Mrs Louis) 1121 3rd ave., Louisville 

Lewis, Julia (Miss) 217 W. 2nd st., Lexington 

Lewis, Mary Sneed (Mrs John F.) 121 E. Jacob st., Louisville 

18339m Lockhart, Florence Kelly (Mrs George C.) Paris 

16767a; Lockhart, Mary Wilson (Mrs Marquis R.) Newport 

15564a; Lockhart, Reba M. (Miss) * .' .' .Newport 

24650? Logan, Annie Stuart (Mrs) "shelbyville 

17490& Logan, Mary Lee (Mrs J. V.) .'.Richmond 


182 DIRECTOET, D. A. E. 

179966 Lott, Nannie Winston Southgate (Mrs George G.) Covington 

4685 Lovell, Fannie B. (Miss) 174 E. 2nd st., Covington 

9434* Lovell, May F. Eodgers (Mrs HoAvell L., Jr.) 190 E. 2nd st., Covington 

901» Low^e, Ophelia Pope (Mrs) 557 W. Catherine st., Louisville 

1245m Lucas, Ann Desha (Mrs Joseph W.) Lexington 

17999c Lucas, Celeste (Miss) South Broadwray, Lexington 

17998c Lyle, Helen (Miss) 160 Walnut st., Lexington 

681g Lyle, Lizzie Agnes (Miss) 160 Walnut st., Lexingt;on 

684q Lyle, Maria Catherine (Mrs) 160 Walnut st., Lexington 

3092TO Lyons, Belle C. (Mrs Wm. L.) 1721 First st., Louisville 

11080i McAllister, Fannie J. S. (Mrs) Upper Green st., Henderson 

19097f McCaw, Eloise Chesley (Mrs William E.) Veresailles 

9588 McChord, Annie Phillips (Mrs John) Lebanon 

1989i McClain, Helen Catlin (Mrs Jackson) 313 Centre ave., Henderson 

685g McClellan, Mary Casvv^ell (Miss) Sayre Institute, Lexington 

18000c McClure, Mattie Berkeley (Mrs William B.) South Mills st., Lexington 

16153f McDannold, Laura Powell (Mrs George W.) 602 Sandford st., Covington 

19774r McDovi^ell, Belle Eodes (Mrs John H.) Eichmond 

115320 McDowell, Louise Irvine (Mrs Harvey) Cynthiana 

8406g' McDow^ell, Madeline (Miss) Ashland, Lexington 

1282n MacGregor, Judelle Traube (Mrs Thomas A.) 624 First st., Louisville 

21519 Mcintosh, Isabel Stinson (Mrs W. Page). .U. S. Marine Hospital, Louisville 

17492 McKee, Jeanie D. (Miss) Covington 

20352s McKinley, Lucy Aylett (Mrs Isaac H.) Winchester 

904n McKnight, Attia Porter (Mrs W. H.) 401 W. Broadway, Louisville 

21993f Mackoy, Elizabeth Gary (Miss) Wallace Place, Covington 

lOOief Mackoy, Margaret Chambers Brent (Mrs Wm. H.) . .54 W. 4th st., Covington 

18228c Maclean, Anne Mayo Fitzhugh (Mrs Wm. L.)..50 S. Broadway, Lexington 

14025f McLean, Helen W. (Mrs Hancock T.) 1566 Scott st., Covington 

4866 .Maddux, Fannie Foote (Mrs Lewis O.) 3rd .st., Newport 

6092s Marshall, Maria Louise (Mrs Alexander K.) Augusta 

20350s Martin, Adelaide Virginia (Mrs Joseph E.) Winchester 

14033«- Martin, Eliza J. Gathright (Mrs Clarence L.) . .Newsboys' Home, Louisville 

21992?) Martin, Mattie Fuqua (Mrs P. B.) Beattyville 

13337Q Massie, Lizzie Sayre Higgins (Mrs Wm. K.) 64 N. Broadway, Lexington 

1337n Maxwell, Ann Helm (Mi-s Edward N.) 836 2nd st., Louisville 

20323a Means, Euby Eingo (Airs Ellison C.) Ashland 

14523m Mehagan, Virginia Kelly (Mrs Charles H.) Paris 

167773 Metcalfe, Mary Maude (Miss) Lexington 

18378c? Michie, Genevieve F. (Mrs James W.) 127 E. High st., Lexington 

16144JI Middleton, Elizabeth Summers (Mrs John) 1230 2nd st., Louisville 

13333f Miller, Emma Dudley (Mrs. David B.) 604 Greenup st., Covington 

16137m Miller, Lucy Ann (Miss) Paris 

14629s Miller, Mary B. (Miss) ,. .Winchester 

13335^ Milligan, Ellen Blaine Eussell (Mrs Eobert) Lexington 

16150y Milsep, Amelia Eliza (Mrs James T.) Versailles 

23838c Mitchell, Virginia Taylor (Mrs Thomas D.) 173 N. Broadway, Lexington 

14525m Montgomery, Nannie Scott (Mrs Hugh) Paris 

21988?; Moody, Hattie Fuqua (Mrs Eichard W.) Eminence 

15561/= Moore, Jennie Baldwin (Miss) 732 Scott st., Covington 

18001c Moore, Mary L. (Mrs Thornton) 121 N. Broadway, Lexington 

21995 Moore, Mary McDowell (Miss) Hopkinsville 

* Cincinnati Chapter, Ohio. f Martha Washington Chapter, D. C. 



15552y Moore, Minnie Ball (Mrs Daniel L.) Marrodsbury 

682g Morgan, Lavinia Herndon (Mrs John) Lexington 

21997W Morrow, Sally K. (Mrs G. H.) 533 Jefferson st., Padueah 

710? Morton, Mary Gratz, (Mrs Jeremiah) Short st., Lexington 

20351s Morton, Sara Taliaferro (Mrs Joseph V.) Winchester 

8405g Mulligan, Genevieve Morgan Williams (Mrs J. H.) Maxwell Place, Lexington 

16766a; Murdock, Lucy Taylor Thornton (Mrs) Newport 

20359W? Murrell, Cornelia Eandolph (Mrs Daivd G.) 707 Broadway, Padueah 

23847W Murrell, Mary E. (Mrs Samuel F.) 323 E. St. Catherine st., Louisville 

12079O Musselman, Kittie F. (Mrs W. C.) Cynthiana 

9053n. Nail, Mary Ormsby Gray (Mrs I. B.) 213 E. Breckenridge st., Louisville 

21498W Nash, Elizabeth Powell (Mrs Maurice B.) Padueah 

140466 Neale, Margaret Jones (Mrs Benjamin H.) Richmond 

120830 Nichols, Hallie Lansing (Mrs Thomas C.) Morgan 

167576 Nock, Cora Updegraff (Mrs W. S.) Covington 

842i Norris, Nannie Deupree (Miss) 436 Centre st., Henderson 

16773(7 Nuckols, Martha Rebecca Thomas (Mrs S. V.) 126 W. 2nd st., Lexington 

16763» Offutt, Emily Caldwell (Mrs Henry Y.) 1218 1st st., Louisville 

14531m Owen, Mary Brent (Mrs Jonathan) Paris 

4075» Palmer, Belle Brent (Miss) Gait House, Louisville 

4074W Palmer, Lucy Brent (Mrs Edward R.) 721 W. Jefferson st., Louisville 

12292« Parker, Jane Floyd Humes (Mrs John A.) 1122 2nd st., Louisville 

21497f Parker, Mary E. (Miss) 320 Johnson st., Covington 

21496f Parker, Mary H. (Mrs Joseph) 320 Johnson st., Covington 

11907(1' Parker, Virginia Smith (Mrs A.) Barr st., Lexington 

14871r Parkes, Elizabeth Biiford (Mrs John W.) Richmond 

23840/1 Parrish, Ef&e Solomon (Mrs Arthur L.) Owensboro 

5677» Parsons, Minnie G. (Mrs Frank) 1205 2nd st., Louisville 

17500O Patterson, Susan Todd (Miss) Near Broadwell 

16121a? Payne, Cornelia R. (Miss) 1019 York st., Newport 

110820- Pepper, Belle (Miss) Lexington 

11083g Pepper, Dixie (Miss) Lexington 

8762f Perkins, Anna Todd (Miss) 430 Garrard st., Covington 

8763f Perkins, Lavinia J. (Mrs George G.) 430 Garrard st., Covington 

155480 Perrie, Mary Roberta (Miss) Maysville 

3280^ Peter, Mary Breckinridge McC. (Mrs Alfred M.) Lexington 

140376 Phelps, Minerva Park (Miss) Richmond 

140366 Phelps, Sara Winifred Cobb (Mrs Thomas) Richmond 

23841ft Phillips, Elizabeth Hardin Solomon (Mrs H. B.) Owensboro 

7474 Phister, Margaret J. Hutchins (Mrs Charles) Maysville 

56712J Pythian, Mary Ankeny (Mrs John L.) ■ York st., Newport 

126626 Piatt, Sallie Scott Richardson (Mrs Coiirtney ) Covington 

167586 Picton, Irene Orr (Mrs John R.) 216 Garrard st., Covington 

23394 Poage, Katherine Crawford (Miss) Ashland 

615» Pope, Sallie M. Ewing (Mrs Henry L.) 701 W. Chestnut st., Louisville 

16764n Porter, Mary (Miss) 1528 1st st., Louisville 

24651? Potter, Kate Jarvis (Mrs) Shelby ville 

3647f Prague, Elizabeth Pretlow (Miss) .> Covington 

3646f Prague, Mary Edna (Mrs Frank A.) Covington 

15562f Preston, Lena Clifton (Miss) 426 Greenup st., Covington 

17497^ Prewitt, Martha Rodes Estill (Mrs David) Pine Grove 

11078i Price, Mary Starling (Mrs S. W.) Upper Main st., Henderson 

11519f Quackenbush, Mildred McLean (Mrs Harry W.) 1566 Scott st., Covington 

3i08f Queen, Mary Overton (Miss) 440 Greenup st., Covington 



















Queen, Susan Overton (Mrs Henry E.) 440 Greenup st., Covington 

Quig-ley, Mary Hagign (Mrs Lucien G.) 1703 1st st., Louisville 

Eailey, Ada Pepper (Mrs Charles L.) Lexington 

E,ailey, Ezza Saunders (Mrs Isham) Versailles 

Rankin, Alice (Miss) 319 Elm st., Henderson 

Rankin, Laura McClure (Mrs) Crittenden 

Rankin, Susan Daniel (Miss) 112 Green st., Henderson 

Rankins, Elizabeth K. (Mrs Rhodes B.) 931 South ave., Louisville 

Reed, Mary Funsten (Mrs Benjamin E.) Padueah 

Reese, Florence Sullivan (Mrs John P.) Elsmere Park, Lexington 

Reynolds, Mary Casey (Mrs William L.) Cynthiana 

Reynolds, Mattie Bruce (Mrs Dudley G.) 1360 2nd st., Louisville 

Richardson, Mary Cabell (Miss) Covington 

Richardson, Mary Logan Robards (Mrs Elisha A.) . . .1481 2nd st., Louisville 

Rives, Lucy Allison (Miss) 222 S. Green st., Henderson 

Robertson, Mary St. Lawrence Fleming (Mrs Leslie) Middlesboro 

Roche, Sarah McDowell Ross (Mrs John E.) ." 123 W. Oak st., Louisville 

Rogers, Elizabeth C. (Mrs Samuel B.) Paris 

Root, Anna Blanche (Miss) Newport 

Root, Margaret B. (Mrs Albert T.) Newport 

Ross, Catherine Thomas (Miss) Maysville 

Ross, Edith (Miss) "Homewood," Hike's Postf&ce 

Ross, Laura S. (Mrs) Hikes Point 

Ross, Mary Carty Ranck (Mrs George P.) E. High st., Lexington 

Ross, Mary Morton Blackburn (Mrs Walter) 30 E. 12th st., Covington 

Ross, Violetta Barton Parsons (Mrs J. H.) 1205 2nd st., Louisville 

Rothier, Amanda Lura Baker (Mrs Frank A.) 185 E. 2nd st., Covington 

Roulstone, Sally Bradford (Mrs Alexander G.) Covington 

Rouse, Alice Read (Mrs Shelby) Wallace Place, Covington 

Rowe, Logan Mahala (Mrs J. Edwin) Owensboro 

Royle, Selena Gray Fetter (Mrs E. M.) . . .321 E. St. Catherine st., Louisville 

Rudy, Jennie Tinsley (Mrs Given) Henderson 

Russell, Mabel (Miss) Paris 

Sayre, Mary Lovell (Mrs James William) Lexington 

Scott, Bessie Vaughan (Mrs Frank L.) N. 9th st., Padueah 

Scott, Elizabeth Skillman (Mrs John W.) 68 N. Broadway, Lexington 

Scott, Elizabeth Slaughter Bassett (Mrs M. T.) .127 N. Broadway, Lexington 

Scott, Emma Payne (Miss) Paris 

Scott, Katherine Shelby (Mr3 William C.) 151 N. Broadway, Lexington 

Scott, Mattie Lee Searles (Mrs Cornelius S.) 2nd st., Lexington 

Seovell, Nancy D. (Mrs Melville A.) Lexington 

Scrugam, Theodotia A. (Mrs James G.) 75 W. 3rd st., Lexingt<m 

Scudder, Kate (Miss) 620 Greenup st., Covington 

Seaton, Eliza Isabella Means (Mrs William Boggs) Ashland 

Selden, Dixie (Miss) 35 W. 4th st., Covington 

Selden, Martha Peyton McMillen (Mrs John R.) 35 W. 4th st., Covington 

Shackelford, Callie Chenault (Mrs D. B.) Richmond 

Shackelford, Mary Keen (Mrs James T.) Richmond 

Shackelford, Phoebe Agnes (Mrs Talliaferro O.) Shelbyville 

Shanklin, Martha Gist Bryan (Mrs Elliot W.) Elsmere Park, Lexington 

Shanklin, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 1 Elsmere Park, Lexington 

Shanklin, Mary Price (Mrs George S.) Elsmere Park, Lexington 

' Cincinuati Chapter, Ohio. 

t L,etitia Green Stevenson Chapter, Illinois. 




Shanks, Mary Belle (Mrs James Warren) Newport 

Shawham, Helen Musselman (Mrs Hubbard W.) Cynthiana 

Shelby, Alice McDowell (Miss) 70 Ashland ave., Lexington 

Shelby, Lucy Goodloe (Miss) Walnut st., Lexington 

Shelby, Mary Pindell (Miss) Shelby City 

Shelby, Susan Hart (Mrs Conrad P.) 134 Walnut st., Lexington 

Short, Mary Dudley (Mrs Charles W.) 90 Market st., Lexington 

Simmons, Emma Harris Goodloe (Mrs G. H.) . 817 Frederica st., Owensboro 

Simms, Lucy Blythe (Miss) Paris 

Simrall, Josephine (Miss) Covington 

Simrall; Mary Barton (Miss) ., Covington 

Skinner, Julia Lanoir (Mrs Josiah Burnside) .Hamilton College, Lexington 

Slack, Sallie Dent (Mrs John W.) 1071 3rd st., Loiiisville 

Smith, Bertha Miller (Mrs Asahel W.) Richmond 

Smith, Elizabeth Hamilton (Mrs William W.) Cynthiana 

Smith, Frances Buford Parkes (Mrs Thomas J.) Richmond 

Smith, Mana P. Lackey (Mrs Virgil D.) 2210 3rd ave., Louisville 

Smith, Mary Chenault (Mrs James) Richmond 

Smith, Mary Phelps (Mrs L. Theodore) Shelbyville 

Soule, Bettie West (Mrs Leslie) 513 N. 5th st., Paducah 

Southgate, Jessie (Miss) Newport 

Southgate, Mary Osborne (Miss) Cynthiana 

Spalding, Bettie Berry (Mrs Richard Y.) Washington st., Nev/port 

Spears, Elizabeth Stevens (Mrs Woodford) Paris 

Spears, Lizabeth Clay (Miss) Paris 

Spears, Mary (Miss) Paris 

Spears, Sallie Archer Woodford (Mrs Edward F.) Paris 

Sperry, Anna May (Miss) 1123 4th ave., Louisville 

Sperry, Sallie Gathright (Mrs David B.) 1123 4th ave., Louisville 

Sphar, Emma (Mrs Asa) Winchester 

Startling, Anne M. (Miss) Upper Main st., Herderson 

Stephens, Mary Miller (Mrs Charles) Paris 

Stevenson, Eva Colegate (Miss) Lexington 

Stewart, Elizabeth Haggin (Mrs Louis) 1622 Barret ave., Louisville 

Stewart, Elizabeth Huntington (Mrs Lewis S.)..367 E. Main st., Lexington 

Stoner, Ida Stuart Hamilton (Mrs R. G.) Paris 

Stuart, Georgia Williams (Mrs John) Paris 

Sullivan, Mary White (Mrs Pattrick) ' Richmond 

Sweeny, Margaret Prewitt (Mrs William O.) N. Mill st., Lexington 

Sweigert, Annette M. (Mrs Daniel) Fayette Park, Lexington 

Sweigert, Mary demons (Mrs Samuel M.) Lexino-ton 

Talbot, Mary Gardiner (Miss) Paris 

Talbott, Sarah Grimes (Mrs Robert C.) .Paris 

Taylor, Betty, Washington (Mrs John Barry) Newport 

Taylor, E. Adair Monroe (Mrs Thomas H.) 230 E. Broadway, Louisville 

Taylor, Florence B. (Mrs Richmond Lee) ^18 W. Ormsby ave., Louisville 

Taylor, Kattie Reynolds (Mrs Philip R.)....229 W. Chestnut st., Louisville 

Taylor, Susan Elizabeth (Miss) Owensboro 

Tevis, Bell Root (Mrs William T.) Richmond 

Thomas, Carrie Hanson (Mrs William R.) Paris 

Thomas, Margaret Chambers Brent (Mrs Claude Milton) Paris 

Thompson, Jennie Burdsall (Mrs M. DeKay) 508 Greenup st., Covington 

Thompson, Katie Hopkins (Mrs Hite) 1434 1st st., Louisville 

Thompson, Mamie Bell (Mrs George C.) Paducah 

186 DIEECTOEY, D. A. E. 

140406 Thompson, Mary Neale (Mrs) Eichmond 

16124a? Thornton, Hannah P. (Mrs Peter) 1019 York st., Newport 

21994a; Thornton, Sarah Jane (Mrs Thomas) Newport 

3276g Threlkeld, Frances Bassett (Mrs William L.) .86 S. Limestone st., Lexing-ton 

16127P Tibbatts, Lucy Taylor (Miss) Newport 

16126p Tibbatts, Susan Ashley (Miss) Newport 

20354s Timberlake, Mary (Miss) Westchester 

i0471q Todd, Fanny Swift (Miss) E. Main st., Lexington 

875ft Todd, Eosa Burweir(Mrs Chas. Henry) 603 Frederica st., Owensboro 

23396n Todd, Sophia Bennett Eoss (Mrs James M.) 1953 1st a\e., Louisville 

12088i Towles, Susan Anderson (Mrs Walter A.) 113 Powell st., Henderson 

14023i Trafton, Louise Eucker (Mrs Spalding) 313 Centre st., Henderson 

140396 Tribble, Alice Phelps (Mrs James P.) Eichmond 

7779f Trimble, Mary Barlow (Mrs) 1026 Madison ave., Covington 

16544p Truesdell, Betty Washington (Miss) Newport 

16140m Turney, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Amos) Paris 

3282^ Van Meter, Evaline Swope (Mrs Solomon L.) Lexington 

20363i» Vaughan, Julia Dade (Mrs Solomon C.) Paducah 

20364W "Vaughan, Mattie Dade (Miss) Paducah 

20325a Veyssie, Bettie Berkeley (Miss) 112 Winchester ave., Ashland 

24638/' Waggener, Mary Catharine (Miss) 30 W. 4th st., Covington 

20344/1 Walker, Lizzie Crutcher (Miss) Hartford 

80343ft Walker, Lulu Dix (Miss) Hartford 

11527n Walker, Mary Sydnor (Mrs Walter) 1710 4th ave., Louisville 

10463r Walker, Susan Baldwin (Mrs Jason) Eichmond 

11517 Waller, Lizzie Marshall (Mrs Maurice) Lebanon 

20342ft Wandling, Elizabeth Weller Taylor (Mrs Jacob C.) Owensboro 

11912c Ward, Nora (Miss) 121 N. Broadway, Lexington 

9052» Washburne, Mary M. (Mrs George E.) Warwick Villa 

5&84p Washington, Anne Lee (Mis.s) 4th st., Newport 

5690p Washington, Florence May (Miss) 3rd st., Newport 

140476 Watts, Ella Chenault (Mrs William) Chilesburgh 

14874r Watts, Mary Patkes (Mrs William W.) Eichmond 

23839 Wellman, May Goble (Mrs William McG.) Catlettsburg 

140386 White, Annie Field (Mrs John F.) Eichmond 

14051r White, Jane Faulkner (Mrs Georg-e) Eichmond 

1676571 Widmer, Kate Webb (Mrs Joseph C.) 1322 3rd ave., Louisville 

11521/ Wiggin, Laura Eaine Alexander (Mrs Orville J.) . . . .1335 Scott st., Covington 

14524TO Williams, Louisa Keininghana (Miss) Paris 

16778g Williams, Mary Lyle Sayre (Mrs Eoger) Lexington 

5688 . Wilshire, Anna Marshall (Mrs George P.) Washington ave., Newport 

3409f Wiltshire, Frances Katharine Queen (Mrs N. P.) . .440 Greenup st., Covington 

7780f Wiltshire, Susan Emerson (Mrs) 641 Greenup st., Covington 

7781f Wolcott, Sallie Bullock (Mrs Frederick P.) 641 Greenup st., Covington 

1334071 Wolfe, Mary Converse Eawson (Mrs W. V.) 920 4th ave., Louisville 

155515; Wood, Letitia Payne (Mrs James J.) Maysville 

12663f Woodall, Matilda Brent (Mrs Frank F.) 86 E. 5th st., Covington 

155502 Wormald, Charlotte E. (Mrs William) Maysville 

10466r Wygant, Hellene Nye Sollet (Mrs Henry) Eichmond 

7652 Yenowine, Martha Nelson Smith (Mrs George H.) Middleton 

1126rt Zane, Emily A. (Mrs Hampden) .■ 1509 4th ave., Louisville 




State Regent 1897, Mrs. Benjamin F.Story, "Saxon Holm," Chalmette 


1898, " '' " " "■ 


u a 

(1 organized) 
a. Spirit of '76 Chapter — New Orleans 

Organized May 2, 1895; Memhers, 31 (Mississippi, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Robert G. Hadden Cor. Sec, Miss Ada F. Richardson 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Chas. A. Conrad Treasurer, Mrs R. C. Shortridge 

Rec. Secretary, Mrs Girault Registrar, Mrs Nugent B. Vairin 

Historian, Mrs S. Rhett Roman 

Members Residing in the State 


24652a Baldwin, Arthemise Bouligny (Miss) 1707 Esplanade ave., New Orleans 

23853a Barton, Lillian Tardy (Mrs Thomas S.) 933 S. 17th st., Birmingham 

10970* Baxter, Elizabeth H. (Miss) Shereveport, Caddo Parish 

4122 Beattie, Catharine (Miss) Thibodeaux 

15565a Borst, Louise (Mrs J. Wm.) 1413 3rd st.. New Orleans 

6349a; Bradford, Mary A. McHhenny (Mrs S..) 1749 Coliseum Place, New Orleans 

5650a Bradford, Sarah Fanning (Mrs E. A.) 1749 Coliseum Place, New Orleans 

8768a Conrad, Norma (Mrs Chas. A.) 127 Carondelet st.. New Orlenas 

16155a Dunlop, Eliza Shore (Miss) 1422 Peniston st.. New Orleans 

22693a Ellis, Josephine Chamberlin (Mrs Ezeldel J.) . .1666 Peters ave.. New Orleans 

13342a Farrar, Matilda Fentress (Mrs Girault) 4525 Prytania st.. New Orleans 

3568 Ferguson, Eliza Cabell (Mrs Jas. M.) 610 Julia st.. New Orleans 

8412a Forsyth, Sarah Rice (Mrs Harry D.) 2627 Coliseum st., New Orleans 

15566a , Hadden Leonora Fayssoux (Mrs R. G.) 1006 Washington ave., New Orleans 

11088a Hall, Mary F. Adams (Mrs Harry H.) 1410 2nd st.. New Orleans 

20348f Jackson, Fanny McRoberts (Mrs Walter) Shreyeport 

6348a Johnston, Margaret H. A. (Mrs Wm. P.) 1524 3rd st.. New Orleans 

8769a Krumbhaar, Evelyn Carter (Miss) 1235 St. Andrew st., New Orleans 

13341a Labouisse, Catherine Priestley (Miss) 1625 Thalia st., New Orleans 

8774C!I Labouisse, Dora (Miss) 1625 Thalia st.. New Orleans 

8771 Labouisse, Frances D. H. (Mrs Henry R.) New Orleans 

634701 Leeds, Sara Avery (Mrs Paul B.) Avery's Island 

18166J Lewis, Lucy Goode (Mrs John T.) Baton Rouge 

5010a McHhenny, Mary E. Avery (Mrs Edmund) Avery's Island 

50110; McHhenny, Sara Avery (Miss) Avery's Island 

7749a Minor, Katharine Lintut (Miss) Southdown Plantation, Houma 

8766a Oglesby, Margaret Antoinette (Mrs Jos. H.) 1124 Gaiennia st., New Orleans 

9590 Peet. Zelia K. (Mrs J. Doddridge) St. Charles Hotel, New Orleans 

10474a Richardson, Ada Theresa (Miss) 1533 Felicity st., New Orleans 

10473O Richardson, Cora Louise (Miss) 1533 Felicity st.. New Orleans 

* Augusta Chapter, Georgia. % Margaret Gaston Chapter, Tenn. 

t Margaret Taliaferro Chapter, Ky. 

188 DIKECTOET, D. A. K. 

2541a Eichardson, Ella Oliver (Mrs John P.) 4706 st. Charles ave., New Orleans 

3650 Eiffel, Gertrude Walcott Eeynolds (Mrs A. G.) 1235 Philip st., New Orleans 

10876* Eobbins, Mary Abby (Miss) 3612 Magazine st., New Orleans 

10875* Eobbins, Sara Lizzie (Miss) 3612 Magazine st.. New Orleans 

7475 Eoberts, Mary Skipwith (Mrs Percy) 3004 Prytania st.. New Orleans 

16156a Eoman, Sallie Ehett (Mrs Alfred) 1120 Esplanade ave.. New Orleans 

12668a Shortridge, Malvina A. Miller (Mrs Eobt. C.) 4800 Prytania st.. New Orleans 

10113 Storry, Jeannie Washington (Mrs Benj. S.) "Saxonholm," Chalmette P. O. 

23837t Tanner, Emma Bunch (Mrs John J.) 1802 Louisiana ave.. New Orleans 

14610a Tebault, Sallie Bradford Bailey (Mrs C. H.) 7 N. Lafayette sq.. New Orleans 

9055a Vairin, Alice Baldwin (Mrs Nugent B.) 287 Esplanade ave.. New Orleans 

18470a Whitner, Emily Lulah (Mrs Thomas C.) 3717 Prytania st.. New Orleans 

8772a Whitney, Laura Campbell (Mrs Chas. M.) Coliseum & 3rd sts., New Orleans 


State Regent 1897, Mrs. Wallace H. White, 457 Main st., Lewistown 
1898, " " " " " ■ 


(9 organized; 5 unorganized) 

a. Bethel 


Eegent, Miss Annie M. Frye. Appointed April 26,1898 

b. Cherryfield 


Eegent, Mrs Elizabeth D. Milliken. Appointed January 7, 1897 

c. Elizabeth Wadsworth Chapter — Portland 

Organized October 8, 189Jf; Members, 122 (Massachusetts, 3; District of 
Columbia, 1; New Tork, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Jos. Shepherd Treasurer, Mrs Frank W. Kork 

1st Vice-Eegent, Mrs Orin E. LeGrow Eegistrar, Mrs Marquis F. King 

2nd Vice-Eegent, Miss Lutta King Historian, Miss Abbie McDonald 

Secretary, Mrs Otis E. Wood Chaplain, Mrs Franklin Eobinson 

Surgeon, Mrs Henry P. Merrill 

d. Eunice Farnsworth Chapter — Skowhegan 

Organized January IS, 1898; Members, 15 

Eegent, Miss Louise H. Coburn Secretary, Miss Gertrude S. Weston 

Vice-Eegent,Mrs Sarah A. Hanson Treasurer, Mrs Mary S. Heath 

Eegistrar Miss Eda K. Smith 

* I^ucretia Shaw Chapter, Conn. t Bryan Station Chapter, Ky. 

MAINE. 189 

e. Trances Dighton Williams Chapter— Bangor 

Organized May 21, 1897; Members, 31 (Massachusetts, 1) 

Regent, Mrs C. W. Simpson Treasurer, Mrs C. A. Baldwin 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs E. D. Dole Registrar, Mrs M. E. Curran 

Rec. Secretary, Mrs H. A. Crosby Historian, Mrs E. H. Estes 

€or. Secretary, Mrs A. F. Hammat Librarian, Mrs F. B. Buzzell 

f. Houlton 
Regent, Mrs Lncy W. Fogg. Appointed April 1, 1898 

g. Koussinoc Chapter — Augusta 

Organized December 17, 1897; Members, 16 

Regent, Miss Helen W. Fuller Treasurer, Mrs Susan C. Beale 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Amelia W. Bangs Registrar, Mrs Florence A. Whitney 

Secretary, Miss Alice M. Huntington Historian, Mrs Emma H. Nason 

h. Lady Knox Chapter — Rockland 

Organized January 17, 1898; Members, 13 

Regent, Mrs Eva A. Butler Treasurer, Miss Ellen A. Rice 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Jennie T. White Registrar, Mrs Maud S. Smith 

Secretary, Miss Jane T. Fales Historian, Miss Nancy I. Burbank 

i. Machias 

Regent, Mrs Elizabeth L. Chandler. Appointed January 7, 1897 


j. Mary Dillingham Chapter— Lewiston 

Organized April 4, 1895; Members, 36 

Regent, Mrs Ida Barker. Packard Treasurer, Miss May E. Getschell 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Alice Frye Briggs Registrar, Miss Martha F.Bolster 

Secretary, Mrs D. B. Stevens Historian, Mrs Thomas Hill Rich 

Chaplain, Mrs W. A. Robinson 

k. Eebecca Emery Chapter — Biddef ord 

Organized January 25, 1897; Members, 19 

Regent, Mis Cora B. Bickford Treasurer, Miss Georgia F. Staples 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Susie T. Youland Registrar, Miss Sophie Tarbox 

Secretary, Mrs Bertha L. Donnell Historian, Mrs Sarah E. D. Jelleson 

Chaplain, Miss Sadie Cole Littlefield 


1. Samuel Grant Chapter^Gardiner 
Organized June 3, 1897; ^embers, 11 (Connecticut 1) 

Regent, Mrs Nora G. Rice 
Vice-Regent, Miss Delia Collins 
Secretary, Mrs Euleta Wilcox 

Treasurer, Mrs Geo. L. Rogers 
Registrar, Mis Alice W. D. White 
Historian, Miss Jane C. Cooke 

m. Silence Howard Hayden Chapter — Waterville 

Organized January 28, 1898; Members, 21 

Regent, Mrs Georgie K. Bodge Treasurer, Mrs Carrie E. HutcMns 

Secretary, Mrs Josephine Drummond Registrar, Miss Josephine Scribner 

Chaplain, Mrs Clara A. Berry 

n. Thomaston 

Members, 21 

Regent, Mrs Josephine Walker. Appointed February 3, 1898 

Members Residing in the State 








Adams, Sarah Whitman (Miss) 25 High st., Deering 

Andrews, Alazander Sarah Stubbs (Mrs) Otisiield 

Atkinson, Lucia Eleanor (Miss) Saco 

Austin, Elizabeth Barbour (Mrs Stephen) Falmouth 

Babcock, Edith Thaxter Stevens (Mrs A. H.) 23 Ohio st., Bangor 

Bachelder, Charlotte Carr (Mrs William H.) 4 Adams st., Bangor 

Bacon, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs) 238 Main st., Biddeford 

Bailey, Abby Maria (Mrs Giles O.) 23 Casco st., Portland 

Bailey, Flora M. (Mrs Emery) 97 Spring st.. Auburn 

Bailey, Lucy Morey Curtis (Mrs) Machias 

Baldwin, Charlotte Augusta (Miss) 135 Cedar st., Bangor 

Baldwin, Margaret Josephine (Miss) 135 Cedar st., Bangor 

Baldwin, Maud Patten (Mrs Thomas W.) Boothbay Harbor 

Bangs, Amelia S. (Mrs Algernon S.) 16 E. Chestnut st., Augusta 

Banks, Mary Anna (Mrs William A.) 12 Middle st., Rockland 

Baxter, Mehetabel Cummings Proctor (Mrs J. P.) Bearing st., Portland 

Beale, Susan E. (Mrs Franklin H.) Augusta 

Bedlow, Sophia Brazier (Mrs James S.) 345 Cumberland st., Portland 

Berry, Oliva Gould (Miss) 145 Main st., Saco 

Bessey, Clara Fobes (Mrs Alden) 72 Elm st., Waterville 

Bickford, Cora Belle (Miss) 20 Mt. Pleasant st., Biddeford 

Bickford, Nellie Estelle (Mrs Frederick E.) 230 Spring st., Portland 

Bickford, Sarah Gilpatrick (Miss) 20 Mt. Pleasant st., Biddeford 

Bixby, Mary Blanche (Miss) Skowhegan 

Bodge, Georgie Kimball (Mrs William F.) Waterville 

Bolster, Martha Florence (Miss) 178 Cook st.. Auburn 

Bonney, Harriet Ellen (Mrs Joseph M.) 23 Hanover st., Portland 

Bowler, Ellen S. (Mrs James H.) 4 Adams st., Bangor 

Boyd, Susan M. Adams (Mrs) Woodfords 

* Old North Church Chapter, Mass. 



5885c Bradbury, Ellen Eead (Mrs O. N.) Norway 

23860; Bradford, Hannah J. (Miss) Lewiston 

17512Z Bradstreet, Mary Frances Dearborn (Mrs Frederick T.) Gardiner 

17992fc Bridges, Lydia Armine Wbitten (Mrs W. E.) 47 Foss st., Biddeford 

6175; Briggs, Alice Frye (Mrs Frank A.) Turner st., Auburn 

24655 Brown, Mary O'Brien (Mrs Henry C.) Machias 

19780c Bryant, Margaret Scammon (Miss) 349 Cumberland st., Portland 

19190c Bryant, Mary Freeman (Miss) 2 Deering st., Portland 

15569ft Butler, Eva Arey (Mrs Edward A.) Rockland 

21510/t Burbank, Nancy Ingalls (Miss) Eockland 

23862OT Burleigh, Kate H. (Miss) Vassalboro 

192056 Buzzel, Florence E. (Mrs James C.) 11 Hudson st., Bangor 

23854d! Cabot, Edith (Miss) Skowhegan 

16784c Carney, Caroline Goodwin (Miss) 87 Federal st., Portland 

5884c Carney, Harriet A. Stevens (Mrs Willard C. G.) 85 Federal st., Portland 

23864W Carr, Helen Louise (Miss) Thomaston 

5908c Carroll, Octavia C. (Miss) 77 Park st., Portland 

24653d Cass, Louise Haskell (Miss) Skowhegan 

22000; Chamberlin, Mary J. B. (Mrs William) Lewiston 

5818 Chandler, Elizabeth L. (Mrs John U.) Machias 

23868» Chapman, Eda M. (Miss) Thomaston 

6177c Chapman, Emily Ann (Miss) 254 Spring st., Portland 

184757s Cilley, Mary Abby Butler (Mrs Jonathan P.) Rockland 

6180c Clapp, Mary Jane Emerson (Miss) 447 Congress st., Portland 

4213* Clarke, Anna Baker (Miss) Augusta 

21502c Clarke, Annie Augusta (Miss) 639 Congress st., Portland 

7796c Clarke, Charlotte Augusta (Miss) .Westbrook 

7797c Clarke, Georgia Maria (Miss) Westbrook 

5907c Clarke, Harriet E. (Miss) 782 Congress st., Portland 

23402? Clason, Lizzie J. (Mrs) Gardiner 

104421 Clayes, Lydia P. Bullard (Mrs Hollis) 7 Walker st., Portland 

22011(i Coburn, Helen Sophia Miller (Mrs Stephen) Skowhegan 

18478d Coburn, Louise Helen (Miss) Skowhegan 

209556 Coe, Sada L. (Mrs Thomas U.) Bangor 

22023m Cook, Mary E. (Mrs Benjamin B.) Unity 

17514? Cooke, Jane Cooper (Miss) Gardiner 

17513? Collins, Delia Hortense (Miss) Gardiner 

19788? Conner, Josephine Gaslin (Mrs Edmund B.) Randolph 

17502fc Craig, Elizabeth Bickford (Mrs) Biddeford Pool 

23867n Crawford, Eliza L. (Miss) Thomaston 

23866» Creighton, Clara A. (Miss) Thomaston 

23865» Creighton, Lois McLellan (Mrs Charles A.) Thomaston 

5906c Crie, Jean Lincoln (Miss) 83 State st., Portland 

184747s Crockett, Maria Theresa Butler (Mrs) Rockland 

191956 Crosby, Hannah Addie (Mrs Wilson) 303 Hammond st., Bangor 

9599c Cummings, Justelle Barbour (Mrs Isaac I.) Falmouth 

184796 Curran, Mary Harris Elliston (Mrs) Bangor 

238556 Curtis, Emma Frances (Mrs Joseph N.) 210 Forest ave., Bangor 

127191 Curtis, Gertrude Edna Freeman (Mrs L. H.) Auburn 

21503c Davis, Ajanie True (Mrs G. R.) 639 Congress st., Portland 

11917c Davis, Clara Edith (Miss) Freeport 

20370(7 Davis, Eliza Morrell (Mrs Edward E.) 16 Pleasant st., Augusta 

* Anna Warner Bailey Chapter, Conn. 
t I<etitia Green Stevenson Chapter, III. 

X Betsey Ross Chapter, Mass. 



17523/ Day, Harriet Marie (Mrs Horace C.) Auburn 

9059e Dole, Emma Drumm.ond (Mrs James A.) 66 Court st., Bangor 

192026 Dole, Miriam Drummond (Miss) 122 Court st., Bangor 

9057c Dolley, Nettie Gould (Miss) 127 Emery st., Portland 

17503fc Donnell, Bertha Littlefield (Mrs) 14 Adams st., Biddef ord 

1 1091 Donworth, Grace (Miss) MacMas 

5887c Doten, Clara Lizzie (Mrs Koswell F.) 458 Cumberland st., Portland 

7798c Dow, Cornelia M. (Miss) 714 Congress st., Portland 

197846 Dowst, Belle Gray (Mrs Henry F.) 77 Essex st., Bangor 

22024TO Drummond, Josephine Prince (Mrs Albert F.) Waterville 

90o6c Dudley, Frances Jane (Mrs Palmer) 84 High st., Portland 

22025m Dunbar, Helen M. (Miss) Waterville 

23869W Dunn, Ella Watts (Mrs Eichard E.) Thomaston 

17515Z Ellis, Anna E. (Mrs Joseph) Gardiner 

209566 Ellison, Sarah Elizabeth (Miss) West Brooksville 

191986 Estes, Esther P. P. H. (Mrs John) Bangor 

18476^ Fales, Jane Therese (Miss) 5 Beech st., Kockland 

19789^ Fisher, Edith Blanche Kimball (Mrs William H.) Augusta 

9595c Fogg, Lucy Webster (Mrs Almon H.) Houlton 

20959fc Fogg, Lydia Ann Haley (Mrs James H.) 192 Alfred st., Biddef ord 

22026m Fogg, Mary W. (Miss) Unity 

24660m Freeland, Marion E. (Mrs) Fairfield 

18473fc Freeman, Josephine Lois Gove (Mrs William P.) Biddef ord 

192016 Freese, Mary Drummond (Mrs Andrew L.) 175 Cedar st., Bangor 

17504fc Frey, Luella Abigail (Mrs Thomas A.) 17 Crescent st., Biddef ord 

23858 Frye, Annie M. (Miss) Bethel 

20368; Frye, Caroline Frances (Mrs William P.) Lewiston 

20371(7 Fuller, Helen Williams (Miss) Augusta 

13343c Fullerton, Mary Wiggins (Mrs Benjamin) 10 Elm st., Portland 

21504c Furlong, Margaret Webber Brackett (Mrs George W.) Woodfords, Deering 

23397fir Gannett, Sadie Hill (Mrs) Augusta 

6519 Gardner, Ada Sargent (Mrs Edwin R.) Dennysville 

9596c Garland, Elizabeth Lemon Prentice Adams (Mrs James H.) Biddef ord 

G525; Getchell, May E. (Miss) 316 Main st., Lewiston 

11918c Gilkey, Elva Alcena (Miss) 309 Spring st., Portland 

11919c Gilkey, Harriet Stearns (Miss) 309 Spring st., Portland 

9058c Glasier, Frances Olney G. (Mrs Daniel) 41 Brattle st., Portland 

32678c Glidden, Amy Gardiner (Miss) Newcastle 

1S481C Goodhue, Henrietta Quincy (Miss) 88 Chestnut st., Portland 

5886c Gooding, Grace Ardell (Mrs John M.) Carleton st., Portland 

12671c Goold, Ellen (Miss) 99 Free st., Portland 

'3523c Goold, Sophia Estelle (Mrs Walter F.) 15 Pine st., Portland 

7799c Gould, Mary Charlotte (Mrs Charles F.) 81 Federal st., Portland 

22696fc Hackett, Fannie M. (Miss) 13 ClifEord st., Biddef ord 

22698Z Hall, Lizzie J. (Mrs Henry W.) Farmingdale 

191976 Hammatt, Anne Frances (Miss) Bangor 

24661m Hammond, Jennie M. (Mrs Frank E.) Fairfield 

22012(i Hanson, Sarah Abby (Mrs Charles V.) Skowhegan 

191966 Hardy, Edith Morison (Mrs) 16 N. High st.,. Bangor 

7800c Harmon, Harriet Files (Mrs Trueman) Deering 

23400; Harper, Estelle G. (Mrs John) Lewiston 

9065 Harris, Emily Pope (Mrs Austin) Machias 

19208fir Hartshorn, Georgiana Davenport (Mrs Edwin) ... .21 Western ave., Augusta 



184776 Harvey, Addie Lillian Bartle (Mrs Francis L.) Orono 

7801c Haskell, Ella H. (Mrs Lowell P.) Waldoboro 

7162C Haskell, Lila Lowell (Miss) Waldoboro 

19776; Haskell, Minnie (Mrs J. N.) 130 7 th st.. Auburn 

6522c Haskell, Sarah Elizabeth C. (Mrs Benjamin F.) 265 State st., Portland 

8413; Haskell, Viola Blanding (Mrs Joseph C.) 22 Lake st., Auburn 

11092c Hathaway, Clara H. (Mrs Charles L.) Norway 

17516i Hawthorne, Frances Berry (Mrs) Gardiner 

6524c Heald, Lydia Isabel (Mrs John S.) 265 State st., Portland 

17517? Heath, Gertrude E. (Miss) Gardiner 

22013d Heath, Mary Steward (Mrs Edward W.) Skowheg-an 

7802c Hooper, Hattie Carlton (Mrs Frederick N.) Deering 

191996 Hopkins, Mary Ellen Webster (Mrs George H.) Bangor 

7795c Home, Anna Choate McLellan (Mrs Pvobert M.) . . .94 Danforth st., Portland 

19787? Howe, Florida G. Mason (Mrs Charles K.) Hallowell 

19777; Howe, Sarah Kendall (Mrs George M.) Lewiston 

21999fir Hunt, Hannah Hodges (Mrs William) Augusta 

19785 Hunt, Rebecca Arey (Mrs Joseph P.) Hallowell 

184:72g Huntington, Alice Mayo (Miss) 51 Green st., Augusta 

21508ir Huntington, Mary Wentworth (Miss) 42 Sewell st., Augusta 

22699OT Hutchins, Carrie E. McFadden (Mrs George W.)....ll Dalen st., Waterville 

9062c Ingalls, Lydia Ann Young (Mrs Eobert) 233 High st., Portland 

Ingalls, Olive A. GlidGen (Mrs Harlan P.) 231 High st., Portland 

Ingersoll, Annie L. (Miss) 15 Crescent st., Biddeford 

Ingersoll, Marcia Atkinson (Mrs Richmond H.) 15 Crescent st., Bedford 

Ingraham, Louisa Hart (Mrs William H.) Preble House, Portland 

Jelleson, Sarah E. Dudley (Mrs) 18 Sullivan st., Biddeford 

Jenkins, Sarah Blackwell Drummond (Mrs Edward C.) Waterville 

Johnson, Abbie W. (Mrs Charles F.) Waterville 

Johnson, Emma Florence (Miss) 7 Walker st., Portland 

Jones, Alice Braley Vail (Mrs Storer VV.) 61 4th st., Bangor 

Jordan, Jeannie W. (Mrs Frank H.) Thomaston 

Keaser, Mary Elizabeth Sawyer (Mrs James) 83 State st., Portland 

Keith, Lydia C. (Miss) New Gloucester 

Kendall, Mary Rebecca Buzzell (Mrs Alfred A.) Henry st., Portland 

Kilborn, Lucietta Sweetsir Libby (Mrs W. T.) ... .204 Braekett st., Portland 

Kimball, Emily Jane (Mrs John H.) 23 Brattle st., Portland 

Kimball, Malinda S. (Mrs Bradford) Winthrop st., Augusta 

King, Frances Olivia (Mrs Marquis F.) 550 Cumberland st., Portland 

King, Lizzie Thomas Pennell (Mrs W. C.) 136 Cumberland st., Portland 

King, Luetta (Miss) 550 Cumberland st., Portland 

Kinsman, Octavia Greely (Mrs Frank) Augusta 

Knight, Sophia S. (Mrs Henry) 230 Spring st., Portland 

Knowles, Lydia Jane (Mrs Warren H.) 68 5th st., Bangor 

Lang, Caroline Files (Mrs Nathaniel N.) 46 Brown st., Portland 

Lang, Sara Drummond (Miss) Waterville. 

Laughlin, E. Gertrude (Mrs Arthur W.) 96 Atlantic st., Portland 

Leader, Alice Farnham (Mrs John A.) 47 Pierce st., Lewiston 

Lefavor, Eleanor Heseltine Goodhue (Mrs Geo. E.) . .31 Vesper st., Portland 

Le Grow, Lucinda E. (Mrs Orin R.) 108 Green st., Portland 

Lermond, Margaret Hall (Miss) Thomaston 

Levensaler, Nettie Mary (Miss) Thomaston 


* Letitia Green Stevenson Chapter, Illinois. 



23872« Levensaler, Eliza Kellogg (Miss) Thomaston 

17518Z Lewis, Eleanor W. (Mrs Weston) ■■ Gardiner 

19191c Libby, Alice Jose (Miss) 29 Monjoy st., Portland 

23874» Linnell, Kate Augusta Flint (Mrs Herbert R.) Thomaston 

19193; Little, Mabel Hill Lowell (Mrs Jacob R.) 142 College st., Lewiston 

8414; Little, Eosa Eoak (Mrs Horace C.) College st., Lewiston 

17506A; Littlefield, Sadie Cole (Miss) 104 Elm st., Biddef ord 

192066 Lowell, Phidelis C. (Mrs William W.) Bangor 

13351fc McBride, Lydia Hooper Bickford (Mrs) Biddef ord Pool 

5905c McDonald, Abbie Louise (Miss) 108 Green st., Portland 

5890c McDonald, Anna A. (Mrs Marshall) 225 Spring st., Portland 

17511c McDonald, Dora Pierce (Mrs Charles J.) 71 Winter st., Portland 

6520c McDowell, Carrie H. (Miss) 9 Deering st., Portland 

5896c McDowell, Mary Caroline W. (Mrs James E.) 9 Deering st., Portland 

12673c McLaughlin, Jennie Betsey (Miss) 67 Paris st., Portland 

17524; Maloon, Aug-usta P. (Mrs William) 113 7th st., Aubiirn 

13349; Marston, Nellie Elizabeth (Miss) Monmouth 

22002; Martin, Mary Augusta Gould (Mrs George P.) 160 Pleasant st., Auburn 

20372fir Martin, Persis Bodwell (Mrs George W.) 76 State st., Augusta 

7804c Matthews, Annie Blanche Harmon (Mrs Frederick V.) Deering 

11089; Maxwell, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) Lewiston 

y594c Merrill, Isabella Somers (Mrs Frank) 65 Brown st., Portland 

11916c Merrill, Mary Elizabeth Hodges (Mrs Henry P.) . .727 Congress st., Portland 

17933 Metcalf, Amanda Lemont (Mrs Lorettus S.) Monmouth 

16790 Milliken, Elizabeth D. (Mrs Charles J.) Cherryfield 

23875JI Montgomery, Abbie Stahl (Mrs Ernest L.) Thomaston 

23876W Moore, Ella M. (Mrs Joseph E.) Thomaston 

197826 Morrison, Frances Williams (Mrs) 43 Highland ave., Bangor 

7477; Moulton, Julia Ann Hatch (Mrs Daniel P.) 100 College st., Lewiston 

21505c Mountfort, Eliza Shaw Webster (Mrs George C.) Knightsville 

18471fif Nason, Emma Huntington (Mrs Charles H.) 51 Green st., Augusta 

23877« Newcombe, lada Watts (Mrs William A.) Thomaston 

12679; Norris, Elvira Merrill (Mrs George W.) Monmouth 

12674c Norton, Alice Maude Sturdivant (Mrs Edmund R.) Cumberland 

13347c O'Neil, Carrie Ella Knight (Mrs Joseph H.) 230 Spring st., Portland 

23878n Overlock, Flora Watts (Mrs Hollis M.) 35 Knox st., Thomaston 

8415; Packard, Ida Barker (Mrs Franklin H.) 87 Bartlett st., Lewiston 

19192c Paine, Sibyl Merrill (Mrs) 63 Wilmot st., Portland 

609c Palmer, Ann I. (Mrs John E.) 60 Winter st., Portland 

192076 Parsons, Celeste D. Lowell (Mrs Francis D.) 259 French st., Bangor 

22014d Patten, Lois Weston (Mrs Roland T.) Skowhegan 

12680; Peaslee, Abbie Ann Capen (Mrs George L.) 42 Goff st., Auburn 

59 Pendleton, Margaret Riviere Hetzel (Mrs Edmund) Bar Harbor 

21511?i Perry, Edith Frances (Mrs Jarvis C.) Rockland 

9597c Plummer, Mary Rosabel Brackett (Mrs C. A.) 635 Congress st., Portland 

226956 Porter, Georgia Pulsif er (Mrs Charles B.) Oldtown 

19778; Pray, Sophie C. (Mrs Leonard A.) 63 Western Promenade, Auburn 

22003; Prescott, Augusta Jane (Mrs Lyman) 2 Union st.. Auburn 

7656c Proctor, Lucinda Page (Mrs John C.) 37 Crescent st., Portland 

6521c Pullen, Elizabeth (Mrs Stanley P.) 233 State st., Portland 

17525; Pulsif er, Caroline E. (Mrs L. C.) 1 Oak st.. Auburn 

13345c Rackleff, Edith Clayton Soule (Mrs Henry A.) 63 Pearl st., Woodford 

19194; Read, Mary Salina (Mrs Dan) Auburn 



16781c Eedlon, Sarah PMnney Files (Mrs Nathan E.) 46 Brown st., Portland 

6780; Reynolds, Kate D. (Mrs R. C.) Bridge st., Lewiston 

220087J. Eice, Ellen Adela (Miss) 26 Middle st., Eockland 

21512ft Eice, Frances Weston (Mrs Albert S.) 26 Middle st., Eockland 

1817? Eice, Nora Grant (Mrs William P.) Gardiner 

5909; Eich, Caroline W. D. (Mrs Thomas H.) "Idlehaven," Frye st., Lewiston 

21515* Eich, Delia (Mrs Eishworth) Old Orchard 

17520? Eichards, Laura E. (Mrs Henry) Gardiner 

7808; Eichardson, Isabel M. (Mrs) Lawrence st., Eockland 

7809; Eobinson, Elizabeth Field (Mrs William A.) 49 Drummond st., Auburn 

22028m Eobinson, Evie H. (Mrs William C.) North Anson 

9600c Eobinson, Julia Barbour (Mrs Edward B.) Deering 

5889c Eobinson, Martha Amelia (Mrs Franklin) 203 Cumberland st., Portland 

17519? Eogers, Alice White (Mrs George L.) Gardiner 

9061c Bounds, Eleanora Wildrage Deering (Mrs H. D.) 93 High st., Portland 

23879W Euggles, Fannie A. (Mrs John) Thomaston 

23880?i Euggles, Margaret George (Miss) Thomaston 

7476c Sawyer, Mary Eliza Blunt (Mrs William C.) .Woodfords 

22029«i Scribner, Josephine G. (Miss) 106 College ave., Waterville 

1827 Sewell, Camilla Loyall Ashe (Mrs Harold M.) Bath 

5902c Shaw, Frances Elizabeth (Mrs George E.) 126 High st., Portland 

8416c Shepherd, Emma Irene (Mrs Joseph B.) St. Paul's Eectory, Portland 

184806 Simpson, Corelli Caswell Williams (Mrs A. L.) 28 2d st., Bangor 

23861; Small, Florence Sabina Wilder (Mrs Addison) 173 Wood st., Lewiston 

23884H Smalley, Elsie Watts (Mrs Edwin S.) 7 Hyler st., Thomaston 

22030m Smith, Ada Virginia (Mrs Charles E.) Newport 

22016(i Smith, Eda Kezia (Miss) Skowhegan 

23882n Smith, Emily Creighton (Mrs C. Sydney) Thomaston 

22015d Smith, Grace Coburn (Mrs George O.) Skowhegan 

22017d Smith, Josie Withington (Miss) Skowhegan 

22018(? Smith, Lillian C. (Miss) Skowhegan 

21513/1 Smith, Maude Simpson (]\Irs George W.) 71 Summer st., Eockland 

23881TO Smith, Eose Alda (Mrs William H.) Thomaston 

22009ft Snow, Anne Frances Eice (Mrs Carlton F.) 26 Middle st., Eockland 

9121f Snow, Mira Crocker (Mrs) Paris 

5904c Soule, Julia Webster (Miss) 83 State st., Portland 

13346c Soule, Minnieola Albertina (Miss) Woodford 

23859ft Spear, Clara Furbish (Mrs Fred E.) ^ . . . Eockland 

■ 14053c Sprague, Adelaide Fox (Mrs Wilson) 13 Atlantic st., Portland 

17507fc Staples, Georgia A. (Miss) 134 Main st., Biddef ord 

22006c Starbird, Susan Elizabeth Plaisted (Mrs S. S.) . . .3 Congress Park, Portland 

22031TO Stevens, Anna Wentworth (Mrs Charles W.) Waterville 

16789; Stevens, Laura Ellen Hamilton (Mrs Daniel B.) . .Mt. Auburn ave., Auburn 

6176; Stevens, Mary E. (Mrs Daniel B.) 374 Main st., Lewiston 

8325* Stiles, Lovina Brainerd (Mrs Henry E.) Fort Freble, Portland 

23883n- Stimpson, Mary Stoyell (Mrs Charles W.) Thomaston 

16786c Stone, Eliza Abbie Goodwin (Mrs Henry G.) 620 Congress st., Portland 

12675c Sturdivant, Elizabeth Dana (Miss) Cumberland 

9064 Talbot, Emily Pope (Miss) Machias 

24659fc Tarbox, Carrie B. (Miss) 21 South st., Biddef ord 

17508fc Tarbox, Sophie (Miss) 187 Elm st., Biddef ord 

* Continental Chapter, D. C. X Wadsworth Chapter, Conn. 

t Boston Tea Party Chapter, Mass. 

196 DIKECTOEY, D. A. E. 

7805c Tate, Sarah E. McDonald (Mrs Augusta) Deering" 

19779; Templeton, JSTellie Louise (Mrs Albert L.) 76 Webster st., Lewiston 

5901c Tenney, Abbie Maria (Mrs Nelson) 68 Franklin st., Portland 

8417c Tenney, Louisa E. (Mrs John P.) 4 High st., Portland 

162m Thomas, Mary Sawyer-Prescott Moore (Mrs Austin) . .18 Ash st., Waterville 

22032m Thoners, Viola Bean (Mrs Robert S.) Cumberland Centre 

5900c Tobie, Belle Hodges (Mrs Le Eoy Harmon) 15 Beckett st., Portland 

24663??! Totman, Ethel L. (Miss) . '. Fairfield 

23403m Totman, Lucy A. (Mrs William H.) Fairfield 

4322c Trull, Jennie P. Cross (Mrs J. F.) 6 Porter st., Biddeford 

5832 Turner, Jennie Eliza Eich North (Mrs E. Y.) 33 Main st.. Auburn 

23399fir Vaughan, Mabel Wentworth (Mrs Philip H. S.) Augusta 

24656 Vose, Winifred (Miss) Calais 

16157c Waldron, Mary Adaline Eaton (Mrs Asbury F.) 240 State st., Portland 

22697?i Walker, Josephine Percy (Mrs John E.) Thomaston 

22019(Z Walton, Alma B. C. (Mrs Sylvester J.) Skowhegan 

22020(Z Walton, Ethel S. (Miss) Skowhegan 

24657 Ward, Effie (Miss) Machias 

7806c Ward, Mary Carlton (Mrs Edmund A.) 311 Spring st., Portland 

23857 Wardley, Carrie Evelyn Downes (Mrs Chas. J.) . . .380 Hammond st., Bangor 

23887W Washburn, Cassandra Vinal (Mrs Charles H.) Thomaston 

23886ra Washburn, Sarah Watts (Mrs William G.) Thomaston 

21507c Waterhouse, Frances P. (Mrs Samuel S.) Sebago Lake 

6178c Watson, Mary Lena (Miss) Woodfords 

24664« Watts, Harriet Eoxana (Mrs Edward B.) Thomaston 

23888W Watts, Mary J. (Miss) Thomaston 

6179c Webb, Frances Evelyn K. (Mrs William E.) 81 State st., Portland 

22694e Webber, Grace Jewell (Mrs Charles P.) Bangor 

192006 Webster, Mary Lurena (Miss) 122 Ohio st., Bangor 

21506c Webster, Euth Abby (Miss) Knightville 

22021(Z Weston, Gertrude Sophia (Miss) Skowhegan 

22007? White, Alice Darling Walker (Miss) Gardiner 

6174; White, Helen F. (Mrs Wallace H.) 457 Main st., Lewiston 

21514ft White, Jennie Tillson (Mrs William S.) 89 Middle st., Eockland 

20373fir Whitney, Florence Allen (Mrs Arthur W.) Augusta 

17522? Wilcox, Euleta Flora (Mrs) Gardiner 

16788c Wilcox, Mary Frances (Mrs Samuel E.) 230 Spring st., Portland 

24658 Wilder, Frances Agnes (Miss) Calais 

23885» Williams, Clara M. Eobinson (Mrs Thomas C.) Thomaston 

5881c Wilson, Virginia Harris F. (Mrs Edwin P.) Woodfords 

10475c Winslow, Melvina Clarke (Mrs Jacob) 14 Deering st., Portland 

5899c Wood, Emma Greene (Mrs Otis E.) 20 Locust st., Portland 

5895c Woodbury, Ida Summer (Mrs Clinton A.) Woodfords 

14052c Woodman, Susan Massuk Adams (Mrs Alfred) 19 Deering st., Portland 

22033m Wyman, Aubigne Ellen (Mrs Elwood T.) Waterville 

5888c York, Clementina E. deP. (Mrs Frank W.) 114 Park st., Portland 

7807c York, Ellen Louise Moody (Mrs John W.) 140 Congress st., Portland 

17509fc Youland, Susie F. Teel (Mrs) 7 Western ave., Biddeford 



State Regent 1897, Mrs. John J. Jackson, 940 N. Calvert st., Baltimore 
1898, Mrs J. Pembroke Thom, 828 Park ave., Baltimore 


(4 organized; 2 unorganized) 

a. Baltimore Ch.apter — Baltimore 

Organized March 4, 1892; Members, 133 (Arizona, 1; Pennsylvania, 2; New York, 2; For- 
eign, 1; Virginia, 2; Georgia 1) 

Eegent, Mrs I. T. Mason Treasurer, Mrs Nelson Perin 

Rec. Secretary, Mrs Edgar M. Lazarus Registrar Mrs Geo. N. Makenzie 

Cor. Secretary Mrs Neilson Poe, Jr. Historian, Miss Alice Smith 

b. Eastern Shore Chapter — Salisbury 
Organised October 1, 1896; Members, 11^ CNew York, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Louisa G. Miiler Cor. Secretary, Miss Irma Graham 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Kate H. Toadvine " Treasurer, Mrs Louisa B. Collier 

Rec. Secretary, Miss Helen S. Fish Registrar, Miss Katherine S. Todd 

Historian, Mrs Ella I. Todd 

c. Frederick Chapter — Frederick 

Organized September 20, 1892; Members, 27 (Virginia, 1; Pennsylvania 2) 

Regent, Mrs John Ritchie Treasurer, Mrs F. Granville Thomas 

Rec. Secretary, Mrs Baker Johnson Registrar, Miss Eleanor Potts 

Cor. Secretary, Miss Willie M. Ritchie Historian, Mrs R. Randall Hoes 

d. Hagerstown 


Eegent, Mrs. Wm. T. Hamilton. Appointed May 7, 1896. 

e. Maryland Line Chapter — Baltimore 

Organized May 12, 1896; Members, 28 (Virginia, 2; District of Columbia, 1; Pennsyl- 
vania 1) 

Regent, Miss Elizabeth Pennington Treasurer, Miss Mary Barroll 

Rec. Secretary, Miss Lilian Giffon Registrar Miss Elizabeth Williams 

Cor. Secretary, Miss Elin S. Moritz Historian, Miss Julia Smith 

f. Oakland 
Regent, Mrs. Fannie Markland. Appointed December 5, 1895, 
* When organized, membership 12. 



Members Residing in the State 


1152a Adams, Elizabetti (Miss) 107 E. Chase st., Baltimore 

18486e Atkinson, Laura E. (Mrs Robert) 513 Cathedral st., Baltimore 

3003a Atlee, Lucy G. (Mrs) 414 N. Greene st., Baltimore 

14368* Bacon, Anna M. (Mrs Lewis M.) Philopolis 

7811c Baltzell, Josephine V. (Mrs William H.) Frederick 

3339* Barber, Margaret Green Walls (Mrs John A.) Budd's Creek 

16158a. Bamitz, Susan Glatz (Miss) 634 Franklin st., W. Baltimore 

192106 Barroll, May (Miss) 16 East Biddle st., Baltimore 

241a Burroll, Sarah Street (Mrs Benj. C.) 18 East Biddle st., Baltimore 

1515a Barry, John Ana (Mrs Robert C.) 1305 Maryland ave., Baltimore 

22578f Bartlett, Helen Conkling (Miss) 604 Reservoir st., Baltimore 

16791a Bartlett, Julia E. Pettibone (Mrs D. L.) 16 W. Mt. Vernon Place, Baltimore 

234056 Bartlett, Vashti R. (Miss) 1033 St. Paul st., Baltimore 

160 Barton, Clara (Miss) Red Cross Headquarters, Glen Echo 

7480a Beasley, Mary C. McVey (Mrs Wm. A. S.) . .823 Hamilton Terrace, Baltimore 

1669a Belt, Ariana Trail (Mrs Alfred McG.) 1031 Cathedral st., Baltimore 

55076 Benjamin, Helen Ewing (Mrs Allen F.) Salisbury 

4747a Bergland, Lucy Scott (Mrs Eric) 1017 N. Charles st., Baltimore 

1241a Berkeley, Ella Linthicum (Mrs Henry J.) 1303 Park ave., Baltimore 

12396 Blunt, Alice Key (Miss) 919 Cathedral st., Baltimore 

19212a Bond, Lelia Seabury (Mrs.) Hotel Bristol, Eutaw Place, Baltimore 

22701a Booker, Juliana Thurston (Mrs Wm. D.) 853 Park ave., Baltimore 

10020 Boose, Ellen Williamson (Mrs Andrew J.) 45 Decatur st., Cumberland 

19094| Bowie, Marie Bennett (Mrs Wm. D.) Collington 

7481a Boyle, Margaret E. C. (Mrs Jas. W.) 935 N. Calvert st., Baltimore 

15412^ Brooks, Katherine Gaylord (Miss) 2501 Madison ave., Baltimore 

15411^ Brooks, Marilla Phelps (Miss) 2501 Madison ave., Baltimore 

20960a Brown, Elizabeth Bullock (Mrs Chas. H.) 2104 Charles st., Baltimore 

1642a Brown, Mary Elizabeth A. (Mrs Arthur G.) 1127 St. Paul st., Baltimore 

9072 Buchanan, Alice Lloyd (Miss) Annapolis 

2002a Cadden, Mary A. H. (Mr,s) 1210 Bolton st., Baltimore 

133546 Calvert, Eleanor Mackubin (Mrs C. B.) "Mac Alpine," College Park 

2775a Camack, Margaret iVnnie (Miss) "Albion Hotel," Baltimore 

19791a Campbell, Lillian T. L. (Mrs) .cor 10th & Presbury st., Walbrook, Baltimore 

90706 Canfield, Agnes (Miss) 1010 N. Charles st., Baltimore 

. 247 Carroll, Sally Heath White (Mrs Chas. A.) 706 St. Paul st., Baltimore 

22035a Clapp, Mary Rowland (Mrs Levi W.) Port Deposit 

18488 Clark, Albina C. (Mrs William) Baltimore County 

1566a Coates, Anne Hunter (Mrs Chas E.) 1000 Cathedral st., Baltimore 

1565a Coates, Rachel Anna (Miss) 1000 Cathedral st., Baltimore 

140556 Collier, Louisa Brattan (Mrs Levin D.) Salisbury 

2671 Colvin, Mary Noyes (Mrs Wm. M.) 1424 Park ave., Baltimore 

19792a Cook, Jane James (Mrs George H) 817 St. Paul st., Baltimore 

526'|| Cooper, Katharine J. (Mrs Philip H.) Naval Academy, Annapolis 

1156a Cottman, Cary Chubb (Mrs I. Hough) 1015 Cathedral st., Baltimore 

1338 Cottman, Susan Noland Powell (Mrs Clarence). 41 S. Holiday st., Baltimore 

18489 Crapster, Eleanor Elizabeth (Miss) Florence 

7878§ Crosby, Harriet Van R. (Mrs J. Schuyler) 16 E. Madison st., Baltimore 

* Shickelimo Chapter, Pa. 

t John Pettigrew Chapter, Del. 

i Martha Washington Chapter, D. C. 

I New York City Chapter, N. Y, 

g Mohawk Chapter, N. Y. 

"fi Katherine Gaylor Chapter, Conn. 



10019 Daisy, Georgia Deets (Mrs George E.) Cumberland 

4:04a Davies, Bessie Graham (Miss) 2010 Maryland ave., Baltimore 

23003$ Davis, Sara Hay Covode (Mrs Charles DeV.) Gaithersburg 

175296 Despard, Diana M. (Miss) 1035 St. Paiil st., Baltimore 

9066a Dixon, Ella (Miss) 1402 Park ave., Baltimore 

9316^ Dixon, Mary Qnincy Allen (Mrs George D.) 919 St. Paul st., Baltimore 

1238|| Drum, Lavinia Morgan (Mrs Rich. C.) Bethesda 

20597 Du Bois, Gertrude Christine (Miss) Gambrill's Postoffice 

51S0a Dunn, Bessie A. (Mrs Herbert O.) 517 Cathedral st., Baltimore 

2867a Duval, Mary Eebecca (Miss) 704 N. Howard st., Baltimore 

19793c Eichelberger, Miriam Gray (Mrs Edward S.) Frederick 

3000« Emory, Alice Vernon (Miss) 1814 Park ave., Baltimore 

148S3a Findlay, Mary Keesey (Mrs John VanL.) 927 St. Paul st., Baltimore 

140566 Fish, Helen Sara (Miss) Salisbury 

18484(1 Fisher, Nannie Poultney Dorsey (Mrs C. D.)..814 N. Charles st., Baltimore 

22704c Floyd, Anna Belle (Miss) Frederick 

10479 Foster, Mary Churchill (Mrs John H.) Mt. Washington 

2365a Freeland, Eleanor W. (Miss) 916 St. Paiil st., Baltimore 

11093a Fulton, Laura Kimberly (Miss) Albion Hotel, Baltimore 

12689a Fulton, Laura Kimberly (Mrs Albert K.) Albion Hotel, Baltimore 

12688a Gaddess, Elizabeth Carter (Mrs Charles W. C.) . .2739 St. Paul st., Baltimore 
1214 Garnett, Kate Huntington Noland (Mrs J. M.) . .2101 St. Paul st., Baltimore 

7482a Gassaway, Mary Brooke Iglehart (Mrs Louis D.) Annapolis 

2297a Gault, Mary Virginia (Mrs Matthew) 1422 Park ave., Baltimore 

23889 Gearing, Ellen Smith Tucker (Mrs Henry C.) Annapolis 

24665a Gibney, Lucella Gilbert (Mrs G. F.) 1529 Eutaw Place, Baltimore 

167966 Giffen, Lilian (Miss) 1004 N. Charles st., Baltimore 

167976 Giffen, Louise (Miss) ^ 1004 N. Charles st., Baltimore 

7483a Gill, Anna Gray (Mrs Wm. H.) 2020 Maryland ave., Baltimore 

1280a Gill, Alice Warfield (Mrs Martin G.) .1208 N. Calvert gt., Baltimore 

9723* Glenn, Eveline Constantia B. (Mrs W.) 310 E. Lafayette ave., Baltimore 

11095a Gore, Fannie E. Stillwell (Mrs Albert P.) Roland Park, Baltimore 

1567a Gorter, Mary Rebecca (Mrs Albert L.) 16 E. Chase st., Baltimore 

140576 Graham, Caroline Dorsey (Mrs Robert P.) Salisbury 

o5296 Graham, Irma (Miss) Salisbury 

I571a Greenway, Mary Virginia (Miss) 32 W. Biddle st., Baltimore 

1670a Griffith, Alverda (Miss) 1529 McCulloch st., Baltimore 

80a Griffith, Alverda (Mrs Romulus R.) 1529 McCulloch st., Baltimore 

140586 Gunby, Frances Graham (Mrs Loiiis W.) Salisbury 

1513a Hall, Elizabeth Ward (Miss) 810 Park ave., Baltimore 

20375a Hall, Henrietta Howard (Miss) 1208 John st., Baltimore 

20374a Hall, Isabella Bethia (Miss) 1208 John st., Baltimore 

5183a Hall, Mary Bell (Mrs G. W. S.) Elk Ridge 

1514a Hall, Mary Stickney (Miss) 810 Park ave., Baltimore 

12687 Hamilton, Clara (Mrs Wm. T.) Hagerstown 

22580f Hardcastle, Kate Nandian (Mrs Alexander) Denton 

20962 Haverstick, Mary Ellen (Miss) Frostburg 

16159 Heath, Anna Waldorf (Mrs Charles C.) Roland Park, Baltimore 

10017a Hebb, Mary Stirling (Mrs John L.) 13 E. Franklin st., Baltimore 

12204a Helm, Eva Brantley (Mrs Samuel W.) Roland Park Terrace, Baltimore 

16160 Hewes, Lucy Perkins (Mrs James) 3 W. North ave., Baltimore 

* General Lafayette Chapter, N.J. 
t John Pettigrew Chapter, Del. 
j Phoebe Bayard Chapter, Pa. 

Mary Washington Chapter, D. C. 
I Philadelphia Chapter, Pa. 



3146* Hill, Ada Morgan (Mrs Eichard S.) Upper Marlboro 

6781a Hill, Harriet Louisa Westcott (Mrs Thomas) . .1302 McCullocli st., Baltimore 

2670a Hodgdon, Lillian C. (Mrs Alex. L.) 1235 Lafayette ave., Baltimore 

23S93 Hodgdon, Sarah Ann Dana (Mrs James H.) . .1235 Lafayette ave., Baltimore 

21516c Hoes, Eose Gouverneur (Mrs Eoswell E.) 59 W. Church st., Frederick 

12298 Holland, Eosa Maria (Miss) Eockville 

3004a Holloway, Grace (Miss) 207 Preston st., East Baltimore 

1725a Hughes, Eoberts Thoburn (Mrs Thomas) 1018 Cathedral st., Baltimore 

66c Himter, Kate McPherson (Mrs J. B.) Frederick 

1572a Hurd, Mary J. Doolittle (Mrs H. M.) . ."Johns Hopkins Hospital," Baltimore 

2948 Iglehart, Monterey Watson (Mrs James D.) . . . .1214 Linden ave., Baltimore 

133536 Jackson, Bella Caton (Miss) 940 Calvert st., Baltimore 

2997a Jackson, Esther Gill (Mrs John J.) 213 E. Preston st., Baltimore 

6782a James, Mary Morrison. (Mrs John C.) 1111 Bolton st., Baltimore 

1157 Jenkins, Katharine Mott (Mrs Harry) 10 Hopkins Place, Baltimore 

1890c Johnson, Eleanor Murdoch (Miss) Frederick 

2154c Johnson, Helen Young (Mrs Baker) Frederick 

24668c Johnson, Euth Gouverneur (Mrs Wm. C.) 8 Court Square, Frederick 

1984^ Johnston, Anna Jane (Miss) 1046 Clifton Place, Baltimore 

189a Keenan, Margaret Phelan (Miss) 1029 St. Paul st., Baltimore 

14063a Kensett, Mary (Miss) 931 St. Paul st., Baltimore 

22034a Kerr, May Heberton (Miss) 922 St. Paul st., Baltimore 

22705c Key, Josephine L. (Mrs Wm. T.) Frederick 

578f Keyser, Mary Washington (Mrs Henry I.) . .102 W. Monument st., Baltimore 

9067a Kilpatrick, Eebecca H. (Mrs W. D.) 1012 Madison ave., Baltimore 

3002a Knight, Emma (Miss) 414 N. Greene st., Baltimore 

21a Knott, Eegina M. (Mrs A. Leo) 1029 St. Paul st., Baltimore 

23404 Lamoreux, Clara Liggett (Mrs Thomas B.) Fort McHenry, Baltimore 

24667 Lanahan, Annie Snovs^den (Mrs Charles M.) . .2126 Maryland ave., Baltimore 

3041 Lancaster, Caroline M. (Miss) Berwyn 

2704* Lawrence, Susan Alexina Zantzinger (Mrs Edward T.) Pikesville 

18487e Lazarus, Ellen (Miss) 1214 John st., Baltimore 

1639a Lazarus, Minnie Mordecai (Mrs Edgar M.) 1214 John st., Baltimore 

7166 Lilburn, Annie Elizabeth T. (Mrs J. G. H.) . ."Pleasant Valley," St. Inigoes 

6660* Lyles, Jeanie Garner (Mrs David C.) Harwood 

2868a McCay, Marie J. (Miss) 930 N. Charles st., Baltimore 

20380c McDannold, Alexandra (Miss) Frederick 

2746 McKaig, Florence Washington (Mrs Merwin) Cumberland 

20861a Mackdermott, Corinne Stirling (Mrs Wm. M.) . .1627 Eutaw Place, Baltimore 

2996a Mackenzie, Lucie T. Emory (Mrs George N.) 1808 Park ave., Baltimore 

126816 Mackiibin, Florence (Miss) 721 St. Paul st., Baltimore 

1693a McLane, Catherine Milhgan (Miss) 1101 N. Charles st., Baltimore 

883^ ' Macmillan, Mary (Mrs F. J.) Berwyn 

1900c McPherson, Margaret W. (Miss) Frederick 

2745 Markland, Fanny Dailey (Mrs Matthew) Crook Crest, Oakland 

2366a Mason, Helen (Mrs John T.) 808 N. Fremont ave., Baltimore 

20379c Maulsby, Emily Nelson (Miss) Frederick City 

18483c Maulsby, Mary Shriver (Miss) Frederick City 

20376a Megrew, Evelyn Supplee (Mrs Wm. A.) 1625 Eutaw Place, Baltimore 

23892c Mercer, Minnie Leigh (Mrs Carroll) "Mekylhour," Araby 

24666a Middleton, Cornelia Scribner (Mrs Harvey) 1125 Calvert st., Baltimore 

5181a Miles, Jeanie Wardlaw (Mrs Francis T.) 514 Cathedral st., Baltimore 

*Mary Washington Chapter, D. C. 
t Mount Vernon Chapter, Va. 

H Witness Tree Chapter, Pa. 



10478a Miller, Caroline A. Whipple (Mrs Luke H.) 14 Franklin st., Baltimore 

5424a Miller, Emma Virg-inia (Mrs Wm. T.) 2010 N. Charles st., Baltimore 

65286 Miller, Louisa Graham (Mrs Walter B.) Salisbury 

11923 Mitchell, Elizabeth Lansdale (Miss) Beltsville 

103 Moale, Alice W. (Mrs Frederick L.) St. James Hotel, Baltimore 

175280. Moore, Kate W. (Mrs Wm. A.) 1024 Madison ave., Baltimore 

1640a Mordecai, Isabel (Miss) 230 W. Lanvale st., Baltimore 

133556 Moritz, Elizabeth Stewart (Miss) 928 Cathedral st., Baltimore 

9068a Morton, Alice Wilder (Mrs) 150 Wilson st., Baltimore 

1569a Mudge, Caroline Florence (Mrs E. T.) Pikesville 

17527a Mulliken, Mary Blaine Hays (Mrs Eichard 0.)..147 Lanvale st., Baltimore 

133526 Murdoch, Sallie Howard (Miss) 893 Park ave., Baltimore 

22036a Myers, Virg-inia (Mrs William G. H.) 9 W. Preston st., Baltimore 

3865a Nicholson, Emilie I. G. (Mrs Chas. G.) 1003 N. Charles st., Baltimore 

1754a Noble, Mary Spencer (Mrs Horace) 8 W. North ave., Baltimore 

9721|| Nourse, Edith Holmes New Windsor 

3549|| Nourse, Frances B. (Mrs James M.) New Windsor 

1406oa Oler, Elizabeth Kimberly (Mrs Wesley M.) Catonsville 

203786 Patterson, Margaret Sherwood (Mrs J. W.) . . .1012 N. Calvert st., Baltimore 

192096 Patterson, Margaret Warren Morehead (Mrs E. L.) 712 St. Paul st., Baltimore 

27746 Pennington, Elizabeth Lloyd (Miss) 6 W. Preston st., Baltimore 

133566 Pennington, Elizabeth Tayloe (Mrs Chas. J.) 6 W. Preston st., Baltimore 

1668a Perin, Ella Keck (Mrs Nelson) 1030 N. Charles st., Baltimore 

8418a Philpot, Mary Dennison (Miss) 1110 Brevard st., Baltimore 

23890a Phipps, Emma H. Wingate (Mrs) 129 North ave., East, Baltimore 

1641a Poe, Alice Henrietta (Mrs Neilson) 146 W. Lanvale st., Baltimore 

21517 Poe, Sarah Livingston (Miss) 146 W. Lanvale st., Baltimore 

192116 Post, Margaret Howard (Miss) 10 E. Biddle st., Baltimore 

7484a Potts, Cornelia Eoss (Miss) American Office, Baltimore 

1902c Potts, Eleanor (Miss) Frederick 

1901c Potts, Louise (Miss) Frederick 

14885 Powell, Elizabeth Bowen (Mrs W. S.) "Llangollen," Annapolis Junction 

16793a Powell, Sarah Harrison (Miss) St. James Hotel, Baltimore 

22703a Eaisin, Gertrude (Miss) 1039 N. Calvert st., Baltimore 

22702a Eaisin, Julia Angela (Miss) 1039 N. Calvert st., Baltimore 

4682a Eead, Virg-inia Minor Gregory (Mrs L. C). .2117 Druid Hill ave., Baltimore 

1401 Eeid, Fanny Brooke (Mrs Andrew) 15 Mt. Vernon st., Baltimore 

139* Eichards, Janet Elizabeth Hosmer (Miss) "The Pines," Chevy Chase 

21520 Eiggs Mary Warfield (Mrs Augustus) Cooksville 

1689c Eitchie, Betty Harrison Maulsby (Mrs John) Frederick 

1906c Eitchie, Willie Maulsby (Miss) Frederick 

10018a Eobertson, Estelle Fisher (Mrs A. H.) 1006 Cathedral st., Baltimore 

1889c Eoss, Cornelia Einggold Potts (Mrs Charles W.) Frederick 

2998a Eowland, Cornelia Talcott (Mrs Samuel C.) Port Deposit 

2871t Sasscer, Elizabeth Lyons Fitch (Mrs Henry H., Jr.) North Keys 

23891a Schermerhorn, Marie Louise (Miss) 632 Noi'th ave.. West, Baltimore 

11570a Sloan, Louise Gittings Littig (Mrs Eobert N.) . .6 W. Madison st., Baltimore 

148446 Smith, Helen Eandolph (Mrs Thomas M.) 16 Eager st., East, Baltimore 

133576 Smith, Julia Evans (Miss) 1311 Park ave., Baltimore 

4489a Smith, M. Alice (Miss) 1525 Park ave., Baltimore 

2518a Smith, Mary Evans (Mrs Benjamin F.) 1511 Park ave., Baltimore 

7485a Smith, Eachel Perkins (Mrs Joseph) 1010 Madison ave., Baltimore 

* Mai-y Washington Chapter, D. C. 
t Rebecca Motte Chapter, S. C. 

If General Lafayette Chapter, N. J. 
H Bondinot Chapter, N. J. 



1841a Spencer, Julia Williamson (Mrs Jervis) 15 E. Eager st., Baltimore 

2999a Spotswood, Virginia Eansom (Mrs Chas. F.)..831 N. Charles st., Baltimore 
4981a Stevens, Mabel (Miss) 1320 Linden ave., Baltimore 

21518a Stewart, Fanny Cole Parker (Mrs Wm. H.) 9 W. German st., Baltimore 

4826a Stockbridge, Fanny E. Montague (Mrs Henry) .11 N. Calhoun st., Baltimore 

4927a Stockbridge, Helen S. (Mrs Henry, Jr.) 11 N. Calhoun st., Baltimore 

2057a Tait, Anna D. Tiernan (Mrs John E.) 12 W. Hamilton st., Baltimore 

9593 Talbott, Laura Williams (Mrs Hattersly W.) Eockville 

5423a Tate, Frances Hargrave (Mrs James H.) 1506 Park ave., Baltimore 

4488a Thom, Catherine Grosh (Mrs Joseph Pembroke) . . 828 Park ave., Baltimore 

1242a Thomas, Eliza Snowden (Miss) 1102 McCulloch st., Baltimore 

3563c Thomas, Fannie W. (Mrs Francis) Frederick 

13761J Thomas, Mary E. (Mrs James Mantell) . . .General Office, P. E. E., Baltimore 

8886 Thompson, Caroline B. (Mrs Edward W.) 217 E. Biddle st., Baltimore 

1568a Thompson, Elizabeth Young (Miss) 16 E. Chase st., Baltimore 

140616 Toadvin, Kate Houston (Mrs Edward Stanley) Salisbury 

14059& Todd, Ella Irving (Mrs Frank C.) Salisbury 

140606 Todd, Katharine Stevenson (Miss) Salisbury 

2669 Tomkins, Anna Albertine Shriver (Mrs J. A.). 301 N. Charles st., Baltimore 
7164a Trippe, Caroline Augusta (Mrs Andrew C.)..1522 Eutaw Place, Baltimore 

11094a Tyson, Florence Mclntyre (Mrs Frederick) . .251 W. Preston st., Baltimore 
1564a Tyson, Mary Eoberts (Mrs John S.) 711 St. Paul st., Baltimore 

126846 Von Kapff, Anne (Mrs J. Frederick) 505 Park ave., Baltimore 

140626 Wailes, Nannie Todd (Miss) Salisbury 

5182a Wardlaw, Alice Patterson (Miss) 514 Cathedral st., Baltimore 

7165a Webb, Isabella G. (Mrs James T.) 520 N. Charles st., Baltimore 

19213 Wheeler, Emma Abi Hilliard (Mrs John H.) 23 E. 21st st., Baltimore 

4980a Whitney, Caroline Clarke (Mrs Joseph C.) 1803 N. Calvert st., Baltimore 

6058 Willes, Susie M. (Miss) Croom 

10477a Williams, Elizabeth Bird Young (Mrs Arthur) Elk Eidge 

23676 Williams, Elizabeth Chew (Miss) 407 W. Lanvale st., Baltimore 

2869c Williams, Henrietta Maria (Mrs Henry) Frederick 

1903c Williams, Margaret Jane (Miss) Frederick 

1402a Williams, Maria Dalrymple (Miss) 1432 Park ave., Baltimore 

1240a Williams, Eebecca Wilkins (Miss) 915 McCulloh st., Baltimore 

2298a Williamson, Gay Selby (Miss) 902 St. Paul st., Baltimore 

2187c Williamson, Mary A Heine (Miss) Frederick 

126836 Wilson, Ellinoe Donnell (Mrs James W.) 505 Park ave., Baltimore 

1905c Winetrenner, Eleanor Nelson Eitchie (Mrs D. C, Jr.) Frederick 

20377a Wood, Sarah Hyacinthe (Miss) 1700 Eutaw Place, Baltimore 

1154a Woods, Maria Louisa (Mrs Daniel C.) 525 N. Charles st., Baltimore 

15571a Yearley, Louisa Vacaro (Miss) Baltimore 

20872* Zollinger, Florence (Mrs Wm. P.) 1804 Ma^ryland ave., Baltimore 

20873* Zollinger, Mary Garner (Miss) 1804 Maryland ave., Baltimore 

* Martha Washington Chapter, D, C, 

X Shickelimo Chapter, Pa. 



State Regent 1897, Mrs. T. M. Brown, 122 Pearl st., Springfield 

1898, " " " ■ 


(46 organized; 8 unorganized) 

a. Abiah. Folger Franklin Chapter — ITantucket 

Organized January 6, 1898; Members , 24 (Illinois, 1; Neio York, 3; Vermont, 1; Minn- 
esota, 1; Connecticut, 1; Pennsylvania, 4; Wisconsi7i, 1) 

Eegent, Miss Sara W. W. Smith Secretary, Miss Martha F. Coleman 

Vice-Regt., Mrs Sarah C. C. Raymond Treasurer, Miss Lydia M. Folger 

b. Abigail Adams Chapter — Boston 

Organized 'November 26, 189-^; Members, 127 (New York, 2; Foreign, 1) 

Eegent, Miss Caroline Ticknor. Asst. Secretary, Mrs Armory Eliot 

Vice-Regent, Miss Margaret Warren Treasurer, Miss M. F. Hooper 

Secretary, Mrs Chas. H. Fiske, Jr Asst. Treasurer, Miss Jessie Merriam 

Registrar, Miss Emily Beebe 

c. Anne Adams Tufts Chapter — Somerville 

Organized January 6, 1898; Members, 16 

Regent, Miss Mary A. Bradford Treasui'er, Miss Mary J. Warren 

Vice-Regent, Miss Katharine W. Wood Registrar, Mrs Helen Heald 

Rec. Sec, Miss Gertrude G. Kendall ixistorian, Mrs Agnes Maynard 

Cor. Sec, Miss Nellie S. Dickey Chaplain, Mrs Charlotte D. Eaton 

d. Barre 

Regent, Mrs Mary L. D. Cook. Apointed January 6, 1898 

e. Betty Allen Chapter — Northampton 

Organized February, 1896; Members, 52 (Michigan, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Louise S. Cable Treasurer, Mrs William G. Sterling 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Wm. G. Basset Registrar, Miss Helen C. Sergeant 

Secretary, Miss Helen Cook Historian, Miss Harriet J. Kneeland 

f. Betsy Ross Chapter — Lawrence 

Organized April 23, 1896; Members, 42 (Maine, 1) 

Regent, Mrs George C. Bosson, Jr Treasurer, Mrs James E. Shepard 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Wm. H. Godfrey Registrar, Miss Ethel M. Tolman 

Secretary, Mrs Clarence M. Dyer Historian, Mrs J. D. Talbot 

Chaplain, Mrs A. J. French 

204 DIEECTORY, D. A. E. ! ' 

g. Beverly 


Kegent, Mrs Helen E. S. Kilham. Appointed February 3, 1898 

h. Boston 

Regent, Miss Alice S. Brown. Appointed May 2, 1895 

1. Boston Tea Party Chapter — Boston 

Organised May 28, 1895; Members, 110 (Wyoming, 1; Maine, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Louise P. Sargent Treasurer, Mrs Ellen Way Allen 

Vice-Regent, ISIrs Lucia G. Kendall Registrar, Mrs Elizabeth T. Curtis 

Eec. Sec, Miss Helen Griswold Historian, Mrs Lila N. Babb, 

Cor. Sec, Mrs Sarah J. Davis Auditor, Miss Cora E. Dike 

j. Bunker Hill Chapter — Boston 

Organized Jtme 11, 1896; Members, 95 (California, 1; Colorado, 1) 

Regent, Miss Marion H. Brazier Treasurer, Mrs W. H. AUine 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Alexander Martin Registrar, Mrs Emilie L. W. Waterman 

Secretary, Miss Lillian M. B. Clarke Asst. Reg., Mrs Ella W. Pendergast 

Historian, ]\Iiss Sadie M. Brown 

k. Captain Samuel Sprague Chapter — Chelsea 
Organized January 8, 1897; Members, 19 

Regent, Miss Maud L. Brown Treasurer, Mrs Henry E. Keough 

Secretary, Mrs Albert F. Holland Registrar, Miss Sara E. Woodbury 

Historian, Mrs Gustavus A. ISTorton, Jr 

1. Colonel Thomas Lothrop Chapter — Cohasset 

Organized June 4, 1896; Members, 18 

Regent, Mrs Oliver H. Howe Treasurer, Miss Grace S. Keene 

Vice-Regent, Miss Ella Bates Registrar, Miss Isabel Pratt 

Secretary, Miss Edith M. Bates Historian, Mrs Charles Gross 

m. Deborah Sampson Chapter — Brockton 

Organized January 25, 1897; Members, 52 

Regent, Mrs Hettie Littlefield Treasurer, Mrs Helen F. Sargent 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Mary E. Page Registrar, Mrs Clara L. Atwood 

Secretary, Mrs Chloe R. Gurney Historian, Mrs Olive H. Lincoln 

Chaplain, ]\Irs Lucy C. Howland 


n. Dorothy Brewer Chapter— Waltham 

Organized October 7, 1897; Members, 31 

Eegent, Mrs Ida L. G. Gibbs Treasurer, Miss Mary Frances Wright 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Norah F. S. Smiley Eegistrar, Mrs Ella D. G. Whitney'' 

Secretary, Mrs Clara L. Kelcey Historian, Miss Grace Crafts Alden 

o. Dorothy Quincy Hancock Chapter— Greenfield 

Organized March 5, 1895; Members, 28 

Eegent, Mrs Louise G. Deane Treasurer, Mrs Harriet I. Cutler 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Caroline C. Furbush Eegistrar, Mrs Fanny D. Zabriskie 

Secretary, Miss Edith A. Stratton Historian, Mrs Lucy C. Kellogg 

p. Faneuil Hall Chapter— Wakefield 

Organized February 11, 1896; Members, 48 

Eegent, Mrs Ida F. Miller Cor. Sec, Miss Mary C. Spaulding 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Harriet E. Page Treasurer, Miss Fanny M. Sanborn 

Eec. Sec, Mrs Josephine MacQuinn Eegistrar, Mrs Delia C. Bouve 

Historian, Mrs Grace F. Twombly 

q. Fitchburg 

Eegent, INIrs Adelaide F. G. Chase. Appointed ^^larch 22, 1S98 

r. Tort Massachusetts Chapter— North Adams 

Organized January 30, 1897; Members, 61 (MicMgan, 1; Vermont, 3; Neic York, 1: 

Missouri, IJ 

Eegent, Mrs Mary F. Eichmond Treasurer, Mrs Janet H. Pearson 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Emily N. Walker Eegistrar, Mrs Anna E. Witherell 

Secretary, Mrs Emma E. Billings Historian, Mrs Mary B. Burbank 

Chaplain, Mrs Elizabeth D. Thayer 

s. Framingham Chapter — Framingham 

Organized October 2, 1896; Members, 50 (Illinois, 1; Alabama, 1) 

Eegent, ^Irs Sarah E. White Treasurer, Mrs Adaline T. ^^letcalf 

^ ice-Eegent, Mrs A^ettie F. Howe Eegistrar, Mrs Ella M. Fales 

Secretary, ^liss F. Gertrude Coolidge Historian, Mrs Mary C. S. Fuller 

t. General Benjamin Lincoln Chapter— East Boston 

Organized February 12, 1896; Members, 53 (Foreign, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Jos. H. Barnes Cor. Sec, Miss Josephine Eossitor 

Vice-Eegent, ]\Iiss Lucy E. Woodwell Treasurer, ]Mrs Chas. Eichardson 

Eec. Sec, Mrs Elmer H. Allen Eegistrar, Mrs Frank Cushman 

Historian, Mrs Willard S. Allen 

2.06 DIEECTOEY, D. A. E. 

u. General Israel Putnam Chapter — Danvers 

Organized April 19, 1895; Members, 62 (RJiode Island, 1; New Eampsliire, 1; Foreign, Ij 

Regent, Mrs Evelyn F. jMasury Treasurer, Miss Clara E,. Hale 

Vice-Eegent, Miss Caroline B. Faxon Registrar, Miss Harriet P. Pope 

Eec. Sec, Miss Susan W. Eaton Historian, Miss Harriet S. Tapley 

Cor. Sec, Miss Jessie B. Ely Chaplain, Mrs Ellen L. Perkins 

V. General Joseph Badger Chapter — Marlborough 

Organized January 21, 1898; Members, 35 (Neio Hampshire, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Hattie M. Manning Treasurer, Miss Emily B. Howe 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Genevive L. Priest Eegistrar, Mrs Cornelia F. Eobinson 

Eec Sec, Mrs Lizzie F. Fay Historian, Mrs Frances W. Furlong 

Cor. Sec, Mrs Isabel F. Heath Chaplain, Mrs Arathusa E. Barnes 

w. Hannah Goddard Chapter — Brookline 

Organized May 14, 1896; Members, 45 

Eegent, Miss Ellen Chase Cor. Sec, Miss Edith Kendall 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Edward S. Eobinson Treasurer, Mrs Amasa Clai'ke, 

Eec Sec, Miss Eva D. Corey Eegistrar, Miss Mary L. Watson 

Historian, Miss H. Alma Cummings 

X. Hannah Winthrop Chapter — Cambridge 

Organized June 19, 1894; Members, 69 CNeto Hampshire, 1; Ohio, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Wm. F. Bradbury Cor. Sec, Mrs Herbert A. Chase 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Ephraim Emertori Treasurer, Miss Lydia P. Stevens 

Eec. Sec, Mrs Austin B. Tobey Eegistrar, Mrs Chas W. Duane 

Historian, Mrs John B. Bouton 

y. John Adams Chapter — Boston 

Organized October 1, 1896; Members, 54 

Eegent, Miss Floretta Vining Cor. Sec, Miss Alice B. Eaymond 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Samuel Thompson Treasurer, Mrs Annie W. Chick 

Eec. Sec, Mrs Lillian E. Gilligan Eegistrar, Miss Alice Hemenway 

Asst.-Eeg., Mrs Sue Wadsworth 

z. Lexington Chapter — Lexington 

Organized October 19, 1895; Members, 20 (Georgia, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Joseph Van Ness Treasurer, Miss Susie W. Muzzey 

Secretary, Miss Sarah E. Holmes Eegistrar, Mrs Irving Locke 

A. Lowell 

Eegent, Miss Eosalie A. Williams. Appointed October 7, 1898 


B. Lucy Jackson Chapter — West Newton 

Organized December 9, 1896; Members, 52 

Eegent, Miss Fanny B. Allen Cor. Sec, Mrs Ella L. Sargent 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Mary P. Eayniond Treasurer, Mrs Annie Whidderi 

Eec. Sec., Mrs Carrie Y. Carter Eegistrar, Mrs Annie E. Sherman 

Historian, Mrs Isabel W. Carter 

C. Lucy Knox Chapter — Gloucester 

Organized October 11, 1895; Members, S6 

Eegent, Mrs Harriet C. Eogers Treasurer, Mrs Izette B. Smith 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Carrie A. E. Newell Eegistrar, Mrs Charlotte H. Clark 

Secretary, Mrs Geneva W. Proctor Historian, Miss Mary E. Wilder 

D. Lydia Cobb Chapter — Taunton 

Organized ISlovember 9, 1896; Members, 71 

Eeg-ent, Mrs Sarah J. C. Gibbs Treasurer, Mrs Susan B. Hathaway" 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Clara T. Hubbard Eegistrar, Miss Maria W. Baylies 

Secretary, Mrs Emily F. Nack Auditor, Mrs Abbie F. Paull 

Auditor, Mrs Caroline P. Woodward 

E. Martha's Vineyard Chapter — Edgartown 

Organized October 1, 1896; Menibers, 58 (Kansas, 2; Minnesota, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Caroline F. Warren Treasurer, Mrs Mary W. Worth 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Charlotte F. Coffin Eegistrar, Miss Harriet M. Pease- 

Secretary, Mrs Fannie A. Deane Historian, Miss Maria T. Pease 

F. Mary Draper Chapter — West Boxbury 

Organized April 2, 1896; Members, 51 

Eegent, Miss Helen H. Winslow, Treasurer, Mrs Harriet A. Joslin 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Martha W. Allen Eegistrar, Mrs Eebekah J. Wilder- 

Secretary, Mrs Alice G. Bliss Historian, Miss Abby M. Lovejoy 

G. Mary Mattoon Chapter — Amherst 

Organized February 6, 1896; Members, 22 

Eegent, Mrs David P. Todd Treasurer, Miss Kate S. Hinsdale 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Edward Tuckermun Eegistrar, Mrs Joseph B. Lindsay 

Secretary, Mrs Edwin A. Grosvenor Historian, Mrs Merrill E. Gates 

H. Mercy Warren Chapter — Springfield 

Organized June 17, 1892; Members, 258 (New Jersey, 1; Neio York, 2; Michigan, 1; Geor- 
gia, 2; California, 1; Foreign, 1; Connecticut, 2; Montana, 1; District of Columbia, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs A. S. McClean Cor. Sec, Mrs A. O. Squier 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs A. H. Watson Treasurer, Mrs C. H. Churchill 

Eec. Sec, Mrs Leroy W. Brown Eegistrar, Mrs E. P. Alden 

208 DIRECTOET, D. A. E. 

I. Molly Varnum Chapter — Lowell 

Organized October 30, 1894; Members, 152 (Montana, 1; Illinois, 1; New Yorh, 2; North 

Carolina, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Florence H. Nesroith Cor. Sec, Miss Josephine H. Earl 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Clara W. Rowell Treasurer, Mrs Ida A. Richardson 

Rec. Sec, Mrs Ellen S. Thompson Registrar, Mrs Ida B. Adams 

J. Newton Chapter — Auburndale 

Organized December 10, 1896; Members, 24 

Regent, Mrs Edward A. Ellis Secretarj% Miss Maria S. Daniels 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Wm. H. Gould Treasurer, Miss Caroline L. Hill 

Registrar, Mrs Wilmond K. Chandler 

K. Old Colony Chapter — Hingham 

Organized February 14, 1894; Members, 51 (Neio York, 1) 

Regent, Mrs James H. Robbins 3d Vice-Regent, Miss Susan B. Willard 

1st Vice-Regt., Miss Sarah W. Daggett Secretary", Miss Abby A. Bradley 

2d Vice-Regent, Mrs Louisa A. Baldwin Treasurer, Mrs William W. Lunt 

Registrar, Miss Alice Coolidge 

L. Old Concord Chapter — Concord 

Organized October IS, 1894; Members 40 

Regent, Miss Jeanie S. Barrett Treasurer, Mrs Harriet C. Benson 

Secretary, Miss Gertrude Todd Registrar, Miss Harriet L. Eaton 

M. Old Newbury Chapter — Newburyport 

Organized June 17, 1896; Members, 59 (Netc York, 1; Pennsylvania, 1) 

Regent, Miss Edith Russell Wills Cor. Sec, Miss Eliza A. Little 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Lawrence W. Brown Treasurer, Miss Kate H. Greenleal 

Rec Sec, Miss Alice B. G. Boynton Registrar, Miss Mary Anna Toppan 

Historian, Miss Harriot W. Coleman 

N. Old North Church Chapter — Boston 

Organized April 19, 1898; Members, 11 (Maine, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Louise A. L. Morrison Treasurer, Miss Mary A. Mathews 

Vice-Regt., Mrs Mary E. D. K. Copeland Registrar, Dr Adelaide A. Abbott 

Secretary, Mrs Emma E. C. Dinsmore Historian, Miss Lois F. Green 

Auditor, Mrs Mary E. J. Hinckley 

O. Old South Chapter — Dedham 

Organized December 10, 1896; Members, 138 (New Hampshire, 2; California, 2; Ohio, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Laura W. Fowler Cor. Sec, Mrs Vashti C. Goodhue 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Thornton Appolonio Treasurer, Mrs Harriet C. Minot 

Rec. Sec, Mrs Evelyn A. Stillings Registrar, Miss Helen R. Whitmore 

Historian, Mrs Maria S. Porter 


P. Paul Jones Chapter — Boston 

Organised June U, 1898; Menibers, 13 

Eeg-ent, Miss C. Mabel Beaman Treasiirer, Miss Helen M. Fogler 

Secretary, Miss Anna C. Brown Registrar, Miss Minnie Bigelow 

Historian, Mrs Grace W. Cooke 

Q. Paul Revere Chapter — Boston 

Organized April 19, 1894; Members, 119 (Colorado, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs E. Everett Holbrook Treasurer, Mrs Alphonso S. Harris 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs John A. Eemick Eegistrar, Mrs Lester Goodwin 

Secretary, Mrs A. V. Peabody Historian, Mrs Willis R. Euss 

R. Peace Party Chapter — Pittsfield 

Organised February 5, 1897; Members, 36 

Eegent, Mrs Mary E. Crane Treasurer, Mrs Ellen K. Crane 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Anna T. Paddock Eegistrar, Mrs Margaret Baldwin 

Secretary, Mrs Alice M. Atwater Historian, Mrs Hattie C. Stevenson 

S. Prudence Wright Chapter— Pepperell 

Members, 19 (New Hampshire, 1) 

Eegent, Miss Mary L. P. Shattuck Cor. Sec, Miss Annetta Merritt 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Alfred Blood Treasurer, Mrs Alfred Boynton 

Eec. Sec, Mrs William Heald Eegistrar, Mrs Nellie B. Appleton 

\ Auditor, Mrs Edward Eichardson, 

T. Quequechan Chapter — Fall River 

Organized November 9, 1895; Members, 72 

Eegent, Miss Mary L. Holmes Cor. Sec, Mrs Emily J. Cobum 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Mary P. Hartley Treasurer, Mrs Caroline E. Mackensie 

Eec. Sec, Miss Louise M. Hyde Eegistrar, Miss Bertha Wixon 

Historian, Mrs Cornelia W. Davol 

U, Sarah Bradlee Fulton Chapter— Medforfl 

Organized December 17, 1896; Members, 48 (Indiana, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Mary S. Goodale Treasurer, Miss Sarah L. Clark 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Mary B. Loomis Eegistrar, Mrs Emma W. Goodwin 

Secretary, Miss Helen T. Wild Historian, Miss Eliza M. Gill 

Chaplain, Mrs Sarah F. Fuller 

V. Sea Coast Defence Chapter — Vineyard Haven 

Organized October 12, 1896; Members, 40 (District of ColumUa, 1; Pennsylvania, 2) 

Eegent, Mrs Howes Norris Treasurer, Miss Florence Smith 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Henry Coye Eegistrar, Mrs J. D. Monroe 

Secretary, Mrs C. D. Luce Historian, Mrs Frank Chase 

;210 DIEECTOET, D. A. E. 

W. Submit Clark Chapter — Easthampton 

Organized December 6, 1895; Menibers, 20 (Pennsylvania, 1) 

Regent, Miss Minnie H. Webster Secretary, Miss Dorcas C. Miller 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs C. H. Johnson Treasurer, Mrs E. H. Sawyer 

Eegistrar, Mrs G. L. Munn 

X. The Liberty Tree Chapter — Boston 

Organized November 9, .1896; Members 21 

Eegent, Mrs Julia Ward Howe Secretary, Mrs Joseph E. Davis 

Yice-Regent, Mrs Ellen S. Hale Treasurer, Mrs Francis P. Sprague 

Eegistrar, Miss Anna B. Shaw 

y. Uxbridge 


Eegent, Miss Katherine Capron, Appointed December 2, 1897 

Z. Warren and Prescott Chapter — Boston 

Organized ; Members, 101 (Michigan, l;District of Columbia, 2; Foreign, 1; Rhode 

Island, 2) 

Eegent, Mrs Samuel Eliot Treasurer, Mrs Chas. Grinnell 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs W. S. Fitz Asst. Treasurer, Mrs Winslow Warrej 

Eec. Sec, Mrs L. Shannon Davis Eegistrar, Mrs James H. Beal 

Cor. Sec, Mrs Thomas Frothingham Asst. Treasurer, Mrs Winslow Warren 

aa. Watertown 

Organized January 10, 1898; Members, 40 

Eegent, Mrs Alice M. Silsbee Cor. Sec, Mrs Mattie C. Crawford 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs H. E. B. Eogers Treasurer, Mrs Mabelle W. Dickinson 

Eec. Sec, Miss M. Caroline Wilson Eegistrar, Miss Bial W. Willard 

Historian, Mrs Annie C. Davenport 

bb. Weymouth 

Eegent, Miss Susan C. Eichards. Appointed June 3, 1897 

Members Residing ijsr the State 

239110 Abbe, Fanny W. (Mrs Clarence M.) Greenfield 

239462V^ Abbott, Adelaide N. (Mrs) 30 E. Brookline st., Boston 

162560 Abell, Mary Kingsbiiry Hammond (Mrs Egbert) 96 Huntington ave., Boston 

24707 Aborn, Ida Estelle (Mrs James S.) 222 Highland st., Worcester 

1983771 Achorn, Martha A. (Mrs Lincoln E.) 120 Eobbins st., Waltham 

11939p Adams, Anna J. Brooks (Mrs Chas. H.) 59 Orient ave., Melrose 

16910C7 Adams, Ellen Louise (Miss) Medford 



1691117 Adams, Fanny Fulton (Miss) 55 Georg-e st., Medford 

10028© Adams, Georg-iana W. (Miss) Amherst 

141041 Adams, Gertrude Lawrence Stone (Mrs Abner S.)..26 Highland st., Lowell 

10495i Adams, Harriet A. (Miss) 1 Howe st., Somerville 

221060 Adams, Harriet Augusta (Mrs John Q.) 55 Essex st., Chelsea 

18524J/ Adams, Helen A. (Miss) 24 Vernon st., Newton 

68151 Adams, Ida M. B. (Mrs Chas. E.) 218 Wilder st., Lowell 

185701f Adams, Sarah Coffin (Miss) Central Place, Newburyport 

239482V Adams, Sarah Louise (Miss) 24 Vernon st., Boston 

185691/ Adanas, Susan Ilsley, (Miss) Central Place, Newburyport 

19249/ Adams, Vivian B. (Mrs Chas. E.) 65 Woodward ave., Lowell 

198231/ Albee, Elizabeth Ann Patten (Mrs Willard) 42 Walnut st., Somerville 

19235V Alden, Augusta Bates Hersey (Mrs E. C.) 86 Howland st., Marlborough 

19839rt Alden, Grace Crafts (Miss) 21 Church st., Waltham 

19838n. Alden, Harriet Crafts (Mrs George S.) 21 Church st., Waltham 

17544fl' Alden, Helen Elizabeth (Miss) 37 Elliott st., Springfield 

43635 Alden, Martha Jane Kendrick (Mrs Charles P.) 37 Elliott st., Springfield 

43653" Alden, Maud Louise Bidwell (Mrs Ealph) 43 School st., Springfield 

21574a Alden, Susan Waters Allen (Mrs George A.) Watertown 

17633 Alexander, Amy Bowles (Miss) 248 State st., Sprinfield 

Alexander, Betsy Anna (Miss) West Newton 

Adaline A. (Mrs Willard S.) 35 White st.. East Boston 

Annie Kittredge (Miss) West Newton 

Bertha (Miss) 57 Rolf e st., Lowell 

Ellen Way (Mrs) 132 Lincoln st., Boston 

Emma Frances (Mrs Henry C.) Park st.. West Roxbury 

Emma J. (Miss) 21 Sacramento st., Cambridge 

Fannie R. (Mrs Edward E.) Watertown 

Fanny Bassett (Miss) West Newton 

Faustina F. (Mrs Frederick A.) 10 School st., Charlestown 

Harriet C. (Mrs Charles H.) 57 Wolfe st., Lowell 

Jennie Clark (Miss) West Newton 

Louise (Miss) 57 Rolf e st., Lowell 

Lucy Custis (Mrs John R.) 843 Broadway, Fall River 

Lucy Ellis (Miss) West Newton 

Marianna (Mrs O. W.) Brain tree 

Martha Washington C. (Mrs E. H.) .Temple st., West Roxbury, Boston 

Mary Addie (Miss) 35 White st., East Boston 

Mary W. Payson (Mrs Thomas S.) 22 Sheldon st., Spiringfleld 

Minnie Laura McMichael (Mrs E. H.) . .30 Princeton st.. East Boston 

Sara Hart (Miss) 354 Massachusetts ave., Boston 

, Mary Ella Clapp (Mrs W. H 45 Westland ave., Boston 

Abbie M. (Mrs Warren C.) 16 Allyn Place, Lawrence 

Annie Dean (Mrs Edward) IS Woodbine st., Atlburndale 

Charlotte E. (Miss) 350 N. Main st.. Fall River 

Hannah T. (Mrs Thomas) 350 N. Main st.. Fall River 

Mary Kingsley Cotton (Mrs Franklin L.) 685 Rock st.. Fall River 

Sarah Ella (Miss) 590 Washington st., Boston 

9607TF Alvord, Alice Whitney (Miss) Easthampton 

11563TF Alvord, Sophia Miller (Mrs Whitney F.) . : Easthampton 

71881 Ames, Blanche Butler (Mrs Adelbert) 333 Andover st., Lowell 

156343 Ames, Eleanor Huse (Mrs James T.) Chicopee 

23912P Ames, Harriet Gillis (Mrs Jos. A.) Wilmington 

























































212 ' DIKECTOEY, D. A. K. 

7499& Ames, Katharine H. (Miss) North Easton 

71956 Amory, Ethel (Miss) 133 Marlborough st., Boston 

134081 Anderson, Anna Frances (Miss) 31 Anne st., Lowell 

168066 Anderson, Isabel W. Perkins (Mrs Larz)..123 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

16236y Anderson, Lizzie D. (Mrs Eldridge R.) Eosemont Terrace, Dorchester 

19819J Anderson, Mary Hine (Mrs Wm. H.) .Lowell 

2467171; Anderson, Eosabelle Eollins (Mrs Thomas) 86 Beach st., Severe 

21573aa Andrew, Agnes White (Mrs) ._ Watertown 

4558ir Andrew, Edith (Miss) ' Hingham 

20426 Andrew, Helen L. (Mrs S. W.) . . .4 Greenough Place, Jamaica Plain, Boston 

141180 Andrews, Edith Lowe Favor (Mrs Wm. O.) 8 Summit st., Gloucester 

15691Z) Andros, Isabel (Miss) East Norton 

9078Q Anthony, Clara Eeed (Mrs) 285 Marlborough st., Boston 

7198 Appleton, Eleanor Armistead (Miss) 462 Beacon st., Boston 

1026Z Appleton, Emily Warren (Mrs William) 76 Beacon st., Boston 

23944ilf Appleton, Lydia Amelia Brewster (Mrs N.) 126 High st., Newburyport 

162570 Appollonio, Mabel Sawin (Mrs Thornton D.) 15 Blagden st., Boston 

16899^ Arens, Adelma Somes (Mrs Edward J.) 101 State st., Newburyport 

168793" Arms, Lillian Dennis (Miss) 397 State st., Springfield 

lioaoi Arnold, Anna Elizabeth (Mrs Geo. J.) 63 W. Newton st., Boston 

16831r Arnold, Elizabeth Searle (Miss) 10 Chestnut st., North Adams 

16830r Arnold, Mary Elizabeth Newman (Mrs) 10 Chestnut st., North Adams 

20997to Arnold,Tirzah Strong Emerson (Mrs Geo. F.) 25 Waverly st., Brookline 

19257J Atkins, Eliza Williamson (Mrs Gamaliel P.) 321 Tremont st., Newton 

12322M Atkinson, Alice Little (Mrs Chas. H.) High st., Newburyport 

234076 Atkinson, Mary Heath (Miss) Heath Hill, Brookline 

13439M Atkinson, Susan Batchelder (Mrs Fred. L.) High st., Newburyport 

1692122 Atwater, Alice Maud Allen (Mrs Chas.) Broad st., Pittsfield 

15573m Atwood, Alice Mary (Miss) Brockton 

22708 Atwood, Clara Eliza (Miss) 1 Lawrence st., Chelsea 

15572m Atwood, Clara Lincoln Cook (Mrs Chas. C.) 8 Florence st., Brockton 

11941P Austin, Maria J. (Mrs H. K.) Eeading 

1076 Austin, Mary Chandler (Mrs H. W.) Marine Hospital, Boston 

15614J5 Avery, Annie Peabody (Mrs John) West Newton 

20980; Avery, Jane (Mrs Jefferson) 194 Huntington ave., Boston 

21009H Avery, Julia L. (Miss) 103 Thompson st., Springfield 

168905 Avery, Lillian Campbell (Mrs Frank E.) 40 Pleasant st., Westfield 

13455i Ayer, Juliette Butterfield Davis (Mrs Silas H.) 318 Shawmut ave., Boston 

15688Z Ayer, Mary Eliza Farwell (Mrs James B.) 518 Beacon st., Boston 

16242t7 Ayers, Hannah Elizabeth Edmands (Mrs Eli) 29 Eoyal st., Medford 

9130i Babb, Lila Bryde (Mrs Geo. W. P.) Metcalf st., Eoslindale 

15663r Babbitt,Ann Eliza (Mrs Nathan S.) 104 Main st., North Adams 

115751 Bacon, Annie Sargent (Mrs Henry M.) 17 Stevens st., Lowell 

204190 Bacon, Hannah Higgins (Mrs John) 15 Garrison st., Boston 

220975 Bacon, Harriet Breck Hooker (Mrs Wm. S.) Longmeadow 

11925a? Bail, Lizzie Knight (Mrs George W.) Newton Highlands 

96010 Bailey, Anna L. (Mrs Alvin E.) 27 Eichardson st., Newton 

11029i Bailey, Elizabeth Bellamy (Mrs Henry) 12 Concord sq., Boston 

18549/ Bailey, Jessie Piper (Mrs Frank E.) 33 Canton st., Lowell 

7824a; Bailey, Mary Persis (Mrs Hollis E.) 4 Buckingham st., Cambridge 

1239ty Baker, Harriet M. (Mrs James) Newton st., Brookline 

68285 Baker, Lucy C. (Mrs Asa G.) 6 Cornell st., Springfield 

17602T Baker, Melissa Delmar Harding (Mrs Chas. A.) 302 Highland ave.. Fall River 
165390 Baldwin, Harriet A. (Mrs Henry) 82 Harvard ave., Allston, Boston 



4557K Baldwin, Louise Appleton (Mrs Miller C.) Hingham 

16922jB Baldwin, Margaret Elizabeth (Mrs Earl G.) 406 West st., Pittsfield 

78196 Ball, Elsie Thorndike Nourse (Mrs Henry B.) . .194 Marlborough st., Boston 

168475 Ballard, Mabel Erederica (Miss) Auburndale 

19020 Bamford, Lillie Church iLubbard (Mrs Henry J.). Plymouth 

12221p Bancroft, Betsey E. Potter (Mrs Jas. A.) P. O. Box 506, Beading 

11943p Bancroft, Ellen Maria Temple (Mrs Solon) Reading 

220802^ Bancroft, Laura Cummings (Mrs Stephen K.) 780 Beacon st., Boston 

12307O Bangs, Elmira Lincoln Tisdale (Mrs Frank W.) 10 Church st., Greenfield 

22753Z Bangs, Georgiana Skillings (Mrs Elisha D.) 88 State st., Boston 

23902i Barbour, Lovisa Harrod (Mrs) 12 Ellery st., Cambridge 

133942?' Barden, Harriette Warren (Mrs Frank I.) North Attleboro 

14539; Barker, Annie E. Dale (Mrs) 140 School st., Somerville 

7852* Barker, Helen M. (Mrs Stephen J.) Methuen 

13391f Barker, Julia Hathaway (Mrs Morris) P. O. Box 23, Lawrence 

22742i2 Barker, Olive Pamelia (Miss) 76 Bartlett ave., Pittsfield 

20991r Barlow, Arabella M. Theyer (Mrs William K.) . .19 Church st.. North Adams 

1071* Barnes, Anna Delia (Mrs Jos. H.) Ill Trenton st., East Boston 

22111V Barnes, Arathusa Eeed (Mrs Wm.) 102 E. Main st., Marlborough 

15653 J Barnes, Emily Houghton Bush (Mrs J. F.) 25 Hyde st., Newton Highlands 

49756 Barnes, Mary P. (Miss) Ill Marlborough st., Boston 

8434Q Barney, Mary C. (Mrs Charles C.) 34 Perrin st., Eoxbury 

20996d7 Barrett, Florence Hawkes (Miss) 29 William st., Cambridge 

33901i Barrett, Hannah Newell (Mrs Thomas) 425 Massachusetts ave., Boston 

16182P Barrett, Helen Josephine (Miss) 28 Foster st., Melrose 

5758L Barrett, Jeanie S. (Miss) Concord 

6197L Barrett, Laura Emerson (Mrs Edwin S.) "Battle Lawn," Concord 

5777Q Barrows, Harriet C. (Mrs John D.) 106 Washington st., Newton 

18603a Barrows, Mary T. (Mrs George) Watertown 

22063TO Barrows, Euth Partridge (Mrs Thomas H.) Whitman 

186040 Barrows, Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs Peleg) .106 Washington st., Newton 

17864t Bartholomew, Frances Clark (Mrs M. H.) .Hyde Park 

14997M Bartlet, Margaret Holton (Miss) Newburyport 

7494Z Bartlett, Alice Galbraith (Mrs Dana P.) 486 Columbus ave., Boston 

22731/ Bartlett, Harriett M. (Mrs Charles E. A.) Chelmford 

11564W Bartlett, Mary Jane Wood (Mrs George D.) East Whately 

23922y Bartlett, Nettie Spooner (Mrs Lester M.) 38 St. Botolph st., Boston 

10039 Barton, Esther Treat Bushnell (Mrs William E.) .28 Cmnberland st., Boston 

227327 Barton, Marion C. Griffin (Mrs Cyrus) 78 S. Walker st., Lowell 

15693Z) Barton, Mary H. (Mrs) North Eaynham 

22081Z) Bassett, Hannah Williams (Miss) Taunton 

123036 Bassett, Mary Brown Colton (Mrs Wm. G.) 60 Crescent st., Northampton 

127047 Bassett, Mary Hooper (Miss) 808 Eock st., Fall Eiver 

14505y Bassett, Mary Louisa Hooper (Mrs Charles A.) 808 Eock st.. Fall Eiver 

20390JI Batchelder, Ellen Burnham (Mrs) 19 Maple st., Waltham 

91456 Batchelder, Tryphosa Duncan Bates (Mrs F.) 29 Harvard st., Worcester 

13431? Bates, Abbie Anna (Miss) Cohassett 

12692? Bates, Cora Frances (Miss) Cohassett 

13424? Bates, Edith Mason (Miss) Cohassett 

12691? Bates, Ella (Miss) North Scituate 

16S28? Bates, Elvira Putnam (Mrs Edgar W.) Eipley Eoad, Cohassett 

21041 Bates, Emma Frances Duncan (Mrs Theodore C.) 29 Harvard st., Worcester 

* Molly Reid Chapter, N. H. t Heber Allen Chapter, Vt. 


214 DIEECTOEY, D. A. E. 

16177? Bates, Florence Nightingale (Miss) 3 Melville ave., Dorchester 

9620it Bates, Harriet Maria (Miss) Danversport 

15575m Battles, Mary Josephine (Miss) 183 Battles st., Brockton 

12790i^ Bauer, Ada Marian (Mrs Charles T.) 20 Burroughs st., Jamaica Plain 

9114i Baxter, Isadore F. Bunton (Mrs William Q.) East Milton 

15694D Baylies, Adeline Sproat (Miss) Taunton 

15695Z) Baylies, Maria W. (Miss) Taunton 

4428i2 Beach, Achsa A. (Mrs William N.) • 35 Forest Place, Pittsfield 

19230* Beadle, Lucy E. (Miss) 227 Webster st., E. Boston 

1055^ Beal, Louisa Adams (Mrs Jas. H.) 104 Beacon st., Boston 

14128i(; Beal, Mary Isabel Starkweather (Mrs Henry F.)..87 Walnut st., Brookline 

18506m Beale, Mary Woodruff Homan (Mrs Wiliam T.) Campello, Brockton 

19795P Beaman, C. Mabel (Miss) -17 Woodbine st., Boston 

19807-?; Bean, Sarah Jane (Mrs Frank) 17 Chestnut st., Marlborough 

9125 Beatley, Clara Bancroft (Mrs Jas. A.) 11 Malon st., Eoxbury 

1006Z Beebe, Emily A. (Mrs J. Arthur) .Commonwealth ave., Boston 

161616 Beeb, Emily Esther (Miss) .199 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

1978Jff Beebe, Kate E. Olmsted (Mrs Henry J.) 143 Maple ave., Springfield 

23411V Beede, Abbie S. Jefts (Mrs Frank T.) Hudson 

14960^ Beetle, Sarah Ann Wasson (Mrs David S.) Edgartown 

14961^7 Beetle, Susie Russell (Miss) Edgartown 

23905/= Bell, Alice Lyon (Miss) Lawrence 

155816 Bement, Ella G. (Mrs Fredk. W.) 18 Hancock st., Northampton 

1975jS'| Bemis, Ellen Collins (Mrs Thomas O.) 199 Chestnut st., Springfield 

15650J Benedict, Emma Leavitt (Mrs Ed. S.) 77 Maple st., Auburndale 

6193Q Benedict, Harriet Emily (Mrs Wash. G.) 150 Huntington ave., Boston 

16929/5 Beener, Emma Arvesta (Miss) 432 Broadway, Chelesa 

110356 Bennett, Elizabeth Dexter (Miss) Walnut st., Brookline 

16858B Bennett, Elsie W. (Miss) West Newton 

57705' Bennett, Minnie King P. (Mrs Chas. F.) 210 St. James ave., Springfield 

6196L Benson, Harriet C. (Mrs Henry H.) Concord 

21575a Benyon, Mary Alice (Mrs Geo. H.) Watertown 

21526; Berry, Eunice E. (Mrs Henry A.) 4 Baldwin st., Charlestown 

14069; Bertsch, Julia H. Dale (Mrs) 64 Gore st.. East Cambridge 

4364H Bidwell, Frostine Violet Brown (Mrs Jas. F.) 148 Main st., Springfield 

19B46S Bigelow, Agnes Elizabeth Cutter (Mrs E. Hoyt) Framingham 

67966 Bigelow, Eliza Frothingham Davis (Mrs Henry F.) 3 W. Cedar st., Boston 

18553t> .Bigelow, Ella Augusta (Mrs Edward L.) Pleasant st., Marlborough 

10059s Bigelow, Ella C. (Mrs Samuel) Lexington 

16809; Bigelow, Elmira J. (Mrs Lyman H.) 376 Main st., Charlestown 

4755Z Bigelow, Louise Bennett (Miss) Concord 

17465 Bigelow, Mae Palmer (Mrs Frank B.) 7 Forest ave., Worcester 

4779X Bigelow, Mary C. (Mrs Jos. S.) 251 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

14070P Bigelow, Minnie A. (Miss) .244 Newbury st., Boston 

156445 Billings, Amy Maria (Miss) 45 Holyoke st., Springfield 

16842r Billings, Emma Ellis (Mrs Wm. S.) 12 E. Quincy st.. North Adams 

14926s Billings, Maud Grice (Miss) South Framingham 

15696Z> Billings, Nancy Hull Goldsbury S. (Mrs Wm. E.) 15 Harrison st., Taunton 

7228i Bindrick, Laura Harris (Mrs Jas. P.) 67 South st., Jamacia Plain 

48785 Birnie, Ellen Bowen (Mrs Geo. A.) Ludlow 

41495 Birnie, Harriet Stowe Chapin (Mrs Wm.) .7 Pearl st., Springfield 

34175 Birnie, Sarah Perkins (Miss) 7 Pearl st., Springfield 

11581 Bixby, Fanny Maria (Miss) "The Curtis," 45 Mt. Vernon st., Boston 


20397r Blackinton, Delia Archer (Mrs John) Blackinton 

12792i^ Blackinton, Mary Davis Warren (Mrs Jas. F.) Park st., W. Koxbury 

20399r Blackinton, Ruth Harriot (Miss) Blackinton 

5815Z, Blackmar, Helen E,. (Mrs Wilmon W.) Hingham 

ITSSIF Blackner, Eliza A. (Miss) Belcherton 

15692Z)/ Blain, Emma J. (Mrs Chas. H.) Taunton 

22749r Blair, Katharine Catlin (Mrs Archibald B.) 573 Osborne st., Fall Eiver 

15590i Blais, Laura Bancroft (Mrs J. E. Adrien) 780 Beacon st., Boston 

16908L Blake, Edwina M. (Miss) Bedford 

21037Z . Blake, Mary F. (Mrs) 186 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

246852V Blake, Mary Hawkes (Mrs) Hotel Clifeord, 25 Cortes st., Boston 

6801Z Blake, Mary Lee (Mrs Saml. P.) 39 Brimmer st., Boston 

2729X Blake, Sarah Putnam (Mrs Geo. B.) 37 Beacon st., Boston 

22710r Blake, Winifred Ballard (Mrs Francis C.) Williamstown 

185720 Blanchard, Mary Lovell (Miss) South Weymouth 

185370 Blanchard, Susanna Reed (Miss) South Weymouth 

21008^ Blanchard, Victoria E. Rockwell (Mrs Wm. H.) 237 Maple st., Holyoke 

15016W Blandin, Adaline A. (Mrs Arthur A.) Waltham 

11067ff Bleloch, Grace Chapin Hamilton (Mrs Wm. A.). .198 N. Main st., Springfield 

162222^ Bliss, Alice G. Josselyn Mrs Geo. N.) 4 Elm st., Jamaica Plain 

17545jB1 Bliss, Annie Louise (Mrs Jas. H.) 17 Locust st., Springfield 

68305" Bliss, Annie Rebecca (Miss) 17 Locust st., Springfield 

15680y Bliss, Genevieve H. (Miss) South Swansea 

8442Q! Blodgett, Anna R. (Mrs Jno. H.) Williams st., Brookline 

* 8495H Blodgett, Emma M. (Miss) 198 Carew st., Springfield 

14074; Blodgett, Eunice W. (Mrs) 32 Union st., Charlestown 

12939 Blodgett, Harriette M. (Miss) Woodland Park Hotel, Auburndale 

12702i« Blodgett, Mabel Fuller (Mrs Ed. E.) Mason Terrace, Corey Hill, Brookline 

8482'M Bly, Jessie Endicott (Miss) Danvers 

11028 Bolles, Martha Barrett (Mrs William P.) 466 Warren st., Eoxbury 

6533 Bolles, Mary Kendall (Mrs Richard F.)....305 Commonwealth ave., Boston 
21537t« Bolton, Ethel Stanwood (Mrs Chas. K.) 118 Davis ave., Brookline 

57890 Bond, Isabella Bacon (Mrs Chas. H.) 128 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

19226m Bonney, Annie Frances (Miss) Whitman 

18507m Bonney, Clara M. (Miss) Whitman 

10034m Boomer, Rebecca Churchill Waterman (Mrs Benj. L.) Brockton 

127680 Booth, Nancy Jones (Miss) Colerain 

141267 Borden, Annie Remington Smith (Mrs Nath. B., Jr.) 736 High st.. Fall River 

145427 Borden, Bessey (Miss) 618 Rock st., Fall River 

185847 Borden, Helen Minerva (Miss) 45 Garfield st.. Fall River 

21945* Borland, Harriet Blair (Mrs John J.) Victoria Hotel, Boston 

16832r Boss, Minerva Briggs (Mrs Jos. E.) 12 Church st., North Adams 

12104f Bosson, Mary Fisher (Mrs Geo. C, Jr.) 156 E. Haverhill st., Lawrence 

18024* Bourne, Annie J. C. (Mrs Fred W.) 79 Falcon st.. East Boston 

11574f Bourne, M. Caroline (Mrs Jas. N.) 80 Moore st., Lowell 

5926a? Bouton, Eliza Jane N. (Mrs John B.) 21 Craigie st., Cambridge 

10080L Boutwell, Georgiana A. (Miss) Groton 

5926a? Bouton, Eliza Jane N. (Mrs John B.) 21 Craigie st., Cambridge 

10080L Boutwell, Georgiana A. (Miss) Groton 

6538Z Burr, Charlotte (Mrs Walter L.) Hingham 

6537ir Bouve, Caroline L. (Mrs Chas. O.) Hingham 

11940/9 Bouve, Delia Carter (Mrs Allston G.) 29 Lafayette st., Wakefield 

* Chicago Chapter, 111. t Gen. Nathaniel Green Chapter, R. I. 

216 DIEECTOET, D. A. E. 

11538 Bowditch, Elizabetli Cliiircli Thompkins (Mrs A. G.)..Box 82, Weymouth 

9619m Bowdoin, Fidelia Jane (Miss) Tapley ville 

12699y Bowen, Fanny Corey (Miss) 187 Rock st., Fall River 

10550?] Bowen, Fanny M. C. (Mrs Jos. A.) 187 Rock st., Fall River 

13409/ Bowers, Catherine Isabelle (Mrs) 494 Westford st., Lowell 

134107 Bowers, Maude Thompson (Miss) 494 Westford st., Lowell 

23419£r Bowman, Lida Graves (Mrs Henry H.) 41 Mulberry st., Springfield 

13362 Bowman, Martha E. (Mrs Selwyn Z.) 355 Broadway, Somerville 

162680 Boyd, Julia Willis (Mrs Frank R.) Dedham 

82315 Boyden, Delia H. (Mrs Frederick) 30 Salem st., Springfield 

13441ilif Boynton, Alice Bartlett Gale (Miss) West Newbury 

215591f Boy ton, Anna Bartlett (Mrs Eben M.) West Newbury 

13421L Boynton, Ellen A. (Miss) Bedford 

13440M Boynton, Katharine Coker (Miss) West Newbury 

22748/S Boynton, Lucy Ann Colburn (Mrs Alfred) Pepperell 

4971a; Bradbury, Etta Kileski (Mrs Wm. H.) 369 Harvard st., Cambridge 

3667a; Bradbury, Margaret J. (Mrs Wm. F.) 369 Harvard st., Cambridge 

19221fc Bradford, Margaret Tilden (Mrs Geo. L.) 12 Tudor st., Chelsea 

18041c Bradford, Mary Amittai (Miss) 108 Central st., Somerville 

5816K Bradley, Abby A. (Miss) Hingham 

BSllZ Bradley, Elizabeth W. (Mrs Peter W.) Hingham 

812 Bradley, Maria Gilbert (Miss) 79 Main st., Haverhill 

12302e Bradjr, Mary Taylor Seelye (Mrs J. Everett. . . .5 Crescent st., Northampton 

1624417 Bragdon, M. Gertrude (Miss) 83 Sharon st.. West Medford . 

14903T Brayton, Sarah S. (Miss) "Broadview," 484 Highland ave., Fall River 

8491/ Brazer, Mary Edwards (Mrs Wm. P.) 460 E. Merrimack st., Lowell 

16167; Brazier, Flort L. (Mrs Walter S.) Hotel Salem, Charlestown 

5793/ Brazier, Marion Howard (Miss) Trinity Court, Boston 

12097^ Breed, Alice Ives (Mrs Francis W.) Deer Cove, Lynn 

16166; Breed, Nellie J. (Miss) 15 Shawmut Park, Dorchester 

239542V Brereton, Emma M. Traister (Mrs Wm R.) . .Hotel Devon, Cortes st., Boston 

127416 Brewster, Anna Gertrude (Miss) 18 South st., Northampton 

17593i2 Brewster, Fanny Elisabeth (Miss) 175 East st., Pittsfield 

5794Q Bridge, Isabella M. (Mrs Josiah G.) 229 Newbury st., Boston 

7488Q Briggs, Caroline Morton (Miss) 69 Montgomery st., Boston 

14624; Briggs, Clara Harrington, (Mrs) Minot st., Dorchester 

14068; Briggs, Clara Harrington (Miss) Minot st., Dorchester 

10490 Brigham, Emma E. (Miss) 69 Montgomery st., Boston 

21525; Brigham, Ethel (Miss) Cadet Armory, Boston 

13422 Brigham, Linda Hawley (Miss) Palmer 

24674? Brigham, Mary Snow (Mrs Loriman S.) 65 Newton st., Marlborough 

5760a! Brock, Adah Lelia Cone (Mrs Frank E.) 443 Broadway, Cambridge 

9630J Brock, Harriet Francena (Mrs Greenleaf C.) 118 First st., Lowell 

2572* Brocklesby, Mary Haviland Emery (Mrs John H.) Boston 

8783 Brooks, Abbie M. (Miss) 528 Broadway, South Boston 

221070 Brooks, Belle Brown (Mrs Geo. M.) 27 Wyman st., Arlington 

126970 Brooks, Martha A. (Mrs Reuben) Gloucester 

8436Q Brooks, M. Cordelia Loring (Mrs Lyman B.) 1087 Boylston st., Boston 

185740 Brooks,Sarah M. Whitney (Mrs Eugene D.) 21 Lee st., Cambridge 

16897M Brown, Abbie Ingals (Mrs Lawrence W.) 20 Fruit st., Newburyport 

5136a; Brown, Abby Dudley (Mrs David H.) West Bedford 

24715 Brown, Alice Seward (Miss) 228 Massachusetts ave., Boston 

* Ruth Wyllys Chapter, Conn. 





Brown, Aradine (Miss) Chelmsford 

Brown, Belle G. (Miss) 212 Newbury st., Boston 

Brown, Buelah Heywood (Mrs Willard A.) 62 Fairmonnt st., Lowell 

Brown, Caroline M. (Mrs Chas. A. L.) 114 St. Botolph st., Boston 

Brown, Carrie Dewey (Mrs Charles F.) North Egremont 

Brown, Edith (Miss) "The Barton," Boston 

Brown, Electa Ann Comins (Mrs Joseph M.) 360 Broadway, Chelsea 

Brown, Elizabeth Chapman (Mrs Timothy M.) 122 Pearl st., Springfield 

Brown, Elizabeth J. (Miss) 211 Newbury st., Boston 

Brown, Ella Sophia Brig-ham (Mrs LeEoy) ... .26 Jefferson ave., Springfield 

Brown, Emily W. (Miss) 228 Massachusetts ave., Boston 

Brown Emma Loise (Mrs Clarence A.) 286 Locust st.. Fall Eiver 

Brown, Hannah Cornelia A. (Mrs Jonathan F.)..177 Central st., Somerville 
Brown, Inez Aletha Wicks (Mrs Howard N.)..9 Louisburg Sqiiare, Boston 

Brown, Julia Anna Cushing (Miss) 33 Forest st., Eoxbury 

Brown Lucine Evelyn (Miss) 75 Eutaw st.. East Boston 

Brown, Mary Eleanor (Mrs Frank E.) Hudson 

Brown, Mary Spalding (Mrs Wm. T.) Long Meadow 

Brown, Maud Loduski (Miss) 360 Broadway, Chelsea 

Brown, Rebecca Warren (Miss) 80 Beacon st., Boston 

Brown, S. Alice (Miss) 66 Marlborough st., Boston 

Brown, Sadie Margaret (Miss) Eosindale 

Brown, Sarah J. Flint (Mrs Abram E.) Bedford 

Brown, Susie A. Eobbins (Mrs Geo. H.) 4 Eldridge st., Newton 

Bruce, Sarah Frances Edmands (Mrs Eugene L.) . 15 Florence st., Medford 

Bryant, Ella C. (Mrs Chas. M.) 35 Forest Place, Pittsfield 

Bryant, Emily Bliss (Miss) 27 Mulberry st.. Spring-field 

Bryant, Lellis Keyes (Mrs Elbert A.) 22 Holbrook st., North Adams 

Buckland, Anne Sophia (Miss) 731 State st., Springfield 

Buckland, Mattie E. Culver (Mrs Seth J.) 244 Sumner ave., Springfield 

Buffington, Cora T. (Mrs Chas. H.) 175 High st., Taunton 

Buffington, Sarah Louisa Davol (Mrs Joseph L.) . . 552 Maple st.. Fall Eiver 

Buffum, Alice F. (Mrs Adelbert A.) 236 Adams st., Dorchester 

Buffum, Vryling Wilder (Miss) Amherst 

Bullard, Harriet Augusta (Miss) 63 West Newton st., Boston 

Bullard, Nina Jenks (Mrs George P.) AVest Newton 

Bullock, Charlotte E. (Mrs) 147 Main st., Charlestown 

Bullock, Fannie Maria (Mrs Orris W.) 82 Temple st., Springfield 

Bullock, Sarah Emily (Miss) Greenfield 

Bunton, Jennie L. (Mrs W. A.) 950 Massachusetts ave., Cambridge 

Bunton, Mary G. Giles (Mrs Henry S.) 60 Oak st., Hyde Park, Boston 

Burbank, A. S. Granger (Mrs H. Z.) . 345 Centre st., Jamaica Plain, Boston 

Burbank, Ella L. (Miss) 35 College ave., Medford 

Burbank, Mary Florence Bixby (Mrs Delancy G.)..6 Cherry st., N. Adams 

Burbank, Mary J. (Mrs B. B.) Wakefield 

Burdett, Carrie Fessenden (Miss) 29 Warren ave., Marlborough 

Burdett, Mary M. (Mrs Horatio S.) 44 Harvard ave., Brookline 

Burgess, Sarah Kingsley (Miss) Dedham 

Burnham, Ella Fletcher Wonson (Mrs P. H.)..15 Western ave., Gloucester 

Burnham, Eudora Myrtilla Phelps (Mrs A. S.) 151 Broadway, Eevere 

Burnham, Florence L W. (Mrs Alfred V.) Long Hill, Springfield 

Burnham, Helen Clark (Miss) 57 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

t Chicago Chapter, 111. 

218 DIEECTOKT, D. A. E. 

55016 Burnham, Mary Crawford (Miss) 57 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

21006J Burnham, Mary H. (Mrs Crawford) 553 Fletcher st., Lowell 

8467m Burns, Elizabeth Margaret (Mrs Wm. H.) Danvers 

23958Z Burr, Anna Cushing H. (Mrs Pyman C.) Hingham 

5752Q Burr, Emma A. (Mrs Sidney L.) 135 School st., Koxbury 

13361i Burr, Fanny Woodbury (Miss) 119 Wyoming ave., Melrose 

9143Z Burr, Lillian M. (Mrs George W.) Hingham 

13360i Burr, Heleh Louise (Miss) 119 Wyoming ave., Melrose 

239255 Burrage, Marguerite Kimberly (Mrs H. L.)..14 Sterling st., W. Newton 

14067; Burroughs, Eliza J. (Mrs J. B.) 16 Frothingham ave., Charlestown 

15699Z> Burt, Deborah F. (Mrs Benj. L.) Taunton 

19827D Burt, Mary Emma (Miss) 147 Highland st., Taunton 

19840« Burt, Sara Adeline (Miss) 18 Crescente st., Waltham 

5124 Burt, Sarah (Mrs Seth O.) Hingham 

100502 Burton, Frances V. (Mrs George S.) 254 W. Newton st., Boston 

18592Z7 Buss, Mary E. (Mrs Herman L.) 21 Eoyal st., Medford 

SASOic Butler, Alice Putnam (Miss) Danvers 

23177W Butler, Delia F. (Mrs Edward J.) 162 Ash st., Waltham 

16930fc Butler, Mary Sophia (Miss) 1 George st., Chelsea 

15629E' Butler, Minnie Ford Norton (Mrs Wm. H.) New Bedford 

8444Q Butler, Sarah T. (Mrs Henry H.) 48 Pinckney st., Boston 

16883 Butman, Mabel (Miss) 27 Circuit st., Koxbury 

15687Z Butterfield, Emily Caroline (Mrs Alvin B.) 463 Massachusetts ave., Boston 

8492/ Butterick, Martha M. (Miss) 11 Grand st., . Lowell 

16165; Byam, Almira Jane (Mrs Chas. F.) 37 High st., Charlestown 

134566 Byrd, Mary Emma (Miss) 33 Elm st., Northampton 

11557e Cable, Louise Stewart Bartlett (Mrs G. W.) Northampton 

16811; Cadwell, Charlotte Sophia (Miss) 58 Mason Building, Boston 

24677r Cady, Stella B. (Miss) 37 Church st.. North Adams 

908H Calkins, Adelaide Hosmer (Mrs Marshall) 14 Maple st., Springfield 

91465 Callender, Martha C. (Miss) 23 Maple st., Springfield 

5434/ Calley, Sarah Louise (Mrs Lee F.) 116 Church st., Newton 

119297 Campbell, Addie Crocker Boomer (Mrs C. F.) 185 Linden st., Fall River 

15584e Campbell, Alice Spear (Mrs Louis L.) 13 Massasoit st., Northampton 

12773i?' Campbell, Caroline H. (Mrs John H. C.) Corey st.. West Eoxbury 

24692P Campbell, Josephine (Miss) 43 Pratt st., Allston 

23955ZV^ Cann, Aurelia Traister (Mrs Thomas B.) Crescent st., Wakefield 

210140 Capen, Alice R. (Miss) 167 Huntington ave., Boston 

22759aa Capen, Bertha Ellen Priest (Mrs Geo. H.) Canton 

17567i^ Capen, Helen Warren (Mrs Samuel B.)..38 Greenough ave., Jamaica Plain 

22755 Capron, Alice Huntley (Miss) Uxbridge 

21571 Capron, Ivatherine Mary (Miss) Uxbridge 

23995 Capron, Sylvia Lurana (Mrs Henry) Uxbridge 

11026i Carey, Mary B. (Mrs Henry B.) 580 Tremont st., Boston 

7814& Carlton, Alice M. (Miss) 607 Boyleston st., Boston 

19813r Carpenter, Alma Kilbourn (Mrs Peter G.) 113 Eagle st.. North Adams 

11027* Carpenter, Emma Gilman Gate (Mrs George A.) . .123 St. Botolph st., Boston 

7500& Carr, Margaret Waters (Miss) 296 Marlborough st., Boston 

34155 Carr, Susan Dickson (Mrs Lewis F.) 156 Pearl st., Springfield 

15690Z Carr, Susan Waters (Mrs Samuel) 296 Marlborough st., Boston 

239610 Carrier, Lois Day (Miss) 101 Tudor st., Chelsea 

18515^ Carnithers, Irene A. Jenkins (Mrs Henry) 34 Trenton st.. East Boston 

15017p Carson, Nancy Wilmarth (Mrs Howard A.) Highland Terrace, Maiden 



19242B Carter, Carrie Giles (Mrs James R.) Mt. Vernon st., West Newton 

156165 Carter, Isabel Ward (Mrs John) Newtonville 

12750/ Carter, Julia Ann Tyler (Mrs Charles E.) 24 Marlborong-h st., Lowell 

84376 Carter, Margeannah Goldsmith (Mrs Charles N.) 110 Dartmouth st., Boston 

21546ir Carter, Mary Haskell W. (Mrs G. E.) . .Grove st. & Grove ave., Chicopee Falls 

5132Q Cartwright, Emily J. (Mrs James W.) . . .Davis ave. & Cypress st., Brookline 

18538D Carver, Fidelia E. Bliss (Mrs Charles H.) 9 Prospect st., Tauton 

67926 Case, Louisa Williams (Miss) 468 Beacon st., Boston 

7816& Case, Marian Roby (Miss) 468 Beacon st., Boston 

23913p Caswell, Caroline Matilda (Miss) 11 Myrtle st., Boston 

198305 Casy, Lucretia (Miss) .Enfield 

16824f Cate, Lillian Gertrude (Miss) 334 High st., Lawrence 

16822f Cate, Lydia G. (Mrs Frederick) 334 High st., Lav^Tcnce 

16823f Cate, Mabel Luzoria (Miss) 334 High st., Lawrence 

134167 Chaee, Cora Gray (Mrs Edward A.) 353 Lincoln ave.. Fall River 

ISOlle Chaffee, Ellen Harwood (Mrs) Whately 

20391/i Chaffin, Cora I. (Mrs Frederick L.) 118 Chestnut st., Waltham 

162600 Chamberlain, Grace B. (Mrs Jeremiah C.) 322 Washington ave., Chelsea 

11008a? Chamberlain, Laura B. (Miss) 454 Broadway, Cambridge 

210150 Chamberlain, Marcia Ellen (Mrs Prescott) 221 Washington ave., Chelsea 

12714«; Chamberlin, Kate H. (Mrs Charles W.) 53 Linden st., Brookline 

5121a; Champlin, Katie E. (Mrs Edgar R.) 8 Dana st., Cambridge 

16223F Chandler, Adeline T. P. (Mrs Lucius S.) . .49 Symmes st., Roslindale, Boston 

24690P Chandler, Emily H. (Mrs) 24 Rutland Square, Boston 

15651J Chandler, Harriet Hooper (Mrs Wilmond K.) 77 Maple st., Auburndale 

2099810 Chandler, Mary Merrill (Mrs Alfred D.) 440 Boylston st., Brookline 

2156 rU Chaney, Elizabeth A. (Mrs) 299 Riverside ave., Medf ord 

lz7^2H Chapin, Dr. Delia M. (Miss) Springfield 

nbGSP Chapman, Annie R. (Mrs Albert H.) . .26 Holbrook st., Jamaica Plain, Boston 

23150; Chapman, Helen B. (Mrs Winthrop M.) Needham 

19265 Chapman, Lilian Howe (IVIiss) Cottage City 

100405 Chapman, Mary (Miss) 122 Pearl st., Springfield 

41485 Chapman, Mary Dorcas (Mrs T. L.) 14 Mattoon st., Springfield 

23420 Chase, Adelaide F. Gibson (Mrs Herbert L.) 24 Mt. Globe st., Fitchburg 

14888 F Chase, Clara d'Anville (Mrs Joseph) Tisbury, Vineyard Haven 

11580W Chase, Ellen (Miss) Rawson Road, Brookline 

12315i Chase, Henrietta M, Lane (Mrs James N.) Concord Junction 

168805 Chase, Jeanie Bush (Mrs) 30 Palmer ave., Springfield 

23168C7 Chase, Juliana (Miss) Winthrop st., Medford 

7514a? Chase, Katharine R. (Mrs Herbert A.) 950 Massachusetts ave., Cambridge 

148907 Chase, Susie Jernegan (Mrs Frank W.) Cottage City 

67906 Cheever, Adeline H. (Miss) 468 Boylston st., Boston 

24708 Chenoweth, Caroline Van Deusen (Mrs Bernard P.) Leicester 

15599; Chester, Miranda Burgess (Mrs C. E.) Hotel Bristol, Copley Sq., Boston 

127701/ Chick, Annie Withington (Mrs Edson E.) 86 West Newton st., Boston 

2o9600 Chick, Eliza Adelaide Marshall (Mrs Charles G.) Hyde Park 

1293* Child, Elizabeth Humphrey Martin (Mrs E. N.) 35 Mora st., Dorcester 

22752Z Childe, Jessie Duncan (Mrs John H.) 103 Beacon st., Boston 

7699 j Childs, Eliza Porter Prescott (Mrs Thomas S.) 231 Pine st., Holyoke 

21&8Z Childs, Hannah M. (Mrs Albert) 167 Centre st., Roxbury 

15567:1: Chipman, Climena Savage (Mrs W.) 21 Wellington ave., E. Somerville 

9119t Churchill, Mary Brewer (Miss) .44 Alban st., Boston 

* Gaspee Chapter, R. I. 

t Sabra Trumbull Chapter, Conn. 

X Elizabeth Wadsworth Chapter, Me. 

220 DIKECTOEY, D. A. B. 

59165^ Churchill, Sophia Fidelia Foster (Mrs Charles) .. 113 School st., Springfield 

11025i Cilley, Mary J. (Mrs Orran G.) 175 Beacon st., Boston 

148877 Claghorn, Margaret A. (Mrs James N.) Vineyard Haven 

9115i Clapp, Abbie (Miss) 93 Moreland st., Roxbury 

1C529& Clapp, Alice V. (Miss) 165 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

17596iJ Clapp, Annie Britton (Miss) Pittsfleld 

13942p Clapp, Carrie Williams (Miss) 15 Lawrence st., Wakefield 

15'582e Clapp, Esther Fanny (Miss) Bay State, Northampton 

13461i Clapp, Florence Sue Greeley (Mrs Henry L.) . .70 West Cottage st., Eoxbury 

16886H Clapp, Harriet M. (Mrs Edward P.) 53 Main st., Worcester 

4548i3' Clark, Addie Louise (Miss) .620 Main st., Springfield 

16810P Clark, Adelaide Cowee (Mrs) 194 Boylston st., Boston 

9604W Clark, Alice (Miss) Easthampton 

15681 Clark, Anna Cofiin Look (Mrs Robert M.) Vineyard Haven 

18008/ Clark, Carrie Valentine (Mrs Cyrus R.) 191 Main st., Charlestown 

96400 Clark, Charlotte Howard Sargent (Mrs Aaron F.) 11 Addison st., Gloucester 

1053077 Clark, Dicea M. (Mrs Dwight) Indian Orchard 

9605W Clark, Edith (Miss) Easthampton 

22060P Clark, Elizabeth Ashley (Miss) Copley Square Hotel, Boston 

122996 Clark, Ella Cleveland (Miss) 167 Elm st., Northampton 

22711y Clark, Ellen Florence Gage (Mrs Lyman W.) 90 Essex st., Chelsea 

141412/ Clark, Emma Lyon (Mrs Thomas H.) 36 Ash st., Cambridge 

78186 Clark, Harriot Fitzgerald (Mrs R. J.) Washington st., Brookline 

149396' Clark, Josephine (Miss) South Farmington 

100276 Clark, Kate Dimock (Mrs George W.) 105 Elm st., Northampton 

23993 Clark, Mary E. (Mrs Freeman H.) 215 Park ave., Worcester 

162590 Clark, Mary J. (Mrs James) 8 White st.. North Cambridge 

126960 Clark, Mary L. (Mrs. Albert) Rockport 

18589f7 Clark, Mary S. (Miss) 144 Riverside ave., Medf ord 

9608W Clark, Mary Webster (Miss) Easthampton 

16916m Clark, Myra E. (Miss) Holbrook 

120960 Clark, Myra Smith (Mrs John B.) Amherst 

16245 C7 Clark, Sarah L. (Miss) 144 Riverside ave., Medf ord 

8454 J Clarke, Alice deV. (Mrs Eliot C.) 15 Brimmer st., Boston 

12742; Clarke, Ellen Dudley (Mrs George K.) 36 Lancaster st., Cambridge 

12717W Clarke, Frances Sturtevant (Mrs Amasa) Gardner Road, Brookline 

17373* Clarke, Mary Ellen (Miss) 195 W. Brookline st., Boston 

23153P Clarke, Mary Rankin (Mrs George W.) 75 Lake ave., Melrose 

43625 Clement, Lauretta Anne D. (Mrs Horace F.) 14 Clinton St., Springfield 

8428Q Clement, Maria Fletcher E. (Mrs G. W.) . .275 Warren st., Roxbury, Boston 

2210SO Clemons, Nancy E. D. (Mrs Forrester H.) 64 Clark st., Dedham 

11545i Cleveland, Gertrude Olney Stevens (Mrs Clarence E.) Quinebaug 

227295 Cleveland, Martha Clara (Miss) 237 Maple st., Holyoke 

185750 Clifford, Katharine W. (Mrs) 44 Franklin st., Chelsea 

23163?/ Clough, Mary E. (Mrs.) 33 Crest ave., Winthrop 

133701 Cloutman, Sarah Pratt (Mrs Bertram S.) ". .Waban in Newton 

14935S Cloyes, Belinda Nichols (Mrs Jos. C.) Salem st., Framingham 

12756P Cochrane, Ellen M. (Mrs C. W.) Melrose 

4323X Cochrane, Mary Lynde (Mrs Alex.) 257 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

10536T Coburn, Emily J. Tufts (Mrs) 62 Barnaby st.. Fall River 

9631/ Coburn, Harriett (Miss) Sherman st., Lowell 

13390/= Coburn, Louisa Gould (Mrs Chas. S.) 159 Gar den st., Lawrence 

" * Freelove Baldwin Stowe Chapter, Conn. 


105251 Coburn, Mary E. (Mrs Walter) Wannalancit st., Lowell 

16864^ Coffin, Carolyn Norton (Mrs) Edgartown 

14964J5 Coffin, Charlotte S. (Mrs Jared W.) Edgartown 

16863^ Coffin, Chloe McLellan (Miss) Edgartown 

5500X Coffin, Grace Parkman (Mrs Charles P.) Ivy st., Brookline 

20413J5 Coffin, Lavina Morse (Mrs Thomas G.) Edgartown 

19261Q Cogswell, Margaret Ward (Mrs Chas. H.) Long Island, Boston Harbor 

71836 Colburn, Alice Draper (Miss) 228 Beacon st., Boston 

8445Z Colburn, Frances E. (Mrs Chas H.) Hopedale 

71846 Colburn, Helen Louise (Miss) 228 Beacon st., Boston 

22720a? Colburn, Maria E. (Mrs) Norwood 

13462 Colby, Clara Hale (Mrs Irwin A.) 780 Dudley st., Dorchester 

6530G Colby, Harriet Wood Fowler (Mrs Frank) Amherst 

13463 Colby, Ina A. (Mis,s) 780 Dudley st., Dorchester 

15700Z) Cole, Annie Talbot (Mrs Samuel V.) 59 School st., Taunton 

162411f Cole, Emma A. (Mrs Lucien D.) 187 High st., Newburyport 

3173fl^ Cole, Harriet Brooks (Mrs Daniel P.) 45 Bradford st., Springfield 

22754Z Cole, Margaret Celeste (Mrs Benj. E.) 276 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

17538jD Coleman, Emma Eliza (Mrs Abner) 146 Winthrop st., Taunton 

7508 Coleman, Isabella J. W. (Mrs Geoxge W.) 390 Marlborough st., Boston 

20964a Coleman, Martha Folger (Miss) .Kay's Court, Nantucket 

162580 Colesworthy, Mary (Miss) 13 Gardner st., Chelsea 

185016 Collins, Helen French (Mrs -Henry C.) Northampton 

14991M Colman, Harriot Withington (Miss) 10 Harris st., Newburyport 

12769Z Colman, Isabelle Lorana (Mrs Moses) Hancock st., Lexington 

11541i Colman, Susan Coffin (Miss) 242 Newberry st., Boston 

23938fl' Colton, Sarah Amelia Coomes (Mrs S. A.) Longmeadow 

10531 Comstock, Alice M. (Miss) 35 Amherst st., Springfield 

21576a« Conant, Caroline Melvin (Mrs John H.) Watertown 

22758aa Conant, Ellen Bancroft (Mrs M. J.) East Watertown 

119461/ Conant, Susan Augusta Davis (Mrs Luther) Acton 

5761a? Cone, Adaline Whited (Mrs Chas. F.) 105 Inman st., Cambridge 

10545r Congdon, Ella Maria (Mrs George) 810 Second st.. Fall Eiver 

51196 Converse, Emma Cecil Tudor (Mrs Fred. T.) Chestnut Hill, Boston 

14962£/ Cook, Adalaide Marshall (Mrs William) .. Chamberlain Terrace, Waltham 

18505m Cook, Annis Keed (Mrs Charles H.) Monument Beach 

185977 Cook, Bertha Waterman (Miss) Vineyard Haven 

120956 Cook, Helen G. (Miss) 75 Bridge st., Northampton 

lOSOli Cook, Marion Leslie (Miss) 332 Boston st., Dorchester 

22127 Cook, Mary Louisa Davis (Mrs George W.) Barre 

23149P Cooke, Grace West (Mrs A. W.) 16 Appleton st., Maiden 

221090 Cooke, Naomi Hincks (Miss) 28 Worcester st., Boston 

59205 Cooley, Lotta May (Miss) 39 Church st., Springfield 

156435 Cooley, Mary (Miss) 178 Carew st., Springfield 

110415 Cooley, Mary Stebbins (Miss) West Springfield 

6184Z Coolidge, Ahce (Miss) Cohasset 

21577aa Coolidge, Emma (Miss) 303 Mt. Auburn st., Watertown 

14938s Coolidge, F. Gertrude (Miss) 92 Union ave.. South Framingham 

17606Z Coolidge, Isabella Shurtleff (Mrs D. 11.).. 116 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

215311; Coolidge, Lucy Woods (Miss) Hudson 

21590aa Coolidge, Martha Jane Sturtevant (Mrs J.) . .303 Mt. Auburn st., Watertown 

14936s Coolidge, Mary C. P. (Miss) South Framingham 

168855 Coomes, Laura Sikes Bangs (Mrs Jas. K.) Long Meadow 

222 DIEECTOEY, D. A. E. 

23939ff Coomes, Lucy Jeannette (Miss) Care S. A. Colton, Long MeaBow 

15583e Copeland, Anna C. (Mrs Elmer H.) 70 Elm st., Northampton 

24686A" Copeland, Mary Eliza Dennis K. (Mrs W. McL. H.)..6 Rockland st., Boston 

9074a? Cordis, Adelaide Elizabeth (Mrs T. Fred.) 104 Salem st., Medford 

18519to Corey, Era Downing (Miss) Washington st., Brookline 

10547T Corey, Harriet M. (Miss) 187 Eock st., Fall Eiver 

7839fl^ Cornwell, Ellen Elvira Easton (Mrs W. B.) 70 Main st., WestEeld 

3473* Corthell, Alice Elmer (Miss) North Egremont 

115376 Cotting, Alice (Miss) 1097 Beacon st., Brookline 

16186r Couch, Donna D. (Mrs Mark E.) 61 Church st.. North Adams 

16599Z) Couch, Mary C. (Mrs D. M.) Taunton 

162610 Couchier, Caroline L. P. Torrey (Mrs) 18 Farrington st., WoUaston 

57956 Councilman, Isabella Coolidg-e (Mrs Wm. T.) 4 Marlborough st., Boston 

192627 Covel, Betsey Paine Gray (Mrs Thomas D.) 46 Franklin st.. Fall River 

10090i Cowles, Elizabeth W. B. (Mrs F.) Vernon Villa, Underbill st., Winthrop 

13371i Cowles, Ella Hotchkiss (Mrs E. B.) 1 Marguerite Terrace, Brookline 

16861& Cowles, Fannie Carey (Miss) Amherst 

185967 Coyle, Carla Elizabeth (Mrs Henrj- W.) Vineyard Haven 

22741J Coyne, Lucy Hallet (Miss) 38 Eldredge st., Newton 

ISOlOe Crafts, Martha Edson (Mrs Freeman A.) East Whately 

8455X Crafts, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 304 Berkeley st., Boston 

17595i2 Crane, Clara Loomis (IMiss) Dalton 

17594i2 Crane, Edith Kithedge (Mrs Zenas) Dalton 

91475 Crane, Isabella Graham C. (Mrs) East Longmeadow 

12106i2 Crane, Mary Elizabeth Goodrich (Mrs James B.) Dalton 

9112i Crane, Sibbylla Bailey (Mrs Oliver) 12 Concord Square, Boston 

10515i Crawford, Mary Elizabeth Gushing (Mrs C. A.) . .56 Eutaw st., East Boston 

2157Saa Crawford, Mattie C. (Mrs Fred. E.) 12 Lincoln st., Watertown 

14889y Crocker, Clara Farnsworth (Mrs R. W.) Vineyard Haven 

82306 Crocker, Julia G. Davis (Mrs) 182 Beacon st., Boston 

220426 Crocker, Margaret (Miss) 343 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

2805Z Crocker, Sarah Haskell (Miss) 319 Cosamonwealth ave., Boston 

14146i Crocker, Susan E. (Mrs Chas. F.) 51 Eliot st., Jamaica Plain 

18493; Crockett, Grace H. (Miss) 14 Wood st., Charlestown 

71936 Crompton, Alice Hastings (Mrs George) 284 Marborough st., Boston 

71946 Crompton, Miriam Van Egmond Sears (Mrs R.) . .62 Williams st., Worcester 
162297 Cromwell, Emma Farnsworth (Mrs Benjamin, Jr.) Vineyard Haven 

84907 Crosby, Abby Frances (Miss) Chelmsford 

2803Z Crosby, Almira Esther Sibley (Mrs Uberto C.) 123 Park st., Newton 

4753Z Crosby, Helen Bayliss (Miss) Hingham 

175780 Crosby, Lydia Loring Walker (Miss) 3 Frost st.. North Cambridge 

57910 Crosby, Medora Robbins (Mrs Edward H.) 47 Mt. Vernon st., Boston 

185202/ Crowell, Emily F. (Mrs Rufus) 74 Hawthorne st., Chelsea 

24679* Crowell, Esther C. (Mrs Martin L.) 253 Lexington st.. East Boston 

9454t Crowell, Maytie Case (Mrs Albert L.) 58 Cliff st., Roxbury 

16184r Cully, Mary Winifred Towne (Mrs Arthur J.) . 149 E. Main st.. North Adams 
14145i Cumings, Mary Augusta (Mrs C. B.) 40 Greenough ave., Jamaica Plain 

4325Z Cummings, Anne Appleton W. (Mrs B. C.) . .50 Commonwealth ave., Boston 
13436W Cummings, Harriet A. (Miss) 31 Cypress st., Brookline 

9116i Cummings, Letitia J. (Mrs Geo. M.) 20 Pembroke st., Medford 

149921f Currier, Adelaide Wilhelmina (Miss) Plummer ave., Newburyport 

1230Sf Currier, Annie Martha (Mrs Chas. E.) 16 Lo-vvel l st., Lawrence 

* Chicago Chapter, 111. t Oxford Parish Chapter, Conn. 


13374i Currier, Clara May (Mrs Natliaii) 70 Mtiiiroe st., Roxbury 

10084i Currier, Effie Carolena Hodge (Mrs Warren T.)..560 Tremont st., Boston 

149931f Currier, Georgiana Augusta (Miss) Plummer ave., ISTewburyport 

19259M Currier, Jane Hill (Mrs Enoch G.) West Xewbury 

13373i Curtis, Alice Turner (Mrs Irving) 108 Brook ave., Dorchester 

18511s Curtis, Carrie E. Willis (Mrs Charles L.) South Framingham 

20993V Curtis, Cora Belle (Mrs Chas. W.) 49 Warren ave., Marlboro 

4543Z Curtis, Dora Fisher (Mrs Charles D.) 40 Shepard st., Cambridge 

10085i Curtis, Elizabeth Jane Hutchinson (Mrs W. T.) .122 Huntington ave., Boston 
14904* Curtis, Frances H. (!Miss) 445 Centre st., Jamaica Plain 

6804Z Curtis, Harriet A. (Mrs Greely S.) 28 Mt. Vernon st., Boston 

58036 Gushing, Ada Thomas (Mrs Livingston) Auburndale 

7200Z Gushing, Deborah Ellen (Mrs George) Xorth st., ffingham 

19270??- Gushing, Ella F. (Mrs Carlos) 6 Park Place, Waltham 

62021/ Gushing, Margaret Woodbridge (Miss) High st., Newburyport 

7825Z Gushing, Sarah (Miss) Hingham 

22064m Gushing, Susan Jane Watson (Mrs Henrj- G.) Thorndike st., Lowell 

11021^ Cushman, Carrie Prince (Mrs Frank) 17 White st., Ea,st Boston 

15701Z) Cushman, Mary Delight (Miss) Taunton 

24691P Cushney, Edith R. (Miss) Hotel Oxford, Boston 

16846s Cutler, Anna J. W. (Mrs George E.) 23 Irving st.. South Framingham 

10078L Cutler, Clara B. (Miss) Bedford 

17543i3' Cutler, Ellen Cushman (Mrs Laroy Z.) 27 Sargeant st., Springfield 

115670 Cutler, Harriet Isabella (Mrs Xahum S. )..... .10 Highland ave., Greenfield 

8459Z( Cutler, Mary Spaulding (Miss) ". West Acton 

12708to Gutter, Emma Jane (Mrs Leonard F.) 138 Harvard st., Brookline 

215381/; Cutter, Lillian Arnold (]\Iiss) 138 Harvard st., Brookline 

.168562; Cutter, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs William K.) Woburn 

16833r Cutting, Efiie A. (Mrs Charles H.) 133 E. Main st., Xorth Adams 

185551; Cutting, Lovinah Darwin (Mrs Levi) 370 Lincoln st., Marlboro 

24683/ Dadmen, Martha E. (:\Iiss) Chelmsford Centre 

21581aa Dadmun, Etta B. Priest (Mrs) 76 Mt. Auburn st., Watertown 

16168; Dadmun, Gertriide Alberta (Miss) 52 Oxford st., Somerville 

78295^ Daggett, Eleanor Williams (Miss) 116 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

148867 Daggett, Elizabeth C. (Mrs Grafton L.) Tisbury, Vineyard Haven 

14966/7 Daggett, Martha Wheldon (iMiss) 549 County st., Bedford 

7826K Daggett, Sara ^Vhittman (JMiss) 116 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

169015: Dalton, Frances E. (Miss) 335 Beacon st., Boston 

13375 Dame, Isabel Arnold (Mrs Lorin L.) .Medford 

8777m Damon, Henrietta J. (Mrs Frank C.) Washington Square, Salem 

5779Q Damon, Lizzie Livingston (Miss) 511 Main st.. Maiden 

18026B Damon, Sarah Ann Barton (Mrs J. L.) Putnam st., West Xewton 

10037* Damon, Susan Collamore (Miss) 72 Trenton st.. East Boston 

8427Q Danforth, Caroline E. Atwood (:Mrs Geo. F.) 139 Clifton st.. Maiden 

21010J Daniels, Maria S. (JMiss) 51 Cypress st., Xewton Centre 

18016r Darby, Beatrice Tower (Mrs Jos. M.) 36 Holbrook st., North Adams 

198490 Darrow, Ada E. (Mrs Alfred L.) 495 Columbus ave., Boston 

14078; Darrow, Fanny Gay (Miss) 138 Huntington ave., Boston 

14079; Darrow, Lucy Pease Gay (Mrs) 138 Huntington ave., Boston 

215S0ao Davenport, Annie Emeline (Mrs B. F.) 31 Coolidge Hill st., Watertown 

13430i Davenport, Ehzabeth Osgood (Mrs George L.) Cohasset 

14077; Davidson, Charlotte Guild (Mrs Alex) Windsor Eoads, Waban 

8457aa Davidson, Helen F. (Mrs Albert C.) Waterto^^-n 



12787F Davidson, Marion J. (Mrs Frank A.) 182 Mt. Vernon st., West Eoxbury 

21579aa Davidson, Sarah Coolidge (Mrs Herbert E.) . .Coolidge Hill st., Watertown 

165400 Davies, Grace Fairbanks (Mrs Daniel F.) 12 Humboldt ave., Boston 

11944p Davies, Minnie F. Lombard (Mrs John M.) Reading 

9088/ Davis, Abby Frances (Miss) 80 Hovv^ard st., Lov^^ell 

22057c Davis, Alice L. (Miss) 13 Pleasant ave., Somerville 

SSQSTr Davis, Amelia Sophia (Miss) 118 High st., Fall Eiver 

7487G^ Davis, Aurelia B. H. (Mrs Amon W.) Amherst 

14941s Davis, Clara (Miss) Framingham 

162630 Davis, Eunice E,uss Ames (Mrs) Dedham 

156827 Davis, Georgianna Whiting (Mrs E. A.) . . .West Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard 
2804Z Davis, Helene Bartlett (Mrs L. S.) . . .Sumner and Clinton Roads, Brookline 

127376 Davis, Ina Forrest (Miss) ISTorthampton 

11934J Davis, Julia Ann (Mrs Nathaniel) 80 Howard st., Lowell 

6194Iy Davis, L. Emily Noyes (Mrs Francis S.) Acton 

13376i Davis, Lizzie Mabel (Miss) "Warren," Warren st., Roxbury 

155856 Davis, M. Louise (Mrs Frank E.) 61 Crescent st., Northampton 

58046 Davis, Mabel (Miss) 154 Beacon st., Boston 

14940s Davis, Marcella (Miss) Framingham 

6532J Davis, Maria Louisa (Mrs Edward L.) 215 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

13420L Davis, Marietta (Mrs Fred) Bedford 

239620 Davis, Marion R. Brooks (Mrs) Jason st., Arlington 

17530f Davis, Mary Abbie (Mrs Franklin B.) 25 Dorchester st., Lawrence 

215537 Davis, Mary Alnette Greene (Mrs) 123 Westf ord st., Lowell 

23931F Davis, Mary G. (Mrs Frederick S.) West Roxbury 

965X Davis, Mary Waldo (Mrs Jos. E.) 154 Beacon st., Boston 

16859B Davis, Sarah Frances Orcutt (Mrs Henry M.) West Newton 

10505i Davis, Sarah Jane Dike (Mrs Daniel S.) 124 St. Botolph st., Boston 

9650r Davol, Cornelia W. Lincoln (Mrs B. D.) 242 Lincoln st., Fall River 

4552Z Day, Anne Bigelow (Mrs John W.) Hingham 

41535 Day; Ida L. (Mrs Robert W.) 30 Salem st., Springfield 

15576m Dean, Helen Amanda Packard (Mrs Edgar E.)....81 Green st., Brockton 

22082D Dean, Mary Jennie Bassett (Mrs Wm. F.) . . .* Stevens st., Taunton 

22083D Deane, Bertha Louise (Miss) 22 Clinton st., Taunton 

14959^ Deane, Fannie A. (Mrs Charles A.) Edgartown 

10044O Deane, Louise Griswold (Mrs Adam C.) .154 Main st., Greenfield 

10538T Deane, Mary G. (Mrs John M.) 228 Purchase st.. Fall River 

9647aa Dearborn, Hannah Maria (Miss) Watertown 

23899i Deering, Lucia Kimball (Mrs John W.) 299 Newbury st., Boston 

210160 Deering, Susan J. (Mrs Wm. R.) 64 Clark st., Dedham 

18529B Dennison, Mary Rosabelle French (Mrs Chas. S.) Newtonville 

127386 DePuy, Rhoda A. (Mrs Elias C.) 21 Henshaw ave., Northampton 

6797 Derby, Caroline Abbott (Mi,ss) 405 Beacon st., Boston 

48795 Derby, Ellen Maria Booth (Mrs Pardon H.) 65 School st., Springfield 

10076L Derby, Martha M. Keyes (Mrs Nathan) Concord 

13449* Deverson, Etta Estelle (Mrs Wm. H.) 15 E. Cottage st., Roxbury 

175505 Dewey, Harriet Palmer (Mrs Charles E.) Palmer 

16187r Dewey, Julia M. (Mrs David R.) North Adams 

23906fc Dewing, lone Elizabeth Dam (Mrs Ebenezer) 73 Revere st., Revere 

239375 Dexter, Cora E. Porter (Mrs Wm. H.) 19 Ingersoll Grove, Springfield 

17605c Dickey, Nellie S. (Miss) 20 Spring Hill Terrace, Somerville 

3515* Dickinson, Elizabeth Williams (Mrs Geo. N.)..230 Fairview ave., Chicopee 

* Mary Clapp Wooster Chapter. Conn. 


127521 Dickinson, Ella Sargent (Mrs Watson A.) 190 Branch st., Lowell 

149056^ Dickinson, Hannah Williams (Mrs Marquis F.) Amherst 

18018r Dickinson, Louise Tower (Mrs Everett M.) . . .155 E. Main st., North Adams 

21582aa Dickinson, Mabelle Waitt (Mrs John D.) Watertown 

10486i Dike, Cora Eliza (Miss) Stoneham 

11546 Dike, Laura Isadore (Miss) Stoneham 

78156 Dillingham, Harriet A. Carlton (Mrs) 607 Boynton st., Boston 

11024i Dimick, Abby (Mrs Chas. W.) 122 Line st., Somerville 

210170 Dinsmore, Adelaide Gray (Mrs Wesley F.) Franklin 

239472V Dinsmore, Emma Elizabeth Gushing (Mrs O. W.)..42 Chandler st., Boston 

16246C/ Dinsmore, Jessie May (Miss) 26 Vine st., Medford 

23332^ Dobson, Mary Evelyn (Mrs Henry T.) 196 Huntington ave., Boston 

15626C Dodge, Abba Gott (Mrs Albert) Gloucester 

24702? Dodge, Ella Louise (Miss) 359 Prospect st., Fall Kiver 

15656lf Dodge, Elvira Nutter (Mrs Chauncey W) Pond st., Newburyport 

12788i^ Dodge, Julia M. (Mrs James H.) 21 Burroughs st., Jamaica Plain 

10074L Dodge, Martha A. (Miss) Billerica 

21561J? Dodge, Nancy M. (Mrs D. J.) Pittsfield 

619QH Dodge, Sarah F. W. (Mrs Edwin H.) 58 Princeton st., Springfield 

14999ilf Dodge, Susan Webster (Miss) 211 High st., Newburyport 

14548f Doland, Augusta J. (Mrs John J.) 16 Allyn Place, Lawrence 

16852m; Doliber, Ada Kipley (Mrs Thomas) Oak Eise, Goddard ave., Brookline 

9639(7 Dolliver, Harriet Proctor Kust (Mrs Edward) 10 Chestnut st., Gloucester 

5123ir Doolittle, Emma Cornelia Baldwin (Mrs F. P.) . . 60 Temple st., Springfield 
162620 Dorr, Katharine Merriam (Mrs Lester M.).. Walnut st., Newton Hig*hlands 

11056if Doten, Georgiana Wells (Mrs Frederick B.) Chicopee 

12760p Dow, Alice Burleigh (Mrs Daniel W.) Melrose, Highland 

14129m; Dow, Cora Shailer (Mrs Charles H.) 17 Winchester st., Brookline 

20400t; Dow, Ella Harvey (Mrs Wm. H.) 81 Huntington ave., Marlboro 

10548? Dow, Mary Everett (Mrs Albert F.) 154 Belmont st., Fall River 

20386/= Dow, Susan S. (Mrs) 369 Lowell st., Lawrence 

15702Z) Dowse, Fanny Eeed (Mrs Wm. B. H.) Temple st.. West Newton 

8433Q Dowse, Eaymah (Miss) 347 Marlborough st., Boston 

8439Q Drew, Mabel Virginia Stoddard (Mrs Herbert) ... .55 Harrison st., Brookline 
14119a? Duane, Emma Cushman Lincoln (Mrs Charles W.) . .23 Ware st., Cambridge 

87826 Du Bois, Mary H. (Mrs L. G.) 298 Marlborough st., Boston 

20966a Dudley, Mary E. Marrett (Mrs Myron S.) Nantucket 

11014Q Dunbar, Harriet Walton (Mrs James E.) Corey Hill, Brookline 

20384; Dunbar, Isabel Sumner (Mrs David A.) . .7 Grover ave., Winthrop Highlands 

18513* Dunbar, Lillian (Miss) Thorndike st., Brookline 

43615" Dunbar, Mary Louisa (Miss) 59 Buckingham st., Springfield 

149Q5E Dunham, Jennie Louise (Miss) Edgartown 

16865S Dunham, Susan Thaxter (Mrs) Edgartown 

9137i Dunn, Adelaide (Mrs David W.) Plainville 

11063]? Dunning, Sarah L. Potter (Mrs James G.) 20 Hebron st., Springfield 

14120a; Durant, Caroline Virginia (Mrs Wm. B.) 9 Lowell st., Cambridge 

23921a; Durrell, Sophia G. (Mrs Oliver H.) 17 Dana st., Cambridge 

15703D Dwinell, Louise B. (Mrs Byron L.) Taunton 

19271W Dyer, Angle Lathrop (Mrs Edward H.) .Waltham 

12720f Dyer, Lucy E. (Mrs Clarence M.) 62 Bradford st., Lawrence 

11013© Earl, Georgia Katrine (Miss) 12 Tudor st., Lynn 

9623J Earl, Josephine Helen (Miss) 295 Pawtucket st., Lowell 

14914« Eastman, Eebecca Porter (Mrs Lucius E.) Framingham 

22047c Eaton, Charlotte Dean Bradford (Mrs Horace L.) . .60 Vinal ave., Somerville 



5126L Eaton, Harriet Louise (Miss) Concord 

7172Q Eaton, Lorietta Ayery (Mrs Eug-ene E.) 120 Salem st., Maiden 

8778m Eaton, Susan Wilhelmina (Miss) Danvers 

1423 Eddy, Mary Baker G. (Mrs) 395 Commonwealth aye., Boston 

84486 Edes, Grace Williamson (Mrs) 370 Marlboroug-h st., Boston 

21042 Edgecomb, Bessie Mildred (Mrs Horace A.) Wellesley 

81845: Edmands, Mary Gertrude (Miss) Hingham 

67986 Edypards, Alice Loring (Mrs Wm. L.) 102 Beacon st., Boston 

161786 Edy^^ards, Anna Cheney (Miss) 197 Elm st., Northampton 

5925e Edyi^ards, Fanny Wendell (Miss) 49 Elm st., Northampton 

19219i Edwards, Grace (Miss) 55 Belleyue st., Boston 

19218i Edwards, Hannah Marcy (Miss) 55 Belleyue st., Boston 

19220i Edwards, Katherine L. (Miss) Southbridge 

10533^ Egbert, Ellen W. A. (Mrs John L.) 28 Ingersoll Groye, Springfield 

156837 Eldridge, Sara M. (Mrs Edmund G.) Cottage City 

16169; Eliot, Addie Geneyieye (Miss) 59 Oxford st., Someryille 

185830 Eliot, Emily Bassett (Miss) 15 Fairland st., Roxbury 

9Q6Z Eliot, Emily Marshall (Mrs Samuel) .44 Brimmer st., Boston 

18581Q Eliot, Margaret B. (Mrs John F.) 48 Gordon aye., Hyde Park 

23486 Eliot, Mary (Mrs Amory) 186 Beacon st., Boston 

18580Q Eliot, Mary Lincoln (Miss) 15 Fairland st., Roxbury 

96331 Ellingwood, Martha Coburn (Mrs Edward) Lowell 

14080; Elliot, Mary EMra (Miss) 59 Oxford st., Someryille 

12319P Elliott, Helen Gertrude (Miss) * Melrose Highlands 

15006J Ellis, Alice Coggeshall (Mrs Edward A.) 139 Sumner st., Newton Centre 

7507i Ellis, Harriet Amelia (Mrs Wm. J.) 97 Lexington st., East Boston 

19808V Ellis, Harriet Harding (Mrs Edward H.)..103 Mechanic st., Marlborough 

10025£C Ellis, Jennie S. (Mrs Emmons E.) 1692 Massachusetts aye., Cambridge 

16188r Ellis, Susan B. Eose (Mrs S. J.) 12 E. Quincy st.. North Adams 

lioeiff Elison, Agnes Smith (Miss) 52 Grosyenor st., Springfield 

57880 Ellison, Laura B. (Miss) Duxbury 

15344* Elmore, Laura Augusta Buck (Mrs DeWitt 4 Porter st.. North Adams 

15345* Elmore, Susan Maria (Mi,ss) 4 Porter st., North Adams 

21583aa Elyin, Caroline Brooks (Mrs F. F.) Watertown 

184906 Ely, Elizabeth B. (Miss) Hotel Royal, Beacon st., Boston 

18556V Emerson, Clara Badger (Mrs Parker F.) 60 Highland st., Marlboro 

4974a; Emerson, Frances S. (Miss) 369 Haryard st., Cambridge 

5122a? Emerson, Helen L. (Mrs Wm. H.) 395 Broadway, Cambridge 

9103m Emerson, Mary C. (Mrs Gilbert B.) Danyers 

12743^ Emerton, Sibyl Clark (Mrs Ephraim) 19 Chauncy st., Cambridge 

14906i Emery, Isabel Frances Pratt (Miss) 21 Billings st., Atlantic 

210180 Endicott, Fannie (Mrs Frank B.) 18 Lafayette aye., Chelsea 

58066 Endicott, Helen Shaw (Mrs William) 165 Beacon st., Boston 

14916s Entwistle, Edeline F. (Mrs Jas. R.) Saxonville 

S316t Essex, Lydia Baker (Miss) Fall Riyer 

21005/ Estes, Emma Frances (Mrs Frederick A.) 82 S. Walker st., Lowell 

17120 Etheridge, Mary Pierrepont (Mrs J. B.) Salem 

19833Z7 Eyans, Annie Grinnell (Mrs Allston H.) 64 Boston ave.. West Medford 

22098S' Evans, Chloe Ann Day (Mrs John H.) 245 Oak st., Holyoke 

10053Z Evans, Katharine Odiorne (Mrs George F.) Hotel Berkeley, Boston 

10021« Everett, Mary Ethel (Miss) 103 Main st., Bradford 

* Bro-wnson Chapter, Vt. t Sarah Riggs Humphrey Chapter, Conn. 













Evleth, Jane Smith (Mrs Asa W.) Spring^eld 

Ewing, Amanda W. (Mrs George C.) Enfield 

Fairbanks, Rebecca (Mrs) Dedham 

Fairbanks,Wilma (Mrs Robinson) 7 Starmore Place, Roxbury 

Fairchild, Sally (Miss) 191 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

Fales, Ella Maria R. (Mrs Frank H.) 63 Concord st., *South Framingham 

Fal^s, Maria Abby (Mrs Geo. A.) "The Bartol," Boston 

Farmer, Josephine Estella (Mrs Frank H.) .55 Crescent st., Waltham 

Farnham, Mary Antoinette (Miss) 90 Gates st., Lowell 

Farnham, Satira A. (Mrs) 90 Gates st., Lowell 

Farnsworth, Alice (Miss) 196 Beacon st., Boston 

Farrar, Sara Frances (Miss) Pepperel 

Farrington, Ann S. (Mrs John F.) Englewood ave., Brighton 

Farrington, Marietta Tenney (Miss) Englewood ave., Brighton 

Farrington, Myra Blanche (Miss) Lowell 

Farwell, Ruby Frances (Mrs John W.) 427 Beacon st., Boston 

Faulkner, Jennie Elva (Miss) 110 Green st., Brockton 

Favor, Fannie Smith, Mrs Ferdinand F.) High st., Dedha 

Faxon, Caroline Boardman (Miss) Danvers 

Faxon, Grace Baxter (Miss) Danvers 

Fay, Clara May Potter (Mrs Frederick H.). .43 Witherbee st., Marlborough 

Fay, Lucy Atwood (Mrs Frank B.) 1 Lawrence st., Chelsea 

Fay, Mary M. (Mrs Darius) Cordaville 

Fay, Sarah Elizabeth Ingalls (Mrs Jonh S.) . .43 Witherbee st., Marlborough 

Fearing, Alice Ingraham (Mrs Edwin T.) 54 Park st., Newton 

Fellows, Nancy Putnam (Mrs Alfred) Danvers 

Fenno, Marion Heller (Miss) 450 Beacon st., Boston 

Ferguson, Mary Louise Norton (Mrs George C.) Edgartown 

Ferry, Fannie Chapin (Miss) 451 Chestnut st., Springfield 

Fessenden, Marion Brown (Miss) 23 Craigie st., Cambridge 

Field, Priscilla T. (Mrs John W.) Montview st., W. Roxbury 

Fifield, Mary Swan (Mrs Albert) 121 Main st., Peabody 

Fish, Grace Irene (Miss) 73 Spring st., Springfield 

Fish, M. Alice (Miss) Fairhaven 

Fisher, Anne Elizabeth (Mrs) 270 Rock st., Fall River 

Fisher, Elizabeth, Estey (Mi^s) Edgartown 

Fisher, Elizabeth Jane Linton (Mrs Alexander P.) Edgartown 

Fisher, Emma Abbot Clarke (Mrs J. C.)..156 East Haverhill st., Lawrence 

Fisher, Florence Cheston Ripley (Mrs Leroy Y.) Edgartov^m 

Fisher, Frances Ball (Miss) Fisher ave., Roxbury 

Fisher, Grace Coffin (Miss) Edgartown 

Fisher, Jessie M. (Miss) 217 Church st., Newton 

Fisher, Kiameche Cecilia (Mrs Horace N.) 2 Milton Road, Brookline 

Fisher,' Marion Gardner (Miss) Fisher ave., Roxbury 

Fisher, Parnell Smith Pease (Mrs Charles W.) Edgartown 

Fisher, Velina Potter (Mrs John) Edgartown 

Fisherdick, Anna Louise (Miss) Palmer 

Fisherdick, Marietta Eunice Webster (Mrs George H.) Palmer 

Fisk, Caroline E. (Mrs John M.) 74 Ellery st., Cambridge 

Fisk, Ella Whitney (Miss) Framingham 

Fisk, Emeline Gratin Adams (Mrs Noyes W.) 730 State st., Springfield 

Fisk, Margaret L. (Mrs Charles E.) 73 Pearl st., Springfield 

* Dorothy Ripley Chapter, Conn. 


• 11160 


Fiske, Agneze Andrews (Mrs Wilbur D.) 40 Chestnut st., Melrose 

Fiske, Gertrude Horsford (Miss) 216 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

Fiske, Mary Duncan (Mrs Charles H., Jr.) 114 Marlborough st., Boston 

Fiske, Nellie Rice (Mrs David F.) Wayland 

Fitts, Lillian De Puy Cummings (Mrs C. N.) .21 Henshaw ave., Northampton 

Fitz, Elizabeth Loring Clarke (Mrs E,. H.) 18 Arlington st., Boston 

Fitz, Henrietta G. (Mrs Walter S.) 75 Beacon st., Boston 

Fitzgerald, Caroline Elizabeth (Miss) Washington st., Brookline 

Flagg, Angelia Arvilla Flint (Mrs Wallace C.) 427 S. Main st., Brockton 

Flanigan, Ella Chandler (Mrs Wm. H.)..266 Lamartine st., Jamaica Plain 

Fletcher, Joanna White Beaman (Mrs Otis) 15 Stafford st., Worcester 

Fletcher, Marianna Holden (Mrs Henry H.) 46 Race st., Lowell 

Fletcher, Eosa (Miss) 34 Austin st., Cambridge 

Fletcher, Sophronia (Miss) 34 Austin st., Cambridgeport 

Fleu, Mary Louise (Mrs Theodore A.) West Newton 

Flint, Isabel Gertrude (Miss) Wakefield 

Flint, Mary Ellen (Miss) 379 S. Main st.. Fall River 

Florence, Lillian Mabell Thwing (Mrs Charles A.) 454 Lebanon st., Melrose 

Fogg, Jeanne Louise Bouton (Mrs John S.) ."The Vendome," Boston 

Fogler, Helen M. (Miss) Hotel Oxford, Boston 

Folger, Elizabeth S. (Mrs John B.) 113 Rark st., Medford 

Folger, Emma Choate (Mrs Howard J.) South Framingham 

Folger, Lydia M. (Miss) 7 Gardner st., Nantucket 

Folger, Nancy Hussey (Miss) Nantucket 

Follett, Mary E. (Miss) 5 Haviland st., Boston 

Flosom, Mary Esther (Mrs A. T.) 62 High st., Springfield 

Folsom, Mary Fredrika (Miss) E. Merrimac st., Lowell 

Folsom, Virginia Jennings (Mrs D. A.) 69 Pearl st.. Springfield 

Foote, Frances E. (Miss) 25 Brimmer st., Boston 

Forbes, Arabel Fellows Beal (Mrs Ira B.) South Framingham 

Forbes, Maria Almy (Mrs John P.) Taunton 

Forbes, Susan Elizabeth Parsons (Mrs A. B.) 407 State st., Springfield 

Ford, Abby Williams Wild (Mrs Henry A.) Brockton 

Ford, Lillian Fisk (Mrs Geo. D.) 344 Harvard st., Cambridge 

Foss, Mary Jane (Mrs Otis) Cottage City 

Foster, Blanche Willard Boynton (Mrs Geo. O.) 17 Walnut st., Medford 

Foster, Celestie Helena Morse (Mrs Alden B.)..223 Trenton st., E. Boston 

Foster, Emma V. (Miss) 24 Rutland Square, Boston 

Foster, Ernestine Louise (Miss) 447 Beacon st., Boston 

Fowle, Elida Rumsey (Mrs John A.) 337 Boston st., Dorchester 

Fowler, Helen Barton (Mrs Moses H.) High st., Newburyport 

Fowler, Laura A. Wentworth (Mrs) 193 Huntington ave., Boston 

Fox, Mary Susannah (Mrs) De Wolf st., Dorchester 

Francis, Elaina Thayer (Mrs George H.) 295 Walnut st., Brookline 

Eraser, Emma C. Towle (Mrs D. A.) 128 Lexington st., Boston 

Freeman, Caroline Sumner (Mrs James G.) 470 Beacon st., Boston 

Freeman, Ida Louise (Aliss) 503 Haverhill st., Lav^nrence 

French, Abbie F. (Mrs Wales) Stoughton 

French, Elisabeth Miller (Mrs Chas A.) 71 Westland ave., Boston 

French, Ellen G. (Mrs John H.) 11 Newbern st., Jamaica Plain 

French, Emeline E. (Mrs) 93 Austin st., Cambridgeport 

French, Emily (Miss) Melrose 

* Bristol Chapter, R. I. 



















Frencli, Georgiana R. Holmes (Mrs Eowland B.) .191 St. Botolph st., Boston 

French, Helen Frances (Mrs Josiah B.) 50 Chelmsford st., Lowell 

French, Sarah Abigail (Mrs A. J.) 17 Valley st., Lawrence 

Friend, Edith F. (Mrs Arthur P.) Prince st., West Newton 

Friend, Mary Philbrooks (Mrs Wm. H.) Waltham 

Frisbie, Harriet Maria (Mrs J. F.) 483 Centre st., Newton 

Frissell, Myrtie Pierce (Mrs Glenville C.) 287 Locust st., Holyoke 

Frissell, Dr Seraph (Miss) 18 School st., Springfield 

Frost, Amelia Miriam (Mrs Henry C.) South Framingham 

Frost, Carrie Brigham (Mrs Frank P.) 67 Church st., Springfield 

Frost, Charlotte Marie (Miss) 230 Huntington ave., Boston 

Frothingham,' Anne Gorham (Miss) 29 Gloucester st., Boston 

Frothingham, Frances A. (Mrs Thos G.) 493 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

Frye, Jennie Eliza Hanson (Mrs) 55 Rock st. ,Lowell 

Fuller, Harriet Eliza (Mrs Wm. A.) 152 N. Main st., Springfield 

Fuller, Lucy E. Emery (Mrs George F.) 155 Carew st., Springfield 

Fuller, Mary Cordelia Sprague (Mrs Chauncey tT.) Saxonville 

Fuller, Mary Goddard (Miss) 36 Millmont st., Eoxbury 

Fuller, Sarah E. (Mrs George W.) 7 Alfred st., Medford 

Fulton, Eena Elizabeth (Mrs Albert W.) 7 Spruceland ave., Springfield 

Furbay, Helen Churchill (Mrs Harvey G.) 17 Bradford st., Lawrence 

Furber, Mary J. (Mrs George H.) Edgartown 

Furber, Susie H. (Mrs John) Framingham 

Furbrush, Caroline Calista (Mrs Merrill A.) 23 High st., Greenfield 

Furlong, Ella Witherbee (Mrs Arthur W.)....42 Greenville st., Somerville 

Fyfee, Bessye (Miss) 73 Perkins st., West Newton 

Fyfee, Cliftord NefE (Mrs Joseph) 73 Perkins st.. West Newton 

Babrielson, Mary Belle (Mrs Eric) Edgartown 

Gage, Angeline A. (Mrs Jas. W. H.) Lincoln st.. South Framingham 

Gage, Lucie Cutter (Miss) Pepperell 

Gage, Lucy Clarke (Mrs Charles S.) 6 Garden st., Cambridge 

Galloupe, Sarah Lou (Miss) Danvers 

Gallup, Florence Houghton (Mrs. Wm. A.) 31 Church st., North Adams 

Gammons, Susan Adelaide Low (Mrs Walter E.) 116 Orange st., Chelsea 

Gammons, Edith Josephine Tower (Mrs Charles \Y.) Cohasset 

Gardiner, Adelaide Byron Hyde (Mrs Charles L.) Winthrop 

Gardiner, Kate Eanney (Mrs Chas. B.) Taunton 

Gardner, Abby M. (Mrs Charles B.) Watertown 

Gardner, Harriet A. (Mrs Horatio W.) East Hdllister 

Gardner Mary Frances (Mrs Israel P.) 104 June st.. Fall Eiver 

Garland, Maria Louise Tudor (Mrs James A., Jr.,. Boston 

Garratt, Mary Charlotte Wilder (Mrs A. V.) Centre. st., Jamaica Plain 

Gaskill, Emeline Hawkins (Mrs Henry C.) Blackstone 

Gates, Abbie Ann (Miss) 75 Gates st., Lowell 

Gates, Mary Cornelia (Mrs Merrill E.) .Amherst 

Gay, Alice Marion (Miss) Kilsyth Eoad, Brookline 

Gay, Ella C. (Mrs Oliver) 194 Magnolia st., Dorchester 

Gay, Ellen Maria (Mrs Albert) Kilsyth Eoad, Brookline 

Gaylord, Dema (Miss) Easthhampton 

Gaylord, Frances Cordelia (Miss) Westfleld 

Gaylord, Jennie (Miss) Easthampton 

George, Emma Sargent (Mrs James F.) Danvers 

* Woonsocket Chapter, R. I. 



8779U George, Fanny B. (Miss) Danvers 

8476W George, May Lydia (Miss) Danvers 

148927 Getchell, Eebecca Daggett (Mrs Alfred E.) Tisbury, Vineyard Haven 

16170; Gibbs, Ida Augusta (Mrs John H.) 59 High st., Charleston 

19269% Gibbs, Ida Louise Granniss (Mrs John M.) 15 Church st., Waltham 

15013D Gibbs, Sarah Jessie (Mrs Francis E.) 32 Harrison st., Taunton 

1756& Gibson, Ethel (Miss) 137 Beacon st., Boston 

14551i Gibson, Irena Wilkinson (Mrs Hosea B.) 21 Warrenton st., Boston 

1755.Z Gibson, Eosamond W. (Mrs Charles H.) 137 Beacon st., Boston 

185252/ Giddings, Hannah E. (Miss) 27 Chestnut st., Andover 

8430Q Gilbert, Annie Bacheller (Mrs J. H.) 238 Ocean ,st., Lynn 

16247t/ Gill, Adeline B. (Miss) 28' Ashland st., Medford 

16248Z7 Gill, Eliza M. (Miss) 28 Ashland st., Medford 

10031 C7 Gill, Ellen M. (Mrs George) 28 Ashland st., Medford 

10032; Gill, Emma Frances (Miss) 28 Ashland st., Medford 

21038^ Gill, Matilda, (Mrs George F.) 411 Marlborough st., Boston 

14135^ Gilligan, Lillian Rich (Mrs) 17 Myrtle st., Maiden 

13731c Gilman, Mary F. Wallace (Mrs E. M.) 23 Hawthorne Place, Springfield 

17531i Gilmore, Eunice M. (Mrs Edwin W.) North Easton 

15707D Gilmore, Julia A. (Miss) North Raynham 

7812G' Glezen, Ellen Morgan (Miiss) Amherst 

14536; Glidden, Etta H. (Miss) 22 Cordis st., Charlestown District, Boston 

9096% Glidden, Harriet Holden (Miss) 83 Brookline st., Boston 

14538; Glidden, Louise E. (Mrs) 8 Madison st., Somerville 

12705y Glynn, Rosalind R. Roundy (Mrs Horace James) Lincoln ave., Fall River 

15628i(J Goddard, Julia (Miss) Warren st., Brookline 

20999W Goddard, Louisa M. (Miss) Hammond st., Chestnut Hill 

21541W Goddard, Mary Louisa (Miss) Goddard ave., Brookline 

12718f Godfrey, Jesephine Drew (Mrs Wm. H.) 10 Tremont st., Lawrence 

210200 Goodale, Mary Edgell (Miss) Gleasondale 

1500817 Goodale, Mary Susan (Mrs Geo. L.) 122 Park st., Medford 

162660 Goodhue, Vashti Colby (Mrs Charles F.) 313 Huntington ave., Boston 

13941* Goodman, Elizabeth Andrus (Mrs James) 4 Liberty Square, Boston 

12783i^ Goodnow, Helen Maria (Mrs JoseiDh W.) 27 Burroughs st., Jamaica Plain 

12784i'' Goodnow, Marion Colman (Miss) 27 Borroughs st., Jamaica Plain 

238956 Goodrich, Isabella (Miss) 1 Hubbard Park, Cambridge 

16191r Goodrich, Jennie Paul (Mrs John C.) 14 Chestnut st.. North Adams 

157372? Goodrich, Mary J. (Miss) Stockbridge 

10071 f7 Goodwin, Clara Wild (Miss) Hall Park, Medford 

10075 C7 Goodwin, Emma W. (Mrs James O.) Hall Park, Medford 

16896ilf Goodwin, Sarah Blanchard (Miss) 10 Beck st., Newburyport 

57780 Goodwin, S. Elizabeth D. Lane (Mrs Lester) 3 Orchard st., Newton 

15600p Gordon, Alice J. Mrs Arthur D.) Reading 

84260 Goss, Helen Louise (Mrs Frances W.) 217 Warren st., Roxbury 

204032/ Gbsse, Elisabeth Merritt (Mrs C. H.) ... 6 Greenville st., Boston Highlands 

15649J Gould, Alice A. (Mrs Wm. H.) Beacon st., Waban 

19798; Gould, Ethel G. (Miss) 100 Washington ave., Chelsea 

71790 Gould, Florence Emery (Mrs James) 100 Washington ave., Chelsea 

231700 Goulding, Adeline (Mrs Joseph) 41 Beacon st., Hyde Park 

20396P Gowing, Eva Melville (Miss) Linden st., Wakefield 

16183^3 Gowing, Juhet Stark (Mrs Samuel H.) Wakefield 

162145" Granger, Mary Daboll (Mrs Timothy M.) 20 Dartmouth st., Springfield 

* Mary Washington Chapter. D. C. 



17283* Grant, Clara Bucklin (Miss) North Attleboro 

221100 Graves, Abbie A. Lord (Mrs Henry C.) 187 Elm st., Somerville 

127660 Graves, Daphne Watson (Miss) 23 High st., GreenjB.eld 

168006 Graves, Gertrude Montague (Miss) 2 Mt. Vernon Place, Boston 

167996 Graves, Louise Britton (Miss) 2 Mt. Vernon Place, Boston 

14131ilf Gray, Elizabeth Johnson (Miss) 71 High st., Newburyport 

23167f7 Green, Annie C. (Mrs George W.) 20 Highland ave., Medford 

10S35E Green, Elizabeth Avery (Mrs Daniel) 3 Lafayette st., Springfield 

2167Z Green, Helen Lincoln (Mrs Charles M.) 78 Marlborough st., Boston 

2316617 Green, Melinda Wetherbee (Mrs George B.) 20 Highland ave., Medford 

115680 Greene, Jessie Allen Hall (Mrs Frederick L.) 4 Park st., Greenfield 

239502V Greene, Lois Florence (Miss) Waltham 

23988r Greene, Mabel Lawton (Miss) 514 High st., Fall Elver 

15689Z Greene, Eebecca Andrews (Mrs Francis B.) 182 Beacon st., Boston 

6199/ Greenhalge, Isabel Nesmith (Mrs Frederick T.) Low^ell 

13438lf Greenleaf, Anne Edwards (Miss) 9 Parsons st., Newburyport 

18494/ Greenleaf, Elizabeth Jane (Miss) Parker House, Boston 

13437M Greenleaf, Kate Hale (Miss) 9 Parsons st., Newburyport 

10086 Greenwood, Eliza Maria (Miss) Wakefield 

54996 Grew, Annie Crawford (Mrs Edward S.) 185 Marlboro st., Boston 

2344 Grew, Jane Norton (Mi-s Henry S.) 89 Beacon st., Boston 

231750 Gridley, Fannie Bowen (Miss) 36 Shepard st., Cambridge 

215541 Grif&n, Sara Eobinson Swan (Mrs Charles) 121 S. Walker st., Lowell 

100791/ Grifiin, Sarah Elizabeth Wood (Mrs. John Q. A.) Concord 

21545fl' Griffith, Hattie Luseta Blanchard (Mrs James E.) 264 Walnut st., Holyoke 

11539* Grimes, Mary Alice Greenwood (Mrs Thomas B.) . . 24 Marion) st., E. Boston 

5924Z Grinnell, Elizabeth Washburn (Mrs Charles E.) . . 15 Millmont st., Roxbury 

239897 Grinnell, Etta Louisa Smith (Mrs Henry E.)..402 Prospect st.. Fall River 

10496^ Griswold, Helen (Miss) Melrose 

10484O Griswold, Vivian (Miss) Griswoldville 

11582? Gross, Mary Thaxter Lothrop (Mrs Charles A.) Coihasset 

6784G' Grosvenor, Lillian Waters (Mrs Edwin A.) Amherst 

7813Q Grouard, Anne Simpson (Mrs George W.) Reading 

96340 Grover, Anna (Miss) 34 Blyman st., Gloucester 

13396^ Grover, Eva Broughton (Mrs Richard B.) 50 Florence st., Roslindale 

. 57996 Guild, Charlotte H. (Mrs Curtis) 124 Marlborough st., Boston 

90866 Guild, Helen (Miss) 222 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

239730 Guild, Louise Adams (Miss) 74 Huntington ave., Boston 

8786Z Guild, Marianna C. (Miss) 42 Worcester st., Boston 

90856 Guild, Mary (Miss) 222 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

1455Z Guild, Sarah C. (Mrs Curtis F.) 26 Mt. Vernon st., Boston 

71896 Guild, Sarah Louise (Miss) .26 Mt. Vernon st., Boston 

21535m Gunn, Ella L. (Mrs George A.) Danvers 

18504m Gurney, Chloe Richmond Lyon (Mrs L. F.) 113 Green st., Brockton 

239640 Gurney, Georgianna Jennette (Mrs) 40 Lee st., Cambridge 

16204* Gurney, Mary Jane Clifford (Mrs James) 21 Princeton st., E. Boston 

8233 Guthrie, Mary Eleanor (Mrs Thomas) 29 Hollis st., Boston 

21569/Sf Gutterson, Nellie M. (Mrs Henry A.) P. 0. Box 313, Pepperell 

15709D Hack, Emily Franklin Wright (Mrs Henry S.) Taunton 

8461J Hackett, Alice Abbott (Mrs Benjamin W.) .239 Woodland Road, Auburndale 

16877/ Hadley, Grace Storrs (Miss) Lowell 

23952IV Hadley, Mary Ann Fowler (Mrs Henry T.) 55 Gray st., Boston 

*Gaspee Chapter, R. I, 

232 DIEECTORY, D. A. E. 

11046B' Hahn, Harriet C. Pendleton (Mrs Benj. D.) 266 Union st., Springfield 

8466% Hale, Clara Putnam (Miss) Danvers 

12305F Hale, Eleanor Woodworth (Mrs George H.) CMcopee 

1340X Hale, Ellen Sever (Mrs George S.) 5 Exeter st., Boston 

45442 Hall, Alice C. Crossette (Mrs E. G.) 40 Shepard st., Cambridge 

115710 Hall, Bathsheba Tisdale (Mrs Eben A.) 20 Church st., Greenfield 

210210 Hall, Ellen Burgess (Mrs. C F.) Hillsdale st., Highland Hill, Dorchester 

74952 Hall, Harriette Solis (Mrs George S.) Hotel Vendome, Boston 

13377i Hall, Mary Elvira Soule (Mrs Anthony D.) . .. .222 Marlborough st., Boston 

204051/ Hall, Mary Melinda Gregory (Mrs Walter S.)..53 Monmouth st., E. Boston 

15609a? Hall, Sarah Adelaide (Mrs Edvs^ard O.) Watertown 

lollOD Hall, Susan Jane Drake (Mrs Richard H.) Taunton 

15960* Halsey, Elizabeth Maria Chapman (Mrs F. W.)..272 Newbury st., Boston 

2466 Halstead, Aline Wilcox (Mrs) Springfield 

110665" Hamilton, Helen Josephine (Miss) 198 N. Main st., Springfield 

67946 Hamilton, Mary Mackie Pierce (Mrs Franklin) . ; New^tonville 

156395^ Hamilton, Sarah Frances Willis (Mrs Otis) Springfield 

18540Z) Hamlen, Delia Lincoln Merrill (Mrs Edward M.) 149 Weir st., Taunton 

71672 Hamlin, Emma Catherine (Miss) Lexington 

1564SJ Hamlin, Helen Alice Church (Mrs E. F.) 58 Pelham st., Newton Centre 

198427 Hancock, Berta Griinau Hagen (Mrs Willis R.) Vineyard Haven 

24712 Handy, Elizabeth L. (Miss) Andover 

234277 Handy, Louise Holmes (Miss) 139 Bock st.. Fall Eiver 

156385 Hanson, Amelia A. (Miss) Springfield 

13389f Hanson, Annie Morris (Mrs. F. S.) 14 State st., Lawrence 

162700 Harkins, Eose Tufts (Mrs Vincent P.) 45 Woodlawn st., Lynn 

18590?7 Harlow, Catherine Ellis (Miss) 48 Eiverside ave., Medford 

15647t7 Harlow, Ella Hodges (Mrs J. E.) 103 Cypress st., Newton Centre 

168552 Harlow, Frances K. (Mrs John M.) Woburn 

14082; Harrington, Faijny Brewer (Mrs) 18 Bennington st., Newton 

18020i Harrington, Lydia Guild Cushman (Mrs G. E.) . .27 Monmouth st., E. Boston 

7490© Harris, Emma Cordelia (Mrs Alphonso S.) 24 Franklin ave., Chelsea 

20465f Harris, Louisa Hoar (Mrs George) Westminster 

23923^ Harris, Mary Ellen (Miss) 43 West Newton st., Boston 

16851W Harris, Olivia Dabney Lothrop (Mrs Charles) Carleton st., Brookline 

20388WI Harrub, Juliet Tyler Bean (Mrs Fred. M.) East Whitman 

23161|/ Hart, Grace L. Barter (Mrs Charles 0.)..29 Ellsworth ave., Cambridgeport 

3978 Hart, Helen (Miss) Williamstown 

71810 Hart, Martha S. (Mrs Wilham H.) Hotel Berkeley, Boston 

14541T Hartley, Grace (Miss) 162 Walnut st.. Fall Eiver 

149077 Hartley, Mary Pierce (Mrs Edward M.) 162 Walnut st.. Fall Eiver 

19834C7 Hartshorn, Ida Louise (Miss) 27 Oakland st., Medford 

5782& Hartwell, Mary L. (Mrs Edward N.) 5 Brimmer st., Boston. 

57530 Haskell, Mabel Percy (Miss) .64 Beacon st., Boston 

11048i7 Haskell, Mary Patten Allen (Mrs Charles D.) Enfield 

10483* Hastings, C. Augusta (Miss) 93 Mt. Vernon st., Boston 

14953f Hastings, Eliza Amelia (Mrs Ellsworth W.) 83 Abbott st., Lawrence: 

13379i Hastings, Gertrude (Miss). .Brookline ave. and Short st.. Back Bay, Boston 

14913s Hastings, Lucy Ann (Mrs John C.) Framingham 

220446 Hasting-s, Maria Davis (Miss) 284 Marlborough st., Boston 

23898i Hastings, Marie Louise (Miss) Brookline ave. and Short st., Boston 

22066m Hatch, M;^^ra Blanchard Gurney (Mrs Leonard B.) Whitman. 

* Ethan Allen Chapter, Vt. f Ashuelot Chapter, N. H. 



14083; Hathaway, Hattie L. (Mrs) 21 Arthur st., SomerYille 

14140y Hathaway, Mary S. (Mrs Charles G.) Randolph 

18539Z) Hathaway, Mercy Maria (Miss) 81 Washington st., Taunton 

15711D Hathaway, Susan Shaw (Mrs Albert H.) 33 Somerset ave., Taunton 

18495; Hawkes, Josephine (Mrs Benj. L.) 26 Cordis st., Charlestown 

168875 Hawkins, Cordelia Morgan Howe (Mrs R. F.) . .26 Mulberry st., Springfield 

14096F Hawks, Mary Hoadley (Mrs T. H.) 626 Worthington st., Springfield 

234086 Hayden, Anna Isabella (Miss) Haydensville 

23423J5: Hayden, Gertrude E. (Miss) 364 Marlborough st., Boston 

17532i Hayes, Henriette Estelle (Mrs Clarence H.) .333 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

18ol2s Hayes, Martha Howard Ames (Mrs Edward A.) Natick 

23160^ Haynes, Ann Pierce (Mrs Clark L.) Boylston st., Brookline 

20389m Hazard, Mary A. (Mrs) 78 Pleasant st., Brockton 

22050c Hazelton, Anna L. (Miss) '. -108 Central st., Somerville 

19810V Hazelton Carrie Lovina (Mrs Herbert M.) Pleasant st., Marlborough 

16217J Hazen, Emma Louise (Miss) 186 School st., Lowell 

11551i Head, Abbie Maria Sanford (Mrs Nathaniel) Naples Road, Brookline 

11553i Head; Annie Sanford (Miss) Naples Road, Brookline 

22102Q Head, Fanny L. Daggett (Mrs Harris R.) 99 Harvard st., Brookline 

22048c Heald, Helen Eliza Magown (Mrs Charles J. M.) . .438 Broadway, Somerville 

19820/Sf Heald, S. Elizabeth Babbidge (Mrs Wm. F.) Pepperell 

18558V Heath, Isabel Fifield (Mrs Alonzo S.) 86 Tremont st., Marlborough 

22099(? Heaton, Mary Marvin (Miss) Amherst 

14973^7 Hedden, Maria Pease (Mrs Edward F.) .Edgartown 

100435 Hedges, Clarissa Bissell Bancroft (Mrs Edwin) Westfield 

141381/ Hemenway, Alice (Miss) Hopkinton 

14139^ Hemenway, Lizzie Valentine (Miss) Hopkinton 

175820 Henderson, Fanny Lull (Mrs George B.) 20 Boylston st., Jamaica Plain 

168825 Hendrick, Lucy Augusta Munger (Mrs Joel H.)..632 State st., Springfield 
11835* Hendricks, Fannie Josephine Pomery (Mrs E.)..260 Clarendon st., Boston 

11037T Henry, Annie Frances (Mrs James W.) 121 Cherry st.. Fall River 

19048t Herendeen, Maud Ingraham (Mrs Frederick W.) Chestnut Hill 

10066Z Herrick, Fannie Russell (Mrs Frank W.) Lexington 

149015 Herrick, Fidelia Taylor (Mrs Joseph T.) 50 Holyoke st., Springfield 

10509^ Herrick, Mary Abbie (Miss) Boxf ord 

18033/Sf Herrig, Carrie Pierce (Mrs George V.) East Pepperell 

15601p Herrman, Edith B. Hunt (Mrs) .• Melrose Highlands 

23959Z Hersey, Lydia Jane (Mrs David R.) Hingham Centre 

162720 Herson, Emma Frances (Mrs Arthur E.) Moultrie ave., Dorchester 

13395i?' Hewins, Anna G. C. (Mrs Frank A.) Centre st., W. Roxbury 

110525 Heywood, Mary Elizabeth Read (Mrs S. N.) 180 Maple St., Springfield 

11036 Hichborn, Madeleine Gould (Miss) 49 Florence ave.. Revere 

8441Q Hicks, Isadora (Mrs Joseph) .155 Huntington ave., Boston 

16933fc Higgins, Emma L. York (Mrs Frederick A.) Winthrop 

22084Z> Higgins, Fannie Pomeroy (Mrs Lewis E.) Taunton 

9488|| Higgins, Grace Agnes Taintor (Mrs Werter C.) Arlington 

8338|| Higgins, Lucy P. Warner (Mrs H. S.) 549 Westford st., Lowell 

24843JI Higgins, Seville Snow (Mrs Lot) Orleans 

17558J Hildreth, Ella F. (Miss) 27 Anne st., Lowell 

1201Z Hiler, Grace Greenleaf (Miss) 17 Alverton st., Jaraaica Plain 

11022 Hill, Abby Rogers Wait (Mrs Rowland) 110 Putnam st., E. Boston 

* Abigail Phelps Chapter, Conn. |j Faith Trumbull Chapter, Conn. 

t Katherine Gaylor Chapter, Conn. 1| Olean Chapter, N. Y. 

234 DIEECTOET, D. A. E. 

15646 J Hill, Caroline Lowder (Miss) 24 Pelham st, Newton Centre 

12772 Hill, Elizabeth E. Tylor Bartlett (Mrs K.) 42 Elm st., North Brookfield 

22714?/ Hill, Ida M. (Miss) 4 Eockland Place, Koxbury 

5823Q Hill, Sarah A. (Mrs Luther) 55 Gloucester st., Boston 

10081 Hill, Theoda Josexahine (Mrs Alfred) 13 Sacramento st., Cambridge 

18031^/ Hillman, Abby B. (Mrs Beriah T.) Edgartown 

22122aa Hillman, Caroline Eliza (Mrs Ozro) Watertown 

20981i Hilton, Louise SchefEer (Mrs A. St. C.) . .26 Hartford st., Newton Highlands 

7491Q Hinckley, Elizabeth Bass (Mrs Sylvester B.) 636 Beacon st., Boston 

21568y Hinckley, Florence Bearse (Miss) Hyannis 

239572V Hinckley, Marj^ Ellen Jacobs (Mrs Henry L.) 12 Hadley Place, Medford 

100302' Hinds, Annie Mason (Miss) 255 Whipple st.. Fall River 

7486(? Hinsdale, Kate Stevens (Miss) Amherst 

17597i2 Hinsdale, Mary L. (Mrs James H.) Pittsfield 

14987jE/ Hitch, Louise Adams Eobinson (Mrs James C.) New Bedford 

13366i Hittinger, Carolyn Mahley (Mrs Thomas S.) Townsend Harbor 

8787^ Hoag, Carrie Willis (Mrs Chas. E.) 146 Sumner ave., Springfield 

15708Z) Hoard, Alice L. (Mrs Frank M.) 125 Somerset ave., Taunton 

16994J Hobart, Caroline Brown (Miss) 266 Devonshire st., Boston 

16835r Hobble, Susan Elizabeth Ward (Mrs John E.) . .15 Church st.. North Adams. 

23434 Hobbs, Martha (Miss) 41 Harvard st., Worcester 

68060? Hobbs, Victoria B. (Mrs Lewis F.) West Medford 

16193r Hodge, Mary Frances Colegrove (Mrs Edson M.) North Adams 

22719if Hodge, Myrtle Augusta Low (Mrs Jacob F.) . .118 Princeton st.. East Boston 

5786Q Holbrook, Isabel Norton (Mrs E. Everett) Copley Square Hotel, Boston 

23918s Holbrook, Josephine G. (Miss) South Framingham 

8425Q Holden, Elizabeth H. (Mrs Chas. W.) 876 Beacon st., Boston 

19825fc Holland, Maria Parthenia Chase (Mrs Albert L.) . .89 Congress ave., Chelsea 

13365i Holland, May (Miss) 194 Huntington ave., Boston 

155866 Holliday, M. Jane Russell (Mrs W. R.) Northampton 

123167 Hillingsworth, Priscilla C. (Mrs David) 297 Oliver st., Fall River 

5774Q HolUs, Clara C. (Mrs George W.) 432 Cambridge st., Allston 

16917m Holmes, Angle A. (Mrs Frank W.) 130 Spring st., Brockton 

22713?/ Holmes, Carrie Addie S. (Mrs C. D.) . ."The Charlesgate," Beacon st., Boston 

18009; Holmes, Florence E. (Mrs Wm. B.) 60 Heath st., SomerviTle 

11038T Holmes, Mary Louisa (Miss) 381 Pine st., Pall River 

246696 Holmes, Mary Stacy (Mrs Edward J.) 245 Beacon st., Boston 

100552 Holmes, Sarah Eddy (Miss) Lexington 

134235" Holt, Adeline S. Warner (Mrs Albert) 54 Charles st., Springfield 

185080 Holton, Inez E. (Mrs Frank H.) Northfields Farms 

22077-?; Holyoke, Blanche Essington (Mrs Chas. F.) 2 Maple st., Marlborough 

21000IO Homer, Constance (Mrs Jos. W.) Irving st., Brookline 

22098B Homer, Rebecca Davis (Miss) .■ 76 Huntington ave., Boston 

22049c Hood, Katherine Wyman (Mrs Chas. H.) 20 Highland ave., SomerviTle 

10506m Hood, Lizzie Frances (Mrs Wallace P.) Danvers 

43272 Hooker, Sarah Huntington (Miss) "The Bristol," Boylston st., Boston 

61835: Hooper, Annie H. (Mrs Sewall H.) Hingham 

14945J Hooper, Mary Davis Beal (Mrs George L.) 7 Belmont st., Lowell 

184916 Hooper, Mary Frothingham (Miss) 56 Chestnut st., Boston 

16171P Hooton, Marion E. (Miss) 43 Holborn st., Roxbury 

185826 Hopkins, Lucy M. (Mrs Warren B.) 229 Newbury st., Boston 

13612* Horr, Elvira Cooper Gilbert (Mrs Albert W.) 302 Chestnut st., Chelsea 

* Le Ray de Chaumont Chapter, N. Y, J Eagle Rock Chapter, N. J. 


^ „ -, T-Ho-^ ('Aiioc^ 27 Craigie St., Cambridge 

1660 Horsford, Lilian (Miss) , , , / t^ n -n- 

1-mST Horton, Louise Davol (Mrs) 568 Maple st., Fall Eiver 

150141/ Hosmer, Augusta Butler (Mrs Fred. A.) 13 Concord Square Boston 

16812/ Hosmer, Ella L. (Mrs Chas. M.) . .18 Essex st., Charlestown District, Boston 

162125 Hosmer, Mabel Stanton Stewart (Mrs Arthur G.) West Newton 

162317 Hough, Abby Louise (Mrs George A.) Campbell st., New Bedford 

16836,- Houlh on, Cordelia J. (Mrs Albert C.) 36 Church st., North Adams 

IbbdbJ iiougnt , V Church St., North Adams 

16837r Houghton, Susie (Miss) ' 

127541 Hovey, Harriet C. (Miss) -^^ ^; '. 

110535 Hovey, Sarah Elizabeth Heywood (Mrs Albert H.) .180 Maple st.. Spring-field 

1 4031 Howard, Charlotte Straw (Mrs Wm. H.) 40 Arlington st Lowell 

15577m Howard, Edith Frances (Miss) West Bridgewater 

1Q868E Howard, Fannie Beale HiUman (Mrs) clm eTlo 

16255TO Howard, Isabella (Miss) • • !^°^^^ ° 

141021 Howard, Louise Carlton (Mrs Amasa) Oheimstora 

43595 Howard, Lucinda Carolyn (Miss) Ludlow 

23975Q Howard, Mabel Florence (Miss) 114 Huntington ave Boston 

18014m Howard, Mary Allen Cobb (Mrs Daniel S.) 12 N. Mam st Brockton 

110455 Howard, Mary White (Mrs James E.) 47 High st Springfield 

185275 Howard, Pauline (Miss) West Newton 

23435 Howe, Anna Hobbs (Mrs George S.) Worcester 

11040 Howe, Clara Elizabeth Allen (Mrs Ephraim D.) • Gardner 

16876/ Howe, Elizabeth Fremont (Mrs Charles E.)- Varney st., Lowell 

15989 Howe, Ella L. (Miss) H^ Park st^^^ Dorchester 

18559. Howe, Emily Brigham (Miss) Winthrop st., Marlborough 

204020. Howe, Evelyn Eebecca Fessenden (Mrs F. K.) .11 Ellsworth ave., Cambridge 

„ ^ ' /Tvf;<,c\ East Brookfield 

210075 Howe, Fanny (Miss) • 

' J- . + A /'■^/ric<=^ 53 Linden st., Brooklme 

12709tf7 Howe, Harriet A. (Miss) -^^ -^ ' 

209941; Howe, India H. Arnold (Mrs Louis P.) Marlborough 

1 • /-I /•T\/r-^^\ Danvers 

9095« Howe, Josephine C. (Miss) 

9617W Howe, Josephine E. (Mrs Albert W.) Collins st., Danvers 

15015X Howe, Julia Ward (Mrs Samuel G.) 341 Beacon st., Boston 

22721X Howe, Katharine Dexter (Mrs H. S.) Essex st., Longwood, Brookhne 

12715t. Howe, Louise (Miss) 53 Lincoln st., Brooklme 

9102at Howe, Margaret (Miss) "r*!''''^''^ 

12693? Howe, Martha Paul (Mrs Oliver H.) • Cohasset 

10526/ Howe, Mary Ida (Miss) 84 Methuen st.,_ Lowell 

14911S Howe, Nettie F. (Mrs Willard) South Frammgham 

9104M Howe, Oda (Miss) .Danvers 

19237. Howes, Cora Walker (Mrs John P.) Farm st., Marlborough 

22121a Howes, Harriet C. (Mrs Samuel C.) Watertown 

16853a? Howes, Helen E. (Mrs Eichard T.) 97 Inman st., Cambridge 

15603P Howes, Helen Elizabeth (Mrs Jonathan C.) Melrose 

5787Q Howes, Welthea L. (Mrs Eben) 546 Massachusetts ave., Boston 

185987 Howland, Abbie Bradford Cromwell (Mrs J. E.) . .Vineyard Haven, Tisbury 

15574m Howland, Lucy C. (Mrs James H.) Whitman 

185857 Hoyt, Annie L. Dodge (Mrs Albert P.) 592 N. Main st.. Fall Eiver 

234170 Hoyt, Mary E. (Miss) 98 Prospect st., Gloucester 

15712/> Hubbard, Clara Isabel Eeed (Mrs Chas. T.) 102 Main st., Taunton 

175535 Hubbard, Deborah Bowditch Dean (Mrs George H.) Enfield 

18541/> Hubbard, Elizabeth Anna Wheeler (Mrs Frank A.). .157 High st., Taunton 

13792* Hubbard, Fannie S. (M iss) 9 Fayette st., Cambridge 

* Rebecca Motte Chapter, S.C. 



141302^ Hubbard, Frances M. (Mrs Joel W.) 48 Maple st., West Roxbury 

23896& Hubbard, Gertrude (Miss) 150 Brattle st., Cambridge 

4369ff Hubbard, Mary Stowe (Mrs Josiah C.) Holyoke 

1272Qf Hubbard, Mehitable B. (Miss) , 2 Fern st., Lawrence 

Hudson, Mary E. (Miss) Lexington 

Hudson, Sarah. Elizabeth Johnson (Mrs F. W.) . .SSOi/s A, Main st., Waltham 

Huff, Clara Genevieve (Miss) 819 S. Fourth st., Boston 

Humphrey, Caroline Amelia (Mrs Hiram H.) North Adams 

Humphrey, Ellen L. Fowler (Mrs Wm. F.) Aspinwall ave., Brookline 

Hunneman, Louise Lindsey (Mrs Hewes) 24 Wyoming st., Roxbury 

Hunnewell, Sarah Melville (Mrs James F.) 13 Green st., Charlestown 

Hunt, Abby Smith (Mrs Francis W.) Melrose Highlands 

Hunt, Ellen Adalena (Mrs Frank H.) South Framingham 

Hunt, Mary Alice (ISIiss) 918 Main st., Waltham 

Hunter, Ella Elizabeth (Mrs Andrew W.) North Adams 

Hunter, Mary E. (Mrs Thomas L.) 407 Massachusetts ave., Cambridge 

Himter, Susan May Potter (Mrs James D.) North Adams 

Hunting, Abbie Boyd (Miss) 5 Warland st., Cambridge 

Huntley, Emma Manning (Mrs) 1066 Middlesex st., Lowell 

Hiird, Mary Harriet Adams (Mrs George F.) Burrill st., Swampscott 

Hurlburt, Annie Manson (Miss) 28 St. James ave., Boston 

Huse, Edith Lawrence (Miss) 35 Federal st., Newburyport 

13444ilf Huse, Mary Hayes (Miss) 35 Federal st., Newburyport 

9351 Huston, Hannah Wilcox (Mrs William) 127 Sumner st., New Bedford 

Hutchings, Mercy (Mrs Horatio) 217 W. Springfield st., Boston 

Hutchinson, Eliza M. (Mrs Georg-e) West Newton 

Hutchinson, Elizabeth Brown (Mrs Hiram N.) .Bedford 

Hutchinson, Florence Adelia Wisner (Mrs) Pepperell 

Hutchinson, Harriet Colcord (Miss) Danvers Centre 

Hutchinson, Marian Welding (Miss) Pepperell 

Huxford, Carrie Baylies Coffin (Mrs James B.) Edgartown 

Hyde, Louise Manson (Miss) 222 Eock st., Fall Eiver 

Hyde, Maria Walter Gould (Mrs John W.)..127 Princeton st.. East Boston 

Hyde, Susannah Lothrop (Miss) 196 Walnut st., Chelsea 

Hylan, Esther J. (Mrs Eugene S.) 26 Nesmith st., Lowell 

Ide, Bertha Stevens (Mrs) 455 Beacon st., Boston 

Inches, Louise Pomeroy (Miss) 386 Beacon st., Boston 

Ingalls, Elizabeth Pratt (Mrs James M.)....43 Witherbee st., Marlborough 
72135" Ireland, Ella Florence Leland (Mrs George H.) . .126 Howard st., Springfield 

3026F Ireland, Jeannie Gordon (Mrs Oscar B.) 291 Maple st., Springfield 

Irish, Anna Marsh Frye (Mrs John C.) Lowell 

Irving, Lizzie S. (Mrs Franklin C.) 162 Corey st., West Roxbury 

Isenbeck, Maude Elizabeth (Mrs Ernest G. C.) Chestnut Hill 

Jackson, Adelaide Buck (Mrs Charles) 201/2 St. James st., Roxbury 

Jackson, Clara Wentworth (Mrs John H.) 155 Franklin st., Fall River 

Jackson, Eliza Lewis (Mrs Henry C.) 15 Walnut st., Medf ord 

Jackson, Elizabeth Blake (Miss) 28 St. James ave., Boston 

Jackson, Geraldine Allison Gardner (Mrs Henry B.) . ."The Oxford," Boston 

Jackson, Harriet Fuller (Mrs Wm. B.) 28 St. James ave., Boston 

15713-D Jackson, Jane Gordon Dean (Mrs Elisha T.) 30 Askland st., Taunton 

16813; Jackson, Susie A. (Mrs) 516 9th st.. South Boston 




















* Colonial Chapter, Minn, 
t Ashuelot Chapter, N. H. 

H Margery Sullivan Chapter, N. H. 


4563 Jacobs, Augusta Trull (Mrs Asa) Concord 

13381i Jacobs, Hattie M. (Mrs Fred. W.) 5 Aspen st., Roxbury 

12700r Jacobs, Julia Anna (Miss) 387 High st., Fall River 

155876 James, Helen Field (Mrs Lyman D.) Northampton 

13457/" James, Myra Angle (Mrs J. F.) 375 Broadway, Lawrence 

11938Q Jameson, Helen Pratt (Mrs Harold H.) Hotel Bristol, Boston 

16172; Janes, Alma Thayer (Mrs John) Melrose Highlands 

11947L Jaquith, Abigail (Miss) Billercia 

5662 Jaquith, Harriet A. (Mrs Benjamin F.) 212 Columbus ave., Boston 

10520/ Jefferson, Caroline A. (Mrs P. M.) Tewhsbiiry 

72011 Jefferson, Marietta Richardson (Mrs Herbert P.) . . . .Fairmount st., Lowell 

17631f Jenkins, Anna Spalding- (Miss) Smith College, Northampton 

5765Z Jenkins, Emeline S. (Mrs Charles E.) 557 Massachusetts ave., Boston 

17632f Jenkins, Riith Diitilh (Miss) Smith College, Northampton 

192435 Jenks, Louisa Hawes (Mrs E. B.) 34 Linwood Road, Lynn 

23941// Jenks, Mary Ann Butler (Mrs John L.) Edgartown 

145466 Jennings, Caroline Messeng-er (Mrs William A.) Becket 

16869/7 Jernegan, Helen M. (Mrs Jared) Edg-artown 

23900i Jewett, Evadne Hubbard (Miss) 72 Walden st.. North Cambridge 

24709 Johnson, Amanda M. A. (Mrs Theodore S.) Worcester 

14084; Johnson, Amelia Bailey (Miss) 106 Elm st., Charlestown 

13367i Johnson, Ann Eliza (Mrs Philip) 177 Central St., Somerville 

14944/ Johnson, Annie Alden Cahill (Mrs Walter W.) 25 Nesmith st., Lowell 

22756 Johnson, Catherine A. C. (Mrs William L.) Uxb ridge 

10492 Johnson, Clara Anne (Miss) 177 Central st., Somerville 

180106 Johnson, Drusilla (Mrs Alfred) 18 Park st., Florence 

15657il!f Johnson, Ella May (Miss) ^ Newburyport 

115336 Johnson, Fanny Betts (Mrs Wolcott) 302 Berkeley st., Boston 

1232l2> Johnson, Hattie Elliott (Mrs Henry E.) Melrose 

11562W Johnson, Hattie M. Strong (Mrs Charles H.) Easthampton 

215216 Johnson, Louise (Miss) 178 Marlborough st., Boston 

16234?/ Johnson, Mary E. (Miss) Hopkinton 

58006 Johnson, Mary Frothingham (Miss) 123 Marlborough st., Boston 

16235^ Johnson, Nellie B. (Miss) Hopkinton 

239290 Johnson, Nellie MacEachin (Mrs Nelson M.) 1 Babson st., Gloucester 

180116 Johnson, Sarah Hall (Miss) 18 Park st., Florence 

162750 Johnson, Sarah A. (Mrs) .218 Washington ave., Chelsea 

48725 Johnson, Sarah Hosmer Chamberlain (Mrs J. L.) . . 269 Union st., Springfield 

18546/) Jollie, Frances A. Pratt (Mrs Edward) 82 Winthrop st., Taunton 

4366fl^ Jones, Ellen Jane Brown (Mrs Henry G.) 148 Main st., Springfield 

8460// Jones, Lucy Anna A. (Mrs Wm. P.) Copley Square Hotel, Boston 

68100 Jordan, Harriet Worcester (Mrs Wm. H.) 10 Hovey st., Gloucester 

18496; Jose, Katie M. (Mrs Mellen) 13 Eden st., Charlestown 

12775/^ Joslin, Alice Belle (Miss) 46 Burroughs st., Jamaica Plain 

12774/' Joslin, Harriet Augusta (Mrs William B.) . .46 Burroughs st., Jamaica Plain 

12776/' Joslin, Mary Reed (Miss) 46 Burroughs st., Jamaica Plain 

7506^ Josselyn, Alice Lincoln (Mrs Asa H.) 157 Lexington st.. East Boston 

22058^ Josselyn, Linda G. (Mrs Asa H.) 157 Lexington st.. East Boston 

115346 Joy, Edith Marion (Miss) 86 Marlborough st., Boston 

68255 Joyce, Mary Elizabeth Kenney (Mrs David H.) ... .37 Carew st., Springfield 

18594J7 Kakas, Lydia A. (Mrs Edward F.) 54 Brooks st., W. Medford 

1957* Karner, Maria Louise Dewey (Mrs Wm. J.) North Egremont 

* Chicago Chapter, 111. f Elizabeth Benton Chapter, Mo. 



2154210 Ivay, Mary Prentiss (Mrs James M.) Gardner Eoad, Brookline 

5922Q Keefe, Eliza Sweat (Mrs John A.) 31 Delle ave., Hyde Park 

13429? Keene, Grace Elliot (Miss) Cohasset, Norfolk 

12707 Keeney, Margaret Morton (Mrs) 487 Rock st.,^ Fall River 

lS013m Keith, Ellen Richardson Howard (Mrs Edwin) Brockton 

19276?* Kelcey, Clara L. (Mrs Henry) 16 Cashing st., Waltham 

8145 Kellogg, Anna Shankland (Mrs John B.) Williamstown 

8146 Kellogg, Louise Electa (Mi,ss) Wiliamstown 

12306O Kellogg, Lucy Cutler (Mrs Harry W.) 19 Highland ave., Greenfield 

23977Q Kellogg, Minnie Bradbury (Mrs Edward B.) 1084 Boylston st., Boston 

105081^ Kemp, Jessie Isabel (Miss) 15 Putnam st., Dan vers 

1851810 Kendall, Blanche (Miss) Dudley st., Brookline 

12713i(; Kendall, Edith (Miss) Dudley st., Brookline 

6534 Kendall, Ellen King (Mrs Joseph. S.) 305 Commonwealtli ave., Boston 

22051c Kendall, Gertrude G. (Miss) Oxford st., Somerville 

105217 Kendall, Isabella Perkins (Mrs Henry D.) Otis st., Lowell 

13380i Kendall, Lucia Grosvenor (Mrs O. E.)..1563 Massachusetts ave., Cambridge 

12712tp Kendall, Mary Elizabeth Bass (Miss) Dudley st., Brookline 

10507it Kenney, Alice Ellen (Mrs Willis H.) Danvers. 

20995^ Kenney, Annie Maud Joslin (Mrs Edward 0.) 76 Winthrop st., Roxbury 

8468tt Kenney, Isadora Elraira (Mrs Charles F.) Danvers 

16205^ Kenney, Mary Jane Oliver (Mrs Henry) 17 Tremlett st., Dorchester 

9646a; Kenrick, Anna C. (Miss) 286 Waverley ave., Newton 

16934/(; Keough, Charlotte Adeline Rogers (Mrs Henry S.) . .5 Lambert ave., Chelsea 

10023tt Keyes, Ellen Leighton (Mrs Eben W.) Winchester 

141007 Keyes, Marion Sinclair (Miss) 102 3rd st., Lowell 

15665r Keyes, Martha Norman (Mrs Samuel) 20 Holbrook st., North Adams 

18593C7 Kidder, Carrie Edith Famsworth (Mrs F. H.) 17 Florence st., Medford 

127592J Kilbon, Lena (Mrs John L.) 79 Cottage st., Melrose 

19814r Kilbourn, Lizzie Adele (Miss) 113 Eagle st.. North Adams 

2733^; Kilham, Helen E. Seabury (Mrs Edward A.) 35 Lovett st., Beverly 

115727 Kimball, Gertrude Sartwell (Mrs Charles H.) 100 Myrtle st., Lowell 

12793 Kimball, Isabella Louise (Mrs) Bradford 

192527 Kimball, Lena J. (Miss) 785 Merrimac st., Lowell 

20418/ Kimball, Martha May Guild (Mrs Caleb) Midway 

24714 Kimball, Sarah Abigail (Mrs Jos. W.) Methuen 

17607Z Kimball, Susan Day (Miss) 325 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

22090JS Kimberly, Nannie Marriott (Mrs Levvis A.) 72 Perkins st.. West Newton 

71976 King, Alice Ormond (Mrs Henry P.) 205 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

127557 King, Fidelia Thatcher (Mrs Gardner W.) 309 Westford st., Lowell 

20974a King, Gertrude Mitchell (Miss) Union st., Nantucket 

6827JT King, Maria Lyon Flint (Mrs Henry A.) 238 Union st., Springfield 

24046 Kingman, Adelaide E. (Mrs Benjamin F.) Warren 

14122«i Kingman, AUie V. Keith (Mrs Charles H.) 253 Perkins ave., Brockton 

157147) Kingman, Hannah Sawin (Mrs Calvin) Taunton 

4324Z Kingsbury, Ellen Henshaw (Mrs Thomas) 261 Columbus ave., Boston 

20395s Kingsbury, Frances J. (Mrs Willis A.) South Framingham 

22091.B Kingsbury, Laura D. H. (Mrs Isaac F.) West Newton 

19811V Kingsley, Mary Elliott (Mrs Charles) Marlborough 

1714^ Kirkman, Emma Lillian Wilcox (Mrs J. Stuart) 76 Elliott st., Springfield 

19796; Kirtland, Lillian M. B. Clarke (Mrs R. M.) . .15 Paul Gore st., Jamaica Plain 

115556^ Kittredge, Maria T. (Miss) Amherst 

9135i Klous, Cora (Miss) 80 Moreland st., Roxbury 


123016 Kneeland, Harriet J. (Miss) Paradise Eoad, Northampton 

185661f KnigM, Annie Hale (Miss) High st., New15ury 

12751J Knight, Emma J. (Miss) 80 Moore st., Lowell 

7210^ Knight, Harriet Cook Eells (Mrs Edwin L.) . .50 Buckingham st., Springfield 

18571ilf Knight, Lizzie Sumner (Miss) Newburyport 

11536& Knight, Theodora Irving (Miss) 195 Beacon st., Boston 

5824K Knowles, Alice A. (Mrs Henry M.) Cohasset 

15641fl' Knowles, Mary J. Dickinson (Mrs Charles H.) 66 Pearl st., Springfield 

12695C Knowlton, Annie E. T. (Mrs) 6 Mt. Vernon st., Gloucester 

239421 Kohlrausch, Hannah Augusta (Miss) North Billerica 

20407y Koppmann, Martha Lincoln (Mrs) 112 Brown ave., Koslindale 

14085; Laine, S. Annette Walker (Mrs Oliver W.) 23 St. James ave., Boston 

126980 Lakeman, Annie M. (Miss) Gloucester 

1343510 Lamb, Augusta Towne (Miss) High st., Brookline 

10048J Lambert, Helen Margaret (Miss) 283 Pawtucket st., Lowell 

9625/ Lambert, Sarah G. (Mrs Henry M.) 283 Pawtucket st., Lowell 

149567 Lambert, Elizabeth Frances (Miss) 829 Bridge st., Lowell 

13402/ Lancaster, Mary Maude (Miss) 368 E. Merrimac st., Lowell 

239650 Landy, Mary Eliza Prince (Mrs James) 36 St. Stephen st., Boston 

15715D Lane, Annie Edna (Mrs Oscar C.) 188 Winthrop st., Taunton 

16814; Lane, Grace Marion (Miss) 38 Mead st., Charlestown District, Boston 

141170 Lane, Judith (Mrs) Annisquam, Gloucester 

239280 Lane, Mary S. (Mrs Edwin) 2 School st., Gloucester 

7509a? Lane, Sarah Eobb Neal (Mrs Herbert) Woodward st., Waban 

15640fl' Lang, Ada Dickinson (Mrs George D.) 40 Puller Building, Springfield 

22076% Langley, Mary A. (Mrs John E.) Danvers 

175850 Lathe, Leonora Fletcher (Mrs Appleton) 34 Austin st., Cambridg'e 

12730£r Lathrop, Elizabeth Champion (Mrs Paoli) West Springfield 

15596; Laughton, Marie Ware (Miss) .Pierce Building, Boston 

15595; .Laughton, Sarah Elizabeth (Miss) Wellsley Hills 

9127i Laurence, Gertrude (Miss) 92 Moreland st., Eoxbury 

5801& Lavalle, Alice Cornelia Johnson (Mrs John) 123 Marlborough st., Boston 

14634& Lawrence, Elizabeth Prescott (Miss) Groton 

9129* Lawrence, Grace C. (Miss) 92 Moreland st., Eoxbury 

23424/S' Lawson, Laura Elizabeth (Mrs Eoswell H.) P. O. Box 157, Pepperell 

96287 Lawton, Helen Mack (Mrs Frederick) 213 Pawtucket st., Lowell 

221167' Lawton, Julia A. (Mrs Henry F.) Walnut st.. Fall Eiver 

7209£r Lazelle Eusebia Arnold Billings (Mrs Joshua E.) . . 358 Main st., Springfield 

15684V Leach, Alethea S. (Mrs William) Vineyard Haven 

162510' Leary, Fanny Eussell (Mrs Thomas F.) 30 Wareham st., Medford 

13450* Leavitt, Abbie D. (Mrs Wm. E.) 99 Hancock st., Dorchester 

10532^ Lee, Emma Chloe Carter (Mrs Samuel H.) .106 Wilbraham Eoad, Springfield 

101236 Lee, Emma Dimock (Mrs Samuel W.) Leeds 

10810* Lee, Julia Bassette (Mrs Isaac S.) 33 Forest ave., Lynn 

19799; Leeds, Edith May (Miss) 79 Washington ave., Chelsea 

14989i!!f Leagate, Lizzie F. (Mrs Burton J.) SlOi/g High st., Newburyport 

22118 O Leighton, Ella A. (Miss) 72 Waverley st.. Maiden 

10516 Leighton, Mary A. Kendall (Mrs John C.) 312 Harvard st., Brookline 

9136i Leighton, Sarah T. S. (Mrs Emery D.) 63 Monmouth st.. East Boston 

198500 Leland, Ella A. (Miss) 495 Columbus ave., Boston 

23165L Leland, Emma Browning (Mrs Walter S.) Concord 

192156 Leland, Frances Converse (Mrs Lester) 1 Ealeigh st., Boston 

* Esther Stanley Chapter, Conn. 

'240 . DIEEOTOET, D. A. E. 

33 Leland, Mary Granger (Miss) , Fall Eiver 

192600 Leland, Mary L. (Mrs Edmund F.) 495 Columbus ave., Boston 

16838r Lenox, Calphurnia Briggs (Mrs Wm. M.) North Adams 

12220p Leonai'd, Caroline J. (Mrs Henry A.) 499 Lebanon st., Melrose 

11124t Lewis, Emma Eiddle (Mrs Walter C.) HaverKill 

4556X Lewis, Lucy (Miss) Hingham 

7170Q Lewisson, Sarah Lowrey (Mrs Walter U.) 215 Newbury st., Boston 

4554ir Lincoln, Anna F. (Mrs Francis H.) Hingham 

18565ir Lincoln, Damietta Clapp (Miss) Hingham 

19845TO Lincoln, Fannie M. (Miss) Brockton 

:21548iti Lincoln, Isabelle (Mrs Edwin H.) 132 Summit ave., Brookline 

162770 Lincoln, Jeannie Woodbury (Mrs Annes A.) Wollaston 

8464f7 Lincoln, Mabel W. Goodwin (Mrs Wm. A.) Hall Park, Medford 

9655^ Lincoln, Mary (Mrs Ernest W.) Hingham 

48695: Lincoln, Mary Eliot (Miss) Hingham 

141230 Lincoln, Mary Knight (Miss) .44 Mt. Everett st., Dorchester District, Boston 

16918TO Lincoln, Olive Hemans Leonard (Mrs Charles B.) 66 Green st., Brockton 

6824jff Lincoln, Sarah Converse Flynt (Mrs Wm. A.) 265 Union st., Springfield 

141160 Lindberg, Ella A. (Mrs John L.) Brockport 

150090 Lindsey, Frances Dickinson (Mrs Joseph B.) Amherst 

24673fc Litchfield, Florine Isadore (Mrs Wilbur F. S.) Sewell st.. Revere 

13453f Little, Cora Amelia (Miss) 78 Tremont st., Lawrence 

13442ilf Little, Eliza Adams (Miss) Little's Lane, Newbury 

14550ilf. Little, Fanny Gray (Mrs Henry B.) 215 High st., Newburyport 

10536 Little, Julia Augusta (Miss) 317 Dartmouth st., Boston 

23978Q Little, Mary Alice (Miss) 6 Melville ave., Dorchester 

14998ilf Little, Sarah Agnes (Mrs Edward F.) .* Little's Lane, Newbury 

17603r Littlefield, Ada Morse (Miss) Kellogg st., Fall Eiver 

16254m Littlefield, Edna Georgiana (Miss) Brockton 

23951iV Littlefield, Evelyn Greene (Mrs) 321 Broadway, Somerville 

16253m Littlefield, Hettie Eussell Austin (Mrs George F.) Brockton 

.24684ilf Littlefield, Lora A. (Mrs James C.) 34 Babcock st., Brookline 

24676^ Livermore, Mary Ashton Eice (Mrs Daniel P.) W. Emerson st., Melrose 

22061i Livermore, Mary Griswold (Mrs Chas. C.) 45 Garden st., Cambridge 

119361 Livingston, Ethel (Miss) 77 Livingston ave., Lowell 

15592i Locke, Caroline Stevens (Mrs John F.) 13 Elmont st., Dorchester 

IOO682; Locke, Carrie E. Bent (Mrs Irving Box 95, East Lexington 

20392?! Locke, Ella L. Wright (Mrs Frank O.) Fairmount st., Waltbam 

•210220 Locke, Ellen Allen (Mrs) 18 Estes st., Lynn 

221110 Locke, Emma Perkins Boylston (Mrs E. F.) 39 Brooks st., West Medford 

84240 Locke, Florence Mary Dyer (Mrs Charles A.) . .Hammond st., Chestnut Hill 

10549r Locke, Mary Learned (Miss) 2123 Highland ave.. Fall Eiver 

175840 Lockhart, Leonora Meriam (Mrs Benjamin A.) 15 Ellery st., Cambri3ge 

23953iV Lombard, Elisabeth Almeda (Miss) 29 Common st., Boston 

23413a? Lombard, Lucy S. (Mrs Nathan C.) 259 Prospect st., Cambridge 

5817j^ Long-, AgTies (Mrs John D.) Hingham 

•.20420TF Longley, Abbie L. (Miss) Easthampton 

10077L Loomis, Marian Fitch (Mrs Elihu G.) Bedford 

16249(7 Loomis, Mary Bella (Mrs Charles H.) 49 Oakland st., Medford 

110495 Loomis, Mary Shepard (Mrs Frank N.) 14 Spring st., Westfield 

15594/ Loring, Fannie Isabel (Miss) .1 Essex st., Charlestown 

t Molly Stark Chapter, N. H. 


10054Z Loring, Mary H. (Mrs Charles G.) 1 Mt. Lemon Place, Boston 

1625017 Loring, Sarah Olive (Mrs Freeman A.) 80 Harvard ave., W. Medford 

3666L Lothrop, Harriett Milford Stone (Mrs Daniel) Concord 

19806e Loud, Lucie J. (Miss) 35 Harrison ave., Northampton 

3414Z Loud, Mary Oakes (Mrs Andrew^ J.) 437 Shawmut ave., Boston 

12791 J' Lovejoy, Abby May (Miss) Wren st.. West Eoxbury 

175830 Lovejoy, Pauline Sewall (Mrs) 283 Broadway, Somervflle 

156230 Lovell, Ida Emma (Mrs L. P.) Oakham 

17536y Lovell, Lucinda W. (Mrs John P.) East Weymouth 

5125^: Lovett, Mary Ellen (Miss) Hingham 

11543* Lovett, Sophia Parker (Mrs Joshua) 504 Warren st., Roxbury 

12728^ Lowe, Bethiah Giddings (Mrs Daniel) 7 Paulding st., Eoxbury 

15716Z) Lowell, Cornelia Prime (Mrs Francis C.) 159 Beacon st., Boston 

12682Z Lowell, Eebeeca Russell (Miss) 140 Beacon st., Boston 

204217 Luce, Cordelia Dunham (Mrs) Tisbury 

198437 Luce, Mary Cleveland (Mrs Lyman H.) Vineyard Haven 

13445ilf Lunt, Grace Weston (Miss) 5 Essex st., Newburyport 

10029S: Lunt, Lizzie Wilder (Mrs Wm. W.) Hingham 

15717Z) Luscombe, Adeline B. (Mrs) , North Raynham 

4545Z Lyman, Annie (Miss) 14 Walnut st., Bostort 

30251? Lyman, Martha L. Branch (Mrs Edward E.) Greenfield 

8737* Lyman, Mary Grace (Mrs Jesse P.) Ashl)y 

12723f Lyon, Arvest Bailey (Mrs Charles A.) 278 Methuen st., Lawrence 

12724f Lyon, Maiide Winifred (Miss) 41 Lincoln st., Lawrence 

115690 Lyons, Grace Lora Goodrich (Mrs George E.) 39 High st., Greenfield 

10082i McCandlish, Elizabeth (Mrs John) 239 West Newton st., Boston 

17533i McCandlish, Mary Lord Jones (Mrs James) Willard st., Newton 

5771F McClean, Martha Ely M. (Mrs Alexander S.) 40 Bliss st., Springfield 

192485 McClench, Katherine H. (Mrs W. W.) 302 Springfield st., Chicopee 

14086/ McCutcheon, Abbie J. (Miss) 6 Dexter Row, Charlestown 

100457 McDaniels, Martha C. Walker (Mrs Walter H.) . .437 E. Merrimac st., Lowell 

11926a? McDonald, Edith Sprague (Mrs Norman) Whittier st., Cambridge 

239327" MacGowan, Rose Crane (Mrs Joseph J.) West Roxbury 

162327 McKay, Henrietta Maitland (Mrs David) Campbell st.. New Bedford 

215226 Mackay, Pauline (Miss) 218 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

11585T Mackenzie, Caroline E. B. (Mrs) 183 Belmont st., Fall River 

9110O McKenzie, Clema Davis (Mrs William N.) 90 Middle st., Gloucester 

23433aft McLaughlin, Mary Bacon (Mrs Charles C.) Watertown 

16492t MacMurray, Annie Moies (Mrs John C.) 33 Oak ave., Worcester 

39702 McMurtrie, Louisa Gould (Mrs Horace) 170 Marlborough st., Boston 

87806 McMurtrie, Lucretia Ellis (Miss) 170 Marlborough st., Boston 

87816 McMurtrie, Mary Gould (Miss) 170 Marlborough st., Boston 

156710 McNaught, Gertrude Wentworth (Mrs William W.) Dedham 

146165' McNeil, Stella Wells (Mrs James B.) 26 School st., Holyoke 

11586p MacQuinn, Josephine Putnam (Mrs Wm. U.) 9 Gould st., Wakefield 

20975a Macy, Lydia H. (Miss) Pleasant st., Nantucket 

12300e Maltby, Elizabeth Marshall (Miss) Elm st., Northampton 

15579m Mauley, Ellen (Miss) Brockton 

15578TO Manley, Mary Packard (Mrs Milo) Brockton 

14949f Mann, Caroline (Mrs Reuben) 223 Essex st., Lawrence 

9122i Mann, Martha Elizabeth F. (Mrs Benj. H.)..2 Commonwealth ave., Boston 
1Q912U Manning, Asaphene De Firgail (Mrs Edward D.) 37 Forest st., Medford 

* Chicago Chapter, 111. f Pautucket Chapter, R. I. 

242 DIEBCTOKY, D. A. R. 

ISOSOv Manning, Hattie M. (Mrs Edward L.) 60 Highland st., Marlborough 

21532V Manning, Ruth Emerson (Miss) 60 Highland st., Marlborough 

9073a; Manson, Eliza Emerson Vance (Mrs T. L.) 46 Concord ave., Cambridge 

9077a? Manson, Elizabeth Emerson (Miss) 46 Concord ave., Cambridge 

9076a? Manson, Hannah Lincoln (Miss) 46 Concord ave., Cambridge 

22760aa March, Josephine M. (Mrs. Stillman P.) 97 Mt. Auburn st., Watertown 

175372/ March, Marietta S. (Miss) 75 Howard ave., Eoxbury 

10003 Markee, Abby Sophia (Mrs William A.) Boston 

18588y Marr, Jennie Louise Estes (Mrs W. E.) 986 Plymouth ave.. Fall River 

68265" Mar,sh, Cynthia Ella Richer (Mrs Oliver) 145 Spring st., Springfield 

18032F Marsh, Ida Bissell (Mrs John F.) 59 Maple st., Springfield 

158811 Marsh, Jane Catharine (Miss) 145 "Spring st., Springfield 

17546jff Marsh, Marj"- Louise (Mrs Henry E.) 96 Summer ave., Springfield 

15580m Marshall, Harriet A. (Mrs George R.) East Whitman 

:23017J Marshall, Helen Phebe Wood (Mrs George K.) Millville 

210240 Marshall, Jane B. (Mrs) 22 Magazine st., Cambridge 

162181 Marshall, Lucy Elizabeth (Mrs Eben R.) Chelmsford 

14923s Marshall, Mary E. (Mrs Isaac N.) South Framingham 

19289 Martin, Emma Frances (Miss) 53 Chestnut Hill ave., Birghton 

175545" Martin, Ethel Louise (Miss) 853 Main st., Springfield 

619 Martin, Frances Coifin (Mrs) 27 Dudley st., Boston 

14535/ Martin,Mary Brimblecour (Mrs Alexander) 870 Beacon st., Boston 

18595Z7 Martin, Mary D. (Mrs Pearl) 26 Oakland st., Bedford 

18562-?; Martin, Susan Sophia S. Shepard (Mrs N. H.) . .383 Lincoln st., Marlborough 

"239301) Mason, Emma Louise Scaver (Mrs Chas. M.) 134 Winthrop st. , Taunton 

8920* Mason, Lois Anna Allyn (Mrs Dwight L.) Winchendon 

5809& Mason, Marion Steedman (Mrs) 265 Clarendon st., Boston 

8232m Masury, Evelyn Fellows (Mrs Charles H.) Danvers 

24688iV" Mathews, Crissie Ahusta (Miss) 43 Eastern ave., Lynn 

23949iV" Mathews, Mary Ann (Miss) 102 Chandler st., Boston 

21001to May, Eleanor Goddard (Miss) "The Ludlow," Boston 

;22743i2 May, Emily Ophelia Dewey (Mrs Henry B.) Lee 

14974^ Mayhew, Annie Fisher (Miss) Edgartown 

21557£? Mayhew, Clara (Miss) Edgartown 

21558B Mayhew, Eunice Gardner (Miss) Edgartown 

■15718D Maynadier, Mary West Wright (Mrs James E.) Taunton 

19847c Maynard, Agnes Woodberrj'- (Mrs Everett A.) 22 Forster st., Somerville 

22052c Maynard, Caroline Lovell Wood (Mrs A. S.) . . . . 14 Greenville st., Somervile 

22104lf Maynard, Harriet Newell (Mrs John A.) 45 Olive st., Newburyport 

203856 Maynard, Mary Bailey Clement (Mrs Charles A.) Elm st., Northampton 

210230 Maynard, Mary Sprague Thomas (Mrs E. F.) . .1413 Washington st., Boston 

96535 Mayo, Julia Cornelia Billings (Mrs Alfred N.) 151 Maple st., Springfield 

6185Z Mead, Henrietta M. (Miss) HingEam 

618&K Mead, Mary (Miss) Hingham 

7511aa Mead, Mary Dearborn (Mrs Julian A.) Watertown 

9092J Meigs, Sarah Maria (Mrs J. Vincent, Jr.) Lowell 

10512Jr Melcher, Abby Ripley (Mrs Charles C.) Water st., Hingham 

22092S Melvin, Clara M. (Mrs James C.) West Newton 

6195L Melvin, Edith (Miss) Concord 

700 Mendenhall, Susan Allen (Mrs T. C.) ... .Polytechnic Institute, Worchester 

156250 Merchant, Charlotte Estelle (Mrs George E.) 33 Eastern ave., Gloucester 

2317.6/8' Meriam, Helen Matilda Gage (Mrs) Pepperell 

* Faith Trumbull Chapter, Coun. t Woonsocket Chapter, R. I. 

t Vassar College Chapter, N. Y. 


168016 Merriam, Caroline War© (Miss) Weston 

13425Z Merriam, Grace Hall (Miss) Cohasset 

23936ff Merriam, Harriette E. Bronson (Mrs) Cohasset 

16803& Merriam, Jessie (Miss) Weston 

162760 Merriam, Mary Frances (Miss) Middletown 

168026 Merriam, Mary Lovering- (Miss) Nahant 

15227i<' Merrick, Grace Bell Latimer (Mrs F. W.) Park Terrace, W. Koxbury 

23425S Merrill, Annetta Shipley (Miss) Pepperell 

192547 Merrill, Etta White (Miss) 54 Highland st., Lowell 

192537 Merrill, Lena Theresa (Miss) 54 Highland st., Lowell 

18497; Merrill, Martha Sophia Sinclair (Mrs S. M.) "The Majestic," Brookline 

14928s Metcalf, Adaline (Mrs George S.) Framignham Centre 

14929s Metcalf, Irene (Miss) Framingham 

22039a Mildrane, Sarah E. Hallett (Mrs Frank B.) Nantucket 

16902Z Miles, Elizabeth T. Wright (Mrs Henry A.) Hingham 

9606W Miller, Dorcas Chapin (Miss) Easthampton 

1168p Miller, Ida Farr (Mrs Edwin C.) 18 Lawrence st., Wakefield 

227357 Miller, Lillian Maxwell (Mrs George N.) 75 Howard st., Lowell 

91406^ Mills, Jane Hubbell (Mrs George F.) Amherst 

34215" Mills, Martha M. (Miss) , 88 Spring st., Springfield 

4581m Milner, Abby A. (Mrs Joseph H.) 27 Union Park, Boston 

11032it Milton, Jennie Augu,sta (Miss) Danvers 

215475" Miner, Jane Breed (Mrs Frederic E.) 159 Beech st., Holyoke 

165410 Minot, Harriet Gaut (Mrs George S.) 137 Highland ave., Somerville 

204117) Monroe, Elizabeth N. (Mrs Francis) 59 Winthrop st., Taunton 

204107) Montg-omery, Isadore Luella (Mrs John F.) Taunton 

145491f Moody, Sarah Inez (Mrs Joseph E.) 118 High st., Newburyport 

156700 Mooers, Frances Weston (Mrs Albion K.) . .3 Pleasant Place, Cambridgeport 

23903i Moore, Alice Rogers (Mrs Frederick P.) 12 Ash St. Place, Cambridge 

100467 Moore, Faustina Maria Whithead (Mrs Walter T.) 21 Belmont st., Lowell 

9141 Moore, Mary Eliza (Miss) 26 Rutland Square, Lowell 

15652/ Moore, Minnie E. (Mrs Frank R.) . .16 Dickerman Road, Newton Highlands 

9100^ Morgan, Ellen F. (Miss) Danvers 

14902// JNforgan, Hannah Brooks (Mrs Justin) Tolland 

6743* Morgan, Mary Eleanor Williams (Mrs Stokeley). .10 Rockland st., Roxbury 

231720 Morrell, Rosa M. (Miss) 247 Fairmount ave., Hyde Park 

16815; Morrill, Fanny E. (Mrs Thomas B.) 8 Monument Square, Charlestown 

41455" Morris, Alice Amelia (Miss) Monson 

41465 Morris, Louise (Miss) Monson 

43675 Morris, Louise Jeannette B. (Mrs Edward F.) Monson 

16233y Morris, Nellie M. (Mrs) 140 Walnut st., Neponsett, Boston 

967^ Morrison, Emily Marshall (Mrs John H.) 44 Brimmer st., Boston 

175870 Morrison, Louisa Ann Lombard (Mrs Charles Ira) . . 29 Common st., Boston 

10069L Morse, A. Amelia (Mrs William F.) Concord 

1687177 Morse, Abigail Daggett Butler (Mrs George L.) Edgartown 

13368i Morse, Ella J. (Mrs Albert H.) 428 Marlborough st., Boston 

19288 Morse, Frances Clary (Miss) 57 Chatham st., Worcester 

2041477 Morse, Harriet Jenks (Miss) Edgartown 

24713 Morse, Helen Josephine (Mrs John H.) Methuen 

21584aa. Morse, Julia Fletcher (Mrs Luther B.) Watertown 

84965 Morse, Lelia Maria (Miss) 45 Church st., Springfield 

18510p Morse, Lillian Kimball (Miss) 32 Myrtle st., Melrose 

* Dolly Madison Chapter, D. C. 

244 DIE.BCTOKY, D. A. E. 

175860 Morse, Louise G. Barrett (Mrs Charles H.) Windsor Eoad, Brookline 

19225^ Morse, Sarah E. G. (Mrs George L.) 32 Myrtle st., Melrose 

156185 Morton, Alice (Miss) West Newton 

149097 Morton, Anne (Miss) 487 Kock st., Fall Eiver 

12701? Morton, Emily C. (Mrs James. M.) 487 Eock st., Fall Eiver 

13882i Morton, Laura A. Ives (Mrg Andrew M.) Chestnut Hill ave., Boston 

8446.Z Moseley, Charlotte Augusta (Miss) "The Tudor," Beacon st., Boston 

2329H Moseley, Clara Moseley (Mrs Thomas B.) Westfleld 

7199& Moseley, Katharine Prescott (Miss) Newburyport 

12785jP Mosman, Annie Lester Hyde (Mrs W. A.) . .Park St. Extension, W. Eoxbury 

1811.^ Motley, Eleanor Warren (Mrs Thomas, Jr.) 87 Marlborough st., Boston 

12729* Mott, Ellen B. L. (Mrs Frederic) 21 New st.. East Boston 

18567i¥ Mulliken, Sarah Elizabeth (Miss) 46 High st., Newburyport 

9610TF Munn, Susie Belle Bosworth (Mrs George L.) Easthampton 

22053c Munroe, Annie Maria (Miss) 91 Washington st., SomerviTle 

22715y Munroe, Bertha A. (Miss) 4 Eockland Place, Eoxbury 

16854a? Munroe, Edith Louise (Miss) 28 Warren ave., Somerville 

4140L Munroe, Eliza (Miss) Concord 

71856 Munroe, Ellen Lunt (Miss) 212 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

10062Z Mimroe, Elmina (Miss) ! Lexington 

10064Z Munroe, Helen Hilger Gookin (Mrs Wm. K.) Lexington 

231612/ Munroe, Lucy E. Towne (Mrs Emery H.) 28 Warren ave., Somerville 

4141L Munroe, Mary (Miss) Concord 

10056.^ Munroe, Mary Alice (Miss) Lexington 

18021* Munroe, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Samuel T.) Winthrop st., Winthrop 

2042217 Munroe, S. Jennie D. (Mrs Eussell) Vineyard Haven 

1744^ Mutell, Lucy Cordelia (Mrs C. W.) Springfield 

10060.Z Muzzey, Susan Wood (Miss) Lexington 

185211/ Nash, Anna Morton (Miss) South Weymouth 

210260 Nash, Martha Araminta (Miss) 427 Broadway, Cambridge 

15611a? Nash, Nellie Munro (Mrs Nathaniel C.) 23 Craigie st., Cambridge 

14127W Nash, Susan W. S. (Mrs) 14 Auburn st., BrookTine 

18022* Nay, Almena (Miss) 19 Bennington st., East Boston 

7830/ Neale, Maria M. (Mrs Elisha J.) 11 Fort Hill ave., Lowell 

8788r Neill, Mary Jane (Mrs Joseph 0.) 975 Plymouth ave.. Fall Eiver 

6435/ Nesmith, Florence Hildreth (Mrs) Thomas) Lowell 

16219/ Nesmith, Hildreth (Miss) Park st., Lowell 

2185ff Nesmith, Leonora S. Pendleton (Mrs Benjamin I.) Wilbrahara 

68i2/ Nesmith, Mary (Miss) Lowell 

23914^) Nesmith, Mary Louisa (Mrs Charles I.) Eeading 

162780 Newcomb, Nancy J. (Mrs James) .90 Myrtle st., Boston 

9123 Newcomb, Eose Prioleau (Mrs Frank H.) Hotel Oxford, Boston 

1987(7 Newell, Carrie Augusta Eust (Mrs G. E.) 9 Hovey st., Gloucester 

59195" Newell, Hatie Chapin (Miss) 54 Carew st., Springfield 

13397/' Newhall, Florence A. (Miss) 26 Blagden St., Boston 

21552// Newhall, Josephine Merritt (Mrs William E.) Wilbraham 

1692372 Newton, Emily Stevenson (Mrs William W.) 78 East st., Pittsfield 

10137* Newton, Nellie Marie (Miss) Lincoln 

19844? Nichols, Caroline Frances (Miss) Cohasset 

11550i Nichols, Lucy (Mrs Edward H.) Copley Square Hotel, Boston 

19800; Nickerson, Mary Luella (Mrs E. D.) 16 Frothingham ave., Charlestown 

48735 Niles, Harriet Elizabeth (Mrs Horace L.) 207 N. Main st., Springfield 

* Buffalo Chapter, N. Y. 



24710 Norcross, Edith Janet (Miss) 16 Claremont st., Worcester 

13412/ Norcross, Ellen Grant (Mrs Mcliolas W.) 119 Shuman st., Lowell 

9087/ Norcross, Rebecca Ellen (Miss) 119 Shuman st., Lowell 

24675p Norris, Henrietta Livermore (Mrs John O.) . .20 West Emerson st., Melrose 

148937 Norris, Martha Daggett (Mrs Howes) Cottage City 

13383i Norman, Elizabeth H. (Miss) 5 Highland Place, Roxbury 

5927$ Norman, Florence Sprague (Mrs L. J. St. A. L.) 62 Cypress st., Brookline 

16936 Norton, Clara Ida Coots (Mrs Gustavus A., Jr.) 55 Heard st., Chelsea 

16239F Norton, Edith Evelyn (Miss) '. Vineyard Haven 

14988// Norton, Eliza Adams (Mrs Charles) Edgartown 

185997 Norton, Ellen Maria Vincent (Mrs S. H.) . .Cottage City, Martha's Vineyard 

14976/7 Norton, Lucretia Storms (Mis.s) Edgartown 

148947 Norton, Mary Louisa (Mrs John O.) Tisbury 

14977/7 Norton, Sarah Mayhew (Miss) Edgartown 

17559/ Nourse, Edith Frances (Mrs Franklin) 62 Mount Vernon st., Lowell 

149961f Noyes, Ella Ada (Miss) 12 Essex st., Newburyport 

250377 Nye, Jeannette May (Mis^) Cottage City 

148957 Nye, Leila Clifton (Miss) Cottage City 

19229* Obenhauser, Edith Adelaide BurbanK (Mrs Charles) Jamaica Plains 

12761p Odlin, Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs Charles C.) . .^ Melrose 

22067m Oldham, Katherine Lenist Snell (Mrs George E.) Campello 

5754Q O'Leary, Helen Bartlett (Mrs A.) Summer and Clinton Eoads, Brookline 

15645fl" Orcutt, Emily Louise (Mrs Marcus L.) , Chicopee 

19277J^ Osborn, Sarah G. Kittredge (Miss) 918 Main st., Waltham 

16872/7 Osborne, Laura Frances (Miss) Edgartown 

20383; Osborne, Laura Spaulding Dunbar (Mrs Clifton C.) Cedar ave., Winthrop 

11954* Osgood, Bessie V. (Miss) 1 Stevenson ave., Everett 

12758P Osgood, Emma A. (Mrs Byron A.) Wakefield 

10073/( Osgood, Harriet A. White (Mrs Herman D.) 6 Highland ave., Somerville 

18514* Otis, Clara A. (Miss) 89 Lexington st., E. Boston 

22123aa Otis, Ellen Sophia (Mrs Ward M.) Watertown 

11312t Otis, Ethel Mansfield Eoss (Mrs Walter) 13 Forest ave., Everett 

22124aa Otis, Sarah Hobart (Miss) 100 Mt. Auburn st., Watertown 

14924s Overhiser, Adriana (Mrs John S.) South Framingham 

20455" Owen, Maria L. (Mrs V. L.) 382 Union st., Springfield 

22068m Packard, Harriet J. (Mrs Nathan F.) Brockton 

65405" Packard, Helen Nancy C. (Mrs. John A. A.) 28 Dwight st., Springfield 

215331* Packard, Mary Lord (Miss) 230 La Fayette st., Salem 

17598/2 Paddock, Anna Todd (Mrs Franklin K.) 93 East st., Pittsfield 

185222/ Page, Adelia C. Wait (Mrs Washburn E.) 375 W. 4th st.. South Boston 

8479« Page, Anne (Miss) Dan vers 

19835C7 Page, Annie M. (Mrs Henry R.) 44 Oakland st., Medford 

14995ilf Page, Emily Caroline Wills (Mrs D. P.) 86 High st., Newburyport 

185611; Page, Emma T. Drury (Mrs Ambrose M.) 43 Highland st., Marlborough 

14956f Page, Grace Wallace (Mrs Frederick H.) 5 Kendall st., Lawrence 

12105^ Page, Harriet E. (Mrs Moses S.) 63 Lake ave., Melrose 

12734^ Page, Kate Chase Norcross (Mrs Charles J.) 90 Westland ave., Boston 

11009 Page, Kate Stearns (Mrs Louis C.) 9 Walnut Terrace, Brookline 

21570;Sf Page, Lucy Bancroft (Mrs Walter B.) Pepperell 

19227m Page, Mary Emily (Mrs Ira De Witt) Randolph 

17540/) Paige, Abbie Louise (Miss) 16 N. Pleasant st., Taunton 

* Ashuelet Chapter, N. H. 
t Pittsburg Chapter, Penn. 


X Gaspee Chapter, R. I. 

246 DIEECTOEY, D. A. E. 

leSSSC/ Paige, Bertha Gertrude (Miss) 83 Sharon st., W. Bedford 

16220/ Paige, Betsey Dearborn (Mrs Charles E.) 60 Thorndike st., Lowell 

14087; Paige, Henrietta (Mrs I. Henry) .... Hotel Oxford, Huntington ave., Boston 

17539D Paige, Mary Louisa (Mrs Onias) 16 N. Pleasant st., Taunton 

18542Z) Paige, Nora Lizzie Colby (Mrs Nomus) 74 Winthrop st., Taunton 

9124 Paine, Alice Hsley (Miss) 622 Tremont st., Boston 

6802^ Paine, Julia Bryant (Mrs Charles J.) 87 Mount Vernon st., Boston 

75046 Paine, Lydia Lyman (Miss) 6 Joy st., Boston 

11003J Paine, Mary Adams Small (Mrs Sidney B.) . .195 Morton st., Newton Centre 

21544a; Paine, Mary Woolson (Mrs James L.) 21 Centre st., Cambrrdge 

1076ff Palmer, Clara Skeele (Mrs) Chicopee 

24697S Palmer, Elizabeth Jewett (Miss) Pepperell 

1748ff Palmer, Ellen Frances (Miss) Enfield 

68147 Palmer, Eowena H. (Mrs Charles D.) Lowell 

13419L Palmeter, Khoda M. (Mrs G. D.) Concord 

17561J Parker, Alice C. (Miss) Merrimac House, Lowell 

221422 Parker, Caroline Goodrich (Miss) 117 South st., Pittsfield 

4143/ Parker, Dolly Maria Hildreth (Mrs J. M. G.) Lowell 

19247H Parker, Elizabeth Denison (Mrs F. F.) Chicopee 

14121m Parker, Elizabeth Fqster (Miss) Brockton 

16827* Parker, Emily Ann Goodwin (Mrs Wm. G.) 311 Huntington ave., Boston 

12317 Parker, Fannie Stuart (Mrs Peter P., Jr.) Framingham 

15007L Parker, Frances A. (Miss) Billerica 

19804; Parker, Helen F. Wetherbee (Mrs E. E.) Alton Place, Brookline 

96380 Parker, Jane (Miss) 5 Chestnut st., Gloucester 

1457^ Parker, Laura Wolcott (Mrs Charles H.) 33 Chesnut st., Boston 

4368H Parker, Mary Elliott Cook (Mrs Lewis) 9 King st., Westfield 

7174Q Parker, Mary Jane Schoff (Mrs Charles W.) .228 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

96370 Parker, Nancy (Miss) 5 Chestnut st., Gloucester 

165420 Parker, Sarah E. H. Farmer (Mrs Henry A.) 227 Ashmont st., Dorchester 

25038; Parker, Susan Williams (Mrs) 40 Greenville st., Eoxbury 

234160 Parkhurst, Mamie B. (Miss) 18 Chestnut st., Gloucester 

72145" Parks, Sarah Yiolette Gay lord (Mrs Robert W.) 69 Court st., Westfield 

155886 Parsons, H. Eliza Sears (Mrs Enos) Northampton 

175880 Parsons, Marcia Eola (Mrs M. S.) 348 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

24089* Par,sons, Olive Sewall (Miss) . . * Lowell 

10489i Parsons, Vina Bunton Brackett (Mrs Wm. D.) East Milton 

22069m Partridge, Deborah A. (Miss) Whitman 

22757 Patch, Jennie E. Town^ley (Mrs Henry S.) Shelburne Falls 

48775 Patten, Margaret Armour (Mrs Asa K., Jr.) 210 Maple st., Springfield 

239660 Patten, Mary E. (Miss) 6 Marion Eoad, Watertown 

156720 Paul, Annie P. (Miss) Pierce Place, Dorchester 

175890 Paul, Caroline (Mrs Moses) 27 John st., Chelsea 

140991 Paulint, Catharine (Miss) 317 Westford st., Lowell 

15719D Paull, Abbie Frances Gushee (Mrs John) 12 Berkly st., Taunton 

18684f Payne, Alice Sawyer (Mrs Frederick W.) Chestnut Hill 

51330 Peabody, Eunice Norcross Burgess (Mrs Aug. V.) 45 Auburn st.. Maiden 

175621 Peabody, Florence Sawyer (Miss) 23 Columbus ave., Lowell 

15619^ Peabody, Harriet Avery (Mrs Ellery) Perkins st., West Newton 

96350 Pearce, Katharine Parker (Mrs Fred A.) 100 Prospect st., Gloucester 

11023 Pearl, Octavia Bloomer (Mrs Joshua E.) 257 W Newton st., Boston 

175711^ Pearson, Adelaide E. (Mrs Henry C.) .14 Olmstead st., Jamaica Plain 

* Molly Reid Chapter, N. H. f Margery Sullivan Chapter, N. H. 


23943 Jf Pearson, Annie S. Bacon (Mrs P. H. E.) 2 Summit Place, Newburyport 

23154p Pearson, Hepsibeth Damon (Mrs S. G. Bradley) Eeading 

16198r Pearson, Janet Holton (Mrs Frank P.) 10 Church st.. North Adams 

8453t Pearson, Josie Estelle Sargent (Mrs J. Hiram) 401 Meridan st.. East Boston 

5783e Pearson, Lucy Wright (Mrs Dana 10 Henshaw ave., Northampton 

7496Z Pearson, Margaret G. Solis (Mrs Andrew) Hotel Vendome, Boston 

19822/ Pearson, Phebe Ann Huntoon (Mrs James M.)..210 Pawtucket st., Lowell 

221120 Pease, Ella Gertrude Sweetser (Mrs) 214 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

14958£' Pease, Harriet Marshall (Miss) Edgartown 

14931s Pease, Helen M. (Mrs Walter W.) South Framingham 

17185 Pease, Lauriette Godfrey (Mrs Charles M.) Westfield 

14979jE7 Pease, Maria Thurston (Miss) Edgartown 

18587r Pease, Nellie Florence (Mrs Frank A.) 297 Grove st.. Fall Kiver 

14980S Pease, Sarah Franklyn (Miss) Edgartown 

68056 Peirce, Marion Wentworth (Miss) • 323 Beacon st., Boston 

180361? Peirson, Florence Newman (Mrs Frank E.) 106 Crofut st., Pittsfield 

2156222 Peirson, Mabel L. Wood (Mrs Joseph E.) Dalton 

16213jB Pemberton, M. L. (Mrs H. A.) .Woodland and Pemberton Eoads, Auburndale 

16240M Pender, Lydia L. (Mrs) 75 High st., Newburyport 

14088; Pendergast, Ella Worth (Mrs George H.) 34 Mead st., Charlestown 

21550]? Pepper, Emma S. (Mrs Charles L.) Chicopee Falls 

227361 Perham, Estelle Sophia (Mrs Henry S.) Chelmsford 

15720D Perkins, Caroline Bright (Miss) 95 Weir st., Taunton 

96141* Perkins, Ella Louisa, (Mrs Henry A.) 12 Elm st., Danvers 

14132ilf Perkins, Georgiana Eeed (Miss) 134 State st., Newburyport 

5780Q Perkins, Mary E. (Mrs Frank H.) Main st., Waltham 

134642) Perley, Margaret Howe (Mrs John M.) Richardson ave., Wakefield 

185770 Perry, Catherine Haven (Miss) Sherborn 

21002t(? Perry, Julia Colburn (Miss) Brookline 

19815r Perry, Marie Louise (Mrs Geo. B.) 24 Quincy st., North Adams 

8469it Perry, Martha Putnam (Mrs Wallace P.) Danvers 

7827Z^ Peterson, Alice Fessenden (Mrs Benjamin D., Jr.) Hingham 

16943?* Peterson, Ida B. Bigelow (Mrs Jacob J. S.) 32 Vernon st., Waltham 

16944??. Peterson, Minnie J. Bigelow (Mrs William E.) 16 Lyman st., Waltham 

20417F Philbrick, Carrie Nudd (Miss) 26 Holbrook st., Jamaica Plains 

17163" Phillips, Julia Bowles Alexander (Mrs H. M.) 284 State st., Springfield 

19828D Phillips, Mary Abbie (Mrs Jacob B.) Taunton 

231730 Phipps, Georgiana I. (Mrs Henry M.) 41 Beacon st., Hyde Park 

2349^ Pickering, Mary G. (Mrs Henry) 1 Otis Place, Boston 

84226 Pierce, Almira N. (Mrs George F.) Oak ave., Eochester 

12100Q Pierce, Antoinette L. (Mrs George F.) 835 Adams st., Dorchester 

16870^7 Pierce, Chloe McLellan (Mrs John) Edgartown 

10935 Pierce, Elizabeth F. (Miss) 64 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

90826 Pierce, Katherine Collamore (Miss) 474 Beacon st., Boston 

10089* Pierce, Louisa L. (Mrs Peter W.) 6 School st., Brookline 

1167 Pierce, Mary F. (Mrs Charles W.) 64 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

10088i Pierce, May L. (Miss) 6 School st., Brookline 

16892H Pierce, Nancy Wetmore Shepard (Mrs Chas. A.).. 86 Franklin st., Westfield 
141110 Pike, Maria Avery Daniels (Mrs Alvah) Shattiickville 

9615m Pike, Mary Stratton (Mrs James) Sylvan st., Peabody 

22709m Piper, Lizzie French (Mrs Edward) Eandolph 

127862^ Piper, Mary F. (Mrs Harry C.) Westover st., West Eoxbury 

175340 Piper, S. Lizzie (Mrs Benjamin C.) 26 Bellevue st., Dorchester 

248 DIEECTOET, D. A. E. 

20381; Place, Annie Julia (Miss) 327 Highland ave., Somerville 

15723Z) Place, Elizabeth Strange (Mrs William T.) Taunton 

8493/ Plaisted, Olive Ellen (Miss) 56 Franklin st., Lowell 

141152^ Plumb, Caroline A. Perry (Mrs Joseph D.) 175 Highland st., Eoxbury 

175761/ Plumer, Laura Jane (Miss) Newbury 

17577ilf Plumer, Maria Storer (Miss) Newbury 

1759972 Plunkett, Kate Crane (Mrs George T.) .Hinsdale 

14106/ Pollard, Martha M. (Mrs Arthur G.) 110 Mansur st., Lowell 

72113" Pomeroy, Angeline P. Terry (Mrs Eobert S.) 198 Carew st., Springfield 

1860122 Pomeroy, Louise Crane Eichards (Mrs Theodore L.) Pittsfield 

21527«i, Pool, Lydia Lane (Mrs Elias) Eockland 

3972^ Poor, Agnes (Miss) Walnut st., Brookline 

3973Z Poor, Lucy T. (Miss) Walnut st., Brookline 

19240W Poor, Mary Wild (Mrs Henry V.) 389 Walnut st., Brookline 

8481« Pope, Harriet Putnam (Miss) Danvers 

9083& Porter, Edith Elise (Miss) 5 Arlington st., Boston 

8471tt Porter, Ella Jacobs Tapley (Mrs Joseph P.) Danvers 

4972^ Porter, Frances Wentworth (Mrs Alex. S.) 22 Brimmer st., Boston 

5298* Porter, Harriet Downs (Mrs B. W.) 83 Institution ave., Newton Centre 

16804& Porter, Hortense I. (Miss) 5 Arlington St., Boston 

18017r Porter, Jeanne Perry (Miss) 67 Church st., North Adams 

67936 Porter, Katharine Gushing (Miss) 22 Brimmer st., Boston 

169060 Porter, Maria Stocker (Mrs Charles) Lynn 

2274472 Porter, Mary E. (Miss) 98 Union st., Pittsfield 

51306 Porter, Mary Otis (Miss) 22 Brimmer st., Boston 

110346 Porter, Eosamond (Miss) 5 Arlinglon st., Boston 

16196r Porter, Sarah Anne Cooledge Perry (Mrs W. P.) .67 Church st.. North Adams 

162790 Post, Loretta Moe (Mrs) 15 Gushing- ave., Dorchester 

9126i Potter, Annie Louise (Miss) Copley Square Hotel, Boston 

21586aa Potter, Daisy G. (Mrs William H.) Watertown 

10503i Potter, Louise M. (Miss) 768 Dudley st., Dorchester 

10o02i Potter, Mildred Grace (Miss) 768 Dudley st., Dorchester 

14932s Power, Susan Huntington (Mrs T. F.)..102 Walnut st.. South Framingham 

8478m Powers, Harriet Turner (Mrs Ernest J.) Danvers 

17493 Powers, Ida Clark (Mrs Frank B. ..) 139 Spring st., Springfield 

14483 Powers, Lilian Palmer (Mrs Lewis J., Jr.) 4 Mattoon st., Springfield 

17453 Powers, Martha Bangs (Mrs Lewis J.) 116 Pearl st., Springfield 

14937s Praag, Grace W. Coolidge (Mrs) South Framingham 

239265 Pratt, Ellen E. (Mrs Lucius G.) 73 Highland st.. West Newton 

10798t Pratt, Ellen Leora (Miss) 25 Dow st., Eoxbury 

220456 Pratt, Emily Frances (Miss) 319 Beacon st., Boston 

21572Z Pratt, Frances Emily (Mrs Elliott W.) 319 Beacon st., Boston 

13427? Pratt, Isabel (Miss) Cohasset 

17573 J Pratt, Jennie Woodman (Mrs Abner K.) 29 Gibbs st., Newton Centre 

16211B Pratt, Josephine Alexander Stewart (Mrs Alfred S.) West Newton 

21536* Pratt, Eebecca (Mrs Samuel) 481 Washington ave., Chelsea 

105IZ Pratt, Sarah Minot (Mrs George L.) 127 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

3593i Prentiss, Emma Catherine (Mrs) 51 Erie st., Cambridgeport 

15722Z) Presbrey, Fannie Sherman (Mrs William L.) Taunton 

19801/ Prescott, Fanny Hobart (Miss) "University Press," Cambridge 

127777^ Prescott, Maria Beardslee (Miss) Bolyston Terrace, Jamaica Plain 

185780 Preston, Mary E. (Mrs) 218 Washington ave., Chelsea 

* Sarah Riggs Humphrey Chapter, Conn. t Narragansett Chapter, R. I. 


198121; Priest, Genevieve Lockvs^ood M. (Mrs W. E.) . . .19 Norvs^ood st., Marlborougli 

•21585aa Priest, Mabel Eaton (Miss) 9 Eiverside st., Watertown 

11020* Prince, Annie Emelia Gould (Mrs John) 17 T\Tiite st., East Boston 

198056 Prindle, Elizabeth Strong- Smith (Mrs J. H. S.) . .250 Main st., Northampton 

239790 Pringle, Hannah Elizabeth Friend (Mrs James) "The Tudor," Boston 

10026C Procter, Florence C. (Mrs Joseph 0.) 8 Hovey st., Gloucester 

9111(7 Procter, Geneva W. S. (Mrs William A.) 4 Conant st., Gloucester 

9108(7 Procter, Mary Melissa Rice (Mrs Francis) 16 Procter st., Gloucester 

21027O Prouty, Almira J. (Mrs Lorenzo) 65 Belling-ham st., Chelsea 

^10'36?7 Pufeer, Caroline Elizabeth Coffin (Mrs Alvin D.) 203 High st., Medford 

23927B Puffer, Mary J. (Mrs Dexter E.) 198 Mt. Vernon st.. West Newton 

8776« Putnam, Betsey (Miss) Danvers 

22722X Putnam, Harriet Lowell (Mrs George) 488 Beacon st., Boston 

168501* Putnam, Helen Preston (Mrs Webster F.) Danvers 

120921* Putnam, Lena May (Miss) Tapleyville 

9098m Putnam, Lucy Frances (Miss) 14 Elm st., Danvers 

8474m Putnam, Mary Bishop (Miss) Danvers 

16849m Putnam, Mary Whittier (Mrs Daniel F.) Danvers 

14899^ Pyne, Desire Norman (Mrs Thomas) Agawam 

1052Z Quincy, Mary Adams (Mrs Henry P.) 452 Beacon st., Boston 

:221130 Quincy, Mary Caroline Sweetser (Mrs G. H.) 214 Comomnwealth ave., Boston 

16817/ Eandall, Clara Elizabeth (Miss) Huntington ave., Boston 

148967 Eandall', Louise H. (Mrs William M.) Vineyard Haven 

16816; Eandall, Mary Thomas (Miss) Huntington ave., Boston 

18023* Eanlett, Belle Norton (Mrs George T.) Trenton st.. East Boston 

17654J Eanlett, Berneice Durant (Miss) 353 Wilder st., Lowell 

17563 J Eanlett, Elizabeth A. (Mrs Orrin B.) 353 Wilder st., Lov^ell 

15620B Eanlett, Ellen Brown Peirce (Mrs Seth A.) West Newton 

19829D Eanney, Margaret E. (Mrs David F.) Eaynham 

15884* Eay, Eleanor Knapp (Miss) Franklin 

23422J?' Eaymond, Abbie Hastings (Mrs George P.) 4 Brewer st., Jamaica Plain 

14133^ Eaymond, Alice B. (Miss) South Weymouth 

6809a? Eaymond, Anna Lovejoy (Mrs Wiliam H.) 1087 Beacon st., Brookline 

20412JD Eaymond, Damaris (Miss) Old Ladies' Home, Taunton 

13384* Eaymond, Martha L. (Mrs Francis H.) 34 Laurel st., Somerville 

15621S Eaymond, Mary Porter (Mrs Freeburn F.) Newtonville 

20976a Eaymond, Sarah Coffin Codd (Mrs Frederick S.) Nantucket 

4152^ Eayner, Mary D. Hall (Mrs James E.) 45 Elliott st., Springfield 

2428 J Eaynes, Marietta French (Mrs Harry) Lowell 

9649?' Eead, Marion Hathaway Thurston (Mrs Louis N.) . .316 Bank st., Fall Elver 

.2156312 Eead, Martha C. (Mrs F. F.) Pittsfleld 

141361/ Eead, May Sanders Tower (Mrs Arthur E.) 74 Walnut st., Somervlile 

41427 Eead, Eowena Hildreth (Mrs Henry) Lowell 

24516f Eead, Sarah Fuller (Mrs William) 47 Cypress st., Brookline 

14217 Eeade, Emilie T. (Mrs Harry) 871 Lakeview ave., Lowell 

14917s Eeed, Annie E. Johnson (Mrs George A.) Saxonville 

•227377 Eeed, Carrie E. White (Mrs Arthur E.) Chelmsford 

16840r Eeed, Cherrie Eliza (Mrs Joseph P.) North Adams 

13386i Eeed, Clara Baldwin (Mrs Nathan H.) 35 Pearl st., Somerville 

21534m Eeed, Cornelia H. (Miss) 75 Ocean st., Dorchester 

5917^^ Eeed, Elizabeth Clarke (Miss) 298 Union st., Springfield 

5755Q Eeed, Helen Maria (Mrs Josiah) South Weymouth 

*Vassar College Chapter, N. Y. t Elizabeth Clarke Hull Chapter, Conn. 

250 DIEECTOEY, D. A. E. 

91090 Eeed, Jennie P. G. (Mrs Wilmot A.) 12 Washington Square, Gloucester 

22119C7 Eeid, Lucy Ann Spurr (Mrs Joshua T.) 208 Kiverside ave., Medford 

127366 Kemick, Ethel Bass (Miss) 300 Marlboroug-h st., Boston 

6191Q Remick, Lucretia Smith (Mrs John A.) 300 Marlboroug-h st., Boston 

127067 Eemington, Mary A. (Mrs Clinton V. C.) 747 High st.. Fall Eiver 

7505& Reynolds, Lucretia Revere (Mrs John P.) • Milton 

11928r Reynolds, Myra Jane Boomer (Mrs Josiah K.) 716 Maple st., Fall River 

15725D Rhodes, Annie Blake Haskins (Mrs Charles M Taunton 

157241) Rhodes, Louisa Leonora Bassett (Mrs George W.) , Taunton 

18503m Rhodes, Mary Emma (Mrs Eben G.) 86 N. Main st., Brockton 

21587ffia Rice, Addie Lucy (Miss) Watertov^^n 

22725J? Rice, Elizabeth (Mrs Richard W.) 17 Holyoke st., Springfield 

2058Z Rice. Elizabeth Garland (Mrs David H.) 2 Wellington Terrace, Brookline 

227235 Rice, Ella M. (Miss) Montclair Road, Waban 

23915r Rice, Josephine Bell (Miss) North Adams 

10500 Rich, Evelyn (Miss) 114 Charles st., Boston 

9075a? Rich, Ruth G. (Miss) 8 Midland st., Dorchester 

16215fl" Richards, Anna W. Protzman (Mrs William J.) . . 299 Chestnut st., Springfield 

156363' Richards, Clara Belle Norcutt (Mrs F. J.) 305 Chestnut st., Springfield 

1011 Richards, Ellen M. Hibbard (Mrs) 35 Monument ave., Charlestown 

17541D Richards, Jane Frances (Mrs Elijah E.) 28 Harrison st., Taunton 

11558a? Richards, Josephine Louise (Mrs Percival D.) y. .West Medford 

15606i Richards, Katharine Whiting (Mrs D. Hammond) Woburn 

12778F Richards, Mary Clapp (Miss) Bellevue st.. West Roxbury 

14148 Richards, Mary Gardner (Miss) Weymouth 

227517 Richards, Mary L. Robinson (Mrs George L.) Prospect st.. Fall River 

8144 Richards, Mary T. Clapp (Mrs Augustus J.) Weymouth 

4156* Richards, Rosalie Decatur Lanman (Mrs Charles C.) . .53 Jasen st., Arlington 

6541 Richards, Susan C. (Miss) Weymouth 

14994ilf Richardson, Alice Maria Arnold (Mrs George W.) 196 Nevs^buryport 

7831/ Richardson, Anna Barbara Sawyer (Mrs Daniel S.) . .150 Nesmith st., Lowell 

72021 Richardson, Caroline A. (Mrs George F.) Lowell 

4541Z Richardson, Ellen Phelps (Mrs Thomas F.) Cohasset 

239562V Richardson, Florence A. Cann (Mrs Harry M.) 8 Warren ave., Reading 

105176 Richardson, Helen Maud (Mrs Charles F.) Way land 

100497 Richardson, Ida A. (Mrs) 213 Branch st., Lowell 

12099* Richardson, Lauraetta Corson (Mrs Chas. A.) . .94 Lexington st.. East Boston 

5768^ Richardson, Lucy Gushing (Mrs James B.) 231 Newbury st., Boston 

8450 Richardson, Margaret W. Peirson (Mrs Maurice H.) . .224 Beacon st., Boston 

58126 Richardson, Marion G. (Miss) 224 Beacon st., Boston 

162830 Richardson, Mary Eliza (Miss) Gardiner 

14934s Richardson, Mary F. (Miss) Framingham 

156750 Richardson, Vesta Hodson (Mrs William E.) 17 Ware st., Cambridge 

17575r Richmond, Hannah Mason Bates (Mrs C. Q.) 25 Church st.. North Adams 

16200r Richmond, M. Ella Bay ley (Mrs Thomas W.) North Adams 

15662r Richmond, Mary Frances (Mrs Andrew A.) North Adams 

141425: Riddle, Mary E. (Miss) Hingham 

119481/ Rideout, Efiie A. Ward (Mrs Frank H.) .Concord Junction 

4559JS: Ripley, Elizabeth H. M. (Mrs Ebed L.) Hingham 

11060ff Ripley, Harriet Jencks Ingorsoll (Mrs C. P. H.) 69 Maple st., Springfield 

2207l7?i Ripley, Isadora (Mrs Walter C.) 121 Walnut st., Brockton 

11548i Ripley, Mary L. (Mrs Frederick) 367 Massachusetts ave., Boston 

* Faith Trumbull Chapter, Conn. 


156333" Eipley, Nellie Kenewah (Miss) Blandford 

71S0Q Elvers, Hannah M. (INIrs Charles C.) 100 Washington st., Chelsea 

9144 J Elvers, Mary (Miss) "The Shag-berks," Milton 

21871$ Eoaclstrand, A. Maude Noble (Mrs Charles J.) Fitchburg 

16173; Eobbins, Annie Gertrude (Miss) 28 Elm st., Charlestown 

1860072 Eobbins, Fanny Goodrich (Mrs Frank A.) Plttsfield 

100672! Eobbins, Henrietta Gaines (Mrs Eli M.) Box 419, Lexington 

141130 Eobbins, Julia Marie (Miss) 42 Convpay st., Greenfield 

. 141140 Eobbins, Lucy Esther (Miss) 42 Conway st., Greenfield 

4155K Eobbins, Mary Caroline (Mrs James H.) Hingham 

84941 Eobbins, Nancy Phillips Hartshorn (Miss) Lowell 

11535& Eoberts, Ada M. (Mrs O. M.) 366 Comomnwealth ave., Boston 

97242) Eoberts, Emma Scott (Mrs George M.) 197 Clifton st.. Maiden 

97292? Eoberts, Virginia Hall (Miss) 197 Clifton st., Mafden 

156740 Eobertson, Lucy Annette Weston (Mrs A.) . .65 Pleasant st., Cambridgeport 

19278ra Eobie, Flora E. (Mrs) 26 Spruce st., Waltham 

13434to Eobinson, Alice Fuller (Mrs Edward S.) Clinton Eoad, Brookline 

16210B Eobinson, Annie Loise (Mrs Joshua D.) West Newton 

23916r Eobinson, Clara Ellen Sanford (Mrs Arthur) 70 Holden st.. North Adams 

20401V Eobinson, Cornelia F. (Mrs Charles F.) 125 Newton st., Marlborough 

9128i Eobinson, Emily Marie (Miss) "The Charlesgate," Beacon st., Boston 

22285" Eobinson, Flavia I. (Mrs Josiah C.) 66 Union st., Westfield 

21589aa Eobinson, Grace (Mrs George F.) 78 Mt. Auburn st., Watertown 

11542 Eobinson, Harriet H. (Mrs William S.) 35 Lincoln st., Maiden 

18543I> Eobinson, Marie Dyer (Miss) 8 Webster st., Taunton 

16881ff Eobinson, Marj^ A. Tucker (Mrs Marcus F.) 46 Byers st., Springfield 

100580 Eobinson, Eebekah Eliza (Mrs) "Darreni," Lexington 

16228"F Eobinson, Sarah Drew (Mrs James B.) Vineyard Haven 

162800 Eobinson, Susan Logan (Mrs Albert B.) 61 Dudley st., Boston 

100570 Eobinson, Theodora Margaret (Miss) "Darreni," Lexington 

3519X Eockwell, Katharine Virginia (Mrs A. P.). .215 Commonwealth ave., Boston 
9080Q Eogers, Catharine Langdon (Miss) . ."The Langham," 23 Blagden st., Boston 

90790 Eogers, Clara Bates (Miss) "The Langham," \22 Blagden st., Boston 

16903Z Eogers, Florence King (Mrs Samuel W.) Hingham 

21588aa Eogers, Harriette E. Britton (Mrs Charles W.) Watertown 

61880 Eogers, Harriot Calef (Mrs Allan) 22 Pleasant st., Gloucester 

19848c Eogers, Helen M. (Miss) 81 Walnut st., Somerville 

16895if Eogers, Judith (Miss) 54 Middle st., Newburyport 

156857 Eogers, Mary E. (Miss) Vineyard Haven 

110170 Eogers, Euth W..(Mrs Thomas O.) 250 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

21012 J Eogerson, Anna Willard (Mrs William B.) Himnewell Terrace, Newton 

84975" Eoot, Helen JVIinerva Brackenridge (Mrs Lewis F.) Court st., Westfield 

162820 Eoot, Julia Eeakirt (Mrs Samuel H.) "The Warren," Eoxbury 

12740e Eoote, Idelle Bothwell (Mrs Clarence B.) Dryad's Green, Northampton 

5037* Eose, Arabella Barlow (Miss) Granville 

110396 Eose, Grace H. Backees (Mrs Henry T.) 74 Bridge st., Northampton 

43585" Eoss, Annie Maria Hill (Mrs Edward L.) Indian Orchard 

156730 Eoss, Attalena Antoinette (Mrs Thomas E.) 114 Brook ave., Eoxbury 

13446ilf Eoss,- Nellie May (Miss) 174 High st., Newburyport 

19794* Eossiter, Josephine L. (Miss) 25 Princeton st., East Boston 

84496 Eotch, Edith Eliot (Miss) ^ . . SO Pond st., Jamaica Plains 

, 23283t Eouk, Alice Pollock (Mrs Frank J.) 13 Belvidere st., Boston 

* Mary Clapp Wooster Chapter, Conn. J Faith Trumbull Chapter, Conn. 

t L,a Crosse Chapter, Wis. 

252 DIEEOTOEY, D. A. E. 

18502 E.owe, Charlotte Eaton Willis (Mrs Edward) 34 Parker st., Chelsea 

7832/ Eowell, Clara Webster (Mrs Edward T.) Lowell 

163810 Royee, Julia M. Lull (Mrs Lorin H.) 20 Boylston st., Jamaica Plains 

22062}?. Royle, Emma C. (Mrs Thomas) 113 Crescent st., Waltham 

3601Q Ruggles, Emmeline (Miss) 24 Charles st., Wakefield 

3600Q Rug-gles, Mary Eosamond (Miss) 24 Charles st., Wakefield 

8432Q Eumrill, Ellen W. (Miss) 74 Dale st., Eoxbury 

8440Q Eumrill, Sarah E. (Miss) 74 Dale st., Eoxbury 

5921Q Euss, Carrie Hale (Mrs Wilis E.) 7 Park Lane, Jamacia Plain, Boston 

23156r Eussell, Anna C. (Mrs George) 10 Church st.. North Adams 

27345 Eussell, Catherine E. (Miss) 407 Marlboro st., Boston 

203940 Eussell, Kate Maria Shumway (Mrs William D.) High st., Turner's Falls 

16199r Eussell, Leslie Josephine (Miss) 10 Church st.. North Adams 

21551fl' Eust, Alice Eliza Sackett (Mrs) 35 Webster ave., Springfield 

231740 Eust, Kate Hobbs (Mrs Henry) "The Bartol," Huntington ave., Boston 

17135 Eust, Minervia B. (Miss) 419 Walnut st., Springfield 

180281/ Eyder, Gertrude Yale (Mrs Godfrey) 321 Pleasant st., Maiden 

11579 Eyder, Vena M. H. (Mrs James F.) Boston 

22078a? Sacker, Mary Elizabeth Munn (Mrs Harker H.) 780 Beacon st., Boston 

15607* Sampson, Lucy Sophia (Miss) 61 Trenton st., East Boston 

175425' Sampson, Nellie Eitchie Cobb (Mrs Henry F.) 61 Sargeant st., Springfield 

10514* Samson, Louisa Emma Sampson (Mrs C. J.).. 60 Trenton st.. East Boston 

22054c Sanborn, Adaline Louise (Miss) 35 Prospect st., Somerville 

11587;^ Sanborn, Fanny Margaret (Miss) 68 Upham st., Melrose 

16820; Sanderson, Edith Eodman (Miss) 27 Adams st., Charleston 

16819/ Sanderson, Martha A. Eodman (Mrs G. A.) 27 Adams st., Charlestown 

127491 Sanford, Elizabeth F. (Miss) 336 E. Merrimac st., Lowell 

149005 Sanford, Harriet Smith (Mrs William Howe) 6 Forest ave., Worcester 

239800 Sanford, Irene Gertrude (Miss) United States Hotel, Boston 

227285 Sanford, Euth Dusenbury (Mrs Edwin L.) Westfield 

2028i Sanford, Sarah E. Page (Mrs.) Boston 

22120Z Sanger, Susan Jewell (Mrs G. P.).. "The Ludlow," Trinity Terrace, Boston 
20404?/ Sargent, Araminta Dormer Gregory (Mrs G. W.) 401 Meridian st., E. Boston 

22072m Sargent, Elizabeth Perkins (Mrs Samuel Aiken) Spring st., Brockton 

150045 Sargent, Ella Ledyard (Mrs D. A.) West Newton 

16920?n Sargent, Helen Frances Cooper (Mrs F. A.) 165 Spring st., Brockton 

23908m Sargent, Lizzie Frances Makepeace (Mrs C. L.) North Eaynham 

9118i Sargent, Louise Peabody (Mrs Eodolphus C.) 128 High st., Medford 

19802; Sargent, Lucy H. (Miss) 290 Broadway, Somerville 

210290 Sargent, Mary E. M. (Mrs Oliver Whittredge) 41 Carmel st., Chelsea 

23414X Sargent, Mary Eobeson (Mrs Charles Sprague) Brookline 

18517a? Saunders, Carrie H. (Miss) 1627 Massachusetts ave., Cambridge 

3975 Saunders, Lucy Titsworth (Mrs Trueman W.) Williamstown, 

11932/ Savage, Mary Caroline Smith (Mrs James Francis) 99 11th st., Lowell 

134530 Sawin, Mary Beal (Mrs William J.) 27 St. James ave., Boston 

14109m Sawyer, Clara Allen (Miss) 11 Eoslyn st., Salem 

9099i( Sawyer, Dorcas Ellen Barnes (Mrs Samuel L.) Danvers 

156780 Sawyer, E. Helen Bryant (Mrs William P.).. 349 Centre st., Jamaica Plain 

14108m Sawyer, Mary Eowell (Miss) 11 Eoslyn st., Salem 

9603W Sawyer, Susie Winslow (Mrs Edmund H.) Easthampton 

6539K Scaife, Helen Amelia (Mrs Lawriston L.) Hingham 

71760 Schoff, Morgiana Heath (Miss) .228 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

127670 Scott, Paulina Booth (Mrs Christopher) Montague 


21555/ Scribner, Carrie Alnette Davis (Mrs) 170 Westford st., Lowell 

16162& Sears, Edith Howland (Miss) 15 Gloucester st., Boston 

16818/ Sears, Hannah H. (Mrs Eben) 25 Dartmouth st., Somerviile 

.204062/ Sears, Lucy Adele (Mrs) 13 Arlington st., Boston 

215236 Sears, Mabel A. (Miss) 15 Gloucester st., Boston 

127782?' Seaver, Susan, Hibbard (Mrs Chas. M.) Bellevue st., Eoxbury, Boston 

16940 Seaward, Sarah Giles Low (Mrs Chas. H.) 116 Orange st., Chelsea 

22724jff Sedgwick, Julia Emoline Randall (Mrs John Scott) Palmer 

17547fl' Sedgwick, Mabel Julia (Miss) Palmer 

9139(? Seelye, Mabel (Miss) Amherst 

120936 Sergeant, Helen C. (Miss) 82 Bridge st., Northampton 

1712^? Sessions, Clara Markham (Mrs William E.) Wilbraham 

15329* Severance, Martha L. (Mrs William S.) 26 Main st., Greenfield 

9091/ Shattuck, Grace Carolyn Young (Mrs Elmer) Concord 

13404/ Shattuck, Mary Anne (Miss) '. 9 West Bowers st., Lowell 

21560M Shattuck, Mary Esther (Miss) Tremont st., Newburyport 

24696^ Shattuck, Mary Lucinda (Mrs) Pepperell 

22747^ Shattuck, Mary Lucinda Parker (Miss) ; Pepperell 

165430 Shaw, Almira Elizabeth Lincoln (Mrs Franklin) 67 4th st.. New Bedford 

1502X Shaw, Anna B. (Miss) 169 Marlborough st., Boston 

8443g Shaw, Harriet Arline (Miss) "The Abbotsf ord," Boston 

2732^; Shaw, Mary N. (Miss) Eockland 

9131* Shaw, Pamelia B. (Mrs Brackley) .Englewood ave., Brighton 

15635i? Shaw, Sophie Granger (Mrs De Witt C.) Westfield 

71966 Shaw, Susan Welles (Miss) 130 Beacon st., Boston 

21564/2 Shedd, Louise Pitcher (Mrs Horace E.) 112 East st., Pittsfield 

12311f Shepard, Abbie Bennett (Mrs James E.) 20 Lowell st., Lawrence 

168995^ Shepard, Addie Ellina (Miss) Wes.tfield 

U984E Shepard, Harriet Ripley Fisher (Mrs Calvin) Edgartown 

246950 Shepard, Mary I. (Mrs) 280 Beacon st., Boston 

14927s Shepard, Florence Creighton (Miss) 102 Walnut st., Framingham 

1Q206B Sherman, Annie Elma (Mrs Frank Morton) .. Chestnut st., West Newton 

134187' Sherman, Garrie Howard (Miss) 623 Eock st.. Fall Eiver 

14950f Sherman, Martha Gertrude Greene (Mrs Wm. F.)211 Haverhill st., Lawrence 
8143 • Shippee, Caroline Miller Clapp (Mrs Charles W.) ....254 Main st., Milford 

192581/ Short, Abigail (Miss) High st., Newburyport 

14103/ Short, Jane Howard (Mrs Josiah E., Jr.) 45 Eoyal st Lowell 

22103il/ Short, EuthL (Miss) High st., Newbury 

23991J7 Shultis, Katie D. (Mrs Mark) 511 Winthrop st., Medford 

15604P Shumway, Lizzie E. (Mrs Franklin P.) 95 Hillside ave., Melrose 

23994 Shumway, Margaret B. (Mrs George A.) Warren 

12780/' Shute, Harriet Newell (Mrs James G.)....20 Burroughs st., Jamaica Plain 

24711 Sibley, Martha Grey (Miss) Worcester 

8458aa Silsbee, Alice M. (Mrs) 43 Main st.," Watertown 

162850 Silver, Abbie M. (Mrs) ,..^ 45 Palmer st., Eoxbury 

192872/ Silver, Katie T. Jordan (Mrs Fayette 0.) 6 Hawthorne Place, Boston 

23421 Simmonds, Ella A. (Miss) ^ Stoughton 

16919m Simmons, Annie Clark (Mrs Walter S.) Holbrook 

2398ig Simmons, Elizabeth Flagg (Mrs Enoch P.) . .206 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

43Q0H Simomns, Laura A. (Miss) 55 Florida st., Springfield 

10497* Simonds, Emeline Bridge (Mrs Calvin) 34 Walker st., Boston 

8435Q Simonds, Mary Adelaide (Miss) 70 Cypress st., Brooklme 

* Brattleboro Chapter, Vt. 


20408y Simpson, Adeline Eloise Keith (Mrs Harry J.) 99 Babeock st., Brookline 

19824y Simpson, Caroline Emma (Miss) 48 Walnut st., Somerville 

23924?/ Simpson, Harriet Peaslee Chaney (Mrs G. W.) 48 Walnut st., Somerville 

IIOIIQ Sise, Anna Mason (Mrs Lyman) 17 Mystic st.. West Medford 

5776Z Sise, Edith (Mrs Albert F.) 9 Highland ave., Medford 

175900 Skelton, Henrietta Boody (Mrs Edward 0.) 44 Intervale st., Eoxbury 

161796 Skinner, Katharine (Miss) , Holyoke 

16180e Skinner, Ruth Isabel (Miss) Holyoke 

18037i2 Slocum, Harriet Oliva (Mrs Edvs^ard T.) Pittsfield 

18027^ Small, Inez Valette (Mrs Charles T.) 177 Mountain ave.. Maiden 

24689IV Small, Lillian Hortense (Miss) 102 Chandler st., Boston 

162840 Smart, Henrietta P. Wixon (Mrs Wm. B.) 11 Allston st., Dorchester 

127640 Smead, Eleanor Ward (Mrs William M.) 11 Franklin st., Greenffeld 

18037i2 Slocum, Harriet Olivia (Mrs Edward T.) Pittsfield 

20415jE7 Smith, Abbie Baylies (Mrs Charles C.) Edg-artown 

4355L Smith, Abby Frances Wheeler (Mrs Julius M.) Concord 

20958* Smith, A. Louise (Mrs J. Edwin) Worcester 

10510 Smith, Anjeanette K. (Mrs Albert E.) Cherry Valley 

15000L Smith, Catherine M. (Mrs Freeman J.) Billerica 

15593; Smith, Cora Haven (Mrs Clarence B.) 9 Durham st., Boston 

162860 Smith, Elizabeth Deborah (Mrs) * 196 Walnut st., Chelsea 

15664r Smith, Elizabeth Eapelye (Mrs Albert R.) Williamstown 

140955 Smith, Estelle J. Dickinson (Mrs Henry M.) . .69 North Main st., Springfield 
231517 Smith, Florence Alton (Miss) Tisbury 

4131f Smith, Hannah Webster (Mrs Jeremiah) 4 Berkeley st., Cambridge 

16787 Smith, Harriet Lyla (Miss) 1 Crown st., Worcester 

13405J Smith, Harriet S. (Mrs James T.) 1527 Middlesex st., Lowell 

105407 Smith, Helen G. (Miss) 537 Walnut st.. Fall Ewer 

61870 Smith, Izette Bartell E. (Mrs Hervey C.) 10 Orchard st., Gloucester 

7833/ Smith, Janet Worthen (Mrs Joseph) 752 Merrimac st., Lowell 

231527 Smith, Jannie Owen (Mrs J. Lawrence) Vineyard Haven 

11057S" Smith, Josephine Amblairde (Miss) 27 Bowdone st., Springfield 

18568ilf Smith, Lizzie Adams (Miss) 17 High st., Newburyport 

13459f Smith, Louise M. (Miss) 52 East Haverhill st., Lawrence 

22760 Smith, Lucy Hunt (Mrs James M.) Northampton 

961117 Smith, Lucy S. (Miss) Easthampton 

20977a Smith, Lydia Bunker Folger (Mrs Wm. H. H.) Nantucket 

13460jf Smith, Maria E. (Mrs George W.) 52 East Haverhill st., Lawrence 

18523^ Smith, Marianna S. (Miss) 40 Mt. Vernon St., Charlestown 

6829ff Smith, Marion Andrews (Miss) Enfield 

156867 Smith, Martha Adeline (Mrs Presbury L.) 85 Campbell st., New Bedford 

84983" Smith, Mary Pomeroy Abbe (Mrs Walter A.) 159 State st., Springfield 

2969 Smith, Mary White (Mrs S. F.) .Newton Centre 

12771 Smith, May Montgomery (Mrs Channing) Cherry Valley 

110513 Smith, Minnie Abbie Sturtevant (Mrs James B.) . .52 Mattoon st., Springfield 
134320 Smith, Prudence Barnard (Mrs Joseph) Colerain 

4570a Smith, Sara Wisner Winthrop (Miss) Box 241, Nantucket 

148977 Smith, Susie Norton (Mrs Charles B.) 1 Narganset ave.. Cottage City 

14947J Smith, Zenette G. (Mrs Charles) '. Lowell 

45473 Snow, Ellen Louise Cooley (Mrs Charles I.) Westfield 

16938fc Snow, Hannah Elizabeth (Mrs Francis W.) 29 Garden st., Chelsea 

149901/ Snow, Lucy Anne (Mrs George W.) 75 State st., Newburyport 

* Frances Dighton Chapter, Me. Margery Sullivan Chapter, N. H. 


23155Jr Sohier, Elizabeth P. (Miss) Beverly 

5138 Somers, Harriet Parker (Mrs F. D.) . ."The Charlesgate," Beacon st., Boston 

18516ir Soule, Annie Manson (Mrs Charles W.) Scituate 

23909m Soule, Prances Hobart (Mrs Abisha) Hanover 

20984m Soule, Mary A. (Mrs William T.) 92 Washington st., Abington 

145446 Southwick, Mary Louise (Mrs Elbridge G.) Northampton 

7512g Spalding, Elizabeth Clark (Mrs John J.) 75 Sparks st., Cambridge 

4551Z Spalding, Ella Elizabeth Drew (Mrs Samuel H.) Hingham 

7177& Spalding, Mary Evans (Mrs Prancis ll.)..Kent and Beacon sts., Brookllne 

23147/= Spalding, Mary Bitter (Miss) 36 East Haverhill st., Lawrence 

17565/ Spalding, Sarah Kebecca (Miss) Lowell 

19282?^ Spaulding, Hattie M. (Mrs William R.) 118 Robbins st., Waltham 

12320P Spaulding, Mary Clark (Miss) 52 Foster st., Melrose 

155896 Spelman, Olive N. (Mrs Onslow G.) Williamsburg 

3419fl- Spooner, Emily W. (Miss) 57 Pearl st., Springfield 

4553jr Spooner, Marion E,. (Mrs J. Winthrop) Hingham 

20195* Spooner, Mary (Miss) New Bedford 

3420^ Spooner, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 57 Pearl st., Springfield 

1009 J Sprague, Elizabeth E. (Mrs Francis P.) 229 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

156545 Sprague, Jennie Starbuck (Mrs Charles H.) 95 Central st., Auburndale 

llOlsg Sprague, Mary E. (Mrs George H.) 250 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

18498; Spring, Mary Louise Sinclair (Mrs John C.) Kent st., Brookline 

10035m Spurr, Lucy Adelaide Freeman (Mrs Wm. A.).. 38 Howard Place, Brockton 
72085" Squier, Cora May Bigelow (Mrs Anglo Orin) "Hotel Russell," Springfield 

105417 Stafeord, Ella Flint (Mrs Foster M.) 520 Rock st.. Fall River 

2117F Stafeord, Harriet R. Perry (Mrs Samuel Bryant) ... .Box 345, Cottage City 

162275 Stapleford, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs James W.) Edgartown 

19281TO Staples, Estelle Breed (Miss) 16 Vernon st., Waltham 

19280?i Staples, Mary Harrington (Mrs Frank W.) 16 Vernon st., Waltham 

141057 Staples, Olive Ednah Wiggin (Mrs) 55 FrankUn st., Lowell 

12745a; Stark, Elizabeth Allison (Miss) 38 Linnaean st., Cambridge 

12747a? Stark, Sarah Lavina Weeks (Mrs William F.)..38 Linnaean st., Cambridge 

15^85t Start, Cora Angeline (Miss) "Waldo House," Worcester 

20990S Stearns, Alice K. (Mrs Thomas) 4 Park Lane, Jamaica Plain 

IIOIOQ Stearns, Helen Shaw (Miss) Pleasant st., Brookline 

16937fc Stearns, Idella Enesteen (Mrs George M.)....57 Washington ave., Chelsea 

115566^ Stearns, Mary E. Kittredge (Mrs W. F.) Amherst 

8456W Stearns, S. Louisa (Miss) 5 Holden st., Brookline 

215246 Stedman, Mriam White (Miss) 224 Marlboro st., Boston 

12711i(j Steese, Ellen Sturtevant (Mrs Edward) Gardner Road, Brookline 

175555 Stephens, Josephine Dart (Miss) 606 Main st., Springfield 

120946 Sterling, Caroline M. (Mrs Wm. G.) 58 Hawley st., Northampton 

96456^ Sterrett, Josephine Quarrier (Mrs J. R. S.) Amherst 

96327 Stevens, Alice Nichols (Mrs Jonathan T.) Lowell 

134005 Stevens, Ann Jiilia (Mrs Thomas M.) Anawan ave.. West Roxbury 

2806^ Stevens,, Catherine (Mrs Oliver) Hotel Berkely, Boston 

13372* Stevens, Celia Campbell (Miss) Hotel Bellevue, Boston 

127487 Stevens, Ella Harriet (Miss) 71 Howard st., Lowell 

100415 Stevens, Harriet Louise Stevens (Mrs John E.) Ludlow 

3815* Stevens, Julie Burnett Smith (Mrs Oliver C.) 365 Beacon st., Boston 

11004a? Stevens, Lydia Phillips (Miss) 26 Gray st., Cambridge 

127630 Stevens, Mary E . Ward (Mrs Joseph Wells) 10 Franklin st., Greenfield 

* Ruth Hart Chapter, Conn. J Bellevue Chapter, Vt. 

t Vassar College Chapter, N. Y. 



246872^ Stevens, Sarah Elizabeth Tyler (Mrs S. W.) 18 Harvard st., Winchester 

16925i2 Stevenson, Hattie Cooley (Mrs John McAllister) 28 Reed St., Pittsfield 

19233* Stevenson, Helen B. (Miss) 41 Princeton st., East Boston 

19232* Stevenson, Helen L. (Mrs J. Henry) 41 Princeton st., Boston 

19234* Stevenson, J. Estelle (Miss) 41 Princeton st.. East Boston 

16924ig Stevenson, Seraph Huldah (Mrs J. McA.)..55 W. Housatonic st., Pittsfield 

162870 Stillings, Evelyn Allen Severance (Mrs) 205 St. Botolph st., Boston 

11583W Stimpson, Isabelle B. (Mrs Henry Q.) 24 Sachem st., Lynn 

65316 Stockton, Ethel (Miss) : 390 Beacon st., Boston 

16265 Stockton, Henrietta (Miss) Hampden 

14954f Stoddard, Louise Jane (Mrs Alphonso) 86 Jackson st., Lawrence 

12733Q Stoddard, Mary F. Baldvs^in (Mrs P. Eussell) 140 Beacon st., Boston 

1Q209B Stoddard, Mary H. (Mrs John L.) West Nevs^ton 

14955f Stoddard, Nellie Lillian (Miss) 86 Jackson st., Lawrence 

7957f Stoddard, Pauline Cady (Mrs Chauncey) West Newton 

57725" Stoddard, Sarah Newhall S; (Mrs Henry) 625 Main st., Springfield 

110595 Stone, Electa Miller (Mrs Joseph) 43 7th st., Springfield 

6536ir Stone, Elizabeth B. (Mrs Henry W.) Hingham 

110655 Stone, Josephine Eliza Hamilton (Mrs Chas. A.).. 176 Pearl st., Springfield 

24706aa Stone, Josie Hall (Mrs Frank M.) Watertown 

220466 Stone, Mary Gray (Miss) 18 Chestnut st., Boston 

22215$ Stone, Sallie Wood Oliphant (Mrs Frederick P.) Otter River 

58225 Stone, Sarah Davis B. (Mrs Harlan P.) 176 Pearl st., Springfield 

149635 Storms, Lucretia Robinson (Mrs William R.) New Bedford 

54976 Storrow, Caroline M. (Mrs Edward C.) 47 Hereford st., Boston 

15627W Storrs, Maria (Miss) Aspinwall ave., Brookline 

6535(7 Story, Ellen M. Howard (Mrs) 132 Pleasant st., Newton Centre 

6201e Story, Helen Elmira R. (Mrs Edwin B.) ... .37 Henshaw ave., Northampton 

17645 Stowe, Lena Gertrude (Miss) 66 Federal st., Springfield 

14091/ Stowell, Mary A. (Miss) "The Oxford," Boston 

15726D Strange, Annie Virginia (Miss) Taunton 

10480O Stratton, Edith Augusta (Miss) 18 Prospect st., Greenfield 

115700 Stratton, Ellen Augusta Sawyer (Mrs E, A.) 18 Prospect st., Greenfield 

227265 Stratton, Helen S. (Mrs J. D.) 23 Holyoke st., Springfield 

104810 Stratton, Lena Sophia (Miss) 18 Prospect st., Greenfield 

7517Z Stringer, M. J. Millet (Mrs Oscar H.) Hingham 

110505 Sturtevant, Julia Emeline Bemis (Mrs Warner F.) . .68 Elliot st., Springfield 

13448* Sullivan, Gertrude Newhall (Miss) 26 Monmouth st.. East Boston 

13447* Sullivan, Mary Ballard Cline (Mrs F. E.)..26 Monmouth st.. East Boston 

145530 Swaim, Aurora D. (Mrs Samuel B.) 405 Marlborough st., Boston 

169070 Swaim, Caroline Tilfany Dyer (Mrs J. S.) 119 Hillman st.. New Bedford 

145540 Swaim, Elizabeth Day (Miss) 405 Marlborough st., Boston 

20978a Swain, Anna G. (Miss) 73 Perkins st., West Newton 

16939fc Swain, Mabel Frances Low (Mrs Otis W.) 198 Washington ave., Chelsea 

6807a? Swan, Louise Murdock (Mrs Walter S.) 19 Everett st., Cambridge 

62030 Swan, Susan Luther (Mrs James E.) Arcadia st., Dorchester 

23426S Swasey, Mary Colburn (Mrs Charles H.) East Pepperell 

156760 Sweat, Nettie Adine (Mrs) 50 Dennis st., Boston 

168915 Sweet, Clara Maria (Miss) 2 Maple st., Springfield 

5843; Swift, Emily Cobb (Mrs Jesse Gilbert) 58 Bicknell st., Dorchester 

84210 Swift, Florence Abbott Bailey (Mrs Edwin C.) 21 Fairfield st., Boston 

221002^ Swift, Mary Weston (Mrs T. P.) 207 Temple st.. West Roxbury, Boston 

Saranac Chapter, N. Y. % Captain Jonathan Oliphant Chapter, N. J. 


20985m Swift, Nellie Wales (Mrs Forrest W.) Oxford st., Brockton 

16201r Sykes, Mary Emma Eobinson (Mrs Robert H.) North Adams 

14951f Sylvester, Clara Jane (Mrs William H.) 223 Essex st., Lawrence 

14092; Tabor, Eliza S. Johnson (Mrs) 5 Sherman Place, Woburn 

21591aa Tabor, Mabel Rogers (Mrs John T.) 21 Summer st., Watertown 

23431 Taft, Helen Wheelock (Miss) Uxbridge 

7175Q Taggard, Mary Parker (Mrs Henry) 228 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

7834J Talbot, Anne Eichardson (Mrs Julian) 43 Nesmith st., Lowell 

14957jf Talbot, Caroline W. S. (Mrs Charles Carroll).. 81 Bradford st., Lawrence 

168781 Talbot, Isabella Weir (Mrs Thomas) North Billerica 

210300 Talbot, Margaret S. (Mrs H. A.) . .cor. Belle ave. and Gould st., W. Eoxbury 

20979a Tallant,! Mary Gardner (Mrs Henry P.) Morris House, Northampton 

11389* Talmadge, Candora Parker (Mrs Junius A.) Westfield 

9616m Tapley, Claire Hutchinson (Mrs Walter A.) Danvers 

68235' Tapley, Hannah Sheffield (Mrs George W.) 34 State st., Springfield 

8470'M Tapley, Harriet Silvester (Miss) Danvers 

9101m Tapley, Isabel Bryant (Miss) Danvers 

22585f Tapley, Lavinia E. K. (Mrs Charles Warren) 24 Armory st., Cambridge 

8483it Tapley, Luella Stacey Silvester (Mrs John Welch) Danvers 

22746Q Tarbell, Annie Tower (Mrs John F.) 377 Beacon st., Boston 

19286yS Tarbell, Carrie Swasy (Mrs Henry F.) East Pepperell 

239670 Tarbox, Sarah C. (Mrs Myron H.) . . . , 101 Tudor st., Chelsea 

91060 Tarr, Lillian Abbott (Mrs Henry A.) 72 Washington st,. Gloucester 

19266C/ Tay, Anna J. (Mrs Aaron) 234 Eiverside ave., Medford 

3653Q Taylor, Abby Jane (Mrs Everett Miles) 573 Tremont st., Boston 

17566/ Taylor, Adeline King (Mrs Wilfred Parkins) 69 Myrtle st., Lowell 

9609 W Taylor, Annie M. (Miss) Eoxbury dist., Easthampton 

16829P Taylor, Bertha M. (Miss) 20 Lafayette st., Wakefield 

210310 Taylor, Dr. Esther Woodman (Mrs Nehemiah) 15 E. Cottage st., Boston 

220945 Taylor, Florence May (Miss) West Newton 

41475" Taylor, Marie Tuttle (Mrs Otis Sprague) 74 Sargeant st., Springfield 

23992C7 Taylor, Mary Amber Pierce (Mrs Wm. G.) 45 Washington st., Medford 

210320 Tenney, Hannah Jane (Mrs Samuel Parcher) 33 Cary ave., Chelsea 

15658ilf Tenney, Sarah Plummer (Miss) 83 Lime st., Newburyport 

15704D Tetlow, Dora J. (Mrs Albert H.) Taunton 

84200 Thacher, Elizabeth Morse (Miss) 89 Stoughton st., Dorchester 

84190 Thacher, Maria Howard, (Miss) 89 Stoughton st., Dorchester 

16894/ Thacher, Eunice H. (Mrs Franklin N.) 971 Beacon st., Newton Centre 

23430 Thayer, Clarina E. (Mrs Francis J.) 115 Dodge st.. North Beverly 

16839r Thayer, Elizabeth D. (Mrs Shepard) 130 Main st.. North Adams 

110475 Thayer, Ellen House, Mrs Samuel E.) 10 Spring st., Westfield 

239820 Thayer, Florence A. M. (Mrs Chas I.) 32 Fairfield st., Boston 

87852 Thayer, Pauline Eevere (Mrs Nathaniel) 22 Fairfield st., Boston 

141240 Thomas, Addie Clark (Mrs Henry A.) South Weymouth 

8784Z Thomas, Adelaide French (Mrs Frank Eay) 313 Beacon st., Boston 

15492 Thomas, Isabella Greene (Mrs H. S.) 19 Oak st., Middleborough 

5134Q Thomas, Laura Chase Bui:gess (Mrs Silas C.) 27 Appleton st.. Maiden 

18499; Thomas, Nellie Salome (Miss) . .Waverly House, Charlestown Dist., Boston 

149431 Thompson, Edith H. (Mrs Edward W.) 228 Wentworth ave., Lowell 

15568* Thompson, Ella Elizabeth (Miss) 305 Washington st., Brookline 

6816J Thompson, Ella Straw (Mrs Henry M.) 298 Pawtucket st., Lowell 

220935 Thompson, Emma Eliza Alexander (Mrs Henry Clay) .West Newton 

* Ruth Hart Chapter, Conn. t Elizabeth Wadswoith Chapter, Me. 

t John Pettigrew Chapter, Del. 

258 DIKECTOET, D. A- E. 

145456 Thompson, Helen Elizabeth (Miss) 45 Elm st., Northampton 

18536Z Thompson, Maria Stearns Swan (Mrs Abijah) 114 Church st., Winchester 

16841r Thompson, Mary E. (Miss) 5 East Quincy st., North Adams 

27312 Thompson, Mary Haven Locke (Mrs H. K.) Grove Hill ave., Newtonville 

156375' Thomson, Lucy Doolittle (Miss) 88 Federal st., Springfield 

127620 Thurber, Katharine Burke May hew (Mrs James W.) Shelbiirne Falls 

15659M Thurston, Elizabeth S. (Miss) 8 Harris st., Newburyport 

9648?' Thurston, Julia E. Lapham (Mrs George H.) 316 Bank st., Fall River 

12091m Tibbetts, Eliza Althea (Miss) Danvers 

43266 Ticknor, Caroline (Miss) 13 Harris ave., Jamacia Plain 

96436 Ticknor, Edith^ Slade (Miss) 13 Harris ave., Jamaica Plain 

188313" Tiffany, Laura Theresa Johnson (Mrs B. B.) Blandford 

5128a? Tilton, Annie M. (Mrs Henry N.) 7 Highland st., Cambridge 

7169Q Tilton, Emma Le Baron (Mrs Charles Wendell) Westland ave., Boston 

162307 Tilton, Harriet Bailey Cottle (Mrs Benjamin T.) West Tisbury 

110332 Tinkham, Helen Waterman (Miss) 468 Boylston st., Boston 

168056 Tippett, Constance (Miss) 259 Beacon st., Boston 

18019s Tirrell, Mary Eliza (Mrs Charles Q.) Natick 

16941fc Tobey, Ada A. Hig-gins (Mrs Henry Herbert) Franklin ave., Chelsea 

234090 Tobey, Eunice Sherman (Mrs John) Conway 

11559a? Tobey, Helen Aurelia Barker (Mrs Austin B^) ... .35 Bowdoin st., Cambridge 

3299i Tobey, Ruth Adams (Mrs Carter McV.) 361 Columbus ave., Boston 

11547 Todd, Charlotte Adele (Mrs Frank) 1 Wallace Court, Boston 

4357L Todd, Gertrude (Miss) Concord 

61986^ Todd, Mabel Loomis (Mrs David P.) Amherst 

4356iy Todd, Rebecca Wheeler (Mrs Thomas) Concord 

12312f Tolman, Ellen Sarah (Mrs E. B.) Milton st., Lawrence 

12309f Tolman, Ethel May (Miss) Milton st., Lawrence 

16237y Tompson, Carrie la B. (Mrs Samuel) 79 Warren st., Boston 

185305 Tompson, Grace (Miss) Newtonville 

7837M Toppan, May Anna (Miss) 128 High st., Newburyport 

169040 Torrey, Frances (Miss) 18 Farrington st., Wollaston 

20387? Tower, Anna B. (Miss) Cohasset 

14137?/ Tower, Georgiana Patten (Mrs Daniel T.) 1 Aldersey st., Somerville 

13428? Tower, Martha Jane Bates (Miss) Cohasset 

9652fl^ Towne, Amy Howard Wood (Mrs Frederick M. T.)61 Gaylord st., Chicopee 

67896 Towne, Etta B. (Miss) North Hayham 

5156522 Tracy, Ella Elizabeth (Mrs W. W.) Pittsfield 

14910r Trafton, Phebe Helen (Mrs Francis E.) June st., Fall River 

57842 Train, Sarah M. (Mrs Charles R.) 227 Marlborough st., Boston 

140983" Trask, Abby J. Parker (Mrs J. L. R.) 495 Chestnut st., Springfield 

23919s Trask, Clara Augusta (Mrs Eldridge S.) Framingham Centre 

110583 Treadwell, Lydia Ludington (Mrs George B.) West Springfield 

84993 Tuck, Anna Mowry (Miss) 69 Clarendon st., Springfield 

96513 Tucker, Harriet Eliza Sessions (Mrs Henry M.)..23 North st., Springfield 

6783G Tuckerman, Sarah Eliza "Sigourney (Mrs Edward) Amherst 

168076 Tudor, Rosamond (Miss) Brighton 

10498i Tufts, Mary Tufts Locke (Mrs Albert N.) 37 Heath st., Somerville 

19268Z Turner, Adelaide (Mrs E. C.) Arlington 

20398r Turner, Anne Archer (Mrs Charles H.) Blackinton 

75185: Turner, Cora Leslie Powell (Mrs Frederick A.) Hingham 

13387* Ttimer, Fanny Hastings (Mrs Fergus S.) 94 Bellevue st., Boston 



23429^ Tuttle, Cornelia S. (Mrs Elias A.) 765 Hio-h ^t "PpII -Rh^^^ 

ZZ r "^' ^"^ ^=*^"' («'^^' • ^l« C;mm iw fuh te BcsTo. 

« « t"'!"' ""'S",' ''■ <"'^ """'"'^ ''' Com„,„„we.lth ave Bos on 

6655t Tuxbury, Helen (Miss) ^^^^ 

123182) Twombly, Grace Fletcher (Mrs Wm E ) -R^°r "^ 

12314L Tyler, Jennie S. (Mrs John B.) ... . '""' •^.^f'''.''^ 

'Z^ rr'' 'T « ""'"^ ^''^^^ ■■.■.■.■.•.•.•. 2V0 No;fon;'st'.; Boriziz 

6821H Underwood, Sarah Frances (Miss) Enfield 

9?«o'f S^^"^' ^r'^^ ^' ^^'■°'' ^^""^ ^'^^^y ^^•> '.'.".■.■"Th^'likley,'' Boston 

L n! n''^"' f rf "/. ^''"'^ ^^ Cl^-tnnt St., Boston 

iQ«P?r !JP^^V V i' ^""^ ''''^"'' ""-^ ^0^ Tremont st., Boston 

Mii ^r'^^.T'i' Hnntoon (Mrs Charles T.) 63 Mt. Vernon st., Lowell 

,^ltln V ?; T^ Wilkinson (Mrs Henry E.) 590 Main st., Springdeld 

ZZ v'" S" I^-' ^-"^ (^-«) V 69 Clarendon st., Springfield 

^ZIp l^"" ^"'''"' t '''''^^' ^'^ ^"""^ ^- ^-^ • -'^ Washington st., Westfield 

l^L^ .T^^ ^r^^'^'a' ^""^ ^^"^'" ^'^^"^ ^^^'' ^*^^*^) Edg-artown 

i^!Lf Z^"" w "'' S«^^^ (Mrs Joseph) "Fieldstone," East Lexington 

lofif ;^^^\^agenen, E^a Goodyear (Miss) 150 Woodland Eoad, Aubumdale 

Van Wagenen, Ida Bnrnside (Miss) 150 Woodland Eoad, Aubnrndale 

Varnnm, Annie M. (Mrs Daniel H.) 697 Bridge st., Lowell 

Varnum, Irma Lee (Miss) t n 

■^r T,^ ^ Lo^vell 

Varnum, Mary Louise (Miss) t n 

-rr 1 -r-. ,, ^_ IjOWeil 

Vaughan, Bertha Hallowell (Miss) 57 Garden st., Cambridge 

Videto Clara W. (Mrs John F.) So,,th Framingham 

Vila, Annie Fields (Mrs Joseph) 1651 Beacon st., Brookline 

Vmal, Ida Nelson (Mrs Joel F.) 41 Columbus ave., Someryille 

Vincent, Laura Gifford (Miss) Edgartown 

Vincent, Mary E. Barrett (Mrs James H.) Edgartown 

Vincent, Miriam Easterbrook (Miss) Edo-artown 

Vining, Floretta (Miss) Parked Houser Boston 

Vinson, Clementina S. Williams (Mrs S. W.) ... .31 Bradshaw st., Dorchester 
Vinson, Marion Bradford Sumner (Mrs Horace W.) . .Esmond st., Dorchester 

Virgin, Ellen Matilda (Miss) 14 Channcey st., Cambridge 

.«c..« 1""^ Rydingsyard, Anna (Mme. Karl) 40 Newbury st., Boston 

16857B Vosburgh, Nellie Graham (Mrs Ernest) West Newton 

7168Q Wadleigh, Jennie Bunton (Mrs Wm. H.) 45 Westland ave., Boston 

227162/ Wadsworth, Lue Stuart (Mrs Edward B.) 633 Tremont st., Boston 

23910n Wait, Georgiana Viola (Miss) Waltham 

ifofj. Z^^: ?"'^ ''"'*°" ^^'''^ 40 Main's^.; Medford 

10^! w'^"^^^""^"^^^""^ 40 Main St., Medford 

12744* Waite, Mary Harriet Clark (Mrs J. Gilman) 5 Pearl st., Medford 

10494 Wakefield, Annie Euby (Miss) Wakefield 

iL'«n^ wlf ' ^°*^ ^""' ^^^*^ ^^^' ^^°^- Q-> Ol^^y ^*-' Dorchester, Boston 

168606^ Walker, Alice Maria (Mrs Charles S.) Amherst 

110425 Walker, Clara Branscome Harwood (Mrs Lewis E.) Greenwich 

17572i^ Walker, Edith Francis (Miss) 68 Maple st.. West Eoxbury 

16202r Walker, Emily Norman (Mrs Frank A.) 20 Church st., North Adams 

141492/ Walker, Georgiana Nichols (Mrs Clement A.).. 13 Concord Square, Boston 

19238.; Walker, Julia Woods (Mrs Wm.) Farm st., Marlborough 

783tf wS"''' ir^^'^T^r. ^^''^l South St., Springfield 

> 835/ Walker, Mary Catherine (Miss) lOO Appletok st., lSwcII 

















* Mary Washington Chapter, I). C. 
flyake Duumore Chapter, Vt. 

t Elizabeth Clarke Hull Chapter, Conn. 

260 DIEECTOEY, D. A. E. 

36656 Walker, Mary Manning (Miss) 41 Elm st., Northampton 

16224i^ Walker, Maud Jane (Miss) 68 Maple st., West Roxbury 

239355 Wakeley, Sarah Charlotte Young (Mrs Lucius B.) Westfield 

11064ff Wallace, Clara Smith (Mrs Wm.) 36 Winthrop st., Springfield 

16613' Wallace, Madora Vaille (Mrs Andrew B.) Locust Hill, Springfield 

210340 Walton, Annie Gray (Mrs Eben A.) 24 Cedar Park, Melrose 

21011J Walworth, Mary Frances (Mrs Arthur C.) 931 Centre st., Newton Centre 

7207 Ward, Elizabeth (Miss) Shrewsbury 

2517Z Ward, Ellen Maria (Miss) "The Brunswick," Boston 

2516 Ward, Julia Elizabeth (Miss) "The Brunswick," Boston 

23986Q Ward, Louisa C. (Mrs) 409 Marlborough st., Boston 

85003" Ward, Lucy Fairbanks (Mrs Arthur J. N.) Enfield 

2M5Z Ward, Sarah E. (Miss) 126 Brook ave., Dorchester 

162900 Wardwell, Adele (Mrs.) 93 Revere st., Boston 

14919s Ware, Jennie Eice (Mrs Edgar V.) 41 Union ave., South Framingham 

10513Z Ware, Mary H. (Mrs Thomas M.) Hingham 

19263T Warfield, Celia Maria (Miss) 603 Pine st.. Fall River 

19264T Warfield, Sarah Adelaide (Miss) 603 Pine st.. Fall River 

23339* Warner, Betsey Abbe (Mrs Wm. P.) 38 Vernon st., Sprinfield 

58213" Warner, Charlotte E. (Mrs Benjamin F.) 57 Mulberry st., Springfield 

13451 Warner, Elizabeth (Miss) Smith College, Northampton 

4868a? Warner, Margaret Storer (Mrs Joseph B.) 153 Brattle st., Cambridge 

227076 Warner, Mary Hunt (Mrs Luther J.) 73 South st., Northampton 

13393i^ Warren, Angenette A. (Miss) Wrentham, Plainville Postof&ce 

841^ Warren, Anine C. (Miss) 63 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

5769E Warren, Caroline F. Osborn (Mrs F.) 336 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

231011 Warren, Elizabeth Fiske (Mrs Joseph E.) Chelmsford 

134147 Warren, Evalyn N. (Mrs Edward A.) 135 Lincoln ave.. Fall River 

12722f Warren, Harriet M. (Mrs) 2 Fern st., Lawrence 

21566 Warren, Margaret (Miss) Dedham 

22074s Warren, Maria W. (Mrs Edwin H.) Framingham 

141011 Warren, Martha Elizabeth (Miss) Chelmsford 

22055c Warren, Mary Judson (Miss) 3 Essex st., Somerville 

2155Z Warren, Mary Lincoln (Mrs Winslow) Dedham 

161635 Warren, Mary Lincoln (Miss) Dedham 

17600J? Warriner, Maria R. (Miss) 130 East st., Pittsfield 

12098* Wasgatt, Catharine Heath Flye (Mrs Enos)..311 Meridan st.. East Boston 

1549Z Washburn, Lilian (Miss) 31 Lee st., Cambrfdge 

14093/ Waterman, Emilie Louisa Wilds (Mrs) 29 Upton st., Boston 

111446 Waterman, Florence Tower (Mrs Frank A.) .Washington ave., Northampton 

26043" Waterman, Maria Louise (Mrs J. H.) Westfield 

22085Z) Waterman, Mary Briggs Bradford (Mrs W. W.) Taunton 

16844r Watson, Daisy Jencks (Mrs Robert A. L.) North Adams 

126940 Watson, Frances A. (Mrs) 6 Mt. Vernon st., Gloucester 

15728I> Watson, Lydia E. (Mrs Joseph W.) Taunton 

22739J Watson, Mary Durell (Mrs James) Lowell 

12710W Watson, Mary Louise (Miss) Goddard ave., Brookline 

192467^ Watson, Mary M. Chase (Mrs David A.) 5 Hawthorne Place, Boston 

34163 Watson, Ruema Call (Mrs Addison H.) 832 Main st., Springfield 

22740/ Watson, Susie Louise Davis (Miss) Lowell 

24680* Watts, Cora Everett (Miss) 253 Lexington st.. East Boston 

1143a? Watts, Jennie Chamberlain (Miss) 464 Broadway, Cambridge 

* Elizabeth Clarke Hull Chapter, Conn. 


9989f Waxham, Alice J. Eoberts (Mrs Ernest. L.)- -571 Massachusetts ave., Boston 

11552* Way, Helen Maria (Mrs John A.) Common st., Walpole 

7838H Way, Sarah Antoinette Fitch (Mrs John T.) Westfield 

27092 Wead, Kate Haswell Whitcomb (Mrs Leslie C.) Brookline 

18534S Webber, Maria Gilbert (Miss) Highland st.. West Newton 

18532.S Webber, Nancy Sturtevant (Mrs Samuel G.) Highland st.. West Newton 

18533J5 Webber, Sarah Southworth (Miss) Highland st.. West Newton 

23169?7 Webster, Fanny Savage (Mrs George E.) . . . ; 115 Otis st., Medford 

18551 Webster, Florence Folger (Mrs Wm. A.) 287 Central st., Springfield 

16221/ Webster, Frances Maria (Miss) 45 Varney st., Lowell 

7215TF Webster, Helen Chapman (Miss) 28 High st., Easthamptbn 

16900Z Webster, Lizzie Florence (Mrs Andrew G.) 334 Beacon st., Boston 

68187 Webster, Mary Ann (Miss) 45 Varney st., Lowell 

7216TF Webster, Minnie Hortense (Miss) 28 High st., Easthampton 

7492/ Webster, Sarah Maria Burlingame (Mrs P.) 69 Myrtle st., Lowell 

14930s Weeks, Martha O. (Mrs George H.) Framingham 

3174£r Weiser, Lucy Brooks (Mrs Edwin C.) Holyoke 

84516 Welch, Margaret H. (Miss) 2 Brimmer st., Boston 

58026 Weld, Thresa David (Mrs Alfred W.) Chestnut Hill 

10487 Weller, Janette E. (Mrs) 360 Massachusetts ave., Boston 

58076 Wells, Louisa Appleton (Miss) 45 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

16843r Welsby, Frances Campbell (Mrs F. W.) 16 Arnold Place, North Adams 

22745i2 Wentworth, Anne M. (Mrs Walter H.) 128 South st., Pittsfield 

11007a? Wentworth, Annie Gertrude Tower (Mrs George F.) Arlington 

11006a? Wentworth, Annie Louise Locke (Mrs W. H.) . .121 Kaymond st., Cambridge 

156770 Wentworth, Frances Atkinson (Miss) Dedham 

20989s Wenzel, Kittie B. (Mrs John) Ashland 

13388* West, Anna Dumont (Mrs Charles A.) 18 Summit ave., Somerville 

18545/) West, Augusta Merrill (Mrs Luther B.) 11 Webster st., Taunton 

12746a? Weston, Estelle Hatch (Mrs Henry G.) 6 Centre st., Cambridgeport 

23164^ Weston, Eva Hall (Mrs Joshua B.) 170 Lowell st., Somerville 

180392? Weston, Julia C. (Mrs Byron) Dalton 

18034;Sf Weston, Laura B. (Mrs D. Elmer) East Pepperell 

23984Q Wesson, Caroline Lucretia (Mrs) 174 Newbury st., Boston 

23985Q Wesson, Isabel (Miss) 174 Newbury st., Boston 

2368* Wetherell, Annie H. (Mrs Alexander M.) 38 Cherry st.. Fall River 

23462 Wheeler, Augusta Hurd (Mrs Alexander S.) 72 Marlborough st., Boston 

22073m Wheeler, Eliza J. (Mrs George A.) 12 Newton st., Brockton 

110432" Wheeler, Sarah ChafPee (Mrs Jonathan W.) Becket 

175910 Wheeler, Sarah Dascomb (Mrs George W.) 3 Clinton st., Cambridge 

5759/y Wheeler, Sarah Elizabeth P. (Mrs Caleb H.) Concord 

16238y Wheelock, Fanny A. (Mrs) 13 Beale st., Dorchester 

23432 Wheelock, Jane Frances (Miss) Uxbridge 

13426^ Wheelwright, Laura Snow Tower (Mrs Charles C.) Cohasset 

15622B Whidden, Annie Avery (Mrs Thomas M.) Winthrop st., West Newton 

23410m Whidden, Lucy Ann Howland (Mrs J. Edward) Whitman 

12323m Whipple, Cornelia E. (Mrs Frank) Danvers 

19255 Whipple, Mary Elizabeth Hanson (Mrs) 57 Eock st., Lowell 

16203r Whitaker, Emma Louise (Mrs Valmore A.) 14 Quincy st., North Adams 

162920 Whitaker, Ethel (Miss) 59 Washington ave., Winthrop 

162930 Whitaker, Lillian (Miss) 59 Washington ave., Winthrop 

* Bristol Chapter. R. I. f Rockford Chapter, 111. 


262 DIEECTOET, D. A. E. 

45495" WMtcomb, Emma Caroline Clark (Mrs Henry J.) . . 302 Union st., Springfield 

11016Q White, Aehsah P. (Mrs B. Loring) 133 Charlesbank Eoad, Newton 

24694P White, Alice L. (Mrs Walter H.) 11 Perkins ave., Maiden 

123246 White, Cornelia Maria (Miss) Whately 

15729D White, Esther Sargent (Mrs Lloyd E.) 5 Spring st., Taunton 

16909L White, Evelina Davis (Mrs) Acton 

71916 White, Gertrude R (Miss) 213 Common vs^ealth ave., Boston 

•12716W White, Gertrude Steese (Mrs Norman H.) Gardner Eoad, Brookline 

3976 White, Hannah M. (Mrs Joseph) Williamstovs^n 

14107% White, Jennie Porter (Miss) Danvers 

13413 J White, Maria Crosby (Mrs Wm. H.) . . , 250 Nesmith st., Lovpell 

21592aa White, Mary A. (Mrs William) Watertown 

45426 White, Olivia A. Eichardson (Mrs Charles J.). .259 Marlborough st., Boston 

14144s White, Sarah E. (Mrs Elisha M.) Framingham 

19841 White, Sarah Elcidania (Mrs Joseph) North Hanson 

211QZ Whiteside, Eleanor Anne (Mrs Alexander) 6 Newbury st., Boston 

5762* Whitehed, Isabella (Miss) 105 Inman st., Cambridgeport 

5763a? Whitehed, Sylvina (Miss) 105 Inman st., Cambridgeport 

239345" Whiting, Anna M. (Mrs William) Holyoke 

192442? Whitmore, Edith Permelia Parley (Mrs Henry) . . Sterling st.. West Newton 

162880 Whitmore, Emma F. (Miss) 614 E. 9th st.. South Boston 

162910 Whitmore, Frances Annie (Miss) 614 E. 9th st.. South Boston 

162890 Whitmore, Helen R. (Miss) 193 Huntington ave., Boston 

24705aa Whitney, Alice G. (Mrs Charles E.) 123 Main st., Watertown 

10485 Whitney, Anna M. (Mrs Frank O.) 175 Humbolett ave., Boston 

19283n ' Whitney, Ella D. (Mrs Francis) 150 Hammond st., Waltham 

"5923Z Whitney, Margaret F. G. (Mrs Henry M.) Cohasset 

23275' Whitney, Maria Moseley (Mrs Alonzo H.) Westfield 

24704aa Whitney, Minetta Josephine (Mrs Arthur H.) ... .8 Whites ave., Watertown 

15605J5: Whiton, Helen (Mrs Starkes) Hingham 

18500y Whittemore, Grace Sinclair (Mrs P. W.) "The Inverness," Brookline 

6808a? Whittemore, Mary J. (Miss) 7 Holyoke Place, Cambridge 

78216 Whittier, Cornelia Faxon (Miss) 647 Boylston st., Boston 

11935J Whittier, Gertrude Boyden (Mrs Nelson) 26 Talbot st., Lowell 

78361 Whittier, Helen Augusta (Miss) Lowell 

16927i2 Whittlesey, Caroline B. (Mrs Wm. A.) Pittsfield 

14952f Whittredge, Annie Elizabeth (Mrs Edgar H.) '. . .16 Avon st., Lawrence 

9644X Whitwell, Mary Crowninshield (Mrs F. A.) 230 Marlborough st., Boston 

9656 Widden, Edith Kenney Smith (Mrs Guy C.) 12 Dayton st., Worcester 

7206J Wiggin, Hannah M. Bobbins (Mrs Wm. H.) 86 Willis st., Lowell 

21556/ Wiggin, Mary Nutting (Mrs Burton H.) 91 Willie st., Lowell 

14225 Wight, Jane Adaline Eaton (Mrs H. K.) 17 Penacook ave., Cottage City 

25039/ Wilbur, Elinor Lincoln (Miss) 242 West Newton st., Boston 

220965 Wilbur, Mabel (Miss) West Newton 

110685 Wilcox, Effie May (Miss) 148 Carew st., Springfield 

17155 Wilcox, Emily H. (Mrs Wm. L.) 76 Elliott st., Springfield 

185505 Wilcox, Lillian Therese (Miss) cor. Wilcox and Main sts., Springfield 

2382* Wilcox, Lois Mygatt (Mrs John F.) ■ Boston 

24395 Wilcox, Mary S. Rowland (Mrs Henry L.) 97 Catherine St., Springfield 

10070C7 Wild, Helen T. (Miss) 43 High st., Medford 

12781^ Wilder, Alice Gafiield (Miss) 34 Elm st., Jamaica Plain 

* Pittsburg Chapter, Pa. 


20393?t Wilder, Alice M. (Miss) 118 Chestnut st., Waltham 

13398J?' Wilder, Helen (Miss) 34 Elm st., Jamaica Plain 

9107C Wilder, Mary Emma (Miss) 101 Washington st., Gloucester 

19285re Wilder, Mary S. (Mrs Ambrose S.) Waltham 

ISTSSi?* Wilder, Eebekah Jane (Mrs Edward F.) 34 Elm st., Jamaica Plain 

13401i^ Wildes, Laura (Miss) West Eoxbury 

16175/ Wiley, Melissa E. (Miss) 1 Crystal Place, Charlestown 

215292) Willdns, Hattie A. (Mis,s) Chestnut Park, Melrose 

20982fc Wilkinson, Georgia Augusta (Mrs Charles H.) 141 Park st., Chelsea 

22126aa Willard, Bial Wellman (Miss) Watertown 

4555X Willard, Susan Barker (Miss) HingEani 

16821; Willey, Harriet Arnold (Miss) Turner st., Newtonville 

23415Z) Williams, Annie E. (Mrs John A.) Dighton 

18544Z) William,s, Bertha Frances Walker (Mrs John G.) . .48 Somerset ave., Taunton 

15734Z) Williams, Charlotte Amelia (Miss) 43 Ingell st., Taunton 

13433W Williams, Elizabeth Whitney (Mrs A. W., Jr.) .Buckminster, Koad, Brookline 
185790 Williams, Elizabeth Allen Paine (Mrs F. A.) .331 Waltham st.. West Newton 

15040* Williams, Elvira Armenius Wright (Mrs Hinckley) Goshen 

15735D Williams, Emily Catherine (Miss) Berkeley st., Taunton 

15730Z) Williams, Hannah Louise Standish (Mrs Seth E.) . .154 Berkeley st., Taunton 

10519Z Williams, Helen (Miss) 15 Arlington st., Boston 

11933/ Williams, Josephine A. (Miss) 173 Stockpole st., Lowell 

20425 Williams, Kosalie Agnes (Miss) 100 Livingston ave., Lowell 

6788& Williams, Kuth (Miss) 48 Beacon st., Boston 

15732Z) Williams, Sarah Bradford (Miss) 43 Ingell st., Taunton 

15731D Williams, Sarah E. (Miss) W. Water st., Taunton 

15733Z> Williams, Sophia Pitts (Miss) W. Water st., Taunton 

10499i Willis, Sarah E. (Mrs John D.) Chestnut Hill ave., Brighton 

11578M Wills, Edith Kussell (Miss) 31 Green st., Newburyport 

16898ilf Wills, Mary E. (Mrs George E.) 31 Green st., Newburyport 

16538 Wilson, Emily Kate Newcomb (Mrs F. A.) . . .Lanark Eoad, Ward 25, Boston 

14898"F Wilson, Emma A. Weeks (Mrs Clarence) Melrose 

57810 Wilson, Harriet Frances (Miss) .- 92 Harvard st., Hyde Park 

227381 Wilson, Harriet N. Straw (Mrs Edwin T.) 48 6th st., Lowell 

204091/ Wilson, Lucy Maria Smith (Mrs George) ' Quincy 

22125aa Wilson, Mary Caroline (Miss) ' * .' " .Watertown 

18040i? Wilson, Olivia Lovell (Mrs H. Neill) " . .Pittsfield 

5120a; Wilson, Sarah M. (Mrs Wm. E.) 60 Hancock st.,' Cambridgeport 

18564^ Wimpenney, Emma Eetina Silva (Mrs Littleton C.) Edgartown 

18563^ Wimpenny, Lena Leota Beetle (Mrs Harry Littleton) Edgartown 

239700 Winch, Ellen M. Balknap (Mrs) Westborough 

9612W Winslow, Emily B. (Mrs Joseph W.) Easthampton 

11584i^ Winslow, Helen M. (Miss) 104 School st., Jamaica Plain 

23933i^ Winslow, Mary A. (Miss) 104 School st., Eoxbury 

156790 Winslow, Mary Addie Frances (Mrs E. M.) . . . .293 Marlborough st Boston 

2B920W Winsor, Linda Kennard (Mrs Alfred) Walnut st., Brookline 

21530P Wise, Grace Mchols (Mrs Daniel P.) 139 Webster st., Maiden 

246821; Witherbee, Adelaide Bigelow (Mrs Chas. F.) ... .42 Greenville st., Somerville 
16845r Witherell, Anna E. Eichmond (Mrs Arthur C.) . .11 Chruch st., North Adams 
16926i2 Withington, Alfreda Bosworth (Miss) Pittsfield 

]1'IZ W-''"' ?"''' ^"""'^ ^°--'^ '^^' Northampton 

^:!!!!LZ^f^^^L?!!^!!^L(^^!!^^ • • • -413 High St., Fall Eiver 

* Ypsilanti Chapter. Mich. 

264 DIKECTOET, D. A. E. 

105467 Wixon, Susan H. (Miss) 413 Higli st., Fall Elver 

907 Z Wolcott, Edith Prescott (Mrs Roger) 173 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

2156622 Wolfe, Minnie H. (Miss) Pittsfield 

8487(7 Wonson, Marietta Merchant (Miss) 142 E. Main st., Gloucester 

84860 Wonson, Mary A. Parkhurst (Mrs John F.) 142 E. Main st., Gloucester 

96267 Wood, Abby Abbott (Mrs Horatio) 174 Liberty st., Lowell 

5301* Wood, Alice Grout (Mrs H. Holton) 284 Walnut st., Brookline 

7515a; Wood, Elizabeth A. E. (Mrs Edward S.) 220 Marlborough st., Boston 

21003to Wood, Elizabeth Lowell Hancock (Mrs Chas. H.) . . 25 Davis ave., Brookline 

4563L Wood, Ellen S. (Mrs James B.) Concord 

72057 Wood, Grace Abbott (Miss) 174 Liberty st., Lowell 

22056c Wood, Katharine Walker (Miss) 14 Greenville st., SomervfUe 

21004W Wood, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 25 Davis ave., Brookline 

9134* Wood, Sarah Spring (Mrs Ephraim A.) 112 St. Botolph st., Boston 

11561TF Wood, Susan Ann Brimhall (Mrs Hiram N.) East Whetely 

22095B Woodbridge, Adele Taylor (Mrs Samuel H.) West Newton 

16942fc Woodbury, Sarah Eliza (Miss) 123 Washington ave., Chelsea 

23148/" Woodman, Jennie S. (Mrs George H.) E. Haverhill st., Lawrence 

5129a? Woodman, Mary (Miss)" 9 Kirkland Place, Cambridge 

19826fc Woods, Harriette Frances (Miss) Winthrop ave., Severe 

5135Q Woodside, Annie Laurie Thomas (Mrs Charles L.). .27 Appleton st.. Maiden 

12757^ Woodward, Alice E. (Mrs) 37 Eockland ave.. Maiden 

157367) Woodward, Caroline Phillips (Mrs George M.) Taunton 

21593aa Woodward, Mary D. (Mrs Charles W.) Watertown 

11540* Woodwell, Lucy Elizabeth (Miss) 47 Monmouth st., East Boston 

22128Z Woodworth, Sara Elizabeth C. (Mrs A, S.) . . 204 Commonwealth ave., Boston 

23904* Worcester, Bertha Gordon (Miss) 38 Converse ave.. Maiden 

14985jE; Worth, Cornelia Mayhew (Miss) Edgartown 

168757/ Worth, Emily (Miss) Cottage City 

16176; Worth, Emily T. J. (Mrs I. A.) . .45 Eussell st., Charlestown District, Boston 

149827? Worth, Mary Wesley Pease (Mrs Benjamin B.) Edgartown 

7493Q Worthington, Elizabeth Foster (Mrs Erastus) Dedham 

239405 Wright, Annie Eobinson (Mrs Herbert W.) 77 Alexander st., Springfield 

231591; Wright, Ellen Augusta Witt (Mrs Albert A.) 24 Eiver st., Hudson 

15666r Wright, Emily Keyes (Mrs Charles W.) 20 Holbrook st., North Adams 

14881 Wright, Florence Eussell (Miss) "Pine Hill," Duxbury 

26005 Wright, Grace Sherman (Miss) 54 Bowdoin st., Springfield 

149487 Wright, Helen Waugh (Miss) Lowell 

22079a? Wright, Margaret B. Upham (Mrs C. H.) 16 Grey st., Cambridge 

19284n Wright, Mary Frances (Miss) 5 Summit st., Waltham 

105437 Wrightington, Ellen M. (Mrs Stephens C.) 65 Franklin st.. Fall Eiver 

10542T Wrightington, Ethel E. (Miss) 65 Franklin st.. Fall Eiver 

10493; Wyman, Caroline E. (Miss) 908 Massachusetts ave., Cambridge 

182292/ Yale, Eebecca Tryphenia (Mrs Euf us M.) 538 Main st., Maiden 

90907 Young, Abby (Mrs George W.) 1149 Middlesex st., Lowell 

90897 Young, Florence (Miss) 1149 Middlesex st., Lowell 

41515 Young, Isabel (Miss) 21 Pearl st., Springfield 

10483O Zabriskie, Fanny Deane (Mrs Frank H.) 8 Highland ave., Greenfield 

* Sarah Riggs Humphrey Chapter, Conn. 

MiCHiGAisr. 265 


State Regent, 1897, Mrs. Wm. Fitzhugh Edwards, 530 Woodward ave., 


(7 organized; 11 unorganized) 

a. Algonquin Chapter — St. Joseph. 

Organised May 25, 1898; Members, 16 

Regent, Miss Stella L. Winchester Treasurer, Mrs Grace V. Canavan 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Helen S. Fyf e Registrar, Mrs Florence H. Bailey 

Secretary, Miss Mary S. Whitehead Historian, Mrs George E. Smith 

b. Alpena 


Regent, Mrs Eva W. Victor. Appointed Oct. 3, 1895 

c. Ann Arbor Chapter — Ann Arbor 

Organized July 3, 1896; Members, 38 (New York, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Sarah AngeU Treasurer, Mrs Emma E. Lynds 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Ella Babcock Registrar, Miss Emma Bower 

Secretary, Mrs Huldah Richards Historian, Mrs Kate Doty 

d. Escanaba -• 

Regent, Mrs Sarah L. Selden. Appointed Dec. 3, 1896 

c. Genesee Chapter — Flint 

Organised June 8, 1897; Members, 21 

Regent, Mrs Harriet P. Thompson Treasurer, Miss Mabel Clarke 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Anna M. O. Smith Registrar, Mrs Minnie D. Whitehead 

Secretary, Mrs Margaret S. Keeney Historian, Mrs Mary E. S. McConnelly 

f. Houghton 

Regent, Miss Hannah L. Chadbourne. Appointed Jan. 2, 1896 

g. Ishpeming 

Regent, Mrs Rebekah E. Swift. Appointed Dec. 3, 1896 

h. Jackson 
Regent, Mrs Julia C. Withington. Appointed Jan. 2, 1896 

266 DIEECTOEY, D, A. E. 

i. Kalamazoo 


Kegent, Mrs Annie C. Steams. Appointed May 24, 1898 

j. Lake Linden 

.Eegent, Mrs Hannah P. White. Appointed Nov. 5, 1896 

k. Lansing Chapter — Lansing 

Organized Deceniber 3, 1896; Members, Ifl 

Eegent, Mrs Caroline F. Grant Treasurer, Mrs Ellen L. Westeott 

Vice-Eegent, Miss Ida MeCabe Eegistrar, Mrs Jessie McCabe Turner 

Secretary, Miss Sara Carolyn Day Historian, Mrs Mary W. Spencer 

1. Louisa St. Clair Chapter — Detroit 

Organized Jan. 19, 1898; Members, 182; (District of Columbia, 1; New York, 3; Foreign, 
4; Iowa, 1; Pennsylvania, 2; California, 2; Illinois, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs William Chittenden Treasurer, Mrs Henry Lathrop, Jr 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Chas. B. Lothrop Eegistrar, Mrs Sadie H. Seymour 

Secretary, Mrs Oliver Phelps Historian, Mrs Emory Wendell 

TO.. Marquette 

Regent, Mrs Anna M. Chandler. Appointed Dec. 3, 1896 

n. Muskegon 

Eegent, Miss Mary A. Wylie. Appointed Dec. 3, 1896 

o. Romeo 

Eegent, Miss Mary A. Dickinson. Appointed May 7, 1896 

p. Saginaw 

Eegent, Mrs William S. Linton. Appointed Oct. 4, 1894 

q. Sophie de Marsac Campau Chapter — Grand Rapids 

Organised May 18, 1896; Members, 11 

Eegent, Mrs Harvey J. HoUister Treasurer, Miss Eebecca Coffinberry 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Franklin Wallin Eegistrar, Mrs L. P. Eowland 

Secretary, Mrs Henry E. Thompson Historian, Miss Fanny H. Boltvp^ood 

r. Ypsilanti Chapter — Ypsilanti 

Organised October 19, 1896; Members, 23; (Massachusetts, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Eunice E. W. VVatling Secy., Miss Mary Burnham Putnam 

Vice-Eegt., Miss Eunice Morton Lambi Treas., Mrs Irene Blodgett Ainsworth 

Eegistrar, Mrs Caroline Hinckley Sanders 



Members Eesiding in the State 


15028r Ainsworth, Irene Eobinson Blodgett (Mrs O. A.) . 511 Chicag-o ave., Ypsilanti 

15029r Ainsworth, Susan Estella (Miss) 511 CMcago ave., Ypsilanti 

10554? Alg-er, Marion Jarves (Mrs E. A., Jr.,) 560 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

13474^ Allen, Caroline Kingsbury (Mrs A. K.) 116 Summer st.. Grand Eapids 

9657? Allen, Sylvia (Miss) 125 Alfred st., Detroit 

19855fc Allison, Edith Adele (Miss) 215 Walnut st.. South Lansing 

24030fc Andrev^s, Lucy Fellows (Mrs Bishop E.) Three Elvers 

2237c Angell, Sarah Swope Caswell (Mrs James B.) Ann ArBor 

3952? Arthur, Eunice Tripler (Mrs Louis A.) 1160 Cass ave., Detroit 

14153? Atchison, Annette Vernon (Mrs Chas. B.) Detroit 

20430? Avery, Clara A. (Miss) 47 Eliot st., Detroit 

21046? Avery, Ella Smith (Mrs John H.) 810 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

18046 Ayers, Jeannette Cameron (Mrs Jos. B.) Kalamazoo 

12325(i' Babcock, Ella Stanley Butler (Mrs Jas. L.) 12 N. Division st., Ann Arbor 

9665c Bach, Ellen Botsf ord (Miss) 100 Main st., Ann Arbor 

24027r Bacon, Helen Estelle (Miss) 517 Forest ave., Ypsilanti 

15047 Bailej'^, Florence Huntington (Mrs S. A.) 119 Morton ave., Benton Harbor 

16945fc Baker, Fanny Howard (Mrs Henry B.) 726 Ottawa st., Lansing 

24009? Baker, Kate Pauline Mead (Mrs) 398 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

20431? Baldwin, Julia Adele Strong (Mrs Lyman) 50 Winder st., Detroit 

11590? Baldwin, Marie Louise (Miss) 110 Fort st.. West Detroit 

12107? Baldwin, Sibyl A. Lambard (Mrs Henry P.) 110 Fort st.. West Detroit 

21601 Ball, Helen Grace (Miss) 411 E. Eidge st., Marquette 

12110? Ballentine, Laura Caroline (Mrs Silas L.) 1805 Military st.. Port Huron 

2963? Ballou, Sarah Holton (Mrs Alphonso A.) 51 Montcalm st., Detroit 

18627? Barbour, Ella Tefft (Mrs Edward S.) .210 Lafayette ave., Detroit 

19290fc Barnard, Emily Persis (Miss) 107 Chestnut st., Lansing 

13475g Barnard, Mary E. (Miss) 347 Fountain st.. Grand Eapids 

3587 Barney, Mary Allen (Mrs Sullivan E.) Schoolcraft 

9666? Barnum, Mary Hyde (Mrs Hartson G.) Port Huron 

19763 Barrett, Helen M. (Mrs) Eichland 

3053? Bates, Elizabeth C. (Mrs Kinzie) 57 W. Canfield ave., Detroit 

8789? Bates, Octavia Williams (Miss) 53 Bagg st., Detroit 

15041g Baxter, Blanche Sherman H. (Mrs C, W.) . .6 Windsor Terrace, Grand Eapids 

24010? Beach, Clarinda Altie (Miss) 108 First st., Alpena 

11099? Begg, Louise Breck (Mrs George O.) .57 Davenport st., Detroit 

24717c Beman, Helen Burton (Mrs) Ann Arbor 

19817* Bennett, Anna Fuller (Mrs Henry A.) Manistee 

23139? Bennett, Janetta D. (Mrs E. 0.) Eloise 

13495c Bennett, Mary Ella Colins (Mrs John W.) 121/3 S. Thaye st., Ann Arbor 

16298fc Bertch, Mary Delia Miles (Mrs Chas. Wm.) Lansing 

3303? Biddle, Louisa (Miss) 730 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

5081? Biddle, Susan Dayton (Miss) "Hotel St. Clair," Detroit 

8306t Bidwell, Katherine H. Armstrong (Mrs Walter D.) .43 Moffatt Block, Detroit 

14162g' Blake, Aide Louise Tuck (Mrs Wm. Fred.) .214 S. College ave.. Grand Eapids 

11589? Bliss, Katharine Baldwin (Mrs Walter P.) 110 Fort st., Detroit 

192955' Blodgett, Daisy Peck (Mrs Delos A.) Grand Eapfds 

24026r Blount, Maude Cady (Mrs Herbert C.) Wayne 

* Fort Massachusetts Chapter, Mass. f Zebulon Pike Chapter, Colo. 





Bocher, Elizabeth Tuttle E. (Mrs M. D'L.) . .409 E. Fulton st., Grand Rapids 

Boltwood, Fanny Haskins (Miss) 65 Moris ave., Grand Eapids 

Bootes, Mary Connable (Mrs Jos. H.) 122 2nd st., Jackson 

Borden, Eva Florella Smith (Mrs Samuel C.) .313 West st., North Kalamazoo 

Bovee, Jennie L. Cady (Mrs Elied A.) 601 Chicago ave., Ypsilanti 

Bovs^er, Emma E. (Miss) 16 N. Nyall st., Ann Arbor 

Bovper, Margaret V. (Miss) .16 N. Nyall st., Ann Arbor 

Boyce, Mabelle Martha Grace (Mrs Jas. B.) Lan,sing 

Boynton, Julia Parsons (Mrs Wm. E.) 530 Woodward ave., Detroit 

Brady, Emma G. (Mrs J. E., Jr.) Fort Wayne, Detroit 

Brayton, Emma Sanford (Mrs Jas. P.) Lansing 

Brewer, Elizabeth Melinda (Mrs Banks M.) Detroit 

Briggs, Helen Johnson (Mrs Leland H.) 411 Walnut st.. South Laasing 

Briggs, Julia Peirce (Mrs George G.) Grand Eapids 

Brigham, Harriet Ferrin (Mrs Homer C.) 27 Morris ave.. Grand Eapids 

Brodhead, Jessie Willis (Mrs John F.) 931 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

Brown, Ella Bradley Shaw (Mrs) 161 College ave., South, Grand Eapids 

Brown, Minnie Kellogg (Mrs Wm. N.) 83 E. Huron st., Ann Arbor 

Bundy, Mary Goodhue Hollister (Mrs McG.) .340 Fountain st.. Grand Eapids 

Burr, Annette Wheeler (Mrs C. B.) Flint 

Bush, Minnie Day (Mrs John J.) Lansing 

Butler, Fanny Judson Knight (Mrs Wm. A.) 883 2nd ave., Detroit 

Cady, Elizabeth Caroline (Miss) 785 Cass ave., Detroit 

Cady, Elizabeth Henri Brewster (Mrs David D.) 785 Cass ave., Detroit 

Cady, Mabel Henri (Miss) 785 Cass ave., Detroit 

Cameron, Mary Baker (Mrs Angus) 424 S. 4th st.. La Crosse 

Canaran, Grace Van Der Veer (Mrs Anthony) St. Joseph 

Candler, Mary Virginia Kaple (Mrs Claudius H.) 61 Garfield ave., Detroit 

Carleton, Christine Kemp (Mrs Guy H.) Sault St. Marie 

Carleton, Ella J. (Miss) Sault St. Marie 

Carleton, Grace H. (Miss) P. O. Box 175, Sault St. Marie 

Chandler, Anna Minerva (Miss) Marquette 

Chapin, Lucy E. (Miss) 803 Kingsley st., Ann Arbor 

Chapin, Nellie Eose (Mrs Edward C.) 216 Ionia st.. West, Lansing 

Chapman, Minnie Florence (Miss) St. Joseph 

Chase, Jessie Clara (Miss) 31 Edmund Place, Detroit 

Childs, Frances Eichardson (Mrs Lewis E.) Ypsilanti 

Chittenden, Irene Williams (Mrs Wm. J.) 134 Fort st.. West, Detroit 

Chittenden, Margaret Bispham (Miss) 34 W. Fort st., Detroit 

Chittenden, Mary Farquhar (Mis.s) 134 Fort st.. West, Detroit 

Chubb, Mary (Miss) ^ . 86 State st., Grand Eapids 

Churchill, Amelia Pawling (Mrs Worthy L.) Alpena 

Clarke, Celia Laura Eansom (Mrs Francis D.) School for the Deaf, Flint 

Clarke, Cornelia Miles (Mrs John B.) 402 Court st.. East, Flint 

Clarke, Mabel (Miss) 402 Court st., FEnt 

Clarkson, Emily Sarah Watkins (Mrs) 43 S. 5th ave., Ann Arbor 

Clapperton, Hattie Barker (Mrs George) ... 765 Wealthy ave.. Grand Eapfds 

Coffinberry, Julia Frances (Miss) ' 80 Lagrave st., Grand Eapids 

Coffinberry, Eebecca Jane (Miss) 80 Lagrave st.. Grand Eapids 

Cole, Emma Hinkley (Mrs J. C.) 115 Michigan st., Benton Harbor 

Coleman, Alice Conly (Mrs) 214 Jones st., Lansing 

* Catherine Green Chapter, Ohio. 
t General Lafayette^Chapter, N. J. 

X La Crosse Chapter, Wis. 



20432? Colwell, Mary Gardiner (Mrs George W.) Harrisville 

12626? Connor, Anna Dame (Mrs L.) 103 Cass st., Detroit 

24011? Cooley, Elizabeth Swift (Miss) Jackson 

12798? Cooper, H. Jane (Miss) 33 Hanley Apartments, Detroit 

16299fc Cowles, Lizzie Bell (Miss) Lansing 

17608fc Cowles, Lucie Delia (Miss) Lansing 

12800? Coyl, Mary Kice (Mrs Samuel B.) 194 Charlotte ave., Detroit 

22130? Crane, Helen Marion (Miss) 26 Hancock ave., West, Detroit 

14558 Crofoot, Mary Fitz (Miss) Pontiac 

19854? Croul, Julia Josephine (Mrs Frank H.) 168 McDougall ave., Detroit 

14649? Curtenius, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 1055 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

23441 Dana, Emily Brockway (Mrs Edward B.) 60 W. Muskegon ave., Muskegon 

9149? Davenport, Maria F. (Mrs Frances 0.) 124 Fort st., Detroit 

21055g Davis, Adaline W. (Mrs) 617 Wealthy ave.. Grand Eapids 

13480g Davis, Alice Barnard (Mrs George A.) 347 Mountain st.. Grand Eapids 

15748 Davis, Jean Amanda (Miss) Coldwater 

186096 Davison, Elizabeth Munson (Mrs Dewitt C.) Flint 

19853? Davock, Sarah Whiting (Mrs Harlow P.) 79 Garfield ave., Detroit 

16300fe Day, Sara Carolyn (Miss) 309 Sycamore st., North, Lansing 

13494c Dean, Clara Sedgwick (Miss) Ann Arbor 

12801c Dean, Elizabeth Whitten (Miss) Ann Arbor 

21056g Dean, Olive Crane Kendall (Mrs Irving A.) ... .17 Holister st.. Grand Rapids 

18622c Dedrick, Clara Oswald (Mrs Chas. E.) 103 Huron st., East, Ann Arbor 

18151* De Forest, Helen Mary Collins (Mrs Wayne) Detroit 

21054? Dennison, Julia Butler Barlow (Mrs A. C.) 279 Lyon st., Grand Rapids 

21044c Dibble, Sarah Elizabeth D. (Mrs G. E.).92 Washington st., E., Ann Arbor 

4550f Dickinson, Mary Ann (Miss) Romeo 

24031fc Dix, Bertha Bernice (Miss) 213 Walnut st.. South, Lansing 

15031r Dodge, Susan Sanders (Mrs Stephen E.) 114 S. Huron st., Ypsilanti 

21050fc ~ 








Donovan, Roxie Case (Mrs William) 210 Capitol ave., Lansing 

Doty, Kate Westcott (Mrs Wm. G.) Ann Arbor 

Drexel, Katharyn Hotehkiss (Mrs Frederick A.).. 210 Horton ave., Detroit 

Duffield, Frances Pitts (Mrs Henry M.) Jefferson ave., Detroit 

Durant, Rebecca Polger Crapo (Mrs Wm. C.) 2nd and Church sts., Flint 

Duryea, Alice M. S. (Mrs Richard C.) Grand Haven 

Duvall, Mary Ellen Strickland (Mrs Harry) Manistigue 

Earle, Martha Goodhue (Mrs Justus E.) 195 Fountain st.. Grand Rapids 

Eaton, Eliza W. (Mrs Theodore H.) 484 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

Eddy, Mary Colfax (Mrs Lawrence P.) 55 Paris ave.. Grand Rapids 

Edmonds, Sarah Louise Conely (Mrs Robert G.) Lansing 

Edwards, Frances Parsons (Mrs Wm. F.) 530 Woodward ave., Detroit 

Elder, Lilah E. (Mrs John A.) Lansing 

Ellis, Jessie Ranney (Miss) 80 Farrar st., Detroit 

Elwood, Caroline Frances (Miss) 924 Church st., Flint 

Emerson, Wilimena H. Eliot (Mrs Justin E.) 128 Henry st., Detroit 

Fallas, Annie Temple (Mrs Edwin) 219 Livingston st.. Grand Rapids 

Farnsworth, Eliza Fiske Valentine (Mrs B. S.) . .567 E. Congress st., Detroit 

Farnsworth, Harriet Eliza (Miss) 567 E. Congress st., Detroit 

Farnsworth, Henrietta Lynde (Miss) 567 E. Congress st., Detroit 

Farquhar, Mary Howard (Mrs Francis U.) 95 Watson st., Detroit 

Farrard, Elizabeth Martha (Miss) 624 Court st., Port Huron 

* George Clymer Chapter, Pa. 
t Mercy Warren Chapter, Mass. 

J Lucretia Shaw Chapter, Conn. 




Farwell, Emma Jane (Miss) 160 Bag-g st., Detroit 

Faulconer, Elizabeth Williams Emmons (Mrs Kobert) . 57 Watson st., Detroit 

Felton, Harriet (Mrs Lyman) Eloise 

Ferguson, Jessie (Miss) 521 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

Fisher, Fronia C (Mrs Ernest B.) 321 Cherry st., Grand Rapids 

Fitch, Louise Martha (Miss) 155 Jefferson ave.. Grand Rapids 

Fletcher, Grace Parker (Mrs Frank W.)..187 Jefferson ave.. Grand Rapids 

Follmer, Edith May (Mrs Chas. C.) 291 Fountain st., Grand Rapids 

Ford, Rachel M. (Mrs Fred. I.) Flint 

Fowle, Anna Emerson French (Mrs John C.) Marquette 

Fox, Emma Stowell (Mrs Chas. E.) 21 Bagley ave., Detroit 

Frazer, Abbie M. (Mrs Robert E.) 1988 Woodward ave., Detroit 

French, Mary E. Swarthout (Mrs W. P.).. 116 Jefferson st., Benton Harbor 

Fuller, Cornelia Granger (Mrs Edv^^ard P.) 297 Fulton st., Grand Rapids 

Fyfe, Abby Lucretia Rice (Mrs Richard H.) 939 Woodward ave., Detroit 

Fyf e, Helen Stanley (Mrs Laurence C.) St. Joseph 

Gage, Elizabeth M. (Miss) Saginaw, E. S. 

Gardiner, Cora Anna (Miss) 186 Barclay st., Grand Rapids 

Gibbs, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Eugene B.) 60 Erskine st., Detroit 

Gibson, Mary Alice Thatcher (Mrs Edwin W.) 28 Warren ave., Detroit 

Gillespie, Mary B. Wheelock (Miss) Fountain st.. Grand Rapids 

Gillett, Charlotte Martha (Mrs Ruf us W.) 188 Lafayette aev., Detroit 

Gillette, Celia Botsford (Mrs William) 100 S. Main st., Ann Arbor 

Gillette, Fredericka B. (Miss) 100 S. Main st., Ann Arbor 

Given, Harriet Bell (Mrs Chas. W.) Sault St. Marie 

Grant, Annie A. (Miss) Lansing 

Grant, Caroline Felch (Mrs Claudius B.) Lansing 

Grant, Emma (Miss) 317 Seymour st., Lansing 

Graves, Mary Colfax Baldwin (Mrs Samuel) 55 Paris ave.. Grand Rapids 

Green, Jessie Louise (Miss) Detroit 

Greene, Julia Lucretia Baldwin (Mrs George H.) Lansing 

Griggs, Frances Elizabeth (Miss) 160 Lafayette ave., Detroit 

Griswold, Mattie Liston (Mrs Leavitt S.) Big Rapids 

Hall, Ella M. Tourtellotte (Mrs E. B.) Ann Arbor 

Hall, Genevieve King (Mrs Perley W.) Benton Harbor 

Hall, Mary J. (Mrs Benjamin F.) Lansing 

Hallock, Isabel Tucker (Mrs Lewis W.) 665 2nd ave., Detroit 

Hallock, Martha E. (Miss) 68 Erskine st., Detroit 

Harper, Belle Robinson (Mrs Frank B.) Pontiac 

Harrington, Lydia Turner (Mrs Eli F.)..127 Mt. Vernon st.. Grand Rapids 

Harris, Florella (Mrs) Ann Arbor 

Hatch, Harriet Robbins (Mrs Eugene E.) 76 Davenport st., Detroit 

Hemphill, Josephine Maria (Miss) Ypsilanti 

Hendrie, Katherine Sibley (Miss) 625 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

Henry, Faydelia S. (IN'Iiss) 158 Fort st., Detroit 

Henry, Florine Barbour (Mrs William G.) 210 Lafayette ave., Detroit 

Herdman, Nancy Bradley Thomas (Mrs Wm. J.) Ann Arbor 

Herod, Annette V. (Mrs J. R.) .care F. N. Vernor, 33 Congress st., W., Detroit 
Hillyer, Frances S. Van Veehten (Mrs).. 132 Washington st.. Grand Rapids 

Hinchman, Mary (Miss) 117 W. Fort st., Detroit 

Hitchcock, Julia Fitch (Mrs Frederick K.) "The Savoy," Detroit 

' Betty Allen Chapter, Mass. 

t Hermitage Chapter, Tenn. 













Hinkley, Frances (Miss) Alanson 

Hollister, Martha Clay (Mrs Harvey J.) 41 Fulton st., E., Grand Eapids 

Holmes, AugTista Jane Chandler (Mrs William) Menominee 

Holmes, Charlotte (Miss) Menominee 

Holt, Perla M. Ward (Mrs Ira F.) 199 Ferry ave., Detroit 

Hooker, Emma E. (Mrs Frank A.) 101 Walnut st.. North, Lansing- 

Hubbard, Elizabeth Lockwood (Mrs Frank) Port Austin 

Huber, Marion Ward Holt (Mrs Stanley B.) 199 Ferry ave., Detroit 

Hueston, Kathreen Walker (Mrs Jas. M.) Ypsilanti 

Huntley, Julia A. Henshaw (Mrs Emmons R.) . . . .891 Hall st., Grand Eapids 

Hu,sted, Anor Dickinson (Mrs William H.) St. Joseph 

Hutchins, Mary Louise Crocker (Mrs Harry B.) ... .2 Monroe st., Ann Arbor 

Huyck, Sarah (Mrs Eichard J.) Little Prairie Eonde 

Hyatt, Clinton HufEman (Mrs Clark C.) 514 East st., Flint 

Hyde, Ella Churchill (Miss) 311 2nd st., Alpena 

Irland, Amelia B. (Miss) Ann Arbor 

Irvine, Josephine Emeline Hall (Mrs E. J. C.) Detroit 

Isom, Lena Chittenden (Mrs Wm. H.) 9 State st., Adrian 

Jacobs, Catharine Mary Huntington (Mrs N. P.) 113 Watson st., Detroit 

James, Alice M. (Miss) 130 N. Lafayette st., Grand Eapids 

Jenison, Alice Cowles (Mrs Nelson F.) Lansing- 

Jenison, Mary Hawley (Mrs Orien A.) 214 Sycamore st., Lansing- 

Jenney, Belle Adelaide (Miss) 421 5th st.. West, Flint 

Jennings, Helen F. (Mrs Charles I.) Detroit 

Jev\rett, Carrie Belle (Miss) 113 Fountain st.. Grand Eapids 

Johnson, Emily Eockwell (Mrs Benjamin C.) 716 Ionia st., Lansing 

Johnson, E. H. (Mrs F. W.) cor. Congress and Hamilton st., W., Ypsilanti 

Joy, Helen Newberry (Mrs Henry B.) 501 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

Judd, Harriet Goodhue Clay (Mrs E. E.) . .105 N. College ave.. Grand Eapids 

Keating, Mabel Nano (Miss) 87 Houston ave., Muskegon 

Keating, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 87 Houston ave., Muskegon 

Keeney, Margaret Strong (Mrs) 932 Beach st., Flint 

Kelly, Harriet Carey (Mrs Edv^^ard W.) 415 E. 5th st., Flint 

Kemp, Joanna (Miss) Sault de Sainte Marie 

Kemp, Minta Proctor (Miss) Sault de Sainte Marie 

Kilbourn, Mary E. (Miss) 521 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

Kimball, Alice Moore Putnam (Mrs Wm. W.) Manistique 

King, Cora Dell (Miss) St. Joseph 

King, Hannah Spicer Eose (Mrs James W.) 216 Ionia st., Lansing 

King, Laura Belle (Miss) Benton Harbor 

King, Madeline Davenport (Miss) 269 E. Larned ave., Detroit 

King, Matilda Davenport (Mrs John H.) 269 E. Larned st., Detroit 

Kneeland, Helen Louise Dodge (Mrs Frank G.) St. Louis 

Knott, Elizabeth E. (Mrs John B.) Lansing 

Koon, Edith Adelle (Miss) Hillsdale 

Koon, Lottie Mabel Peabody (Mrs Ezra L.) Hillsdale 

Lacey, Mary Euth (Miss) 628 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

Ladue, Mary Hale Abbott (Mrs George N.) 60 Watson st., Detroit 

Lambie, Eunice Morton (Miss) 112 N. Washington st., Ypsilanti 

Lansing, Helen Jane (Mrs Francis E.) Howell 

Lathrop, Mary Woodward Gillett (Mrs H. K.)..190 Lafayette ave., Detroit 

* Norwalk Chapter, Conn. 
t Chicago Chapter, 111. 

i Nathan Hale Chapter, Minn. 



2920 Ledyard, Matilda Cass (Miss) care H. B. Ledyard, Detroit 

167 Leggett, Lucy A. (Mrs) 17 Winder st., Detroit 

24014Z Lindley, Isabella Howard (Mrs Walter H.) 68 Winder st., Detroit 

6160 Linton, Ida M. (Mrs Wm. S.) Saginaw 

15738? Lockwood, Kate (Miss) 52 Davenport st., Detroit 

6921 Long, Lanra Adelaide (Mrs John C.) 444 Field ave., Detroit 

15043(? Long, Margaret C. (Miss) 125 Sheldon st.. Grand Eapids 

24895* Longyear, Abby Beecher (Miss) Marquette 

24301* Longyear, Mary Beecher (Mrs John M.) Marquette 

1980? Lothrop, Isabella Graham Bethyne (Mrs C. B.)..432 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

23443 Loud, Nancy Prudence Smith (Mrs Henry M.) Au Sable 

15022? Lovett, Loiiie Craig (Mrs Wm. W.) Detroit 

19852c Loving, Caroline Davis Collamore (Mrs Lunsford L.) Ann Arbor 

17664f Lowry, Helen M. Church (Mrs John) 13 Monroe ave., Ann Arbor 

18044c Lynds, Emma E. (Mrs James G.) Ann Arbor 

5485fc McCabe, Ida V. (Miss) 405 Ottawa st., Lansing 

9967f MacCarthy, Elizabeth E,. (Mrs Joseph P.) 23 Clay ave., Muskegon 

1877j[ McClure, Elizabeth Victoria McAuley (Mrs T.).727 Michigan ave., Lansing 

186136 McConnelly, Mary E. A. Sayre (Mrs George) 318 2nd st., Flint 

13487Q' McCoy, Gail Lyon (Mrs Daniel 82 Paris ave.. Grand Rapids 

204386 McCreery, Genevieve Decker (Mrs William B.) Flint 

13488g McKee, Florence McCutcheon (Mrs S. Wallace) .18 North ave., Grand Rapids 

16950^ McKee, Laura Emma (Miss) 246 Lyon st., Grand Rapids 

11308? MacMchol, Laura F. (Mrs George P.) Wyandotte 

11588? Macomb, Christina G. (Miss) St. Luke's Hospital, Detroit 

9445J McPherson, Frances Foster (Mrs Martin J.) Howell 

19299 McPherson, Eosa Lee (Mrs Edward G.) Howell 

13550f Mahan, Lelia Maud Ivins (Mrs John, Jr.) 243 Lincoln ave., Detroit 

198626 Mahon, Gratia E. Dayton (Mrs William) Flint 

24032 Mann, May Blanchard (Mrs Chas. B.) 75 Webster ave., Muskegon 

19856A; Mason, Julia Almira Davis (Mrs Richard) Gladstone 

24016? Mason, Julia Buel (Miss) 67 Erskine st., Detroit 

2267? Mason, Margaret Camp (Mrs Rodney) 127 Congress st.. East, Detroit 

24015? Mason, Mary Conant (Miss) 67 Erskine st., Detroit 

198577c Mason, Myra Belle Rood (Miss) Lansing 

23997c Medaris, Carlotta Louise (Mrs) 402 S. 5th ave., Ann Arbor 

9151 Metcalfe, Helen Noble (Mrs A. T.) 46 McComly st.. Battle Creek 

5578 Metcalfe, Lucille (Miss) Detroit 

16303fc Meyers, Anna B. (Mrs' John H.) 214 Ionia st., Lansing 

16304fc Miles, Mary A. (Mrs George H.) Lansing 

14277|| Mills, Elizabeth Butler Wright (Mrs Willis N.) Menominee 

3310? Moore, Katharine Mcintosh De Mill (Mrs G. W.) . . 527 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

14155? Moore, Rebecca Perit Pierson (Mrs Lucian S.) 46 Edmund Place, Detroit 

21048? Moses, Rena Traver (Mrs Charles W.) 32 Hanley Apartments, Detroit 

2042Se Murfin, Josephine Hurd Smith (Mrs James 0.) . 105 E. Huron st., Ann Arbor 

14168g Myers, Caroline Bacon (Mrs Joseph C.) Morton House, Grand Rapids 

11100? Newberry, Harriet Barnes (Mrs Truman H.)....481 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

10094? Newberry, Helen Handy (Mrs John T.) 483 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

24020? Nichols, Alice Slocum (Miss) 533 Woodward ave., Detroit 

4517? Nichols, Elizabeth Truax Slocum (Mrs J. B.)..533 Woodward ave., Detroit 

* Western Reserve Chapter, Ohio. 

t Captain Jonathan Oliphant Chapter, N. J. 

j Chicago Chapter, 111. 

II Oneida Chapter, N. Y. 
II Bronson Chapter, Vt. 



24718c Nichols, Letitia Mae Howell (Mrs Arthur C.) . .115 N. Thayer st., Ann Arbor 

24019? Noble, Lucy Seward (Mrs Bostwick E.) 514 4th ave., Detroit 

13486Q' Norris, Lucy Whittlesey (Mrs L. D.) 21 N. Prospect st., Grand Eapids 

14557Q' Norris, Maria Whittlesey (Miss) 21 N. Prospect st., Grand Rapids 

12796? Norton, Louise Verner (Mrs E. K.) 325 Lafayette ave., Detroit 

12795g O'Brien, Delia Howard (Mrs) 28 N. Lafayette st., Grand Eapids 

16296fc O'Bryan, Amelia C. Hall (Mrs V.) 224 Washington ave.. South, Lansing 

186146 Olcott, Margaret Thompson (Miss) 932 Beach st., Flint 

19294fc Osborne, Harriet Haynes Wright (Mrs W. H.) 208 Seymour st., Lansing 

18623c Oswald, Spencer (Mrs Andrew) 103 Huron st., Ann Arbor 

15034r Owen, Abba Eirene (Miss) 714 Forest ave., Ypsilanti 

13497c Pack, Ann Waters (Mrs Clarkson La Forge).. 19 N. Ingalls st., Ann Arbor 

186156 Palmer, Mary A. Woodworth (Mrs Jonathan) 1108 Beach st., Flint 

18628? Parker, Elizabeth Lonice (Miss) Children's Free Hospital, Detroit 

765? Parsons, Grace Douglas (Miss) 530 Woodward ave., Detroit 

24023 Patchin, Euth Hayward Watkins (Mrs J. W.) 435 Webster st.. Traverse City 

23440(? Peirce, Ethel Cornelia (Miss) 186 Ottawa st.. Grand Eapids 

23439g' Peirce, Frances E. (Miss) 186 Ottawa ,st.. Grand Eapids 

227650' Perkins, Delia Antoinette F. (Mrs C. E.) . 85 Washington st.. Grand Eapids 

8234? Phelps, Sarah Humes Porter (Mrs Oliver) 134 McDougall st., Detroit 

14152? Pittman, Mary Gertrude (Mrs Samuel E.) 551 E. Congress st., Detroit 

2260? Pitts, Helen Strong (Miss) 710 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

1699? Poe, Eleanor Carroll Brent (Mrs Orlando M.)..131 E. Congress st., Detroit 

1722? Poe, Elizabeth Comstock (Miss) 131 E. Congress st., Detroit 

221410- Powell, Helen Griffith (Mrs Isaac P.) 76 Jefferson st., Grand Eapids 

23138fc Presley, Minnie E. (Mrs George C.) 601 Shiawassee st.. West, Lansing 

24000a Preston, Mary King (Mrs Wallace A.) St. Joseph 

14157r Putnam, Jennie Shuler (Mrs Arthur S.) Manistique 

15039r Putnam, Mary Burnham (Miss) Ypsilanti 

14151? Putnam, Nellie Dean (Miss) 39 Hancock ave.. East, Detroit 

11592? Eaney, Elizabeth Balch (Mrs Frederick T.) 130 Alfred st., Detroit 

24001a Eansom, Mary Adams (Mrs Theron T.) St. Joseph 

3268* Eathbone, Elizabeth Bacon Adam^ (Mrs Joshua H.) Ann Arbor 

8791? Eaymond, Harriet E. (Miss) 481 4th ave., Detroit 

9148? Eaymond, Ida J. (Miss) 481 4th ave., Detroit 

24722? Eaynale, Harriett E. (Mrs Spencer B.) 340 W. Warren ave., Detroit 

14166g Eead, Annie H. (Miss) 77 Henry st.. Grand Eapids 

15739? Reynolds, Lillian (Miss) 21 Bagley ave., Detroit 

13470Q' Eichards, Annette (Miss) 171 Turner st.. Grand Eapids 

13471g Eichards, Harriette Amy (Miss) 171 Turner st.. Grand Eapids 

13496c Eichards, Huldah Loomis (Mrs Jonathan E.)..75 E. Huron st., Ann Arbor 

24728 Eipley, Cornelia (Miss) Muskegon 

22770? Eipley, Lucenia M. (Miss) 581 Cass ave., Detroit 

13489(? Eobbins, Esther Savidge (Mrs Nathaniel, Jr.) Grand Haven 

4883? Robinson, Alice Hunt (Miss) Hotel St. Clair, Detroit 

20429fc Eobinson, M. Ethel (Miss) Chassell 

3311 Eogers, Jeannette S. (Mrs J. Sumner) Oakhurst, Orchard Lake 

134720 Eood, Cornelia Foster (Mrs Chas. C.) 410 E. Fulton st., Grand Eapids 

85020- Eowland, Frances Lester (Mrs Levi P.) 369 Fountain st.. Grand Eapids 

15027? Eumney, Mary Eliza (Mrs John G.) Detroit 

10553? Eussell, Mary E. Eumney (Mrs Walter T.) 863 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

* Augusta Chapter, Ga, 



9659Z Eussell, Ellen Wells (Mrs Alfred) 1300 Woodward ave., Detroit 

15745Q Sailor, Margaret Balcom (Mrs John) Saugatuck 

11591? Sanborn, Nancy Merrill (Miss) 707 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

15035r Sanders, Caroline Hinckley (Mrs Josiah F.) 114 S. Huron st., Ypsilanti 

13473g Savidge, Sarah Caroline Patten (Mrs Hunter) Spring Lake 

16306fc Saxton, Mary F. (Mrs George H.) 215 Chestnut st., North, Lansing 

16309 Scott, Alice Mary (Miss) P. O. Box 285, Big Rapids 

9877t Seasholes, Grace Lyon (Mrs Charles L.) 1414 Capitol ave., Lansing 

8216* Selden, Sarah Lay (Mrs Samuel H.) Escanaba 

23442a Sesser, Jane Belle (Miss) St. Joseph 

9150? Seymour, Sadie Hanna (Mrs) 715 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

15025? Shelden, Caroline Alger (Mrs Henry D.) Detroit 

13490g Shelton, Harriet Handy (Mrs John R.) .19 James st., Grand Rapids 

14160g Shepard, Cornelia Billings (Miss) 15 N. Union st., Grand Rapids 

17610? Sherman, Estella C. Ward (Mrs Loren Albert) Port Huron 

754 Sibley, Sarah A. (Miss) Griswold st., Detroit 

13467? Skinner, Henrietta Channing Dana (Mrs H. W.).360 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

23141? Smith, Abigail (Miss) 30 E. High st., Detroit 

186166 Smith, Anna Maria Otcott (Mrs Wm. L.) 920 Beach st., Flint 

24004a Smith, Belle Chapman (Mrs George E.) St. Joseph 

15740? Smith, Lucy Crapo (Mrs H. H. H. Crapo) 789 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

10091? Smith, Virginia Ferguson (Mrs James C.) .521 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

16301fc Sparrovi^, Helen Theresa G. (Mrs E. W.).506 Washington ave., S., Lansing 

24018? Spencer, Louisa Ann Flint (Mrs) 25 Peterborough st., Detroit 

16305fc Spencer, Mary Wilson (Mrs Clinton) 314 Seymour st., Lansing 

22138? Starkey, Jennie O. (Miss) 88 Pitcher st,, Detroit 

24024 Stearns, Annie Curd Abbot (Mrs Allen M.) Kalamazoo 

24724? Stearns, Margaret Johnson (Mrs Samuel C.) 176 Seybum ave., Detroit 

6902^ Stearns, Paulina Lyon (Mrs Justus S.) Ludington 

15044(/ Stevens, Jennie Robe (Mrs Wilder D.) Grand Rapids 

14169(? Stevens, NeUie Henshaw (Mrs F. W.) 364 S. Lafayette st.. Grand Rapids 

24003a Stratton, Cornelia J. (Mrs Robert F.) St. Joseph 

24021? Stringham, Harriet Strong (jVIiss) 113 Elizabeth st., East Detroit 

14556g' Studley, Edith (Miss) 64 N. Prospect st.. Grand Rapids 

15030r Sullivan, Jessie Caroline Ainsworth (Mrs J. A.).. 511 Chicago ave., Ypsilanti 

5080? Sumner, Anna Chickering (Miss) 821 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

7218? Sumner, Florence Bingham (Mrs Edward A.) 821 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

14164Q Sweet, Sophia Fuller (Mrs Edwin F.) 297 Fulton st., Grand Rapids 

3586? Swift, Clara Buel Trowbridge (Mrs C. M.) . .160 Joseph Campan ave., Detroit 

15021? Swift, Irene Battell (Mrs Edward Y.) .184 Lafayette ave., Detroit 

16948fc Swift, Janet Huntington McKelvey (Mrs Clarence F.) Lansing 

9552* Swift, Rebekah Eunice (Miss) Ishpeming 

24034g Taggart, Delia Carner (ISIrs Edward) 109 N. College ave., Grand Rapids 

21052fc Tenney, Harriet A. Edgerton (Mrs Jesse Eugene) Lansing 

24729 Thomas, Alberta Tullia (Miss) Muskegon 

8790? Thomas, Hallie Chittenden (Mrs Albert Bethel) 109 Watson st., Detroit 

13491g Thompson, Elizabeth W. B. (Mrs H. E.) . .1044 Jefferson ave.. Grand Rapids 

78426 Thompson, Hattie P. (Mrs Almon A.) 422 Beach st., Flint 

13466? Thrall, Alice (Miss) Detroit 

* Fort Dearborn Chapter, 111. 
t Jane Douglas Chapter, Texas. 

If Walter Deane Chapter, Ohio. 





















ThTimmel, Edith Hepburn (Mrs W. F.) 719 2d ave., Detroit 

Thurston, Mary Louise Atchison (Mrs) Detroit 

Tilden, Georgia (Miss) 5 Monroe st., Ann Arbor 

Trowbridge, Mary E. (Miss) 609 JefCerson ave., Detroit 

Turner, Jessie McCabe (Mrs Charles M.) 405 Ottawa st., Lansing 

Tyler, Esther Kobbins (Mrs George) • Union City 

Victor, Eva Carey Woodbridge (Mrs Winthrop F.) Alpena 

Vosmus, Sarah Waters (Mrs Orrin D.) 19 N. Ingalls st., Ann Arbor 

Walker, Eliza Angeline Ingersoll (Mrs Andrew C.) Ypsilanti 

Wallace, Laura Ripley (Mrs Daniel D.) Saline 

Wallin, Elizabeth Whittelsey (Mrs Van Arthur) . .S. Front st.. Grand Rapids 
Wallin, Hannah Chadbourne (Mrs F. B.)..26 S. Prospect st.. Grand Rapids 

Ward, Ermine Palmer Ward (Mrs) 27 Ledyard st., Detroit 

Warren, Annie Spencer (Mrs Peter) 1021 Huron st.. East, Ann Arbor 

Warren, Mary Elizabeth Whitney (Mrs Chas. A.) 789 Cass ave., Detroit 

Warriner, Stella Mercer Farnham (Mrs) Calumet 

Wastell, Ann Eliza Gillette (Mrs Willliam) 1029 6th st., Port Huron 

Watldns, Alice (Miss) 176 Bagg st., Detroit 

Watldns, Edith (Miss) 176 Bagg st., Detroit 

Watling, Eunice Wright (Mrs John A.) 121 N. Huron st., Ypsilanti 

Watling, Lucile (Miss) Ypsilanti 

Weeks, Katherine (Miss) Mt. Clemens 

Wells, Harriette Hyde (Mrs Frederick L.) Port Huron 

Wendell, Jeanie Torrey (Mrs Samuel) 597 Cass ave., Detroit 

West, Bessie M. (Miss) Detroit 

Westcott, Clara Louise (Miss) 200 St. Joseph st., East, Lansing 

Westcott, Ellen L. (Mrs Thomas W.) 200 St. Joseph st.. East, Lansing 

Wetherbee, Mary E. Phelps (Mrs George C.) 777 Cass ave., Detroit 

Wetmore, Mary Blanche (Miss) "The Jefferson," Detroit 

Wheelock, Josephine Elizabeth (Miss) Fountain st., Grand Rapids 

White, Hannah Pope (Mrs Charles G.) Lake Linden 

Whitehead, Mary Sophronia (Miss) 145 Bellview st., Benton Harbor 

Whitehead, Minnie Davidson (Mrs I. Wixom) 925 Lapew st., Flint 

Whitney, Beatrice Lamed (Mrs Bertram C.) 28 Sprout st., Detroit 

Wight, Bessie Rice (Miss) 403 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

Wight, Sarah Davenport (Mrs Henry A.) 403 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

Wilkinson, Caroline Sanders (Mrs C. S.) 114 S. Huron st., Ypsilanti 

Williams, Edith W. (Miss) 715 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

Williams, Jane Phillips H. (Mrs C. Lamed) 60 Erskine st., Detroit 

Williams, Julia H. (Mrs N. G.) 715 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

Williams, Olive Farrand (Mrs Richard P.) 457 AVoodward ave., Detroit 

Winchester, Stella Louise (Miss) St. Joseph 

Wing, Elizabeth T. (Mrs Talcott E.) 614 Brush st., Detroit 

Winsor, Anhella Lull (Mrs Eugene E.) Grand Rapids 

Withington, Julia Chittenden (Mrs Wm. H.) 228 Wildwood ave., Jackson 

Wood, Julia Slosson (Miss) Muskegon 

Wood, Susan Maria (Miss) 173 Clay ave., Muskegon 

Woodbridge, Alice Field (Mrs) i\.nn Arbor 

Woodruff, Grace Lowrey (Miss) 1055 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

* Abigail Adams Chapter, Iowa. 

t Susau Carrington Clarke Chapter, Conn. 

I Hermitage Chapter, Tenn. 

II Ascutney Chapter, Vt. 
? Owasco Chapter, N. Y. 
If Wyoming Valley Chapter, Pa. 

276 DIEECTOET, D. A. E. 

15742Z Woodruff, Josephine Henry (Miss) 1055 Jefferson ave., Detroit 

18624c Woods, Jennie M. (Miss) 88 S. Main st., Ann Arbor 

186186 Woodworth, Margaret A. Worden (Mrs Arice A.) 1108 Beach, st., Flint 

2664? Woolsey, Elizabeth Morrison (Miss) 564 Congress st.. East, Detroit 

13492(j' Works, Charlotte E. Giddings (Mrs A. M.) . .559 E. Eultdn st., Grand Eapids 

19296^ Wylie, Jeanette Curtis (Mrs James E. W.) 70 Lafayette st.. Grand Eapids 

11101 Wylie, Mary A. (Miss) 102 W. Clay st., Muskegon 


State Regent 1897, Mrs. R. M. Newport, 217 Summit ave., St. Paul 

1898, Mrs. E. Torrence, 2446 Park ave., Minneapolis 
Honorary State Regent, Mrs. R. M. Newport, elected 1898 

(8 organized; 5 unorganized.) 

a. Colonial Chapter — Minneapolis 

Organized January 21, 1895; Members, 116 (Massachusetts, 3; Arkansas, 1) 

Regent, Mrs I. C. Marston Treasurer, Mrs C. T. Thompson 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs George Christain Eegistrar, Miss Martha West 

Eec. Secretary, Mrs W. S. Potter Historian, Mrs J. T. Morris 

Cor. Secretary, Mrs Alice K. Corrigan Chaplain, Miss Jane Long 

b. Daughters of Liberty Chapter — Duluth 

Organised' April 19, 1897; Members, 28 (Nebraska, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Denison B. Smith, Jr. Treasurer, Miss Julia Ensign 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs C. d'Autrement Eegistrar, Mrs Edgar Markell 

Eec. Secretary, Julia Barber Historian, Mrs Frank M. Guthrie 

Cor. Secretary, Mrs Victor Steams Chaplain, Mrs Thomas S. Wood 

c. Distaff Chapter— St. Paul 

Organized April 7, 1898; Members, 25 (New York, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Chas. E. Smith Treasurer, Mrs Saml. C. Stickney 

Vice-Kegent, Mrs Jas. W. Edgarton Eegistrar, Mrs Eufus Davenport 

Eec. Secretary Mrs Benj. S. Cowen Historian, Mrs Fredk. E. Foster 

Cor. Secretary, Mrs Henry B. Willis Chaplain, Mrs Judson W. Bishop 

d. Faribault 

Members, 12 

Eegent, Miss Stella F. Cole. Appointed November 4, 1897. 


e. Fergus Falls 
Regent, Mrs Mary Mygatt Brown. Appointed October 7, 1897. 

f . Greysolon du Lhut Chapter — Duluth 

Organized October 19, 1895; Members, 18 (Wisconsin, 1; Utah, 1; Iowa, 1) 

Kegent, Mrs Julia M. Barnes Treasurer, Mrs Emma H. Fish 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Cornelius H. Patton Registrar, Mrs Willard Lincoln 

Secretary, Mrs Norman Maynard Historian, Mrs Coman C. Ames 

Chaplain, Mrs L. B. Hammond 

g. Minneapolis Chapter — Minneapolis 

Organize March SI, 1892; Members, 68 (Wisconsin, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Watson W. Rich Registrar Mrs Russell F. Goodwin 

Rec. Secretary, Miss Emma E. Rogers Historian, Mrs Amanda K. Powers 

Cor. Secretary, Miss Abbie J. Blaisdell Chaplain, Mrs Louise C. Keys 

Treasurer, Mrs Fredk. C. Burrows Hon. Chaplain, Mrs C. O. Van Cleve 

h. Nathan Hale Chapter — St. Paul 

Organized November 25, 1895; Members, 45 (Pennnsylvania, 1; Michigan, 2; Ohio, 1; Illi- 
nois, 1; Florida, 1; 'New York, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Hascal R. Brill Treasurer, Mrs Fredk. E. Rice 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Walter Sanborn Registrar, Mrs Stewart L. Moore 

Rec. Secretary, Mrs Walter Stevens Historian, Mrs Jos. E. McWilliams 

Cor. Secretary, Mrs Duval F. Polk Chaplain, Mrs Harry F. Fagley 

i. Bochester 

Members ' 

Regent, Miss Adelaide L. Stebbins. Appointed November 4, 1897. 

j. St. Cloud 

Members ] ■■, 

Regent, Mrs Lou Alice Gule. Appointed December 2, 1897. 

k. Stillwater 

Members V, 

Regent, Mrs Henrietta P. Durant. Appointed January 6, 1898. 
• 18 


1. St. Paul Chapter— St. Paul 

Organised October I4, 1891; Menihers, 166 (Texas, 1; District of GolumUa, 2; North 
Dakota, 1; Montana, 1; New York, 2; Foreign, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Geo. C. Squiers 
Viee-Eegent, Mrs J. B. Beals 
Rec. Secretary, Mrs S. P. Crosby 
Cor. Sec, Mrs Henry Nichols 

Treasurer, Miss Mary Baldwin 
Registrar, Mrs J. B. Baird 
Historian, Mrs C. Eugene Eiggs 
Chaplain, Mrs M. D. Edwards 

m. Wenonah Chapter — Winona 

Organized February 3, 1898; Members, 23 (Massachusetts, 1) 

Regent, Mrs W. H. Yale Cor. Secretary, Mrs F. A. Rising 

Vice-Regent, Mrs A. H. Snow Treasurer, Mrs H. M. Kinney 

Rec. Sec, Mrs Lethe B. Morrison Registrar, Mrs A. E. Marfield 

Historian, Miss Charlotte A. Prentiss 

Membees Residing in the State 

186536 Abbott, Gertrude Markell (Mrs Howard T.) 219 4th ave., East, Duluth 

806c Adams, Ada Walker (Mrs John Qunicy) 3 Crocus Hill, St. Paul 

18637Z Adams, Annie Margery Rankin (Mrs Moses iS'.)..1564 Laurel ave., St. Paul 

105737(. Alexander, Frances Harriet Love (Mrs W. S.)..533 Portland ave., St. Paul 

24357* Almy, Mildred Sellers (Mrs Wm. E.) "The Marlborough," St. Paul 

10584/= Ames, Helen Strong (Mrs Coman C.) 1404 E. 4th st., Duluth 

15050a Anderson, Mary Douglas (Mrs Robert J.) Minneapolis 

1010671 Andrews, Alice Ella (Miss) 833 Goodrich ave., St. Paul 

6834a Appleby, Elizabeth Waller (Mrs V/m.) 911 5th st., S. E., Minneapolis 

16952a Austin, Isabella McHugh (Miss) Chamber of Comemrce, Minneapolis 

5617fir Babb, Levee L. C. (Mrs E. C.) 2804 Garfield ave., Minneapolis 

11609a Bailey, Anie Hilton Moor (Mrs Francis B.) 84 Willow st., Minneapolis 

1561c Bailey, Maria Andrews (Mrs Calvin P.) 3 Crocus Hill, St. Paul 

18650& Bailey, Sue Boyden (Miss) "The Adams," Duluth 

15073& Bailey, Theresa Southward (Mrs Abraham) , . . . ."The Adams," Duluth 

135027 Baird, Etta Redington (Mrs J. B.) 707 Marshall ave., St. Paul 

13931t Baker, Hattie Lathrop (Mrs Mark C.) Duluth 

240487 Baker, Jennie May (Miss) care Mrs Etta R. Baird, 707 Marshall ave., St. Paul 

9688(7 Baldwin, Helen Paris (Mrs Fred. R.) 423 7th st., S., Minneapolis 

128077 Baldy, Mary Kirkpatrick (Miss) 502 Portland ave., St. Paul 

6545fir Ball, Mary (Mrs Francis C.) 1707 Mcollett ave., Minneapolis 

9677 Bangs, Susan Burrill (Mrs Edwin il.) 257 Selby ave., St. Paul 

19307& Barber, Julia (Miss) 1701 E. 1st ,st., Duluth 

231437 Barclay, Henrietta Durant (Mrs Harold P.) 708 Marshall ave., St. Paul 

9679f Barnes, Julia Matilda Hill (Mrs Lucien J.) 1619 58th ave., E., Duluth 

22145(7 Barron, Marie Belle (Miss) Faribault 

18632^ Barrows, Nancy Fernald (Mrs Wm. H.) 642 2nd ave., S. E., Minneapolis 

19309fir Barrows, Sadie Russell (Mrs Fred. C.) 227 4th st., S. E., Minneapolis 

20647 Barton, Helen L. (Mrs Thomas D.) "The Albion," St. Paul 

198637 Batchelder, Frances T. Gulick (Mrs L. H.) 877 Snelling ave., St. Paul 

1695fir Bates, Harriet Colfax (Mrs) 1321 5th ave., S., Minneapolis 

* Philadelphia Chapter, Pa. f Milicent Porter Chapter, Conn. 



802? Beals, Katharine McMillan (Mrs Jas. B.) 496 Portland ave., St. Paul 

9671? Beaulieu, Emma Bell (Mrs Chas. H.) 490 Iglehart St., St. Paul 

16314c Beaumont, Caroline Mary (Miss) "The Albion," St. Paul 

23144m Bell, Frances Bradley Laird (Mrs Fred. S.) 255 Harriet st., Winona 

19875f Benesch, Susan E. (Mrs John P.) 536 Lake ave., South, Duluth 

19866? Berry, Margaretta Taylor (Mrs) 473 Iglehart st., St. Paul 

21067ft Berthel, Lillian Messer (Mrs Russell William) "The Albion," St. Paul 

19304fl. Bestor, Ella Wilber (Mrs George L.) 2625 2nd ave., S., Minneapolis 

23142? Bigelow, Ella Warner Kelley (Mrs D. T.) 1930 Iglehart st., St. Paul 

23444a Bigelow, Ella Bicknell (Mrs Wm. L.) Hampshire Arms, Minneapolis 

19868c Bishop, Mary Libbania Axtell (Mrs J. W.) 193 Mackuboin st., St. Paul 

6433ft Bissell, Annie Moseley (Mrs Wm. P.) 470 Ashland ave, St. Paul 

3297? Bissell, Helen W. (Miss) "The Dacotah," St. Paul 

12803a Blaine, Annie K. (Mrs James F.) 715 N. 4th st,, Minneapolis 

1342fir Blaisdell, Abbie Jean (Miss) 514 14th st., N. E., Mineapolis 

22175m Blake, Anna B. (Mrs) Winona 

11112? Bonof oey, Genevra (Miss) "The Marlborough," St. Paul 

227807H. Booth, Ella Kendall (Mrs John W.) Ill West Wabash, Winonco 

13501a Bowen, Margaret Barr (Mrs Clarence W.)..4125 Chicago ave., Minneapolis 

19305a Brewer, Jeannette Jenkins (Miss) 1623 Park ave., Minneapolis 

11937 Brewster, Carrie A. (Miss) 719 S. Broad st., Mankato 

2603ft Brill, Cora Gray (Mrs Hascal E.) 471 Laurens ave., St Paul 

15072^7 Brooks, E. Andalusia (Miss) 1609 Stevens ave., Minneapolis 

1623a Brooks, Josephine Bullen (Mrs Lester E.)....2319 1st ave., S., Minneapolis 

11601a Brown, Caroline G. Squires (Mrs H. B.) 2414 Harriet ave., Minneapolis 

2633? Brown, Jerusha H. (Mrs Edward M.) 770 Wabash st., St. Paul 

2916? Brown, Maria Mygatt (Mrs Jas. A.) Fergus Falls 

12329fir Bruchholz, Theresa Van Anda (Mrs A. F.) . .2206 Portland ave., Minneapolis 

13330^' Bucknum, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Karner K.) .1101 Logan ave., N., Minneapolis 

12809 Buell, Caroline T. (Miss) 413 E. 10th st., St. Paul 

22166m Buffum, Charlotte Chittenden (Mrs) 413 Kansas st., Winona 

24043 Burlingham, Josephine Kelley (Mrs Daniel L.) Stillwater 

17612a Butler, Sarah Pabody (Mrs Levi) Minneapolis 

15060? Carpenter, Annie Isabella (Miss) 598 St. Peter st., St. Paul 

12115a Carpenter, Kate Greene (Mrs Herbert M.) 1900 Park ave., Minneapolis 

7143* Carpenter, Merrette Lamb (Mrs E. J.) 1512 Harmon Place, Minneapolis 

24044^7 Carpenter, Rhoda Jeannette G. (Mrs L. E.). .1804 Douglas ave., Minneapolis 

20446? Carroll, Fanny Taylor (Mrs Harry B.) 699 Holly ave., St. Paul 

5612? Castle, Nannie Gatchell (Mrs L. B.) Stillwater 

21062(7 Chapman, Margaret Hooker (Mrs C. G.) Summers Hotel, Minneapolis 

' 2340a Cheney, Mary Moulton (Miss) 2339 Gordon ave., St. Anthony Park 

9152? Chittenden, Cornelia Kate (Miss) 95 Wilkins st., St. Paul 

6838a Christian, Anna M. (Miss) 404 S. 8th st., Minneapolis 

2951a Christian, Caroline May (Miss) 404 S. 8th st., Minneapolis 

1289a Christian, Leonora Hall (Mrs George H.) 404 S. 8th st., Minneapolis 

24735 Clarke, Marianne (Miss) St. Cloud 

9156? Clary, Kate Lockwood (Mrs) care Dr. Emma K. Ogden, Detroit City 

22146(Z Clements, Mary Slocomb Wheeler (Mrs Edmund K.) Faribault 

14174a Cleveland, Anna Jane (Miss) 622 S. 9th st., Minneapolis 

9153? Cole, Florence M. (Miss) Merrill Block, St. Paul 

21070(? Cole, Stella F. (Miss) Faribault 

20965t Conable, Florence Easton (Mrs Morris R.) 706 Grand ave., St. Paul 

* Clinton Chapter, Iowa. 

t Abiah Folger Franklin Chapter, Mass. 




















































Cook, Ellen E.' C. (Mrs John B.) • • • "^92 Fairmont ave., St. Paul 

Cooke, Isabella Boies Turner (Mrs Eldridge C.) 24 W. Grant st., Minneapolis 

Cornish, Alice Elizabeth (Miss) 540 Summit ave., St. Paul 

Cornish, Alice P. Olmstead (Mrs William D.) 540 Summit ave., St. Paul 

Corrigan, Alice Kelley ((Mrs James K.). .1221 Hawthorne ave., Minneapolis 

Cowen, Laura Shipman McGaw (Mrs Benj. F.) 775 Holly ave., St. Paul 

Cowles, Mabel Canfield (Miss) 1969 Carroll st., Merriam Park, St. Paul 

Cov^les, Mary Eugene (Miss) 1969 Carroll st., Merriam Park, St. Paul 

Crandall, Alma L. (Mrs Wm. H.) 1896 Feronia ave., Merriam Park 

Crandall, Frances Cowles (Mrs Harry W.) . .1896 Feronia ave., Merriam Park 

Crosby, Emma G. (Mrs John) 624 10th st.. South, Minneapolis 

Crosby, Helen Sophia (Mrs Francis M.) Hastings 

Crosby, Marion Emma (Miss) Hastings 

Crosby, Victoria Eobie (Mrs Simon P.) 803 Godrich ave., St. Paul 

Cruikshank, Margaret Andrevs^s (Miss) Minneapolis 

Currie, Caroline C. (Mrs E. A.) 1973 St. Anthony ave., St. Paul 

Cutler, Lucy Carter (Mrs Edward H.) 360 Summit ave., St. Paul 

d'Autremont, Hattie Hart (Mrs Chas., Jr.) 1401 E. First st., Duluth 

Davenport, Florence Bodley (Mrs Eufus) 691 Holly ave., St. Paul 

Davenport, Jane Harrison (Mrs Edward J.) 1714 1st ave., Minneapolis 

Davey, Flora Mead (Mrs William F.) 1201 W. 3d st., Duluth 

Davidson, Mary Griswold Brown (Mrs Ernest H.) 478 Holly ave., St. Paul 

Davis, Julia Thompson (Mrs Edward A.).. 1902 Columbus ave., Minneapolis 

Day, Caroline Butler (Mrs David) 274 Dayton ave., St. Paul 

Day, Emily Eainey (Mrs Sherman E.) 579 Summit ave., St. Paul 

Deming, Winnifred C. M. (Mrs) 817 Osceola ave., St. Paul 

Denton, Hannah L. Chadbourne (Mrs F. M.) 618 10th ave., S. E., Minneapolis 

Dodge, Nancy Agnes C. (Mrs Eeville C.) 1824 9th ave., S., Minneapolis 

Donaldson, Eebecca Moore Thorne (Mrs Wm. T.) 424 E. 9th st., St. Paul 

Donaldson, Snsanne Thome (Miss) 424 E. 9th st., St. Paul 

Dougan, Eliza Winslow (Mrs Edward C.) 141 Pleasant ave., St. Paul 

Douglas, Eliza Jane Pearce (Mrs Eichard A.) .' Minneapolis 

Douglas, Elizabeth I. (Mrs Arthur H.) 3 Crocus Hill, St. Paul 

Drake, Jennie Tumbull (Mrs Henry C.) Virginia Flats, St. Paul 

Dunham, Grace (Miss) 1812 Hawthorne ave., Minneapolis 

Dunham, Mary Clement (Mrs John) 1812 Hawthorne ave., Minneapolis 

Dunning, Emma Frances Holman (Mrs Arthur W.) 307 Nelson ave., St. Paul 

Dunwoody, Kate L. (Mrs William H.) 52 S. 10th st., Minneapolis 

Durant, Henrietta Pease (Mrs E. W.) 437 S. 2d st., Stillwater 

Durkee, Elizabeth Wallingford (Mrs Benjamin) 521 N. 3d st., Mankato 

Dyar, Mary E. (Mrs Emerson D.) 376 W. 5th st., Winona 

Dyer, Mary Carpenter (Mrs Charles E.) 701 7th st., S. E., Minneapolis 

Dyer, Sarah Lee Eowland (Mrs William J.) 513 Grand ave., St. Paul 

Eastman, Mary S. (Mrs Austin V.) 297 Laurel ave., St. Paul 

Eden, Bel Sweney (Mrs John C. C.) Albion Hotel, St. Paul 

Egbert, Louise Deems (Mrfe John P.) 2 Irwin Park, St. Paul 

Edgerton, Mary Hildreth (Mrs James W.) 646 Portland ave., St. Paul 

Edwards, Louise Deane (Mrs Maurice D.) 423 Laurel ave., St. Paul 

Edwards, Mary Jordan (Mrs Edward J.).. 1912 Girard ave., S., Minneapolis 
Edwards, Mary Knox (Mrs George F.) 47 Spruce st., Minneapolis-. 

t Milwaukee Chapter, Wis. 

11 Elizabeth Benton Chapter, Mo. 



10580Z Eg-an, Kate Carlton Holland (Mrs James J.) 495 Dayton ave., St. Paul 

15075ft EUer, Ada Farnam (Mrs Homer C.) 575 Holly ave., St. Paul 

20445ft Elliott, Katie Hills (Mrs Dixon S.) 657 Goodrich ave., St. Paul 

9166a Elwood, Deda Mealey (Mrs Lester B.)....400 Ridgewood ave., Minneapolis 

2404:5g Emmans, Lulella Eachel Green (Mrs ]Sr. H.) . .1706 Douglas ave., Minneapolis 

186406 Ensign, Julia M. (Miss) 504 E. 2nd st., Duluth 

231466 Ensign, Katherine W. (Miss) 504 E. 2nd st., Duluth 

8504fir Ewer, Ng,ncy Maria Howard (Mrs Asa) 3212 Pleasant ave., Minneapolis 

193066 Eagg, Fanny Upham (Mrs Thos. J. C., Jr.).. 1616 East Superior st., Duluth 

17614ft Fagley, Mary Alice Grant (Mrs Harry W.) 475 Holly ave., St. Paul 

21068ft Farnam, Louise (Miss) 575 Holly ave., St. Paul 

13509? Fay, Mary Brigham (Mrs Mark W.) 1921 Carroll st., St. Paul 

10105ft Fee, Elizabeth Brady (Mrs Chas. S.) 635 Dayton ave., St. Paul 

5007^7 Ferris, Ellen Henrietta (Mrs Mark H.) Hennepin Flats, Minneapolis 

10564fif Ferris, Fannie Cornelia (Miss) Hennepin Flats, Minneapolis 

11599Z Ferriss, Mary E. (Mrs Benj. F.) Hotel Astoria, St. Paul 

1123 Field, Frances Burr (Mrs F. K.) 1009 Morgan ave., N. Minneapolis 

18638? Finch, Jane Anne Hersey (Mrs Sherman) St. Paul 

19313Z Finch, Mary E. (Mrs Dudley B.) 172 Summit ave., St. Paul 

9680f Fish, Emma Howland Hill (Mrs Arthur H.) 103 N. Superior st., Duluth 

2001Z Fisher, Lydia Porter (Mrs Louis E.) 13 W. 10th st., St. Paul 

3298? Fisher, Sophia Hale Camp (Mrs Chas. W.) 233 Walnut st., St. Paul 

17618? Floate, Mary Thayer Snow (Mrs Franklin) 749 Summit ave., St. Paul 

15757? Flower, Grace Hawkins (Miss) 428 Ashland ave., St. Paul 

10578? Follett, Abbie (Mrs Denis) The Aberdeen, St. Paul 

11608a Folwell, Mary Haywood (Miss) 1020 5th st., S. E., Minneapolis 

7221* Forbes, Anna M. (Mrs Harry W.) 3137 2nd ave.. South, Minneapolis 

22112g Ford, Sara Carpenter (Mrs Luther) 1217 First ave., South, Minneapolis 

16953a Foss, Mary Frances (Miss) 234 Oak Grove st., Minneapolis 

792c Foster, Martha Maltby L. (Mrs Fredk. E.) 777 Grand ave., St. Paul 

19864? Fraker, Louise Dickerman (Mrs E. Porter) 183 Nelson ave., St. Paul 

186416 Frazer, Elisabeth (Miss) 222 E. 3rd st., Duluth 

14175a French, Clara Hill (Mrs Geo. F.) 1600 Hawthorne ave., Minneapolis 

6544fir Frink, Martha S. (Mrs Lucius) Hennepin Flats, Minneapolis 

20447? Fuller, Lucy Harrison (Mrs Chas. A.) 736 Dayton ave., St. Paul 

21607 Gale, Lou Alice (Mrs Robt. L.) St. Cloud 

11949a Gale, Sarah Pillsbury (Mrs Edward C.) 928 5th st., S. E., Minneapolis 

14178? Gardner, Julia Brewster (Mrs Stephen P.) 579 Summit st., St. Paul 

11600? Gates, Jessie Hackett (Mrs H. B.) 301 Nelson ave., St. Paul 

8236^7 Getz, Carolyn Frink (Mrs Chas. E.) Hennepin Flats, Minneapolis 

795? Gilbert, Fanny Pierpont C. (Mrs M. N.) 18 Summit Court, St. Paul 

24036a Gilbert, Helen Virginia (Miss) 328 4th st., S. E., Minneapolis 

2271? Gilbert, Julia Finch (Mrs Cass) 1 Heather Place, St. Paul 

22162? Gilfillen, Harriet Woodbridge Cook (Mrs Jos. A.) White Earth 

' 20655r Goodwin, Jennie Johnston Bell (Mrs E. F.) 112 University ave., Minneapolis 

21058a Gould, Alice M. (Mrs Jas. P.) 1804 First ave., South, Minneapolis 

2662? Grant, Clara I. (Mrs Wm. H., Jr.) 194 Pleasant ave., St. Paul 

2661? Grant, Martha (Mrs Wm. H.) 194 Pleasant ave., St. Paul 

16958ft Gray, Abbie Jane (Mrs Ashahel B.) 471 Laurel ave., St. Paul 

6837a Gray, Emma W. Underwood (Mrs Thos. S.) West Hotel, Minneapolis 

801? Greene, Eleanor Burrill (Miss) "The Seville," St. Paul 

* George Rogers Clark Chapter, 111. 



799Z Greene, Jessie Kice (Mrs Chas. L.) "Ine Colonial," Stimmit ave., St. Paul 

22168m Gregory, Mary Weed (Mrs Geo. W.) 65 W. Broadway, Winona 

1896? Gribben, Jennie B. Dean (Mrs Jas. P.) 1373 Summit ave., St. Paul 

6835a Griffin, Alice Cavarly (Mrs Jas. W.) 714 E. 17th st., Minneapolis 

22147d Griffin, Mary Emily (Miss) Fairbault 

1556g Guilford, Helen (Mrs Jonas) 139 Aldrich ave., Minneapolis 

186426 Guthrie, Jane Waddle (Mrs Frank M.) 1631 First st.. East Duluth 

14176a Hale, Flora A. (Mrs William D.) 1825 3rd ave.. South, Minneapolis 

204506 Hale, Henrietta Norrovsr (Mrs James T.) 1203 E. First st., Duluth 

141807t Hall, Alice Ames (Mrs Alden T.) 128 St. Albans st., St. Paul 

24042m Hall, Mary Elder (Mrs C. S.) Winona 

6546? Hamilton, Augusta W. (Mrs Wm. H.) 286 Nelson ave., St. Paul 

18048f Hammond, Catherine Dreisbach (Mrs Lester B.) 19 E. 3rd st., Duluth 

3584? Harbert, Irene B. (Mrs Edward A.) 936 Goodrich ave., St. Paul 

16312? Harbert, Virginia (Miss) 936 Goodrich ave., St. Paul 

5618a Harding, Florence (Miss) 2218 First ave., South, Minneapolis 

24736a Harnden, Frances L. Preston (Mrs J.) 2540 Bloomington ave., Minneapolis 

12332a Harrington, Laura F. (Mrs Albert) 1823 Park ave., Minneapolis 

15758? Hawkins, Adah Lena (Miss) 394 Ashland ave., St. Paul 

11785r Hawley, Ellen Field (Mrs N. P.) 1009 Morgan ave.. North, Minneapolis 

24733c Haynie, Mary Hall (Mrs Edwin C.) 572 Iglehart st., St. Paul 

2915a Haywood, Mary C. (Mrs Euf us C.) "Hotel Berkley," Minneapolis 

15065? Hendrickson, Melvine Moffet (Mrs Wm. G.) St. Paul 

10107a Henry, Louise Pierrepont McN. (Mrs F. M.) 1301 Linden ave., Minneapolis 

9168a Higgins, Kate S. (Mrs Geo. E.) 3035 Hennepin ave., Minneapolis 

15064? Hill, Mary W. Washington (Mrs J. C.) 122 Virginia ave., St. Paul 

22177m Hodgins, Emeline Clark (Mrs A. F.) Broadway and Harriet sts., Winona 

6542a Hoffiin, Jennie Garfield (Mrs Jos. E..) 1521 Niccollet ave., Minneapolis 

20448? Holbert, Martha E. (Mrs) 659 Summit ave., St. Paul 

12805a Holbrook, Amanda Elizabeth (Mrs F. G.) Ill W. Grand st., Minneapolis 

22776? Holmes, Lucy Sherman (Mrs E. G.) Detroit 

2339a Hosmer, Jenny Persis Garland (Mrs Jas. K.) 66 11th st., South, Minneapolis 

15068? Hough, Kate Aubrey (Miss) 612 Central Park, East, St. Paul 

24037a Houlgate, Stella Grace S. (Mrs I.) 2323 Fremont ave.. North, Minneapolis 

2151? Howard, Henrietta James (Mrs Wm. E.) 255 Summit ave., St. Paul 

lS633fif Hoyt, Mary Anna (Miss) 714 15th ave.. South, Minneapolis 

10561gr Hughes, Matilda Emeline Nichols (Mrs T. E.) 1609 Stevens ave., Minneapolis 

9165a Hull, Agnes McNair (Mrs Louis K.) 1301 Linden ave., Minneapolis 

7844a Hunter, Margaret Orr (Mrs Chas. H.) 829 2nd ave.. South Minneapolis 

186436 Hunter, Mary Ensign (Mrs James C.) Glen Avon, Duluth 

1918? Ingalls, Clara Choate (Mrs Marshall) 190 Vernon ave., St. Paul 

11106? Ingersoll, Anna Josephine (Miss) 129 Western ave., St. Paul 

6547? Irvine, Emily Almira (Mrs Thomas) 677 Dayton st., St. Paul 

4715? Jackson, Alice Gilbert (Mrs Preston T.) 1722 Summit ave., St. Paul 

17621? Jackson, Clara Gilbert (Miss) 1722 Summit ave., St. Paul 

1694a Jackson, Eugenia Adams (Mrs) 1623 3rd ave.. South, Minneapolis 

150746 James, Louisa Avery Bailey (Mrs Edwin A.) "The Adams," Duluth 

18226* Jaynes, Minnie L. (Mrs Fremont N.) Hotel Eichmond, Minneapolis 

9668? Jewett, Ella Petrie Lamb (Mrs Wm. P.) 666 Laurel st., St. Paul 

9672? Jewett, Mary Louise (Miss) 666 Laurel st., St. Patil 

15053a Johnson, Blanche Gilbert (Mrs Wm. C.) 328 4th st., S. E., Minneapolis 

* Oshkosh Chapter, Wis. 


22157/1 Johnston, Jennie C. S. (Mrs Chas. L.) 477 Portland ave., St. Paul 

11597ft Johnston, Mary J. (Mrs D. S. B.) 565 Holly ave., St. Paul 

227746 Jones, Laura Amelia (Miss) "The Maynard School," Duluth 

18635 Jones, Mary Weston Gill (Mrs Frederick S.) 712 10th ave., S. E., Minneapolis 

1490f7 Keeney, Mary Edith (Mrs Wait S.) 414 9th st., South, Minneapolis 

16957a Keith, Helen Kenyon B. (Mrs A. M.) 2206 First ave., South, Minneapolis 

1920 Keller, Emma Louise (Miss) .142 East University ave., St. Paul 

1919? Kelley, Maria Hancock (Mrs Wm. Henry) 142 East University ave., St. Paul 

7845a Kelly, Annie Haymond (Mrs Anthony) 715 N. 4th st., Minneapolis 

11607a Kelly, Bernadette (Miss) 715 N. 4th st., Minneapolis 

11606a Kelly, Helen Agnes (Miss) 715 N. 4th st., Minneapolis 

6836a Hendrick, Elizabeth Foster (Mrs J. W.) 230 Oak Grove st., Minneapolis 

9161? Kendrick, Sarah K. S. (Mrs Fayette C.) 488 Grand ave., St. Paul 

21064^9 Kent, Helen Robinson (Mrs H. M.) 800 University ave;, S. E., Minneapolis 

6543^7 Keyes, Louise Collins (Mrs Chas. W.) , 310 12th st., Minneapolis 

17442* Kimball, Frances Palmer (Mrs Henry M.) . .69 "The Buckingham," St. Paul 

7219a Kimball, Grace E. (Mrs Hannibal H.) West Hotel, Minneapolis 

21063(; Kincaid, Ellen Douglas (Mrs Wm. M.) 328 10th ave., S. E., Minneapolis 

22169a Kinney, Kate Weed (Mrs Henry M.) 252 W. Wabasha st., Winona 

18049? Kirk, Mary E. Allen (Mrs R. A.) St. Paul 

7107t Kirkland, Marcia F. Bruce (Mrs Henry E.) Austin 

186446 Knox, Sophy Milford McLaren (Mrs R. B.) 1314 E. Superior st., Duluth 

23085 Knuppe, Belle Benedict (Mrs John) 288 Laurel ave., St. Paul 

15066? Konantz, Minnie Hendrickson (Mrs Edvs^ard) 622 Iglehart st., St. Paul 

15063? Krayenbuhl, May F. (Mrs Francis L.) 688 Marshall ave., St. Paul 

22781m Lake, Frances E. (Mrs) 315 W. Wabasha st., Winona 

7774$ Lamb, Florence Bingham (Mrs C. R.) 315 Oak Grove st., Minneapolis 

1557c Langford, Elizabeth R. (Mrs Augustine G.) 313 Laurel ave., St. Paul 

16954a Law^rence, Mary Sidle (Mrs James W.) 1930 2nd ave., ^,South, Minneapolis 

15756ft. Leach, Frances M. Peabody (Mrs Heman J.) 600 Holly ave., St. Paul 

8235sf Leach, Mary Hammond (Mrs Wm.) 1725 8th ave., North, Minneapolis 

1122 Levels, Mary Burr (Mrs Marcus W.) 1601 First ave.. South, Minneapolis 

24047? Liggett, Mathilda R. B. (Mrs Wm. M.) 2201 Scudder ave., St. Anthony Park 

5209? Lightner, Carrie D. (Mrs Wm. H.) 318 Summit ave., St. Paul 

18655/= Lincoln, Annie Lloyd (Mrs Willard) 1825 W. First st., Duluth 

9170a Linn, Ehzabeth H. Oliphant (Mrs James J.) 28 S. 13th st., Minneapolis 

4914a Linton, Adele Langdon (Miss) 2505 Park ave., Minneapolis 

15054a Linton, Edith Hart (Miss) 2505 Park ave., Minnegipolis 

15055a Linton, Gertrude Darragh (Miss) 2505 Park ave., Minneapolis 

4915a Linton, Marian Darragh (Miss) 2505 Park ave., Minneapolis 

3300fif Little, Lora Cornelia (Mrs Eliah A.) 2528 AldricJi ave.. North, Minneapolis 

5622(/ Littlefield, Caroline P. (Mrs Isaac) 422 Central ave., Minneapolis 

11102f Lloyd, Sarah J. Jones (Mrs Evan) 101 Garfield ave., Duluth 

22149(? Lockwood, Mary Lee Clapp (Mrs Wm. N.) Faribault 

11604a Long, Annie W. (Miss) 11 E. 17th st., Minneapolis 

11603a Long, Jane T. (Miss) 11 E. 17th st., Minneapolis 

2370a Loring, Florence C. Barton (Mrs Charles M.) . .102 Clifton ave., Minneapolis 

234:lg Loudon, Florence Swain (Mrs George) 1112 Harmon Place, Minneapolis 

21605? Lovering, Estelle Wilcox (Mrs Thomas D.) 748 Iglehart st., St. Paul 

22148(i Loyhed, Frances Ames (Mrs Edgar H.) Faribault 

15067 Lyford, Emma L. Hendrickson (Mrs C. C.) 821 3rd ave.. South, Minneapolis 

* Columbia Chapter, D. C, t Clinton Chapter, Iowa, 
t General de Lafayette Chapter, Ind. 



11113Z McCaine, Adelaide M. (Miss) 609 Canada st., St. Paul 

13508? McCardy, Amelia Briggs (Mrs J. J.) 197 Kent st., St. Paul 

6417 McCluer, Helen A. (Mrs) Stillwater 

4707? McDavitt, Hattie Easton (Mrs Thomas) 590 Grand ave., St. Paul 

11594gr McDonald, Nancy Elizabeth (Mrs Wm. H.) 2005 2nd ave., South, Mi,nneapolis 

15753:5r McDonald, Eachel Josephine (Mrs Willard P.) Excelsior 

9673a Mc Donnell, Linda Lord (Mrs Duncan D.) 719 16th st., East, Minneapolis 

21602f McGonagle, Sarah Lizzie Sargent (Mrs William A.) Duluth 

10565fir McHale, Addie Brown (Mrs John J.) 619 E. 24th st., Minneapolis 

4735? McKenny, Marie M. (Mrs Charles K.) North, St. Paul 

17619? McKibin, Mary Dorsey (Mrs Joseph) 555 Ashland ave., St. Paul 

18646& McLaren, Charlotte Lewis (Miss) 131 E. 3rd st., Duluth 

12802a McMillan, Emily Dana (Miss) 505 10th ave., S. E., Minneapolis 

803? McMillan, Harriet Elizabeth (Mrs Samuel J. E.) . .496 Portland ave., St. Paul 

1704a McNair, Marie Louise (Miss) 1200 2nd st., South, Minneapolis 

13504? McPherson, Gertrude Butler (Mrs William W.) 219 E. 3rd st., Stillwater 

21527i McWilliams, Caroline Elizabeth (Mrs Joseph E.) . .656 Summit ave., St. Paul 

16951 Mairs, Abbie J. (Mrs Samuel W.) 123 Nina ave., St. Paul 

11596(? Mann, Anna Harrison Comstock (Mrs Charles E.) 638 Portland ave., St. Paul 

13505? Marchand, Lila Young (Miss) 1900 Feronia ave., Union Park, St. Paul 

22170m Marfield, Agnes E. (Mrs Otho L.) Winona 

186456 Markell, Nelly Bailey (Mrs Edgar W.) 414 E. 3rd st., Duluth 

21603f7 Marsh, Ellen A. (Mrs Charles A. J.) 324 E. Franklin ave., Minneapolis 

20451a Marshall, L. Emogene (Mrs Justin) 1822 Portland ave., Minneapolis 

11605a Marston, Isabella C. (Mrs Moses C.) 624 9th st.. South, Minneapolis 

12804a Martin, Ella Sage (Mrs Charles J.) Minneapolis 

10572 Martin, Virginia Pike (Mrs James B.) 299 Dayton ave. ,St. Paul 

2789? Mason, Frances Kingsbury (Mrs Edwin C.) Fort Snelling 

2790? Mason, Kathro Montague (Miss) 554 Holly ave., St. Paul 

15752a Maxwell, Mary Euth (Miss) Minneapolis 

11104/" Maynard, Julia E. Goodhue (Mrs N. H.) Lake ave. and Pearl st., Duluth 

949? Mead, Frances Amanda (Mrs Warren H.) 293 Pleasant ave., St. Paul 

10342? Meier, Grace M. (Mrs E. J.) 586 Portland ave., St. Paul 

15069? Merrill, Maria Sampson (Mrs Amos C.) . .2001 Wilwaukee ave., Meriam Park 

18654f Merriman, Belinda Webster (Mrs Ira) West Duluth 

210667i. Messer, Amelia C. Short (Mrs Alonson) 39 Mackubin st., St. Paul 

2504? Metcalf , Julia French (Mrs George E.) 110 W. 4th st., St. Paul 

11105? Miller, Lucia M. (Miss) 631 Westminister st., St. Paul 

24731c Minor, Louise (Miss) 264 Dayton ave., St. Paul 

21606c Mitchell, Emily Whittlesey (Mrs William B.) 508 First ave.. South, St. Cloud 

24738TO Mitchell, Frances Judd (Mrs Oliver U.) 220 Franklin st., Winona 

5502* Mitchell, Nancy (Miss) 226 Summit ave., St. Paul 

805? Monfort, Mary Jane Edgarton (Mrs Delos A.) 282 Dayton ave., St. Paul 

2049 Montgomery, Mary Eleanor (Miss) P. O. J^.ox 404, Minneapolis 

15755a Moore, Elizabeth May Norwood (Mrs Stewart L.) 454 Holly ave., St. Paul 

2791? Moore, Mary Needham Mason (Mrs James T.) Fort Snelling 

11110? Morrill, Medora O'Ferrall (Mrs Frank H.) Eochester 

227756 Morris, Lizzie Statham (Mrs Page) Duluth 

5008a Morris, Lucy Leavenworth W. (Mrs James T.) . . . 21 E. 17th st., Minneapolis 
22171TO Morrison, Lethe Blackman (Mrs D. B.) . .Broadway and Harriet st., Winona 
23450 Mosier, Clara A. (Mrs Byron J.) 616 W. Olive st., Stillwater 

* Harrisburg Chapter, Pa. 




Moss, Amanda H. (Mrs Henry L.) 238 S. Exchange st., St. Paul 

Moss, Helen Palmes (Mrs Albert P.) 378 Pleasant ave., St. Paul 

Muir, Frances Pierce Purdum (Mrs) 466 Laurel ave., St. Paul 

Mullin, Nellie Ristine (Mrs Zachary T.) 2500 Park ave., Minneapolis 

Murphy, Adelaide G. (Miss) 516 Jackson st., St. Paul 

Murray, Harriet Jewett (Mrs Peter) Fort Snelling 

Myers, Jenny Starkweather (Mrs Benjamin F.) . .1127 London Eoad, Duluth 

Nelson, Emma Beebe (Miss) "The Aberdeen," St. Paul 

Newcomb, Elizabth Jane M. C. (Mrs C. R.) . . .4220 Lyndale ave., Minneapolis 

Newell, Alida Ferris (Mrs George) 1818 Vine Place, Minneapolis 

Newport, Eliza Thompson Morgan E. (Mrs E. M.) 217 Summit ave., St. Paul 

Newport, Mary Mogan (Miss) 217 Summit ave., St. Paul 

Nichols, Alice Shepley (Mrs H. P.) 114 S. 9th st., Minneapolis 

Nicols, Elizabeth Wright (Mrs Henry) 139 Summit ave., St. Paul 

Norton, Emma Hayes (Mrs Matthew G.) 254 W. 5th st., Winona 

Norton Mary Janette (Mrs Henry A.) 1018 Hawthorne ave., Minneapolis 

Northrup, Leila Tucker (Mrs William G.) 626 S. 9th st., Minneapolis 

Noyes, Emily H. Mrs Charles P.) 89 Virginia ave., St. Paul 

Noyes, Helen A. (Mrs Daniel) 366 Summit ave., St. Paul 

Noyes, Julia Gilman (Miss) 89 Virginia ave., St. Paul 

Nunn, Minnie B. Pillsbury (Mrs Alexander H.) 1817 Laurel ave., Minneapolis 

O'Ferrall, Amelia Harris (Mrs T. F.) Chatfield 

Ogden, Emma K. (Miss) Detroit City 

Osborne, Consuelo (Mrs Charles E.) 569 Sixth ave., North, Minneapolis 

Otis, Cecelia Elizabeth Whitacre (Mrs A. G.) 577 Oakland ave., St. Paul 

Otis, Elizabeth Eansom (Mrs Charles E.) 540 Summit ave., St. Paul 

Otis, Maribel Kansom (Miss) 540 Summit ave., St. Paul 

Paine, Cordelia Ayer (Miss) 2200 Nicollet ave., Minneapolis 

Paine, Grace B. Moor (Mrs Frederick) Minneapolis 

Paris, Ida Hine (Mrs) 423 Seventh st., South, Minneapolis 

Patton, Pauline Whittlesey (Mrs Cornelius H.) 709 E. First st., Duluth 

Peck, Alice May (Miss) 1711 Hawthorne ave., Minneapolis 

Pennington, Carra L. Johnson (Mrs E.) 2617 Nicollet ave., Minneapolis 

Pennington, Carie Eliza (Mrs James) 113 Farrington ave., St. Paul 

Pennington, Cynthia Gordon (Miss) 501 South Second st., Stillwater 

Petteys, Harriet West (Mrs J. H.) Faribault 

Piat, Laura Smith (Mrs Silas H.) 129 Highland ave., Minneapolis 

Pillsbury, Frances H. Boynton (Mrs C. F.) 1817 Laurel ave., Minneapolis 

Pitcher, Emily Montgomery (Mrs Zina) P. O. Box 404, Minneapolis 

Plough, Ella F. Skilton (Mrs Alex. B.) 711 Lincoln ave., St. Paul 

Polk, Lillie C. (Mrs Duval F.) St. Anthony Park, St. Paul 

Pomeroy, Jane M. Price (Mrs Josiah G.) 1223 7th st.. South, Minneapolis 

Poole, Elizabeth Merrill (Miss) Faribault 

Porteous, Louisa Griswold McK. (Mrs J. S.) 1508 Harmon Place, Minneapolis 

Potter, Frances B. Squire (Mrs Winfield S.) 2008 2d ave., S., Minneapolis 

Powell, Florence Caroline (Miss) '. 1025 5th st., S. E., Minneapolis 

Powers, Amanda Kinney (Mrs L. G.) 2629 3d ave., Minneapolis 

Prentiss, Charlotte Adele (Miss) 101 East Broadway, Winona 

Prescott, Helen Bates Crosby (Mrs Edward L.) West Duluth 

Putnam, Catherine E. (Miss) 151 Summit ave., St. Paul 

Rand, Susan J. Mea ly (Mrs Rufus R.) 1526 Harmon Place, Minneapolis 

*Vassar College Chapter, N, Y. 



24041m Eandall, Marie Adele Broome (Mrs Ei chard A.) ' Winona 

5615? Eanney, Fannie Willis (Mrs G. H.) 107 Virginia ave., St. Paul 

22779/1 Eay, Alice Paull (Miss) 114 Snelling ave., North, St. Paul 

22778/8 Eay, Jennie Paull (Mrs George M.) 114 Snelling ave., North, St. Paul 

6833fir Eegan, Kate Sidle (Mrs Martin) 3101 2d ave., S., Minneapolis 

8794a Eeid, Jennie Higgins (Mrs F. M.) 3420 Hennepin ave., Minneapolis 

19865? Eeilly, Jennie Taylor (Mrs Philip) 565 Dayton ave., St. Paul 

2442/ Eelf, Hermine (Miss) 76 Park ave., St, Paul 

13653/ Ehodeg, Jennie Handy (Mrs Dudley W.) 471 Ashland ave., St. Paul 

11979t Ehodes, May Lovell (Mrs) St. Paul 

10104ft Eice, Isabelle Trumbull (Mrs Frederick E.) 322 Summit ave., St. Paul 

4916fir Eice, Alice Hamilton (Mrs Watson W.) 1116 Fifth st., S. E., Minnneapolis 

18634^^ Eicker, Katherine Eeed Bruce (Mrs H.) .... 1215 Chestnut ave., Minneapolis 

793/ Eiggs, Mabel E. Pratt (Mrs C. Eugene) 595 Dayton ave., St. Paul 

22172m Eising, Augusta Camp (Miss) Winona 

24038a Eoberts, Jane Cleveland (Mrs Thos. S.) 1603 4th ave., Minneapolis 

24039a Eoberts, Margaret Conklin (Mrs Harlan P.) 1704 Knox ave., S., Minneapolis 

1558c Eobertson, Julia Anna (Mrs Daniel A.) 145 Nina ave., St. Paul 

10563^7 Eogers, Emma E. (Miss) 2655 Grand ave., Minneapolis 

7847/ Eogers, Frances M. (Miss) 322 Summit ave., St. Paul 

12333/ Eufe, Lizzie Ada (Mrs De Witt Clinton) 768 Goodrich ave., St. Paul 

10575/1 Sanborn, Emily Bruce (Mrs Walter H.) 143 Virginia ave., St. Paul 

10576/t Sanborn, Nellie Grace (Miss) 143 Virginia ave., St. Paul 

7849/ Sanford, Julia Wright (Mrs Edward Eollin) 23 St. Albans st., St. Paul 

12113/ Saunders, Phebe E. (Mrs Merville L.) 258 Dayton ave., St. Paul 

1923c Savage, Sarah Adams (Mrs A. B.) 3 Crocus Hill, St. Paul 

10574/1 Sawyer, Kate Hudson (Mrs John D.) "The Albion," St. Paul 

4539* Sayer, Helen Lang (Mrs Eaymond) Shattuck School, Faribault 

19310^ Sayre, Mary Elizabeth Landers (Mrs H. B.) 1128 6th st., S., Minneapolis 

22152d Schandrett, Cornelia Whipple (Miss) Faribault 

10097/ Schadle, Jennie E. Miller (Mrs Jacob E.) 669 Summit ave., St. Paul 

13506/ Schoonmaker, Harriet Warner (Mrs James) 994 Hugue ave., St. Paul 

17620/ Schriber, Bertha May (Mrs Bishop Hovey ) 727 Fairmount ave., St .Paul 

5614/t Schurmeier, Frankie Kline (Mrs Henry) 600 Holly ave., St. Paul 

15751a Schutt, Clarissa Edith Maxwell (Mrs) Minneapolis 

1559/ Secor, Florence Van Deventer (Mrs C. E.) 761 Goodrich ave., St. Paul 

96766 Selden, Elizabeth Canfield (Miss) 419 E. 3rd st., Duluth 

5155a Semple, Annie Culbertson (Mrs F. B.) . . . .1608 Hawthorne ave., Minneapolis 

809/ Shepard, Annie McMillan (Mrs Frank P.) 325 Dayton ave., St. Paul 

10566^7 Shepley, Caroline Matilda Eogers (Mrs O. H.) .2607 Chicago ave., Minneapolis 

9162a Shelvin, Alice A. Hall (Mrs Thomas H.) 129 Oak Grove st., Minneapolis 

23446a Shelvin, Harriet Hall (Mrs Edwin C.) 74 Willow st., Minneapolis 

9154/ Shurick, A. Anna Palmes (Mrs John S.) 1127 Summit ave., St. Paul 

18647& Silvey, Alice Munger (Mrs William B.) 405 Mesaba st., Duluth 

1176/ Simonton, Emma Merritt (Mrs Thomas D.) 83 Summit ave., St. Paul 

22153(/ Smith, Alice Wadsworth Noyes (Mrs) Faribault 

2067^ Smith, Amanda (Miss) 112 University ave., S. E., Minneapolis 

18648/) Smith, Annie Bynum (Mrs Sterling S.) 2321 E. 1st st., Duluth 

22164fif Smith, Celeste Gray (Mrs Benjamin) 129 Highland ave., Minneapolis 

9683& Smith, Clara M. Colman (Mrs Denison B.) 1617 London Eoad, Duluth 

10577c Smith, Eliza Stewart Mann (Mrs C. E.) 400 Marshall ave., St. Paul 

* Mary Washington Chapter, D. O. 

t Cincinnati Chapter, Ohio. 



12112c Smitli, Lucia Wheaton (Mrs Thomas Tunis) Box 2337, St. Paul 

24040m Smitli, Lucj^ Kendall (Mrs Henry G.) 373 Main st., Winona 

6065f Smitli, Mary Otto McAllister (Mrs Wm.) 256 Dayton ave., St. Paul 

24732c Sneve, Katherine Stickney (Mrs Haldor) 223 Arundel st., St. Paul 

24732c Sneve, Katherine Stickney (Mrs Haldor) 223 Arundel st., St. Paul 

22173m Snow, Martha Westcott (Mrs Arthur Herbert) Winona 

804:1 Soule, Ellen F. Ward (Mrs Charles S.) 10 S. Eobert st., St. Paul 

11107? Southall, Kate Kumney (Mrs James H.) St. Anthony Park, St. Paul 

105585^ Space, Maria Thompson Graham (Mrs E. H.)..1519 Park ave., Minneapolis 

21059a Spaulding, Anna Talbot (Mrs A. Walter) 2905 3rd ave., S., Minneapolis 

18639a Sprague, Maria Talcott Lane (Mrs F. E.) . .412 Eidgewood ave., Minneapolis 

13507? Squires, Mary Smyth (Mrs Geo. C.) 19 Summit Court, St. Paul 

23449? Stanton, Lulu Mattice (Mrs Charles W.) Appleton 

20452? Start, Clara Lizzie (Miss) "The Marlborough," St. Paul 

24433* Statham, Mary (Miss) Duluth 

186496 Stearns, Lucy Leach (Mrs V.) 1715 E. Superior st., Duluth 

21069 Stebbins, Adelaide Louise (Miss) Rochester 

18636ft Stein, Abbie Young (Miss) 421 W. Pine st., Stillwater 

810? Stephenson, Martha Benjamin (Mrs Charles L.) . .564 Marshall ave., St. Paul 

13503? Sterrett, Lilian Josepha (Miss) 1996 Milwaukee ave., St. Paul 

14179fi. Stevens, Julia Preston Codding (Mrs John W.) 458 Holly ave., St. Paul 

2443c Stickney, Charlotte Adams (Mrs S. C.) 653 Goodrich ave., St. Paul 

12331fir Stratton, Alice De Ette (Mrs Eobert) 2005 2nd ave., S., Minneapolis 

16313? Stringer, Isabel Seymour (Mrs Edward C.) 478 Ashland ave. St. Paul 

19312? Sweet, Mabel Alma (Miss) St. Paul 

19867? Taylor, Katharine C. (Miss) St. Paul 

1703a Tenney, Julia Wilcox McNair (Mrs Wm. M.) . .1200 2nd ave., S., Minneapolis 

19870a Thayer, Harriet Arlington C. (Mrs H. H.). .222 Groveland ave., Minneapolis 

12808? Theopold, Anna Laura (Mrs Herbert C.) Faribault 

17613a Thomas, Anne Butler (Mrs David) Minneapolis 

4931a Thompson, Kate Harris (Mrs Chas. T.) 502 S. 9th st., Minneapolis 

5230 Tinkham, Mary Lovedy Martin (Mrs H. E.) 931 E. 7th st., Duluth 

10567^^ Todd, Lindana Ann Whicher (Mrs Shebael D.) .510 4th st., S. E., Minneapolis 

4:75ig Torrance, Anna Mary McF. (Mrs Eliakin) 2446 Park ave., Minneapolis 

24739fir Townsend, Adelie E. S. (Mrs Wm. A.) . .Chamber of Commerce, Minneapolis 

17611a Townsend, Nellie Delight (Miss) Eichfield 

176516 Upham, Katharine Woodbridge (Mrs Nathaniel J.) . ,1523 E. 3rd st., Duluth 

6415fir Van Cleve, Charlotte O. (Mrs H. P.) 603 5th st., S. E., Minneapolis 

19871a "Van Elten, Norma Adelaide (Mrs Gilbert) 810 E. 14th st., Minneaf)olis 

22154(? Van Horn, Lucy Stiles (Mrs Benjanmin L.) Faribault 

22174(? Van Horn, Lulu Stiles (Miss) Faribault 

22174m Van Sant, Euth (Mrs S. E.) Winona 

797? Virtue, Elizabeth (Miss) 881 Dayton ave., St. Paul 

7850? Vittum, Jessie Detchon (Mrs Willis H.) 549 Selby ave., St. Paul 

21604? Wade, Clara Lyon (Mrs James F.) St. Paul 

4304c Walker, Adeline E. Willey (Mrs A. B.) 3 Crocus Hill, St. Paul 

10099? Walker, Ella (Miss) 732 De Soto st., St. Paul 

10560f7 Ward, Lena Ehle (Mrs John) Hotel Clinton, Minneapolis 

11108c Warren, Clara Levings (Mrs Alrah H.) 687 Portland ave., St. Paul 

141816 Washburn, Alma Pattee (Mrs J. L.) . .101 Oxford st., Hunter's Park, Duluth 

5619a Washburn, Elizabeth H. (Mrs John) 2218 1st ave., S., Minneapolis 

* Blue Ridge Chapter, Va. t Army and Navy Chapter , D. C. 

288 DIEECTOEY, D. A. E. 

19874f Wayland, Elizabeth A. (Mrs James W.) 120 E. Superior st., Duluth 

240497* Weirick, Mary N. Turner (Mrs Jas. E.) 89 S. Victoria st., St. Paul 

22161? Welch, Minnie E. (Mrs J. M.) 59 Western ave., St. Paul 

9674a Welles, Caroline Sweet (Mrs Charles) 128 Clifton ave., Minneapolis 

15058a Welles, Frances Simpson (Miss) 1731 Hennej)in ave., Minneapolis 

15057ct Welles, Jerusha Lord (Mrs Henry T.) 1731 Hennepin ave., Minneapolis 

16955a Welles, Kate J. (Miss) Minneapolis 

5620a. Wells, Annie J. (Miss) 1904 Park ave., Minneapolis 

9675a Wells, Martha C. Howard (Mrs Cyrus W.) . . 2500 Stevens ave., Minneapolis 

10570fif Wertz, Adda P. (Miss) Minneapolis 

2342a West, Alice Mary (Miss) 306 10th ave., S. E,, Minneapolis 

2336a West, Martha Isabelle (Miss) Hotel Waverly, Minneapolis 

20803* Wheeler, Clara Loraine Slocomb (Mrs John B.) Faribault 

7848Z Whipple, Evelyn Elizabeth (Mrs Charles H.) St. Albans st., St. Paul 

9678 Whiteside, Ellen Cooper (Mrs Nevil) 1917 W. Superior st., Duluth 

12806a Whitney, Alma C. (Mrs Wm. C.) 611 2nd ave., S., Minneapolis 

11103f Wicks, Emma Ward (Mrs Walter E.) 1426 E. 3rd st., Duluth 

:22176to Wilberton, Sarah Dow (Mrs Lawrence G.) 103 E. 5th st., Winona 

5616 Willes, Mary Sue (Miss) 240 Franklin ave., St. Paul 

19311fir Williams, Martha K. (Mrs Joshua) 104 E. 16th st., Minneapolis 

68395- Williams, Sophie H. (Mrs E. S.) 1315 Clinton ave., Minneapolis 

16956a Williamson, Cornelia Cotrell (Mrs A. P.) 22 W. Grant st., St. Paul 

6164c Willis, Elizabeth Livingston (Mrs Henry B.) 599 Summit ave., St. Paul 

15062? Wilson, Annie Keller (Miss) 5 Crocus Hill, St. Paul 

9687/= Winton, Zerlena Knox (Mrs Wm. C.) 1619 E. 1st st., Duluth 

16315a Winston, Katharine Stevens (Mrs Philip B.) 1820 Park ave., Minneapolis 

96866 Wood, Betsy Lord- (Mrs Thomas S.) 223 E. 15th ave., E., Duluth 

1175? Wood, Frances C. (Mrs Wm. H.) 163 Nina ave., St. Paul 

9669? Woodruff, Cornelia A. Scoville (Mrs George J.) 297 Laurel ave., St. Paul 

12116 Wyman, Bella Eistine (Mrs Oliver C.) 2500 Park ave., Minneapolis 

:22165m Yale, Mary Louisa (Mrs Wm. H.) Winona 

14983f Young, Ellen Fellows (Mrs George B.) 324 Summit ave., St. Paul 


State Regent 1897, Mrs. Wm. H. Sims, (of Columbus) 1119 K st., Wash- 


a. Natchez Chapter — Natchez 

'Organized May 5, 1896; Members, 14 (Foreign, 2 ; Pennsylvania, 1; District of ColumUa, 1) 

Rigent, Miss Alice Quitman Lovell 
;Secretary, Mrs Anne Patterson West 

Treasurer, Mrs. Mary Rumble 
Registrar, Mrs Ann Maria Rhoads 

* Elizabeth Clark Hull Chapter, Conn. 

t Martha's Vineyard Chapter, Mass. 


Membeks Eesiding in the State 

9515* Anderson, Annie Attaway Putnam (Mrs) Jackson 

17623 Archibald, Caroline Elmira (Mrs Wm.) Oxford 

10108 Conkey, M. Helen (Miss) Oxford 

17623 Dunn, Amanda Bucks (Mrs S. E.) Greenville 

17359 Eades, Jane Rankin (Mrs) Oxford 

7222t Ewens, Frances Parke Butler (Mrs John) Natchez 

2780 Fant, Elizabeth Lewis (Mrs Eice T.) Holly Springs. 

15531$ Gardiner, Catherine Larison Marshall (Mrs George S.) Laurel 

2628 Gholson, Katherine Watson (Mrs Samuel C.) Holly Springs 

9695 Granberry, Mary Lee Brown (Mrs A. E.) Jackson 

9690a Greene, Julia Dunbar (Mrs Geo. F.) "The Forest," Natchez 

11611a Haralson, Frances Temple Peirce (Mrs Bertrand) S. Canal st., Natchez 

7622^ Holland, Florence Kennon Townes (Mrs Walter P.) Clarksdale 

15083 Holloway, Julia Brown (Mrs Ira G.) Oxford 

1366 Jones, Elizabeth Howard (Mrs Egbert E.) Holly Springs 

20460 Leavell, Martha L. (Mrs R. M.) Oxford 

3567a Lovell, Alice Quitman (Miss) P. O. Box 214, Natchez 

2357 Ludlow, Clara Southmayd (Miss) . .Agricultural College, OktifEeha County 

7373^ McLean, Eoberta (Miss) '. Granada 

24065 McQuiston, Mary Louise (Mrs Dunbar H.) Aberdeen 

7351|| Martin, Virginia Louise Walker (Mrs Edward H.) Greengrove 

7353|| Moore, Lida Brooks (Miss) Byhalia 

11114 Neilson, Anna Louise (Miss) Oxford 

15081 Pegues, Ella F. (Miss) Oxford 

15082 Eascoe, Jennie E. (Mrs Henry E.) Oxford 

9693a Ehodes, Ann Maria Wilkins Boyd (Mrs William D.) Arlington, Natchez 

7134$ Eogers, Nina Eastman (Mrs Wallace B.) Laurel 

12812a Eumble, Mary Lintot Peirce Haralson (Mrs A. L. W.).S. Canal st., Natchez 

9694a Eust, Charlotte Dunbar (Mrs E. Hyde) Woodlawn Plantation, Natchez 

3151 Shiaford, Augusta Eeese (Miss) Holly Springs 

3150 Shuford, Frances Crawford (Miss) Holly Springs 

10109|| Sledge, Lucie Meriwether (Mrs Norfleet E.) Como 

9692a Surget, Charlotte Catharine Boyd (Mrs James) Cherry Grove Natchez 

9696 Torrey, Mary Clendinen Catchings (Mrs Thomas H.) Baird 

12120a Walworth, Clara (Miss) N. Union st., Natchez 

15759a West, Anne Patterson (Mrs Thomas C.) 506 Orleans st., Natchez 

9591§ Wheeless, Irene Watkins (Mrs George) Port Gibson 

9691a Wilkins, Louisa (Miss) Arlington, Natchez 

* Wilkes County Chapter, Ga. 
t St. IvOuis Chapter, Mo. 
i Clinton Chapter, Iowa. 

II Hermitage Chapter, iTenn. 
g Spirit of 76 Chapter, I^a. 
H Watauga Chapter, Tenn. 

290 DIEECTOET, D. A. K. 


State Regent 1897, Mrs. Geo. H. Shields, 4426 Westminister Place, St. 


(5 organized; 5 iinorganized.) 
a. Cape Girardeau 

Regent, Miss Mary H. Fee. Appointed November 4, 1897. 

f . De Sota 


Regent, Mrs. Helen M. Chapin. Appointed November 4, 1897. 

c. Elizabeth Benton Chapter — Kansas City 

Organised 'November 20, 1894; Members, 113 (Kansas, 8; Minnesota, 1; Massachusetts, 2; 
Colorado, 1; District of Columbia, 1) 

Regent, Mrs J. VanC. Karnes Treasurer, Mrs W. B. Clark 

Vice-Regent, Mrs W. B. Thayer Registrar, Mrs James H. Austin 

Secretary, Miss Grace M. Halbert Historian, Mrs A. L. Howe 

d. Hannah Arnett Chapter — St. Louis 

Organized April gg, 1898; Members, 12 

Regent, Miss Christine Tuttle Treasurer, Miss Josephine C. Cobb 

Secretary, Miss Jessie B. Wright Eeg., Miss Charlotte C. Meysenburg 

e. Jane Randolph Jefferson Chapter — Jefferson City 

Organized January 26, 1897; Members, 22 

Regent, Mrs Florence Ewing Towles Cor. Sec, Miss Rena McCarty 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Mattie W. Gantt Treasurer, Mrs Eleanor P. Edwards 

Rec. Sec, Mrs Sarah C. P. Davison Registrar, Miss Margaret Eppes 

Historian, Miss Ella McCarty 

f. Kirkwood 

Regent, Mrs. Mary E. S. MeAdams. Appointed November 4, 1897. 


g. Nevada 


Regent, Mrs. Inez F. H. Clark. Appointed February 3, 1898. 

h. Osage Chapter — Sedalia 

Organised February 8, 1898; Members, 19 (Colorado, 5; Kansas, 2) 

Regent, Mrs Mary Tuttle McCluney Treasurer, Mrs D. T. Abell 
Vice-Regent, Mrs D. H. Smith Registrar, Mrs E. E. McClellan 

Secretary, Miss Gertrude Smith Historian, Mrs A. D. Jaynes 

i. St. Joseph Chapter — St. Joseph 

Organised December 2, 1897; Membfrs, 18 

Regent, Mrs Minnie H. Nave Treasurer, Mrs Ellen T. Lacy 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Jessie B. Walker Registrar, Mrs Mary Guitar Brown 

Secretary, Mrs Frank F. McDonald Historian, Mrs Lillian D. Tootle 

j. St. Louis Chapter — St. Louis 

Organized March 2, 1895; Members, 188 (District of Columbia, 5; Illinois, 11; Foreign 1; 
Mississippi, 1; South Dakota, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Western Bascome Secretary, Mrs Delia C. Meysenburg 

1st Vice-Regt., Mrs Mary W. Triplett Treasurer, Mrs Wallace Delafield 

2d Vice-Regt., Mrs Geo. M. Wright Registrar, Mrs A. de Figueiredo 

Historian, Mrs Mary P. Winn 

Members Residing in the State 

221787* Abell, Mary Russell (Mrs Daniel T.) 407 W. Broadway, Sedalia 

11617c Abernathy, Fannie McClellan (Mrs W. M.)..1737 JefEerson st., Kansas City 

19887; Adams, Grace (Miss) 1010 Newstead ave., St. Louis 

6428c Allen, Agnes Beecher (Mrs E. H.) 1313 Pennsylvania ave., Kansas GTty 

5092c Allen, Ethel Beecher (Miss) 1313 Pennsylvania ave., Kansas City 

24739; Allen, Roxana L.( Mrs J. W.) 5431 Cabanne st., St. Louis 

24056; Ambler, Carrie Hawthorne (Mrs) Kirkwood 

15080* Anderson, Mary W. (Mrs M. W.) Independence 

22788; Armstrong, Charlotte Hayden (Mrs C.)..4063 Westminster Place, St. Louis 

14183c Asbury, Leah Barnett (Miss) Higginsville 

22787; Ashmore, Gertrude (Miss) Hannibal 

17649; Atkinson, Florence Lewis (Mrs R.)..4201 Washington Boulevard, St. Louis 

llSllf Atwater, Ida Waad (Mrs William A.) "The Arlington," St. Joseph 

20170; Augustine, Florence Brush (Mrs G. H.)..4376 Westminster Place, St. Louis 

6842c Austin, Frances Jeannette (Mrs J. H.) 1018 Jefferson st., Kansas City 

9176c Babcock, Susan H. (Miss) 35th and Holmes sts., Kansas City 

21609i Bacheller, Minnie Moore (Mrs R. M.) 212 S. 12th st., St. Joseph 

16959c Baker, Caroline C. Beatty (Mrs H. W.) . . .'"The Coates House," Kansas City 

19889; Baker, Frances Wilson (Mrs Isaac G) 3753 Pine st., St. Joseph 

* Independence Chapter, Mo. t Rev. James Caldwell Chapter, Ills. 



22879$ Baker, Martha T. (Mrs Jos. E.) 215 Brooklyn st., St. Louis 

3314 Ballou, Aurelia A. (Mrs George W.) Hannibal 

21621; Barnett, Ella (Miss) 3142 Locust st., St. Louis 

24741; Barstow, Ella Gale (Mrs Charles W.)) ^ Glendale 

6167; Bascome, Ellen Kearny (Mrs Western) 2305 Locust Place, St. Louis 

6978 Bay, Lillian Cantrell (Mrs Jos. L.) 800 Clarkson Place, St. Louis 

18657; Beck, Annie E. (Mrs John A.) 3043 Washington ave., St. Louis 

24752i Benight, Octavia Kay (Miss) St. Joseph 

21885^ Bennett, Dollie (Miss) Nevada 

11619c Bigelow, Lucy Stowe (Miss) E. 9th st., Kansas City 

18051 Birdseye, Mary Piatt (Miss) cor. Main and Walnut sts., Nevada 

17624c Blackburn, Lydia Ann (Mrs Frank) Marshall 

25005* Blake, Madeliene Le Moine (Mrs Thomas B.) St. Louis 

15765; Block, Sarah Carr (Miss) • Aberdeen 

12717c Bodman, Alice M. (Mrs J. D.) 3601 Bell st., Westport 

169&Qd Bond, Irene (Miss) 2233 Park ave., St. Louis 

21071; Booth, Mary Alice Garrison (Mrs John N.) 4012 Delmar ave., St. Louis 

19877c Boteler, Katie H. (Mrs Wm. C.) 637 Garfield ave., Kansas City 

9699t Bowman, Mary A. VanValzah (Mrs J. W.) 1821 Woo'dland Court, Kansas City 

14030; Boyd, Martha Kenney Bassett (Mrs W. G.) 4040 Delmar Boulevard, St. Louis 

9187; Boyle, Fanny L. (Mrs Wilbur F.) 521 Garison ave., St. Louis 

17625c Bradbury, Mattie Curry (Mrs W. K.) 622 W. 7th st., Kansas CTty 

176366 Bragg, Louise Miller (Mrs Henry) Jefferson City 

7070; Branch, Anna Lane (Miss) 4314 Washington ave., St. Louis 

8148; Branch, Mary Polk (Mrs Jos.) 3730 Delmar ave., St. Louis 

lOlld Branch, Sarah Glasgow (Miss) 4314 Washington ave., St. Louis 

19876c Bray, Jane Goss (Mrs Jos W.) Main and Gratiot sts., St. Louis 

24051c Brent, Maria Dudley (Mrs Kelly) 3238 Flora ave., Kansas City 

19314c BrinkerhofP, Lydia Elizabeth (Mrs Jacob 0.) . .120 Jefferson st., Kassas City 

24753i Brittain, Mary Noel (Miss) St. Joseph 

15760c Brockett, Hattie Barnes (Mrs Chas. A.) 1025 Jefferson st., Kansas City 

24740; Brokaw, Julia Crawford (Mrs A. Von L.)..3147 Washington ave., St. Louis 

17637e Broughton, Christine Turner Harding (Mrs S. P.) 719 Francis st., St. Joseph 

21611* Brown, Mary Guitar (Mrs) 519 N. 8th st., St. Joseph 

19697; Brush, Anne E. W. Carter (Mrs G. W.)..4376 Westminster Place, St. Louis 

21634|| Buford, Fern K. Peterson (Mrs J. M.) 12 S. 6th st., Kansas City 

17243; Bulkley, Caroline Kemper (Mrs Louis C.) ^ Hillside 

13514; Burnham, Cassandra W. (Mrs M.) 3844 Delaware Boulevard, St. Louis 

12836; Butler, Elizabeth (Miss) 6706 Virginia ave., St. Ijouis 

15766; Cabanne, Susan Mitchell (Mrs I. C.) 4334 Westminster Place, St. Louis 

14191; Cabell, Margaret H. (Mrs Ashley) 5859 Clemens ave., St. Louis 

22789; Campbell, Ellen Judith (Mrs R. B.) 3335 Morgan st., St. Louis 

24057; Carlisle, Kate Otey Johnson (Mrs Jas. L.) 7019 Dale ave., St. Lonis 

12820; Carr, Angelica Charlotte (Mrs Alfred) 3510 Franklin ave., St. Louis 

8797; Carter, Harriet Louise D. (Mrs Israel S.) 2934 Locust st., St. Louis 

10110c Case, Mary Bowen (Mrs Ermine) 10th and Penn sts., Kansas City 

12833; Case, Hebe Wise (Mrs F. C.) 4349 Westminster Place, St. Louis 

6550c Casey, Faith (Miss) 14 Belmont Flats, Kansas City 

6549c Casey, Josephine Gibson (Miss).. 14 Belmont Flats, Kansas City 

565i§ Casey, Lucy Marshall (Mrs) . . care Emery, Bird, Thayer & Co., Kansas City 

* Old Dominion Chapter, Va. 

tShikelimo Chapter, Pa. 

j Le Ray de Chaumont Chapter, N. Y. 

II Deborah Avery Chapter, Neb. 

g Rebecca Bryan Boone Chapter, Ky. 

K Milicent Porter Chapter, Conn. 



17651 Chapin, Helen M. (Mrs Edmund G.) De Soto 

10596c Chapman, Antoinette M. H. (Mrs Edwin H.) 1721 Penn st., Kansas City 

12823/ Chase, Laura Emeline Eames (Mrs H. S., Jr.) 3334 Washington ave., St. Louis 

17638e Church, Louise (Mrs Horace B.) Jeiferson City 

22806 Clark, Inez Fewall Hereford (Mrs W. E.) Nevada 

9698c Clarke, Kate Eockwell (Mrs Wm. B.) 1016 Central st., Kansas City 

4721/ Clendenin, Isabella Eippey Kerr (Mrs W. A.) . .4539 McMillan ave., St. Louis 

21622(Z Cobb, Josephine C. (Miss) West End Hotel, St. Louis 

24053c Coburn, Mary Agnes (Miss) 1023 Penn st., Kansas City 

17626c Collins, Alice Blatchfor,d (Miss) 2550 Forest ave., Kansas City 

22191/ Connor, Florence GrisM^old (Mrs Thomas J.).... 3424 Lucas ave., St. Louis 

13512/ Copelin, Emma Comfort (Mrs John G.) ..3300 Lafayette ave., St. Louis 

24052c Crutcher, Laura Loving (Mrs Edvv^in K.) . .Troost and 35th sts., Kansas City 

17650/ Cunningham, Cinda (Mrs James) De Soto 

9186/ Dalton, Mary Louisa (Miss) 3827 Finney ave., St. Louis 

15767/ Bavie, Keturah F. (Miss) 3122 Lucas ave., St. Louis 

18666e Davison, Marianne Alexander (Miss) Jefferson City 

176396 Davison, Sarah Caroline Pelot (Mrs A. M.) Jefferson City 

12832/ deFigueiredo, Charlotte Dunlap (Mrs A.) 3665 Cook ave., St. Louis 

21623cZ Delafield, Agnes H. (Miss) 3019 Washington ave., St. Louis 

14197/ Delafield, Lizzie Hanenkamp (Mrs W.) 3019 Washington ave., St. Louis 

22790/ Denison, Adeline Walcott (Mrs H. H.) 1913 S. Compton ave., St. Louis 

12818/ De Wolf, Margaret H. (Mrs Edwin A.) 5459 Bartmer ave., St. Louis 

186676 Dickson, Lelia Weidemeyer (Mrs Jos. L.) Clinton 

24054c Dockery, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Alexander M.) Gallatin 

24058/ Dods, Alice Gilbert Huntington (Miss) 4808 Delmar ave., St. Louis 

8133/ Dods, Clara Huntington (Mrs John C.) 4808 Delmar ave., St. Louis 

19318c Drought, Eleanor Morris (Mrs E. W. S.) 338 Olive st., Kansas City 

21612i Duckworth, Lucy Bishop (Mrs George K.) St. Joseph 

24757ft Dugan, Anne A. (Mrs George E.) Sedalia 

16685/ Dunkin, Nancy Madison Taylor (Mrs Eobert R.) Kirksville 

19880c Dunlap, Lizzie Boss (Miss) 2203 Troost ave., Kansas City 

19881c Dunlap, Louise L. (Miss) 2203 Troost ave., Kansas City 

15076/ Edgar, S. Anna (Miss) 4411 Washington ave., St. Louis 

176406 Edwards, Ellen Conway Pedigo (Mrs John W.) .Jefferson City 

16967/ Eggleston, Sallie Starke (Mrs Wm. M.) .-. .Old Orchard 

1842/ Eliot, Charlotte C. (Mrs Henry W.) 2635 Locust st., St. Louis 

176436 Eppes, Margaret Julia (Miss) Jefferson City 

21624/ Estes, Nellie Stockton (Mrs F. M.) 4434 Laclede st., St. Louis 

24742/ Evans, Lida W. S. (Mrs Henry C.) Kirkwood 

24743/ Evans, Margaret P. (Mrs John) 12 Lewis Park, St. Louis 

176416 Ewing, Elizabeth Ann (Mrs Ephraim) Jefferson City 

176426 Ewing, Georgia Chiles (Mrs Henry C.) Jefferson City 

9180c Falkler, Jeannette (Miss) 1309 Oak st., Kansas City 

21073/ Fallon, Lucy Hanenkamp (Mrs Wm. Ed.) 4229 Morgan st., St. Louis 

20457 Fee, Mary H. (Miss) Cape Girardeau 

21074/ Ferguson, Caroline Shearer (Mrs D. K.) 3550 Pine st., St. Louis 

176446 Ferguson, Virginia Beauregard Harding (Mrs A. S.) Jefferson City 

1727c Findlay, Mary Chester (Mrs W. W.) 812 Wabash ave., Kansas City 

4619* Finney, Juliet Stanton (Mrs Edward F.) 1335 Washington ave., -St. Louis 

21626/ Fisher, Isabella Kingsland (Mrs Geo. D.) 4067 W. Morgan st., St. Louis 

19890/ Fisher, Jane MacAfee Kellogg (Mrs V. W.)..1828 Lafayette ave., St. Louis 

* Anna Warner Bailey Chapter, Conn. 


294 DIEECTORY, D. A. E. 

12122/ Fogg-, Mary Libbae (Miss) Jefferson City 

■24754i Force, Phebe (Miss) St. Joseph 

21&25d Ford, Elsie Taylor (Miss) 4066 Westminster Place, St. Louis 

16968/ Ford, Lida Bowman (Mrs James L.) 4063 Delmar ave., St. Louis 

22792/ Fry, Marion Whitney (Miss) 4471 W. Bell Place, St. Louis 

11612c Fullerton, Katharine Hall Borland (Mrs) 1805 Pen st., Kansas City 

16969/ Funsten, Minnie Moore (Mrs J. J.) 5885 Cates ave., St. Louis 

19891/ Fuqua, Fannie Wilson Baker (Mrs Jos. S.) 3753 Pine st., St. Louis 

9178/ Gelatine, Mabel (Mrs Wm. A.) 5723 Partner Place, St. Louis 

9182c Gamble, Sarah Minor (Mrs) ,. . .1003 W. 16th st., Kansas City 

240646 Gantt, Mary (Miss) Jefferson City 

186686 Gantt, Matilda Weidemeyer (Mrs Jas. B.) Jefferson City 

24744/ Garrison, Florence Schuyler (Miss) 3516 Washington ave., St. Louis 

6845c Gentry, Elizabeth Butler (Miss) 2600 Troost ave., Kansas City 

14187/ Glasgow, Mary Susan (Miss) 2741 Locust st., St. Louis 

22793/ Glover, Jane Beal (Miss) 4063 Westminster Place, St. Louis 

14188/ Graham, Christine B. (Mrs B. J.) 3500 Morgan ave., St. Louis 

17627c Graham, Mary Curry (Mrs Frank G.) Auditoriiim Hotel, Kansas City 

15768/ Gray, Elizabeth Crittenden C. (Mrs B. F., Jr.) . .5869 Clemens ave., St. Louis 

24751 Gray, Sallie Newman (Mrs William) 4480 Laclede ave., St. Louis 

6844c Gregory, Josephine Karnes (Mrs Alfred) 200 Garfield ave., Kansas City 

16753* Green, Henrietta Bruce (Mrs Richard) Kansas City 

16754* Green, Mary Bruce (Miss) Kansas City 

22784c Greenwood, Amanda A. (Mrs J. M.) 1312 Oak st., Kansas City 

H614C Hagerman, Ella Comstock (Mrs F.) . .3515 Warwick Boulevard, Kansas Qty 

23451/ Hagerman, Maggie Mitchell Walker (Mrs J.) .3654 Pine Boulevard, St. Louis 

17629c Halbert, Gertrude M. (Miss) 812 Penn ave., Kansas City 

17628c Halbert, Grace Morgan (Miss) 812 Penn ave., Kansas City 

22794/ Hale, Margaret M. (Mrs Philip H.) 5228 Vernon ave., St. Louis 

19882c Hall, Martha Littlefield (Mrs Thomas P.) 1495 Summit ave., Springfield 

15077/ Hanenkamp, Lillie Gray (Mrs Eichard P.) . .4367 Washington ave., St. Louis 

3481/ Hardaway, Lucy TSTelson Page (Mrs Wm. A.) 2920 Locust st., St. Louis 

22195/ Harrison, Eliza Anen Eads (Mrs John W.) 2835 Olive st., St. Louis 

22192(Z Harrison, Florence (Miss) 2835 Olive st., St. Louis 

2705t Hatch, Sallie Rodes (Miss) Hannibal 

9190/ Haynes, Rebeckah K. E. (Mrs J. E.) 4426 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis 

10112/ Hayward, Eleanore E. Irwin (Mrs George A.).. 3745 Lindell ave., St. Louis 

16960c Heermans, Josephine W. (Mrs Clinton W.) 1803 E. 7th st., Kansas City 

234546 Hendy, Nancy McClure (Mrs) Jefferson City 

176456 Henry, Kate Madison (Mrs Jesse W.) Jefferson City 

10595c Hereford, Virginia (Miss) 1100 Wyandote st., Kansas City 

24593:1: Herrick, Martha Telfair (Mrs John W.) Sioux City 

24745/ Hickman, Celeste McElroy (Mrs Clement S.) Kirkwood 

8508/ Hill, Irene McNeal (Mrs Jerome) 2233 Park ave., St. Louis 

15770/ Hill, Laura Colman (Mrs John F.) 5463 Delmar Boulevard, St. Louis 

21631(i Hobart, Jane (Miss) Vandeventer Place, St. Louis 

11616c Holmes, Lyda Massey (Mrs D. B.). . .3624 Warwick Boulevard, Kansas City 

19317c Holmes, Lydia Berthel (Miss) 419 W. 10th st., Kansas City 

22795/ Howard, Edith Powell (Mrs Edwin S.) 4033 Washington ave., St. Louis 

17630c Howe, Alice Sellers Moody (Mrs A. L.) 1024 Jefferson st., Kansas City 

22796/ Hull, Isabel Leighton (Miss) 3335 Morgan st., St. Louis 

* Klizabeth Kenton Chapter, Ky. t Warren Chapter, Ills, 

t Martha Washington Chapter, D. C. 



15769; Hull, Lizzie Chambers (Mrs Edward) 3335 Morgan ave., St. Loiiis 

10012; Hundley, Lizzie Moore (Mrs John H.) 4443 Bell Place, St. Louis 

4293/ Hutchinson, Mary Mitchell (Mrs Kobert R.) 2929 Locust st.., St. Louis 

12831; Inslee, Susan Carr (Mrs John A.) 3200 Locust st., St. Louis 

11618c Jackson, Lucinda Deatly (Mrs) 1506 E. 8th st., Kansas City 

22194; JannoiDoulo, Bemice Stockton (Mrs John C.) .5091 Kensington ave., St. Louis 

9185; January, Edith (Miss) 3141 Washington ave., St. Louis 

221847t Jaynes, Flora May (Miss) Sedalia 

221837t Jaynes, Mary J. (Mrs A. D.) Sedalia 

24746; Jewett, Carrie Mae (Miss) Monet 

5655c Johnson, Annie Lane (Mrs Amos D.) 338 Olive st., Kansas City 

] 0111; Johnston, Maria I. (Mrs) 3142 Locust st., St. Louis 

18658; Jones, Ariana Craig (Mrs M. D.) 3103 Washington ave., St. Louis 

H074C Jones, Frances Frisbie Shepard (Mrs Arthur H.). .528 N. 8th st., St. Joseph 

6846c Karnes, Mary A. (Mrs Joseph Van C.) 1606 E. 8th st., Kansas City 

Karnes, Mary Gilman (Miss) 1606 E. 8th st., Kansas City 

Keith, Mary Lee Boarman (Mrs R. Henry) Hyde Park, Kansas City 

Kellerman, Sallie C. H. (Mrs J. K.) 4561 "A," Cote Brilliante ave., St. Louis 

Kerr, Elizabeth Hockaday (Miss) Fulton 

Kimball, Belle (Mrs Thomas D.) Kirkwood 

Kirk, Eleanor H. (Miss) 2828 Washington ave., St. Louis 

Knox, Edith Sherman (Mrs Charles G.) St. Louis 

Kotany, Mildred Wear (Mrs Max) 4253 Westminster Place, St. Louis 

Krum, Elizabeth Harrington C. (Mrs C. H.) 5544 Chamberlain ave., St. Louis 

Lacy, Ellen Tootle (Mrs Graham G.) 924 N. 24th st., St. Joseph 

Lane, Myrtle Buggies (Mrs John L.) 2909 Forest ave., Kansas City 

Laughlin, Ella Haynes (Mrs Henry D.) 4426 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis 

Laughlin, Hester Bates (Miss) 4426 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis 

Lawson, Mary Rector Shields (Mrs Joseph W.) Columbia 

Leach, Marion Tinsley (Mrs Francis A.) 322 Wabash ave., Kansas City 

Lee, Agnes (Miss) 1812 Brownell ave., Kansas City 

Lee, Bel Waterman (Mrs Bradley D.) 3114 Washington ave., St. Louis 

Lee, Jennie Gathright (Mrs John A.) 4222 Cook ave., St. Louis 

Lee, Mary Geiger (Mrs Chas. S.) 1812 Bi'ovi^nell ave., Kansas City 

Lenoir, Lavinia B. (Miss) Columbia 

Lewis, Louise Campbell (Mrs Charles H. V.) . .2307 Troost ave., Kansas City 
14185c Lipscomb, Dorothy Crumbaugh (Mrs John H.) . .1006 E. 8th st., Kansas City 

14011^ Littell, Grace Richardson (Mrs Marshall H.) 4642 Delmar ave., St. Louis 

Long, Margaret Breckenridge (Mrs) 3404 Pine st.,' St.' Louis 

Louderman, Florence M. (Mrs James H.) 4048 Lindell ave., St. Louis 

Lowry, Lucile Gary (Mrs John S.) 3509 Lucas ave., St. Louis 

Lumpkin, Emma (Miss) 1827 Morgan st., St. Louis 

Lyman, Henrietta Hadley (Mrs J. W.) 1922 Troost ave., Kansas City 

MacAdam, Mary Evans Smith (Mrs David) Kirkwood 

Macbeth, Agnes Wallace Pearson (Mrs) 2803 Pine st., St. Louis 

McCarty, Ella (Miss) JefEerson City 

McCarty, Rena (Miss) JefEerson City 

McClellan, Lottie Tuttle Smalley (Mrs Edwin E.) 312 W. Broadway, Sedalia 

McCluney, Mary Lura (Miss) 312 W. Broadway, Sedalia 

McCluney, Mary Tuttle (Mrs Thomas P.) 312 W. Broadway, Sedalia 

McCue, Julia C. Robb (Mrs J. D.) 714 American Bank Building, Kansas City 







* Lexington Chapter, Ky. 
t Morristown Chapter, N. J. 

t Jane Douglas Chapter, Texas. 



19878c McCune, Helen A. (Mrs Henry L.) 708 Troost ave., Kansas City 

11951 McCune, Mary Moss Hunton (Mrs Henry H.) ColumBia 

19883c McCutcheon, Julia Goss (Mrs Howard) Kansas City 

21615i McDonald, Frank Fanning- (Mrs John I.) 702 N. 6tli st., St. Joseph 

21614* MacDonald, Lulu Snail (Mrs Clay C.) 2509 Faraon st., St. Joseph 

20459e MacFarlane, Alice O'Eear (Mrs George B.) Jefferson City 

11800* MacMillan, Mattie Caruth (Mrs Neill A.) 5500 Cabanne ave., St. Louis 

3465 Matlack, Sara Baker (Mrs) 808 Bank of Commerce Building, St. Louis 

15764c Mead, Flora Ecker (Miss) 415 Aldine Place, Kansas City 

19893; Metcalfe, Lucie Bowman (Mrs Lyne S., Jr.) 5433 Vernon ave., St. Louis 

21627(Z Meysenburg, Charlotte Carr (Miss) 3130 Lucas ave., St. Louis 

12824; Meysenburg, Delia Carr (Mrs) 3130 Clayton ave., St. Louis 

17653; Miltenberger, Louisa P. (Mrs Eugene B.) 3120 Lafayette ave., St. Louis 

6087t Moffett, Eugenia Flournoy (Miss) 4020 N. Grand ave., ^. Louis 

17633c Moody, Elizabeth Benny Sellers (Mrs E,.) 1024 Jefferson st., Kansas City 

14442-j- Moody, Nancy Floyd (Mrs Melville P.) care Baptist Pub. Society, St. Louis 

9183c Moore, Harriet Shepard Cook (Mrs S. W.) "The Montague," Kansas City 

6551c Moore, Mary Malvina (Miss) 814 Delaware st., Kansas City 

6841 More, Elizabeth Ashley (Mrs E. C.) Columbia 

20454c Mosher, Ellen Stanford (Miss) E. 9th st., Kansas City 

14192; Motter, Katherine Clarkson (Mrs Wilson D.) 1311 N. 26th st., St. Joseph 

15771; Murphy, Elizabeth J. (Mrs Peter H.) 524 Brighton Place, East St. Louis 

10593c Nave, Ada M. (Miss) 928 Penn st., Kansas City 

10592c Nave, Annie McClinachan English (Mrs Jas. McC.) 928 Penn st., Kansas City 

24756* Nave, Lucile (Miss) St. Joseph 

19316* Nave, Minnie Holliday (Mrs Samuel M.) 22nd and Clay sts., St. Joseph 

10597c Nelson, Kate (Miss) 17 Wabash ave., Kansas City 

24750 Newman, Sallie Morris (Mrs Henry L., Sr.) 4480 Laclede ave., St. Louis 

12121; Niedringhaus, Fanita Hayward (Mrs George W.) 3745 Lindell ave., St. Louis 

19894; Nugent, Carrie Casey (Mrs Daniel C.) 3701 Westminster Place, St. Louis 

14190; O'Fallon, Anita Glasgow (Mrs Frank M) 2741 Locust st., St. Louis 

1844; O'Fallon, Anna M. (Mrs James J.) 3639 Olive st., St. Louis 

6166; O'Fallon, Mary Shreve C. (Mrs Benjamin) 3606 Delaware ave., St. Louis 

11117; Often, Susan Tracy (Mrs Joseph) 3510 Lindell ave., St. Louis 

24061; Ottofy, Frances Otey Heald (Mrs L. M.) 6713 Manchester ave., St. Louis 

21077; Owen, Catherine Luke (Miss) 5848 demons ave., St. Louis 

20032 Parker, Sarah Turner (Mrs Nathan H.) 953 Merryville ave., St. Louis 

21078; Parrish, Sarah Elizabeth K. (Mrs Wm. D.) 5934 Horton Place, St. Louis 

21616* Parry, Elizabeth Ely (Mrs G. G.) 2101 Faraon st., St. Joseph 

14637c Payne, Sallie Belmey (Mrs Thomas G.) 1225 Penn st., Kansas City 

9173c Peake, Isabella Thayer (Mrs Chas. A.) 931 Tracy ave., Kansas City 

12826; Pepper, Mary Armstrong (Mrs Ellis S.) 3041 Washington ave., St. Louis 

12335; Pittman, Hannah Daviess (Mrs W. H.) 4056 McPherson ave., St. Louis 

12336; Pitzman, Caroline M. (Mrs Julius) 1900 S. Compton ave., St. Louis 

12825; Player, Susan Polk (Mrs James Y.) 4473 W. Belle Place, St. Louis 

227866 Pope, Lucy Miller (Mrs Winfield S.) Jefferson City 

23180; Pope, Martha Jane Montague (Mrs H. O.) 5927 W. Cabanne Place, St. Louis 

19319c Poulton, Charlotte Deming (Mrs Geo. P.) 29th and Cherry sts., Kansas City 

22799; Powell, Emma Webster (Miss) 4023 Washington ave., St. Louis 

12815c Pratt, Gertrude (Miss) 3601 Bell st., (Mellier Place), Westport 

15773; Price, Margaret Stuart (Mrs James S.) 4332 Olive st., St. Louis 

* Jane Douglas Chapter, Texas. 

t Oglethorpe Chapter, Ga. 



22785c Price, Martha (Miss) 1712 Kansas ave., Kansas City 

19324; Ealston, Frances Marion (Miss) 3431 Lucas ave., St. Louis 

24062; Ealston, Lucy Boyd Lewis (Mrs John) 3431 Lucas ave., St. Louis 

21617^ Eay, Eachel Harding (Mrs Edvs^ard M.) 413 Eobidoux st., St. Joseph 

16973; Eaymond, Nellie Grant (Mrs Francis, Jr.) 519 Whittier st., St. Louis 

13510; Eeed, Lizzie Leslie (Miss) 4226 W. Morgan st., St. Louis 

15776* Eeif snider, Anna C. (Mrs Calvin K.) . .4057 Washington Boulevard, St. Louis 

18660; Eichardson, Mary Darah McMurray (Mrs Jos. C.) 2947 Morgan st., St. Louis 

169620 Eidenour, Alice Beatty (Miss) 1416 E 8th st., Kansas City 

16963c Eidenour, Ethel Baker (Miss) 1416 E. 8th st., Kansas City 

169610 Eidenour, Sarah Beatty (Mrs Peter B.) 1416 E. 8th st., Kansas City 

14521 Eobb, Louise Cherry (Miss) .4118 Oak st., Kansas City 

21079; Bobbins, Eleanor W. K. (Mrs E. C.) 4359 Forest Park Boulevard, St. Louis 

176476 Eobertson, Margaret Harding (Mrs) Jefferson City 

14184c Eobinson, Kate Hutt (Mrs John J.) 875 South st., Springfield 

8796; Eodgers, Marian Long (Mrs Thos. B.) .3706 Pine st., St. Louis 

193200 Eogers, Jennie E. (Mrs J. K.) 3236 Flora ave., Kansas City 

1027 Eucker, Lucy James (Mrs Wiliam A.) St. James 

20360t Sanf ord, Cora E. (Miss William B.) Springfield 

16154J Scanlon, Nancy P. Georgette Jones (Mrs Andre) . .3535 Lucas ave., St. Louis 

21629; Scudder, Clara Hancock (Mrs William A.). .4063 Washington ave., St. Louis 

12S16C Seeley, Harriet Pigman (Mrs Henry J. S.) . .2027 Brooklyn ave., Kansas City 

23456 Shartel, Eleanor Hancoclc (Mrs Cassius M.) Nevada 

24747; ShaM^, May Tompkins (Mrs Campbell B.) Kirkwood 

12834; Shelton, Jane Eedd (Mrs Theodore) 3624 Pine st., St. Louis 

34; Shields, Mary Harrison L. (Mrs G. H.) 4426 Westminster Place, St. Louis 

24755* Shireman, Anna Force (Mrs John, Jr.) 120 S. 15th st., St. Joseph 

18661; Simpson, Belle Buckingham (Mrs William S.) 2110 Lafayette ave., St. Louis 

16964c Simpson, Ellen Lee (Miss) 3613 Walnut st., Kansas City 

1C586C Simpson, Fanny Combs (Mrs Frank) 507 Olive st., Kansas City 

12835; Skinker, Adela Bertha Eives (Mrs Thomas Keith) Ellendale 

22193; Skipwith, Lennie Powell (Mrs P. H.) 4105 Westminister Place, St. Louis 

10589c Slavens, Bessie Sutton (Mrs L. C.) Westport Eoad, Kansas City 

17662; Smith, Carrie Lathrop (Mrs Ford) 4130 Westminster Place, St. Louis 

10585c Smith, Florence C. (Mrs Abiel L.) 2624 Forest ave., Kansas City 

22804/1 Smith, Gertrude Cecilia (Miss) 106 Broadway, Sedalia 

228037i Smith, Kate Barnett (Mrs D. H.) 106 W. Broadway, Sedalia 

18663; Smith, Lucy Lawson (Miss) Pattonville 

1981611 Smith, Margaxet Maria (Mrs Lyndon A.) 4231 Finney ave., St. Louis 

18644; Smith, Mary B. (Miss) St. Louis 

22800; Souther, Sarah C. (Miss) 4048 Westminster Place, St. Louis 

21628; Southward, Eliza Kingsland P. (Mrs A. W.) 5934 Horton Place, St. Louis 

21630(Z Spencer, Anna (Miss) 2725 Washington ave., St. Louis 

6168; Spencer, Elizabeth Dwight (Mrs H. N.) 2725 Washington ave., St. Louis 

19897; Spencer, Susan Brookes (Mrs Selden P.).. 4457 Washington ave., St. Louis 

9117c Spoor, Lena M. (Miss) 2021 E. 19th st., Kansas City 

24748; Steele, Cornelia Sanborn (Mrs A. J.) 2825 Washington ave., St. Louis 

23455ft Steele, Fannie E. (Mrs) Sedalia 

11950 Stephens, Laura Moss (Mrs Edwin W.) Columbia 

19896/ Stockton, Nellie E. (Mrs Edward C.) Hotel Beers, St. Louis 

176486 Stone, Louise Winston (Mrs Wiliam J.) Jefferson City 

* Sarah McCalla Chapter, Ind. 
t Paducah Chapter, Ky. 

t Boonesborough Chapter, Ky. 

II Fort Massachusetts Chapter, Mass. 



23457 Stratton, Kebekah Barnes (Miss) Nevada 

19321c Streett, Elizabeth Bickley (Mrs St. Clair) 1800 Penn st., Kansas Citj^ 

5652c Tate, Frances Casey (Mrs J. C.) Munford Court, Kansas City 

24063/ Taylor, Janie M. (Mrs George) Kirkwood 

8509; Taylor, Mary Kennerly (Mrs Wm. C.) 3501 Franklin ave., St. Louis 

19888; Ten Broeck, Frances A. (Mrs Edward F.) 3612 Shenadoah ave., St. Louis 

5653c Thayer, Sallie Casey (Mrs W. B.) Kansas City 

4932; Thayer, Sidney Brother (Mrs Amos M.) 3638 Pine st., St, Louis 

21618i Thomas, Anna Bell Ely (Mrs Roscoe) , St. Joseph 

19322c Thomes, Fannie Marie (Miss) 414 Aldine Place, Kansas City 

13511; Tittmann, Emma Roe (Mrs Harold H.) 3300 Lafayette ave., St. Louis 

21613i Tootle, Lillian Duckworth (Mrs Milton, Jr.) 11th and Charles sts., St. Joseph 

1255e Towles, Florence Ewing (Mrs Thos. Oliver) JefEerson City 

21082; Trask, Mary Price (Mrs Walter Bigelow) St. Louis 

11118; Tredwajr, Emma Greelj'^ (Mrs Dwight) 1535 Lucas Place, St. Louis 

8799; Triplett, Mary Walker (Miss) 3847 Pine st., St. Louis 

8800; Triplett, Sallie Walker (Mrs John E.) 3847 Pine st., St. Louis 

4880* Turner, Emma Webster (Mrs Frank H.) Bonaventure Hotel, Kansas City 

21075; Tutt, Margaret A. Garrison (Mrs Edward G.) 3022 Bell ave., St. Louis 

12822d Tuttle, Christine (Miss) 2727 Chestnut st., St. Louis 

12821; Tuttle, Harriet M. (Mrs Daniel S.) 2727 Chestnut st., St. Louis 

23179ft Tuttle, Mary A. (Mrs W. F.) Sedalia 

6548c Van Brunt, Hope Casey (Mrs John) 14 Belmont Flats, Kansas City 

20171; Van Sickler, Louise Brush (Mrs Wm. H.) . .4376 Wesminster Place, St. Louis 

18396 Velie, Emma Ainsworth (Mrs Stephen H.) Kansas City 

10591c Voorhees, Ellen Campbell (Mrs Wm. P.) "The Brunswick," Kansas City 

11115c Waddell, Ada Everett (Mrs John A. L.) 2708 Forest ave., Kansas City 

15775; Wade, Mary B. (Mrs L. M.) 3142 Locust st., St. Louis 

12814c Walker, Alice Brevard Ewing (Mrs John R.) 523 Olive st., Kansas City 

24749; Walker, Carrie McCrary (Mrs Thomas J.) 31 N. Sarah st., St. Louis 

31620i Walker, Jessie Turner Brittain (Mrs Stoughton) St. Joseph 

22801; Wallace, Anna Flintham (Mrs James W., Jr.) 5423 Vernon ave., St. Louis 

22802; Wallace, Mary Leighton (Miss) 5423 Vernon ave., St. Louis 

24060; Wear, Nannie E. (Mrs Jas. H.) 3650 Washington ave., St. Louis 

16974 Weed, Frances Ten Ey vk Walker (Mrs N. Herbert) Kirkwood 

8147 Weirick, Virginia P. (Mrs Samuel T.) . .1815 Independence ave., Kansas City 

21610i Welch, Bettina (Miss) 1019 Faraon st., St. Joseph 

10588c Welsh, Rose Nelson (Mrs Milton) Independence 

19884c Whipple, Jane Gates (Mrs B. Thompson) 504 Garfield ave., Kansas City 

17635c White, Amanda (Miss) 514 E. 13th st.,, Kansas City 

13513 White, Emma Siggins (Mrs John B.) 630 E. 36th st., Kansas City 

22805ft White, Mary B. (Mrs Joseph G.) 202 E. 5th st., Sedalia 

12827; Whitman, Annie\R. (Mrs Charles E.) 3036 Lucas ave., St. Louis 

19886c Wilder, Anne Crombie (Miss) 418 W. 10th st., Kansas City 

19885c Wilder, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) 418 W. 10th st., Kansas City 

13056t Wilson, Lucy Porter Ford (Mrs Wm. A.) 2700 Troost ave., Kansas City 

3482; Winn, Mary Polk (Mrs Charles W.) 3730 Delmar ave., St. Louis 

14189; Wise, Anna Augusta Clift (Mrs William) 3203 Pine st., St. Louis 

12819; Wolfe, Georgette Emeline Colby (Mrs D. R.) .4045 Washington ave., St. Louis 

11613c Wright, Annie Porter (Mrs Edward C.) 3337 Troost ave., Kansas City 

22190(Z Wright, Jessie B. (Miss) 4457 Westminster Place, St. Louis 

*Vassar College Chaptei-, N. Y. 

t Old Dominion Chapter, Va. 



9177c Wright, Ruth E. B. (Mrs Marshall B.). -Holmes and 35th sts., Kansas City 

15772; Wright, Sarah S. (Mrs George M.) 4457 Westminster Place, Kansas City 

8798; Wright, Virginia B. (Mrs Richard B.) Union and Cabanne ave., St. Louis 

9331** Wyeth, Ellen Ashton (Mrs Parker C.) 1027 Faraon st., St. Joseph 

24758/1 Zimmerman, Nellie Carr (Mrs Benjamin W.) Sedalia 


State Regent 1897, Mrs. E. A. Wasson, Great Falls 

u u 


(1 organized.) 

a. Silver Bow Chapter — Butte 
Organised December 21, 1897; Menibers, Ut 

Reg'ent, Mrs Jennie S. Tallant 
Vice-Regent, Mrs Eliz. B. Barret 
Secretary, Mrs Luella S. Kern 

Treasurer, Mrs Ruth L. G. Grant 
Registrar, Mrs Jane H. Moore 
Historian, Mrs Helen P. Harper 

Members Residing in the State 

19903a Barret, Elizabeth Brooke (Mrs Anthony H.) Butte 

19491|| Brenner, Isabel White (Mrs John C.) Amesville 

1638 Browne, Antoinette Van Hook (Mrs David G.) Great Falls 

24608§ Child, Mary Blackburn McFarland (Mrs Wm. C.) Helena 

21632 Conway, Lillie Ella (Mrs George B.) Glendale 

1445 Courtenay, Fannie Patterson (Mrs William) Miles City 

21083a Davis, Helen Margaret Gaylord (Mrs Andrew J.) Butte City 

20463a Emery, Julia Haas, (Mrs Sloan M.) Bozeman 

134b6ff Fielding, Etta Marie Carll (Mrs) Bozeman 

24066 Gearhart, Mary -Ida (Miss) Glendale 

21084a Grant, Ruth Lola Gaylord (Mrs Robert D.) Butte, City 

12123a Harper, Helen Pierce (Mrs Jos. H.) Butte City 

6506a Kern, Luella Schillinger (Mrs Elmer LeM.) 322 W. Broadway, Butte 

22163* Kessler, Josephine Dilworth (Miss) Butte 

15632f King, Harriet Rose (Mrs Justus W.) East Helena 

24759a Knight, Clara M. Johnson (Mrs Joshua M.) Butte 

19902 Lind, Grace Louise Emmons (Mrs Wilhelm) Anaconda 

23462| Lloyd, Harriet Belden (Mrs Charles F.) Butte 

15084 McCrackin, Gertrude Junkin (Mrs) Hamilton 

24162^ Mitchell, Amelia J. Holley (Mrs Frank S.) Butte 

11623a Moore, Jane Hutchins (Mrs Clinton H.) 328 E. Broadway, Butte 

20461a Robb, Grace Deming (Miss) 844 W, Quartz st., Butte 

* St. Paul Chapter, Minn. || Lycoming Chapter, Pa. 

t Mercy Warren Chapter, Mass. § General de Lafayette Chapter, Ind. 

X Omaha Chapter, Neb. ** Harrisburg Chapter, Pa. 

H General Nicholas Herkimer Chapter, N. Y. ft Molly Varnum Chapter, Mass. 

300 DIEBCTOET, D. A. E. 

2371 Sanders, Harriet Peek, Fenn (Mrs Wilbur Fisk) Helena 

24594 Smith, Elizabeth Williams (Mrs Lancelot G.) Anaconda 

24594§ Smith, Elizabeth Williams (Mrs Lancelot G.) Anaconda 

11622a Tallant, Jennie S. (Mrs Walter S.) , 832 W. Park st., Butte 

19904a. Traphagen, Harriet M. Van Horn (Mrs Frank Weiss) Boseman 

12124a Turbeville, Kate Shy rock (Mrs Ewing C.) Butte City 

5554a Wasson, Mary De Veny (Mrs' Edmund A.) Great Falls 

12837 Webb, Olive Ann (Miss) Anaconda 

21085a Wethey, Katharine Mason (Mrs Arthur H.) 312 W. Quartz St., Butte 

20766 Wyche, Phillippa Ludwell (Mrs' Thomas J.) Missoula 


State Regent 1897, Mrs. Laura B. Pound, 1632 L st., Lincoln 
" " 1898, Mrs. Frances Avery Haggard, Lincoln 

(12 organized; 2 unorganized.) 

a. Deborah Avery Chapter — Lincoln » 

Organized May 15, 1896; Members, 63 (Kansas, 1) 

Regent, Mrs. Ella King Morrison Treastirer, Mrs Cora Gustin Harpham 

Vice-i\egent, Mrs Anna V. T. Odell Registrar, Mrs Laura B. Pound 

Rec. Sec, Mrs Annabela Winchester Historian, Mrs Azelia H. Henry 

Cor. Sec, Miss Mary M. A. Stevens Chaplain, Mrs Julia C. Coggeshall 

b. Menden 


Regent, Mrs Minnie S. Cline. Appointed May 6, 1897 

c. Omaha Chapter — Omaha 

Organized October 1, 1896; Members, 39 (Montana 1) ' 

Regent, Mrs Elma E. Jaynes Cor. Sec, Mrs Mary C. Lyman 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Eliz. M. Tukey Treasurer, Mrs Elsie DeC. Troup 

Rec. Sec, Miss Ellenore E. Dutcher Registrar, Miss Anna Trible Adam.s 

Historian, Mrs Nellie Fitch Crane 

d. Seward 


Regent, Mrs Elizabeth C. Langworthy. Appointed Dec. 3, 1896 

I Warren Chapter, 111. 



Membebs Kesiding in the State 


22811c Adams, Anna Tribble (Miss) 2411 Capitol ave., Omaha 

12346c Alexander, Margaret Elizabeth Dutcher (Mrs E. L.) .1204 N. 24th st., Omaha 

14201a. Allen, Louie Merrill (Mrs E. H.) 345 N. 11th st., Lincoln 

19907e Baneker, Mary Johnston (Mrs William) 530 S. 26th st., Omaha 

21633a Bartlett, Cora Thomas (Mrs Thos. F.) 1742 S. 14th st., Lincoln 

7159 Barton, Maude Wadleigh (Mrs King C.) Omaha 

15089a. Bates, Sarah Glazier (Mrs John M.) 1635 E st., Lincoln 

10598 Beck, Rachel Wyatt Tongate (Mrs William H.) Winnebago Agency 

18671a Blish, Louise Ann (Mrs Frank M.) 1535 S. 21st st., Lincoln 

22807a Campbell, Mary Randolph (Miss) 606 North 16th st., Lincoln 

19327 Cline, Minnie Shedd (Mrs James A.) Minden 

24067a Closson, Oda Zoe (Miss) 1021 J St., Lincoln 

24760a Coates, Ella Bartlett (Mrs Louis W.) 1637 F st., Lincoln 

13515a Coggeshall, Julia C. (Mrs John M.) 1544 E st., Lincoln 

4731* Craig, Rowena Deane (Mrs William) Nebraska City 

12839c Crane, Nellie Bell (Mrs Ed. A.) Omaha 

21635a Bakin, Sarah Trowbridge (Miss) 1826 P st., Lincoln 

16977a Davis, Carrie Vincent (Mrs Stephen B.) 1425 R st., Lincoln 

15777a Davis, Lemira Harwood (Mrs Delevan L.) 1858 G st., Lincoln 

13521a Dennis, Carrie Clifton (Miss) 514 S. 16th st., Lincoln 

15087a Dorris, Elizabeth K. (Mrs A. H.) 1426 L st., Lincoln 

12340c Doyle, Annie Fister (Miss) 519 S. 26th st., Omaha 

12339c Doyle, Isabelle (Miss) Omaha 

12343c Doyle, Mary Postlethv^aite (Miss) .519 S. 26th st., Omaha 

24073c Doyle, Sarah Ann (Mrs Elisha) 519 S. 26th st., Omaha 

12347c Dutcher, Ellenore Elizabeth (Miss) Omaha 

22196a Eubank, Grace Bixler (Mrs Clarence H.) 1626 Elm st., Lincoln 

14559c Evans, Lizzie Place (Mrs John H.) 3522 Farnam st., Omaha 

13522a Everett, Adelia M. Harding (Mrs Milton H.) 630 S. 17th st., Lincoln 

15088a Frankish, Jennie E. (Mrs Charles) 1919 Prospect st., Lincoln 

23463c Funkhouser, Caroline Lush Bishop (Mrs Leonidas) Omaha 

15778a Garten, Estelle Blanche (Miss) 1103 H st., Lincoln 

14198a Gere, Mariel Chapman (Miss) 849 D st., Lincoln 

21086a Green, Kate H. (Mrs William) 25th and R sts., Lincoln 

20462c Griffen, Mary E. Hallister (Mrs Andrew W.) 561 S. 26th ave., Omaha 

24074c Griffith, Fannie Lyford (Mrs John W.) 3525 Cuming st., Omaha 

13523a Haggard, Frances Helen Avery (Mrs James R.) Lincoln 

22808a Haggard, Laura A. (Miss) 1310 G st., Lincoln 

24070a Hall, Clara Lillian Stanhope (Mrs Chas. L.) 1528 K st., Lincoln 

23416c Hall, Mary Ella (Mrs Fred. E.) 508 N. 32nd st., Omaha 

18652f Hammond, Anna (Mrs Amariah) Rushville 

24071a Harpham, Clara Belle Gustin (Mrs Julius C.) 1546 S. 22nd st., Lincoln 

22812c Harris, Mary Louisa (Miss) 2224 Burt st., Omaha 

24068a Harvey, Clara B. (Mrs Andrew E.) 1637 R st., Lincoln 

13524a Harwood, Celia Elizabeth (Mrs Nathan S.) 1618 L st., Lincoln 

4730* Hayward, Phoebe Deane (Mrs James R.) Ashland 

13520a Henry, Azelia H. (Mrs Wm. C.) 3145 R st., Lincoln 

18672a Horto n, Helen McCandless Wade (Mrs John B.) 824 S. 18th st., Lincoln 

* Walter Dean Chapter, Ohio. t Daughters of Liberty Chapter, Minn. 

302 DIEECTOEY, D. A. R. 

24069a Hovey, Lillie B. (Miss) 1637 E st., Lincoln 

21636a Humphrey, Abigail Elvile (Mrs Oliver N.) 1202 M st., Lincoln 

19906c Huntington, Cora May (Mrs Charles S.) 2924 Dodge st., Omaha 

21087a Jackson, Pattie Buford (Mrs James S.) Lincoln 

12344c Jaynes, Elma Lanpheat (Mrs Henry S.) 1621 Emmet st., Omaha 

24764c Johnston, Ida J. (Miss) 2612 Harney st., Omaha 

24765c Johnston, Harriet E. (Miss) 2612 Harney st., Omaha 

13525a Kilburn, Harriet B. (Mrs James) 616 N. 16th st., Lincoln 

11850* Lamberton, Mary Augusta Sherwood (Mrs G. M.)..740 S. 17th st., Lincoln 

16316 Langworthy, Elizabeth C. (Mrs Stephen C.) Seward 

16971t Lawrence, Kate Page (Mrs Thomas H.) 1234 S. 10th st., Omaha 

16975c Leighton, Abigail Clement (Miss) 309 N. 25th St., Omaha 

24076c Leighton, Florence (Miss) 309 N. 25th st., Omaha 

21637a Lindly, Eliza (Mrs William A.) Lincoln 

24075c Lindsey, Elizabeth Jones Evans (Mrs Zachary T.) 406 S. 40th st., Omaha 

3525$ Linsley, Alice Gertrude (Mrs W. Scott) Table Eock 

18052c Lowrie, Elizabeth Haas (Mrs Matthew B.) 24ia Capitol st., Omaha 

17526c Lyman, Mary Cornelia (Mrs Charles W.) Omaha 

22810a Lytle, Anna Webster (Miss) Greenwood 

21638a Manning, Mary Gott Dennis (Mrs Charles B.) Lincoln 

15779a Miner, Anne Parker (Miss) 512 N. 1th st., Lincoln 

22197a Morning, Mabel Kellogg (Mrs W. M.) 1401 L st. .Lincoln 

13518a Morrison, Ella King (Mrs John G.) 1631 F st., Lincoln 

13519a Newman, Angle Thurston (Mrs Daniel) 1724 L st., Lincoln 

12337a Odell, Anna Virginia Iglehart (Mrs Isaac H.) 1210 G. st., Lincoln 

5656 Parmer, Charlotte Faulk (Mrs Mary M.) 4109 Lafayette ave., Omaha 

17654c Patrick, Eliza Burdett (Mrs Mathewson T.) 2602 N. 24th st., Omaha 

14199a Philbrick, Malah Brackett (Mrs Shiletus H.) 1003 J st., Lincoln 

12341c Pickens, Margaret Emma (Mrs Charles H.) 2306 Capital ave., Omaha 

12838a Pond, Laura Biddlecome (Mrs Stephen B.) 1632 L st., Lincoln 

24077c Pratt, Mary E. (Mrs Orlo H.) 212 S. 25th st., Omaha 

13526a Eankins, Harriet M. (Mrs Willis A.) 1741 N St., Lincoln 

19326a Eehlaender, Jeanette Davis (Mrs E. H.) 1539 D st., Lincoln 

23459a Eeynolds, Belle Winifred (Miss) York 

21639a Eice, Stella (Miss) 1414 L st., Lincoln 

15780a Eodgers, Julia Selden (Mrs Oliver) 1212 K st., Lincoln 

23458a Eogers, Leafie Culbertson (Mrs George) Lincoln 

24761a Sawyer, Winona S. Branch (Mrs Andrew J.) Lincoln 

19908c Schenck, Cordie (Mrs N. Lloyd) 1044 S. 32nd st., Omaha 

24072a Seacrest, Jessie Snively (Mrs Joseph C.) 1951 Euclid ave., Lincoln 

12345c Skinner, Anna Fitch (Mrs Lemuel S.) 548 S. 26th ave., Omaha 

13517a Smith, Cora Frances (Miss) 1631 F st., Lincoln 

16979a Smith, Esther Putney Straw (Mrs N. Farnam) 645 S. 14th st., Lincoln 

11119a Stevens, Mary M. A. (Miss) 821 E st., Lincoln 

19910c Towle, Eliza A. (Mrs George C.) 124 S. 24th st., Omaha 

16978a Traver, Addie Louise Knight (Mrs William H.) 435 N. 13th st., Lincoln 

19909c Troup, Elsie De Cou (Mrs A. C.) 2422 St. Mary's ave., Omaha 

15088c Tukey, Elizabeth Isabella Maxwell (Mrs A. P.) 2541 Chicago st., Omaha 

24763c Tukey, Lydia Sargent (Miss) 2541 Chicago st., Omaha 

13527a Upton, Fern Leisure Hardin (Mrs Samuel E.) 1133 L st., Lincoln 

15781a Van Brunt, Charlotte Howell (Mrs Eutgen T.) 1025 H st., Lincoln 

* Dorothy Ripley Chapter, Conn. J Mary Clapp Wooster Chapter, Conn. 

t St. IvOuis Chapter, Mo. 




Vinsonhaler, Isabel Ellison (Mrs D. M.) 420 S. 26tli st., Omaha 

Walker, Juliet U. (Mrs W.) Lincoln 

Walker, Kate Snow (Miss) 1830 L st., Lincoln 

Ward, Harriet C. Blair (Mrs Henry B.) University of Nebraska, Lincoln 

Ware, Harriet Dexter, (Mrs Lyman E.) Omaha 

Waug-h, Sarah Katherine (Mrs M. J.) 639 S. 11th st., Lincoln 

Webster, Joy Louise (Miss) 1345 N st., Lincoln 

Welch, Elizabeth C. (Mrs M. D.) 1436 S. 20th st., Lincoln 

Welshans, Carrie E. (Mrs William J.) 2412 Cass st., Omaha 

Wilderman, Emma Elizabeth (Mrs Robert B.) Omaha 

Wilson, Emma Parks (Mrs Henry H.) 1544 Q st., Lincoln 

Winchester, Annable (Mrs Michael S.) 1331 F st., Lincoln 

Wood, Euphemia Righter (Mrs) 128 S. 25th st., Omaha 

Woolworth, Melina Clarkson (Miss) Omaha 


Members Residing in the State 

20769 Foster, Augusta Plummer (Mrs) Elko 


State Regent 1897, Mrs. Josiah Carpenter, Manchester 


(12 oganized; 4 unorganized.) 

a. Anna Stickney Chapter — North Conway 

Organized June 10, 1896; Memhers, 30 

Regent, Mrs Anna E. Ricker 
Vice-Regent, Mrs Ella Dow 
Secretary, Mrs Elizabeth A. Hilton 

Treasurer, Mrs Mary E. Eastman 
Registrar, Miss Julia Barnes 
Historian, Mrs Lillian Walcott 

b. Ashuelot Chapter — Keene 
Organized April 19, 1896; Memhers 42 (Massachusetts, 3; Connecticut, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Margaret Griffin 

1st Vice-Regt., Mrs Emeline J. Colony 

2d Vice-Regt., Mrs Susan K. Perkins 

Secretary, Mrs Cora P. Bullard 
Treasurer, Miss Mary A. Foster 
Registrar,Miss Gertrude H. Bridgemarb 

* Chicago Chapter, 111. 

304 DIEECTOET, D. A. E. 

c. Buntin Chapter — Suncook 

Organised Decemher 5, 1896; Members, 26 (Iowa, 1) 

Kegent, Mrs Sarah. F. Dearborn Treasurer, Miss Sarah E. W. Cochran 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Mary J. Munsey Registrar, Miss Fronie G. Euss 

Secretary, Miss Sallie Head Historian, Mrs Alice M. Peabody 

d. Rumford Chapter — Concord 

Members, 12 

Organised June, 1898; Members. 

Eegent, Mrs Helen E. White Treasurer, Miss Harriet T. Huntress 

Secretary, Mrs Eva T. Staniels Eegistrar, Miss Gertrude Downing 

e. Eunice Baldwin Chapter — Hillsboro Bridge 

Organized January 22, 1898; Members, 18 

Eegent, Miss Mary C. Grimes Secretary, Miss Flora B. Eastman 

Vice-Eegent, Miss Mary Haslett Treasurer, Miss Cora I. McKellips 

Historian, Mrs Charles Brown 

f. Exeter Chapter — Exeter 

Organised May 6, J 897; Members, 23 (District of Columbia, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Evelyn M. Mack Treasurer, Mis Lizzie G. Eollins 

Vice-Eegent, Miss Sarah C. Clark Eegistrar, Mrs Emma Mitchell Knight 

Secretary, Miss Katharine L. Morrill Historian, Mrs Emily J. Hooper 

g, Earmington 

Eegent, Mrs Adelaide C. Waddron. Appointed 

h. Lancaster 

Eegent, Mrs Persia F. Chase. Appointed April 26, 1898 

i. Margery Sullivan Chapter — Dover 

Organised February 3, 1896; Members, 21 (Massachusetts, 3; Kansas, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs William D. Sawyer Treasurer, Mrs George S. Frost 

Vice-Eegent, Miss Margaret B. Ffrost Eegistrar, Mrs Charles H. Fish 

Secretary, Miss Lydia A. Webster Historian, Miss Margaret P. Vamey 


j. Matthew Thornton Chapter — Nashua 

• Organised January 21, 1897; Members, 58 

Eeg-ent., Mrs George W. Perham Secertary, Miss Kate M. Thayer 

1st Vice-Kegt., Mrs John A. Spalding Treasurer, Mrs Elbridge P. Heath 

2d Vice-Regt,, Mrs Francis Ayer Eegistrar, Mrs Hiram M. Goodrich 

Historian, Mrs Wiliam W. Bailey 

k. Milford Chapter— Milford 

Organized October 19, 1895; Members, 21 

Regent, Mrs Susan A. Bartlett Treasurer, Mrs Maria Hamblett 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs H. Lizzie Foster Eegistrar, Mrs Anabiah Worcester 

Secretary, Mrs Harriet E. Kaley Historian, Mrs Evangeline Hanison 

1. Molly Beid Chapter — Derry 

Organized October 27, 1894; Memhers, 42 (Massachusetts, 2; District of Columbia, 1; 

New Torh. 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Mary U. Bingham Treasurer, Miss Maria M. Parsons 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Sarah D. Parsons Eegistrar, Mrs Alice M. Melvin 

Secretary, Miss Semanthe C. Merrill Historian, Mrs Mary L. Clark 

Chaplain, Mrs Harriette B. Noyes 

m. Molly Stark Chapter — Manchester 

Organized October 20, 1892; Members, 101 (New York, 1; California, 1; Kansas, 1; Massa- 
chusetts, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs I. W. Smith Secretary, Mrs J. L. Hosmer 

1st Vice- Eegt., Mrs Freemah Wodbury Treasurer, Mrs Henry B. Fairbanks 

2d Vice-Eegt., Mrs L. M. French Eegistrar, Mrs F. A. Palmer 

3d Vice-Eegt., Mrs C. H. Manning Historian, Mrs N. P. Hunt 

n. Pittsfield 


Eegent, Miss Clara H. M. Goss. Appointed March 6, 1896 

o. Reprisal Chapter — Newport 

Organized November 7, 1896; Members, 29 f California, 2; New York, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs A. C. Bradley Secretary, Mrs S. D. Lewis 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Dexter Eiehards Treasurer, Miss Ella M. Wilmarth 

Eegistrar, Mrs F. E. Lovell 


p. Samuel Ashley Chapter — Claremont 

Organized Febmiary 15, 1897; Memhers, 33 

llegent, Mrs Ana M. Riley 
Vice-Reg-ent, Mrs Marcia N. Spofford 
Secretary, Miss Bessie E. Balcom 
Treasurer, Mrs Hattie R. Weed 

Reg-istrar, Miss Esther A. Hubbard 
Historian, Mrs Mary A. A. Smith 
Chaplain, Mrs Abhie C. Nott 
Ast. Chap., Mrs Lucinda Johnson 

Membebs Residing in the State 


121276 Abbott, Clara Burnham (Mrs Chas. C.) Washington st., Keene 

10602m Abbott, Ella N. (Mrs Jacob J.) 256 Manchester st., Manchester 

15091a Abbott, Selma Beatrice (Miss) North Conway 

5254m Abbott, Susan Gamble (Mrs Josiah W.) . . .^ 11 Harrison st., Manchester 

18677B Adams, Eliza (Miss) 339 Main st., Keene 

21013* Alexander, Bethiah Ames (Mrs Lucian) Peterboro 

216417 Allen, Emily (Mrs Lyman) Nottingham 

128466 Allen, Sarah F. Whiting (Mrs Henry C.) . » 41 Dunbar st., Keene 

2407 Andrews, Florence L. (Miss) Manchester 

13529; Arnold, Mary F. Taylor (Mrs Ralph A.) Nashua 

31091; Ayer, Ellen Frances Batchelder (Mrs Frank H.) 40 Concord st., Nashua 

18685/ Ayr, Anne M. (Mrs Frennis B.) Nashua 

15120/ Bailey, Helen Greeley (Miss) Abbott st., Nashua 

15110; Bailey, Mary Greeley (Mrs William W.) 9 Abbott st., Nashua 

180592) Balcom, Bessie R. (Miss) Claremont 

16317m Baldwin, Eliza W. (Mrs James) Hanover st., Manchester 

119536 Barker, Candace Adaline Mack (Mrs Fred. A.) 87 Main st., Keene 

13534a Barnes, Julia E. (Miss) North Conway 

14216a Barnes, Martha F. (Miss) North Conway 

•247666 Barrett, Fanny Blake Colony (Mrs Fred. E.) 70 Court st., Keene 

:22817Z Bartlett, Blanche S. (Miss) Derry 

7853? Bartlett, Jennie Susan, (Miss) Derry 

9197fc Bartlett, Susan A. (Mrs) Milford- 

7854? Bartlett, Victoria E. W. Cilley (Mrs Thos. B.) Nottingham 

15105O Barton, Ella W. (Mrs Hubbard A.) Newport 

9706fc Batchelder, Ahby Kitridge (Mrs E. C.) Milford 

128456 Batchelder, Alice Hayward (Mrs Alfred T.) 91 Court st., Keene 

10024t Bell, Eliza Upham (Miss) Exeter 

16322Z Bell, Etta Nise (Mrs S. Howard) Derry Depot 

7855Z Bingham, Mary Upham (Mrs George W.) Derry 

5264m Bodwell, Leslie Bradley (Mrs Loring B.) Manchester 

14214a Boody, Lura Ellen Bobbs (Mrs B. F.) Redstone 

15128; Bowers, Maria E. Brackett (Mrs George) Nashau 

22208; Bowman, Sarah E. Parker (Mrs Eugene M.) Nashua 

123490 Bradley, Lucy Netton (Mrs Arthur C.) Newport 

17660i Bradley, Martha Frances Sawyer (Mrs Winfield S.) Dover 

204646 Bridgman, Carile Clark (Mrs Chas. H.) 118 Washington st., Keene 

193316 Bridgman, Gertrude Hartwell (Miss) 74 Washington st., Keene 

14215a Brock, Emma Walker (Mrs Henry E.) . .North Conway 

■ Old South Chapter, Mass. 

t Hannah Winthrop Chapter, Mass. 


14218ft Brock, Henrietta Wolcott (Mrs Leonard W.) North Conway 

231816 Brooks, Louise Morrison (Mrs Lyman J.) 105 West st., Keene 

216496 Brown, Josephine Morrill (Mrs Charles) Hillsboro Brfdge 

240S«i Buck, Mary W. (Mrs) Manchester 

19330& Bullard, Hattie Cora Phillips (Mrs Edwin M.) 272 Main st., Keene 

19912P Burdick, Mary Brown Wells (Mrs Job G.) Claremont 

24091; Burg-e, Clarissa Abbie (Miss) 3 Courtland st., Nashua 

2409m Burnham, Elizabeth P. (Mrs Henry E.) Manchester 

24085m Burnham, Gertrude Elizabeth (Miss) 1911 Elm st., Manchester 

199136 Burnham, Susan Augusta Beliveau (Mrs Frank K.) . .Washington st Keene 

11120fc Burns, Sarah N. Mills (Mrs Chas. H.) '.' Wilton 

21095; Butler, Abbie L. (Mrs W. W.) , Pelham 

21094; Campbell, Mary Gault (Miss) 3 Kinsley st., Nashua 

2410m Campbell, Nancy French (Mrs Z. Foster) 474 Pine st., Manchester 

2405m Carpenter, Georgianna Butters Drake (Mrs J.) 1667 Elm st., Manchester 

1251 Carpenter, Lucy J. W. (Mrs George) Swanzey 

240796 Caswell, Lizzie S. (Mrs Clark K.) Main st., Keene 

18060P Chandler, Etta Esther (Miss) P. 0. Box 545, Claremont 

2707m Chandler, Fanny Martin (Mrs George B.) Myrtle st., Manchester 

4132i Chase, Abbie McDuffee (Mrs Chas. K.) Rochester 

20466O Chase, Ann Eichards (Mrs Arthur B.) Newport 

15097O Chase, Georgia Barnard (Mrs Alvah) Newport 

8510? Chase, Harriet D. F. (Mrs Benjamin) .Derry 

199150. Chase, Irene Eastman (Mrs Jonathan) North Conway 

23469? Chase, Mary L. (Mrs John C.) Berry 

24097 Chase, Persis F. (Mrs Dexter) iLancaster 

216450 Chellis, Emma Wilmarth (Mrs Frank O.) Newport 

22202m Cheney, Harriet Bobinson (Mrs Frank P.) Manchester 

5259m Cheney, Mabel Moore (Mrs Frank E.) 715 Union st., Manchester 

1007m .Cheney, Sarah White (Mrs Person C.) Manchester 

24087? Choate, Abbie M. (Miss) East Derry 

24088? Cilley, Elizabeth Williams (Miss) Nottingham 

3966 Clark, Eliza M. (Mrs U. S.) V.Manchester 

5269m Clark, Ellen C. Bean (Mrs James 0.) Manchester 

7856? Clark, Mary Latham (Mrs David S.) Derry 

16985f Clark, Sarah C. (Miss) [[[ '.Exeter 

9196? Clark, Sylvia (Miss) Derry 

124m Clarke, Martha Cilley Bouton (Mrs A. E.) 99 Lowell st., Manchester 

2411m Clarke, Mary Olivia Tewksbury (Mrs Wm. C.) Manchester 

2663m Clarke, Olive Eand (Mrs John B.) Manchester 

5261m Cleworth, Cleora B. (Mrs John) 143 Myrtle st., Manchester 

5'262m Clough, Nora Babb (Miss) Manchester 

18062P Coburn, Agnes Graves (Mrs P. P.) Lock Box 295, Claremont 

22816? Cochran, Ellen (Miss) ._ _ Derry 

22816? Cochran, Elen (Miss) Derry 

10125c Cochran, Sarah Elizabeth Whitehouse (Miss) Suncook 

22818? Cochrane, Helen A. French (Mrs Gerry W.) Chester 

21092; Cochrane, Irene Abigail Stokes (Mrs Wm. H. D.) Nashua 

20467O CojBEin, Emily Eichards (Miss) Newport 

21100? Cogswell, Sophia Ann (Mrs Elliott C.) Derry 

21642? Colby, Abbie M. (Mrs Caleb A.) West Derry 

11681m Colgate, Fanny Eastman (Mrs Clinton G.) Eiverside, Manchester 

116256 Colony, Emeline Joslin (Mrs Horatio) 104 West st., Keene 

308 DIRECTOEY, D. A. E. 

15786m Cox, Eveline Kandall (Mrs Chas. E.) 475 Hanover st., Manchester 

22203m Cox, Kate Prescott (Mrs Isaac N.) 501 Manchester st., Manchester 

19332m Crane, Eebecca Godding Russell (Mrs Ebenezer) Dalton 

16981/ Crombie, Mary E. (Miss) 15 Temple st., Nashua 

9701fc Crosby, Caroline R. (Miss) Milford 

5258m Cross, Anna Quackenbush Eastman (Mrs David). .1552 Elm st„ Manchester 

2416m Currier, Annie Mary Wilson (Mrs Orin P.) 63 Harrison st., Manchester 

15112/ Cutter, Katharine Morrison (Mrs Henry A.) 41 Orang-e st., Nashua 

157930 Dana, Frances Matson Burke (Mrs Geo. H.) "Burkehaven," Sunapee 

5263m Darrah, Carrie Augusta (Mrs Chas. J.) 288 Pearl st., Manchester 

247696 Dascomb, Celia N. (Mrs Alfred B.) Hillsboro Bridge 

21089a Davis, Abfcie S. (Mrs Moses) North Convpay 

21659 Davis, Dora D. (Mrs Silas W.) Tilton 

15094a Davis, Lucy Shackf ord (Mrs Frank W.) Conway 

15093a Davis, Euth Burnham (Miss) Conway 

6849c Dearborn, Sarah F. S. (Mrs Jos. H.) Pembroke 

21643Z Dickey, Etta G. (Miss) Derry 

19328a Dinsmore, Gertrude May (Miss) North Conway 

11629m Dodge, Ida Mary Bray (Mrs Chas. E.) 67 Prospect st., Manchester 

247676 Dole, Gertrude E. Davenport (Mrs) 117 Court st., Keene 

14211a Dow, Ella Barnes (Mrs Hiram H.) North Conway 

2417m Dow, Susan Chadwick (Mrs Perry H.) Manchester 

7857? DoAvnes, Martha Ann Cilley (Mrs C. S.) Nottingham 

24773d Downing, Gertrude (Miss) 33 Pleasant st.. Concord 

24774(i Downing, Lucy G. (Miss) 12 South st., Concord 

22813c Dowst, Annette L. (Miss) Allentown 

22210/ Drake, Louise J. (Miss) 1 Spring st., Nashua 

15122/ Dunlap, Abby Jane (Miss) 20 Abbott st., Nashua 

15121/ Dunlap, Isabella S. (Mrs Chas. H.) 31 Berkeley st., Nashua 

18061p Button, Carrie Isabel (Miss) Claremont 

7858Z Eastman, Ella Augusta (Miss) Derry 

216506 Eastman, Flora (Miss) Hillsboro Bridge 

5257m Eastman, Jane Quackenbush (Mrs Ira A.) 1552 Elm st., Manchester 

2749m Eastman, Jennie Eiddle GofPe (Mrs George S.) West Manchester 

14208a Eastman, Mary Elizabeth (IMrs Thos. C.) North Conway 

15131& Eastman, Mary Emma (Mrs Chas.) 246 Main st., Keene 

21651e Eastman, Minnie Eliza (Miss) Hillsboro Bridge 

151090 Edes, Marcia Josephine (Miss) Newport 

15221* Edgerly, Grace Blume (Mrs Winfield S.) Concord 

18674m Fairbanks, Frances Daniels (Mrs Henry B.) 527 Hanover st., Manchester 

5267m Ferren, Kittie J. (Miss) Bridge and Ash sts., Manchester 

12847i Ff rost, Anna Pepperell (Miss) DurEam 

12848* Ff rost, Margaret B. (Miss) Durham 

21640a Fifield, Alice W. Burnham (Mrs Horace P.) Conway 

15092a Fifield, Helen M. (Mrs H. Boardman) Conway 

2418i Fish, Agnes Annie Cheney (Mrs Chas. H.) 113 Locust st., Dover 

15136c Fisher, Almeda H. (Mrs Chas. V.) East Pembroke 

142046 Fisher, Frances Whitney (Mrs Geo. W.) Keene 

12842m Flanders, Bertha Bachelder (Mrs Chas. F.) 307 Hanover st., Manchester 

15129/ Flather, Elizabeth Arvene (Miss) 20 Arlington st., Nashua 

10144f Forney, Jane Eichardson (Mrs James) Navy Yard, Portsmouth 

* Otsego Chapter, N. Y. f New York City Chapter, N. Y. 


11633TO Forsaitli, Clara Smith (Mrs Saml. C.) Hanover st., Manchester 

211052) Foster, Carrie Imogene (Miss) P. O. Box 236, Claremont 

216536 Foster, Ella Gould (Mrs) Hillsboro 

24086A; Foster, Francelia Upham (Mrs Eugene E.) Milford 

970Sfc Foster, Hannah Elizabeth (Mrs O. W.) Milford 

116286 Foster, Mary A,. (Miss) . , 258 Court st., Keerie 

3652WI. French, Emma Blood (Mrs L. Melville) 692 Beech st., Manchester 

2431W French, Fannie H. Sawyer (Mrs) Manchester 

9707fc French, Josephine Maria Stevens (Mrs) Milford 

l'j797i Frost, Martha Low (Mrs Geo. S.) Dover 

5255m Gamble, Eleanor (Miss) 11 Harrison st., Manchester 

2433m Gannon, Sarah Helen (Mrs John, Jr.) Concord st., Manchester 

8239i Garland, Caroline Harwood (Miss) 25 2nd st., Dover 

240836 Gates, Gertrude Evelina Robertson (Mrs Samuel O.) 338 Main st., Keene 

240806 Gee, Ella Fannie (Miss) High st., Keene 

14213a George, Alice Head (Mrs Clarence H.) Bartlett 

13536a George, Flora Dell (Miss) Bartlett 

8472* George, Isabella Frances (Mrs James) .Palistow 

22204 Gile, Hattie Titus (Mrs Eay T.) Littleton 

1869Sp Glidden, Minnie A. (Mrs Harvey B.) Claremont 

21G44m Glines, Eliza Cooley (Mrs Dearborn) 222 Manchester st., Manchester 

21097/ Goddard, Emma Elizabeth Andrews (Mrs Nathan W.) .228 Main st., Nashua 

15114; Goodrich, Sarah Elizabeth Morgan (Mrs H. M.)..6 Manchester st., Nashua 

2419OT Gould, Elizabeth Adams (Mrs Daniel C.) Manchester 

216526 Gould, Lenora Bradford (Miss) Hillsboro 

211062) Gould, Melissa S. (Mrs Luther) P. O. Box 650, Claremont 

12350 Goss, Clara Helen Maryett (Miss) Pittsfield 

24755d Gove, Maria Louise Sherburne (Mrs Jesse A.) 4 Court st.. Concord 

21098; Greene, Abby Diantha Stevens (Mrs Geo. W.) 7 Courtland st., Nashua 

111216 Griffin, Margaret Lamson (Mrs S. G.) 34 West st., Keene 

222052) Griffith, Sylvia Maria Leonard (Mrs Daniel D.) Claremont 

216486 Grimes, Clara Forsyth (Miss) Hillsboro Bridge 

216476 Grimes, Mary Carr (Miss) Hillsboro Bridge 

151346 Grimes, Sarah A,. (Mrs Jas. F.) Hillsboro Bridge 

14207a Grover, Carrie Champney (Mrs Franklin W.) North Conway 

21099m Haley, Sarah M. (Mrs Frank) South Lee 

9731m Hall, Betsy Merrill (Mrs Luther W.) Chester 

22820; Hall, Emma F. (Mrs Charles T.) 11 Tyler st., Nashua 

22206fc Hall, Grace H. (Mrs Louis H.) Summer st., Milford 

5914m Hall, Harriet J. (Miss) 289 Meyrimack st., Manchester 

151030 Hall, Laura E. (Mrs Albert L.) Newport 

180632) Hall, Mary Isabelle Redfield (Mrs L D.) P. O. Box 113, Claremont 

5913m Hall, Rebecca Clark (Miss) 289 Merrimack st., Manchester 

9715i Hall, Sophia Dodge (Mrs Daniel) 55 Summer st., Dover 

9702A; Hamblett, Maria A. (Mrs Hezekiah P.) Milford 

22209; Hamraond, Lillian Bowman (Mrs Phineas A.) Nashua 

9195Z Hardy, Fanny Pike (Mrs Frank A.) Londonderry 

10604m Harmon, Alice E. V. (Mrs Chas. L.) . . ., 312 Pearl st., Manchester 

21660 Harrington, Mary Annah Stearns (Mrs Danl. W.) Littleton 

15791; Harris, Mary Proctor (Mrs Ira F.) 36 Orange st., Nashua 

18676m Hartshorn, Minnie L. (Mrs Fred. G.) 73 Liberty st., Manchester 

* General Israel Putnam Chapter, Mass. 

310 DIKECTOET, D. A. E. 

13530c Haselton, Hannah P. Gag-e (Mrs John B.) Allenstown 

221986 Haslet, Eliza Hamilton (Mrs Geo.) Hillsboro Bridge 

221996 Haslet, Mary J. (Miss) Hillsboro Bridge 

15794a Hatch, Etta W. (Miss) North Conway 

186786 Hayward, Martha M. Adams (Mrs Lemuel) 298 Main st., Keene 

20469W Hazlett, Josephine K. (Mrs Chas. A.) Portsmouth 

6848m Head, Caroline Stark (Mrs John C.) 283 Mast st., Manchester 

6847m Head, Carrie E. (Miss) 283 Mast st., Manchester 

10129c Head, Mary Sargent (Mrs Wm. F.) Hookset 

10130c Head, Sallie (Miss) Hookset 

20470m Heard, Ora Earrar (Mrs Arthur M.) Manchester 

15119/ Heath, Bertha K. (Mrs Elbridge P.) 13 Garden st., Nashua 

11632m Higgins, Martha SafEord (Mrs Edmund F.) Manchester 

12348m Hill, E. Jennie (Mrs John M.) 268 Merrimack st., Manchester 

24778(Z Hill, Grace Watson (Miss) 60 S. Main st.. Concord 

24776(Z Hill, Laura Sophia (Mrs Howard P.) 69 S. Main st.. Concord 

24090Z Hill, Lizzie E. (Mrs Horace A.) Derry 

24777(i Hill, Maria Dix (Miss) 69 S. Main st.. Concord 

22819Z Hill, Mary Bartlett (Mrs Lavoisier) Derry 

19333f Hilliard, Grace D. (Mrs Geo. D.) Exeter 

21090a Hilton, Elizabeth Abbott (Mrs Chas. E.) North Conway 

216546 Holman, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Samuel) Hillsboro 

18687; Holman, Mary S. (Mrs Charles) Nashua 

240816 Holmes, Helen Barlow (Mrs Lewis W.) 216 Main st., Keene 

121257i; Holt, Eliza Ann (Miss) , Milford 

9711? Hood, Caroline L. (Mrs Harvey P.) Derry 

18056Z Hood, Helen Davis (Mrs Gilbert H.) Derry 

16986/= Hooper, Emily J. (Mrs) Exeter 

15783m Hosmer, Alice Potter (Mrs Jos. L.) 310 Myrtle st., Manchester 

21661 Howard, Mabel Bickford (Mrs Chas. M.) Littleton 

240826 Howard, Mary Starkey (Mrs Oscar J.) 232 Main st., Keene 

24779d Howe, Ida M. (Mrs Will B.) 35 South st., Concord 

14632fc Howison, Evangeline L. (Mrs Arthur W.) Milford 

186796 Hubbard, Annie M. (Miss) 39 Water st., Keene 

18693P Hubbard, Esther A. (Miss) Claremont 

11630m Hunt, Betsey Bisbee (Mrs Nathan P.) Manchester 

24780(i Huntress, Harriet Lane (Miss) 84 Pleasant st.. Concord 

17657i Hurd,Eva Gordon (Mrs Clarence I.) 640 Central ave., Dover 

18686; Hussey, Ellen M. (Mrs Webster P.) ; Nashua 

169846 Hutchins, Mary»Deane Bassett (Mrs Wm. O.) 156 Main st., Keene 

23466; Jackman, Clara F, (Miss) 24 Cross st., Nashua 

18055m James, Cornelia A. (Miss) 25 Monroe st., Manchester 

2420 Jenness, Fannie Millikin (Mrs Barrett L.) South Deerfleld 

18694^ Johnson, Lucinda S. (Mrs Levi) Claremont 

10603m Johnston, Laura Hood (Mrs John W.) 23 Blodgett st., Manchester 

12844p Judkins, Mary E. Alden (Mrs George) Claremont 

12126fc Kaley, Harriet Ellen Wallace (Mrs Frank E.) Millord 

2403m Kellogg, Ethel L. (Mrs Nate.M.) N. Elm st., Manchester 

18065p Kempton, Fidelia Straw (Mrs Jerry) P. O. Box 416, Claremont 

222006 Kendall, Emily Z. (Miss) Hillsboro 

15115; Kendall, Sarah W. (Miss) 168 Main st., Nashua 

9709fc Kendall, Susan H. Kimball (Mrs) Milford 

5260m Kennard, Hannah B. (Mrs John) 200 Myrtle st., Manchester 



216566 Kimball, Eliza Jane Colby (Mrs Obed) Hillsboro Bridge 

150950 Kimball, Ellen Elizabeth (Mrs Henry M.) Newport 

22821* Kimball, Ellen Louise (Miss) Haverliill 

15096O Kimball, Marian (Miss) Newport 

216556 Kimball, Mary Andrews (Mrs Cummings) Hillsboro Bridge 

9710/b Kimball, Sarah M. (Mrs John) Milford 

18064p King, Julia Maria Ingalls (Mrs Aaaron) Claremont 

234646 Kingsbury, Ellen Elizabeth (Mrs Frederick H.) 110 Court st., Keene 

121286 Kingsbury, Sarah Elizabeth Joslin (Mrs Chester L.) 63 West st., Keene 

1765Si Kirkbride, May Severance (Mrs George B.) 46 Central ave., Dover 

19334/= Knight, Emma Mitchell (Mrs Joseph E.) Exeter 

22814c Lane, Metta Gault (Mrs Eugene) Pembroke 

2421OT Laselle, Agnes Eobinson White (Mrs Josiah) P. O. Box 54, Manchester 

15117; Law, Mary Ellen (Miss) Nashua 

19081t Lee, Sarah Fiske (]\Iiss) New Ipswick 

18066p Lette, Minnie Adelphia Ladd (Mrs Clarence M.) Lock Box 17, Claremont 

16820 Lewis, Maude I. (Mrs Samuel De Wolfe) Newport 

18067P Long, Mary Wilson Putnam (Mrs George F.) P. O. Box 315, Claremont 

21662 Lovejoy, Elisabeth ICidder (Mrs Henry H.) Littleton 

15107O Lovell, Grace Lincoln Nourse (Mrs Fred E.) Newport 

18673m Loveren, Grace Crane (Mrs Harry E.) 577 Pine st., Manchester 

15798* Low, Sarah (Miss) Dover 

18688; Luce, Sarah Elizabeth Nichols (Mrs Thomas D.) . . .'.4 Berkeley st., Nashua 

142050 McCann, Maria Metcalf (Mrs Dwight J.) Newport 

151060 McCrillis, Mary E. (Mrs John) Newport 

216586 McKellips, Cora I. (Miss) Hillsboro Bridge 

9700fc McLane, Ellen L. (Mrs John) , Milford 

13533a McMillan, Janette Osgood (Miss) North Conway 

16987f Mack, Evelyn Martha (Mrs W. _B.) Exeter 

15788; Manning, Emma J. Murgatroyd (Mrs George H. E.) Nashua 

2415OT Manning, Fanny Bartlett (Mrs Charles H.) Manchester 

16319m Mansur, Sarah Boyd (Mrs George W.) 335 Hanover st., Manchester 

1933.8P Marcy, Anna A. (Miss) P. 0. Box 641, Claremont 

18681f Marseilles, Annie M. L. (Mrs Charles) P. O. Box 506, Exeter 

142026 Marsh, Annie Whitney (Mrs James E.) Keene 

15787; Marsh, Mary E. (Mrs Ernest M.) Pelham 

19329a Massey, Isabelle Jones (Mrs Horace A.) Portsmouth 

186952) Maynard, Fannie M. (Mrs Frank P.) Claremont 

11122Z Melvin, Alice Maud (Mrs John) Derry 

7859? Merrill, Alice Marion (Miss) East Derry 

7860Z Merrill, Samanthe Canney (Miss) East Derry 

21103i Meserve, Abby Hill (Mrs William N.) 131 Washington st., Dover 

13537a Meserve, Emily Annette (Miss) Bartlett 

18057; Mills, Lilla Crombie (Mrs George H.) , 15 Temple st., Nashua 

216576 Mitchell, Emma Wilder (Miss) Hillsboro Bridge 

2404m Morgan, Celenda A. (Mrs Thomas) Manchester 

15090a Morgan, Nancy Thomson (Mrs Edwin .V.) Bartlett 

16989f Morrill, Katharine L. (Miss) Exeter 

16990f Morrill, Marietta (Miss) Exeter 

1369 Morrison, Elizabeth Whitridg-e (Miss) Portsmouth 

* Oxbow Chapter, Vt. 

t Ruth Hart Chapter, Conn. 

312 DIEECTOEY, D. A. E. 

23158* Morse, Annie Maria Chase (Mrs Julius N.) 147 Washington st., Keene 

2422m Moulton, Fannie Deborah (Miss) 394 Concord st., Manchester 

16988f Moulton, Frances E. (Miss) ." Exeter 

9714c Munsey, Mary Jane Otterson (Mrs (leorg-e F.) Pembroke 

15789/ Murgatroyd, Harriet B. Shattuck (Mrs Edward) Nashua 

21102i Murkland, Helen M. (Mrs Charles S.) Durham 

23182; Murray, Lulu Bemis (Mrs Charles O.) 223 Main st., Nashua 

11624i Nealley, Harriet Euth Colby (Mrs B. Frank) 74 Silver st., Dover 

240786 Nims, Ella L. (Mrs Francis O.) 30 Court st., Keene 

9712? Norris, Bessie Pkimer (Mrs Charles E.) Epping 

18068P Nott, Abbie Caroline Ainsvi^orth (Mrs Melvin) P. O. Box 557, Claremont 

150990 Nourse, Effie Boothe (Mrs George W.) Newport 

13531Z Noyes, Harriette B. (Mrs John W.) Chester 

9191TO Noyes, Harriette Eliza (Miss) Westville 

2423ni. Osborne, Jennie Abbott (Mrs John L.) 11 Harrison st., Manchester 

20471c Osgood, Ellen F. (Mrs James H.) Suncook 

119556 Osgood, Fanny Azubah (Miss) 53 Marlboro st., Keene 

14210a Osgood, Katharine S. (Miss) North Conway 

5911HI Palmer, Sarah Margaret (Mrs Frederick A.) Appleton st., Manchester 

16321 Parker, Ellen Ingeborg Sanger (Mrs) Littleton 

24092/ Parker, Emma Louise (Mrs Joseph B.) 12 Webster st., Nashua 

2425m Parker, Jennie Smith (Mrs Harry E.) Franklin st., Manchester 

11945; Parker, Laura E. (Miss) 14 E. Pearl st., Nashua. 

7861Z . Parsons, Maria McKown (Miss) Derry 

7862i Parsons, Mary Nesmith (Miss) Derry 

9193i Parsons, Sarah Dana (Mrs Eben G.) Derry 

142060 Partridge, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) Claremont 

12843771 Patten, Etta S. (Mrs Willis C.) 75 Prospect st., Manchester 

136f Patterson, Sarah Bouton (Mrs J. N.) Concord 

10126c Payson, Mary A. (Miss) Pembroke 

20471c. Osgood, Ellen F. (Mrs James H.) Suncook 

15118; Perham, Sarah Waterman (Mrs Geo. W.) Nashua 

186806 Perkins, Susan King (Mrs Kichard S.) 339 Main st., Keene 

19337p Perry, Harriet M. (Miss) Claremont 

17656f Pierson, Cora Blanche (Miss) Exeter 

2424771 Pillsbury, Anna W. (Mrs Kosecrans W.) Londonderry 

7867m Plumer, Lucy A. (Mrs John) 156 Hanover st., Manchester 

9194Z Plummer, Kate Hughes (Mrs Granville F.) Londonderry 

7865Z Pollard, Emma Frances (Mrs James A.) Derry 

5912m Poor, Helen Wallace (Miss) Concord 

7863? Poor, Lillian Brickett (Miss) Derry 

21093; Porter, Clara A. (Mrs Eoger W.) Nashua 

7864? Prescott, Elizabeth Greenleaf (Mrs) Derry 

18689; Prescott, Harriet Anderson Nichols (Mrs Koyal B.) . .8 Berkeley st., Nashua 

18054777. Prescott, Judith Calvina (Mrs Stephen, Jr.) 25 Monroe st., Manchester 

2426m Preston, Isabel L. H. (Mrs Frank) N. Elm st. ,Manchester 

240960 Quimby, Sara Louise (Miss) Newport 

9192m Quinby, Octavia Cole (Mrs Henry B.) Lakeport P. O. 

18690; Eamsdell, Eliza Dinsmore (Mrs George A.) .Nashua 

24768c Eand, Mary Augusta (Miss) Pembroke 

16905t Eandall, Arabelle (Mrs) Somersworth 

* Gen'l Joseph Badger Chapter, Mass. J Old South Chapter, Mass. 

t Martha Washington Chapter, D. C. 



15101O Eicliards, Lizzie Maria (Mrs Seth N.) Newport 

10600O Richards, Louisa Frances (Mrs Dexter) Newport 

16991f Eicliards, Mira W. (Mrs George F.) Exeter 

15796fc Eichardson, Julia Isadore (Miss) Milford 

2430OT Eichardson, Mary Caroline (Mrs F. T. E.) 481 Lincoln st., Manchester 

5268m Eichardson, Theodora (Miss) 481 Lincoln st., Manchester 

13535a Eicker, Annie E. (Mrs L. J.) North Conway 

16980p Eiley, Anna Margaret Chandler (Mrs James E.) . .P. O. Box 496, Claremont 

15130; Eipley, Stella Frances (Aliss) 38 Basin st., Nashua 

11626& Eobertson, Emoretta Talit (Mrs Camdon) 18 Summer st., Keene 

5253m Eobie, Louise Stark (Mrs Albert G.) 11 Harrsion st., Manchester 

;5100o Eobinson, Ella G. (Miss) Newport 

131080 Eogers, Ellen Hannah (Miss) Newport 

1309 Eollins, Katharine Wallace Pecker (Mrs Frank W.) Concord 

19335f Eollins, Lizzie Gilman (Miss) Exeter 

10857 Eounsevel, Emile Gibson (Mrs) Littleton 

5.^16460 Eowell, Eliza Young (Mrs Franklin P.) Newport 

5256m Eowell, Mary E. (Mrs C. W., Jr.) North Eiver Eoad, Manchester 

15113; Eunnells, Sarah E. Farley (Mrs Daniel F.) 210 Main st., Nashua 

10127c Euss, Fronie Gage (ISCiss) East Pembroke 

5819m Eussell, Louisa Webster H. (Mrs Frank W.) Plymouth 

16318m Sanborn, Helen E. (Mrs Edward B. S.) Franklin 

228220 Sanborn, Kathreen A. (Miss) Newport 

15799i Sawyer, Gertrude Child Severance (Mrs C. Francis). .46 Central ave., Dover 

17659* Sawyer, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) .Dover 

1200i Sawyer, Susan E. Cowan (Mrs Charles H.) 2 Central ave., Dover 

8512i Sawyer, Susan Gertrude Hall (Mrs William D.) 61 Belknap st., Dover 

2-ilOii Scales, Ellen Tasker (Mrs John) Dover 

180692) Scott, Alice Elizabeth Hall (Mrs John L.) P. O. Box 113, Claremont 

14209(1 Seavey, Hannah Willey (Miss) North Conway 

15800i Seavey, Sarah Flagg (Mrs James F.) 519 Central ave., Dover 

23470 Shattuck, Myrtie Lunette (Miss) P. O. Box 9, Brookline 

1059970 Shaw, Eebecca Peabody Hutchinson (Mrs Christopher C.) Milford 

14212ft Shedd, Mary Hall (Mrs George H.) North Conway 

5265Z Shepard, Annie Bartlett (Mrs Frederick J.) East Derry 

2432«t Shepherd, Betsey Butler (Miss) 54 High st., Manchester 

18070y Sisson, Louise S. (Mrs William H.) Cornish 

10699iJ Smith, Adelaide Aurelia (Miss) C. C. Hospital, Claremont 

11125??!, Smith, Amanda W. (Mrs Isaac W.) 1855 Elm st., Manchester 

7866t Smith, Harriet Maria (Miss) Derrv' 

18073P Smith, Mary A. Ashley (Mrs Willard M.) Claremont 

222077c Smith, Mary J. (Mrs Daniel) Mount Vernon 

52667?* Snow, Nellie W. (Miss) Ash and Myrtle sts., Manchester 

15116; Spalding, Anna Martha (Mrs John A.) Nashua 

18058; Spalding, Florence Dexter (Mrs William E.) Nashua 

17314* Spencer, Maria Louise (Miss) Claremont 

15102|) Spofeord, Marcia Baldwin Nourse (Mrs Charles B.) Claremont 

2i7Sld Staniels, Eva Florence Tuttle (Mrs Charles E.) Concord 

24782(Z Staniels, Mabel Euth (Miss) Concord 

2406m Stark, Edith F. (Mrs Augustus H.) North Eiver Road, Manchester 

240846 Steams, Mary Emery (Mrs Frank H.) 232 Main st., Keene 

15790; Steele, Catharine Kendall (Mrs David) Nashua 

* Ascutney Chapter, Vt. 

314 DIEECTOET^ D. A. E. 

15785m Stevens, Olive K. (Mrs E. I.).. Lake ave. and Mammoth Road, Manchester 

607 Stnrtevant, Isabella Leitchfield (Mrs Luther) Court st., Keene 

18675W Sturtevant, Mary De Forest Gove (Mrs Ira F.) Manchester 

16982c Sullivan, Ariannah W. (Mrs John) Allenstown 

17655/= Sullivan, Margaret W. (Miss) Exeter 

15124; Swart, Lizzie Eoby (Mrs William D.) 39 East Pearl st., Nashua 

19336f Swasey, Ellen E. M. (Mrs Benjamin F.) Exeter 

2429m Sweetser, Ada A. Abbott (Mrs William H. F.) 24 Middle st., Manchester 

151326 Taft, Helen Ball (Mrs James Scollay) 178 Main st., Iveene 

11627& Taft, Nancy Marietta (Miss) 18 Summer st., Keene 

11123«t Taggart, Elba S. (Mrs David A.) Manchester 

2435m Tewksbury, Mittie Eoberts (Mrs Elliott Greene) Elm st., Manchester 

15127/ Thayer, Katharine M. (Miss) Nashua 

15126; Thayer, Lucy F. (Miss) Nashua 

2436m Thoits, Hattie Jane Wilson (Mrs Alvin T.) 63 Harrison st., Manchester 

15795a. Thomas, Nancy Eaton (Mrs Jesse) Chatham 

18074p Tolles, Emma Jane Stevens (Mrs Lavv^rence A.).. P. 0. Box 579, Claremont 

10128c Truesdell, Mary W. (Mrs E. E.) Suncook 

15802i Varney, Margaret Pendexter (Miss) Dover 

234656 WadsM^orth, Ella Frances (Mrs Samuel) 29 Beaver st., Keene 

63 Waldron, Adelaide Haines Cilley (Mrs) Farmington 

18683/= Walker, Dora Haines (Miss) Court st., Exeter 

18682f Walker, Eldora Leonora Haines (Mrs Noah S.) Court st., Exeter 

2413m Walker, Ellen P. (Miss) 68 South Main st., Manchester 

9703fc Wallace, Ella M. (Mrs Eobert M.) Milford 

23467; Wallace, Mary F. (Mrs Alonzo S.) 35 Orange st., Nashua 

247706 Warne, Emma J. (Mrs John C.) Hillsboro Bridge 

22815f Warner, Lucy M. (Miss) North Hampton 

10601m Warren, Mary Palmer (Mrs George H.) 461 Hanover st., Manchester 

18696p Washburn, Kate Brooks (Mrs Charles N.) Claremont 

15125; Wason, Clara L. Hills (Mrs George A.) 225 Main st., Nashua 

2437m Watts, Mary Alice (Miss) Beech st., Manchester 

15801i Webster, Lydia Abby (Miss) 519 Central ave., Dover 

18072P Weed, Hattie M. Eedfield (Mrs Charles H.) P. 0. Box 252, Claremont 

15803f Wells, Sarah Jane James (Mrs Daniel F.) Exeter 

16993/ Wentworth, Ellen Lang (Miss) Exeter 

24094; Weston, Clara A. (Miss) 43 Granite st., Nashua 

24093; Weston, Fannie E. (Miss) 43 Granite st., Nashua 

23468; Weston, H. Emma (Miss) 43 Granite st., Nashua 

2427m Weston, Helen Fitts (Mrs Joseph E.) 36 Salmon st., Manchester 

14560; Wheeler, Clara Eoby (Mrs Elbert) 37 East Pearl st., Nashua 

18071/) Whitcomb, Mary Eliza (Miss) P. 0. Box 421, Claremont 

24772d White, Helen Eastman (Mrs Nathaniel, Jr.).. 30 North State st.. Concord 

18691; Whitney, Helen Hoyt (Mrs John S.) 18 Chestnut st., Nashua 

15792; Whittemore, Helen Angeline (Miss) 265 Main st., Nashua 

135326 Wild, Mary Dorr (Mrs Edvs^ard W.) 44 Gates st., Keene 

9704fc Wilkins, Fannie H. (Mrs Charles) Milford 

18697P Wilkinson, Sarah Thomas (Mrs Fred. C.) Claremont 

21096; Williams, Eliza A. Weston (Mrs Charles) 88 Temple st., Nashua 

151040 Wilmarth, Ella Maria (Miss) Nashua 

21107P Winch, Lillian Marie (Mrs Wm. L.) P. O. Box 127, Claremont 

15784m Wingate, Ida M. (Mrs Charles B.) 489 Hanover st., Manchester 

14217a Wolcott, Lilian P. (Mrs George F.) North Conv^^ay 



150980 Woodbury, Alice Boothe (Mrs George H.) Newport 

2402m Woodbury, Harriet McGaw (Mrs Freman P.) Manchester 

9705fc Worcester, Anabiab Eussell (Mrs George A.) Milford 

142036 Wright, Mary Jane Bemis (Mrs Leonard) Keene 

24783d Young, Mary Virgin (Mrs Newell C.) 5 Pine st.. Concord 


State Regent 1897, Mrs. David A. Depue, 21 E Park st, Newark 

(16 organized) 

a. Boudinot Chapter — Elizabeth 

Organized September 21, 1893; Memhers, 38 (Netv York, 10; Virginia, 1; Wisconsin, 2; 

Illinois, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs E. G. Putnam Treasurer, Mrs Otis A. Glazebrook 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs B. H. CampbeU Registrar, Mrs L. M. Bond 

Secretary, Mrs Chas. M. Pyne Historian, Mrs James P. Snow 

b. Broad Seal Chapter — Trenton 

Organized December 15, 1894; Members, 19 (New York, S; Foreign, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Leroy H. Anderson Treasurer, Miss Dora Smith 

Secretary, Miss Mary S. Gummere Eegistrar, Mrs Chas. B. Dahlgren 

Historian, Mrs Dewitt C. Mather 

c. BufE and Blue — Trenton 

Organized January 2, 1898; Members, 46 (New York, 4) 

Eegent, Mrs Coleman Kissam Treasurer, Miss Ellen D. Green 

Vice-Eegent, Miss Mary B. P. Gamett Eegistrar, Miss Bessie Van Syckel 

Secretary, Miss Frances Depue Historian, Mrs George Burleigh 

d. Camp Middlebrook Chapter — Bound Brook 

Organized October 11, 1893; Members, 30 (Pennsylvania, 1; District of Columbia, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs John Olendorf Treasurer, Mrs W. J. Taylor 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs W. B. E. Mason Eegistrar, Mrs E. V. Howard 

Secretary, Mrs George Stryker Historian, Mrs C. W. Thomas 

316 DIRBCTOET, D. A. E, 

e. Captain Jonathan Olipliant Chapter — Trenton 

Organized May 12, 1896; Members, 29 (Pennsylvania, 5; District of ColuniUa, 1; New 
York, 3; Indiana, 1; North Dakota, 1; Michigan, 2; Connecticut, 1; Ohio, 
3; Illinois, 1; Massachusetts, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Beulah A. Oliphant Treasurer, Mrs Sam'l D. Oliphant, Jr. 

1st Vice-Eegii., Mrs Hughes Oliphant Registrar, Mrs Sam'l C. Allison 

2d Vice-Eegt., Mrs John E. Steams Historian, Mrs Thos. J. Falkinburg 

Secretary, Mrs Nelson B. Oliphant Asst. Hist., Mrs Gustavus J. Julien 

f . Continental Chapter — Plainfield 

Organised January 23, 1896; Members, 34 (Neio York, 1; Illinois, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs J. Kirtland Myers Secretary, Mrs John F. Herman 

1st Vice-Eegt., Mrs C. W. McCutchen Treasurer, Mrs J. B. Dumont 

2d Vice-Eegt., Mrs Eowland Cox Eegistrar, Mrs D. H. Eowland 

g. Eagle Rock Chapter — Montclair 

Organized June 14, 1895; Members, 31 (Massachusetts, 1; Neio oYrk, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Israel Crane Treasurer, Mrs Selina H. Nutting 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Franklin Hooper Eegistrar, Mrs Eobert Woodward 

Secretary, Mrs S. A. Swenarton Historian, Mrs Isaac F. Ward 

h. General David Foreman Chapter— Trenton 

Organized January 15, 1896; Members, 23 (New York, 1) 

Eegent, Mrs Olina G. Moses Treasurer, Miss Laura Wilson 

Vice-Eegent, Mrs Anna E. Foster Eegistrar, Miss Julia W. Blackfan 

Secretary, Mrs Mary E. Oliphant Historian, Mrs Mary H. Evans 

1. General Frelinghuysen Chapter — Somerville 

Organized January 11, 1896; Members, 27 (New York, 2) 

Eegent, Miss E. Ellen Batcheller Secretary, Miss Caroline J. Otis 

1st Vice-Eegt., Mrs. Henrjr Hardwicke Treasurer, Miss E. Gertrude Nevins 

2d Vice-Eegent, Mrs Wm. H. Hoppock Eegistrar, Miss Louise Anderson 

Hist., Mrs William L. Van der Veer 

j. General Lafayette Chapter — Atlantic City 

Organized June 6, 1895; Members, 43 (Virginia, 1; Michigan, 1; Pennsylvania, 6; New 

York, 2; Maryland, 1) 

Eegent, Miss Sarah N. Doughty Treasurer, Miss Eliza S. Thompson 

Vice-Eegt., Mrs George Creamer Eegistrar, Mrs J. K. Pitnej^ 

Secretary, Miss Mary E. Bing Historian, Mrs Wm. D. Sherrod 

NEW JEESEY. ' 317 

k. Haddonfield Chapter — Haddonfield 

Organized January 28, 1897; Members, 24 

Eegent, Mrs Henry D. Moore Treasurer, Mrs John C. Hoopes 

Vice-Kegent, Mrs J. P. Tatem Registrar, Mrs Wm. D. Slierrerd 

Secretary, Mrs Wm. J. Hamlin Historian, Mrs John S. Doughty 

1. Jersey Blue Chapter — New Brunswick 

Organized February U, 1894; Members, 35 (Illinois, 1; Ohio, 1; Texas, 1) 

Regent, Miss Kate Deshler Secretary, Miss Eliz. B. Strong 

1st V. R., Mrs T. Robinson Warren Treasurer, Miss Louise W. Swift 

2nd V. R., Mrs T. F. B. Parker Registrar, Miss Julia B. Leupp 

m. Morristown Chapter — Morristown 

Organized 'November 12, 1895; Members, 30 (Missouri, 1; New York, 2) 

Regent, Mrs Catharine L. H. Bumham Treasurer, Miss Annie H. Ford 

Secretary, Mrs Rose S. Ford Registrar, Mrs Julia R. W. Cutler 

n. Nassau Chapter — Camden 

Organized November 19, 1896; Members 18 (Pennsylvania 1) 

Regent, Miss Ellen Mecum Secretary, Mrs Henel P. Graves 

Vice-Regt., Mrs Alice B. Hanford Treasurer, Mrs Margaretta W, Reeve 

Registrar, Miss Laura Reeve 

o. Nova Caesarea Chapter — Newark 

Organized April 15, 1891; Members, 149 (Neio YorTi, 5; Pennsylvania, 2; Colorado, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Charles Borcherling Secretary, Miss Luranah Runyon 

1st V. R., Mrs Joseph D. Bedie Treasurer, Miss Josephine Baldwin 

2nd V. R., Mrs Wm. H. Tracy Registrar, Mrs Henry F. Starr 

Historian, Miss Mary Clark . ' 

p. Princeton Chapter — Princeton 

Organized October, 1892; Members, 36 (Pennsylvania, 1; New YorJc, 2; Illinois, 1) 

Regent, Mrs Josephine W. Swann Treasurer, Miss Helen Slidell 

Vice-Regt., Mrs M. O. H. Chamberlain Registrar, Mrs Annie F. McMillan 

Secretary, Miss Bessie P. Harris Historian, Mrs Mary Espy Sloane 

q. Trent Chapter — Trenton 

Organized January 24, 1895; Members, 26 

Regent, Mrs Alex. F. Jamieson Cor. Sec, Mrs P. F. D. Bodine 

Vice-Regent, Mrs Richard C. Oliphant Treasurer, Miss Kate A. Mott 

Eec. Sec, Mrs Philip F. H. Brakeley Registrar, Mrs Francis C. Lowthrop 

Historian, Mrs Rebecca H. Shreve 



■ 2103p 

















Members Residing in the State 


Adams, Anna M. (Mrs Israel G.) Linwood 

Adams, Laura (Miss) Absecon 

Aikman, Grace Pennington (Mrs James M.) . .30 Delaware ave., Atlantic City 

Albertson, Gertrude (Miss) 19 S. South Carolina ave., Atlantic City 

Allan, Eunice Euth (Mrs Geo. S.) 31 Clinton ave., Montclair 

Allen, Myra Irwin (Mrs Lyman W.) 41 Spruce st., Newark 

Allison, Henrietta W. Oliphant (Mrs Sam'l. C.) 325 York st., Jersey City 

Anable, Anna Maria Stafford (Miss) 66 Bayard st., New Brunswick 

Anable, Harriet Isabella Low (Miss) 66 Bayard st.. New Brunswick 

Anderson, Louise (Miss) Sommerville 

Anderson, Margaret J. VanDyke (Mrs Leroy H.). .3 Stockton st., Princeton 
Andrews, Mary Schoonmaker (Mrs Frederick H.) 818 Central ave., Plainfield 

Applegate, Katharine Trafford (Miss) Red Bank 

Arnold, Minnie Clark (Mrs Rich. J.) Princeton 

Arnold, Susan Clarke (Miss) Princeton 

Ashwell, Emmeline Contant R. (Mrs J. D.) 78 Baynard st., New Brunswick 

Atkinson, Mary Josephine (Miss) 11 Hardenburg st.. New Brunswick 

Atterbury, Justina Livingston (Miss) "The Hermitage," Trenton 

Atterbury, Sarah Hays (Mrs Henry) Summit 

Atwater, Gertrude Oakley (Mrs Edward S.) 464 Morris ave., Elizabeth 

Atwater, Lillie Belle (Mrs Willis B.) 1091 Broad st., Newark 

Avery, Jane Ann (Miss) 209 Washington ave., Newark 

Ayres, Anna D. (Mrs Wm. H.) South Bound Brook 

Ayres, Emma Lilly Coryell (Mrs Sylvanus, Jr.) Bound Brook 

Azoy, Mary Letitia (Mrs Anastasio C- M.) 28 S. Maple ave., East Orange 

Babcock, A. Anna Dotighty (Mrs Lewis H.) 41 Grove st., Haddonfield 

Bailey, Sarah A. (Miss) Springfield 

Baird, Adeline Torrey (Miss) Princeton 

Baker, Mary E. (Miss) 40 Walnut st., Newark 

Baker, Sophie Cornelia (Miss) , Milling-ton 

Baldwin, Isabel (Miss) 28 Centre st., Newark 

Baldvidn, Josephine Louise (Miss) ' 64 Park Place, Newark 

Balliet, Josia D. (Mrs L. D.) 1001 Atlantic ave., Atlantic City 

Bancker, Mary E. C. (Miss) "Maplegate," Grand ave., Englewood 

Bancroft, Margaret (Miss) Haddonfield 

Barbour, Lola Deal (Mrs Edward L.) College ave.. New Brunswick 

Barstow, Nettie Mabel (Miss) 14 N. Pennsylvania ave., Atlantic City 

Bartine, Henrietta Laura (Mrs Edward) Somerville 

Batcheller, E. Ellen (Miss) Somerville 

Bateman, Louise Palmer (Mrs Chas. H.) Somerville 

Battin, Catharine Van Wyck (Miss) 73 Ocean ave., Jersej^ City 

Baxter, Katherine Crissey (Miss) 930 Putnam ave., Plainfield 

Beasley, Jessie F. (Mrs Chauncey H.) 353 Greenwood ave., Trenton 

Beatty, Grace Woodhouse (Mrs George A.) Hackettstown 

Bedle, Althea Randolph (Mrs Joseph) '50 Duncan ave., Jersey City 

Bell, Anna Periine (Miss) 201 East State st., Trenton 

Bell, Mary Agnes Perrine (Mrs Jas. E.) 201 East State st., Trenton 

* Vassar College Chapter, N. Y.i 

X Gaspee Chapter, R. I. 

fMary Washington Colonial Chapter, N. Y. 

II New York City Chapter, N. Y. 
§ Mohegan Chapter, N. Y. 
H Dial Rock Chapter, Pa. 










Belville, Uarj Evans (Mrs Kobert C.) 20 Yard ave., Trenton 

Benedict, Fanny Dater (Mrs Geo. L.) Porter Place, Montclair 

Berry, Katharine Battles (Mrs) Riverton 

Binder, Clara Emilia Shimer (Mrs Clarence Iv.) 503 Linden st., Camden 

Bing, Mary Emma (Miss) 107 Pennsylvania ave., Atlantic City 

Bingham, Florence Wells (Mrs James) 299 Park ave., East Orange 

Bishop, E. W. C. (Mrs A.) cor. Hamilton and Union sts.. New Brunswick 

Bishop, May Finley (Miss) .62 Madison ave., Jersey City 

Blackfan, Julia Watkins (Miss) 207 East State st., Trenton 

Blackwell, Clara May (Miss) Trenton 

Blanchard, Virginia Elmer Ames (Mrs O. E.). .61 Madison ave., Jersey City 

Bodine, Frances J'. D. (Mrs Joseph) 146 West State st., Trenton 

Boice, Elizabeth Clement (Miss) Absecom 

657a Bond, Frances H. W. (Mrs L. Montgomery) 420 S. Broad st., Elizabeth 

14960 Borcherling, Mary Ruxton (Mrs Charles) 36 Park Place, Newark 

128500 Borden-Smith, Annie E. (Mrs Samuel) Irvington 

21674W Bottomley, Ella Eliza Woods (Mrs John T.) .611 Cooper st., Camden 

19348; Bourgeois, Anna M. Estell (Mrs T. Anderson) Estellvllle 

12855fir Bradley, Mariana Gulick (Mrs Edwin A.) 112 Mountain ave., Montclair 

9208^ Brakeley, Mary Kingman Smith (Mrs Philip F. H.) .^. . .Bordentown 

Bray, Harriet Whitlock (Miss) ." Matawan 

Brokaw, Minnie Clyde Brokaw (Mrs J. E.) Somerville 

Brown, Henrietta Brittin (Miss) 1015 N. Broad st., Elizabeth 

Brown, Lily McEntee (Mrs Theodore VanE.) Summit 

Brown, Mary Meredith (Mrs Merritt L.) Montclair 

27 5p Bryan, Julia Eush Olmstead (Mrs James A.) 270 Barrow st., Jersey City 

216635r Bryant, Frances Giles (Mrs William E.) Montclair 

19352m Buckley, Adelaide Shackford (Mrs James M.) Morristown 

6189ff Budd, Avarene Lippincott (Miss) Mount Holly 

4472c Burleigh, Isis Iturbide Patten Stockton (INIrs George W.) Trenton 

193460 Burnet, Kate Laurana (Miss) 1 Warren st., Newark 

401 Burnett, Julia Townsend Lawrence (Mrs E. L.) . .75 Hillside ave., Plainfield 

14221TO Burnham, Catharine Lydia Hilliard (Mrs Frederick G.) Morristown 

11164ft Burrows, Ellen V. Field (Mrs Waters) 138 Chilton st., Elizabeth 

2792? Buttler, Marion Bradford (Mrs William C.) . . . .Eastan ave.. New Brunswick 

23476i Buxton, Euth A. (Mrs G. A.) North Branch 

4481* Campbell, Jean Eno (Mrs Palmer) 60 8th st., Hoboken 

3550a Campbell, Mary Purviance (Mrs Benjamin H.)..333 N. Broad st., Elizabeth 

19921m Campbell, Mary E. (Mrs Quinton) Morristown 

55870 Carey, Sarah Smith Boardman (Mrs Stephens W.) . .Orange Eoad, Montclair 

11653JJ Carpenter, Susan Mary (Miss) 38 N. 2d st., Camden 

142290 Case, Helen M. Herrick (Mrs George W.) ... .30 Kensington ave., Jersey City 

163362) Chamberlain, Mary Otis Hale (Mrs) Princeton 

27670 Chamberlain, Minerva Perry (Mrs Winfield S.) Bayonne 

11173ft Chambers, Josephine (Miss) 461 Greenwood ave., Trenton 

11157t Chambers, Louise Frelinghuysen (Miss) Somerville 

11172ft Chambers, Margaret Wayclill (Miss) 461 Greenwood ave., Trenton 

142240 Champenois, Jane (Miss) 49 Lincoln Park, Newark 

2853c Chapin, Esther M. Lewis (Mrs Charles M.) Hoboken 

34310 Cheney, Susan Eunyon (Mrs Frederick) 175 Washington st., Newark 

1491? Clark, Anna Morgan (Mrs S. V. D.) 89 Bayard st.. New Brunswick 

* Wyoming Valley Chapter, Pa. 
J Wiltwyck Chapter, N. Y. 

If Mercy Warren Chapter, Mass. 



176760 Clark, Jennie Delano (Mrs Samuel) 173 Clinton ave., Newark 

35550 Clark, Mary Sherred (Miss) Belvidere 

6850a Clark, Sarah Mather (Mrs Cornelius H.) 502 Jefferson ave., Elizabeth 

7870Z Clark, Sarah V. (Mrs John S.) 13 Kirkpatrick st.. New Brunswick 

18709 Clark, Susan Meeker (Miss) 225 Mt. Pleasant ave., Newark 

16327f Clawson, Augusta Holmes (Mrs Frank T.) 672 W. 7th st., Plainfield 

24670 Coe, Grace Adelaide (Miss) 45 S. 12th st., Newark 

3914f Coffin, Emma Hopkinson (Mrs Amory) South Orange 

20574 Collins, Levietta Ives Loomis (Mrs Clarkson A.) Alpine 

135580 Colton, Helen Orton (Mrs Frank B.) 83 Hillyer st.. East Orange 

193440 Condit, Fannie Crane Harrison (Mrs Oscar H.) . .86 Clinton st.. East Orange 

579/) Conover, Helen Field (Mrs Francis S.) Princeton 

24785(i Cook, Helen Craven (Mrs Lewis S.) Bound Brook 

88040 Cooper, Mary Eipley (Mrs Abram P.) 22 Pennington st., Newark 

9720; Cordery, Mary S. (Mrs Absalom) Absecon 

15812/ Corson, Isabel Endieott (Mrs Lucien B.) May's Landing 

18711f Cox, Fanny Cummins (Mrs Eowland) 310 W. 7th st., Plainfield 

13555fir Crane, Anna L. (Mrs Israel) Montclair 

78690 Crane, Cordelia Matthews (Mrs Edward N.) 20 Central ave., Newark 

11640(Z Crane, Marie Leonore Dufour (Mrs Cyrus K.) South Bound Brook 

11641(Z Crane, Marie Louise (Miss) South Bound Brook 

11642(Z Crane, Nina Gertrude (Miss) South Bound Brook 

153740 Crater, Georgia Beers (Mrs) 17 Court st., Newark 

12357; Gray, Luella Ingram (Mrs Henry W.) May's Landing 

6679f Curtis, Amelia Beach (Mrs Geo. S.) 13 Hawthorn ave.. East Orange 

19355fc Cuthbert, Louisa Gibbs (Miss) Haddonfield 

3902m Cutler, Julia E. Walker (Mrs Augustus W.) Morristown 

10898* Daboll, Lizzie Morgan (Mrs Henry E.) Plainfield 

18496 Dahlgren, Augusta (Mrs Chas. B.) 510 W. State st., Trenton 

1850c Dahlgren, Eva Louisa Dudlejr (Miss) Trenton 

6235|[ Dailey, Mary E. Carter (Mrs Hiram) 74 Carroll Place, New Brunswick 

15141i Davenport, Annie Parker (Miss) Somerville 

2690c Davis, Anna Shippen (Mrs Howland) Seabright 

8600|| Davis, Caroline Gildersleeve (Miss) Phillipsburg 

111290 Davis, Jennie Melvene (Miss) 46 N. Arlington ave.. East Orange 

35520 Davj^ Sarah M. (Miss) . ". Prudential Bldg., Newark 

10607p Dayton, Anna Levds (Miss) 163 W. State st., Trenton 

9205c Dayton, Harriet M. S. (Mrs Wm. L.) 163 W. State st., Trenton 

11132?i Dayton, Helen McKeen (Mrs Aaron O.) 203 Cooper st., Camden 

2989§ Dayton, Julia EidgAvay Grey (Mrs Wm. C.) .408 Cooper st., Camden 

216700 Deats, Eva Augusta (Mrs Hiram E.) Flemington 

17008i Demaray, Josephine Elizabeth (Miss) Somerville 

3730(i DeMott, Magdalene Dumont (Mrs Jacob K.) Bound Brook 

10124? Demott, Margaretta C. (Mrs Henry V.) . .13 Kirkpatrick st.. New Brunswick 

20480Z Dennis, Mary Howell (Mrs H. Van M., Jr.) 32 Union st.. New Brunswick 

14990 Depue, Delia A. (Mrs David A.) 21 E. Park st., Newark 

2688c Depue, Frances Adelia (Miss) 21 E. Park st., Newark 

917? Deshler, Kate (Miss) 106 College ave.. New Brunswick 

4966Z Deshler, Louise (Miss) 151 Livingston ave.. New Brunswick 

20477; Devine, Lucinda E. Clark (Mrs Michael A.) j-8 S. Brighton ave., Atlantic City 

* Anna Warner Bailey Chapter, Conn. 

t Philadelphia Chapter, Pa. 

j Mary Silliman Chapter, Conn. 

II George Taylor Chapter, Pa. 

g Philadelphia Chapter, Pa. 

i[ Hannah Benedict Carter Chapter, Conn. 



116376 Dickinson, Mary (Miss) 121 W. State st., Trenton 

785t Dodd, Gertrude Ward (Mrs B. L.) 196 Clinton ave., Newark 

10114W Donaghe, Susan Boyston (Mrs Wm. E.) 52 Maple ave., Morristown 

ITOOOfc Dotterer, Aletta Elizabeth (Miss) Kirkwood 

16999fc Doughty, Enima Lippincott Smith (Mrs John S.) Haddonfield 

3539; Doughty, Sarah N. (Miss) Absecon 

6225J Draper, Marion Carter Olmstead (Mrs Chas. B.) Upper Montclair. 

15815(Z Du Four, Marion Hoagland (Mrs Jos. L. M.) South Bound Brook 

3547a Dumazeaud, Mary Ellen Brittin (Mrs Aime) . 1163 Washington st., Elizabeth 

2034f Dumont, Elizabeth Stewart (Mrs John B.) 151 E. 7th st., Plainfield 

2468f Dumont, Marion Stewart (Miss) 151 E. 7th st., Plainfield 

9203fir Duncan, Anna Chittenden (Mrs David D.) Porter Place, Montclair 

Z722d Dunham, Carrie Belle Thompson (Mrs Wm. H.) Bound Brook 

11646f Dwight, Helen McClure Kirby (Mrs M. E.) 95 Rockview ave., Plainfield 

3058% Eakin, Constance D. (Miss) Salem 

19959|[ Earl, Mary Annie (Miss) 106 Clinton ave., Newark 

216720 Edwards, Eleanor Pierrepont (Miss) 333 Belleville ave., Newark 

17063|| Ellis, Emma Claflin (Mrs Chas. W.) Plainfield 

17064|| Ellis, Mary Agnes (Miss) Netherwood 

12861; Endicott, Ada H. (Mrs Allen B.) 123 State st., Atlantic City 

12130/i Evans, Mary Hunt (Mrs Edward W.) 172 W. State st., Trenton 

10924** Everest, Maria Louisa Wadhams (Mrs C. H.) 70 Grove st., East Orange 

21873ff Everett, Lucy Alexander (Mrs Edward A. W.) Pompton Lakes 

19069|| Exton, Sarah Anderson (Mrs Thomas) Union Farms 

14222m Fairchild, Euth Elizabeth Tichnor (Mrs E. VanW.) .Morristown 

135466 Falkinburgh, Lida Oliphant (Miss) 307 Montgomery st., Jersey City 

13545e Falkinburgh, Sarah Eemsen 0. (Mrs T. J.). 307 Montgomery st., Jersey City 

15334* Farley, Freberne Blossom (Mrs Dickerson H.) 515 E. State st., Trenton 

241190 Farrand, Anna B. (Miss) 12 Hill st., Newark 

4654c Ferris, Bertha Bissell Allen (Mrs Floyd) Hobolcen 

22213/* Fewsmith, Eliza Lehman (Miss) 428 Market st., Camden 

10117TO Ford, Eosette Suchley (Mrs H. Ward) Morristown 

11141f Field, Mary Butcher (Mrs Isaac N.) Field ave., Plainfield 

11138f Fisk, Lizzie E. (Mrs Chas. J.) 211 W. 7th st., Plainfield 

2854 Fisk, Louisa Green (Mrs Harvey) Wilburtha 

2934c Fleming, Dillie Smith Lewis (Miss) 28 James st., Newark 

241210 Foote, Cornelia E. S. (Mrs J. M.)..."The Aldine," 2 Lombardy st., Newark 

lOllSm Ford, Annie Howland (Miss) Morristown 

21782§ Ford, Sara Willis Ogborn (Mrs Lewis T.) 43 Chestnut st., Trenton 

20483O Forman, May Ailing (Miss) 360 Bergen ave., Jersey City 

5575 Forst, Emma J. Foster (Mrs) Trenton 

19451f Fosdick, Lizzie (Mrs Leonard) 172 Orange Eoad, Montclair 

111707i Foster, Anna Evans (Mrs Daniel E.) 328 Greenw^ood ave., Trenton 

19923f Foster, Fanny G. (Mrs John G.) 91 Mercer ave., Plainfield 

75320 Frazar, Annie Halstead Lindsley (Mrs Everett) 81 High st., Orange 

5088(Z Freeh, Martha L. Brokaw (Mrs George H.) Eoselle 

16454^ Frishmuth, Anna Biddle (Miss) Riverton 

13726^ Frishmuth, Hannah Biddle (Mrs John C. W.) Eiverton 

16453^ Frishmuth, Mary Grandom (Miss) Eiverton 

* Heber Allen Chapter, Vt. 

t New York City Chapter, N. Y. 

X Hannah Benedict Carter Chapter, Conn. 

II Fort Green Chapter, N. Y. 

§ Minneapolis Chapter, Minn. 

H Philadelphia Chapter, Pa. 
** Susan Carrington Clarke Chapter, Conn. 
ft Hannah Benedict Carter Chapter, Conn. 
a Elizabeth Porter Putnam Chapter, Conn. 



24114A; Furber, Mary Copel